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Truths about the Church for All the Saints


The church of Jesus Christ has but one foundation, Christ Himself. But upon that stone must come basic fundamental truths taught by the Bible. This book is a collection of writings produced throughout the fires and challenges of a quarter-century of pastoral ministry, being written with wisdom, insight, humility, and practicality, in order to instruct and

equip the people of God. There is plenty in this book for Christians in all phases of the Christian walk. It begins with 'Your Baptismal Class Notes,' teaching the essence of the Christian faith, the meaning of baptism, and laying out the basic responsibilities of Christians within the church. From there Conrad practically and soundly address vital themes and issues in the church such as biblical church government, the Lord's Supper, the role of women in the church, challenges in today's pastoral ministry, worship in the church, church and state relationships, inter-church relationships, and specifically those

partnering relationships which exist for the sake of missions. There is a sense in which Conrad's African culture and context, coming face to face with God's great and eternal truths, helps to shed more light on certain aspects of the church than Westerners often

experience. In a market so full of church resources, Foundations for the Flock makes a real and helpful contribution to the literature. Moreover, while dealing with profound issues and themes the author avoids overly technical jargon, but speaks the truth plainly.


Since 1987 Conrad Mbewe (pronounced em-bay-way) has been pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. He is widely known as 'the Spurgeon of Africa' for both his preaching and devotion to the ministry. His church is presently overseeing the start of more than twenty baptist churches in Africa, often reaching out in communities where there is little or no evangelical witness. In recent years he has been in high demand as a

conference speaker and missions adviser. He writes two articles every week for national Zambian newspapers, edits the Reformation Zambia magazine, is President of a small Reformed Baptist Seminary, and recently spoke at national conference for The Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago, IL, USA. As a churchman, he has been interviewed by Tim Challies of challies.com, by Mark Dever of 9Marks ministries, and D.A. Carson of The Gospel Coalition. To this day the influence of his ministry continues to deepen and expand.


Fred Malone, Pastor and Contributing Editor of 'The Founder's Journal'

"No ivory-tower theoretician here! I thank our brother for providing such a useful work on building local churches to God's glory. Pastor Mbewe's book would be of great benefit to pastors and students in the pasatoral ministry. It is both profound and practical. Self-consciously, he has not tried to define and evaluate every position and difference on the topics. He wants to expound positively his understanding of God's Word on the church and to apply it as best he can. I believe he has accomplished this well. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ has found a valiant defender!" (from the Foreword)

Tom Ascol, Pastor and Editor of Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry

"Conrad Mbewe gives us the fruit of his thoughtful, experienced and biblical reflections on the church. He writes as a practitioner whose love for the church has kept him shepherding one congregation for nearly 25 years. With the insight of a theologian and the care of a pastor Conrad addresses vital themes that every church member and leader must consider in order to follow Christ faithfully. I recommend this book as a helpful manual on practical ecclesiology."

Erroll Hulse, Director of Evangelical Press

"This volume is bedded in Scripture, covers the basics (read the contents!), is amazingly practical and is eminently readable. I am thrilled to see such a bright light shining in the very heart of Africa. It is a book for all nations and I hope in due course that it will be translated into other languages.

Martin Holdt, Rector of the Afrikaans Baptist Seminary, South Africa

"A combination of rich experience, great spiritual enlightenment, profound wisdom, and theological truth that cannot but stir the hearts of pastors and people. When the book is backed up by the author's effective and so very fruitful ministry it becomes a 'must read'! It will make it's readers think, act and even repent where necessary for the growth and health of the church. An absolutely wonderful book!'

Ronald Kalifungwa, Pastor of Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia

"If Conrad Mbewe's preaching corresponds to that of Charles Spurgeon, his abilities at shepherding must approximate that of the puritan, Richard Baxter. For in typical Baxterian style he offers to the church of Jesus Christ something of a christian directory. Having laid down the rudiments of the christian faith, he then goes on to open up the ecclesiastical things most surely believed among those of a reformed baptistic faith. Saints from all walks of life, pastors and laymen alike, should find ready help in this eccelesiastical encyclopedia.'

Mark Dever, President of 9Marks (an organization committed to the health of the local church)

"Pastorally very useful, especially the thoughtful, long section on congregations cooperating together in gospel work."

SGCB Price: $19.95 (list price $26.00)