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AN UNDIVIDED LOVE: Loving and Living for Christ
Adolphe Monod, Translated and Edited by Constance K. Walker

"If Charles Spurgeon was the prince of preachers in Victorian England, Adolphe Monod was the noblest preacher of the French revivals. With unequalled passion and clarity he brings the unassuming listener not merely to the foot of the cross, but to Jesus himself, as he is clothed in the gospel. Even if you are expecting to be moved by these messages you will be surprised and deeply comforted by their simple and compelling power." - William Edgar, Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA

"English-speaking Evangelicals are, as a general rule, quite ignorant of the spiritual riches found in other Evangelical cultures. That of the French Calvinist tradition, coming down from Calvin and men like Pierre Viret, is a good case in point. The most vibrant representative of this tradition in the nineteenth century has to be Adolphe Monod. His sermons are food for the soul, but he is hardly known by contemporary North American Evangelicals. May this excellent sampling of his preaching, marked by rich piety and doctrinal clarity, help make his labours for the Lord Christ far better known." - Michael Haykin, Professor, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

This book is divided into three parts. Part one is largely relational. It speaks of finding our center, purpose and contentment in our relationship with a holy and loving God; it helps us see the fulfillment of that relationship as grounded in eternity, and then points to the joy of helping others to share in our fulfillment.

Part two of the book is more theological (but not at all in a dry, academic sense). These sermons shine fresh light on the nature of the God whom we love and serve: his love displayed on the cross, his power over death, his holiness, and his faithfulness, even in his threats.

Finally part three is more practical. It encourages us to seek and embrace God's plan for our lives, and to appreciate the joy inherent in the Christian life, even in its more challenging aspects, so that others will want to embrace it as well.


1. Give Me Your Heart, Paris, 1850

2. Are You Thirsty?, Paris, 1849


3. God is Love, Montauban, 1843

4. I am the Resurrection and the Life, Paris, 1855

5. Too Late! God Faithful in his Threats, Paris, 1854


6. Embracing God's Plan, Paris 1850

7. The Happiness of the Christian Life, Montauban, ??



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