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The Office and Duty of the Gospel Minister
Stephen H. Tyng

These outstanding lectures were delivered from September 29 - October 3, 1873 at the School of Theology in the Boston University, and were subsequently published at the earnest request of the students and the faculty who heard them delivered. One reason for the value of this work is that the lectures were delivered by a man who had been serving Christ in the Gospel ministry for more than half a century.

"The Christian Pastor by Stephen H. Tyng is very personable and pastoral and sound." - Dr. Tom Nettles

Stephen H. Tyng (1800-1885) was ordained to the ministry of the Protestant Episcopal church in 1821. His first parish was in Georgetown, D. C., in 1821-'3, and then the Queen Anne parish, Prince George County, Maryland, in 1823-'9. He was called to the rectorship of St. Paul's church, Philadelphia, in 1829, then to the Church of the Epiphany in 1838, where he served for twelve years. In 1844 he was invited to St. George's church, New York city, where, entering upon his duties in 1845, he labored for more than thirty years as rector, and was retired as rector emeritus in 1878. He received the degree of D. D. from Jefferson college, Pennsylvania, in 1832, and from Harvard in 1851. He was distinguished for eloquence in the pulpit, and also for able and effective temperance and patriotic addresses. For many years he was a leader among that part of the clergy known as low churchmen, he was active in organizing the Evangelical knowledge society, the American church missionary society, and the Evangelical education society, and was editor for several years of "The Episcopal Recorder" and "The Protestant Churchman." Dr. Tyng held a ready pen, and published numerous volumes of interest and value. Chief among these was his "Lectures on the Law and the Gospel" (Philadelphia, 1832) .


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Exposing the Deep-Rooted Errors of the Evolution Therory
Robert Lewis Dabney, with Introduction by C.N. Willborn

Of all the able works of Robert Lewis Dabney (1820-1898) he considered this to be one of his two ablest works. C.N. Willborn concludes his excellent Introduction with these words: "Once having taken up this volume, the philosophically minded, the theologian, and students of various disciplines will find the book enormously impressive. In the end, if taken seriously and thought out, it should prove to be a great benefit to the church-at-large and subsequently to the rest of the world."

B.M. Palmer, a contemporary of Dabney, wrote the following about this book: "In the work before us (Dabney's) indignation only warms against what would stir any honest heart; and the reader easily surrenders himself in sympathy with the burning invective leveled against those who subvert the foundations of order and virtue in the world."


Introduction: A Historical-Biographical Sketch of R.L. Dabney

Chapter 1: The Issue Stated

Chapter 2: The Sensualistic Philosophy of the 18th Century

Chapter 3: Analysis of the Human Mind, by James Mill

Chapter 4: Sensualistic Ethics in Great Britain

Chapter 5: Positivism

Chapter 6: Evolution Theory

Chapter 7: Physiological Materialism

Chapter 8: Spirituality of Mind

Chapter 9: Evolution Theory Materialistic, and Therefore False

Chapter 10: Validity of A-Priori Notions

Chapter 11: Origin of A-Priori Notions

Chapter 12: Refutation of Sensualistic Ethics

Chapter 13: Philosophy and the Supernatural

Chapter 14: The Evolution of Human Souls

Chapter 15: Final Causes


Author Index


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What Does the Scripture Say?
Benjamin B. Warfield, Robert L. Dabney & Geoffrey Thomas


Two classic pieces join together with a contemporary one to address an increasingly thorny issue facing the church. The first piece is a brief article by B.B. Warfield (1851-1921) which is an exposition of Paul's words to the Corinthians concerning women speaking in the church. He concludes with these words:

"The difference in conclusions between Paul and the feminist movement of today is rooted in a fundamental difference in their points of view relatively to the constitution of the human race. To Paul, the human race is made up of families, and every several organism, the church included, is composed of families, united together by this or that bond. The relation of the sexes in the family follows it therefore into the church. To the feminist movement the human race is made up of individuals; a woman is just another individual by the side of the man; and it can see no reason for any differences in dealing with the two. And, indeed, if we can ignore the great fundamental natural difference of sex, and destroy the great fundamental social unit of the family, in the interest of individualism, there does not seem any reason why we should not wipe out the differences established by Paul between the sexes in the church. Except, of course, the authority of Paul. It all, in the end, comes back to the authority of the apostles, as founders of the church. We may like what Paul says, or we may not like it. We may be willing to do what he commands, or we may not be willing to do it. But there is no room for doubt of what he says."

The second and longer piece was writtern by Robert Lewis Dabney (1820-1898) and first appeared in The Southern Presbyterian Review for October 1879. It begins with these words:

"In this day innovations march with rapid strides. The fantastic suggestion of yesterday, entertained only by a few fanatics, and then only mentioned by the sober to be ridiculed, is today the audacious reform, and will be tomorrow the recognized usage. Novelties are so numerous and so wild and rash, that in even conservative minds the sensibility of wonder is exhausted and the instinct of righteous resistance fatigued. A few years ago the public preaching of women was universally condemned among all conservative denominations of Christians, and, indeed, within their bounds, was totally unknown. Now the innovation is brought face to face even with the Southern churches, and female preachers are knocking at our doors."

The third piece was written (after being preached) by Pastor Geoffrey Thomas, who has begun his 49th year of ministry in the same church in Aberystwyth, Wales. Thomas speaks with the same message but does so in the 21st century, expounding and appying the word of the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 2:12-14. We are delighted to be able to add his wise words to make this booklet even more substantial.


"When it comes to the late nineteenth century the names R. L. Dabney and B. B. Warfield are in a peculiar class--the foremost class of biblical theologians. Those familiar with their writings will not be surprised that they wrote on such a contemporary topic (then and now) as women and their role in the Church. They were acutely aware of cultural currents and pressures and offered incisive biblical-theological answers. The Church can only benefit from the abiding truths they mined from Holy Scripture. It's good to have their contributions in one volume. Readers beware: you may not like what you read in this little book, but you better not dismiss it!" -- C. N. Willborn, PhD

"This project is a must! Feminism and egalitarianism are insidious errors, striking at the heart of both home and church and probably society as well. Both God's creation ordinance and the character of the the church are affected. Warfield and Dabney deal with these matters biblically and powerfully. I cannot urge you strongly enough to get these two great works into print. You must do this!" - Pastor Don Lindblad

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John Whitecross

A rare and wondertful volume that gives a rich variety of anecdotes and illustrations on nearly every chapter in the entire Bible. It is a tool that can be used by every Pastor, Teacher and Parent as they seek to bring windows of light into their lessons. You will marvel at the riches contained within the pages of this volume.

"John Whitecross's user-friendly 'Instructive Anecdotes Illustrative of the Old and New Testaments' is the best anecdotal volume for pulpit preparation that I have ever used. Most anecdotal volumes are packed with shallow theology, but this one contains great anecdotes that are dipped in the riches of Reformed theology. I recommend it wholeheartedly." --Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids


Many persons will perhaps be ready to acknowledge that, while almost the whole of a sermon, or other discourse, has been forgotten, some striking incident related in it, besides making a peculiar impression at the moment, has been long afterwards remembered. In the course of reading New Testament Scripture in a family or school, the parent or teacher is furnished, in the present work, with an anecdote or two, under each chapter, by relating which, he may fix and enliven the attention of his children or pupils, and, at the same time, by agreeable associations, impress the passages illustrated more deeply on their youthful recollections. The publication, though chiefly intended for the benefit of the young, may not, however, be uninteresting to more advanced readers.

The author is sensible that the anecdotes are not all of equally direct bearing on ths passages to which they are applied. This in any case could not reasonably be expected, and more particularly as the compiler has been precluded from the use of upwards of five hundred anecdotes in the enlarged editions of his work illustrative of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism, most of which would have suited this volume, but which it was deemed improper to admit." - John Whitecross


Matt. Ii, ver. 16.- Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.

In 1641, Sir Phelim O'Neal, and other Papists, commenced an universal massacre of the Protestants in Ireland. " No age," says Hume," no sex, no condition, was spared. The wife, weeping for her butchered hushand, and embracing her helpless children, was pierced with them, and perished by the same stroke. In vain did flight save from the first assault. Destruction was everywhere let loose, aud met the hunted victims at every turn. They were stripped of their very clothes, and turned out naked and defenceless in all the rigors of winter. The feeble age of children, the tender sex of women, soon sunk under the multiplied rigors of cold and hunger. Here the hushand, bidding a final adieu to his expiring family, envied them that fate which he himself expected so soon to share! There the son, having long supported his aged parent, with reluctance obeyed his last command, and abandoning him in his uttermost distress, reserved himself to the hopes of avenging that death which all his efforts could not prevent or delay." 40,000 persons, according to the lowest computation, perished in these massacres!

Matt. Iii, ver. 7."But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, Oh generation of vipers! Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?"

An irreligious young man went to hear Mr. Whitefield, who took the above passage for his text: "Mr. Whitefield," said the young man,"described the Sadducean character; this did not touch me, I thought myself as good a Christian as any man in England. From this he went to that of the Pharisees. He described their exterior decency, but observed that the poison of the viper rankled in their hearts. This rather shook me. At length, in the course of his sermon, he abruptly broke off, paused for a few moments, then burst into a flood of tears; lifted up his hands and eyes, and exclaimed, 'Oh my hearers! The wrath to come! The wrath to come!' These words sunk deep into my heart, like lead in the waters. I wept, and, when the sermon was ended, retired alone. For days and weeks I could think of little else. Those awful words would follow me wherever I went, 'The wrath to come! The wrath to come!'" The result was, that the young man soon after made a public profession of religion, and in a short time became a very eminent preacher.


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500 Pages of Wonderful Illustrations from Both the Old & New Testament

Add a Copy of John Whitecross' THE SHORTER CATECHISM ILLUSTRATED (paperback)
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Add a Copy of John Whitecross' THE SHORTER CATECHISM ILLUSTRATED (hardcover)
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A Classic Defense of the Supernatural Birth of our Lord
J. Gresham Machen

In a Review written by Samuel Craig shortly after this book appeared in 1930 we read:

"This volume sustains, and more than sustains, Dr. Machen's reputation as not only one of the world's foremost New Testament scholars but as one of the ablest defenders of historic Christianity. His former books, 'The Origin of Paul's Religion' (1921), 'Christianity and Liberalism' (1923) and 'What is Faith?' (1925), have so whetted the appetites of their thousands of readers that the announcement of a new book by Dr. Machen fills them with eager expectancy---whatever may be their theological position. It will be recalled that Mr. Walter Lippmann, whose theological position is about as far removed as possible from that of Dr. Machen's, in his widely read book, 'A Preface to Morals', not only speaks of Dr. Machen as 'both a scholar and a gentleman' but says of his book, 'Christianity and Liberalism':

'It is an admirable book. For its acumen, for its saliency, and for its wit, this cool and stringent defense of orthodox Protestantism is, I think, the best popular argument produced by either side in the current controversy. We shall do well to listen to Dr. Machen.'

Dr. Machen's latest book, it is true, like 'The Origin of Paul's Religion', moves throughout in the field of exact scholarship. It would be difficult to point to a book anywhere that is more thorough-going in its recital and examination of all that bears upon the subject with which it deals. But while this is the case, Dr. Machen writes so simply and lucidly that men and women of intelligence everywhere, whatever their standing as technical scholars, will be able to read it with understanding and profit. Certainly no minister or Bible teacher of adults can afford to ignore this book. To the reviewer at least it is a source of much satisfaction to know that what is confessedly the most exhaustive and most scholarly book on the problem of the Virgin Birth of Christ ever published, at least in English, has been written by a man who after having acquainted himself with everything of importance that has been written on the subject since the first century, no matter in what language, holds to the historic belief of the Christian Church that its founder was born without human father, being conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary."



Chapter 1. The Virgin Birth in the Second Century

Chapter 2. The Birth Narrative an Original part of the Third Gospel

Chapter 3. Characteristics of the Lucan Narrative

Chapter 4. The Hymns of the First Chapter of Luke

Chapter 5. The Origin and Transmission Of the Lucan Narrative

Chapter 6. The Integrity of the Lucan Narrative

Chapter 7. The Narrative in Matthew

Chapter 8. The Relation Between the Narratives

Chapter 9. The Inherent Credibility of the Narratives

Chapter 10. The Birth Narratives and Secular History

Chapter 11. The Birth Narratives and the Rest of the New Testament

Chapter 12. Alternative Theories: Preliminary Considerations

Chapter 13. The Theory of Jewish Derivation

Chapter 14. The Theory of Pagan Derivation

Chapter 15. Conclusion and Consequences

"Years ago I was tasked with a paper on the incarnation of the Son of God. My professor suggested some books that either approached the topic from a naturalistic standpoint or exalted Mary in the whole process. As I browsed the card catalog topically (yes, before computer cataloging!), I came across a book from the 1930s. It hadn't been checked out for several years. It was Machen. My soul was excited, revived, and my mind expanded. In an age where many books become dated, quickly, it is not so with Machen. Not so especially with 'The Virgin Birth.' Read it for the first time or read again. Just read it! Then pass it on." - Dr. C.N. Willborn






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Exemplified in the Life and Writings of Isabella Graham
Isabella Graham, Edited by Divie & Joanna Bethune

"Here is the moving story of a woman who knew her God. Men and women, young and old, will find inspiration in the life of Isabella Graham. You will have a hard time putting this book down. From her loss of her husband when she was but thirty-one, to her subsequent poverty, to her labors in teaching young women and finding work for the poor, Mrs. Graham exemplified sweet submission and diligent service to the Lord. May God use this book to raise up many other people of similar Christlikeness!" -Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This a fine book for Christian women of all ages. Isabella Graham began to walk with the Lord in her youth and continued to do so in young adulthood, through the years of middle age, and on into old age, experiencing, along the way, many sorrows and joys as a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. The record of her journey, in this memoir of her life and writings, is a testimony to the marvelous grace of God. It shows us how he cares for his own, works all things together for their good, and comforts as well as sends grief. Above all, it shows us what great things he can do through a woman who is deeply devoted both to him and to his service." - David Campbell, Pastor of Grace Baptist of Carlisle, PA

"What a delight to become acquainted with Isabella Graham! She was a wise, godly, solid-gold Christian woman, who in the midst of much suffering lived a life of faith in her God." -Sara Leone, author of "Her Husband's Crown" by Banner of Truth

The Power of Faith Exemplified in the Life and Writings of the late Mrs. Isabella Graham

An Introduction to a New Generation by Sara Leone

"Recently an elderly couple in our church gave my husband a number of beautiful old books. Among them I discovered a memoir of Isabella Graham. It has been delightful to become acquainted with Isabella Graham.

As older women are to teach the younger women, Isabella Graham (1742-1814) is one of those Christian women who will be a safe guide for us in our life of faith. I say this because of her evident close walk with the Lord, her saturation in the Word of God, and her constantly pointing others to Christ.

Isabella Graham lived out her faith in the midst of much suffering. Widowed at the age of 31 with three young daughters and a son on the way, she was cast upon the Lord, took hold of God's promises to the widow, and never let go. Mrs. Graham was single-minded throughout her life in her overarching desire and prayer for the salvation of her children and grandchildren. Nothing else mattered but that they knew and loved the Lord. Nothing. 'My only concern and prayer to God for them is, that they may be early taught to love God and serve him. I am equally indifferent what station of life they may occupy, whether they swim in affluence or earn their daily bread' (p. 49). Can we as mothers say the same?

Here was a woman who left her homeland of Scotland for America where she perceived the church of Christ would flourish. Why her determination to move? She desired that her children could be settled there. It was for her children's spiritual good.

Do you know what it is to yearn after a prodigal son? From her own sad experience, she carefully and tenderly offers advice for those suffering the death of a wayward child for whom they had prayed - trust and hope in God.

Isabella Graham knew how to abound and how to suffer loss. At one point in her widowhood, the family was reduced to eating porridge and potatoes. Reflecting on those impoverished days, Isabella Graham later wrote to a friend undergoing suffering, 'O, what sweet meals have I and my children made on hot potatoes, nicely boiled and cracked, with salt - not merely content, but they tasted good and savory. There are peculiar pleasures in a life of that kind. You shall yet sing of it.' (p. 302) In spite of their poverty, she enjoyed peace with God and contentment.

To support her little family, Isabella, who, in God's providence, had been more highly educated than was usual in those days, opened schools for young ladies. She had a tender, loving manner with the young. In later life her former students spoke highly of her godly influence on their lives. Indeed she was 'a mother in Israel' (Judges 5:7).

How does the world remember Isabella Graham? She is remembered as a philanthropist in an age of limited safety nets. A widow herself of modest means, she served as the first directress of the Female Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small Children, she help start an orphanage and a Bible society, she supported the first missionary society in New York, and she visited the poorest of the poor including newly-arrived immigrant families and female prisoners. Her faith in beginning endeavors with slender means is exemplary. In spite of limited funds, she moved ahead with the projects, trusting the Lord to provide the rest. And He did!

Isabella Graham's biography is interspersed with her own writings either from her devotional exercises ('prayer journal'), or her letters often written to younger friends. Isabella Graham's prayers are soaked in Scripture and evidence a deep hunger for God. Having a strong grasp of orthodox Christianity (her favorite authors were John Owen, William Romaine, and John Newton) she could hold her own against rising liberalism and also faithfully explain biblical doctrine to others. I highly commend to you the reading of this book about Isabella Graham, 'whose faith follow, considering the outcome of [her] conduct.' - Sara Leone


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Theological Discourses from the Heart of J.H. Thornwell
James H. Thornwell

This volume contains 13 Discourses covering a great variety of theological subjects from the heart of a leading Southern Presbyterian Theologian from the 19th century. Thornwell lived from 1812-1862 and was an American Presbyterian preacher and religious writer.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, in a letter to his wife dated August 15, 1859, wrote the following about hearing Thornwell preach: "Last night I enjoyed what I have long desired -- listening to a sermon from the Rev. Dr. Thornwell, of South Carolina. He opened with introduction, setting forth the encouragements and discouragements under which he spoke. Among the encouragements, he stated that the good effected here would be widely disseminated, as there were visitors from every Southern State. Following the example of the apostle Paul, he observed that whilst he felt an interest in all, yet he felt a special interest in those from his own State. He spoke of the educated and accomplished audience it was his privilege to address. After concluding his introductory remarks, he took his text from Genesis, seventeenth chapter, seventh verse, which he presented in a bold, profound, and to me original manner. I felt what a privilege it was to listen to such an exposition of God's truth. He showed that in Adam's fall we have raised from the position of servants to that of children of God. He gave a brief account of his own difficulties when a college student, in comprehending his relation to God. He represented man as a redeemed being at the day of judgment, standing nearest to the throne, the angels being farther removed. And why? Because his Brother is sitting upon the throne he is a nearer relation to Christ than the angels. And his being the righteousness of God himself. I don't recollect having ever before felt such love to God. I was rather surprised at seeing so much grace and gesture in Dr. Thornwell. I hope and pray much good will result from this great exposition of Bible truth."

Joseph Addison Alexander, himself a wonderful example of pulpit eloquence, heard the sermon "The Sacrifice of Christ, the Type and Model of Missionary Effort" delivered, and pronounced it 'as fine a specimen of Demosthenian eloquence as he had ever heard from the pulpit, and that it realized his idea of what preaching should be."

J.W. Alexander once wrote the following of one of Thornwell's sermons, "His sermon was a model of what is rare, viz.: burning hot argument, logic in ignition, and glowing more and more to the end."

Henry Ward Beecher, the famous Northern liberal minister, wrote after Thornwell's death, "By common fame, Dr. Thornwell was the most brilliant minister in the Old School Presbyterian Church, and the most brilliant debater in the General Assembly. This reputation he early gained and never lost. Whenever he was present in the Assembly, he was always the first person pointed out to a stranger."

Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said of him, ""Thornwell (1812-1862) was one of the greatest preachers that America has ever produced. Here, I think, we have the perfect combination of brilliance of intellect and profound theological and philosophical knowledge, together with pulpit eloquence of the highest order."

Discourse 1 - Outline of the Covenant of Grace

Discourse 2 - Theology as a Life in Individuals and in the Church

Discourse 3 - The Necessity and Nature of Christianity: Acts 17:16-34

Discourse 4 - Election and Reprobation: Defined and Defended from Scripture

Discourse 5 - The Necessity of the Atonement: Romans 1:16

Discourse 6 - The Priesthood of Christ: Hebrews 5:5,6

Discourse 7 - Christ Tempted as the Second Adam: Matthew 4; Mark 1; Luke 4

Discourse 8 - The Gospel, God's Power and Wisdom: 1 Corinthians 1:22-24

Discourse 9 - The Personality of the Holy Ghost: Acts 19:2

Discourse 10 - The Nature of Salvation: John 3:17

Discourse 11 - Antinomianism: Defined and Explained

Discourse 12 - Christian Effort: Philippians 1:27

Discourse 13 - The Sacrifice of Christ, the Type and Model of Missionary Effort: John 10:17,18

Born in Marlboro District, South Carolina, on December 9, 1812; Thornwell graduated from South Carolina College at nineteen, studied briefly at Harvard, then entered the Presbyterian ministry. He became prominent in the Old School Presbyterian denomination in the south, preaching and writing on theological and social issues. He taught at South Carolina College, eventually served as its president, and went on to teach at Columbia Theological Seminary. He was a contemporary of Charles Hodge and represented the southern branch of the Presbyterian church in debates on ecclesiology with Hodge.

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Melancthon Jacobus

Charles Hodge, William Henry Green, J.W. Alexander and others from Princeton Seminary said, "The excellent Commentaries of Dr. Melancthon Jacobus have deservedly attained a high reputation, and their wide circulation proves how well they are adapted to the wants of both ministers and laymen. They present, in a brief compass, the results of extensive erudition, abound in judicious exposition and pertinent illustration, and are, moreover, distinguished by doctrinal soundness, evangelical character, and an eminently devout spirtit."

"Jacobus is sound and plain, and is therefore a safe guide to Sunday-School teachers and others who need to see the results of learning without the display of it." - C.H. Spurgeon

"This work is characterized by solid learning, sound doctrine, and lucid statements, a pleasant style, and the most serious spirit of piety. It is much needed." William S. Plumer

"I consider that I would be doing service to the cause of pure religion, scriptural theology, and saving piety, could I contribute to the introduction of Professor Jacobus' Notes into the families, Sabbath Schools, and Bible Classes of our land." - Thomas Smyth

"Jacobus writes in the popular style of Albert Barnes, and is solidly Reformed. Some commentators make you plow an acre to find a single nugget; but not Jacobus. His exegetical notes are concise but meaty, with rich veins of practical exposition." -Dr. Robert P. Martin

Melancthon Jacobus Works

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SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $25.00)

SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $25.00)

SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $25.00)

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Add a Copy of Jacobus' Notes Critical and Explanatory on the Acts of the Apostles
SGCB Price: $14.00 (list price $32.00)
A Classic on True Biblical Worship from a Scottish Puritan Divine
George Gillespie

544 PAGE - smyth-sewn hardcover with a dust jacket, color frontispiece, Foreword, Historical Introduction, Overview & Analysis, Bibliography, Indices, Edition Errata.

Napthali Press is pleased to announce the completion of a new critical edition of George Gillespie's seminal work, "A DISPUTE AGAINST ENGLISH POPISH CEREMONIES" , and it is now available once again. They first published this title twenty years ago and it has been out of print for some time; but they are persuaded the need for it is still great. Written when 'worship wars' involved real wars, the general principles presented by Gillespie have abiding pertinence and if properly applied could go a long way toward resolving the worship controversies of this day.

"Gillespie's famous book is a vitally important work in the history of the Scottish Reformation, but it is much more than simply that. It has abiding and profound value for all who are committed to knowing, applying, and following the Word of God on the proper worship of the church. With great insight and passion Gillespie pursues the freedom of the church from political interference and from ecclesiastical tyranny as well as the freedom of the individual Christian conscience from the burden of tradition. He rejoiced that the Church of Scotland had gotten 'rid of all such rotten relics, riven [torn] rags, and rotten remainders of Popery' and feared that they were now returning by political fiat. He warned, 'there is not a more deceitful and dangerous temptation than in yielding to the beginnings of evil.' This splendid edition makes Gillespie's demanding work more accessible to the modern reader and encourages careful reading of this vastly rewarding study." - W. Robert Godfrey, President and Professor of Church History, Westminster Seminary California


544 Page Smyth-Sewen Hardcover with Dustjacket
SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $45.00)
How God's Covenant Enriches Our Lives
T.M. Moore

A pastor and a theological advisor to Charles Colson and Prison Fellowship Ministries, Moore writes, "I began to see that all of life is there for taking and remaking--a richer devotional life, sustained growth in the Lord, renewed and more loving relationships, meaningful work and leisure, and the calling to transform every institution, all of culture and society, according to the wisdom and grace of God...

"I had never heard the Christian faith explained in such cosmic and powerful terms. I was stunned. Where had I been? Why was my own experience of Christ so shallow and self-centered?... All at once, as if in a moment, I experienced a stretching of my mind, a reenergizing of my soul, and a kindling of fervor in my heart such as I had never known before."

I Will Be Your God is dedicated to encouraging such an outlook on life. It does so by promoting a better understanding of the nature, meaning, and implications of living in GodĘs covenant.

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $14.00)

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GOLDEN HOURS: Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life
Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

This is a rare glimpse into the heart of a sufferer, as the author of Stepping Heavenward and more love to Thee, O Christ put down her thoughts in verse during the most trying years of her life.

"I trust that many will be blessed by Prentiss' Heart-Hymns, which were born in the crucible of sorrow. I am one of those who, as she put it, 'cannot trace, but trust in Thee.' Read the poems, ponder them in your heart, be glad that we may deeply learn from her lessons." -Elisabeth Elliot, author of numerous books

"A favorite hymn of mine is More Love to Thee, O Christ and I am delighted to recommend this entire volume of Elizabeth Prentiss' inspired poetry and hymn writing to you. It will be a wonderful way to enrich your personal worship." - Benjamin Harlan, Dean, School of Church Music, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Elizabeth Prentiss did not squander her suffering. She mined the 'treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places' and she learned that 'I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, am the God of Israel' (Isaiah 45:3). In this gem of a book, she gives us a glimpse not only of the treasures she mined but of her darkness, providing a backdrop against which those treasures sparkle all the more brightly. What a gift!" - Susan Hunt, Women in the Church for the PCA

"In Golden Hours Prentiss unmasks the secret of suffering: hard providences answer our prayers to see Him face to face. Reprinting this book is a priceless gift to those who find themselves faced with the stewardship of suffering, in the verdant wilderness of sorrow." - Karen Grant, Author and Homemaker

"I wish I could have known Elizabeth Prentiss and heard her speak of her love for the Lord. Yet, she still does speak to us today through her verse. How wonderful that God is still fulfilling her heart's desire to love Him more and more and more ... and we receive the benefits." - Martha Peace, Author of The Excellent Wife

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A Study for New Christians and Young People
Peter Jeffery

Peter Jeffery is one of the clearest and ablest expounders of God's truth alive today. His books have circled the globe and been translated into several languages.

This book is intended to explain and apply the book of Ephesians for those in the formative years of their Christian life. Perfect for High School and College age Sunday School classes, New Believer's Sunday School, Bible Studies or personal study, it has several challenging questions following each chapter, plus a Digging Deeper section for those eager to search the Bible more thoroughly.

"When I hear the name Peter Jeffery, I immediately think of the author who is known for his ability to put profound biblical truth in readable, understandable and memorable language. That ability is on display again in this volume as Mr. Jeffery explains both the sublime doctrine and the practical instruction of the apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. The young people for whom this volume is intended will find Peter Jeffery's clear and perceptive style much to their liking. They are certain to come away from their reading of it with a greater understanding of the glory of salvation and with firm determination to live more for the glory of the One who graciously provided it." - Roger Ellsworth


The Author's Preface

Introduction to this Series

How to Get the Most out of this Book

Summary of Ephesians

1. A Fanfare of Truth

2. Prayer for Fellow Believers

3. By Grace Through Faith

4. One in Christ

5. The Mystery Revealed

6. Prayer for Spiritual Strengthening

7. Unity, Diversity and Effort

8. A Changed Life

9. Walk in Love, Light and Wisdom

10. Spirit Filled Relationships

11. The Armor of God

12. Ultimate Victory in Christ

Appendix: Digging Deeper into Ephesians

Jeffery Five-Pack


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The Last of the Scottish Martyrs
William H. Carslaw

"Mr. Carslaw has skillfully interweaved the martyr's letters with the details of his life, and produced a thrilling picture of bloody and bygone days" (Dumfries Courier).

"The most complete collection yet published of the correspondence of this noble and manly Scotchman" (Govan Press).

"The Letters reveal a singularly religious and devout spirit, and give us a striking insight into the sweetness and light that existed in the rugged depths of these stern and uncompromising pillars of the Covenant" (Scottish Weekly).

A major work to be consulted for the study of this period, as well as for insight into the life and death of the faithful martyr and covenanted Presbyterian minister James Renwick.

In 1688, the fugitive preacher James Renwick was captured an executed at the scaffold in Edinburgh's Grassmarket, the last Covenanter to suffer a public execution. He was born in Moniaive in Dumfriesshire on 15th February 1662, the son of a weaver, Andrew Renwick. He was always interested in religion and it is said that, by the age of six was able to read and question the contents of a bible. His parents scrimped and saved to ensure James received an education and after attending school in Edinburgh was able to attend the University. After graduating with an MA degree in 1681, he began to question the King's authority over the church after witnessing the public hanging of a number of Covenanters. He moved to Lanark and started to attend a series of conventicles and in October 1682 was chosen to study for the ministry at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He was ordained in May 1683 and arrived back in his homeland in October that year. On 23rd November 1683 a large conventicle was held at Darmead at which he commenced his ministry, preaching to many hundreds.

Thus began one of many close shaves with the authorities. In July 1684 he was travelling with three others across Strathaven Moor. They were spotted by Dragoons and a chase ensued. He galloped towards the summit of Dungavel Hill, dismounted and hid in a hollow until nightfall before he moved on. In the next few months he was responsible for the baptism of over 300 children and also performed many marriages and funerals, all held in remote farms and on the moors.

In September 1684, the Privy Council had issued a warrant for his capture and the following year Renwick was at the head of 200 Covenanters who affixed a declaration on the cross at Sanquhar, in which James VII was denounced as a murderer an idolater. After this he made sure there was a lookout stationed wherever he went and at any conventicle at which he was preaching and there was always a horse standing by, saddled and bridled, on which the fugitive could make a swift getaway.

His last conventicle took part at Riskenhope in Selkirkshire in January 1688. According to an onlooker, James Hogg, "When he prayed that day, few of his hearer's cheeks were dry. My parents were well acquainted with a woman whom he there baptized". Renwick was apprehended on 1st February 1688 on one of his secret visits to Edinburgh. A group of excise men visited the home of his friend and trader John Lackup under the guise that they were checking up on him. In reality they were hoping to capture Renwick and claim a reward. A scuffle broke out and the preacher made a bid for freedom, running down the Castle Wynd. However he was easily caught, taking a number of blows in the process and then taken to gaol. Patrick Graham, Captain of the Guards, looked at the 26 year old and asked "Is this boy the Mr Renwick that the nation hath been so much troubled with?"

Placed on trial, the witnesses for the prosecution included such notables as Claverhouse himself. He was sentenced to die on 8th February 1688 and the execution was postponed for two weeks. In which time Renwick received numerous visitors including the Bishop of Edinburgh and the Lord Advocate who pleaded with him to accept at least some rule of the King, but he refused. On the day of his hanging he was allowed to see his mother and sister who had made their way up from Dumfriesshire, his father having died when James was twelve.

On the scaffold Renwick attempted to address the crowd, but all the time the soldiers beat their drums in order to drown out his words. The hangman sprung the trapdoor and he dropped to his death. His remains were taken from the scaffold by a follower and rolled in a winding sheet before being buried in Greyfriars' Kirkyard.


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The Soul of Godliness
John Murray

This material is taken from Murray's classic work on Biblical Ethics entitled PRINCIPLES OF CONDUCT. It is a wonderful introduction to a vital area that is largely ignored in our day. Although brief, as with all of Murray's writings, it is a very full and weighty piece of practical theology, that should end in doxology for all who read it with an open heart and a mind in subjection to Holy Scripture.

"Many of us owe more than we can say to the example and teaching of John Murray. He wrote nothing hurriedly and for the short term. These pages, as much as anything he prepared, take us to a most vital aspect of a true relationship with God.May they help another generation to be faithful servants of Christ!." - Iain Murray, Author of "The Life of John Murray"

"John Murray's booklet on the fear of God--a theme that desperately needs to be resurrected today--is the best short treatment of this subject anywhere in the English language. From his renowned opening sentence ('the fear of God is the soul of godliness'), to his emphasis on piety, and his careful exposition of the marks of the fear of God (a consciousness of the transcendent majesty and holiness of God, an all-pervasive sense of the presence of God, a dependence upon and responsibility to God, and a constant consciousness of relation to God), Murray's treatment is biblically balanced and nuanced. It confirms the need for obedience to God that is motivated by filial fear and underscores, as Murray says, that 'the eclipse of God, whether viewed as doctrine or as attitude, evidences the deterioration of faith in the living God.' Buy this booklet in bulk and give a copy to each of your friends. It can do them and the church immeasurable good." - Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

"'Principles of Conduct' is Murray's masterpiece. It is as solid as Pike's Peak." James I. Packer

"Historically, and more importantly biblically, the fear of God has been regarded as essential to true devotion to God. But in recent years this foundational element of piety has been overlooked or even rejected as belonging to the era of the old covenant and not properly Christian (I actually read the latter sentiment in book by a popular North American author!) How welcome then to have John Murray's classic study of the fear of God available in this format. Read it and nourish your soul!" - Dr. Michael Haykin

"In his 'Principles of Conduct', Professor Murray's insights into Christian ethics are shaped by a careful integration of exegetical, biblical, systematic, and practical theology. The chapter on "The Fear of God," here published separately for the first time, is cut from the same cloth. Rightly seeing that the fear of the Lord is the first and most basic lesson in Christian ethics--the true beginning of godly wisdom and knowledge, Professor Murray conducts us into this inner sanctuary of the Christian life." - Dr. Robert Paul Martin

"'The fear of God is the soul of godliness.' These opening words of Professor Murray's chapter on this theme are like a bucket of ice water thrown into one's face in a day of cozy, comfortable, man-centered and casual Christianity. However they are true words. In this booklet Prof. Murray convincingly defines the fear of God and then demonstrates from the Old and New Testaments how central it is to any biblically framed experience of the Christian life. May God be pleased to use these pages to move many to rethink this central theme of the Word of God." - Pastor Albert N. Martin, Trinity Baptist Church, Montville, NJ

"The fear of God could be nothing less than the soul of rectitude. It is the apprehension of God's glory that constrains the fear of his name. It is that same glory that commands our totality commitment to him, totality trust and obedience. The fear of God is but the reflex in our consciousness of the transcendent perfection which alone could warrant and demand the totality of our commitment in love and devotion." - Professor John Murray

"Murray will be a reminder of what is ultimately important. He presents a needed distinction lacking in most presentations of the fear of God. A crippling, servile, always-looking-over-the-shoulder fear is unhealthy in the believer. We are God's sons and daughters; He loves us. Instead, we need a God-honoring, reverence of Him who produces the pursuit of, and the fruit of, godliness." - Dr. Mike Renihan

"With a wealth of biblical citations, Murray identifies the soul of godliness as a reverence for God as transcendently majestic and holy, constraining the forgiven sinner to adoration, love and obedience. Murray's writing on the subject is pervaded by the awe and filial devotion which he commends to us." - Dr. Sherman Isbell



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The Extent of the Atonement
John Murray

"Of all the men I have known John Murray was the man I have judged to be most full of God. To see walking him about the campus set your heart beating faster and you hurried along to join with him, drawn by his love. Then you were careful what words you spoke when you were with him because of his holiness. He would take a class of students into the presence of God and preach his lectures with the deepest earnestness and clarity. He was a fearless Christian whose mind was bound captive to the Bible. Where the Bible went John Murray went and his heart was full of the atoning death of his Saviour as his only hope in life and death." - Geoff Thomas, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales

"Did Christ die to save me? Or did he just die so that I may be saved? John Murray addresses these questions in a thoughtful and biblical way. He concludes that 'the atonement is efficacious substitution.' Read this excellent essay and find out what he means." - Dr. Robert Martin, Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington; Editor, Reformed Baptist Theological Review

"When our Savior offered himself a sacrifice for sin, he acted in redeeming love. Towards whom was that love directed? The cross is the power of God unto salvation, but what was actually accomplished by the crucifixion? A ransom was paid, but what was the effect of it? These questions of deep interest are examined by John Murray through a careful study of the most pertinent passages of Holy Scripture. What emerges is a sense of the omnipotence of Christ's love and the rich and full provision he has made for needy sinners." - Sherman Isbell, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD

"One of the most difficult questions in the whole scheme of salvation is here simply answered by Professor Murray. He takes key Scripture texts and demonstrates the great success of the atonement leaving one to glory in the sovereign Redeemer of Calvary. This treatise changed my life thirty years ago. Today it remains at the top portion of my most significant reads." - Robert B. Selph, Pastor - Grace Baptist Church, Taylors, SC

"The question of the extent of the atonement is simply: for whom did Christ make atonement? In even simpler language it is: for whom did Christ die? The question is: on whose behalf did Christ offer himself a sacrifice? On whose behalf did he propitiate the wrath of God? Whom did he reconcile to God in the body of his flesh through death? Whom did he redeem from the curse of the law, from the guilt and power of sin, from the enthralling power and bondage of Satan? In whose stead and on whose behalf was he obedient unto death, even the death of the cross? These are precisely the questions that have to be asked and frankly faced if the matter of the extent of the atonement is to be placed in proper focus." - John Murray


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Essays on Reformed Baptist Associations
David Kingdon, Earl Blackburn, James Renihan, Erroll Hulse, David Dykstra


"Denominations or Associations" was published 13 years ago, shortly after the founding of ARBCA. This book contains some vital essays explaining the important role of Associations in Baptist History. It is a must read for all who will be reading the upcoming book HOLDING COMMUNION TOGETHER by Tom Chantry and David Dykstra.


1- Independency and Interdependency by David Kingdon

2- The Biblical Basis for Associations of Churches by Earl Blackburn

3- A Reformed Basis on Associations of Churches by James Renihan

4- Reformed Baptist Associations: Primitivism, Scripture and the Confession of Faith by James Renihan

5- Inter-Church Unity: Presbyterianism, Episcopacy or Associationalism? By Erroll Hulse

6- Conflict Resolution by David Dykstra

Appendix 1 - An Excerpt from "Concerning a True and Orderly Gospel Church" by Benjamin Griffiths

Appendix 2 - Essay on the Power and Duty of an Association by Benjamin Griffiths

Appendix 3 - The Doctrine and Practice of Colonial American Baptists by John Asplund




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James E. Adams

"Being or becoming religious is not the same as being regenerate. That applies whatever the religion; even one that describes itself as 'evangelical.' As surely as everyone has to be born to live on earth, so everyone must be reborn to have heavenly eternal life; and no one can do either for himself. All life comes from God, and by way of gift. James Adams explains all this so clearly in these pages and also how the good news should be both preached and received." - Hywel Jones, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

"The error of 'decisional regration' has plagued the church for more than one hundred years. Dr. Adams, in this most excellent treatise, has exposed not only the error but so ably shown what the true meaning of biblical regeneration is from the Word of God. God grant that our generation may return to this truth as set forth in the Scriptures." - Robert G. den Dulk, D.D., Chairman, den Dulk Christian Foundation; President Emeritus, Westminster Seminary California


Introduction: What's Happened to Christianity?

Decisional Regeneration and Evangelism

Decisional Regeneration and Altar Calls

Decisional Regeneration and Preaching

Decisional Regeneration and Theology

What Must We Do?

How Can You Become a Christian?

How to Spread the Good News

Recommended Reading





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Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories of God's Amazing Grace
Edited by Richard Bennett with Mary Hertel

Vatican Council II was completed in 1965. The Roman Catholic Church appeared to have changed her position towards Biblical believers. The Council had pronounced that they were now to be seen as 'separated brethren' (although it also reaffirmed the Council of Trent, which four hundred years earlier had declared Biblical believers to be heretics). Catholics could now 'dialogue' with them, enter their churches, and go to their Bible studies.

In the more than forty years that have elapsed since then, much confusion has arisen both among Catholics and among Biblical believers as to where each stands today. This volume brings the steady light of Scripture and the clear testimonies of twenty 20th century women to bear on this murky religious confusion of our times.

These women became nuns in Roman Catholic convents as their finest means of serv-ing God. The testimonies are 'inside stories', intensely personal, wonderfully down-to-earth. They ask--and finally get the right answers to--some of the same questions that you yourself might ask.

The solid promise of Holy God in Scripture is, 'And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye search for Me with all your heart.' This volume is modern testimony to that living promise.

The book will be of avid interest to -

- dedicated Roman Catholics who often do not know the realities of convent life

- lapsed Catholics who have become discouraged by the practice of a religious faith which has not answered his or her inner emptiness and confusion

- Evangelicals who are being drawn more closely into 'dialogue' with Roman Catho-lics, unaware of the inner workings of that huge, seemingly mysterious system

Richard Bennett, born in Ireland, entered the Dominican Order in 1956, finished at the Angelicum University in Rome, Italy, in 1964. He spent twenty-one years as a Roman Catholic priest in Trinidad, West Indies. He was saved by God's grace in 1986 and formally left the Roman Catholic Church and its priesthood. Presently settled in central Texas, he is director of the Berean Beacon.

Mary Hertel, born into a strong Roman Catholic family, entered the Order of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1963. She left it in 1969 and was saved by God's grace in 1989.





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A Primer on Textual Criticism
Jeffrey Johnson

Did the multitude of Biblical scribes who copied the Scriptures by hand throughout the centuries do so with absolute perfection? If not, how can we know that what we now possess is (word for word) what was originally penned by the Biblical authors themselves? 'Behind the Bible' spotlights the divine preservation of Scripture to show that it is not by chance God's Word 'will never pass away.'

"Jeff Johnson has provided a helpful and clear discussion of the key issues behind the 'whys' and 'wherefores' of how we got our New Testament text. In light of the frontal assaults upon the integrity of the text of the New Testament pervasive in our day, it is important for believers to have a knowledge of these matters, and Johnson's work is a useful addition to the introductions available on the subject." - James R. White, author or PULPIT CRIMES

"One of the most difficult areas of Biblical study is the matter of textual criticism. Obviously, this is not something which can be done with perfection, but Jeffrey Johnson has in this book, 'Behind the Bible', shown not only how it is done, but also that it can, when done properly, arrive with a great certainty of the original Biblical text.This book, because of its clarity and helpfulness in the area of textual criticism, is a must read for all pastors and students of the Bible in our day!" - Dr. Richard P. Belcher, Author of Diagramming the Greek New Testament


1. The Need for Textual Criticism

2. Paleography

3. Textual Faithfulness

4. Methods of Textual Criticism

5. History of the Greek New Testament Text

Appendix: Answering Bart Ehrman




author of The Church: Why Bother?


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A Plea for Creational Theology
T.M. Moore

How can we perceive and experience God's grandeur in creation? What does creation tell us about his plans, purposes, truth, or ways? T. M. Moore answers these and other questions in this artful introduction to creational theology, the discovery and celebration of God's glory through what he has made.

The task of theology involves much more than simply studying Scripture or reading academic tomes. It involves doing theology-not just reading it. In Consider the Lilies, readers will develop the skills and disciplines for doing theology as they look upon and interact with the world around them.

"In sparkling prose, rich with theological and practical insight, T.M. Moore opens our eyes to see the glory of God in the works of his hands. 'Consider the Lilies' promotes deeper enjoyment of creation and higher praise for the Creator." - Philip Graham Ryken

"Transforms the routine notion of 'General Revelation' into the invigorating category of 'Creational Theology,' and does so with biblical substance, laser-like clarity, and energizing practicality. Moore's use of the poetry of Hopkins and Cowper, his reflections on Jonathan Edwards as the patron theologian of creational theology, plus the book's God-centeredness make it a delightful and nourishing feast." - David Naugle

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 248

Vendor: P & R Publishing


SGCB Price: $3.00 (list price $17.00)
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Peter Jeffery's Story
Peter Jeffery

Chains of grace, the story of Peter Jeffery, is an engaging and insightful account of how God took an ordinary man (who had little knowledge of the Bible) and converted him, even though the very day he was converted, he vowed these words: 'I will never become a Christian!' Commencing his ministry in Wales, he faced challenges and difficulties in his pastorate, but learnt to trust God in all circumstances. His faithful preaching of the Bible led to many people having their lives transformed, and the knock-on effect of God's grace was often like the links of a chain, with one conversion leading to another. Peter's ministry took him to many different parts of the world, including Australia and North America. His writings have been translated into various languages, and he has over forty books in print.

Enjoy reading all about how God took an ordinary man and used him as an instrument to build his church!

"Spirit-anointed preachers who are simple, clear, biblically faithful and who aim at conversion is the need of the hour. May our God raise up many more men with Peter's gifts and graces to herald the mercies of Peter's Savior." - Pastor Steve Martin

"I commend this easy-to-read journey of a man who found Jesus Christ and wants to tell others about him. Peter Jeffery has done that and still is doing it through this book and others. Thrown into the bargain are real questions on true preaching, what it is, and true conversions which are clearly and simply answered and explained." - Neville Rees is a retired pastor, Morriston, Swansea, Wales



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Jeffery Five-Pack

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