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Jonathan Edwards on Eternal Damnation
Jonathan Edwards, edited by William Nichols

Hell has fallen on hard times in the modern evangelical church. Many pastors and evangelists do not even mention the word hell in their sermons and when they do it is often described only as a place of separation from God. What unconverted person would not greatly desire to be separated from God in eternity? There is great need to return to the evangelism of Jonathan Edwards who unashamedly preached the biblical doctrine of hell.

"The Torments of Hell: Jonathan Edwards on Eternal Damnation" contains 14 sermons by Jonathan Edwards arranged in a sequential order to progressively outline what the Bible teaches about hell. There is commentary on each one of the manuscripts by William C. Nichols comparing and contrasting the modern teaching on hell to Edwards' teaching. Most of the sermons in this book have never been published prior to 2005. The book will be about 320 pages in length, hardcover, with 14 manuscripts by Edwards containing over 18 sermons.

Some Sermons are:

That Wicked Men Are the Children of the Devil

The Wicked Hereafter Will Be Cast Into a Furnace of Fire

That the Bodies of Wicked Men as Well as Their Souls Will Be Punished Forever in Hell

That the Punishment and Misery of Wicked Men in Another World Will Be in Proportion to the Sin that They Are Guilty Of

Wicked Men in Hell Will Remember How Things Were With Them Here in this World

They That Are Gone to Hell Are All of Them in Despair

30% Discount
SGCB Price: $20.95 (list price $29.95)
Stephen Charnock

This is surely one of the finest works ever written on God's divine providence. Charnock covers every aspect of divine providence which one might imagine and many which would never occur to us today. This is a work which if studied and pondered will cause one to break out in praise to our glorious God who controls all things by His divine providence. Those who have loved Charnock's brilliant work The Existence and Attributes of God will be delighted to learn that this was originally a part of that work, and is now back in print again after over 140 years. Includes a biographical sketch which was a part of the original work.

30% Off
SGCB Price: $15.50 (list price $21.95)
Arthur W. Pink

A collection of the best writings of Arthur W. Pink on salvation. Originally published in Studies in the Scriptures, writings in this book include Regeneration, Repentance, Coming to Christ, Saving Faith, and Signs of the Times. Pink had keen insight into the very problems we face today regarding the compromising of the gospel message saying, "Tens of thousands of professing Christians are filled with a vain and presumptuous confidence that all is well with them. They delude themselves with hopes of mercy while continuing to live in a course of self-will and self-pleasing. They fancy they are fitted for Heaven, while every day that passes finds them the more prepared for Hell." 160 pages. Paperback.

25% Discount
SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $12.95)
SEEKING GOD: Jonathan Edwards' Evangelism Contrasted with Modern Methodologies
Jonathan Edwards, edited by Wlliam C. Nichols

This is a book of evangelistic sermons and treatises by Jonathan Edwards with commentary on each sermon by William C. Nichols, explaining how the evangelism of Edwards in that sermon differs from the evangelism of today. Included in the book will be three sermons unpublished before 2001. The book will be approximately 565 pages in length, hardcover, with 17 different sermons and treatises by Edwards.

"This is one of the most important books to be published in many years. For instructions on how to guide others to Christ, this book (sermons and introductions) is simply the best that there is. Period." -- Richard Smith

Some of the sermons/treatises that are included are:

Men Naturally God's Enemies

The 1741 version of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

**God Is Very Angry at the Sins of Children

The Future Punishment of the Wicked Unavoidable and Intolerable

True Grace Distinguished from the Experience of Devils

Hypocrites Deficient in the Duty of Prayer

A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God

Directions for Judging of Persons' Experiences

*Persons Ought to Endeavour to Be Convinced of Sin

**A Possibility of Being Saved is Better Than a Certainty of Perishing

* indicates sermon not published before 2001

** indicates sermon never published before


565 page hardcover volume
SGCB Price: $23.95 (list price $36.95)
KNOWING THE HEART: Jonathan Edwards on True and False Conversion
Jonathan Edwards, edited by William C. Nichols

Rev. Thomas Adam wrote: "It is a great point of religion to know the heart. I see but a very small part of its deceit, hypocrisy, and desperate wickedness." Knowledge of the heart of man is critical to all who are involved in ministry in any way and also to the individual professor of the gospel who is willing to do what Paul commanded, "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith" (2 Corinthians 13:5). Knowing the Heart: Jonathan Edwards on True and False Conversion is a book of sermons and treatises by Jonathan Edwards dealing with the depravity of the heart, the hardening of the heart, and the nature of true and false conversion. There is commentary on each one of the manuscripts by William C. Nichols explaining what we can learn about the heart and conversion from each sermon and also how to apply it in evangelism and preaching the gospel message. Only one sermon in this book has ever been published before and that was in 2002. The book will be about 435 pages in length, hardcover, with 12 previously unpublished manuscripts by Edwards containing over 20 sermons.

435 page hardcover volume
SGCB Price: $23.95 (list price $36.95)
PUNISHMENT BY DEATH: A Defense of Capital Punishment
George Cheever

The merits and demerits of capital punishment have been hotly debated for decades. Most of the arguments put forth are nothing more than the reasonings of men. That is what makes Punishment By Death: A Defense of Capital Punishment such a unique work. It was written in the 1840's by George B. Cheever, pastor the Church of the Puritans in New York City and author of numerous books including Lectures on The Pilgrim's Progress. Cheever approaches the issue of capital punishment for murder primarily on the basis of what the Bible teaches in both the Old and New Testaments. Beginning with Genesis 9:6, "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, my man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made he man," Cheever systematically works his way through the Old Testament and then answers the arguments raised by modern religious opponents of capital punishment by using the words of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul and other New Testament passages to support the Biblical position. In addition to his arguments directly relating to Bible texts, some of the topics Cheever covers are: The difference between justice and revenge; the ends of punishment considered; the difference between punishment in this life and in the life to come; fearfulness and efficacy of punishment by death; the potential repentance of the criminal; what constitutes the perfect criminal jurisprudence; how the abrogation of the punishment of death places a premium on the crime of murder; the reality of retributive justice; and imprisonment for life vs. punishment by death.

With the merits of capital punishment continually being debated in our society today this book is a breath of fresh air in its clear outlining of the biblical position. Cheever says: "It is well known that penal laws, with their sanctions, contemplate not reformation, but punishment. Punishment is the end; the effort at reformation is subservient and secondary. The penalty of violated law is suffering, nor reformation. If it were not suffering, if it were not severity to the offender, if it were mere reformation, it could not be called penalty. What sort of logic would it be to say to the thief, You shall pay the penalty of your crime by being reformed, or to the murderer, You shall atone for your violation of the highest law, human and divine, by being made good and happy?"

"Punishment By Death: A Defense of Capital Punishment" is a paperback book, 212 pages in length, with an introduction and biographical sketch of George B. Cheever by William C. Nichols. It will be available for shipment the second week of December.

SGCB Price: $10.50 (list price $14.95)
Anthony Burgess

One of the greatest works ever written on the deceitfulness of the human heart.

A Treatise of Sin: The Deceitfulness of the Heart Unmasked by Anthony Burgess is probably the greatest book ever written on the deceitfulness of the human heart.It was written in 1654 and published as Spiritual Refining, Part 2, A Treatise of Sin. The book is a masterpiece on the heart's deceitfulness in sin, and formality and hypocrisy in religion. Anthony Burgess' work contains 42 sermons that pierce to the depths of the soul in exposing false religion and the worthless props men lean on to justify themselves before God.

Burgess was a master in understanding the heart of man and true and false conversion. The sermons in 'A Treatise of Sin: The Deceitfulness of the Heart Unmasked' cover such topics as the Heart's Deceitfulness in the Matter of Repentance, The Woeful Aggravations of the Deceitfulness of Man's Heart, That All Sins and Transgressions are Damnable Errors, The Ingredients and Aggravations of Presumptuous Sins, Discoveries of Reigning Sin in a Man with its Aggravations, Of Having Only a Name to Live, The Properties of Gross Hypocrisy in the Matters of Religion, and A Discovery of Close Hypocrisy with the Causes of it.

In our day when a mere intellectual assent to the facts of the gospel or repeating the words of a prayer is all that seems necessary for many pastors to proclaim a man saved, this book is desperately needed. Burgess preached against the errors of his day and his book is a cure for those of our day. Anthony Burgess warned, "Oh what a woeful condition is it for a man at the same time to be blessing himself, and God abhorring of him, while thou art saying: 'Soul take thine ease;' God to be commanding the devils to take thy soul, yet in this condition most live." Sadly, this is also the condition that most in our present day churches live in.

42 sermons never before published in a newly typeset edition. 330 pp. Clothbound.

330 Page Clothbound Volume
SGCB Price: $29.95 (list price $35.00)
INSTRUCTIONS TO THE AFFLICTED Sermons for the Bereaved, Afflicted and Suffering

NATHANIEL EMMONS (1745-1840) was a noted New England divine who came to a settled conviction concerning the sovereignty of God, and thus preached with great confidence that all afflictions are sent by God with a purpose to bless His people and to bring them into conformity to the image of Christ.

These 38 sermons deal with the subjects of bereavement, suffering, affliction and distress by examining and applying Holy Scripture in a wonderfully encouraging way. Many of these sermons were preached at a funeral service and so there is a genuine solemness that marks every word. Emmons was persuaded that the best place to address the issues of eternity was in the very face of death.


Burdens Cast Upon God - Psalm 55:22

Benefit of Afflictions - Isaiah 48:17

Communion with God in Affliction - Jeremiah 52:1

Hope in Death - Proverbs 14:32

Living and Dying unto the Lord - Romans 14:8

Divine Providence Incomprehensible - Psalm 77:19

Silence Under Affliction - Leviticus 10:3

The Troubles of Life Divinely Appointed - Job 5:6,7

Comfort in Christ - Isaiah 32:2

Saints with Christ in Heaven - John 17:24

The publisher begins his introduction with these words: "Who among us has not experienced bereavement, suffering, affliction, or distress? None who have lived very long in this world can claim to be exempt from it. How many will never experience the death of a loved one and the pain which comes with it? Although many live in the world as if they shall never die, how many will ultimately cheat the shrouded figure of death? Will you? The sermons in this book are unlike anything you will hear from the pulpit today, regardless of the circumstances. They deal with all aspects of affliction and suffering; but unlike the presumptions of men, they begin with a sovereign God who determines all things; therefore, there is a reasonableness to them founded upon the word of God."

SGCB Price: $24.95 (list price $32.00)