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Two Volume Hardcover Set
Edited by John Meeter

This anthology of Warfield's most valuable shorter writings is being reprinted by popular demand. In these two volumes, the editor brings together over 100 articles, including, book introductions, book reviews, encyclopedia articles, sermons, and a small book "The Right of Systematic Theology". Many selections are less weighty and more practical than those in the larger sets and none of them appear in the five- or ten-volume set of Warfield's works.

Selected Shorter Writings vol. 1


Part I

1. The Bible the Book of Mankind

2. Christianity and Revelation

3. Inspiration

4. Agnosticism

5. Atheism

6. God and Human Religion and Morals

7. Christianity and Our Times

8. How to Get Rid of Christianity

9. Great Babylon the Mother of Us All

Part II

10. God

11. Godhead

12. The God of Israel

13. Antitrinitarianism

14. The Significance of the Confessional Doctrine of the Decree

15. Some Thoughts on Predestination

16. God∆s Providence Over All

17. Hosea vi. 7: Adam or Man?

18. The Bible's "Summum Bonum"

Part III

19. The Principle of the Incarnation

20. John's First Word

21. The Deity of Christ

22. The Human Development of Jesus

23. Jesus Christ the Propitiation for the Whole World

24. The Resurrection of Christ a Historical Fact

25. The Resurrection of Christ a Fundamental Doctrine

26. On the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Part IV

27. Children

28. Christ's 'Little Ones'

29. The Angels of Christ's 'Little Ones'

30. New Testament Terms Descriptive of the Great Change

31. Repentance and Original Sin

32. 'Justification by Faith, Out of Date'

33. Election

34. True Church Unity: What It Is

35. The Foundations of the Sabbath in the Word of God

36. Christian Baptism

37. The Fundamental Significance of the Lord's Supper

38. The Old Testament and Immortality

39. The Gospel and the Second Coming

40. Antichrist

Part V

41. Faith and Life

42. Our Seminary Curriculum

43. The Purpose of the Seminary

44. Singing and Believing

45. Is the Shorter Catechism Worth While?

46. In Behalf of Evangelical Religion

47. What Is Calvinism?

48. What Fatalism Is

49. Calvin and the Bible

50. Calvin and the Reformation

51. A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith

52. The Religious Life of Theological Students

Part VI

53. Arthur Lincoln Frothingham

54. Frederic Godet the Commentator

55. Dr. Charles Hodge as a Teacher of Exegesis

56. Dr. Charles Augustus Aiken

57. Dr. Abraham Kuyper

58. Dr. George Tybout Purves

59. Dr. William Miller Paxton

Selected Shorter Writings vol. 2


Part I

1. The Century's Progress in Biblical Knowledge

2. Introductory Note to John H. Kerr's Introduction to the Study of the Books of the New Testament

3. Some Characteristics of the Book of Acts

4. The Canonicity of Second Peter

5. The Book of Revelation

Part II

6. Introduction to Francis R. Beattie's Apologetics

7. A Review of Herman Bavinck's De Zekerheid des Geloofs

8. Christian Evidences: How Affected by Recent Criticisms

9. Darwin's Arguments Against Christianity and Against Religion

10. St. Paul's Use of the Argument from Experience

11. Dream

12. The Question of Miracles

Part III

13. Theology a Science

14. Christianity the Truth

15. The Right of Systematic Theology

16. The Indispensableness of Systematic Theology to the Preacher

17. Recent Reconstructions of Theology

18. A Review of James Denney's Studies in Theology

19. A Review of John Miley's Systematic Theology

20. Regeneration

21. Sanctification

22. How Shall We Baptize?

23. The Posture of the Recipients at the Lord's Supper

24. The Confession of Faith as Revised in 1903

25. Calvinism

26. The Ritschlian School

Part IV

27. Incarnate Truth

28. Spiritual Culture in the Theological Seminary

29. Some Perils of Missionary Life

30. Africa and the Beginnings of Christian Latin Literature

Part V

31. The Authority and Inspiration of the Scriptures

32. The Divine and Human in the Bible

33. The New Testament Use of the Septuagint, and Inspiration

34. The Westminster Doctrine of Holy Scriptures

35. The Westminster Doctrine of Inspiration

36. The Inerrancy of the Original Autographs

37. The Westminster Confession and the Original Autographs

38. The Rights of Criticism and of the Church

39. A Review of Three Books on Inspiration

40. Inspiration

Part VI

41. Why Four Gospels?

42. The Gospel of John

43. John's Gospel of Eternal Life

44. The Apocalypse

45. Doubt

46. The Significance of the Westminster Standards as a Creed

47. The Dogmatic Spirit

48. Authority, Intellect, Heart

49. Heresy and Concession

50. Evading the Supernatural

51. Abraham the Father of the Faithful

52. Jesus the Measure of Men

53. Introduction to Samuel G. Craig's Jesus As He Was and Is

54. The Importunate Widow and the Alleged Failure of Faith

55. The Spirit of God in the Old Testament

56. The Love of the Holy Ghost

57. Inability and the Demand of Faith

58. Under Orders

59. A Calm View of the Freedmen∆s Case

60. Drawing the Color Line

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Over 1400 Pages in Two Beautiful Hardcover Volumes
SGCB Price: $39.75 (list price $49.99)
Seeing Beyond Life's Storms
Stanley D. Gale

This book has an included study guide.

The Prayer of Jehoshaphat develops King Jehoshaphat∆s prayer in 2 Chronicles 20 to give us focus, stability, strength, courage and direction in times of great distress. In the overwhelming circumstances that enter our lives, it directs us to take hold of the hand of our God who leads us from the point of crisis to gather up His blessings for us deposited by the storm. Each chapter can serve as a workstation where we bring others or linger ourselves with God, wrestling with the perspective brought to bear on our need, as we follow the movement from bleakness to blessing.

"One of the most important lessons we need to learn is how to let Scripture shape our praying. Pastor Stan Gale thoughtfully teaches us how to do that by using the prayer of Jehoshaphat. All will benefit from the book, but those in the midst of major crises will find it particularly helpful." - -Steve Smallman, author of Forty Days on the Mountain

"God is honored when His children turn to Him in faithful prayer in times of distress. Too often, however, the force of trouble's impact stuns us into shocked silence. Where do we find our "prayer voice" when our world lies in shambles, fear paralyzes our thinking, and vicious foes threaten everything we hold dear? Stan Gale points us to the prayer of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20. His rich insights into God's instruction on prayer provide encouraging and practical help for those who desire to pray with God's perspective for the greater display of His glory in the midst of all manner of trying circumstances." - Carol Ruvolo, Before the Throne of God: Focus on Prayer

"Stan Gale is a fine guide, partner, and pastor as he directs our attention to Jehoshaphat's wonderful prayer. He sets a pace that allows us to use the prayer rather than merely know it. The mark of a good book is that it can change the way we pray. According to that criterion, for me, this is certainly a very fine book." - Edward T. Welch, Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary

"Stan Gale's book points us afresh to Christ as the one who answers our prayers in the midst of great suffering and challenge and in the everyday struggles we face. It is a lively, life-giving book, for which I am grateful in my own life." - J. Alan Groves, Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

SGCB Price: $7.50 (list price $15.00)
The Inerrant Word of God in an Errant World
Boice, Clowney, Dever, Duncan, Packer, Phillips, Ryken & Sproul

This is a book about the Book.

Not just a book, but the Book - the Word of God written, the only infallible rule of truth and practice for our lives.

Sadly that distinction is necessary, because there are many who question whether the Bible deserves to be called the Book, or whether it is just a book - a very special book, to be sure, but not the Book that perfectly illumines all things. And the more they chip away at the full confidence that believers must have in the trustworthiness of Scripture, the more they rob its Author of the glory that his Word displays and demands.

What's worse is that these attacks, more and more, are coming from those who claim to be believers themselves.

Here the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology explores the Author's glory by unfolding the richness and perfection of the Bible. In essays collected from the best addresses on the subject, eight of the top pastor-scholars of the past thirty years share their insight and answers on:

J. I. Packer - On Knowing God: The Word and the World

J. Ligon Duncan III - The Sufficient Word of God

R. C. Sproul - The Truth of God

James M. Boice - Scripture Alone

Richard D. Phillips - God's Mighty Word

Mark Dever - The Word in the Church

Philip Graham Ryken - The Accessible Word

Edmund P. Clowney - Preaching: The Means of Revival

Together they issue a clarion call for the church to return to its central, long-standing, and vital conviction that the Bible is the Book - the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God.

Gabriel N. E. Fluhrer is coordinator of public relations and publishing at the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

Pr5 CW3

SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $13.00)
New Testament Series

While paying careful attention to a commentary's traditional interest in the structure, backgrounds, and grammar of the text, Doriani also supplies the theological commentary, Christ-centered focus, and personal and corporate applications that pastors and teachers need. Each chapter attends to Matthew's original intent and seeks to express that intent in ways that evoke his distinct voice, so as to fulfill the goal of Matthew's gospel: making disciples by forming the mind, heart, and hands of believers.

THE GOSPEL OF LUKE by Philip Ryken

This commentary is an exposition of Luke: 'the Gospel of Knowing for Sure.' Luke tells us that he wanted to provide an orderly account of the life of Jesus that would help people be more certain of the good news of his death and resurrection. The purpose of this commentary is simply to make Luke's message clear for a contemporary audience by explaining, illustrating, and applying its truth to everyday life, with the hope that readers will understand the gospel and come to full assurance of salvation, as Luke intended.

INCARNATION IN THE GOSPELS by Richard D Phillips, Daniel Doriani, & Philip G Ryken

This book contains sermons preached in advent by 3 of America's most respected pastors. These sermons seek to meet the needs of their people and use the opportunity the season affords in preaching about Christ and Redemption.


One of the most respected Bible teachers of his generation guide us through Luke's record of the growth of the church from Pentecost, throughout Asia Minor, and beyond.


Philip Graham Ryken interprets Galatians in line with Reformation teaching on this epistle, especially with respect to the doctrine of justification by faith alone. "Properly understood, the gracious gospel of Galatians liberates us from legalism," Ryken writes. "But since we are legalists by nature, the book challenges many of our preconceptions about what it means to have a right relationship with God." Ryken employs primarily the ESV.



In this truly homiletical commentary, Dr. Bryan Chapell unfolds Paul's glorious description of how the triumph of the church will occur and what our roles are in Christ's ultimate victory.


This commentary originated with a series of Sunday evening sermons preached at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. In keeping with the subject matter of the book itself, the focus of the exposition is on its practical implications for life in the local church. The author chose to preach from this New Testament book early in his ministry, so as to get the full benefit of Paul∆s instructions to Timothy as a young man in gospel ministry.


"Few studies can be more profitable to Christians today than that of the Epistle to the Hebrews," says Richard Phillips. "Written . . . To a group of Jewish Christians facing persecution in the mid-first century AD, the words of this book speak to Christians everywhere about standing firm in Jesus Christ." Hebrews captures the challenges and pitfalls of people throughout the ages and shows both why and how to press on in the faith. Its message of warning and hope centers on the surpassing supremacy of Jesus, seen often from the vantage point of the Old Testament. In keeping with the Reformed Expository Commentary series, this treatment of Hebrews is accessible to both pastors and lay teachers. Each volume in the series provides exposition that gives careful attention to the biblical text, is doctrinally Reformed, focuses on Christ through the lens of redemptive history, and applies the Bible to our contemporary setting.

THE EPISTLE OF JAMES by Daniel Doriani

With 59 commands in 108 verses, the epistle of James has an obvious zeal for law. In his imperatives, James directly communicates the royal law, the law of King Jesus (2:8). Thus, the hasty reader will not see much of the gospel in James. But as Doriani reveals in his insightful commentary, the double mention of God's grace at the rhetorical climax of the book shows that the gospel of James is the message of God's grace for sinners.

P & R Title

SGCB Price: $41.95 (list price $60.00)
1200 Page Hardcover Volumes

SGCB Price: $41.95 (list price $60.00)
1393 Page Hardcover Volumes

INCARNATION IN THE GOSPELS by Richard D Phillips, Daniel Doriani, & Philip G Ryken
SGCB Price: $16.95 (list price $23.00)
240 Page Hardcover Volume

SGCB Price: $26.95 (list price $40.00)
736 Page Hardcover Volume

SGCB Price: $18.50 (list price $25.00)
**PRESENTLY OUT OF PRINT - 328 Page Hardcover Volume

SGCB Price: $22.50 (list price $30.00)
416 Page Hardcover Volume

SGCB Price: $22.50 (list price $30.00)
320 Page Hardcover Volume

SGCB Price: $24.95 (list price $35.00)
656 Page Hardcover Volume

THE EPISTLE OF JAMES by Daniel Doriani
SGCB Price: $14.75 (list price $20.00)
216 Page Hardcover Volume

SGCB Price: $223.00 (list price $323.00)
SAVE $100.00
Jack Miller

FAITH WORTH SHARING: A Lifetime of Conversations About Christ by Jack Miller

A Faith Worth Sharing by John C. Miller is, as the subtitle suggests, a book chronicling one man's experiences sharing Jesus with an array of different people in many situations. But it's much more than that. It's also Miller's confession of his own sin and God's gracious working through his desire to see Christ's kingdom spread to sanctify him as well.

2 left at this price
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $12.00)
J. Gresham Machen's Correspondence from World War I
ed. Barry Waugh

Never before published, here is a glimpse into the formative years of a great campaigner for the faith... and a stirring example of how the faith of a seminary professor was refined and strengthened through the trials of a war that was said "would end all wars." As we now know, that simplty was not true. Yet here we have a gifted proferssor from Princeton Seminary who left the comforts of his home in New Jersey to travel to the very heart of the war to be a servant to the men risking and giving their lives for freedom.

When Machen arrived in France in January 1918 he was given an assignment which was quite menial but he wrote his mother as follows: "A preacher who is preaching all the time is apt to run dry. There are many kinds of preparation that I need; and the kind of thing I am going into now, just because of the academic life that I have been leading, is perhaps a thing I need most of all. That does not mean that it is to be looked upon as a mere preparation for something in the future! On the contrary it is a most glorious opportunity to render service where service is most deserved. I only hope I can make good. I feel inadequate enough in various ways."

"J. Gresham Machen is a fascinating, complex, and controversial figure. . . . What is often forgotten is that he was also a member of the generation of young men whose lives were forever changed by their exposure to the horrors of trench warfare in the First World War. This volume contains the letters that the young Machen wrote home as he served as a YMCA volunteer in the war. As such, they both offer important firsthand accounts of the conflict and also give us insights into some of the darker experiences that shaped the mind of the future church leader." - Carl R. Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

"Doughboy accounts of their experiences in World War I are fairly common, but it is unusual to find the stories of those who offered assistance behind the trenches. Whether helping the wounded or working in the canteen, J. Gresham Machen ministered to the men as best he could. Machen's compassion is truly amazing, and his letters home offer a wonderful glimpse of the service of one YMCA official." - David Snead, Chair, Department of History, Liberty University; Editor of George Browne: An American Soldier in World War I

"From these rare letters the reader can see a fresh side of the great scholar. On the battlefields of France, he was simply known as a compassionate soul who brought solace to scores of suffering soldiers. For those who only know Machen the polemicist, this volume will showcase Machen the caregiver." - William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia



Beautiful Large Paperback Volume of Never-Before-Published Material
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $25.00)
60% Discount

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SGCB Price: $52.00 (list price $115.00)

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William G.T. Shedd

"William G. T. Shedd's Dogmatic Theology is a classic," writes Alan W. Gomes, editor of this new edition. "It is a profound work that sets forth the deepest themes of religion with a grandeur and majesty of expression that has rarely been equaled and that never will be outdated." Gomes considers Dogmatic Theology "one of the finest theological systems ever produced."

Shedd's discussion of some topics is, writes Gomes, "unequaled by anything produced by modern evangelicals." For example:

- The Trinity

- The two natures of Christ

- The nature of divine justice and atonement

- The rational argument for hell

Shedd wrote Dogmatic Theology with the prayer that it would help "to strengthen the believer's confidence in [divine] revelation and to incline the unbeliever to exercise faith in it."

"Dogmatic Theology can serve as a powerful floodlight to lay bare some of the theological blind spots plaguing today's evangelical church," writes Gomes. "Modern evangelical systems tend to be weaker precisely at those points were Shedd's is most robust."


Sermons to the Natural Man

Sermons to the Spiritual Man

Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy

Theological Essays

Homiletics & Pastoral Theology

The Doctrine of Everlasting Punishment

The History of Christian Doctrine (2 Volumes)

Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Romans

Over 25% Discount
SGCB Price: $43.50 (list price $60.00)

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SGCB Price: $29.95 (list price $60.00)

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Set Includes All Nine Volumes by SGCB Listed Above
David Gordon

Description: T. David Gordon has identified a problem, one that affects us all and needs fixing. Our preaching is just not communicating properly anymore. Fortunately, Gordon not only explains the causes of this failure but also shows us how to make things better.

"No, it's not just you. There's a lot of disappointing preaching today and it's not entirely due to departures from sound principles. It's also affected by the media culture in which we live. While there are helpful studies of popular culture and important books on proper biblical interpretation and theology, this book does both. I couldn't help but wince as I recognized myself in Gordon's descriptions, but he writes so clearly and convincingly that I couldn't help but be grateful." --Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary California

"An insightful diagnosis of a serious problem in the life of the church. For this we should be grateful as we should for the way out of the crisis to which this book ably points." --David F. Wells, Andrew Mutch Distinguished Professor Of Historical and Systematic Theology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

About the Author

T. David Gordon has been Professor of Religion and Greek at Grove City College since 1999. Previously, he was an Associate Professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for 14 years and Pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church (Nashua, NH) for 9 years.

SGCB Price: $8.00 (list price $10.00)
The Law Is Not of Faith
Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant
Bryan D. Estelle, J. V. Fesko, David VanDrunen

Price: 24.99

Pages: 368

ISBN: 9781596381001

Binding: Paperback

Publication Date: January 2009

Is the Mosaic covenant in some sense a republication of the covenant of works? What is the nature of its demand for obedience, since sinful man is unable to obey as God requires? How in turn was the law to drive Israel to Jesus? This book explores these issues pertaining to the doctrine of republication, once a staple in Reformed theology, a doctrine with far-reaching implications for Paul's theology, our relationship to Old Testament law, justification, and more.

"This anthology argues that the Mosaic covenant in some sense replicates the original covenant with Adam in the garden, and that this notion is neither novel to nor optional for Reformed theology. The authors locate it within the fabric of federal theology in its Reformation and post-Reformation development, and more importantly, they demonstrate how it is firmly embedded in the flow of redemptive history. Finally, they explain why a thin and merely soteric Calvinism, without the support of federal theology, cannot withstand the challenges to Reformed orthodoxy today. While varying among themselves in their expression of this 'republication thesis,' these authors together make a compelling and coherent argument with rich historical, exegetical, and theological insights." - John Muether

SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $24.99)
Martin Luther's Life, Thought and Lasting Legacy

Does your knowledge of Martin Luther's writings start and end with the hymn 'A Mighty Fortress Is Our God'?

As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation he put into motion, we discover a Martin Luther who was one of history's most colorful and influential figures. His story is well known, but his powerful writing is often unfamiliar to us.Š

This illustrated introductory guide to Luther's life, theology, and works introduces and summarizes his major writings, such asŠThe Bondage of the WillŠandŠOn the Councils and the Church, and includes, with annotations, the completeŠNinety-Five Theses. Stephen Nichols also gives encouragement and guidance for studying Luther's ethical writings, 'table talk,' hymns, and sermons. Includes a select guide for further reading.


Table of Contents:

Part One: Luther, a Life

1. The Early Years: 1483-1521

2. The Later Years: 1522-1546

Part Two: Luther, the Reformer

3. The Meat of the Nut: Understanding Luther's Theology

4. Silent No More: The Three Treatises

5. The Centerpiece of the Reformation: The Bondage of the Will

6. This Is My Body: Confession Concerning Christ's Supper

7. Plagues, Princes, and Peasants: Ethical Writings

Part Three: Luther, the Pastor

8. The Next Generation: The Small Catechism

9. Dinner with Luther: 'Table Talk'

10. A New Song Begun: The Hymns

11. The Marks of a True Church: On the Councils and the Church

12. The Reluctant Pastor: The Sermons

Part Four: Luther's Ninety-Five Theses

13. The Annotated Ninety-Five Theses: Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences

A Brief Guide to Book by and about Martin LutherŠ


'As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, may we not only appreciate the profound ways God used Martin Luther, but may we learn from him. Dr. Nichols gives us a front-row seat on Luther's life. As we watch, may we have the same boldness and the same lifelong commitment to the gospel.'Š- R.C. Sproul,ŠFounder, Ligonier Ministries

'A marvelous mixture of biography, history, theology, and anecdote. If you don't feel the heartbeat of the Reformation in these pages, check your pulse!'Š- Sinclair Ferguson,ŠCoauthor,ŠChurch History 101

'Rarely do we find the rich combination of theological precision and historical passion so accessibly written as we do here in Dr. Nichols' entertaining treatment of Martin Luther. A marvelous introduction.'Š- Derek W. H. Thomas,ŠProfessor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Atlanta

Author: Stephen J. Nichols (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is president of Reformation Bible College and chief academic officer of Ligonier Ministries.


SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $17.00)
Harry Kraus


"This book is long overdue!... Harry confronts all who confess with their mouth to be followers of Christ with an honest and open look at how we are living out that commitment with our actions. A must-read!" -Steve Wingfield, co-author of Come to the Table --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.

Product Description

It's incredible, but the modern church has largely suceeded in domesticating Jesus . We have swapped a God-glorifying gospel for a lesser gospel where I is the central character. This is appalling (but so commonplace, it rarely warrants comment). Harry's honest, fresh, and involving journey of self-discovery helps you understand how his, and your, compromises have led to a down-grading of Jesus role in our lives. Do you want Jesus to be more alive to you than ever before? Don't domesticate him, set him free to live in the center of your life.

Harry Kraus is a board certified general surgeon who has practiced both in the US and in Kenya as a medical missionary. Dr. Kraus' work here and abroad is of the multi-layered variety as this author/surgeon writes to change people's hearts and minds with the same vigor he utilizes in the operating room to repair and heal patients' bodies. As a prolific fiction author, Kraus routinely combines lifestyle smarts with medically based scenarios and characters. In this non-fiction text, Kraus cuts right to the heart of the matter with his title, Domesticated Jesus, and very convincingly offers his readers a medical prescription for both understanding this offensive terminology and discovering its cure.

SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $12.00)
Edited by James T. Dennison

Geerhardus Vos (1862-1949) has been called "the father of Reformed biblical theology." He was born in the Netherlands and emigrated to the United States in 1881. He earned degrees from Calvin Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the University of Strasbourg (PhD in Arabic). In 1894 he was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in the USA. Before beginning his thirty-nine-year tenure on Princeton's faculty, he was professor of systematic and exegetical theology at Calvin for five years. Among his writings are 'Biblical Theology' and 'The Pauline Eschatology.'

"An intimate look into the life of a figure who deserves more attention. Geerhardus Vos linked important sites in trans-Atlantic Calvinism a hundred years ago: from Amsterdam to Princeton to Grand Rapids to Philadelphia. His letters show how he built these networks and what he thought on the important theological questions that agitated them." James D. Bratt, professor of history and director, Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, Calvin College

"Brings a man to life who has been the trait d' union between the Dutch neocalvinist movement of Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck and the American Presbyterian tradition of Benjamin B. Warfield and J. Gresham Machen. These letters are not just about theology, but present Geerhardus Vos in vivid relationship and debate with friends and colleagues. The editor has done a tremendous service for the study of the history of Reformed theology with this rich and hitherto unknown source." --George Harinck, professor of history, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Geerhardus Vos was a pilgrim living between two worlds. He came from the Old World; he flourished in the New. This life between the old and the new was a mirror of his sojourn between the present evil age and the age to come--between the now and the not yet. He belonged to the last Pilgrim--that Pioneer and Perfector. Geerhardus Vos belonged to the Lord Jesus Christ--his life was hidden with Christ in God." --From the Introduction

pr5 CW3

SGCB Price: $8.00 (list price $30.00)
5 More Discounted Copies Left

This comprehensive anthology contains Geerhardus Vos's biblical and theological insights on everything from Abraham to the Zurich Theologians. These writings, along with an introduction by Danny E. Olinger, provide an inside look into the thought and life of this great theologian. This is an excellent reference book for preachers, scholars, and those interested in Geerhardus Vos and Reformed theology.

Over a period of sixty-four years, Geerhardus Vos 'put before Christendom an unmatched Reformed biblical-theological corpus,' writes Danny E. Olinger. 'In [these] books, reviews, articles, sermons, and poems, Vos consistently labored to show that the diverse strands of biblical revelation from Genesis to Revelation are centered in Jesus Christ. . . .' For the first time, passages have been extracted from Vos's published and unpublished writings and organized by subject, giving twenty-first century readers an unparalleled opportunity to learn firsthand what Vos wrote on more than 350 topics.


SGCB Price: $6.00 (list price $20.00)
Byrd, Stewart, Brownback, & Ray

Here We Have Five New P & R Titles OVER 50% OFF.

HOUSEWIFE THEOLOGIAN: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary by Aimee Byrd

LETTERS TO PASTOR'S WIVES edited by Catherine Stewart




P&RLQ 2-5

HOUSEWIFE THEOLOGIAN: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary by Aimee Byrd
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $12.99)

LETTERS TO PASTOR'S WIVES edited by Catherine Stewart
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $15.00)
Seasoned wives of seasoned pastors offer encouragement to pastor's wives

SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $10.00)
Emphasizes living contentedly and fully in what God ordains in each season of life,

SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $10.00)
Each of the thirteen chapters in this practical book contains "review" and "response" questions
Essential Writings on the Doctrine of Scripture from the Reformation to Today
Edited by Peter A. Lillback and Richard B. Gaffin

This new collection of Reformed thinkers' writings from the Reformation to today brings together key documents on the inerrancy of Scripture in one readable volume.

One of the hallmarks of Westminster Theological Seminary since its beginning in 1929 has been a high view of Scripture that reflects the historic Reformed theological and confessional tradition. Thy Word Is Still Truth confirms that Westminster still holds this high view.

The book's title builds on the important influence of E. J. Young's classic book on inerrancy, 'Thy Word is Truth.' This current anthology unapologetically borrows that title, emphasizing an abiding commitment to the entire truthfulness of the Holy Scriptures as well as a deep indebtedness to Reformed thinkers from the past to the present.

In addition to including all the major confessions and catechisms, 'Thy Word Is Still Truth' includes seminal articles on the doctrine of Scripture from the following authors:

Oswald T. Allis, William Ames, Herman Bavinck, Louis Berkhof, Henry Bullinger, John Calvin, Edmund P. Clowney, William Cunningham, Raymond B. Dillard, Jonathan Edwards, Sinclair B. Ferguson, John M. Frame, Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Louis Gaussen, Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg, Archibald Alexander Hodge, Charles Hodge, John Knox, Peter A. Lillback, Martin Luther, J. Gresham Machen, Adolphe Monod, John Murray, John Owen, Vern S. Poythress, MoisTs Silva, Charles H. Spurgeon, Ned B. Stonehouse, Francis Turretin, Zacharias Ursinus, Cornelius Van Til, Geerhardus Vos, Bruce K. Waltke, Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield, Robert Dick Wilson, John Witherspoon, Edward J. Young, and Ulrich Zwingli

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments xiii

Permissions xv

Introduction xix

Abbreviations xxvii

Notes on the Introductions and Bibliographies xxxi

Part One: Sola Scriptura: The Reformers' Rediscovery of the Written Word of God

1. The Bondage of the Will 3 Martin Luther

2. The First Zurich Disputation 10 Ulrich Zwingli

3. The First Decade of Sermons 50 Henry Bullinger

The First Sermon: Of the Word of God; The Cause of It; And How, and by Whom, It Was Revealed to the World 51

The Second Sermon: Of the Word of God; To Whom, and to What End, It Was Revealed; Also in What Manner It Is to Be Heard; And That It Doth Fully Teach the Whole Doctrine of Godliness 65

4. Institutes of the Christian Religion (BookŠI) 74 John Calvin

Chapter VI: Scripture Is Needed as Guide and Teacher for Anyone Who Would Come to God the Creator 75

Chapter VII: Scripture Must Be Confirmed by the Witness of the Spirit. Thus May Its Authority Be Established as Certain; and It Is a Wicked Falsehood That Its Credibility Depends on the Judgment of the Church 78

Part Two: The Reformed Confessions

5. The Sixty-seven Articles (1523) 87 Ulrich Zwingli

6. The Ten Conclusions of Berne (1528) 98

7. The First Helvetic Confession (1536) 102

8. The French Confession of Faith (1559) 106

9. The Scots Confession of Faith (1560) 117

10. The Belgic Confession of Faith (1561) 123

11. The Heidelberg Catechism 129

The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) 130

The Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism 143 Zacharias Ursinus

12. The Second Helvetic Confession (1566) 155

13. The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion of the Church of England (1571) 170

14. The Second Scots Confession (1581) 183

15. The Irish Articles of Religion (1615) 189

16. The Canons of the Synod of Dort (1618-19) 193

17. The Westminster Standards 216

The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) 216

The Westminster Larger Catechism (1648) 223

The Westminster Shorter Catechism (1647) 234

18. The Confession of the Waldenses (1655) 238

Part Three: Early Reformed Interpretation

19. Of the One & Eternal Testament or Covenant of God: A Brief Exposition 245 Henry Bullinger

20. Christ the End of the Law 271 John Calvin

21. The Edwardian Homilies (1547) 283 A Fruitful Exhortation to the Reading and Knowledge of Holy Scripture 284

22. John Knox and the Church in Scotland 290 The Scots Confession 290 The First Book of Discipline 301

23. The Church's Marriage to Her Sons, and to Her God 307 Jonathan Edwards

Part Four: The Doctrine of Scripture in Reformed Orthodoxy

24. William Ames's The Marrow of Sacred Divinity 331 Of the Holy Scripture 332

25. The Divine Original of the Scripture 336 John Owen

26. Francis Turretin's Institutes of Elenctic Theology 345 Second Topic: The Holy Scriptures 346

First Question: The Word of God 346

Second Question: The Necessity of Scripture 348

Third Question 351

Fourth Question: The Authority of the Holy Scriptures 353

Fifth Question 361

Sixth Question 376

Seventh Question: The Canon 385

Eighth Question 388

Ninth Question: The Apocryphal Books 392

Tenth Question: The Purity of the Sources 396

Eleventh Question: The Authentic Version 402

Twelfth Question 406

Thirteenth Question: Versions 412

Fourteenth Question: The Septuagint 416

Fifteenth Question: The Vulgate 420

Sixteenth Question: The Perfection of the Scriptures 424

Seventeenth Question: The Perspicuity of the Scriptures 432

Eighteenth Question: The Reading of the Scriptures 436

Nineteenth Question: The Sense of the Scriptures 438

Twentieth Question: The Supreme Judge of Controversies and Interpreter of the Scriptures 443

Twenty-first Question: The Authority of the Fathers 451

27. The Helvetic Consensus Formula (1675) 457

28. Jonathan Edwards 478 Man's Natural Blindness in the Things of Religion (Psalm 94:8-11) 479 Observations on the Scriptures; Their Authority; And Necessity 483

Part Five: The Doctrine of Scripture in the Scottish and Dutch Legacy

29. The Truth of the Christian Religion in Particular 499 John Witherspoon

30. William Cunningham's Theological Lectures 505

Lecture XXI: Divine Origin and Authority of the Books of Scripture: External Evidence 506

Lecture XXII: Internal Evidence, in Commentary upon Confession, ChapterŠ1, SectionŠ5 514

Lecture XXIII: Different Doctrines as to the Divine Origin of the Scriptures, Or the Amount of Divine Agency in the Production of Them: Principal Authors 521

Lecture XXIV: Difficulties in General: Rational and Spiritual Evidence; Testimony of the Spirit; Romish Scepticism 529

Lecture XXV: Testimony of the Spirit, Following the Confession of Faith 537

31. Richard B. Gaffin Jr. on Old Amsterdam (Abraham Kuyper) 544

32. Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics, VolumeŠ1, Prolegomena 569

Chapter 13: The Inspiration of Scripture 571

Chapter 14: Attributes of Scripture 619

33. Louis Berkhof's Systematic Theology: The Principia of Dogmatics 656

I. Principia in General 657

II. Religion 661

III. The Principium Cognoscendi Externum (Revelation) 677

IV. The Inspiration of Scripture 700

V. The Principium Cognoscendi Internum 722

Part Six: Other Nineteenth- Century European Contributions

34. Louis Gaussen's Theopneustia 739 Brief Didactic Abstract of the Doctrine of the Divine Inspiration 739

35. Adolphe Monod's Farewell to His Friends and the Church 760 Measureless Word, Measureless God (Everything in Scripture Is Ideal) 761 Scripture's Rewards (Reading the Bible) 763 Feeding on God's Word (A Dying Man's Regrets: 2.Š The Study of God's Word) 765 The Two Voices of Scripture (Scripture) 767

36. Importance of the Messianic Prophecies 772 Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg

37. How to Read the Bible 782 Charles H. Spurgeon

Part Seven: The Doctrine of Scripture in the Theology of Old Princeton

38. Charles Hodge's Systematic Theology 795 The Protestant Rule of Faith 795

39. Archibald Alexander Hodge's Outlines of Theology 823

Chapter IV: The Inspiration of the Bible 824

Chapter V: The Rule of Faith and Practice 836

40. The Real Problem of Inspiration 847 Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield

41. Old Princeton, Westminster, and Inerrancy 882 MoisTs Silva

Part Eight: The Theology of Scripture of the Founding Fathers of Westminster

42. J. Gresham Machen's Last Words on the Word of God 895 The Living and True God 895 43. Robert Dick Wilson 902 The Study and Defense of the Bible in Westminster Seminary 903 Robert Dick Wilson Groundless Attacks in the Field of Oriental Scholarship 907 Robert Dick Wilson Robert Dick WilsonýDefender of God∆s Word 912 Oswald T. Allis Tributes to Dr. Wilson 917 44. Nature and Scripture 921 Cornelius Van Til 45. John Murray 942 The Attestation of Scripture 944 Collected Writings of John Murray 967 The Infallibility of Scripture 967 The Finality and Sufficiency of Scripture 971 The Unity of the Old and New Testaments 976 The Importance and Relevance of the Westminster Confession 978

Part Nine: The Birth of Biblical Theology

46. Geerhardus Vos 985 The Idea of Biblical Theology as a Science and as a Theological Discipline 986 The Nature and Method of Biblical Theology from his Biblical Theology 1003 47. The Authority of the Old Testament and the Authority of Christ 1015 Ned B. Stonehouse 48. Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures 1034 Edmund P. Clowney 49. Vern S. Poythress 1052 Divine Meaning of Scripture 1053 The Purpose of the Bible from his God-Centered Biblical Interpretation 1076 50. MoisTs Silva∆s Has the Church Misread the Bible? 1084 Obstacles in the Study of the History of Interpretation 1085 Clear or Obscure? 1095 51. Contemporary Hermeneutics and the Study of the New Testament 1108 Richard B. Gaffin Jr.

Part Ten: The Authority of the Old Testament and New Testament Canon of Scripture

52. The Authority of the Old Testament 1121 Edward J. Young

53. The Authority of the New Testament 1139 Ned B. Stonehouse 54. The New Testament as Canon 1163 Richard B. Gaffin Jr.

Part Eleven: Challenges to the Reformed Doctrine of Scripture 55. Edward J. Young∆s Thy Word Is Truth 1179 Chapter 2: The Extent of Inspiration 1180 Chapter 3: The Human Writers of the Scriptures 1195 56. How Does the Bible Look at Itself? 1207 Sinclair B. Ferguson 57. John M. Frame 1223 Scripture Speaks for Itself 1224 God and Biblical Language: Transcendence and Immanence 1241 58. Harmonization: A Help and a Hindrance 1254 Raymond B. Dillard 59. Oral Tradition 1266 Bruce K. Waltke 60. ŰThe Infallible Rule of Interpretation of ScriptureŲ: The Hermeneutical Crisis and the Westminster Standards 1279 Peter A. Lillback

Part Twelve: The Westminster Controversy

61. Statement from the Board of Trustees, Westminster Theological Seminary (September 24, 2008) 1321 62. Affirmations and Denials Regarding Recent Issues 1323


Adopted by the Board of Trustees, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (DecemberŠ3, 2008) 1323

Part Thirteen: Conclusion

63. Peter A. Lillback∆s Introduction to Gaffin∆s God∆s Word in Servant-Form 1337

64. Conclusion and Postscript to Gaffin∆s God∆s Word in Servant-Form 1344

List of Contributors 1349 Index of Scripture and Deuterocanonical Books 1350 Index of Themes and Names 1379



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B.B. Warfield: Essays on His Life and Thought
Gary L.W. Johnson, Foreword by David C. Calhoun, Introduction by Mark Noll

"IT IS TIME THAT MODERN CHRISTIANS COME TO KNOW THE REAL WARFIELD," writes David Calhoun in the foreword to this volume. These essays provide an enlightening look at B.B. Warfield the man, his background, his apologetics and polemics, and his timeless contributions to our understanding of Scripture and its doctrines.


David Calhoun - Foreword

Mark A. Noll - Introduction

Bradley Gundlach - "B" is for Breckinridge: Warfield's Maternal Kin

Paul Kjoss Helseth - A "Rather Bald" Rationalist?

Moises Silva - Old Princeton, Westminster, and Inerrancy

Raymond Cannata - Warfield and the Doctrine of Scripture

Paul Kjoss Helseth - The Mind, Apologetics, and Christian Scholarship

Bradley Gundlach - Warfield, Biblical Authority, and Jim Crow

Stephen J. Nichols - Warfield, Machen, and Fundamentalism

Gary L.W. Johnson - Warfield and Briggs: Their Polemics and Legacy

Barry Waugh - Warfield and the Briggs Trial: A Bibliography

"For Warfield, the heart of both theology and active religion was the glory of God, who rescued sinful humans from self-imposed destruction and who enabled them to share his work of the kingdom in every sphere of life, including the natural world . . . It is that theology, and the man who held it, that are opened up in an unusually helpful way by these chapters." - Mark A. Noll

"B.B. Warfield is one of the most important figures in American church history. He is also one of the most neglected. This volume will do much to enhance our understanding of this great theologian and the context in which he labored." - Kim Riddlebarger

Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield is one of the most important figures in American church history. This volume will do much to enhance our understanding of this great theologian. These essays provide an enlightening look at Warfield the man, his background, his apologetics and polemics, and his timeless contributions to our understanding of Scripture and its doctrines.

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This book of daily readings -

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- explains the catechism in simple language

- provides six different meditations on the main points of each question

- includes key Scripture readings

- takes just a few minutes each day, allowing time for discussion and review

- is useful in home, church or classroom

"A superb, imaginative example of how to teach historic Christian faith to our children. This is a case of the right book coming at the right time." - David F. Wells

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Q. How do you have meaningful family devotions that memorably cover the scope of Christian belief?

A. Traditionally, by using a catechism!

One of the church's most acclaimed and best beloved catechisms is the Heidelberg Catechism. Now teaching its comforts to children has never been easier.

This book of daily readings:

- provides a year (or more) of family devotions

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- explains the catechism in simple language

- provides six to twelve meditations on the main points of each section

- takes just a few minutes each day, allowing time for discussion and review

- is useful in the home, church, or classroom

"I am always eager for new resources on the Heidelberg Catechism. I hope Starr Meade's latest contribution reaches a wide audience, leading more and more families to get acquainted with Heidelberg and to think to themselves, 'Where has this been all my life?!'" - Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan

STARR MEADE served for ten years as the director of children's ministries in a local church and has taught Bible and Latin classes in Christian Schools. She lives in Mesa, Arizona, where she is currently teaching classes to homeschoolers.



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Richard Phillips

MIGHTY TO SAVE: Discovering God's Grace in the Miracles of Jesus by Richard Phillips

Calming the storm. Healing the sick. Raising the dead. Just a few of the wondrous works of Jesus Christ. Yet these miracles are only a small glimpse into his most wondrous miracle of all- redeeming his children. Examining thirteen miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, Richard Phillips traces their underlying significance straight to the Cross. In this exciting study, Phillips expounds the true meaning and intention of these miracles and shows how each one reveals God's mighty saving grace.

"One of the best studies of the miracles of Jesus that I have seen. Richard Phillips opens up the meaning and significance of the miracles of Jesus with penetrating insight. With great skill, he also applies their lessons to contemporary life. One is left with an overwhelming sense of the greatness and sufficiency of God's grace." --Eric J. Alexander


MIGHTY TO SAVE: Discovering God's Grace in the Miracles of Jesus by Richard Phillips
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Ligon Duncan

Few things trouble our hearts and minds like suffering. 'Why is this happening? Why me? How can I get through this? Can I get through this?'

God says we can, but he says more. Suffering is not merely to be endured. It comes into our lives for good reasons. Suffering affords seasons for growth in ways we would not grow otherwise.

This book prepares believers for hardship when it comes their way. Learning some of the purposes for suffering, how it connects us with our Lord and his people, and what God's Word says to us in the midst of our pain will enable us to glorify him in the most troubling times.

The wealth of Scripture in this readable book, its focus on the passion and sympathy of Jesus, and thoughtful study questions for reflection or group discussion will help to transform not only our outlook on suffering, but our lives.


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A Plea for Creational Theology
T.M. Moore

How can we perceive and experience God's grandeur in creation? What does creation tell us about his plans, purposes, truth, or ways? T. M. Moore answers these and other questions in this artful introduction to creational theology, the discovery and celebration of God's glory through what he has made.

The task of theology involves much more than simply studying Scripture or reading academic tomes. It involves doing theology-not just reading it. In Consider the Lilies, readers will develop the skills and disciplines for doing theology as they look upon and interact with the world around them.

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