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Through Eye-Gate and Ear-Gate into the City of Child-Soul
Sylvanius Stall

Back in print! Large, oversized paperback edition. The most delightful family readings ever composed, from an author with great skill in presenting Bible truths in a form which grips the eye, holds the mind's attention, and wins the heart of a child for Christ. Many call this the finest book for family worship they have ever used. First published 1893.

From the Preface: "In some households Sunday is looked forward to with anticipations of pleasure throughout the entire week. In these homes, the father does not come down stairs on Sunday morning and say: "Now, children, gather up those flowers, throw them out of the window, pull down the blinds, get down the Bible and we will have an awful solemn time here to-day." neither is the day given to frivolity or the home to demoralizing influences. From morning until night there are two great principles that govern; first, the sacredness of the day, and second, the sacredness of the God-given nature of childhood. The day is not spent in repressing the child nature by a succession of "don't do that," "now stop that," etc., that begin in the morning and continue throughout the day, and end only when the little ones lose consciousness in sleep on Sunday night. In these homes, the parents recognize the fact that the child nature is the same whether the day is secular or sacred. On Sunday the child nature is not repressed, but the childish impulses are directed into channels suited to the sacredness of the day. In such homes the children, instead of being sorry that it is Sunday, are glad; instead of regretting the return of the day with dislike and dread, they welcome it as the brightest, the cheeriest and the best of all the week."

SGCB Price: $17.50 (list price $23.95)