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LITTLE PILLOWS & MORNING BELLS: Two Classic Devotional Books for Children
Frances Havergal

"In 'Little Pillows' Frances' intent was to give children biblical truth to think about as they went to sleep. Each truth was to be like a little pillow---something comforting and supportive to rest upon during the night. She teaches through vivid word pictures that bring everyday images to a child's mind, thus linking the spiritual to the child's world. This is child evangelism as it should be: plain, simple, truthful, without manipulation or deceit."

- Carol Brandt

LITTLE PILLOWS is a precious little book filled with promises upon which young children can rest their heads as they go to bed each night. MORNING BELLS is the companion volume written to give these same children a passage to carry with them throughout the day.

A wonderful book to read to young children, and for them to read to each other as they grow older.


Nearly 50% Discount
SGCB Price: $8.75 (list price $16.00)

Order with MORNING STARS by Havergal
SGCB Price: $13.75 (list price $28.00)

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