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GOD'S GLORIOUS GOSPEL OF GRACE: The Potter's Prerogative - A Response to Leighton Flowers
Dr. Theodore Zachariades


"There is nothing better calculated to put steel in our spiritual beings than a firm grasp of the sovereignty of God in our salvation, as it is revealed in Scripture. Starting with the glory and majesty of God, Dr. Theodore Zachariades proves this truth with biblical fidelity and precision against a recent detractor. We need such champions of the faith today for the sake of the spiritual prosperity of the church of Christ. May we all put our thinking caps on and read this book so that we can teach and defend the true gospel in all its glory!" -Dr. Conrad Mbewe

"Dr. Zachariades has provided a significant response to a recent challenge to the historic Southern Baptist doctrine of salvation by those who have positioned themselves as defenders of mankind's supposed 'libertarian free will.' By interacting with one of the leading theologians of that movement, Dr. Zachariades exposes its exegetical fallacies, theological superficiality, historical naivety, and dangerous associations. Most importantly, he forcefully demonstrates how far short that theological system falls from understanding the way that the Bible reveals the glory of God in the salvation of sinners through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Biblically saturated, theologically rigorous, polemically pointed and historically informed, this work has successfully refuted the arguments engaged. It is never a pleasant task to expose the errors of well-meaning Christian brothers, but when those errors are publicly being championed as faithfulness to God's Word, then they must be examined in the light of Scripture so that they can be seen for what they genuinely are. If you want a thorough defense of the doctrines of God's grace in the salvation of sinners, read this book!" - Dr. Thomas Ascol

"Theodore Zachariades, Ph D, has written this book specifically to lay bare the great difficulties one has to shoulder in order to maintain such a system. His careful labors have revealed just how radically disturbing is this attempted defense of traditionalism. Dr. Zachariades begins with the doctrine of God and shows how this view must either deny, or ignore, certain key biblical ideas in this root thought of all biblical doctrine. He proceeds with carefully exegeted studies of grace, the cross, biblical love, and the character of divine involvement in redemption. Along the way, he gives a clear presentation of Calvin's views of these matters (since he has come in for especially harsh treatment by Dr. Flowers), employs an impressive number of quality doctrinal and exegetical works (old and new), unfolds a pertinent knowledge of historical and systematic theology, manifests competence in use of the original languages of Scripture, and shows the advantages of a fair and rigorous orientation to logic. His method includes an investigation of the assumptions and polemical methodology of Dr. Flowers, demonstrating for everyone, hopefully, how certain mis-steps undergird this attempt to create a new paradigm for soteriology. Dr. Zachariades has done all of us a favor, both protagonists and antagonists of this theological movement, for he has given it the deep and serious examination that such a foundation-altering proposal calls for." - Dr. Tom J. Nettles

"In every generation the glorious sovereignty of God has to be reasserted and defended against those who seek to discount it in the name of a supposed human freedom to choose or to reject his provision for them. This book reminds us that the grace of God can neither be invented nor refused, and offers us true hope and assurance that our salvation is eternally secure." - Dr. Gerald Bray


Foreword by Dr. Sonny Hernandez



Chapter 1: The Glorious God's Character

Chapter 2: The Glorious God's Saving Grace

Chapter 3: The Glorious God's Spokesman: Calvin and His Great God of Scripture

Chapter 4: The Glorious God's Detractors: Flowers's Subterfuges Exposed

Chapter 5: The Glorious God's Cross of Christ: What Did It Accomplish?

Chapter 6: God's Glorious Love: Agape in the New Testament

Chapter 7: The Glorious God's Sovereign Plan of Redemption: Part 1

Chapter 8: The Glorious God's Sovereign Plan of Redemption: Part 2

Conclusion - Answering Flowers' Claims in his Appendix

Appendix 1 - God's Love Expressed in NT with the Word agapao

Appendix 2 - God's Love Expressed in NT with the Word phileo


SGCB Price: $13.75 (list price $22.00)

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SGCB Price: $25.00 (list price $44.00)