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A Classic on True Biblical Worship from a Scottish Puritan Divine
George Gillespie

544 PAGE - smyth-sewn hardcover with a dust jacket, color frontispiece, Foreword, Historical Introduction, Overview & Analysis, Bibliography, Indices, Edition Errata.

Napthali Press is pleased to announce the completion of a new critical edition of George Gillespie's seminal work, "A DISPUTE AGAINST ENGLISH POPISH CEREMONIES" , and it is now available once again. They first published this title twenty years ago and it has been out of print for some time; but they are persuaded the need for it is still great. Written when 'worship wars' involved real wars, the general principles presented by Gillespie have abiding pertinence and if properly applied could go a long way toward resolving the worship controversies of this day.

"Gillespie's famous book is a vitally important work in the history of the Scottish Reformation, but it is much more than simply that. It has abiding and profound value for all who are committed to knowing, applying, and following the Word of God on the proper worship of the church. With great insight and passion Gillespie pursues the freedom of the church from political interference and from ecclesiastical tyranny as well as the freedom of the individual Christian conscience from the burden of tradition. He rejoiced that the Church of Scotland had gotten 'rid of all such rotten relics, riven [torn] rags, and rotten remainders of Popery' and feared that they were now returning by political fiat. He warned, 'there is not a more deceitful and dangerous temptation than in yielding to the beginnings of evil.' This splendid edition makes Gillespie's demanding work more accessible to the modern reader and encourages careful reading of this vastly rewarding study." - W. Robert Godfrey, President and Professor of Church History, Westminster Seminary California


544 Page Smyth-Sewen Hardcover with Dustjacket
SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $45.00)
How the Presbyterians and Congregationalists Wrestled Over the Matters of Church Government
Introduction & Analysis by Rowland S. Ward, Edited by Chris Coldwell

The Westminster Assembly of Divines, The Grand Debate. Forthcoming December 2014. 424 pp. Sewn hardbound, dust jacket, Introduction & Analysis by Rowland S. Ward. 44pp. Edited by Chris Coldwell. Indices, Annotated Bibliography, Appendix on the theological resources of the Westminster Assembly.

This work contains a lesser known set of documents produced by the Westminster Assembly of Divines, arguing for and against the Presbyterian form of church government. Discontented with the majority's Presbyterian views, the Congregationalist members produced dissenting papers to which the Assembly replied, giving a more detailed view of the matters debated than the snatches of information recorded in the Assembly's Minutes.

Presented in five sections The Grand Debate includes the following exchanges between the Congregationalist 'dissenting brethren' and the Presbyterian majority of the Assembly: I. Reasons against the proposition that many churches may be under one Presbyterial government from the example of the church at Jerusalem, and the Assembly's reply; II. Reasons against - from the example of the Church at Ephesus, with the Assembly's reply; III. Reasons against the subordination of church synods, with the Assembly's reply; IV. Reasons against the Assembly's limitation on the power of individual congregations to ordain, with the Assembly's reply; V. Four papers by the Congregationalists presented in the committee formed to come to an accommodation, with answers by the representatives of the Assembly.

The text has been edited for modern spelling and usage. The bibliographical references have been traced. Notes have been added throughout keying the text to the Assembly Minutes, Gillespie's notes, Lightfoot's journal, and other sources. Cross references linking the arguments in the dissenting brethrens' papers to the Assembly's replies and vice versa have been added in the margins. All the Latin has been translated marginally or in footnotes.

In the original text the Assembly quotes and often summarizes and paraphrases the Independents' argument without any distinction - all set in the italic face, as was all other emphasis. Much of this over-italicization has been removed for this edition. Any apparent quotations appear within double quotation marks. Obvious paraphrases, proposed objections, or words placed in the mouth of the opponent are set within single quotation marks.

An appendix presents an updated version of research into the theological resources available to the Westminster Assembly, presenting in better form the Assembly's working library borrowed from Archbishop Laud's study, and adding reference to the personal libraries of William Greenhill and Lazerus Seaman.


"The Grand Debate displays the concerns of Congregationalists and Presbyterians as they were debated during the Westminster Assembly. The 21st century reader will not only learn history here, but ecclesiology that touches matters of the soul. This book will force the patient and discerning reader to examine his own heart and his love for the brethren; even those with whom he may disagree. We are called to unity in the Holy Scriptures and this volume, though polemical in degree, stands in that apostolic tradition."

-C. N. Willborn, Adjunct Professor of Historical Theology, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"How the Lord would have his visible church organized and governed may not interest all evangelicals today but it was a question of great practical and doctrinal interest in the British Isles, in the period leading up to and including the Westminster Assembly in the 1640s. Presbyterians and Congregationalists should especially appreciate the publication of these papers as they shed much light on the concerns (e.g., Christian liberty and the limits of ecclesiastical authority) that animated both movements in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This first edition of The Grand Debate, since 1648, of those papers circulated at the Assembly, with its excellent introduction by Rowland Ward, is much to be welcomed by all who would know the background of the language adopted by the Assembly and who wish to take a peek through this window into the working of the Westminster Divines."

- R. Scott Clark, Professor of Church History and Historical Theology, Westminster Seminary California


SGCB Price: $21.75 (list price $55.00)

SGCB Price: $14.00 (list price $45.00)
with Practical Observations
James Durham

Lectures on Job, by James Durham (1622-1658). Case bound. 254pp. New Edition. 2nd Naphtali Press edition with table of contents, subject and scripture indices. Complete lectures on the whole book of Job. Retail $30.00. One of the rarest and sought after Puritan Commentaries. Part of the 17th Century Presbyterians series.

A Rare Puritan Commentary.

James Durham was a Scottish Presbyterian minister, who served the ministry a brief ten or eleven years, yet left behind quite a legacy. His books were very popular in Scotland and new editions of his works were published as late as 1840. No new edition of any of his books was published until 1990 when Naphtali Press printed his Treatise Concerning Scandal. Spurgeon in his Commenting and Commentaries, highly recommended all of Durham's commentaries and sermons.

The Lectures on Job are perhaps one of the rarest and hardest to obtain of the many Puritan works of that time. Spurgeon in his day was unable to find a copy, but he said, "It is certain to be good, for Durham is always admirable." Durham comments on every chapter and ends each lecture with a set of uses or applications, which are alone worth the price of the book. This format, as many have told Naphtali Press, makes the book very useful for family devotions.



SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $30.00)
40% Discount

Order with SERMONS FROM JOB by John Calvin
SGCB Price: $26.00 (list price $55.00)
This is the price for both books
Exposing the Deep-Rooted Errors of the Evolution Therory
Robert Lewis Dabney, with Introduction by C.N. Willborn

Of all the able works of Robert Lewis Dabney (1820-1898) he considered this to be one of his two ablest works. C.N. Willborn concludes his excellent Introduction with these words: "Once having taken up this volume, the philosophically minded, the theologian, and students of various disciplines will find the book enormously impressive. In the end, if taken seriously and thought out, it should prove to be a great benefit to the church-at-large and subsequently to the rest of the world."

B.M. Palmer, a contemporary of Dabney, wrote the following about this book: "In the work before us (Dabney's) indignation only warms against what would stir any honest heart; and the reader easily surrenders himself in sympathy with the burning invective leveled against those who subvert the foundations of order and virtue in the world."


Introduction: A Historical-Biographical Sketch of R.L. Dabney

Chapter 1: The Issue Stated

Chapter 2: The Sensualistic Philosophy of the 18th Century

Chapter 3: Analysis of the Human Mind, by James Mill

Chapter 4: Sensualistic Ethics in Great Britain

Chapter 5: Positivism

Chapter 6: Evolution Theory

Chapter 7: Physiological Materialism

Chapter 8: Spirituality of Mind

Chapter 9: Evolution Theory Materialistic, and Therefore False

Chapter 10: Validity of A-Priori Notions

Chapter 11: Origin of A-Priori Notions

Chapter 12: Refutation of Sensualistic Ethics

Chapter 13: Philosophy and the Supernatural

Chapter 14: The Evolution of Human Souls

Chapter 15: Final Causes


Author Index


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75-80% Off

$5.00 Sale


SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $30.00)