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J.C. Ryle, with a Foreword by Sinclair Ferguson

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT - Solid Ground Christian Books has purchased the rights to take over the Calvary Press edition of this timeless work. While retaining all the dignity of the original work, and the readability of the long-standing Calvary Press edition, Solid Ground has given this edition a Military-Flavor so that we can reach the multitude of young men serving in the US Military. At the same time it is a book that can be used with all young men (and women) who need to know the Lord is a deeper and more intimate way.


Published over 120 years ago in this volume by the Bishop of Liverpool in England he opened his heart to the future of his country.

"RYLE IS MAGNIFICENT! There's no other word for it, - are you brave enough to face hard-hitting truth and have God search your heart on things that matter most? Then Ryle is the man for you! Do yourself a favor - read this and think about what you read." - J.I. Packer

"I heartily endore it, and strongly commend it to both Christian leaders and fathers, not to mention older and younger men alike." - John MacArthur, Jr.

"Thoughts for Young Men is pure spiritual gold." - Jerry Bridges

"Thoughts for Young Men abounds in reliable counsel and says - with a rare combination of seriousness and graciousness - the very things we need to hear. Young men, for whom it was written, will find it invaluable; but all Christians, men or women, young or old, can read it with lasting benefit. It deserves to be widely read and circulated, and will do spiritual good to every reader." - Sinclair Ferguson

"THOUGHTS FOR YOUNG MEN is wise, frank, warm-hearted and hard-hitting. I hope that many, many young men will study it, and that parents and teachers will also read it in order to clarify their vision of what Christian young men should be. Although written over a century ago, the message is right up-to-date." - John R.W. Stott

"Out of Ryle's dealings with many young people came one of the most important and relevant things he ever wrote, his Thoughts for Young Men. The reading of this material could well be a turning point in the lives of many today across the world." - Iain Murray

"I am happy to commend the re-publication of Thoughts for Young Men." - Leon Morris

"Dear young friends, if you value your souls you will read Ryle's 'Thoughts for Young Men.' He did not know it but he was writing more for you than for his own youth." - John Gerstner

"Thoughts is sound, profitable reading. I commend it to young men everywhere." - James Montgomery Boice

"I am very thankful for your bringing into print once again Ryle's excellent book 'Thoughts for Young Men.' May it have a wide audience of those with ears to hear." - Elisabeth Elliot



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