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SABBATH SCRIPTURE READINGS FROM THE OLD TESTAMENTSpiritual Meditations from Genesis 1 - 2 Kings 11
Thomas Chalmers

Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847) was considered by many the greatest Scots preacher of his day. This volume contains over 500 pages of personal musings upon every chapter from Genesis - 2 Kings 11. Sadly, Chalmers died before he completed the Old Testament.

From October 1841 - May 1847 Chalmers compiled these "Sabbath Readings" as he systematically worked through every chapter in the New Testament and Genesis 1 - 2 Kings 11. Like Augustine's "Confessions", these meditations are primarily written in the form and language of prayer. Here is Chalmers at his very best!

"They are precious fragments of immortal thought." - Charles H. Spurgeon

"Thomas Chalmers was the colossus of 19th century Scottish Christianity. His high eminence as a public figure did not preclude his deep humility of heart. In this volume we see the great man tender and childlike before God, willing to be taught and honest about his many struggles within, both with sin and comprehension of the Word. Chalmers becomes a welcome and friendly companion as we share in his meditations. " - Pastor Roger Salter

"Valuable insights from Thomas Chalmers drawn from his Sabbath meditations on Scripture. These are delightful and especially helpful." - Dr. Derek Thomas

"Thomas Chalmers' conversion was one of the great turning points in the history of the Church of Scotland. His personal investment in the pastoral and theological education of the core group of men who became the leading lights of the evangelical awakening in Scotland in the nineteenth century is one of the great stories of God's display of his sovereignty in the building up of the church. My own copy of Chalmers Life and Works comes right out of the library of the now-defunct United Free College Library of Glasgow: given to me as a gift by my mother many years ago. One of the choicest parts of that 13-volume treasure is Chalmers' Sabbath Readings, and so I am especially glad to commend these 'soul-fatting' messages to a new generation of readers." - Dr. J. Ligon Duncan

Thomas Carlyle said of Chalmers: "It is not often that the world has seen men like Thomas Chalmers, nor can the world afford to forget them; or in its most careless mood, be willing to. Probably the time is coming when it will be more apparent than it is now to everyone, that here, intrinsically, was the chief Scottish man of his time - a man possessed of such massive geniality of intellect as belonged to no other man. What a grand simplicity, broad humour, blent so kindly with enthusiasm, ardour and blazing thought - a man of such noble valour, strength and piety - above all things, of such perfect veracity, I have not met with in these times. Honour to him, honour belongs to him, and to the essential work he did - an everlasting continuance among the possessions of this world"




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