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The Glory of Christ's Obedience in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards
Craig Biehl

From the Abstract: "Historically, the tendency of scholars to modernize and distance Edwards from his biblicist, exclusivist, evangelical and Reformed tradition has resulted in relatively little attention being given to the importance of the person and redemptive work of Christ in Edwards' Trinitarian thought. The contention of this study is that the foundation, center, and unifying thread of Edwards' thought is the person and work of Christ in accomplishing God's ultimate purpose to display and communicate His glory to unworthy sinners by perfect obedience to God's unchanging rule of righteousness. Edwards' theology cannot be properly understood in abstraction from the person and redemptive work of Christ as revealing and communicating the glorious perfections of the Trinity, nor can revisionist interpretations of Edwards' soteriology as inclusivistic or Catholic be tenable without an overthrow and re-write of the entirety of Edwards' theology. Salvation of a single soul apart from perfect conformity to God's rule of righteousness would render God unrighteous and prohibit the fulfillment of His ultimate purpose to display and communicate His glory. Indeed, God could not be God."

"Among its other strengths this book is helpful in questioning the view that Edwards has compromised the Reformation doctrine of justification with legalistic accents and by basing it in part on the change that takes place within the believer. Biehl's love is as evident as Edwards' for the subject matter he considers in Edwards. A welcome read for anyone wanting to grow in understanding and appreciation of this remarkable thinker." - Dr. Richard Gaffin

"Craig Biehl provides a thorough, detailed, and well written treatment of Edwards' view of divine merit. He places Edwards convincingly within the theocentric metaphysical tradition, emphasizing his trinitarianism and christocentrism, as well as his biblically based exclusivism, weighing in on the current interpretive struggle against those who wish to portray Edwards as inclusivistic, philosophical, and proto-transcendental. His reading of the role of Christ in Edwards's thought as the typological, experiential, and salvific hinge on which telos depends presents an important counterbalance." - Dr. Ken Minkema

"While setting the record straight on Edwards's theology through leaning heavily on his own writings (800 quotes from Edwards!), Biehl's work is also a tour de force for the confirmation of Reformed orthodoxy in the midst of ongoing debates about justification today." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke

"Craig Biehl's work offers just what is needed today - a comprehensive treatment of Edwards' understanding of Christ and His saving work of redemption. Few of the leading Edwards scholars know Reformed theology well, or understand the significance of Edwards' soteriology." - Dr. Doug Sweeney

"Biehl's careful hand skillfully guides us through these writings, even leading us to offer words of praise for what Christ has done for us - a rare and admirable feat for a piece of scholarship." - Dr. Stephen J. Nichols


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