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The Child's Book on Repentance
Thomas H. Gallaudet

Thomas H. Gallaudet (1787-1851) was the Apostle to the Deaf in the United States. He devoted his life to teach the underprivileged the truths of God's Word. He wrote dozens and dozens of books using simple, straightforward language for children, young people and adults.

Along with the book "The Child's Book on the Soul" of all the books written by T.H. Gallaudet none had a more profound impact than this one.

According to Gallaudet's biographer, "This book exerted an influence in its day that would be hard to estimate. Thousands of copies were circulated. It was translated into many languages, besides being reprinted and largely sold in England. It was read as an English reading book in the schools of the Foreign Missionary Societies, and through these channels made its way into unexpected places, even reaching the eyes and heart of the King of Siam."


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