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Relationship, Roles & Relevance
Bruce Ware

God cares that we know who he is, and he longs for us to understand him better. Through his Word he revealed his triune nature, though many avoid in-depth study of this doctrine because it is so deep and mysterious.

But God's revelation of himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit affects how he relates to us, how he made us, and who he is eternally. The doctrine of the Trinity is essential to our understanding of him and of our faith. The focus of this study is to examine the ways in which the three Persons of the Trinity relate to one another, how they relate to us, and what difference this makes to our lives.

To understand just how God is both One and Three is to delve into some of Scripture's most glorious truths and to experience the joy of beholding the wonder of our triune God. This is a practical study for you and your home, church, and ministry.

SGCB Price: $13.50 (list price $18.99)
Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books
Michael Kruger

This study of the New Testament canon and its authority looks deeper than the traditional surveys of councils and creeds, mining the biblical text itself for direction in understanding what the original authors and audiences believed the canon to be. Canon Revisited distinguishes itself by placing a substantial focus on the theology of canon as the context within which the historical evidence is evaluated and assessed. In effect, this work successfully unites both the theology and the historical development of the canon, ultimately serving as a practical defense for the authority of the New Testament books.

Endorsements -

"This book fills a lacuna in evangelical scholarship. Rarely does academic specialization in canon studies converge with thorough commitment to biblical authority. In this work, close evaluation of the history of approaches to the canon is matched by a richly theological interpretation of what it means to call Scripture our Šcanon.Ă Careful, accessible, and wise in his explorations, Michael Kruger has given us a gift that will keep on giving for generations to come." -Michael S. Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

"The Christian canon of Scripture is under fire now more than ever. Sadly, even as so much of this fire has been issuing from academic quarters, we are left with more smoke than light. Stepping into the gap with a fresh synthesis is Michael Kruger's Canon Revisited. Gracefully uniting theology and history, Kruger invokes the chief Reformed argument for canon and gives it fresh wings." -Nicholas Perrin, Franklin S. Dyrness Chair of Biblical Studies Associate Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College; author, Lost in Transmission? What We Can Know about the Words of Jesus

Format: Printed Caseside

Page Count: 368

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-0500-3

Size: 6.0 in x 9.0 in

SGCB Price: $24.00 (list price $30.00)
Selected from A Christian Directory
RICHARD BAXTER, Edited by Randall Pedersen, Intro. by J.I. Packer

In twenty-first century America, at a time when the family structure is crumbling, divorce rates are at an all-time high, and respect for parents is diminishing, The Godly Home serves as a balm for those seeking God's plan for the family. With an introduction by J. I. Packer, this book includes topics for those passionate about families or those teaching on the characteristics of a godly family. Richard Baxter covers topics such as marriage, children, and family worship methodically and comprehensively through both hypothetical and real-life questions and concerns that arise in family dynamics. He uses arguments, objections, and frequent Scripture to help husbands, wives, and children to live godly lives.More than three centuries ago, Puritan church leader Baxter compiled a 1,143-page tome entitled Christian Directory, which included a section on family life. The Godly Home is the only stand-alone version of that section of Christian Directory. Editor Randall Pederson has updated the language and syntax to make this seventeenth-century collection of words one that will continue on for generations to come.

Endorsement: "The Puritans elevated the concept that our homes and families should be like little churches and godly enclaves more than anyone else in church history. They preached scores of sermons and wrote numerous books on how to live as Christian husbands, wives, and children. One of the most important among these books was written by Richard Baxter and has long been buried in miniscule print in his A Christian Directory. In The Godly Home, Randall Pederson has masterfully edited Baxter's tour de force on the duties of husbands, wives, children, and teenagers in building God-glorifying homes. Though a few items in this book may seem outdated, the vast majority of it provides solid, convicting, and instructive biblical advice. If every Christian family, by the Spirit's grace, conscientiously practiced the godly piety Baxter commends in this book, homes, churches, and nations would be truly transformed for good and we would see better days ahead." - Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Puritan family classics


SGCB Price: $12.95 (list price $18.00)

SGCB Price: $49.50 (list price $71.00)
In addition to the above title this includes Build a Godly Home by Gouge & Matrimonial Honor by Rogers
Righteousness from Heaven
R. Kent Hughes

Few Christians would dispute that the book of Romans is one of the most powerful and in?uential books ever written. After all, Paul's epistle has been the written force behind some of the most significant conversions of church history: St. Augustine was convicted of his sin after reading some verses from the thirteenth chapter; Martin Luther recovered the doctrine of salvation by faith from his study of Romans 1:17; John Wesley felt his heart 'strangely warmed' and transformed while listening to the reading of Luther's preface to the book of Romans; and John Bunyan was so inspired as he studied the great themes of Romans that he wrote the immortal Pilgrim's Progress. There is no doubt about the power of the book of Romans.

Pastor Kent Hughes invites us now to experience the same power that was exhibited in the lives of great Church leaders such as Augustine, Luther, Wesley, and so many others. The fundamental truths expressed in Paul's letter; the themes of justification by faith, abounding grace, and freedom from sin; come to life as we explore the book that has so challenged and nourished followers of Christ for centuries.


SGCB Price: $22.95 (list price $33.00)
Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological and Pastoral Perspective
Edited by David Gibson and Jonathan Gibson

There is a palpable sense of confusion, and sometimes even embarrassment, with regard to so-called Limited Atonement today, pointing to the need for thoughtful engagement with this controversial doctrine. Incoprating contributions from a host of respected theologians, 'From Heaven He Came and Sought Her' stands as the first comprehennsive resource of Definite Atonement as it examines the issue from historical, biblical, theological and pastoral perspectives.


1. Sacred Theology and the Reading of the Divine Word: Mapping the Doctrine of Definite Atonement (David Gibson and Jonathan Gibson)


2. "We Trust in the Saving Blood" - Definite Atonement in the Ancient Church (Michael Haykin)

3. "Sufficient for All, Efficient for Some" - Definite Atonement in the Medieval Church (David Hogg)

4. Calvin, Indefinite Language, and Definite Atonement (Paul Helm)

5. Blaming Beza: The Development of Definite Atonement in the Reformed Tradition (Raymond Blacketer)

6. The Synod of Dort and Definite Atonement (Lee Gatiss)

7. "Controversy on Universal Grace": An Historical Survey of Moise Amyraut's 'Briief Traitte de la Predestination (Amar Djaballah)

8. Atonement and the Covenant of Redemption: John Owen on the Nature of Christ's Satisfaction (Carl Trueman)


9. "Because He Loved Your Forefathers": Election, Atonement and Intercession in the Pentateuch (Paul Williamson)

10. "Stricken for the Transgression of My People": The Atoning Work of Isaiah's Suffering Servant (J. Alec Motyer)

11. For the Glory of the Father and the Salvation of His People: Definite Atonement in the Synoptics and Johannine Literature (Matthew Harmon)

12. For Whom Did Christ Die? Particularism and Universalism in the Pauline Epistles (Jonathan Gibson)?

13. The Glorious, Indivisible, Trinitarian Work of Godin Christ: Definite Atonement in Paul's Theology of Salvation (Jonathan Gibson)

14. 'Problematic Texts' for Definite Atonement in the Pastoral and General Epistles (Thomas R. Schreiner)


15. Definite Atonement and the Divine Decree (Donald Macleod)?

16. The Triune God, Incarnation and Definite Atonement (Robert Letham)

17. The Definite Intent of Penal Substitutionary Atonement (Garry J. Williams)?

18. Punishment God Cannot Twice Inflict: The Double Payment Argument Redivivus (Garry J. Williams)?

19. The New Covenant Work of Christ: Priesthood, Atonement, and Intercession (Stephen J. Wellum)?

20. Jesus Christ the Man: Toward a Theology of Definite Atonement (Henri A. G. Blocher)?

IV. Definite Atonement in Pastoral Practice?

21. Slain for the World? The 'Uncomfortability' of the 'Unevangelized' for a Universal Atonement (Daniel Strange)

22. 'Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine? Definite Atonement and the Cure of Souls (Sinclair B. Ferguson)?

23. 'My Glory I Will Not Give to Another': Preaching the Fullness of Definite Atonement to the Glory of God (John Piper)



SGCB Price: $39.95 (list price $50.00)

SGCB Price: $6.00 (list price $18.00)
Andreas J. Kostenberger, Michael J. Kruger

In the 1930's world famous and renowned lexicographer Walter Bauer argued that Christian belief emerged out of myriad theologies that existed within the church during the Patristic era. Out of this context, he argued, Rome emerged as the theology with the most political favor and thus became the "true" or "orthodox" theology of the church. However, Bauer provided little evidence to substantiate his claims other than the theory upon which they were built. In fact, Bauer was refuted by many scholars when his theory was first translated into English. The evidence simply does not fit the theory Bauer propounded.

Nevertheless in our current pluralist culture, which assumes that those who have power unjustly establish hegemonies in their favor whenever possible, this theory is still being propagated by scholars like Bart Ehrman. Again, this theory states that Christian orthodoxy arose from within the context of many theologies that later fell prey to the centralized and dominant Roman Church.

In this book The Heresy of Orthodoxy prolific and leading NT scholar Andreas J. Kostenberger along with Michael J. Kruger argue to the contrary showing that Christian orthodoxy was established and adhered to in-at least-the first half of the second century. To do this Kostenberger and Kruger open two fronts, one historical and the other canonical. First, the authors establish historical situation of early Christianity and show, via historical sources, an early orthodoxy that geographically diverse. They also demonstrate the consistency of the biblical witness to this context in relationship to other historical documents. Finally, they also show the logical and historical impossibility of developed heresies prior to the 3rd century-even the largest and most widespread heresy, Gnosticism.

Moving onto Canon, Kostenberger and Kruger explain what modern scholarship, that does not put theories before evidence has routinely shown, namely that the NT books that later constituted the Canon were understood as authoritative revelation by a majority of the church before many of the other books of "alternative Christianities" were even written.

But Kostenberger and Kruger, even after making their arguments from the evidence, not theory, remain uncomfortable with the scholarship that supports the Bauer-Ehrman thesis. They contend, in polemical fashion, that Bart Ehrman is ignoring evidence that is not only strongly against him, but obvious to any person who does not have a cultural agenda that demands all perspectives are equal no matter how unequal the historical record in fact may be.

The Heresy of Orthodoxy is a much needed correction to the scholarship and popular writings of Bart Ehrman and his unsubstantiated attacks on the integrity of the NT canon, his manipulation of history, and his patent disdain for orthodox belief. It should be read widely by Christians who want the best scholarship, that being scholarship that allows the evidence to dictate the results of the inquiry, and who want to learn where they can go to find the primary sources.

SGCB Price: $13.95 (list price $20.00)
Philip Graham Ryken

Do you love Jesus more than your spouse? Your reputation? Your kids? Your health? Your job? Your money?

As Christians, we're called to love Jesus more than anyone or anything else. But do we really do this? Emphasizing that God's love for us is the source of our love for him, Phil Ryken challenges us to take Jesus's words seriously and think carefully about where our affections truly lie.


1.Where Love Comes From

2.This I Know

3.With All We Have

4.What Makes Love Extravagant

5.What Love Does

6.Love's Greatest Test

7.When I DonĂt Love Jesus

8.Sight Unseen

9.Loving Jesus Perfectly

SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $15.00)
The Truth of Romans 1 - 8

"What is the long-term significance of Francis Schaeffer? I am sure that I shall not be at all wrong when I hail him as the one trult great Christian of my time." - J.I. Packer

"Schaeffer helped shape ther thinking of an entire generation of theologically-minded Christian young people." - R. Albert Mohler


Three great leaders of the churchall traced their spiritual awakenings to the book of Romans. To this day, Paul's letter continues to amaze and awaken those who seek to plumb its depths, including one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the twentieth century, Francis Schaeffer. Here we see Schaeffer's love for the Gospel and passion for the truth on full display. No one can read these pages and wonder how this man had suich a profound impact on the church in the latter half of the twentieth century.


SGCB Price: $14.75 (list price $20.00)
Jonathan Aitken

"Prayers for People under Pressure is for those in the thick of things, and both the selection of prayers and the accompanying reflections are brilliant. Jonathan Aitken's transparent, unassuming, down-to-earth, in-God's-presence style as he speaks of God and ourselves has huge force, taking us often to the edge of eternity. This is an anthology I shall treasure and use." - J. I. Packer

Jonathan Aitken's conversion occurred at a time when he was experiencing the pressures of political life, a public trial, pleading guilty to perjury, being divorced by his wife, going to prison, and returning to 'normal' life. Amid all the pressure of those years, he was discipled in such a way that he learned the discipline of daily prayer and kept extensive prayer journals. It is from these that he mined the material for this book.

Essentially following the ACTS approach to prayer - Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication - Aitken also adds an element of contemplation: Our Relationship with God. His acronym, then, is ACTORS, and his collection of prayers and reflections is accordingly divided into five parts, all preceded by a narrative of his introduction to a life of prayer. "Since direct communication with God in prayer is surely the truest path for a spiritual journey," writes Aitken, "my prayer is that this small book may help others along that path."


45% OFF
SGCB Price: $9.75 (list price $17.00)
HOPE: The Best of Things
Joni Eareckson Tada

One thing has saved her: the heaven-sent hope found only in Christ.

If hope is scarce in your life, this special booklet will draw you - toward a fresh perspective on suffering, true scriptural encouragement, and this beloved author's hard-won insights about the goodness of God.

In her life's journey Joni has learned to meet suffering on GodĂs terms. She has learned that joy is for real. And most of all, she has learned that hope is the best of things when we give it a chance. This book powerfully communicates all these truths from someone who has lived them, so that you can live them too, no matter what youĂre going through.

JONI EARECKSON TADA is founder and CEO of the Joni and Friends International Disability Center, which ministers to thousands of disabled people and their families through programs of practical encouragement and spiritual help. She is also an artist and the author of numerous best-selling books such as Joni; Heaven: Your Real Home; and When God Weeps. This is her twelfth book with Crossway.

$1-3 Book

1-3 Title

50% Discount
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Order 10 or mopre copies
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Greg Gilbert with Foreword by D.A. Carson

"Greg Gilbert is one of the brightest and most faithful young men called to serve the church today. Here he offers us a penetrating, faithful, and fully biblical understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no greater need than to know the true gospel, to recognize the counterfeits, and to set loose a generation of gospel-centered Christians. This very important book arrives at just the right moment."

-R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Two realities make this a critically important book: the centrality of the gospel in all generations and the confusion about the gospel in our own generation. What Is the Gospel? provides a biblically faithful explanation of the gospel and equips Christians to discern deviations from that glorious message. How I wish I could place this book in the hands of every pastor and church member."

-C. J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Ministries

"Greg Gilbert contends that the current evangelical understanding of the gospel is lost in a fog of confusion. He burns away that fog by shining fresh light on an old subject. Gilbert writes in a clear, concise, and colloquial style that will especially appeal to young adults. What Is the Gospel? will sharpen your thinking about the gospel, etching it more deeply on your heart so you can share the good news of Jesus Christ with boldness. It will leave you pondering the extent to which the gospel has impacted your own life. It will cause you to cry out with thankfulness to God for what Christ has accomplished."

-James MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicagoland Area; radio teacher, Walk in the Word


SGCB Price: $9.50 (list price $12.99)
Legalism, Antinomianism & Gospel Assurance - Why the Marrow Controversy Still Matters

Since the days of the early church, Christians have wrestled with the relationship between the law and gospel. If, as the apostle Paul says, salvation is by grace and the law cannot save, what relevance does the law have for Christiansßtoday?

By revisiting the 'Marrow Controversy' - a famous but largely forgotten eighteenth-century debate related to the proper relationship between God's grace and our works - Sinclair B. Ferguson sheds light on this central issue and why it still matters today. In doing so, he explains how our understanding of the relationship between law and gospel determines our approach to evangelism, our pursuit of sanctification, and even our understanding of Godßhimself.

Ferguson shows us that the antidote to the poison of legalism on the one hand and antinomianism on the other is one and the same: the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ, in whom we are simultaneously justified by faith, freed for good works, and assured ofßsalvation.


"This book has three things I'm very interested in: eighteenth-century Scottish church history, doctrinal clarity on the gospel, and learning from Sinclair Ferguson. As fascinating as this work is as a piece of historical analysis, it is even more important as a careful biblical and theological guide to the always-relevant controversies surrounding legalism, antinomianism, and assurance. I'm thankful Ferguson has put his scholarly mind and pastoral heart to work on such an important topic." - Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan

"This book could not come at a better time or from a better source. Sinclair Ferguson brings to life a very important controversy from the past to shed light on contemporary debates. But 'The Whole Christ' is more than a deeply informed survey of the Marrow Controversy. It is the highest-quality pastoral wisdom and doctrinal reflection on the most central issue in any age." - Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California; author,ßCore Christianity: Finding Yourself in God's Story


How a Marrow Grew

Grace in the Gospel

Preparation, Distortion, Poison

Danger! Legalism

The Order of Grace

Suspicious Symptoms

Faces of Antinomianism

Causes and Cures

The Marrow of Assurance

How Assurance of Christ becomes Assurance of Salvation

'Hindrances Strew All the Way'


Appendix: Thomas Boston on Faith

Sinclair B. Fergusonß(PhD, University of Aberdeen)ßis professor of systematic theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and the former senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia,ßSouth Carolina.ßHe is the author of several books, the most recent being By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me. Sinclair and his wife, Dorothy, have four grown children.


SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $25.00)
A New Edition of the Classic Devotional Based on The Holy Bible, English Standard Version

For over one hundred years, Christians have gotten up and gone to bed with Charles Spurgeon's devotional Morning and Evening as a companion. With a reading to begin and end each day throughout the year, you will come to appreciate Spurgeon's emphasis on the importance of abiding in Christ and meditating on God's Word. His wisdom and counsel provide a timeless guide through the trials and triumphs of the year. The richness of his biblical understanding offers readers a look into the heart of one of England's foremost pastors and enduring Christian authors.

His lasting message is even more accessible with Alistair Begg's careful modernizing of Spurgeon's English. Begg, who has a deep love for Spurgeon's preaching and especially for this work, has maintained Spurgeon's clear passion and commitment to Christ. Using the English Standard Version as the scriptural text provides an accurate, understandable accompaniment to Spurgeon's lessons.

This updated version of a devotional classic is a timely and much-needed encouragement for today's Christian.

CHARLES H. SPURGEONß(1834-1892) was an English Baptist pastor at New Park Street Chapel, London (which later became the Metropolitan Tabernacle), for thirty-eight years. As the nineteenth century's most prolific preacher and writer, his ministry legacy continues today.ß

ALISTAIR BEGG serves as the senior pastor of Parkside Church near Cleveland, Ohio. He has been in pastoral ministry since 1975 and served eight years in Scotland at both Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh and Hamilton Baptist Church. He has written several books and is heard daily on the radio program Truth For Life. He and his wife, Susan, have three grown children.


SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $23.00)
Sinclair Ferguson

About The Grace of Repentance

Out of the Protestant Reformation came several important doctrines, including a renewed understanding of repentance. Instead of viewing repentance as a one-time confession, the reformers began to teach what the Bible teaches; that it is both radical and perpetual.

In this redesigned, concise volume Sinclair Ferguson examines how the Bible defines repentance and how the doctrine has fared in today's evangelical churches. He finds many sorely lacking in proper theological understanding: "Once again we need to proclaim the full-orbed doctrine of repentance within an evangelical world that has begun to manifest symptoms of the same medieval sickness." This reversion to a kind of medieval theology includes the viewing of repentance as an isolated, emotional event.

Ferguson combats this trend by pointing us toward repentance in the Bible. As we embrace continual confession and turning from sin, we will find our spiritual walk transformed and our fellowship with Christ renewed. This is an important book for every Christian who wants the grace of repentance to regain rightful prominence in evangelical churches, and in their own lives as well.

Sinclair B. Ferguson is the senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and professor of systematic theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas. He is the author of several books, the most recent being In Christ Alone: Reflections on the Heart of the Gospel, and Westminster Directory of Public Worship (co-authored with Mark Dever). Sinclair and his wife, Dorothy, have four grown children.


$5.00 Sale





SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $7.00)
Thoughtful and Worshipful Reflections on the Identity and Ministry of Jesus
Sinclair Ferguson and Alistair Begg

Jesus Christ has been given the name above all names, the highest seat of honor, the right to reign and rule. Yet the busyness of our lives and the diversions of this world often distract us from knowing the most important person we could ever know. Perhaps we need some help to see Jesus afresh.

In this thoughtful study and worshipful reflection, two influential pastors draw on decades of pastoral experience in order to guide us through the whole sweep of Scripture and examine seven key qualities of Jesus's identity and ministry:

-Jesus as the True Prophet

-Jesus as the Great High Priest

-Jesus as the Conquering King

-Jesus as the Seed of the Woman

-Jesus as the Son of Man

-Jesus as the Suffering Servant

-Jesus as the Lamb on the Throne

'Name above All Names' helps us to see and meditate on the incomparable character of Christ; a spiritual exercise that enables us to readily respond to the exhortations of Scripture, to focus our gaze upon the King of kings, and to better understand just how great Jesus really is.

"No biblical or theological subject captivates my heart and stimulates my mind more than the glory of Christ. One day every knee with bow at the mention of His name. If you want to understand why (and have your won heart humbled, filled with gratitude, and aroused to worship), nourish your soul with this simple yet profound overview of who Jesus is and what He has accomplished." - John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

"As Christians, we find it easy to talk about God's work in our communities and around the world. It's easy to describe our growth in Christ and what we are learning from him. But how many of us simply delight in talking about Jesus? The art of contemplating the loveliness of Christ; and infusing those admirations into everyday conversation; is a dying discipline. But in 'Name above All Names', my friends Alistair Begg and Sinclair Ferguson invite us to meditate afresh on our wonderful savior and all that makes him beautiful and praiseworthy. I highly recommend this remarkable volume!" - Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder and CEO, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

Sinclair B. Ferguson is the senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and professor of systematic theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas. He is the author of several books, the most recent being By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me. Sinclair and his wife, Dorothy, have four grown children.

Alistair Begg served two churches in his native Scotland before answering the call in 1983 to become senior pastor at Parkside Church in suburban Cleveland, OH. A graduate of the London School of Theology, he has written several books and is heard daily on the national radio program Truth For Life.



SGCB Price: $14.00 (list price $22.00)
A Theology of Sin
Edited by Christopher Morgan & Robert Peterson

Publisher's Description:

From marital infidelity to global war, the world is obviously broken, leaving people desperate to find an explanation for our universal sin problem. In the latest addition to the "Theology in Community" series, Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson have assembled an interdisciplinary team of evangelical thinkers to explore the biblical doctrine of sin from a variety of angles. Among other contributors, popular scholar D. A. Carson discusses the contemporary significance of sin; seasoned professor Paul House details sin in the Old Testament law, prophets, and writings; and New Testament expert Douglas Moo explores sin from Paul's vantage point. This team of top-notch scholars offers modern readers a comprehensive overview of this oft-neglected, biblical theme so that readers might learn to live better in a sinful world.


1.Sin's Contemporary Significance (D. A. Carson)

2.Sin in the Law (Paul R. House)

3.Sin in the Former and Latter Prophets and the Writings (Paul R. House)

4.Sin in the Gospels, Acts, and Hebrews to Revelation (Robert W. Yarbrough)

5.Sin in Paul (Douglas J. Moo)

6.Sin in the Biblical Story (Christopher W. Morgan)

7.Sin in Historical Theology (Gerald Bray)

8.A Theology of Sin for Today (John W. Mahony)

9.Satan, Sin, and Evil (Sydney H. T. Page)

10.Sin and Temptation (David B. Calhoun)

11.Repentance That Sings (Bryan Chapell)


SGCB Price: $12.50 (list price $20.00)
God's Alternative to Legalism and Moralism
Jerram Barrs

Publisher's Description:

God's people have neglected God's law.

We are steeped in a culture in which people hate being told how to live and idolize uninhibited "freedom." What's more, many Christians seem to think the law only leads to legalism and therefore doesn't have a role to play in the Christian life. Yet, regardless of what society or even fellow believers say, we need guidance to truly honor God in everything we think, say, and do.

Professor Jerram Barrs helps us recognize and articulate the immense importance of God's commands for godly living as he clears away unbiblical ideas that have crept into our thinking. Looking to the teachings of Jesus, this book will lead you to delight in the eternal beauty and life-changing significance of God's perfect law.

"Jerram expounds the true nature and purpose of GodĂs law from the Psalms, which extol GodĂs law in light of the Bible story of creation and redemption, and he draws primarily on the Gospels for stories to illustrate how this perspective on GodĂs law works out in practice. All will find this book challenging and helpful, but I recommend it especially to those engaged in communication of the truth that is in Jesus, particularly preachers, Bible study groups, parents, and Christian schools." - David Clyde Jones, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics, Covenant Theological Seminary; author, Biblical Christian Ethics

"Jerram Barrs gently but decisively charts a course that falls into neither the ditch of meaningless moral relativism, on the one side, nor the choking grip of Christian legalism, on the other. He convincingly shows the biblical importance of the law as an essential guide to Christian discipleship, service, and happiness, both personally and within the larger realities of the church and society. This catechesis of the way of the Lord should be in every ministry toolbox and is an absolute must-read by every Christian who wants to find greater integrity of life and deeper relationship with Christ, our fellow human beings, and GodĂs good creation." - Michael Williams, Professor of Systematic Theology, Covenant Theological Seminary


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SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $25.00)