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A Study of the Designations of our Lord in the New Testament with Especial Reference to His Deity
Benjamin B. Warfield

"B.B. Warfield's 'The Lord of Glory' is one of the most compelling presentations of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ I have ever encountered. Warfield had a special gift of explaining issues related to the Trinity and the Deity of Christ, and 'The Lord of Glory' is simply one of his best works. I cannot recommend this work more highly, especially when it addresses those evidences of the deity of Christ that are not as often addressed, those places where the words of Scripture used of Christ simply could not be used with propriety of any creature, no matter how exalted. Every believer should read and absorb this work!" -- James White

"Warfield was above all else, a Christologian, and of all his many, many titles in which he treats the Person of Christ, 'The Lord of Glory' is his most thorough and best. As the subtitle suggests, Warfield surveys the entire NT, scouring its pages for evidence of the deity of Christ in the thinking of the primitive church. It is the only work like it that I know of, and it is a most valuable work both for a study in Christology and for the formation of the Christological background to each of the books of the NT individually. Very highly recommended." -- Fred Zaspel

"Benjamin Warfield was a prince among theologians. His Christ-centered, Christ-glorifying work on the Person of Christ is his most thorough and best. Here you will find meat for the mind and food for the soul. No other book deals so extensively with Christology in the primitive church. Bravo, SGCB!" -- Randall J. Pederson






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Two Volume Hardcover Set
Edited by John Meeter

This anthology of Warfield's most valuable shorter writings is being reprinted by popular demand. In these two volumes, the editor brings together over 100 articles, including, book introductions, book reviews, encyclopedia articles, sermons, and a small book "The Right of Systematic Theology". Many selections are less weighty and more practical than those in the larger sets and none of them appear in the five- or ten-volume set of Warfield's works.

Selected Shorter Writings vol. 1


Part I

1. The Bible the Book of Mankind

2. Christianity and Revelation

3. Inspiration

4. Agnosticism

5. Atheism

6. God and Human Religion and Morals

7. Christianity and Our Times

8. How to Get Rid of Christianity

9. Great Babylon the Mother of Us All

Part II

10. God

11. Godhead

12. The God of Israel

13. Antitrinitarianism

14. The Significance of the Confessional Doctrine of the Decree

15. Some Thoughts on Predestination

16. GodĘs Providence Over All

17. Hosea vi. 7: Adam or Man?

18. The Bible's "Summum Bonum"

Part III

19. The Principle of the Incarnation

20. John's First Word

21. The Deity of Christ

22. The Human Development of Jesus

23. Jesus Christ the Propitiation for the Whole World

24. The Resurrection of Christ a Historical Fact

25. The Resurrection of Christ a Fundamental Doctrine

26. On the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Part IV

27. Children

28. Christ's 'Little Ones'

29. The Angels of Christ's 'Little Ones'

30. New Testament Terms Descriptive of the Great Change

31. Repentance and Original Sin

32. 'Justification by Faith, Out of Date'

33. Election

34. True Church Unity: What It Is

35. The Foundations of the Sabbath in the Word of God

36. Christian Baptism

37. The Fundamental Significance of the Lord's Supper

38. The Old Testament and Immortality

39. The Gospel and the Second Coming

40. Antichrist

Part V

41. Faith and Life

42. Our Seminary Curriculum

43. The Purpose of the Seminary

44. Singing and Believing

45. Is the Shorter Catechism Worth While?

46. In Behalf of Evangelical Religion

47. What Is Calvinism?

48. What Fatalism Is

49. Calvin and the Bible

50. Calvin and the Reformation

51. A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith

52. The Religious Life of Theological Students

Part VI

53. Arthur Lincoln Frothingham

54. Frederic Godet the Commentator

55. Dr. Charles Hodge as a Teacher of Exegesis

56. Dr. Charles Augustus Aiken

57. Dr. Abraham Kuyper

58. Dr. George Tybout Purves

59. Dr. William Miller Paxton

Selected Shorter Writings vol. 2


Part I

1. The Century's Progress in Biblical Knowledge

2. Introductory Note to John H. Kerr's Introduction to the Study of the Books of the New Testament

3. Some Characteristics of the Book of Acts

4. The Canonicity of Second Peter

5. The Book of Revelation

Part II

6. Introduction to Francis R. Beattie's Apologetics

7. A Review of Herman Bavinck's De Zekerheid des Geloofs

8. Christian Evidences: How Affected by Recent Criticisms

9. Darwin's Arguments Against Christianity and Against Religion

10. St. Paul's Use of the Argument from Experience

11. Dream

12. The Question of Miracles

Part III

13. Theology a Science

14. Christianity the Truth

15. The Right of Systematic Theology

16. The Indispensableness of Systematic Theology to the Preacher

17. Recent Reconstructions of Theology

18. A Review of James Denney's Studies in Theology

19. A Review of John Miley's Systematic Theology

20. Regeneration

21. Sanctification

22. How Shall We Baptize?

23. The Posture of the Recipients at the Lord's Supper

24. The Confession of Faith as Revised in 1903

25. Calvinism

26. The Ritschlian School

Part IV

27. Incarnate Truth

28. Spiritual Culture in the Theological Seminary

29. Some Perils of Missionary Life

30. Africa and the Beginnings of Christian Latin Literature

Part V

31. The Authority and Inspiration of the Scriptures

32. The Divine and Human in the Bible

33. The New Testament Use of the Septuagint, and Inspiration

34. The Westminster Doctrine of Holy Scriptures

35. The Westminster Doctrine of Inspiration

36. The Inerrancy of the Original Autographs

37. The Westminster Confession and the Original Autographs

38. The Rights of Criticism and of the Church

39. A Review of Three Books on Inspiration

40. Inspiration

Part VI

41. Why Four Gospels?

42. The Gospel of John

43. John's Gospel of Eternal Life

44. The Apocalypse

45. Doubt

46. The Significance of the Westminster Standards as a Creed

47. The Dogmatic Spirit

48. Authority, Intellect, Heart

49. Heresy and Concession

50. Evading the Supernatural

51. Abraham the Father of the Faithful

52. Jesus the Measure of Men

53. Introduction to Samuel G. Craig's Jesus As He Was and Is

54. The Importunate Widow and the Alleged Failure of Faith

55. The Spirit of God in the Old Testament

56. The Love of the Holy Ghost

57. Inability and the Demand of Faith

58. Under Orders

59. A Calm View of the FreedmenĘs Case

60. Drawing the Color Line

P & R Titles


Over 1400 Pages in Two Beautiful Hardcover Volumes
SGCB Price: $39.75 (list price $49.99)

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The Power of God Unto Salvation
B.B. Warfield

In 1903 the Presbyterian Board of Publications sent forth a volume containing Eight Sermons by Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield. The title given to the volume summed up the theme of the entire book: The Power of God unto Salvation. This is the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of that first volume of Warfield's sermons, and Solid Ground Christian Books is preparing to commemorate this with an Special Aniversary Edition of this book.

In addition to the eight sermons, we are also excited to announce that we will have an Appendix containing a little-known work of Warfield's entitled Four Hymns and Some Religious Verses by Benjamin B. Warfield. Many years ago I was shown this work by Dr. William Harris at the Princeton Seminary Library, and believe it will be a fitting addition to this new edition of The Power of God unto Salvation.

All the Sermons included in this volume were preached in the chapel of the Theological Seminary at Princeton.






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Benjamin B. Warfield with Introduction by Sinclair B. Ferguson

This precious book contains all the sermons, articles and book reviews on this vital subject by one of the most brilliant theologians America has ever produced. Sinclair Ferguson, author and pastor, said, "I commend these pages, as one who has continually been helped by their contents. It is a treasure to be enjoyed again and again."

"These sermons, articles, and book reviews, collected from Warfield's writings, show the genuine stamp of Reformed experiential piety that rested on the great 19th-century Princeton theologians. The sermons on the leading and sealing of the Spirit are themselves worth the price of the book. Would you like guidance in learning how to live more closely to Christ, how to walk more by faith through the Spirit, and how to wrestle at the throne of grace? Read this book prayerfully, both for clarity of mind and warmth of soul with regard to the person and ministry of the blessed Spirit. Let Warfield be your spiritual mentor in the great things of God." - Joel Beeke


1. Old Testament Religion - Psalm 51:12

2. The Conviction of the Spirit - John 16:8-11

3. The Outpouring of the Spirit - Acts 2:16,17

4. The Leading of the Spirit - Romans 8:14

5. The Spirit's Testimony to our Sonship - Romans 8:16

6. The Spirit's Help in our Praying - Romans 8:26,27

7. The Spirit of Faith - 2 Corinthians 4:13

8. New Testament Puritanism - 2 Corinthians 6:11 - 7:1

9. Spiritual Strengthening - Ephesians 3:16

10. The Sealing of the Holy Spirit - Ephesians 4:30

11. The Way of Life - Titus 3:4-9

12. The Love of the Holy Spirit - James 4:5


13. The Spirit of God in the Old Testament (shorter)

14. The Spirit of God in the Old Testament (longer)

15. On the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

16. The 1903 Revision of the Westminster Confession of Faith: Of the Holy Spirit

17. The Holy Spirit (written with A.A. Hodge)





A Pastor's Sketches (Double Volume) by Ichabod Spencer

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit by Benjamin B. Warfield

The Divine Purpose by John Matthews

Precious Seed: The Greatest Sermons by the Greatest Scottish Preachers

Religion in Shoes: The Christ-like Life and Ministry of "Brother Bryan" of Brmingham


THE SPIRIT WITHIN YOU: The Church's Neglected Possession by J.I. Packer & A.M. Stibbs






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SGCB Price: $66.00 (list price $146.00)
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Includes 'The Office & Work of the Holy Spirit' by Buchanan and 'The Spirit Within You' by Packer

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Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Calvin's Birth
B.B. Warfield, Thomas Cary Johnson, James Orr, R.A. Webb and others

"As we approach the occasion of the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth, and eagerly anticipate the production of the many excellent historical and theological works that will mark the first half-millennium of Reformed Christianity, this set of essays from the beginning of the 20th century may serve both to edify us and to whet our appetites for more. One will find giants among the contributors (from Reed to Johnson to Orr to Warfield to D'Aubigne), and topics of abiding interest." - Dr. Ligon Duncan

"Any title on such themes, with not a few eminent authors contributing, has to be a book we shall all value seeing." - Iain H. Murray

"We are on the verge of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the French Reformer John Calvin, and it is good to look back at the way his life and ministry were appreciated at the 400th anniversary of his birth. It can be rightly said that if Calvin had not lived, the entire course of Western history, and in particular that of the Church, would be very different, and these essays document that fact very clearly. Against various attacks that had been leveled against the great Reformer in the nineteenth century, these essays demonstrate the tremendous good that Calvin did for the Church and the way that his life was truly lived to the glory of the God of Scripture. Though a hundred years old, these essays are still vital reading for anyone interested in the legacy of Calvin and the ongoing impact of his thought." - Dr. Michael Haykin

"As we swiftly approach the 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth and anticipate another flurry of books and essays in honor of the Genevan Reformer, 'Calvin Memorial Addresses' is a good place to begin our celebration. The contributors and the contributions warrant this reprint edition. The greatest worth of this reprint, aside from reminding readers of Calvin and his contributions to the church and the world, is the showcasing of past scholars who ought to be remembered and still have worthwhile things to say to the Church. Honor the LORD as you celebrate the 400th anniversary of Calvin's birth again." -Dr. C.N. Willborn

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States gathered in Savannah, GA in May 1909 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. After an Introduction by Charles S. Wood, there are a full dozen excellent addresses that cover the incredible influence one man has had on the history of the world for centuries.

The grace of God is evident in the life and labors of John Calvin, and this amazing grace is magnified in each and every address that was given nearly 100 years ago.







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Four Studies by Bavinck, Doumergue, Lang & Warfield
Edited by William Park Armstrong

What were Calvin's views on asceticism, natural law, common grace and the knowledge of God? No more definitive discussion of these topics by better qualified Calvin scholars can be found than in these four essays, originally prepared for The Princeton Theological Review in 1909, the 400th anniversary of the Genevan Reformer's birth.

Doumergue's article, translated from French by Joseph H. Dulles, deals with Calvin's view of asceticism; Lang's article, translated from the German by J. Gresham Machen, analyzes Calvin's doctrine of natural law; Bavinck's article, translated from Dutch by Geerhardus Vos, discusses Calvin's understanding of common grace; and Warfield's wonderful 84 page article, the longest in the book, analyzes Calvin's teaching on the knowledge of God.

All four authors were professors, Emile Doumergue (1844-1937) on the Free Theological Faculty of Montauban; August Lang (1867-1945) at the University of Halle-Wittenburg; Herman Bavinck (1854-1921) at the Free University of Amsterdam; and Benjamin B. Warfield (1851-1921) at Princeton Theological Seminary. These articles were first published in book form in 1909.

"Of the making of books there is no end (Eccl 12:12). The reality of this axiom can sometimes cause us to forget books that were made before we were born. As we approach the five-hundredth anniversary of Calvin's birth, however, it is worth taking a moment to appreciate this collection published a century ago in honor of the four-hundredth anniversary of Calvin's birth. These essays remain valuable for the breadth and depth of their learning. Scholars, students, and pastors will benefit from the careful scholarship in these essays." - Dr. R. Scott Clark

"As we approach the 500th anniversary of the birth of the French Reformer John Calvin, it is helpful to look back and see how previous historians and theologians viewed this remarkable man. And what better place to look than these four essays originally prepared for the 400th anniversary of Calvin's birth. They not only give us an excellent perspective on Calvin but also help us appreciate how deep an impact Calvin's work and writing have had in the history of the Church." - Dr. Michael Haykin

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PRINCETON SERMONSChapel Addresses from 1891-1892
Princeton Professors, ie. B.B. Warfield, W.H. Green, C.W. Hodge, John D. Davis and More

"Princeton Sermons is a treasure-trove of practical Christianity delivered by some of the greatest preachers and seminary teachers America has ever known. Here is Princeton in its glory days still reaching out to us today in biblical, doctrinal, experiential truth that is angels' food for those who want to live contagious Christian lives of holiness." --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

"This volume of sermons will stir your heart, inform your mind, and elevate your love for our Triune God. The very first sermon makes you want to be with Jesus. Another sermon makes you want to walk in the Spirit until you are with Jesus. Death...want to know how to preach about death? Warfield does it right. What a delightful deposit of sermons from old Princeton. " --C. N. Willborn, PhD, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Sixteen powerful sermons preached in the chapel at Princeton Theological Seminary during the academic year of 1891-92. One needs only to read these addresses to understand why Princeton had a worldwide influence for the Gospel of Chrrist during these years. This volume was especially prized because two of the beloved professors, Caspar W. Hodge and Charles A. Aiken, were removed by death in the midst of that year.


1- Christ's Desire for His People (John 17:14) by Dr. William Henry Green

2- The Promise of the Spirit (John 16:12-15) by Dr. Caspar Wistar Hodge

3- Valiant for the Truth (Jeremiah 9:3) by Dr. Charles A. Aiken

4- Salvation as a Work (Philippians 1:6) by Dr. William M. Paxton

5- Incarnate Truth (John 1:14) by Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield

6- First Interview with the Christ (John 1:37-42) by Dr. John D. Davis

7- Religion in College (1 John 2:13) by Dr. Francis L. Patton, President

8- The Letter and the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:6) by Dr. Francis L. Patton, President

9- Christ as a Man of Prayer (Luke 6:12) by Dr. James O. Murray

10- The Transfiguration of Life by Christ (Luke 9:29) by Dr. James O. Murray

11- Christian Manliness (1 Cor. 16:13) by Dr. William Henry Green

12- The Power of Christ's Resurrection (Philippians 3:10) by Dr. Caspar Wistar Hodge

13- Drifting (Hebrews 2:1) by Dr. Charles A. Aiken

14- How We Spend Our Years (Psalm 90:9) by Dr. William M. Paxton

15- The Christian's Attitude Toward Death (2 Corinthians 5:1-10) Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield

16- The Vision of the King in His Holiness (Isaiah 6:5-7) by Dr. John D. Davis

REVIEW FROM The Presbyterian and Reformed Review Vol. IV, No. 15 (July 1893):

"This publication, valuable in itself, has an additional interest from the insight it gives into Princeton Seminary training on its more practical side. The Princeton Sermons are not, like the posthumous volume by Dr. Charles Hodge, a collection of mere outlines, but sixteen complete discourses by Profs. Green, C.W. Hodge, Aiken, Paxton, Warfield, Davis, Patton and Murray, each of whom has contributed two to the series. With the exception of President Patton's, which are distinctively college sermons; one of them full of wise, manly, sympathetic counsels to the undergraduates, the other an admirable charge to a graduating class, abounding in high thinking and clear speaking, with sentences sharp as the crack of a whip, which will stick to the memory like epigrams; they were delivered in the Seminary Chapel, and for the most part in the ordinary course of a single term (1891-92).

The reader will naturally open such a book with high expectations; nor will he be disappointed. It may go without saying, that the sermons are sound, spiritual and strong. But though solid, they are not heavy; and, though addressed in the first instance to an academic audience, they will be found full of instruction and of religious stimulus by thoughtful readers anywhere. The subjects are as happily varied as though their selection had been the fruit of premeditation; and, while the teaching rings harmoniously true to Scripture throughout, the variety in the literary and dialectical style of treatment is one of the charms of the volume. To an old Princetonian, indeed, this new anthology affords among other things an attractive psychological study, such as used to be inevitably suggested in the old Oratory, on a Sunday afternoon, by the 'remarks' successively made by the professors on some Bible text or practical theme selected and announced the week before. It may be somewhat invidious to particularize, but we cannot withhold a special word of admiration for the two sermons by Prof. Green, especially the first of them (which heads the volume) on 'Christ's Desire for His People.' (Jno. Xvii. 24). This is a discourse not more distinguished by its expository skill and its rich spirituality than by the remarkable beauty and devotion of its language. All who know its author are prepared for the very fresh and comprehensive treatment given to 'Christian Manliness' (1 Cor. Xvi. 13) by one well entitled to commend the ideal his second discourse presents. But through this first sermon there runs a strain of poetic feeling not always suspected in the scrupulously exact Hebraist. One passage in particular (in which the stunted vegetation of the polar snows, in contrast with the beauty and variety and boundless range of the vegetation of the tropics, furnishes a comparison for the life of grace on earth in contrast with the life of glory on high) is worthy of Ruskin as a piece of word painting, or of a place among Jeremy Taylor's choicest similes.

Altogether this book is a refreshing evidence of how worthily the best traditions of Princeton are still maintained. It is a great thing for young aspirants to the ministry to sit at the feet of men with a religion as vital as their theological scholarship is profound, and to have weekly illustration in the concrete of how to handle Bible truth so as to make the acquisitions of the intellect, by the divine blessing, the true property also of the heart. And it would be well for some older men 'many preachers on both sides of the Atlantic' to observe and to emulate the frank, courageous spirit in which, with large knowledge of present-day tendencies, these Princeton divines are prepared, on Bible ground, to meet the special problems of our times.

From The Methodist Review, November 1894, pages 988-989:

"These sermons were not in the first instance written for publication. They were prepared for the weekly Sunday services held in the chapel of the Theological Seminary at Princeton. The series also includes two sermons each by President Patton and Dean Murray, of the college, who are officers of the seminary and frequently preach in its pulpit. The circumstances that led to the composition of these discourses have doubtless given to them a special character. They were addressed to young men preparing for the ministry by those who occupied the position of their daily instructors; they are not sermons for the masses, but designed solely for believers. They are adapted to the needs of young men at the critical period of life, to young men who are destined to be leaders in the world of thought and action. The life of a great university is a world by itself. The door of matriculation opens before the youth a new world, rich in opportunities and advantages, yet presenting peculiar temptations and perils. At this transition stage in his career, when the student finds that the faiths of his childhood are attacked on every side and there is danger of schism between his reason and his heart, how opportune it is for him to be furnished with the light and guidance of such discourses as these! The professors take up those questions of the day that agitate theological circles in both hemispheres and deal with them in a masterly way. In the sermons on the 'Promise of the Spirit' and 'Incarnate Truth' we are presented with a clear statement of the Princeton position concerning the inerrancy of the Scriptures. Such statements as we find set forth in some other theological seminaries find no sympathy with the Princeton professors; not only so, but they are shown to be utterly without foundation. . . For devotional reading we commend especially the sermons by Professor Murray---'Christ as a Man of Prayer,' and 'The Transfiguration of Life by Christ.' We have not for many a day read their equal."





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Classic Reformed Essays on the Man and His Theology
Benjamin B. Warfield

"Calvin and Calvinism is one of those books that has helped many Christians see the beauty of Reformed theology, including this writer. How many people need help overcoming the 'horror' of Calvin and the theology attached to his name? It's amazing the effect an accurate picture can have upon lives. Here Warfield paints the picture with precision and in a most winsome manner. It is so good to have this material available as a monograph so Warfield can speak to another generation. Highly commendable!" - C. N. Willborn, PhD

When Prof. John Murray of Westminister was asked by students who they should read, he had a one word answer - "WARFIELD."

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said of Warfield, "No theological writings are so intellectually satisfying and so strengthening to faith as those of Warfield. He shirks no issue and evades no problems and never stoops to the use of subterfuge. One is impressed by his honesty and integrity as much as by his profound scholarship and learning."

I. JOHN CALVIN: The Man and His Work

II. Calvin's Doctrine of the Knowledge of God

III. Calvin's Doctrine of God

IV. Calvin's Doctrine of the Trinity

V. Calvin's Doctrine of the Creation

VI. Calvinism

VII. On the Literary History of Calvin's "Institutes of the Christian Religion"


(Three Addresses in Commemoration of the Four Hundredeth Anniversary of the Birth of Calvin)


Address One - John Calvin the Theologian

Address Two - The Theology of Calvin

Address Three - Present-Day Attitude to Calvinism


Pre-Publication Title
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An Introduction to the Classic Writings of a Master Theologian
Benjamin B. Warfield, with an Introduction by Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote the following in his outstanding Introduction, "While there were many who fought valiantly to refute the errors being propogated, it can be said without fear of contradiction that B.B. Warfield stood out pre-eminently and incomparably the greatest of all. He was peculiarly fitted for such a task. He had a mathematical mind and had at one time considered the possibility of a career as a mathematician. His precision and logical thinking appear everywhere. Added to this he was a first class New Testament scholar and a superb exegete and expositor. Furthermore he had received the best training that was available at the time, and not only in his own country. He thus could meet liberal scholarship on its own grounds and did so."

Lloyd-Jones went on to say, "No theological writings are so intellectually satisfying and so strengthening to faith as those of Warfield. He shirks no issue and evades no problems and never stoops to the use of subterfuge. One is impressed by his honesty and integrity as much as by his profound scholarship and learning. The result is that there is a finality and authority about all he wrote."

Samuel Craig, a contemporary of Warfield, said, "What most impresses the student of Warfield's writings, apart from his deeply religious spirit, his sense of complete dependence on God for all things, including especially his sense of indebtedness as a lost sinner to His free grace, is the breadth of his learning and the exactness of his scholarship. John DeWitt, long the professor of Church History in Princeton Seminary and himself a man of no mean scholarship, once told the writer that he had known intimately the three great Reformed theologians of America of the preceding generation - Charles Hodge, W.G.T. Shedd and Henry B. Smith - and that he was not only certain that Warfield knew a great deal more than any one of them but that he was disposed to think that he knew more than all three of them put together."


"B B Warfield was a master theologian yet his writings outside of the area of scriptural authority are not as well-known or as well-read as they deserve to be. His contributions to theology in general and to our understanding of Christ and salvation in particular were outstanding. All Christians, from preachers to new believers, can benefit from reading this giant of the Christian faith." - Carl R. Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, WTS Philadelphia

"To read Warfield is like taking a tour of a cave full of crystalline rock formations while guided by an expert geologist - it produces both learning and wonder. Warfield's theology drew from thorough and careful studies of the Scriptures. Yet in the details he never lost his sense of awe at the God of redemption. This collection of essays sparkles with Warfield's insights into great truths of the faith. Reading it will store up treasure in your mind, and warm your heart." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The essays gathered under this title provide an excellent introduction to the theological depth and insights of this most learned Princetonian giant. They represent well the marvelously equipped, gospel-loving, Christ-adoring theologian that Warfield was, marked as they are by the exegetical precision and theological richness that have made him so appreciated and beloved from his day to our own. Reading these selections your mind and heart will be enlarged in joyful worship." - Fred Zaspel, author of "The Theology of B.B. Warfield, A Systematic Summary"

"B. B. Warfield's works have been a wonderful help to me personally and in my ministry to others. He is a true scholar who yet held a personal love of Christ which came out in His scholarly writings. His essay on 'The Emotional Life of our Lord' is a classic to help us understand the complexity and simplicity of how our Lord Jesus Christ thought and felt as fully God and man in one Person. I have used it with interns and pastors to help them gain a greater understanding of how Christ thinks and feels about His people, yet have given it to laymen who wanted to know how Christ thinks about themselves. It has been a help to all. So, I commend this attempt to expose one of our greatest lights to a new generation." - Fred Malone, author of "Baptism of Disciples Alone"


1- The Biblical Idea of Revelation

2- The Biblical Idea of Inspiration

3- The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity

4- The Supernatural Birth of Jesus

5- The Person of Christ According to the New Testament

6- The Emotional Life of our Lord

7- Christ Our Sacrifice

8- The New Testament Terminology of Redemption

9- The Biblical Doctrine of Predestination

10- The Historical and Biblical Conception of Faith

11- New Testament Terms Descriptive of the Great Change

12- Are They Few That Be Saved?

APPENDIX 1- A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith

APPENDIX 2 - The Paradox of Omnipotence, a Sermon on Mark 10:27

APPENDIX 3 - Book Review of "He That is Spiritual" by Lewis Sperry Chafer

APPENDIX 4 - The Hymns and Poems of Warfield


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BIBLICAL & THEOLOGICAL STUDIES:Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Princeton Theological Seminary
The Faculty of Princeton Seminary

This rare volume was compiled to celebrate the completion of 100 years of faithful service to the Church of Jesus Christ in May of 1912. The faculty submitted essays that demonstrated the spiritual atmosphere that permeated that beloved and blessed institution that trained men for gospel ministry from the world over.

Outstanding articles are here from men like B.B. Warfield, J. Gresham Machen, Geerhardus Vos, Robert Dick Wilson, Oswald Allis and many more.

New Introduction and Biographical Summaries by David B. Calhoun

"Here is scholarship at its best, written with a passion for the truth and a deep concern to instruct, nourish and guard the church of Christ. A 'must-have' addition to the bookshelves of thoughtful 21st century Christians!" -Sinclair Ferguson

"Biblical & Theological Studies is an overlooked gem in the world of reprints. I'm grateful it is finally being brought back into circulation. The chapters on seminary training and homiletics are timeless, as is Warfield's moving testimony on Christ's emotional life. This is a must read for seminary students and ministers, and will be of great value to thoughtful believers."- Joel R. Beeke

"Throughout its first century, Princeton Theological Seminary was the only American seminary which any significant number of students from outside the United States attended. The care in biblical exegesis, intellectual engagement, and theological argumentation displayed by the articles in this book demonstrates how that high reputation was won." -Mark Noll

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