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Thoughts on Immigration, Islam & Freedom
David Dykstra



"Since July 1, 2000, I've been telling WORLD readers every few months about my treadmill reading-books that exercise my mind while exercising my body. Normally I note only books worth reading, and have cited about 400 during those seven years. Here are 100 all-time treadmill favorites - YEARNING TO BREATHE FREE? By David Dykstra" - Marvin Olasky


"David Dykstra's book is an invaluable resource in these days when Muslims are conspiring in their long-term plan to dominate the United States. As a native from a country which has experienced Islamic extremism for 1,400 years, I take great joy in reading a book that so clearly explains the horrible tenets of this violent religion.

I hope by reading this book, Americans will realize the lies of the so-called modern Islamic rulers, who say to the world that they are now sophisticated and that a modern, peaceful, democratic form of Islam can be achieved. It is urgent for westerners to understand that, in reality, the extremist Islamic belief system maintains that people are either Muslim and obey absolutely what the Koran says, or they are Kafers (non believers) and must be killed. Anyone who reads the Koran intelligently will recognize that freedom, peace, and democracy can never be assimilated with the phenomenon called fanatical Islam.

Since Islam has given Persians nothing but barbarianism, superstition, cruelty, torture, prisons, and unspeakable ways to die, I hope this book will help to prevent the same situation from happening to the great people of the United States." - Farshad Azadi

David Dykstra has been a pastor for nearly 40 years in Northern New Jersey and now in Texas and has been reading and studying the issues contained in his first book for several years. This book will challenge Americans to re-think the burning issues of our day, such as Border Control, Immigration, Integration and especially Islam. His final section on FREEDOM is a welcome note that will leave the reader with the only solid hope for true freedom in the days and years ahead.



"I found 'Yearning To Breathe Free?' to be a very riveting, well-researched, uncompromising rallying cry concerning our urgent national need to apply Biblical principles to three of the most critical cultural issues of our day. The book concludes with a clarion gospel call which I pray will be greatly used of God to bring many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. May God bless Pastor Dykstra for writing this 'must read' book which, by God's grace, will prove to be a great blessing to our nation. Rev. Richard J. Kuiken, Senior Pastor, Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church

"I have read David Dykstra's book with great interest. His description of the real nature of jihad and its continuing power today is valuable. What he has written is especially important since so many on the upper levels of government continue to claim that Islam is fundamentally a peaceful religion; it is not. Dykstra has made that very clear. I do hope that Dykstra's book is well accepted. It's main message is sorely needed." - Dr. Joel Nederhood

"The kind face of Islam has not fooled David Dykstra about its true nature, and he writes with a passion that would not leave us fooled either. He is not afraid to take on difficult issues currently before our nation and to come to conclusions that are not politically correct. Drawing from Scripture, history, and an obvious love for his country, Dykstra presents his case in a compelling way. The book should come with a guarantee that you will not be bored. Nor will you be able to escape its pages without being forced to think hard and to deal with stubborn facts. Vintage Dykstra!" - Jon Hueni, Grace Baptist Church, Bremen, IN

"It is about time a thoroughly biblical and Christian perspective on immigration is put in book form. The author's views are not for the fainthearted or the 'weak sisters' of this land, but they are true and need to be carefully read by every serious-minded person who thinks logically and rationally in this illogical and irrational world. Lest we forget, the war that rages is not just against America, but ultimately against biblical and saving Christianity; the earthly spring from which all good and blessing flows. Rev. David Dykstra has done all citizens of the United States of America and those of every free country a great service. The President, every member of his Cabinet and staff, every member of Congress, and every member of the Supreme Court should be given a free copy."

- Earl M. Blackburn, Heritage Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana

"This book is balanced in its use of judicial law as based on principles to establish equity but not binding in detail as is the moral law. Well-written, in fact compellingly pleasant. I think the book will be useful."- Dr. Tom Nettles, Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, KY

This book will examine the Scriptures for guidance on dealing with foreigners by going back to ancient Israel's Laws and History. Dykstra is convinced that we ignore this God-inspired material to our own destruction.

The title of the book is taken from the famous poem of Emma Lazarus

"Give me your tired, your poor,

your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tost, to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

(Inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, New York harbor)

The question mark following these famous words gives a hint about the direction Dykstra will be taking us as we journey back to Israel and to the American experience of our past. All this will lead to a serious look at the issues facing our country as we live in this post-9/11 world.



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