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Eschatology for Young People
Steve Daniels

"Steve Daniels has written a fine book on the last things for young people. It is easy to read, within reach of teenagers, and (best of all) consistently and profoundly biblical in what it teaches. This book would be a fine basis for all sorts of youth Bible studies, youth group situations, and Sunday School classes. One more thing--many older Christians would profit from its teaching as well."--Dr. Sam Waldron, Author of "The End Times Made Simple"

"This is a good book. Steve Daniels answers perplexing questions in plain language and sheds light on difficult passages of Scripture. This work is fast-paced, aptly illustrated and easy to understand. It is true to Scripture and honoring to Christ. It informs the mind and warms the heart with hope. I highly recommend it." - Roger Ellsworth, Pastor and Author

Preface - What About Camping and the Mayans?


1. He is coming back!

2. When will he return?

3. Isn't there more to this age?

4. The Last Days - Already and Not Yet

5. Will there be signs before he returns?

6. Can we determine the order of future events?

7. The Resurrection

8. The New Body

9. Meeting Christ in the Air

10. The Judgment, Part 1: The Judge, the Accused, and the Accusations

11. The Judgment, Part 2: Timing and Location

12. Why There Will Be a Judgment

13. Hell - Unending Torment

14. Heaven, Part 1: Is it heaven, or is it God?

15. Heaven, Part 2: Heaven is more like earth than you think.

16. Heaven, Part 3: A New Earth

17. Heaven, Part 4: What will it be like?


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Essays in Honor of the Ministry of Tom Nettles
Edited by Tom Ascol and Nathan Finn

Contents and Contributors

Foreword (R. Albert Mohler)

Introduction (Tom Ascol)

Part I: Historical

1. Baptists and the Bible: The History of a History Book (Nathan A. Finn)

2. Remembering Baptist Heroes: The Example of John Gill (Michael A.G. Haykin)

3. Crawford H. Toy: Southern Baptists and the Lesson of Controversy (Gregory A. Wills)

4. Evangelicalism from the Beginning: English Baptists of the 17th Century (C. Jeffery Robinson, Sr.)

5. A Distracted Piety: African-American Baptists (Kevin L. Smith)

Part II: Theological

6. The Authority of Scripture: The Bible and Baptists (David S. Dockery)

7. Without One Plea: Human Depravity and the Christian Gospel (Russell D. Moore)

8. God's Sovereign Election (Erroll Hulse)

9. Limited Atonement: A Short Defense (Geoff Thomas)

10. Understanding Effectual Calling (Tom Hicks)

11. Perseverance: The True Nature of Saving Faith (Phil Newton)

12. Justification: The Use of Genesis 15:6 in Romans 4:3 (Sam Waldron)

Part III: Practical

13. The Preacher on Preaching: Wisdom from a Wise Wordsmith (Daniel Akin)

14. An Idol Called Evangelism - And It's Remedy (Roy A. Hargrave)

15. Missions and the Doctrines of Grace (David Sills)

16. 'An Ingenuous Unfolding of Our Principles' Confessionalism Among 17th Century Particular Baptists (James M. Renihan)

17. On Catechizing (Jim Scott Orrick)

18. Recovering Regenerate Church Membership (Tom Ascol)

19. Believer's Baptism: Its Nature, Practice and Importance (Fred Malone)

20. Baptists, Worldview and Focal Practices (Ben Mitchell)

The Writings of Thomas J. Nettles: A Bibliography (Nathan A. Finn and Matthew Emerson)

"Tom Nettles was born to be a teacher, called to be a preacher, and trained to be a scholar. He has produced a library of scholarship and has shaped a generation of Baptist ministers and leaders. He has also done what few scholars ever have the opportunity or courage to do - he has reset the terms of debate for an entire denomination of churches. Thanks to Tom Nettles and his influence, there are important truths that are known and now cannot be denied." - From the Foreword, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"These essays are offered in honor of Tom Nettles with full recognition that our Triune God is the One who deserves all praise for his life and ministry. Our Lord is the One who gives 'pastors and teachers to equip the saints for works of ministry' (Ephesians 4:11-12). We thank God for raising Tom up in our day and using him mightily in the effort to defend the authority of Scripture and recover the gospel that it reveals. Our hope is that this book, which addresses subjects that Tom himself has emphasized in his teaching and writing, will also prove useful in showing that all that we are and have is truly by God's grace and for His glory." - From the Introduction, Tom Ascol, Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida

BRAND NEW 342 Page Hardcover Volume
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Recovering the Gospel: Volume One

Publisher's Description:

One of the greatest crimes of this generation of Christians is our neglect of the gospel, and it is from this neglect that all our other maladies spring forth. Absent from too many pulpits are the essential themes that make up the very core of the gospel-the justice of God, the radical depravity of man, and the blood atonement. In The GospelÆs Power and Message, Paul Washer addresses these essential elements of ChristÆs good news and provides a guide to help us rediscover the gospel in all its beauty, scandal, and saving power. May such a rediscovery transform your life, strengthen your proclamation, and bring the greatest glory to God.


"In these days of insipid, man-centered, ear-tickling preaching, we need Sons of Thunder who fear God and faithfully preach His Word without fear of consequences. My friend Paul Washer is one such man. May God use this book to reach the lost and to glorify His name." - Ray Comfort, author of Hell's Best Kept Secret and The Way of the Master

"In The Gospel's Power and Message, Paul Washer unwraps the gospel and displays its various facets in all their vivid glory. This book is a thoughtful, poignant reminder that the message Christ commissioned us to proclaim is neither spongy nor trivial. Nor can it be improved by human revision. The gospel may be a stumbling block to some and seem like foolishness to others - but to those who are called, it is the power and the wisdom of God." -Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You

"I am profoundly thankful for the courageous clarity of The Gospel's Power and Message by Paul Washer. Christians today seem to have the false impression that the gospel is all about us - a wonderful plan for our lives; a means of finding peace, joy, or personal fulfillment; the way to get to heaven. Those blessings (and many more) are aspects of every true gospel-believer's birthright, of course. But they are not the point or the main objective of the message. The gospel is about God and His eternal glory. That is where it starts, and that is where it takes us in the end. Preached rightly, the gospel convicts and humbles every human heart. It underscores the exceeding sinfulness of our sin. It rebukes even our most laudable works of righteousness. The gospel is simple enough for a child to grasp, but its truths are inexhaustible. In short, the gospel is the best of all good news and the most important message anyone has ever proclaimed. Paul Washer strikes all the right notes in this powerful, biblical study." -John MacArthur, pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and author of The Gospel According to Jesus



PART ONE: An Apostolic Introduction

1. A Gospel to Know and Make Known

2. A Gospel to Be Received

3. A Gospel by Which We Are Saved

4. A Gospel of First Importance

5. A Gospel Handed Down and Delivered

PART TWO: The Power of God for Salvation

6.The Gospel

7. A Scandalous Gospel

8. A Powerful Gospel

9. A Gospel for All Who Believe

PART THREE: The Acropolis of the Christian Faith

10. Making Much of Sin

11. Making Much of God

12. Sinners One and All

13. Sinners Falling Short

14. Sinners Through and Through

15. Righteous Indignation

16. Holy War

17. A Most Costly Gift

18. The Divine Dilemma

19. A Qualified Redeemer

20. The Cross of Jesus Christ

21. The Vindication of God

22. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

23. The Foundation of Faith in the Resurrection

24. Christ's Ascension as the High Priest of His People

25. Christ's Ascension as the Lord of All

26.Christ's Ascension as the Judge of All




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A FAITH TO CONFESS: The 1689 London Baptist Confession in Modern English
modernized by S.M. Houghton


This is an updated version of the Baptist Confession of 1689. Very helpful to use with those who find the language of the original 1689 to be too difficult.

A FAITH TO CONFESS is designed to present a clear outline of Biblical truth to all interested persons. Since the Bible, the fully inspired Word of God, does not change from one age to another, the truths contained in the Confession, wholly based as they are upon Scripture, are as relevant today as when 'the Elders and Brethren of many congregations of Christians, baptized upon profession of their Faith' stated them in 1677. Charles II was then upon the British throne. It was a time of persecution.

Between the years 1644 and 1648 an Assembly of Puritan Divines of England and Scotland had drawn up the Westminster Confession which was and is highly esteemed by believers. But its church Order was that of Presbyterianism, and Baptists differed from it on important matters such as the nature of the gathered church, baptism, the Lord's supper and church government. Hence, when opportunity arose, they drew up their own Confession of Faith, accepting the fundamental doctrines of the Westminster Confession but making such adjustments to, and correction of, that Confession as seemed to their minds and consciences to be demanded by the pure Word of God. Thus a comparison of the two Confessions will reveal many word-for-word similarities but also sundry changes.

A dozen years after the Baptist Confession was drawn up by persecuted ministers a new era of liberty dawned, and in 1689 thirty-seven leading Baptist ministers re-issued the Confession. In England and Wales it became the definitive Confession of the Particular or Calvinistic churches and remained so for the next two centuries. Its alternative title was the Old London Confession. In 1744 it was adopted by the Calvinistic Baptists of North America, and called by them the Philadelphia Confession of Faith.

The youthful C. H. Spurgeon had been minister of the New Park Street Chapel, London, for a few months only when, in 1855, he determined to strengthen the doctrinal foundations of that and other churches by the re-issue of the 1689 Confession. In this way it was given a new lease of life. The twentieth century has also witnessed to its relevance and usefulness, for in 1958 it was again reprinted, with further editions in 1963, 1966, 1970 and 1974. Recent decades have seen a revival of the Reformed Faith, not least among Baptists. The revivifying of old churches and the planting of new churches in various parts of the world has given renewed emphasis to the need for a Confession which sets forth fundamentals of the Faith in clear and concise language.

Carey Publications Limited felt, however, that the Confession of 1689 in its original form presented certain difficulties. An essential of any doctrinal statement is that it should be capable of being clearly understood by those who are invited to use it. As far as possible its language must be that of the time of its issue; ambiguities must be avoided; clarity must be its hallmark. After nearly three hundred years the Confession of William III's reign no longer meets these requirements, and Mr. S. M. Houghton of Charlbury, Oxford, was invited by the Publishers to rewrite the Confession in a modern style, retaining the exact sense of the original-this is guaranteed!-but transposing phrases and changing words, to render the meaning, as far as possible, crystal clear. It is believed that, in this new form, the Confession will have a still greater usefulness wherever the English language is spoken.

Baptist ministers need experience no hesitation in recommending the Confession to their members as a document that maintains doctrinal precision with a reasonable degree of fullness. It is not, of course, to be held as an infallible and authoritative rule. Believers are bound by Scripture, by the whole of Scripture, and by nothing but the Scripture. At the same time, however, it is highly necessary and undeniably useful to have a clear statement in modern language of the Faith we believe and practice and commend to all men.

Those newly converted to the Christian Faith are not expected at the outset either to know or understand all the great doctrines set out in the Confession. But acquaintance with all facts of the Faith is something to be pursued from the moment of conversion, and the more so because there are many winds of false doctrine in the modern world ready to blow young plants out of the ground. The modern idiom will aid young Christians, and the texts to which they are directed will be a guide for them in Bible study. We have not followed the method of inserting, after every other sentence or so, a figure to guide to a Biblical text, but have adopted the more modern practice of giving textual references at the end of the paragraphs. Those who use the Confession are requested to compare the statements made with the texts to which attention is called, but at the same time to remember-and this is a very important matter-that statements in the Confession do not hinge upon any one text, but are keyed to 'the whole counsel of God'.

While it is hoped that all members of churches will steadfastly believe the doctrines of the Confession, it is unlikely that they will all become expert theologians. But the Reformed awakening of today has given renewed thrust to the Biblical teaching concerning Elders, who are, by definition, expected to possess an aptitude to teach and to be able by sound doctrine to exhort and to convince gainsayers (Titus 1:9). Here, then, is a Faith for churches to be founded upon, and a Faith for church officers to teach, defend, and hand on to future generations (1 Tim. 3:15,16).

We can rightly claim that well-established believers of the Baptist persuasion will find little, if any, difficulty in giving assent to the great truths which are covered by the Confession. Such fundamental doctrines as those of the Trinity, Providence, the Fall of Man, the Atonement, Justification, and Repentance are the common heritage of all who worthily bear the name of Christian. On the other hand, there are matters to which the Confession makes reference which do not command such universal assent, and on which, indeed, opinions are divided. This very fact reminds us that the Confession is not acclaimed as an infallible statement on a par with Scripture. But certainly it expresses in up to date language the sum and substance of the ancient Gospel of martyrs, confessors, reformers and saints, and, as Spurgeon said of the Confession when he republished it in 1856, 'it is the truth of God, against which the gates of hell shall not prevail'.


1. The Holy Scripture

2. God and the Holy Trinity

3. God's Decree

4. Creation

5. Divine Providence

6. The Fall of Man: Sin and its Punishment

7. God's Covenant

8. Christ the Mediator

9. Free Will

10. Effectual Calling

11. Justification

12. Adoption

13. Sanctification

14. Saving Faith

15. Repentance unto Life and Salvation

16. Good Works

17. The Perseverance of the Saints

18. The Assurance of Grace and Salvation

19. The Law of God

20. The Gospel and its Gracious Extent

21. Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience

22. Religious Worship, and the Lord's Day

23. Lawful Oaths and Vows

24. Civil Government

25. Marriage

26. The Church

27. The Fellowship of Saints

28. Baptism and the Lord's Supper

29. Baptism

30. The Lord's Supper

31. The State of Man after Death and The Resurrection of the Dead

32. The Last Judgment

lbc 12bc rbp

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ESV EXPOSITORY COMMENTARIES: Presently 5 Volumes of 12 in Print
Series edited by Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton Jr., Jay Sklar,

Designed to strengthen the global church with a widely accessible, theologically sound, and pastorally wise resource for understanding and applying the overarching storyline of the Bible, this commentary series features the full text of the ESV Bible passage by passage, with crisp and theologically rich exposition and application. Editors Iain M. Duguid, James M. Hamilton, and Jay A. Sklar have gathered a team of experienced pastor-theologians to provide a new generation of pastors and other teachers of the Bible around the world with a globally minded commentary series rich in biblical theology and broadly Reformed doctrine, making the message of redemption found in all of Scripture clear and available to all.


VOLUME THREE: 1 Samuel - 2 Chronicles Contributions by John L. Mackay, John Olley, J. Gary Millar

VOLUME SEVEN: Daniel–Malachi Contributions by Mitchell L. Chase, George M. Schwab Sr., Allan Harman, Michael G. McKelvey, Max Rogland, Stephen G. Dempster,

VOLUME NINE: John–Acts Contributions by Brian Vickers and James Hamilton

VOLUME ELEVEN: Ephesians–Philemon Contributions by Benjamin L. Merkle, Jason C. Meyer, Alistair I. Wilson, David W. Chapman, Denny Burk

VOLUME TWELVE: Hebrews - Revelation Contributions by Dennis E. Johnson, Robert L. Plummer, Sam Storms, Matthew S. Harmon, Ray Van Neste, Matthew S. Harmon, Thomas R. Schreiner


“The ESV Expository Commentary series will be a welcome addition to the toolbox of those who are committed to expounding the inerrant and infallible Word of God. It is biblically sound, theologically faithful, and practically helpful. I look forward to using it in my own preaching and teaching ministry.”

Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The ESV Expository Commentary series is one of the best, most useful building blocks for a Bible teacher’s basic library. Readily accessible to lay readers and at the same time sufficiently learned to assist experienced expositors, this twelve-volume set seems destined to become a standard Bible reference tool for serious students of Scripture around the world.” -Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

“The ESV Expository Commentary series is truly a treasure of outstanding biblical exposition and thoughtful biblical theology. Not only will readers find high-quality scholarship, but they will discover a readable, accessible, and well-designed commentary. Pastors, Bible teachers, and interested students will find this excellent resource to be an incredibly helpful and trustworthy guide. Highly recommended!”

David S. Dockery, Chancellor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Sheer exposition! Based on top-level scholarship which has been distilled into a form that is helpful to all students of the Bible, the easy-to-access format of the material is ideal for quick reference. This is a commentary I will refer to often in my study and preparation.” -Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka; author, Discipling in a Multicultural World

“From eternity to eternity, God’s Word reveals his eternal and global plan to bless the nations with the knowledge of his Son. It warms my heart to know this series is being provided to the church, with the intention to bless the nations with access to faithful, solid exposition of the Scriptures. May God use this to fill the earth with the knowledge of his glory as the waters cover the sea.” - Ian Chew, Pastor, Kay Poh Road Baptist Church, Singapore

esvx l2o LDAY

VOLUME THREE: 1 Samuel - 2 Chronicles Contributions by John L. Mackay, John Olley, J. Gary Millar
SGCB Price: $36.00 (list price $60.00)
Page Count: 1,344

VOLUME SEVEN: Daniel–Malachi Contributions by Mitchell L. Chase, George M. Schwab Sr., Allan Harman, Michael G. McKelvey, Max Rogland, Stephen G. Dempster,
SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $50.00)
Page Count: 800

VOLUME NINE: John–Acts Contributions by Brian Vickers and James Hamilton
SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $50.00)
Page Count: 608

VOLUME ELEVEN: Ephesians–Philemon Contributions by Benjamin L. Merkle, Jason C. Meyer, Alistair I. Wilson, David W. Chapman, Denny Burk
SGCB Price: $24.00 (list price $40.00)
Page Count: 576

VOLUME TWELVE: Hebrews - Revelation Contributions by Dennis E. Johnson, Robert L. Plummer, Sam Storms, Matthew S. Harmon, Ray Van Neste, Matthew S. Harmon, Thomas R. Schreiner
SGCB Price: $27.00 (list price $45.00)
Page Count: 784

SGCB Price: $134.75 (list price $245.00)

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Elisabeth Elliot's practical words of comfort will guide others through their sorrow at the time of loss and give them reassurance that their God will never abandon them.

Full Text:

It’s gone. I could see the yellow-spoked wheel of the spare tire, perched on the back of a 1934 Plymouth , disappear over the hilltop. The car in which I might have gotten a ride home from elementary school on this rainy day had gone and I was left behind.

“It’s gone.” The trainman stood at the only lighted gate in Penn Station. The train had gone, leaving me behind to figure out how on earth I was to make a speaking engagement on Long Island in an hour and a half.

We’ve all experienced the desolation of being left in one way or another. And sooner or later many of us experience the greatest desolation of all: he’s gone. The one who made life what it was for us—who was, in fact, our life.

And we were not ready. Not really prepared at all. We felt, when the fact stared us in the face, “No. Not yet.” For however bravely we may have looked at the possibilities (if we had any warning at all), however calmly we may have talked about them with the one who was about to die (and I had a chance to talk about the high risks with my first husband, and about the human hopelessness of the situation with my second), we are caught short. If we had another week, perhaps, to brace ourselves… a few more days to say what we wanted to say, to do or undo some things, wouldn’t it have been better, easier?

But silent, swift, and implacable the Scythe has swept by, and he is gone, and we are left. We stand bewildered on the sidewalk, on the station platform. Yet, most strangely, that stunning snatching away has changed nothing very much. There is the sunlight lying in patches on the familiar carpet just as it did yesterday. The same dishes stand in the rack to be put away as usual, his razor and comb are on the shelf, his shoes in the closet (O the shoes! Molded in the always recognizable shape of his feet). The mail comes, the phone rings, Wednesday gives way to Thursday and this week to next week, and you have to keep getting up in the morning (“Life must go on, I forget just why,” wrote Edna St. Vincent Millay) and combing your hair (for whom, now?), eating breakfast (remember to get out only one egg now, not three), making the bed (who cares?). You have to meet people who most fervently wish they could pass by on the other side so as not to have to think of something to say. You have to be understanding with their attempts to be understanding, and when they nervously try to steer you away from the one topic you want so desperately to talk about you have to allow yourself to be steered away—for their sakes. You resist the temptation, when they say he’s “passed away,” to say “No, he’s dead, you know.”

After a few months you’ve learned those initial lessons. You begin to say “I” instead of “we” and people have sent their cards and flowers and said the things they ought to say and their lives are going on and so, astonishingly, is yours and you’ve “adjusted” to some of the differences—as if that little mechanical word, a mere tinkering with your routines and emotions, covers the ascent from the pit.

I speak of the “ascent.” I am convinced that every death, of whatever kind, through which we are called to go must lead to a resurrection. This is the core of Christian faith. Death is the end of every life and leads to resurrection, the beginning of every new one. It is a progression, a proper progression, the way things were meant to be, the necessary means of ongoing life. It is supremely important that every bereaved person be helped to see this. The death of the beloved was the beloved’s own death, “a very private personal matter,” Gert Behanna says, “and nobody should ever dare to try to get in on the act.” But the death of the beloved is also the lover’s death, for it means, in a different but perhaps equally fearsome way, a going through the Valley of the Shadow.

I can think of six simple things that have helped me through this valley and that help me now.

First, I try to be still and know that He is God. That advice comes from Psalm 46, which begins by describing the sort of trouble from which God is our refuge—the earth’s changing, or “giving way” as the Jerusalem Bible puts it, the mountains shaking, the waters roaring and foaming, nations raging, kingdoms tottering, the earth melting. None of these cataclysms seem an exaggeration of what happens when somebody dies. The things that seemed most dependable have given way altogether. The whole world has a different look and you find it hard to get your bearings. Shadows can be very confusing. But in both psalms we are reminded of one rock-solid fact that nothing can change: Thou art with me. The Lord of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. We feel that we are alone, yet we are not alone. Not for one moment has He left us alone. He is the one who has “wrought desolations,” to be sure. He makes wars cease, breaks bows, shatters spears, burns chariots (breaks hearts, shatters lives?), but in the midst of all this hullabaloo we are commanded, “Be still.” Be still and know.

Stillness is something the bereaved may feel they have entirely too much of. But if they will use that stillness to take a long look at Christ, to listen attentively to His voice, they will get their bearings.

There are several ways of looking and listening that help us avoid being dangerously at the mercy of our (heaven forfend!) “gut-level” feelings. Bible reading and prayer are the obvious ones. Taking yourself by the scruff of the neck and setting aside a definite time in a definite place for deliberately looking at what God has said and listening to what He may have to say to you today is a good exercise. And if such exercises are seen as obligations, they have the same power that other obligations—cooking a meal, cleaning a bathroom, vacuuming a rug—have to save us from ourselves.

Another means of grace is repeating the creed. Here is a list of objective facts that have not been in the smallest detail altered by what has happened to us. Far from it. Not only have they not been altered; they do actually alter what has happened—alter our whole understanding of human life and death, lift it to another plane. We can go through the list and contemplate our situation in the light of each tremendous truth. It is simply amazing how different my situation can appear as a result of this discipline.

The second thing I try to do is to give thanks. I cannot thank God for the murder of one or the excruciating disintegration of another, but I can thank God for the promise of His presence. I can thank Him that He is still in charge, in the face of life’s worst terrors, and that “this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us [not ‘us for’] an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen.” (2 Corinthians 4:17 , 18) I’m back to the creed again and the things unseen that are listed there, standing solidly (yes, solidly, incredible as it seems) against things seen (the fact of death, my own loneliness, this empty room). And I am lifted up by the promise of that “weight” of glory, so far greater than the weight of sorrow that at times seems to grind me like a millstone. This promise enables me to give thanks.

Then I try to refuse self-pity. I know of nothing more paralyzing, more deadly, than self-pity. It is a death that has no resurrection, a sink-hole from which no rescuing hand can drag you because you have chosen to sink. But it must be refused. In order to refuse it, of course, I must recognize it for what it is. Amy Carmichael, in her sword-thrust of a book If, wrote, “If I make much of anything appointed, magnify it secretly to myself or insidiously to others, then I know nothing of Calvary love.” That’s a good definition of self-pity—making much of the “appointed,” magnifying it, dwelling on one’s own losses, looking with envy on those who appear to be more fortunate than oneself, asking “Why me, Lord?” (remembering the “weight of glory” ought to be a sufficient answer to that question). It is one thing to call a spade a spade, to acknowledge that this thing is indeed suffering. It’s no use telling yourself it’s nothing. When Paul called it a “slight” affliction he meant it only by comparison with the glory. But it’s another thing to regard one’s own suffering as uncommon, or disproportionate, or undeserved. What have “deserts” got to do with anything? We are all under the Mercy, and Christ knows the precise weight and proportion of our sufferings— He bore them. He carried our sorrows. He suffered, wrote George Macdonald, not that we might not suffer, but that our sufferings might be like His. To hell, then, with self-pity.

The next thing to do is to accept my loneliness. When God takes a loved person from my life it is in order to call me, in a new way, to Himself. It is therefore a vocation. It is in this sphere, for now anyway, that I am to learn of Him. Every stage on the pilgrimage is a chance to know Him, to be brought to Him. Loneliness is a stage (and, thank God, only a stage) when we are terribly aware of our own helplessness. It “opens the gates of my soul,” wrote Katherine Mansfield, “and lets the wild beasts stream howling through.” We may accept this, thankful that it brings us to the Very Present Help.

The acceptance of loneliness can be followed immediately by the offering of it up to God. Something mysterious and miraculous transpires as soon as something is held up in our hands as a gift. He takes it from us, as Jesus took the little lunch when five thousand people were hungry. He gives thanks for it and then, breaking it, transforms it for the good of others. Loneliness looks pretty paltry as a gift to offer to God—but then when you come to think of it so does anything else we might offer. It needs transforming. Others looking at it would say exactly what the disciples said, “What’s the good of that with such a crowd?” But it was none of their business what use the Son of God would make of it. And it is none of ours. It is ours only to give it.

The last of the helps I have found is to do something for somebody else. There is nothing like definite, overt action to overcome the inertia of grief. The appearance of Joseph of Arimathea to take away the body of Jesus must have greatly heartened the other disciples, so prostrate with their own grief that they had probably not thought of doing anything at all. Nicodemus, too, thought of something he could do—he brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes—and the women who had come with Jesus from Galilee went off to prepare spices and ointments. This clear-cut action lifted them out of themselves. That is what we need in a time of crisis. An old piece of wisdom is, “Dow the next thynge.” Most of us have someone who needs us. If we haven’t, we can find someone. Instead of praying only for the strength we ourselves need to survive, this day or this hour, how about praying for some to give away? How about trusting God to fulfill His own promise, “My power is made perfect in weakness”? (2 Corinthians 12:9) Where else is His power more perfectly manifested than in a human being who, well knowing his own weakness, lays hold by faith on the Strong Son of God, Immortal Love?

It is here that a great spiritual principle goes into operation. Isaiah 58:10-12 says, “If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places, and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail, and… you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in [or, in another translation, ‘paths leading home’].”

The condition on which all these wonderful gifts (light, guidance, satisfaction, strength, refreshment to others) rests is an unexpected one—unexpected, that is, if we are accustomed to think in material instead of in spiritual terms. The condition is not that one solve his own problems first. He need not “get it together.” The condition is simply “if you pour yourself out.”

Countless others have found this to work. St. Francis of Assisi put the principle into other words in his great prayer, “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is darkness let me sow light, where there is sadness, joy…. Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console…. For it is in giving that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” The words of this prayer were like a light to me in the nights of my husband’s last illness, and I wondered then at the marvel of a man’s prayer being answered (was I the millionth to be blessed by it?) some seven hundred years after he had prayed it. St. Francis was most certainly during those nights in 1973 an instrument of God’s peace.

Perhaps it is peace, of all God’s earthly gifts, that in our extremity we long for most. A priest told me of a terminally ill woman who asked him each time he came to visit only to pray, “The peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

I have often prayed, in thinking of the many bereaved, the words of the beautiful hymn “Sun of My Soul”:

Be every mourner’s sleep tonight?

Like infant slumbers, pure and bright.

There they are—six things that, if done in faith, can be the way to resurrection: be still and know, give thanks, refuse self-pity, accept the loneliness, offer it to God, turn your energies toward the satisfaction not of your own needs but of others’. And there will be no calculating the extent to which

From the ground there blossoms red?

Life that shall endless be.


A Very Convenient Tract of 8 Pages
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HEART'S EASE IN HEART TROUBLE: 'Let Not Your Heart be Troubled'
JAMES BURDWOOD (1626-1693)


Some teach today that being a Christian exempts a person from trials and suffering. But our Lord Himself said, “In this world you shall have tribulation.” In this rare work, the author shows that trouble is the norm for a Christian. He explains why our hearts are not to be troubled and how faith in God and Christ is the best antidote for a troubled heart.


Publisher's Note

Life of James Burdwood

The Epistle Dedicatory


Chapter 1 -The Text Opened

Chapter 2 - God’s Choicest Saints are Liable to All Kinds of Troubles

Chapter 3 - Christ’s Disciples Are Apt to Be Troubled in Their Hearts

Chapter 4 - What This Heart Trouble Is That Christ Forbids

Chapter 5 - Different Kinds of Fear

Chapter 6 - Believing in God and in Christ Is the Best Antidote

Chapter 7 - What Is it to Believe in Christ?

Chapter 8 - Faith Must Be Acted on Everything About Christ

Chapter 9 - Faith in God and Christ Is the Best Remedy for Heart Troubles

Chapter 10 - Who Christ Is and What He Has Promised


James Burdwood was born at Yarnacombe in 1626 of religious parents. He had his grammar learning at Kinsbridge School and his later education at Pembroke College, Oxford. He was for a while minister at Plympton St. Mary near Plymouth. From there he moved to Dartmouth at the invitation of the town’s magistrates where he continued till the act of uniformity ejected him.

Having a wife and children he set up a Latin school in Dartmouth but was driven from there by the Five Mile Act. He had thoughts of going to America and sold his estate in order to do so, but was prevented.

He then rented an estate at Batson in the parish of Marlborough, saying often it was better for him and his family to work than to be burdensome to others. There he stayed five years and preached for free in his own house, as long as he was permitted, to great numbers who flocked to hear him from the adjacent areas. And when his house would no longer hold them all they met in his orchard.

He met with some disturbance from the Quakers, of whom there were many in those parts. Some of them occasioned him with much trouble and vexation. They took off his doors, rifled his house, seized and carried away his goods, ripped off the locks on his barn doors and replaced them with their own, and forced his wife and children to seek shelter among their neighbors.

When he could stay no longer at Batson he moved to Hicks Down, about a mile from Bedgebury, where he took another farm. During his seven years residence there his old enemies gave him new trouble. He was fined repeatedly for preaching. Yet he kept preaching anyway.

At length he returned to Dartmouth where, after a brief respite of three years, he met again with hard treatment. After two subsequent years at Bowden, he was seized with a violent fit of bladder stones and frequent urination (strangury). When he was slightly recovered he returned once more to Dartmouth where weakness and pains wholly took him off of public work. He bore his afflictions with admirable patience, acknowledging that they proceeded from a loving Father, that he deserved much worse at His hand, and that he hoped this would be all the hell he would have.

Under very sad circumstances he expressed himself thus: “I have lost estate, relations, and health, and yet God is my God still. I am a broken vessel, fit for no work but suffering. Lord, I submit, I submit.” He often used this remarkable saying: “It is better to be preserved in brine than to rot in honey.” God was pleased at length to release him from his sufferings on August 21, 1693, at the age of 67.

He had good abilities for the pulpit and was a practical, popular preacher. His behavior was exemplary. His counsel was sought by all those around him. He was very humble and eminently faithful, yet prudent in giving reproof.

He had 17 children, though only three outlived him. He was a very tender father to them and was greatly concerned about their souls. He daily put up earnest prayers for them with tears. All of them who lived to years of discretion gave him ground to hope that a good work was wrought in them. He bore the death of those whom God was pleased to take from him with remarkable resignation and preached their funeral sermons himself. He was never imprisoned nor apprehended, though often searched after, and was sometimes strangely preserved. He died in the town in which he was ejected after having endured the most exquisite torments from the strangury. This made him the more able to pen two books:

Heart's Ease in Heart Trouble (1691)

Helps for Faith and Patience in Times of Affliction In Three Parts (1693)

1. Samson’s Riddle Spiritualized

2. Orthodox Paradox, or the Greatest Evil Working the Greatest Eternal Good

3. Heaven and Earth Epitomized, or Invisibilities the Greatest Realities

[This material was taken from Samuel Palmer’s The Nonconformist’s Memorial, Volume 1, printed in London in 1775.]

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HONEY FROM THE ROCK: Daily Devotions from Young Kuyper
ABRAHAM KUYPER, Translated by James De Jong


James De Jong introduces this new volume with the following words_

"One cannot understand Abraham Kuyper apart from his meditations. The more one delves into them, the better one comes to know Abraham Kuyper.

…As a theological professor, he produced major theological works, many now being translated into English for the first time. Kuyper's amazing stamina and productivity, seen in these initiatives, were nurtured by the spirituality so transparent in his meditations. Kuyper did not wear his heart on his sleeve, but his meditations are the lens through which we are privileged to look into his soul.

The title Honey from the Rock is based on Psalm 81:16: “But you will be fed with the finest of wheat. I will satisfy you with honey from the rock.” While Kuyper never did write a meditation on this verse, it perfectly captures how he felt about meditating on Scripture. Communion with the Lord is sweet. It feeds the deepest hungers of the human spirit.

Spiritual nourishment comes from all parts of the Bible. This collection draws heavily from the Gospels, Psalms, New Testament Letters, and Old Testament Latter Prophets. But it also includes meditations based on passages from the Pentateuch, Former Prophets, and wisdom literature.

The themes and topics in this collection are rather wide ranging. Emphasis on personal assurance based on God’s covenant promises is prominent. So is God’s patience and long-suffering with his often-indifferent people. The power and glory of the Christian life are frequent motifs. Endurance and perseverance in the face of hardship appear consistently. The responsibilities of Christian parenting are regularly treated, as are the sad consequences of neglecting them. Formal, empty, powerless religious practice is often denounced, as are hypocrisy and religious practice for social recognition.

The meditations are equally emphatic against cultivating subjective religious experience as the basis for assurance; Kuyper unmasks the spiritual peril of such piety. He is graphic and candid about the power of sin in the lives of Christians as well as among unbelievers. For him, the Devil, sin, and hell are looming realities regularly referenced in his material. He emphasized the ministering power of angels in Christian experience. He stressed the urgency of vibrant Christian community, the Sabbath as a time of sacred refuge and renewal, and the centrality of worship and preaching and sacraments in the ministration of grace. Worldly diversion and the pursuit of material gain and human recognition elicit his warnings.

Kuyper does employ theological terms in these meditations: calling, election, adoption, regeneration, sanctification, atonement, and others. But he does so not to teach doctrine; he assumes that readers understand this vocabulary. He uses these terms only to stress the riches of fellowship with God. Kuyper’s handling of his chosen themes and topics, and his occasional use of theological terms, occur in a surprisingly fresh, creative style. His meditations are spiritually gripping and memorable."


"Imagine opening a collection of meditations by the young Augustine, a young Martin Luther or John Calvin. In this new volume we find a collection of meditations by the young Abraham Kuyper, never before published in English translation. Here are the devotional thoughts of one of the most significant Protestant thinkers of the last 150 years and from the most formative period of his influential life. This treasure is both timeless and timely." —R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"I have been reading Kuyper's 'Near Unto God' collection of meditations for decades—so much so that I wore out my first copy. He is my favorite devotional writer. And now this wonderful collection of 200 more. I hope all who have come to appreciate Kuyper’s writings on politics and culture in recent years will now taste the spiritual sweetness of Honey from the Rock! —Richard J. Mouw, President emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Kuyper is best known for his Christian vision of cultural engagement. This is his legacy, but in Kuyper’s times he was beloved among the Reformed people in the first place for his weekly meditations. In these reflections on a Bible verse, Kuyper opened his heart to his readers by meditating about the personal relation with God in a creative, personal, and inspiring way. Of all Kuyper’s publications, his volumes with meditations sold best. His meditations seem largely to have been forgotten, and therefore it is more than apt that James de Jong translated one of the most famous volumes and presents the religious Kuyper to a new audience. If you want to learn to know Kuyper, his meditations are the best entree to his biography and work." - George Harrick, professor of history at the Free University of Amsterdam and Theological University of Kampen

ABRAHAM KUYPER (1837–1920) was one of the most extraordinary individuals of his time. A prolific intellectual and theologian, he founded the Free University in Amsterdam and was instrumental in the development of Neo-Calvinism. He was also an active politician, serving as a member of Parliament in the Netherlands beginning in 1874 and serving as Prime Minister from 1901 to 1905.

At this intersection of church and state, he devoted much of his writing towards developing a public theology. His passion was to faithfully understand and engage culture through a Christian worldview. The most famous example is his articulation of the doctrine of common grace. His work has influenced countless others, including Francis Schaeffer, Cornelius Van Til, and Alvin Plantinga.

lvs 7/18

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MY MOTHER: Recollections of Maternal Influence
John Mitchell

John Mitchell (1794-1870) a leading Congregational Minister of the 19th century New England wrote this book as a tribute to his mother, Mrs. Abigail Mitchell.

One celebrated author of the day said, "It is one of those rare pictures painted from life with the exquisite skill of one of the old masters, which so seldom present themselves to the amateur."

Originally published in 1849, the aim and character of the work is described by the author in the following words: "However much of a biographical nature may be found in it, this was not intended as a biography, as some have conceived it to be. Its aim was educational. It was believed that such observations on maternal influence and domestic life as are here drawn from memory, presented in a narrative way, might be attractive and useful to mothers of young families; perhaps, also, to husbands and fathers."


55% Discount
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FROM THE FLAG TO THE CROSS: Scenes and Incidents of Christianity in the Civil War
Amos S. Billingsley

The sub-title to this masterpiece is "The conversions, prayers, dying requests, last words, sufferings and deaths of our soldiers, on the battlefield, in hospital, camp and prison and a description of distinguished Christian men and their labors."

Amos Stevens Billingsley was born in 1818, near East Palestine, Columbiana County, OH. He was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister on 10 Jan 1854, and pastored the Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church in Lawrence County until 1857, when he was sent to west as a missionary by the Presbyterian Home Board of Missions. He ministered in the Colorado Gold fields, 1861-62. In 1861 he was elected Chaplain of the Colorado House of Representatives. In 1863, he was assigned as Chaplain of the 101st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He mustered in 9 Jan 1864. He was captured 20 April 1864 at Plymouth, NC, and held captive at Libby Prison in Richmond, VA. He and his wife settled in Statesville, NC, where he pastored at the colored Presbyterian Church. Rev. Billingsley died 12 Oct 1897 in Statesville, NC.

This book is a rivetting account of the work of God in the Civil War. The title of the book, FROM THE FLAG TO THE CROSS, is taken from a letter written from a dying soldier to his brother in which he commends his allegiance to the Flag but urges him to the highest allegiance to the Cross of Jesus Christ.

During the civil war in America, over 600,000 men died serving in a conflict that is hard for us to imagine. A nation birthed in liberty just some 80 years before fought a war on its own soil, between its own people, that nearly destroyed the nation. Only the hand of providence could have re-birthed this young nation out of the ash heap of the civil war, to become one of the greatest nations on the timeline of freedom.

Many theologians, historians and philosophers have debated the providential hand of God and where it acted through this terrible chapter of our history. Few have put down the telescope, in order to pick up the magnifying glass and look into the lives of the men who fought and see not whose side God was on, but where He was.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil; for you are with me; Your rod and your staff, They comfort me."

-Psalm 23

Even the most cursory reading of civil war history makes apparent the "valley of death" that the soldiers walked through in the civil war. Scenes from Dante's Inferno pale in comparison to the reality of civil war battlefields and hospitals. Brave men on both sides of this struggle walked through the valley of death and stared into the belly of hell. But there is a story woven throughout the civil war that has remained relatively unknown. That is the story of a living God walking among the men, a Savior granting men true and eternal life in the midst of this "shadow of death." And a story of heroic men and women that went to the battlefields, not to fight for the blue or the grey but to fight for the souls of men and for the sake of the gospel. Their instruments of battle were not rifles or bayonets; their instruments of battle were Bibles, bandages and the love of Christ. These were the military chaplains and the men and women of the United States Christian Commission.

One such man was Amos Stevens Billingsley, Chaplain of the 101st Pennsylvania, who in addition to being a lifelong servant of His Master, was a prolific writer. His story from the hospitals and battlefields represents thousands of others, who like Billingsley, went to war under the banner of the Cross.



50% Discount
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Jonathan Edwards on Eternal Damnation
Jonathan Edwards, edited by William Nichols

Hell has fallen on hard times in the modern evangelical church. Many pastors and evangelists do not even mention the word hell in their sermons and when they do it is often described only as a place of separation from God. What unconverted person would not greatly desire to be separated from God in eternity? There is great need to return to the evangelism of Jonathan Edwards who unashamedly preached the biblical doctrine of hell.

"The Torments of Hell: Jonathan Edwards on Eternal Damnation" contains 14 sermons by Jonathan Edwards arranged in a sequential order to progressively outline what the Bible teaches about hell. There is commentary on each one of the manuscripts by William C. Nichols comparing and contrasting the modern teaching on hell to Edwards' teaching. Most of the sermons in this book have never been published prior to 2005. The book will be about 320 pages in length, hardcover, with 14 manuscripts by Edwards containing over 18 sermons.

Some Sermons are:

That Wicked Men Are the Children of the Devil

The Wicked Hereafter Will Be Cast Into a Furnace of Fire

That the Bodies of Wicked Men as Well as Their Souls Will Be Punished Forever in Hell

That the Punishment and Misery of Wicked Men in Another World Will Be in Proportion to the Sin that They Are Guilty Of

Wicked Men in Hell Will Remember How Things Were With Them Here in this World

They That Are Gone to Hell Are All of Them in Despair

30% Discount
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Arthur W. Pink

A collection of the best writings of Arthur W. Pink on salvation. Originally published in Studies in the Scriptures, writings in this book include Regeneration, Repentance, Coming to Christ, Saving Faith, and Signs of the Times. Pink had keen insight into the very problems we face today regarding the compromising of the gospel message saying, "Tens of thousands of professing Christians are filled with a vain and presumptuous confidence that all is well with them. They delude themselves with hopes of mercy while continuing to live in a course of self-will and self-pleasing. They fancy they are fitted for Heaven, while every day that passes finds them the more prepared for Hell." 160 pages. Paperback.

25% Discount
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THEOLOGY FOR THE PEOPLEor Biblical Doctrine, Plainly Stated
William S. Plumer

"The knowledge of God possessed by angels and by the spirits of just men made perfect in heaven, is very different in degree from that possessed by even good and able men on earth. Here all men are liable to err, and all men do err. No man on this earth is without some wrong view, or some ignorance, which mars his knowledge. This is no reason for sloth or discouragement; but is a good reason why we should be humble and careful and teachable, and pray for divine light and guidance. It is far different in heaven. There they do always hold the face of God. Matthew 18:10. They do not hope for anything, for they already possess all good. Romans 8:24. 'Now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known.' 1 Corinthians 13:12. Knowledge without any mixture of error belongs only to the heavenly state. And yet a great part of the knowledge which the inhabitants of heaven have - concerns the very things which good men are learning in this world. Those above know perfectly what we know in parcels only." - Wm. Plumer

1. Theology

2. Reason and Revelation

3. Divine Truth Excellent, though often Mysterious

4. Short Explanations of Some Terms

5. The Word of God

6. Names and Titles of God

7. The Attributes of God

8. The Trinity

9. Creation

10. Providence

11. Man a Sinner

12. Though man is a Sinner, yet he may be Saved

13. Christ the Son of God and the Son of Man

14. Christ the Mediator

15. Christ a Prophet, Priest, and King

16. The Glory of Christ in his Offices

17. Men must accept Christ and believe the Gospel

18. Repentance

19. A Change of Heart

20. Justification

21. Sanctification

22. Prayer

23. God's Law

24. God's Law - Second Table

25. A Profession of Religion

26. How Saints are kept

27. Death

28. The Resurrection

29. The Judgment

30. Heaven

31. Hell

32. How To Use The Bible

SGCB Price: $19.95 (list price $30.00)

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Is True Romance Possible in the 21st Century?
Jeff & Danielle Myers

An old favorite, back in print in a new hardcover edition! This was one of our most requested Out of Print books for years - and now available again!

Jeff and Danielle were determined to do things differently. So, before the era of "True Love Waits" or the writing of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, they interviewed married couples to discover the keys to a successful courtship. They applied these principles in their own relationship and later, wrote this humorous, heart-warming book. 15 years later, they have re-released an updated version of this classic, which has given tens of thousands of young couples honest and straightforward counsel about the best way to prepare for marriage.

"Jeff and Danielle prove that God's plan for relationships is not out of date or old-fashioned - it's for the adventurous, courageous and most importantly, romantic Christian single who wants God's best in relationships and marriage." -- Joshua Harris, Senior Pastor, Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg, MD and author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship.


SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $13.50)

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James Janeway & Cotton Mather

"Are the souls of your children of no value? They are not too little to die, they are not too little to go to hell, they are not too little to serve their great Master, nor too little to go to heaven!" -- James Janeway

"A Token for Children, written by James Janeway in the seventeenth century, is designed for adults in the twenty-first century. If we contemporary 'Christians' want to know what Christian experience is, we can do no better than to let these little children of centuries ago teach us. Every modern Christian parent ought to buy and study this book before making it required reading for all of his/her offspring." - John H. Gerstner, from the foreword

"Cotton Mather (1663-1728), a Puritan pastor in New England, wrote his own account of children converted by God. That book, plus Janeway's, are printed together in this volume. They not only show how Puritan parents evangelized their children in the home, but still today, can assist you in parenting and assist your children who may read them for great profit to their own souls." -Joel Beeke


SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $18.00)

Add Janeway's HEAVEN UPON EARTH for over 55% off
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GOSPEL SONNETS: Spiritual Songs in Six Parts
Ralph Erskine, edited by Dr. Mike Renihan, Transcribed by Michelle L. Renihan

"Ralph Erskine (1685-1752) was a great man of God, a great preacher, and a great poet. Six of his seven volumes of Works - all of them sermons - have often been reprinted in the last two centuries. The seventh volume - a volume of poetry - has not, yet, ironically, this was the most common Erskine volume reprinted in his own day! SGCB is to be commended for republishing this great book of gospel poetry, so that we can once again have all of Ralph Erskine's extant writings in print. Erskine's poetry excels in certain areas, such as the interrelationship of law and gospel. It will enhance your knowledge of God's Word, imbue your theology with discernment and warmth, and move you to worship the triune God with doxological praise." - Dr. Joel Beeke

"Erskine's productions appear in a genre little appreciated nowadays, but the paralleled inference, balanced clarity, distilled compass, and tensioned logic he sets forth in lyrical metre excels the most studied prose of moderns. One section alone, entitled: 'The Believer's Principles' would send many a contemporary treatise packing. I cannot consult it without a quick look turning into an hour of concentrated enjoyment. My copy, printed in 1796, was a gift from a dear friend, and if there were a fire and I could only save one or two books, Erskine's 'Sonnets' would be the first I would reach for. I respect the 'Michaels' (Gaydosh and Renihan) highly, but higher still for placing these theological poems in the hands God's people once again." - Pastor Tom Lyon

"In your hand is a new edition of a classic work of godly, manly, theologically-informed poetry. It is godly because its main purpose is to point sinners to God and the sufficiency of His Word for all that is needed for faith and godliness. It is manly because the words are addressed to real people with an insightful understanding of the full complexities of sin's effects on human nature. It is theologically-informed from the pages of God's Word. Actually, these words drip with the content of the whole counsel of God. All the major doctrines are addressed at one time or another." - from editor Dr. Mike Renihan

If the number of Editions of any performance, be a mark of public approbation, Mr. Erskine's Gospel Sonnets have a claim to that distinction, and they may be ranked amongst those of general esteem and usefulness; few books have been so often printed in the same space of time. The present Edition, it is hoped, will be sound not less worthy of public encouragement, than those that have gone before it, as considerable attention has been paid to the correcting, by comparing it with former editions; and every thing is to be found here that has appeared in the most approved copies of the Gospel Sonnets.

Mr. Erskine's Poems, as Dr. Bradbury says,"are greatly to be esteemed; and above all, for that which animates the whole, the favour of divine and experimental knowledge."


I. The Believer's Espousals.

II. The Believer's Jointure.

III. The Believer's Riddle.

IV. The Believer's Lodging.

V. The Believer's Soliloquy.

VI. The Believer's Principles, concerning -








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Order with Schaff's Great CHRIST IN SONG
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Owen Strachan & Doug Sweeney

This set includes all five books of The Essential Edwards Collection: Jonathan Edwards Lover of God, Jonathan Edwards On Beauty, Jonathan Edwards On Heaven and Hell, Jonathan Edwards On the Good Life, and Jonathan Edwards on True Christianity.

Jonathan Edwards was a colonial, philosophical preacher and theologian. To many he stands as the preeminent theologian and thinker of the American tradition. This series of five books covers Edwards' life and major writings opening an accessible window into the heart and mind of the man credited for starting the First Great Awakening.

By way of introduction, presentation and reflection, the authors unearth the choicest treasures of Edwards' writings for lay people to discover. Eminently readable and understandable, The Essential Edwards Collection proves you do not need to be a scholar to enjoy and benefit from the writings and life of Jonathan Edwards.







"A great resource! Edwards continues to speak, and this series of books is an excellent means to hear Jonathan Edwards again live and clear. Pure gold; be wise and invest in it!" - Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

"Everyone says Jonathan Edwards is important. Quite frankly, however, his writing style is pretty dense by contemporary standards, so few pastors and other Christian leaders have invested much time reading him. This new series tackles the problem. Here is the kernel of much of Edwards's thought in eminently accessible form." - D.A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"In The Essential Edwards Collection, Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney point with knowledge and excitement to clear and searching sections that illuminate God's truth and search our hearts. In this collection, Edwards is introduced to a new generation of readers. His concerns are made our concerns. This is a worthy effort and I pray that God will bless it." - Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC.

"Why hasn't this been done before? The Essential Edwards Collection is now essential reading for the serious-minded Christian. Doug Sweeney and Owen Strachan have written five excellent and accessible introductions to America's towering theological genius - Jonathan Edwards. They combine serious scholarship with the ability to make Edwards and his theology come alive for a new generation. The Essential Edwards Collection is a great achievement and a tremendous resource. I can't think of a better way to gain a foundational knowledge of Edwards and his lasting significance." - R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

"You hold in your hands a unique resource: a window into the life and thought of Jonathan Edwards, a man whose life was captured by God for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In these pages you'll not only learn about Edwards, but you'll be able to hear him speak in his own words. This winsome and accessible introduction is now the first thing I'd recommend for those who want to know more about America's greatest pastor-theologian. - Justin Taylor, Managing Editor, ESV Study Bible.

"I am deeply impressed with the vision that has brought together this splendid library of volumes to introduce Jonathan Edwards to a new generation. Owen Strachan and Douglas Sweeney have provided an incredible service by making the often challenging writings of America's greatest theologian accessible for seasoned theologians, pastors, and students alike with their five-volume Essential Edwards Collection. This series is properly titled the "essential collection." - David S. Dockery, President, Union University

"Jonathan Edwards was a preacher of the Word, a pastor of souls, a philosopher of first rank, and the greatest theologian America has ever produced. In this wonderful new anthology of Edwards's writings, the great Puritan saint lives again. I can think of no better tonic for our transcendence-starved age than the writings of Edwards. But beware: reading this stuff can change your life forever!" - Timothy George, Founding Dean of Besson Divinity School of Samford University

"From a course he taught at Yale and in personal friendship, Doug Sweeney has taught me much about Edwards. Possessing a command of the academic field, he and Owen Strachan nevertheless write this collection with pastoral concern, showing the relevance of Edwards for our Christian faith and practice today. It's a rare combination of gifts and insights that Sweeney and Strachan bring to this task." - Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary California

"Jonathan Edwards is surely one of the most influential theologians of the eighteenth century. Now, at last, we have a wide-ranging and representative sample of his work published in an attractive, accessible and, most important of all, readable form. The authors are to be commended for the work they have put into this set and I hope it will become an important feature of the library of many pastors and students of the Christian faith." - Carl R. Trueman, Academic Dean, Westminster Theological Seminary

fss tsg mpn

SGCB Price: $27.50 (list price $50.00)

JONATHAN EDWARDS: LOVER OF GOD by Owen Strachan & Doug Sweeney
SGCB Price: $5.95 (list price $10.00)

JONATHAN EDWARDS: ON BEAUTY by Owen Strachan & Doug Sweeney
SGCB Price: $5.95 (list price $10.00)

JONATHAN EDWARDS: ON HEAVEN AND HELL by Owen Strachan & Doug Sweeney
SGCB Price: $5.95 (list price $10.00)

JONATHAN EDWARDS: ON THE GOOD LIFE by Owen Strachan & Doug Sweeney
SGCB Price: $5.95 (list price $10.00)

SGCB Price: $5.95 (list price $10.00)

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A GOLDEN CHAIN: The Description of Theology Containing the Order of the Causes of Salvation & Damnation, According to God's Word


**SPECIAL BONUS - Inserted into the volume is a large color-copy of the famous Perkins' Chart which summarizes the book.

A GOLDEN CHAIN, or The Description of Theology Containing the Order of the Causes of Salvation & Damnation, According to God's Word

To the Christian Reader

Christian Reader, there are at this day four several opinions of the order of God's predestination. The first is of the old and new Pelagians; who place the cause of God's predestination in man; in that they hold that God did ordain men either to life or death, according as he did foresee, that they would by their natural freewill, either reject or receive grace offered. The second of them, who (of some) are termed Lutherans; which teach, that God foreseeing, how all mankind being shut up under unbelief, would therefore reject grace offered, did hereupon purpose to choose some to salvation of his mere mercy, without any respect of their faith or good works, and the rest to reject, being moved to do this, because he did eternally foresee that they would reject his grace offered them in the Gospel. The third, of Semipelagian Papists, which ascribe God's predestination, partly to mercy, and partly to men's foreseen preparations and meritorious works. The fourth, of such as teach, that the cause of the execution of God's predestination, is His mercy in Christ, in them which are saved; and in them which perish, the fall and corruption of man: yet so, as that the decree and eternal counsel of God, concerning them both, hath not any cause beside his will and pleasure. Of these four opinions, the three former I have labored to oppugn as erroneous, and to maintain the last, as being a truth, which will bear weight in the balance of the sanctuary.

A further discourse whereof, here I make bold to offer to thy godly consideration: in reading whereof, regard not so much the thing itself, penned very slenderly, as mine intent and affection: who desire among the rest, to cast my mite into the treasury of the Church of England, and for want of gold, pearl and precious stone, to bring a ram's skin or twain, and a little goats' hair to the building of the Lord's tabernacle, Exodus 35:23

The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ grant that according to the riches of His glory, thou mayest be strengthened by his Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in thy heart by faith; to the end that thou being rooted and grounded in love, mayest he able to comprehend with all saints, what is the breadth and length, and height thereof; and to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge, that thou mayest he filled with all the fullness of God. Amen. Farewell, July 23rd, the year of the last patience of the saints, 1592.

Thine in Christ Jesus, William Perkins

Chapter 1 - Of the Body of Scripture

Chapter 2 - Of God and the Nature of God

Chapter 3 - Of the Life of God

Chapter 4 - Of God's Glory and Blessedness

Chapter 5 - Concerning the Persons of the Godhead

Chapter 6 - Of God's Works, and His Decrees

Chapter 7 - Of Predestination and Creation

Chapter 8 - Of Angels

Chapter 9 - Of Men and the Estate of Innocence

Chapter 10 - Of Sin, and of the Fall of Angels

Chapter 11 - Of Man's Fall and Disobedience

Chapter 12 - Of Original Sin

Chapter 13 - Of Actual Sin

Chapter 14 - Of the Common Punishment of Sin

Chapter 15 - Of Election, and Jesus Christ the Foundation Thereof

Chapter 16 - Of the Union of the Two Natures in Christ

Chapter 17 - Of the Distinction of Both Natures

Chapter 18 - Of Christ's Nativity and Office

Chapter 19 - Concerning the Outward Means of Executing the Decree of Election and the Decalogue

Chapter 20 - Of the First Commandment

Chapter 21 - Of the Second Commandment

Chapter 22 - Of the Third Commandment

Chapter 23 - Of the Fourth Commandment

Chapter 24 - Of the Fifth Commandment

Chapter 25 - Of the Sixth Commandment

Chapter 26 - Of the Seventh Commandment

Chapter 27 - Of the Eighth Commandment

Chapter 28 - Of the Ninth Commandment

Chapter 29 - Of the Tenth Commandment

Chapter 30 - Of the Use of the Law

Chapter 31 - Of the Covenant of Grace

Chapter 32 - Of the Sacraments

Chapter 33 - Of Baptism

Chapter 34 - Of the Lord's Supper

Chapter 35 - Of the Degree of Executing God's Decree of Election

Chapter 36 - Concerning the first Degree of the Declaration of God's Love

Chapter 37 - Concerning the second Degree of the Declaration of God's Love

Chapter 38 - Concerning the third Degree of the Declaration of God's Love

Chapter 39 - Of Repentance and the Fruits Thereof

Chapter 40 - Of Christian Warfare

Chapter 41 - Of the First Assault

Chapter 42 - Of the Second Assault

Chapter 43 - Of the Third Assault

Chapter 44 - Of the Patient Bearing of the Cross

Chapter 45 - Of the Calling Upon God

Chapter 46 - Of the Christian Apology and Martyrdom

Chapter 47 - Of Edification, and Alms Among the Faithful

Chapter 48 - Of the Fourth Degree of the Declaration of God's Love; and of the Estate of the Elect After This Life

Chapter 49 - Of the Elect at the Last Day of Judgment

Chapter 50 - Of the Estate of the Elect After Judgment

Chapter 51 - The Causes of Salvation and Damnation According to Rome's Doctrines

Chapter 52 - Concerning the Decree of Reprobation

Chapter 53 - Concerning the Execution of the Decree of Reprobation

Chapter 54 - Concerning a New Devised Doctrine of Predestination, Taught by Some New and late Divines

Chapter 55 - Of the State and Condition of the Reprobate When They Are Dead

Chapter 56 - Of the Condemnation of the Reprobate at the Last Judgment

Chapter 57 - Of the Estate of the Reprobate in Hell

Chapter 58 - Of the Application of Predestination

"Nearly one hundred Cambridge men who grew up in Perkins's shadow led early migrations to New England, including William Brewster of Plymouth, Thomas Hooker of Connecticut, John Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay, and Roger Williams of Rhode Island. Richard Mather was converted while reading Perkins, and Jonathan Edwards was fond of reading Perkins more than a century later. Samuel Morison remarked that "your typical Plymouth Colony library comprised a large and a small bible, Ainsworth's translation of the Psalms, and the works of William Perkins, a favorite theologian" (The Intellectual Life of New England, 2nd ed., p. 134).

"Anyone who reads the writings of early New England learns that Perkins was indeed a towering figure in their eyes," wrote Perry Miller. Perkins and his followers were "the most quoted, most respected, and most influential of contemporary authors in the writings and sermons of early Massachusetts." (taken from Meet the Puritans)

"Contemporary scholars have called Perkins 'the principal architect of Elizabethan Puritanism,' 'the Puritan theologian of Tudor times,' 'the most important Puritan writer,' 'the prince of Puritan theologians,' 'the ideal Puritan clergyman of the quietist years,' 'the most famous of all Puritan divines,' and have classed him with Calvin and Beza as third in 'the trinity of the orthodox.' He was the first theologian to be more widely published in England than Calvin and the first English Protestant theologian to have a major impact in the British isles, on the continent, and in North America. Little wonder that Puritan scholars marvel that Perkins's rare works remain largely unavailable until now." - Dr. Joel Beeke

"William Perkins' 'A Golden Chain' is a very important work, not only in English theology but in Early Modern thought as well. Anyone interested in Puritanism must be familiar with its contents. For the benefit of the church, it will serve pastors and people alike. Some may be aware that in the last two decades, a theological break between John Calvin and English Puritanism has been advocated in some circles. William Perkins has been suggested as the chief party guilty of introducing ideas John Calvin did not hold into the stream of Puritanism, thus altering its course in a legalistic direction. This primary source evidence will provide a great deal of information demonstrating that this notion simply is not true. Perkins is full of Christ and the gospel. This is a great work, worthy of all accolades it has received. Take and read--you will be the better for doing so." - James M. Renihan, Ph.D., Dean, Professor of Historical Theology, Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies




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cw3 ms8 10/3

Smyth-Sewn Clothbound Book with Perkins' Chart on Election & Reprobation
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Order as PURITAN TRILOGY with "A COMPLETE BODY OF DIVINITY" by Thomas Watson and "EXPOSITION OF JUDE" by William Jenkyn
SGCB Price: $70.00 (list price $170.00)

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SIGHS FROM HELLThe Groans of a Damned SoulBeing an Exposition of Luke 16
John Bunyan, edited by Dr. Don Kistler

SIGHS FROM HELL: The Groans of a Damned Soul by John Bunyan

This book is especially timely in light of Rob Bell's recent book release called "Love Wins," in which he denies a literal hell, other than the one we make for ourselves. But over 300 years ago John Bunyan wrote this little work in which he exposits the story in Luke 16 of Dives and Lazarus, and shows biblically that hell is quite literal---at least Jesus thought so!

This book has been slightly updated as to language and grammar. It is hardbound and printed on acid-free paper. While this work of Bunyan's is not as well known as "Pilgrim's Progress," it is very important, particularly for evangelism. This is what sinners need to be saved from!

An exposition of those words in Luke 16 concerning the rich man and the beggar wherein is discovered the lamentable state of the damned: their cries, their desires in their distresses, with the determination of God upon them; a good warning word to sinners, both old and young, to take into consideration quickly, and to see by faith in Jesus Christ to avoid, lest they come into the same place of torment.

NH12 NH18 nhp pp2 10s

SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)
Jeremy Walker

With a 'gutless orthodoxy,' Christians today quickly affirm biblical truth regarding evangelism and mission, but, author Jeremy Walker reminds us, "we cannot pretend that we know and believe the truth about men, souls, heaven, hell, and salvation unless it is making a difference in the way we think, feel, pray, speak, and act."

How do Christians develop this sense of urgency to see lost sinners saved? What motivates our evangelism? We must have the character of the brokenhearted evangelist, the David of Psalm 51, who recognizes the greatness of his own sin, looks to God for forgiveness, then recognizes his undeniable obligation to teach transgressors God's ways. In an engaging style and with pastoral warmth, Walker urges Christians to exercise their obligation and privilege to teach transgressors God's ways, providing both spiritual truth and practical guidance for carrying out this necessary gospel duty.

Table of Contents:


1. Am I Willing? Our Undeniable Obligation

2. Am I Effective? Our Necessary Equipment

3. Am I Committed? Our Appointed Means

4. Am I Focused? Our Declared Aim

5. Am I Fruitful? Our Great Expectation

Author Jeremy Walker is a pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crawley, England, and co-author of A Portrait of Paul: Identifying a True Minister of Christ.


"In recent years providence has brought a number of people into my life and ministry who are passionate about evangelism. Some of them are especially keen to win friends, fellow-workers, and family to Christ; others are engaged in various kinds of open-air evangelism, bringing the gospel to people they have never met before. I thank God for all of them and the passion that drives them. This excellent book by Jeremy Walker explains the biblical principles that underlie and provoke such passion, reminding us that time is short, the need is urgent, the laborers are few, and the fields are white unto harvest." - John MacArthur

"Jeremy Walker's book is in the tradition of the Puritan classic, Joseph Alleine's Alarm to the Unconverted, but this is more Jeremy Walker's Alarm to the Converted. It is a pleasant surprise, coming as it does from a part of our world where Christianity has largely entered a 'garrison' (bunker) mode. The book, based on Psalm 51:13, is not meant simply to teach us about evangelism; it demands a verdict. He enlists the help of the great soul winners in history to reinforce his appeals. Even before I finished reading the book, I was already asking myself whether my heart was truly broken about the lost around me - and if it is, what am I doing about it?" - Conrad Mbewe, Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia

"The Broken Hearted Evangelist will refresh, strengthen, and equip the most timid saint for the work of soul winning. Jeremy Walker's consideration of evangelism from the perspective of Psalm 51 is like fresh water drawn from a new well. He does not merely exhort us to greater faithfulness in evangelism and then leave us bewildered and guilty. Instead, he takes us to the very fountain from which all true motivation and strength for evangelism springs forth - the gospel and its glorious impact upon our own lives." - Paul Washer

"The Brokenhearted Evangelist is a challenging call to our great responsibility and glorious privilege of personally sharing the gospel of Christ with others. In this book, Pastor Jeremy Walker does a superb job of showing us from the life of David that mercies received from God are to be a key motivating factor for us telling others about Him. Filled with much practical instruction and penetrating insight, this book is very helpful in teaching us how to become wise in winning souls for Jesus. Would we live up to such a high Biblical calling in our lives? Would we do our Master's bidding as He calls us to? May the Lord be pleased to use this stirring work to these holy and blessed ends." - Rob Ventura, Pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church, Rhode Island



33% Discount - Brand New Title
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Joel Beeke & Mark Jones

Finally, the perfect companion to MEET THE PURITANS, this volume may be the most thorough volume ever produced on PURITAN THEOLOGY. The first printing of this volume sold out within the first few weeks and a second printing is already available.

Pastor Rob Ventura has said the following: ""What did the Puritans believe about God's providence and the perseverance of the saints? What were their views on conscience and Christ's intercession for us? In 'A Puritan Theology' compiled by Dr. Joel R. Beeke and Mark Jones, we have the answers to these and many other questions. In this unique one volume work we have a robust systematic theology drawn from the teachings of the most beloved Puritans: an outstanding achievement indeed! This resource is a must read for every pastor, seminarian and serious student of the Reformed Faith. It will be a volume that I turn to again and again."

Joel Beeke begins the Introduction with these words: "The word 'Puritan' originated in the 1560s as a bit of pejorative hurled at people who wanted further reformation in the Church of England. While some social historians think the term should be abandoned due to the various ways it was used during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, others who identify themselves as Reformed or Calvinistic defend the continuing use of the terms 'Puritan' and 'Puritanism.'

This book is about Puritan theology. Its chapters will address various areas of the systematic theology of Puritanism. Fine studies on Puritan theology already exist. Some address the Puritans in general, and some focus on the work of a particular Puritan theologian. To date, however, there has been no single work that provides an overview of Puritan thought concerning Scripture's major doctrines, historically and systematically considered. We hope this book will fill that gap. We will begin by stating what we will and will not cover, and why."



1. The Puritans on Natural and Supernatural Theology

2. Puritan Hermeneutics and Exegesis

3. The Learned Doctor William Ames and The Marrow of Theology


4. Stephen Charnock on the Attributes of God

5. The Puritans on the Trinity

6. John Owen on Communion with the Triune God

7. William Perkins on Predestination

8. Thomas Goodwin and Johannes Maccovius on Justification from Eternity

9. Thomas Goodwin's Christological Supralapsarianism

10. The Puritans on Providence

11. The Puritans on Angels

12. The Puritans on Demons


13. The Puritans on the Sinfulness of Sin

14. The Puritans on the Covenant of Works

15. The Puritans on the Covenant of Redemption

16. The Puritans on the Covenant of Grace

17. The Puritans on the Old and New Covenants: A Gracious Moses?

18. The Minority Report: John Owen on Sinai

19. The Puritans on Covenant Conditions


20. The Puritans on Law and Gospel

21. Puritan Christology

22. The Puritans on Christ's Offices and States

23. The Blood of Christ in Puritan Piety

24. Anthony Burgess on Christ's Intercession for Us

25. Thomas Goodwin on Christ's Beautiful Heart

26. The Puritans on Understanding and Using God's Promises


27. Puritan Preparatory Grace

28. The Puritans on Regeneration

29. The Puritans on Union with Christ, Justification, and Regeneration

30. John Owen on Justification by Faith Alone

31. The Puritans on Coming to Christ

32. The Puritans on Living in Christ

33. The Puritans on Adoption

34. The Third Use of the Law

35. Richard Sibbes on Entertaining the Holy Spirit

36. William Perkins and His Greatest Case of Conscience

37. The Puritans on Perseverance of the Saints


38. The Puritans on the Government of the Church

39. The Puritans on the Offices of the Church

40. John Owen on the Christian Sabbath and Worship

41. Puritan Preaching (1)

42. Puritan Preaching (2)

43. John Bunyan's Preaching to the Heart

44. The Puritans and Paedobaptism

45. The Puritans on the Lord's Supper

46. Puritan Prayers for World Missions


47. 'The City on a Hill': The American Puritans' Optimistic View of the End Times

48. Thomas Manton on the Judgment According to Works

49. How History Informs the Historicist: Thomas Goodwin's Reading of Revelation

50. Christopher Love on the Glories of Heaven and Terrors of Hell


51. Puritan Theology Shaped by a Pilgrim Mentality

52. The Puritans on Walking Godly in the Home

53. Matthew Henry on a Practical Method of Daily Prayer

54. The Puritan Practice of Meditation

55. The Puritans on Conscience

56. Puritan Casuistry

57. Puritan Sacrificial Zeal

58. Practical Lessons from Puritan Theology Today


59. A Final Word





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THE STUDY GUIDE for A Puritan Theology
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $8.00)

SGCB Price: $39.50 (list price $68.00)
Selected Passages from the Writings of the Rev. John Owen
Chosen and Edited with a Study of His Life & Age by James Moffatt

DR. ALEXANDER WHYTE wrote the following note to the editor of this outstanding volume: "I do not know another living man who could have done this service to John Owen. All your previous studies will but surer gain you a multitide of astonished and admiring readers. Much as I expected from you, this far surpasses my expectations."



INTRODUCTORY SKETCH of Owen's Life and Age



Argument and Force


Catholicism, the Genuine

Christ, the Person of

Christ and other Masters

Church's One Foundation

Church, the: What is it for?

Conscience and Forgiveness

England's Glory

Faith, the Accumulation of

Faith and Death


God, the Generosity of

God, the Love of

God, the Power of

Heaven and Earth

History, the Witness of

Holiness and Truth


Jesus, the Love and Death of

Mind, the Spiritual

Ministry, the



Present-Day Religion

Reason, the Cult of

Reformers, the

Religion, the Beginnings of Personal

Religious Literature

Saints, the

Saints, the Sins of

Scriptures, the Study of

Self, Crucifying

Sin, the Deceitfulness of

Sin, the Importunity of

Sin and Unbelief, the Misery of


Temptation, what it is to enter into

Temptation, the High Noon of

Testament, the New

Times and Seasons


Trials and Troubles

Trust in God

Unity and Uniformity


World, Love of the

World, Sense of the Sin of


Dozens of expositions of Holy Scripture beginning with the following words on Gen. 3:10 - 'I was afraid and hid myself.' Never were there words of greater horror in the world, nor shall be until the day of judgment."


Hundreds of well-selected sentences drawn from the heart of Owen such as the following:

"To be true to convictions is the life of sincerity."

"A dungeon with Christ is a throne; and a throne, without Christ, a hell."

"Look what the roots are in the family; such will the fruit be in the church and commonwealth."

"The most tremendous judgment of God in this world is the hardening of the hearts of men."

"Faith can rest in what it cannot comprehend."

"The life of faith is every way a safe life."

"We can have no power from Christ unless we live in a persuasion that we have none of our own."

This is a wonderful introduction to the writings of this great Puritan. What a brilliant gift to give to help someone get started with the Prince of the Puritans.

SGCB Price: $11.95 (list price $22.00)
BITE-SIZE BIOGRAPHIES: John Chrysostom: The Golden Mouth for Christ
Earl M. Blackburn

It is good that Christ reigns over all, particularly in his church. Otherwise, biblical Christianity would disappear from the earth. Chrysostom is proof positive that the mediatorial Lord of heaven and earth rules and overrules in the affairs of men and that he sometimes takes his servants through dark and soul-jarring providences to cause his Word to triumph at last. Chrysostom also demonstrates that men of God can faithfully (by the sustaining power and grace of Christ) expound the whole counsel of God and leave a lasting mark upon Adam's fallen race, even when wicked people and all the forces of Hell converge against their souls. As long as the history of Christianity is studied, the name Golden Mouth, this preacher mighty in the Word, will never be forgotten.

Upon completion of his theological education, Earl Blackburn has served as a church-planter and pastor in the ordained ministry for over thirty-five years and has travelled extensively preaching in Pastors' Conferences in Europe, Africa and Asia. He authored the book Jesus Loves the Church and So Should You: Studies in Biblical Churchmanship (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2010), and he also contributed to the book Denominations or Associations (Calvary Press, 2001). As a cancer survivor, he now pastors Heritage Baptist Church, a rebuilding inner-city work in Shreveport, Louisiana.

"This is truly a charming, informative and inspiring book. Blackburn, as an experienced pastor himself, has sought out those aspects of Chrysostom's ministry that show the strengths - courage, humility, faithfulness, doctrinal integrity, confidence in the power of proclamation - that every pastor should covet, while pointing to the weaknesses and troubles endemic to the historical context of bishop John. I found not only the subject, but the style of presenting it, to be engaging and provocative of high thoughts.'

Tom J. Nettles, Prof. of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky


New Title - 25% Discount
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SGCB Price: $42.00 (list price $92.00)
VOLUME THREE - 1567 - 1599
James T. Dennison

Publisher's Description: This is the third volume of James T. Dennison's Reformed Confessions project, which compiles numerous Reformed confessions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries translated into English. For many of these texts, this is their debut in the Anglo-Saxon vernacular. It provides the English-speaking world a richer and more comprehensive view of the emergence and maturation of Reformed theology in these foundational centuries; foundational centuries for Reformed thought and foundational summaries of Reformed doctrine for these centuries. Each confessional statement is preceded by a brief introduction containing necessary historical and bibliographical background. The confessions are arranged chronologically, with this third volume presenting thirty-three documents covering the years 1567-1599.

Documents in this volume:

Vol. 3

69. Documents of the Debrecen Synod (1567)

70. The Synod at Sziksz= (1568)

71. Confession of the Synod of Cassov (1568)

72. Confession of Varadiensis/Nagyvßrad (1569)

73. Sandomierz Consensus (1570)

74. The Confession of the Synod of Csenger (1570)

75. The Confession of La Rochelle (1571)

76. The Bohemian Confession (1573)

77. The Synod of Cracow (1573)

78. The Bohemian Confession (1575/1609)

79. The Synod of Hercegszoloski (1576)

80. The Confession of Frederick III (1577)

81. The Nassau (Dillenburger Synod) Confession (1578)

82. The Synod of Piotrkow (1578)

83. CraigÆs Catechism (1581)

84. The King's Confession (1581)

85. The Synod of Wlodislaw (1583)

86. General Synod of Herborn (1586)

87. The Synod of Thorn (1595)

88. The Bremen Consensus (1595)

89. The Lambeth Articles (1595)

90. The Second Confession of the London-Amsterdam Church (1596)

91. The Stafforts Book (1599)


"A comprehensive collection of the main statements of faith of all Reformed communities considered as orthodox (Waldensian, Zwinglian, Calvinist, and Anglican). A must for every library." -Irena Backus, University of Geneva

"This set is a magnificent achievement that witnesses powerfully to the rich development, harmony, and piety of the Reformed faith." -Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

"These volumes are most useful both for bringing together what has previously been scattered and for making material available in English for the first time." -Anthony N. S. Lane, London School of Theology

"This set is a highly significant collection [and] substantial resource for the study of the rise and progress of the Reformed faith in the early modern era." -Richard A. Muller, Calvin Theological Seminary

About the compiler:

James T. Dennison, Jr. is Academic Dean of Northwest Theological Seminary in Washington, where he also serves as Professor of Church History and Biblical Theology. He is the author of The Market Day of the Soul, editor of Kerux: The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary, and has also edited various books including Francis Turretin's Institutes of Elenctic Theology, Geerhardus Vos's Old Testament Eschatology, and The Letters of Geerhardus Vos.



Over 35% Discount
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SGCB Price: $119.00 (list price $200.00)

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CROSS ENCOUNTERS: A Decade of Gospel Conversations
Tony Miano with a Foreword by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland

"DO THE WORK OF AN EVANGELIST" were amongst the last words of admonition the Apostle Paul gave to his young son in the faith Timothy before he died. The church and all those in the ranks of her ministry have wrestled with these words ever since. TONY MIANO is a man with a deep and passionate desire to fulfill those words. In this book he seeks to take you along with him as he shares the glorious gospel with an incredible diversity of people. This is not a book for the faint of heart, but it is a book for those genuinely seeking to understand and obey Paul's words to Timothy. Take up and read!

"A resource such as 'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations', where conversations are transcribed, proves to instruct, humble, and stir us up to zealous evangelism. Let God's people read this volume with gospel-believing gladness and with humble delight in observing how God uses faithful witnesses to speak His gospel to the lost so that the Spirit of grace may grant new birth!

The Word of God tells us that Jesus went about 'doing good' (Acts 10:38) and we also know from Scripture that Jesus relentlessly devoted Himself to preaching all over Israel (Luke 4:44; 9:6). May we read 'Cross Encounters' with a prayerful heart, a captivated spirit, a lowly gladness, and a renewed resolve, all shrouded with an indomitable confidence in the absolute sovereignty of God to save sinners through the faithful telling of the gospel. And in the end, let us faithfully proclaim Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2) and fervently pray that the Word of the Lord will spread rapidly and be glorified (2 Thessalonians 3:1). To God be the glory." - from the Foreword by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland, Christ Fellowship Bible Church of St. Louis

"Tony Miano's book, 'Cross Encounters' is a gripping account of actual conversations between a gospel-pleading evangelist and those who desperately need to hear the good news that Jesus saves. Knowing myself personally about his ministry of open air preaching, I am genuinely thankful for Tony--and others like him--who stand boldly on the front lines of the world's hostile unbelief, and yet who remain, as Christian preachers, steadfastly unafraid to lovingly proclaim salvation by faith alone in Christ. Would to God that there were many more like Tony who risk inevitable ridicule for their faith (and soon perhaps even strong persecution for their very public testimony). They simply do this in the hopes of seeing sinners bow their knees in humble adoration to God the Father for the gift of His Son! I therefore encourage you, if indeed you are already a Christian, to scrutinize this volume and see for yourself how important and vital evangelism truly is to our decadent and dying culture. If you are not a Christian however, I nevertheless implore you to embark upon a careful reading of this book's many personal experiences of Tony's witnessing to others, and I earnestly pray that you may stake your own eternal destiny solely on the Lord Jesus Christ, personally encountering His glorious cross." - Lance Quinn, Senior Pastor, Thousand Oaks Bible Church, Thousand Oaks, California

"Tony Miano provides something that few do. He provides real life examples from a real life evangelist regarding real life evangelism encounters. Miano is not someone who speaks primarily to professed Christians inside church meeting houses, but is someone who has spent many years proclaiming good news to the lost in the open air. This volume provides just a taste of those many Gospel encounters. From the aspiring evangelist desiring to know how, to the veteran preacher who needs encouragement, this book will be a blessing. Here, a man leaves his footprints in the poorly traveled path of guts-and-grit evangelism, in the hopes that others follow. They should." - Pastor Jordan (JD) Hall, Fellowship Church of Sidney, MT

"'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations' should be in the hands of every Christian, and in the hands of every lost person those Christians desperately desire to see rescued from the tight and relentless clutches of Satan and his minions. It is an invaluable blueprint for public evangelism, and a captivating clarion for those still in darkness who need to know that others before them, ensnared in the same trap, have been delivered from captivity and death by a gracious, merciful and loving Emancipator, the sinless and holy and righteous King who is a friend of sinners, Jesus the Christ." - Chris Arnzen, Host of Iron Sharpens Iron Radio

"Sadly, there are incalculable amounts of churches in America that are heedlessly abandoning the practice of evangelism. Tony Miano's new book carefully elucidates the necessity of evangelism and adjures his readers to yield and obey the indispensable command of Matthew 28:18-20. Miano provides innumerable illustrations and personal anecdotes of more than a decade of evangelistic ventures that are analogous to Ichabod Spencer's historical classic, 'Pastor's Sketches.' Without reservation, I highly recommend Tony's new book to anyone who has an inexpressible love for sinners, and aspires to see the fruition of evangelism." - Dr. Sonny L. Hernandez, Military Chaplain and Evangelist for JeremiahCry Ministries

"I recently read, with great delight and enjoyment, Tony Miano's latest book entitled 'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations.' I had a hard time putting down the book. 'Cross Encounters' is a practical, biblical, and theologically accurate book on all sorts of evangelistic methodologies: from open-air preaching, to passing out gospel tracts, to sharing Christ at the local shopping mall. If you are looking for practical ways to do the work of an evangelist and how to engage people in gospel conversations, then this book is for you. Anyone considering the somewhat fearful task of wading into the unknown waters of evangelistic outreach will be inspired, instructed, and motivated to plunge right in and see what God will choose to do. I wholeheartedly commend 'Cross Encounters: A Decade of Gospel Conversations' to you. You will love this book!" - Al Baker, Ordained preacher in the Presbyterian Church in America; Revival and evangelistic preacher with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship




Foreword by Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland

The Burglar: A Parable of the Gospel

Section I: Street Corner Conversations

Evangelism Tip #1: 'Why Do You Carry a Cross?'

Gaia Defeated at the Cross

Russ and Chanelle: It Doesn't Take a Long Time

Tricia's Trauma and False Hope

Jared's Dinosaur Defense Dismissed

'Should I Still Honor My Father?'

Evangelism Tip #2: Friendship Evangelism

Spiritual Tug-of- War

Wayne Was Compelled to Stop

Section II: Fishing at the Local Mall

Evangelism Tip #3: Mall Evangelism

All He Wanted Was 60 Cents

'I Want to Talk about God'

Did Timothy Become a 'Timothy'?

Maria's Theological Mess

Ten Words in ASL

Section III: The Power of a Bible

400 Bibles Delivered and One Received

Was It the Sound of Salvation?

Section IV: Abortion Clinic (Abortuary) Ministry

My First Abortuary Conversation

Evangelism Tip #4: The 'Parachute' Analogy

Maggie's Informed Decision

Part V: Planes, Trains, and College Campuses - Evangelism Anywhere

Burt, a Broken Man

The Quittance of Quisha

It Happened for Jocelyn's Sake

Evangelism Tip #5: 'Hello, Officer!'

Isaac's Search for Forgiveness

Discipleship at 30,000

Lost Between Catholicism and Christianity

Section VI: Loving Our Muslim Neighbors

Nargis Knows the Way

Making Much of the Messiah to Mohammed


Appendix 1: The Gospel According to Satan

Appendix 2: Starting an Abortuary Ministry

Appendix 3: Scriptures for Abortion Clinic Ministry

Appendix 4: Pastor Chuck O'Neal's Roman Catholicism Notes



NEW6 os6

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Order with A PASTOR'S SKETCHES by Ichabod Spencer
SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $68.00)
JONATHAN EDWARDS, Selected and Edited by Dr. Don Kistler

Grace and Truth: Rare Sermons by Jonathan Edwards is a collection of fifteen sermons on various topics, with the general theme being the gracious warning of God to flee approaching wrath by coming to the Savior for mercy and forgiveness. Readers familiar with the preaching of Jonathan Edwards, as well as those who are new to his ministry, will find encouragement in these pages. These sermons have been carefully edited by Dr. Don Kistler to make them more approachable to the modern reader, while still allowing the original language to retain its full character and impact.


1) Jesus Christ is Full of Grace and Truth - John 1:16

2) If Persons Ever Tasted the Sweetness of the Word and Grace of Grace, They Will Long for More - 1 Peter 2:2-3

3) There is an Answerableness Between the Greatness of the Misery of Hell and the Happiness of Heaven - John 3:16

4) 'Tis Vain for Any to Expect to Have their Prayers Heard as Long as They Continue in the Allowance of Sin - Psalm 66:18

5) 'Tis Unreasonable to Think that God Will Take No Care to Punish the Wickedness in the World - Jeremiah 5:9

6) There is a Great Difference Between Converted and Unconverted Men - Matthew 15:26

7) Not Everyone Who Says Unto Christ, 'Lord, Lord,' Shall Enter Into the Kingdom of Heaven - Matthew 7:21

8) The Wrath of God Attends All the Concerns of Some Men - Job 18:15

9) God Has Sworn That He Will Be Revenged on Wicked Men - Deuteronomy 32:40-42

10) 'Tis Not Inconsistent with the Attributes of God to Punish Ungodly Men with a Misery that is Eternal - Revelation 19:2-3

11) Unawakened Sinners Heap up to Themselves Wrath Against the Day of Wrath - Romans 2:5

12) The Bodies of Wicked Men as Well as Their Souls Will Be Punished Forever in Hell - Matthew 10:28

13) Wicked Men Will Hereafter Wish to be Turned to Nothing and Forever Cease to be that They May Escape the Wrath of God - Revelation 6:15-16

14) Christian Charity - Deuteronomy 15:7-11

15) The Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath - 1 Corinthians 16:1-2

NH12 os6 sss rhbn gbb nhp

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William G.T. Shedd

"William G. T. Shedd's Dogmatic Theology is a classic," writes Alan W. Gomes, editor of this new edition. "It is a profound work that sets forth the deepest themes of religion with a grandeur and majesty of expression that has rarely been equaled and that never will be outdated." Gomes considers Dogmatic Theology "one of the finest theological systems ever produced."

Shedd's discussion of some topics is, writes Gomes, "unequaled by anything produced by modern evangelicals." For example:

- The Trinity

- The two natures of Christ

- The nature of divine justice and atonement

- The rational argument for hell

Shedd wrote Dogmatic Theology with the prayer that it would help "to strengthen the believer's confidence in [divine] revelation and to incline the unbeliever to exercise faith in it."

"Dogmatic Theology can serve as a powerful floodlight to lay bare some of the theological blind spots plaguing today's evangelical church," writes Gomes. "Modern evangelical systems tend to be weaker precisely at those points were Shedd's is most robust."


Sermons to the Natural Man

Sermons to the Spiritual Man

Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy

Theological Essays

Homiletics & Pastoral Theology

The Doctrine of Everlasting Punishment

The History of Christian Doctrine (2 Volumes)

Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Romans

dtdm pdt bfs LVS

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Set Includes All TEN Volumes by SGCB Listed Above

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THE DOCTRINE OF ENDLESS PUNISHMENT: Its Historical, Biblical and Rational Defense
William G.T. Shedd

This doctrine is so solemn that man's natural instinct is either to ignore it or deny it. From time to time in the history of the Christian church it comes under concerted attack, as it did during the life of W.G.T. Shedd, the noted nineteenth century theologian and preacher. In this work, Shedd carefully expounds the biblical teaching on divine judgment, and sets it in the context of the history of Christian doctrine. He deals carefully and cogently with objections to it.

"W. G. T. Shedd's small but immensely useful book, 'The Doctrine of Endless Punishment,' takes direct aim at the conditional immortality views that are currently disturbing evangelicals. Shedd presents convincing historical, biblical and rational argumentation. It is a well-designed pistol for the protective pastor to fend off error, and will result in more passionate evangelism as it works its way through his preaching. - Jim Elliff, Christian Communicators Worldwide

"The Doctrine of Endless Punishment is a well-reasoned, theologically accurate statement which treats fully yet concisely the date contained in the revelation of God to man. This treatise deseves careful study; and provides adequate coverage of a much neglected aspect of Biblical doctrine." - Cyril J. Barber

Shedd shows that 'The strongest support of the doctrine of endless punishment is the teaching of Christ, the Redeemer of man; without the explicit and reiterated statements of God incarnate, it is doubtful whether so awful a truth would have had such a conspicuous place as it always has had in the creed of Christendom. Christ could not have warned men so frequently and earnestly as he did, had he known there is no future peril.' This book will have a profoundly sobering effect on its readers; but its lasting impression will be to cause a new concern for men and women without Christ, and undying gratitude for 'Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath to come'.

W.G.T. Shedd (1820-1894) was both a congregational and, later, a presbyterian pastor. He had a distinguished career as a Professor of English Literature prior to his work at the theological seminaries of Auburn, Andover, and finally at Union Seminary, New York. He is best known for his three-volume Dogmatic Theology.





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THEOLOGY: Explained and Defended4 Volume Hardcover Set
Timothy Dwight

Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) was the grandson of Jonathan Edwards. He was both brilliant and godly. This is the Complete Four Volume Hardcover Set of his Magnum Opus: THEOLOGY: EXPLAINED & DEFENDED in a Series of Sermons.

"Dwight's theological sermons are worthy of careful study. Their clear, scriptural guidelines and experiential warmth promote practical Christianity. Read with discernment, they will still feed the soul today and challenge us to godly living in Christ Jesus." - Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

William Sprague, in the book, 'Letters to a Daughter', page 82 wrote, "There is no work within my knowledge, so well adapted to answer this purpose, as the admirable system of Theology by the late President Dwight. It may look a little formidable to you at first, but I am almost sure that if you once engage in reading it, you will not be impatient to find its close. While the subjects are arranged with philosophical accuracy, they are discussed with a degree of perspicuity, force, and eloquence, for which I think you will look in vain, in any similar work."

Volume One contains 38 sermons on the Existence, Attributes, Decrees and Works of God. Each sermon stands complete in itself, but they together exalt the glory of God in a way intended to humble and bless.

Volume Two contains sermons 39-86 with the main focus on Christ our Mediator, and the Doctrines of Justification and Regeneration.

Volume Three contains sermons 87-131 and begins with four sermons on Regeneration and concludes with 41 sermons on the Perfect Law of God.

Volume Four contains sermons 132-173 and begins with the final sermon on the 10th Commandment and proceeds to examine both the ordinary and extraordinary Means of Grace before concluding the entire series with 11 sermons on the Last Things, including death, judgment, heaven and hell.


SGHC sss

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J. Gresham Machen

His first book, The Origin of Paul's Religion (1921) was a masterful and forthright defense of the historical truthfulness and supernaturalism of the New Testament. This volume is taken from the James Sprunt Lectures delivered at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia.

Machen is absolutely masterful in dealing with the anti-supernaturalism that was beginning to dominate the church in the early decades of the twentieth century. Although written 85 years ago it remains a model of biblical scholarship and warm piety.

"In an age when the nature and content of Paul's message are once again under scrutiny, evangelical and Reformed readers will benefit immensely from a close reading of Machen's masterwork. This book is an outstanding example of careful, patient scholarship that received high praise when it was first published and continues today to demand attention." - R. Scott Clark

"J. Gresham Machen not only believed, practised, and proclaimed Paul's gospel, he was also able to defend its authenticity at the highest scholarly level. Because 'The Origin of Paul's Religion' penetrates to the heart of the matter it continues to speak to contemporary controversies over the nature of the gospel and the Christian faith." - Sinclair Ferguson

"This is a most important book for our day. The Origin of Paul's Religion is a masterpiece in the defense of epistemological Foundationalism-the belief that there are basic and foundational beliefs upon which man's knowledge should be rightly based. In today's academic circles, this sort of animal is almost extinct. Postmodern Theological Relativists are watching over the zoo. They have no proper foundations.

To have a right understanding of the origin of Paul's Christianity is to have a right understanding of the origins of Christianity and the Church herself and her gospel to be proclaimed int he world. Like a beautiful perfume, if the essence is lost, so is the usefulness. The true origin of Christianity must be revived and taught again. There are foundations with the Lord Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Word of God being the sure and steady cornerstone. Solid Ground is to be commended for their foresight." - Mike Renihan

"Today questions abound concerning Paul and his relationship to Judaism. Additionally, questions are being raised about the inspiration of Scripture and a non-descript (flash back a hundred years) 'evangelical doctrine of Scripture' is being peddled. In many ways, the current trendy questions reflect the old trends of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, to which Machen was forced to relate (for the welfare of the Church). It is good for us recollect the past and learn from the past and, for both recollection and learning, Machen offers much good to pastors and scholars alike." -C.N. Willborn

The Table of Contents is as follows:

1- Introduction of the Subject on the Origins of the Christian Religion (pp. 1-40)

2- The Early Years (pp. 43-68)

3- The Triumph of Gentile Freedom (pp. 71-113)

4- Paul and Jesus (pp. 117-169)

5- The Jewish Environment (pp. 173-207)

6- The Religion of the Hellenistic Age (pp. 211-251)

7- Redemption in Pagan Religion and in Paul (pp. 255-290)

8- The Lordship of Jesus (pp. 293-317)

INDEX (pp. 320-326)





Machen five

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How Christianity Defeats Paganism
Joseph M. Bianchi

"Joseph M. Bianchi has provided an inspiring aerial overview of Christianity's formative salt and light impact on world history. 'it is a culture that transforms societies by transforming people one by one.' Bianchi provides a tonic for believers disheartened by the contemporary darkness of encroaching postmodernism. Surely the gates of Hell will not prevail, for in Christ, we will triumph as more than conquerors. Well done!" -Rev. Mark Chanski, Pastor of The Reformed Baptist Church of Holland, MI, conference speaker and author of the popular book "Manly Dominion."

"Joseph Bianchi presents an historical overview of culture with one intent: To demonstrate that Christianity is superior in every way to its pagan counterpart and has a powerful effect on the same. He succeeds, because Christianity succeeds. Find comfort and challenge in this compelling treatise." - Jim Elliff, Christian Communicators Worldwide, Kansas City, Missouri

"In academic and non-academic circles the nature, influence, importance and development of culture is often discussed. Almost everyone recognizes the power that what is called culture has in the lives of individuals in both positive and negative ways. The question about what is the most productive and beneficial culture is hotly debated. In this book, Joseph M. Bianchi 'asserts with boldness that there is one overriding and superior culture in the world.' In so doing, he contrasts the pagan (unbiblical) concepts of culture with the biblical perspective. In the book, Mr. Bianchi makes the claim 'that Christianity transforms all other cultures for the good; that it has freed more people spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and even literally, than any other movement in history.' And he not only makes this claim, he also powerfully backs it up with solid evidence that this is so. I commend this book to you and encourage you to buy it and then read it through at least twice and share it with others." -Dr. Wayne Mack, Pastor, Biblical Counselor, Conference speaker and author of "Your Family God's Way", "Strengthening Your Marriage", "Anger and Stress Management", and a host of other well known books.

Joseph M. Bianchi (M.Div., Yale University) spent many years as a journalist prior to his ordination. He has written on topics as varied as urban planning and Constitutional Law. His other books include God Chose to Save, 21st century Corinthians and My Friend Grace.

50% Discount - Endangered Title
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THE GIANTS AND HOW TO FIGHT THEM: Lessons for Children of All Ages
Richard Newton

"There are giants in the earth in these days; and God expects us all to engage in the work of trying to fight them. When I speak of giants now, I do not mean physical giants, but moral giants. I do not mean men with huge bodies, four or five times larger than common-sized men; but I mean great sins of different kinds, which may well be called giants. I want now to speak about five giants that we should all unite trying to fight against. One of these is a good way off from us; but the rest are very near us. Listen to me while I tell you who these giants are, and the way in which we must try to fight them."

I. The first giant I am to speak of is the GIANT HEATHENISM. This giant doesn't live here. He is found in countries where the Gospel is not known. His castles may be seen in Africa, and in India, in China, and in the islands of the sea. He is a huge giant. This giant is very strong, and very cruel. Well, what are we to do to this giant? Why, we must fight him, as David did Goliath. The Bible is the brook to which we must go. The truths which it contains are the stones that we must use.

II. The second giant I would speak of is the GIANT SELFISHNESS. The giant selfishness never sees, or hears, or does anything for anyone but himself if you find that you are getting to think more of yourself than of others, then be sure the giant is after you. We must fight this giant by self-denial.

III. The third giant I want to speak about is the GIANT COVETOUSNESS. This giant is very large in size, and very strong in limb; but he has the tiniest tittle bit of a heart you ever saw, might put it in a nutshell. The only wonder is how so huge a frame can be supported by so little a heart. But this is not all, for little as his heart is, it is hard as stone. He is ashamed of his name, and won't answer to it. He pretends that his right name is — frugality. But this is a great story. Frugality is a very different person. He is a good, true, honest fellow If you ask, How are you to fight him? I answer, by learning to give.

IV. The fourth giant of which I will speak is the GIANT ILL-TEMPER. But how are we to fight against, this giant? I answer, By trying to be like Jesus. We always think of Him as — the "gentle Jesus, meek and mild." Do you suppose that this giant ever got a single link of his chain on Jesus? No.

V. The last giant I wish to speak about is the GIANT INTEMPERANCE. He is a very ugly-looking fellow When he is in a good humor, and feels jolly, he puts on a silly face, and looks very foolish. But when he gets in a passion he is awful looking, and it makes one shudder to see him.

In addition to these Five Giants Dr. Newton also has Five addresses on the following:

THE GOOD SOLDIERS: on 2 Timothy 2:3

THE CONQUEROR'S JEWEL: on Exodus 28:19

THE WONDERFUL EYES: on Proverbs 15:3

ACKNOWLEDGING GOD: on Proverbs 3:6

THE CURE FOR CARE: on Genesis 22:14

rn3 c50 dtdm ovt 10l

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A Collection of Wise Sayings on Christian Doctrine and Duty
Edited by Jeremiah Chaplin

In 1850 Jeremiah Chaplin compiled this brilliant volume of the sayings of John Bunyan on 29 subjects covering the Doctrine and Duty of the Christian. A revision of this work was done in 1952 by The World Publishing Company, but it left out the following sections, as it deemed them to be "of lesser value for the present age in which we live" -












What a tragedy that these 11 vital topics have been deemed of LESSER VALUE to the modern world in which we live. Here we have the entire volume of nearly 500 pages covering subjetcs of vital interest to the church and the world.


SGCB Price: $15.95 (list price $32.00)
The Puritan Pulpit: The Sermons of Archbishop James Ussher
James Ussher

James Ussher (1581-1656) was a highly regarded scholar in his own day, and a fearless preacher as well. These 19 sermons were preached in 1640, and they deal with the most crucial issues of the soul: the devastating effects of sin, the purpose of the law, the satisfaction, humiliation, and sacrifice of Christ, saving faith, hell, peace with God, and the seal of salvation, among others.

Of Ussher, Dr. Francis Nigel Lee writes, "Raised in a Bible-believing Calvinistic environment, Dr. Ussher soaked himself in the Holy Scriptures without ceasing. He also read the Early Church Fathers systematically, every day, for eighteen years. Head of Ireland's foremost Theological Faculty, Ussher was internationally the greatest Anglican antiquarian and theologian of his age if not of all time."

SGCB Price: $18.95 (list price $26.00)

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John Bunyan

John Bunyan's famous work, The Pilgrim's Progress is, next to the Bible, the most popular book ever published. It has been widely distributed the world over since originally published in the 17th century. But many aren't familiar with the story in it's original form or it's famous author and his life story. Master Books is now making available this exquisite reproduction of this 125-year-old historical compilation manuscript in it's original 920-page entirety.

This masterpiece will become an instant family heirloom, introducing entire generations to the pilgrims' spiritual journey to truth. This hardcover edition was originally published in 1876. Over 125 years later, Master Books has re-created this valuable and rare heirloom with today's modern technology, but kept the original look and feel by painstakingly scanning in high-resolution every page of this 920-page tome - historic look and all!

The Pilgrim's Progress appears in the original large print inside this new edition, creating an easier reading experience for all ages. Not since the 19th century, has this collection of 'Bunyan Classics' been available or accessible to anyone and everyone today. This classic edition has been painstakingly reproduced in it's complete form and includes such rare treasures as:

- John Bunyan's personal memoir

- His last sermon

- His personal account of his life before he accepted Christ

- His time spent in prison for preaching

- Over a dozen beautifully detailed artistic etchings that visually narrate special scenes

Included Are Nine Historical Books Written By and About John Bunyan:

THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS: (Page 1 - 376) The most popular of more than sixty books published by the prolific author John Bunyan. This popular and powerful book has been published more than any other book in history, outside of the Bible.

THE HOLY WAR; (Page 377 - 684) A discourse of trial made by Shaddai upon Diabolus, for the Regaining the Metropolis of the World; or, the losing and taking again of the Town of Man-soul.

GRACE ABOUNDING TO THE CHIEF OF SINNERS; (Page 685 - 688) A detailed and faithful account of the Life of John Bunyan including his imprisonment, recovery and conversion to becoming a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

THE IMPRISONMENT AND RELEASE OF JOHN BUNYAN; (Page 689 - 703) --includes dialgoue with Dr. Lindale and the Justices; examination by the Justices, and by Mr. Cobb, the clerk of the peace; interview with his wife and Judge Hale.

BUNYAN'S DYING SAYINGS (Page 704 - 767) --Of sin; of affliction; repentance and coming to Christ; of prayer; Lord's day and daily duties; love of the world; of suffering; death and judgment; the joys of heaven and torments of hell.

CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOUR; (Page 768 - 800) thoughts concerning true Christianity and how to walk so as to please God.

THE BARREN FIG-TREE; (Page 801 - 830) thoughts concerning the doom and downfall of a fruitless life and the signs by which such miserable mortals may be known.

BUNYAN'S LAST SERMON (Page 831 - 834) -Preached, July, 1688, from John 1:3.

THE WATER OF LIFE; (Page 835 - 860) A discourse presenting the richness and glory of the Grace and spirit of the Gospel.


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Dozens and Dozens of Authors


For the first time ever Solid Ground Christian Books has supassed 300 Volumes in Print.

To celebrate this achievement we are offering a Special Deal for those who want the entire Set of our titles.

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All the titles included are-

Accurate Revised Text Edition of Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, edited by Barry Horner $16.00

Addresses to Young Men by Rev. Daniel Baker $16.00

Advice to a Young Christian by Jared B. Waterbury $15.00

The Afflicted Man's Companion by John Willison $20.00

Anecdotes: Religious, Moral & Entertaining by Charles Buck $28.00

Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit, W.B. Sprague $100.00 2 vols. (HC)

Annals of the American Presbyterian Pulpit, W.B. Sprague $215.00 3 vols. (HC)

Assurance of Faith, - Louis Berkhof $11.00

Baptist Confessions of Faith & Catechism (bonded leather) $30.00

**Baptist Confession of Faith & Catechism (paperback edition) $15.00

Backslider, The: Nature, Symptoms & Recovery by Andrew Fuller $13.00

Be Careful How You Listen: Getting the Most out of the Sermon by Jay Adams $16.00

*Behind the Bible: A Primer on Textual Criticism by Jeff Johnson $12.00

Bible Animals: And the Lessons Taught by Them for Children, Richard Newton $16.00

Bible Jewels: And the Lessons Taught by Them for Children, Richard Newton $16.00

Bible Models: Shining Lights of Scripture by Richard Newton $32.00

Bible Promises: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $17.00

Bible Warnings: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $25.00


Biblical &Theological Studies, - Princeton Profs. (HC) $60.00 , (PB) $40.00

BODY OF DIVINITY by Archbishop James Ussher (HC) $50.00

*Born-Again Episcopalian: The Evangelical Witness of C.P. McIlvaine by Tom Isham $24.00

BOW IN THE CLOUD: Springs of Comfort in Affliction by Buchanan, etc., $25.00

Brief Exposition of the Constitution of the United States by John S. Hart $12.00

My Brothers Keeper: Letters to a Younger Brother by J.W. Alexander $13.00

Bunyan of Brooklyn: Life and Practical Sermons of Ichabod Spencer $30.00

Calvinism in History - Nathaniel McFetridge $13.00

Calvin Memorial Addresses by Warfield, Webb, Orr, Reed, D'Aubigne $25.00

Calvin on Scripture & Divine Sovereignty by John Murray $12.00

Chief End of Man, The by John Hall $12.00

Child at Home, The - John S.C. Abbott $15.00

Child's Book on the Fall of Man, The by Thomas H. Gallaudet $11.00

Child's Book on Repentance, The by Thomas H. Gallaudet $13.00

Child's Book on the Sabbath by Horace Hooker $16.00

Child's Book on the Soul by Thomas H. Gallaudet $15.00

**CHILD'S PREACHER by Alexander Fletcher, J.C. Ryle, C.H. Spurgeon $32.00

Christian Pastor, The Office & Duty of Stephen H. Tyng $14.00

Christian's Present for All Seasons: Thoughts of Eminent Divines - $38.00

THE CHRISTIAN WARFARE by John Downame $45.00

Christ in Song - Compiled by Philip Schaff $40.00

Christ on Cross & The Lord our Shepherd by John Stevenson $40.00

CHURCH OF CHRIST: In Two Volumes by James Bannerman $75.00

Church Members Guide by John Angell James $16.00 pb.; $27.00 hc.

**THE CHURCH: Why Bother? By Jeff Johnson $14.00

Classic Reformed Discourses & Essays by J.H. Merle D'Aubigne $30.00


COME YE APART: Thoughts from Gospels by J.R. Miller $25.00

Commentaries on Galatians-Thess. By John Eadie $145.00 (5 vols)

Commentary on Hebrews by William Gouge, $115 hc, $85.00 pb (2 vols.)

Commentaries on Joshua, 1 & 2 Samuel by William G. Blaikie $92.00 (3 vols)

Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans by W.G.T. Shedd $32.00

Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles by C.J. Ellicott $20.00

Commentary on Second Peter by Thomas Adams HC $90.00

Commenting and Commentaries by C.H. Spurgeon $16.00

Common Faith, Common Culture by Joseph Bianchi $16.00

Communicant's Companion, The by Matthew Henry $20.00

*COVENANT THEOLOGY: A Reformed & Baptistic Perspective by Greg Nichols $35.00

Decisional Regeneration vs. Divine Regeneration by James E. Adams $8.00

Devotional Life of a Sunday School Teacher, The by J.R. Miller $12.00

Divine Love, The: 12 Sermons on God's Love by John Eadie $28.00

THE DIVINE PURPOSE Displayed in Providence & Grace by John Matthews $16.00

The Doctrine of Endless Punishment by W.G.T Shedd $15.00

Doctrine of Justification by James Buchanan $35.00

Doctrine of Sovereign Grace Opened & Vindicated by Isaac Backus $15.00

Duties of Church Members & Plea to Pray for Pastors by James & Spring $5.00

Early Piety Illustrated: Memoir of Nathan Dickerman by Gorham Abbott $11.00

Evangelical Truth : Sermons for the Family by Archibald Alexander $36.00

The Excellent Woman: As Portrayed in Proverbs by Anne Pratt $20.00

Exposition of the Baptist Catechism by Benjamin Beddome $17.00

Exposition of the Epistle of Jude by William Jenkyn $55.00 (hc)

An Exposition of the Ten Commandments by Ezekiel Hopkins $28.00

Expository Discourses on the Book of Genesis by Andrew Fuller $40.00

FAMILY WORSHIP for The Christmas Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

FAMILY WORSHIP for the Reformation Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

FAMILY WORSHIP forf the Thanksgiving Season by Ray Rhodes $12.00

Famous Reformers of the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches by James I Good $16.00

Famous Missionaries of the Reformed Church by James I Good $28.00

Famous Women of the Reformed Church by James I. Good $22.00

The Family at Home: Familiar Illustrations of Domestic Duties by Gorham Abbott $25.00

FAREWELL SERMONS by Baxter, Calamy, Brooks, Manton, Watson and more $32.00

The Fear of God: The Soul of Godliness by John Murray $5.00

Feed My Lambs Lectures to Children by John Todd $15.00

First Things: Discourses from Genesis by Gardner Spring $50.00

Five Points of Calvinism by Robert L. Dabney $10.00

Forgotten Heroes of Liberty, The by J.T. Headley $27.00

For Whom Did Christ Die? The Extent of the Atonement by John Murray $5.00

Friendship: The Master Passion by H. Clay Trumbull $25.00

From the Flag to the Cross: Civil War Stories by A.S. Billingsley, $34.00

From the Pulpit to the Palm-Branch: Memorial to Spurgeon $25.00

From Toronto to Emmaus: Empty Tomb Skepticism to Faith by James White $17.00

Gadsby's Hymns: Selection of Hymns for Worship by William Gadsby $20.00

Gentleman and a Scholar by J. A. Broadus (HC) $40.00; (PB) $30.00

Golden Hours: Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life by Elizabeth Prentiss $10.00

Good, Better, Best: A Classic Work on Ministry to the Poor by J.W. Alexander $17.00

Gospel Sonnets: Spiritual Songs in Six Parts by Ralph Erskine $25.00

Grace and Glory: Sermons from Chapel at Princeton Seminary Geerhardus Vos $15.00

The Harmony of the Divine Attributes by William Bates $28.00

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD: Minister's Advice to a Married Couple by Rev. James Bean $12.00

Hawker's Poor Man's N.T. Commentaries (HC) (3 vols.) $195.00

Hawker's Poor Man's O.T. Commentaries (HC) (6 vols.) $395.00

Hawker's Poor Man's Bible Dictionary (HC) by Robert Hawker $55.00

Heart for Missions, A: Life of Samuel Pearce by Andrew Fuller $17.00

Heaven Upon Earth: Jesus, Best Friend in Worst Times, James Janeway $23.00

Heroes of the Early Church by Richard Newton $17.00

Heroes of Israel: Abraham to Moses by William G. Blaikie $35.00

Heroes of the Reformation: Lessons for Young by Richard Newton - $20.00

History of Christian Doctrine (2 vols) by William G.T. Shedd $62.00

History of Preaching (HC) (2 vols.) - Edwin C. Dargan $115.00

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Homiletics and Pastoral Theology by William G.T. Shedd $22.00

**How Will It Really End? Eschatology for Young People by Steve Daniels $15.00

THE HUMANNESS OF JOHN CALVIN by Richard Stauffer $13.00

Imago Christi: The Example of Christ by James Stalker $18.00

The Influence of the Bible on the Mind & Character by John Matthews $18.00

**Instructive Anecdotes Illustrative of the Old & New Testaments by John Whitecross $36.00

IS THE MORMON MY BROTHER? By James R. White $20.00

Italian Reformer, The: Aonio Paleario by W.M. Blackburn $23.00

JEREMIAH: A Parable of Jesus by Douglas Webster $15.00

Jesus and I are Friends: Life of J.R. Miller by John Faris $19.00

Jesus of Nazareth: Character, Teachings & Miracles by John Broadus $11.00

Jesus Loves the Church and so Should You by Earl M. Blackburn $16.00

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness by Adolphe Monod $12.00

Jesus the Way: A Child's Guide to Heaven by Edward Payson Hammond $11.00

Jewish Tabernacle: In Its Typical Teaching by Richard Newton $25.00

King's Highway, The: 10 Commandments for the Young R. Newton $20.00

Leaves from the Tree of Life: Sermons for the Young by Richard Newton $17.00

Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles by John Dick $32.00

Lectures on the Bible to the Young by John Eadie $16.00

Lectures on the Book of Esther by Thomas M'Crie $25.00

Lectures on the History of Preaching by John A. Broadus $19.00


Lectures on Revivals of Religion by William B. Sprague $25.00

Legacy of a Legend: Spiritual Treasure from the Heart of Edward Payson $10.00

Let the Cannon Blaze Away by Joseph P. Thompson $23.00

LETTERS TO A MORMON ELDER by James R. White $20.00

The Life & Letters of James Henley Thornwell by Benjamin M. Palmer $60.00

The Life & Letters of James Renwick: Scots Martyr by WH Carslaw $20.00

Life and Sermons of Ichabod Spencer (HC) (3 vols.) $120.00

**LIFE IN THE PSALMS by Peter Jeffery $13.00

Life of Jesus Christ for the Young by Richard Newton $65.00 (2 vols.)

Light at Evening Time: Support & Comfort of the Aged $25.00

Little Pillows and Morning Bells by Francis Havergal $16.00

Lives, Our Fortunes & Our Sacred Honor, Our by Charles Goodrich $30.00

LOG COLLEGE: Accounts from the Great Awakening by Alexander $20.00

Lord of Glory: Classic Defense of the Deity of Christ - B.B. Warfield $18.00


Madison Ave. Lectures on Baptist Principles & Practice by Weston $25.00

The Man of Business by J.W. Alexander, W.B. Sprague, John Todd etc. $20.00

A Manual for the Young: Exposition of Proverbs 1-9 by Charles Bridges $13.00


MARTYRLAND: A Tale of the Covenanters by Robert Simpson $20.00

MARY BUNYAN: Heroic Faith of the Blind Daughter of John Bunyan by S.R. Ford $20.00

MEMORIAL TRIBUTES: Funeral Addresses by C.H. Spurgeon, John Newton, Wm Jay $35.00

The Minister and His Greek New Testament by A.T. Robertson $14.00

The Missionary Enterprise: 15 Discourses, edited by Baron Stow, $23.00

THE MISSION OF SORROW: God's Purpose in our Afflictions by Gardiner Spring $11.00

More Love to Thee: Life of Elizabeth Prentiss by GL Prentiss (PB) $35.00; HC $50.00

Mothers of the Wise and Good - Jabez Burns $16.00

Mother at Home, The by John S.C. Abbot $15.00

Mourning a Beloved Shepherd by Charles Hodge & John Hall $10.00

MORNING STARS: Names of Christ for His Little Ones by Havergal $12.00

My Mother: Recollections of Maternal Influence by John Mitchell $20.00

National Preacher, The Edited by Austin Dickinson $23.00

Notes, Critical & Explanatory on the Acts of the Apostles by Jacobus $32.00

Notes on Galatians by J. Gresham Machen $20.00

Nuts for Boys to Crack: Earthly Stories with Heavenly Meaning by John Todd $20.00

Old Paths for Little Feet by Carol Brandt $13.00

Opening Scripture: Hermeneutical Manual by P.Fairbairn HC $50.00; PB $35.00

Opening Up Ephesians Peter Jeffery $9.00

Origin of Paul's Religion, The by J. Gresham Machen $24.00

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Writings on Theology & Ethics by William G.T. Shedd $23.00

OUR SOVEREIGN GOD by Boice, Packer, Stott, Sproul, Nicole $16.00

PARDON & ASSURANCE by William J. Patton $20.00

Pastor in the Sickroom by John Wells $13.00

A PASTOR'S COUNSEL by Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Scott etc. $12.00

Pastor's Daughter, The by Louisa Payson Hopkins $16.00

Pastor's Sketches: Double-Volume Work by Ichabod Spencer $35.00

Pathway into the Psalter by William Binnie $30.00

Paul the Preacher: Discourses in Acts by John Eadie $30.00

Pebbles from the Brook: Sermons for the Young by Richard Newton $23.00

Pen Dipped in Love: Selected Letters of John Newton $16.00

Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, The by B.B. Warfield $12.00

**THE POWER OF FAITH: The Life & Writings of Isabella Graham $32.00

THE POWER OF THE PULPIT by Gardiner Spring $20.00

Power of God Unto Salvation by B.B. Warfield PB - $18.00; HC $32.00

Prayer of a Broken Heart by Robert Candlish $12.00

Preacher and His Models, The by James Stalker $19.00

PRECIOUS SEED: Discourses by Scottish Worthies by Brown, Chalmers, $32.00

Princeton Sermons from 1891-92 by Hodge, Warfield, Patton etc.


Preparation and Delivery of Sermons: Dargan Edition by J.A. Broadus $35.00

Psalms in History and Biography, The by John Ker $18.00

PSALMS IN HUMAN LIFE by Roland Prothero $25.00

PULPIT CRIMES: Criminal Mishandling of God's Word by James White $17.00

Rays from the Sun of Righteousness: Sermons for Children by Richard Newton $17.00

**Reading 'Religious Affections' by Craig Biehl $18.00

Rebel Prince: Tragic Life & Death of Absalom by William Blackburn $20.00

Redeemer's Tears Wept Over the Lost, The by John Howe $11.00

Reformed Doctrine of the Atonerment by Loraine Boettner $13.00

Repentance & Faith: Explained to the Young by Charles Walker $16.00

Sabbath Scripture Readings: New Testament by Thomas Chalmers $32.00

Sabbath Scripture Readings II - Old Testament by Thomas Chalmers $35.00

Safe Compass and How it Points: Sermons to Children by Richard Newton, $16.00

**SAINT PAUL: Changing Our World for Christ by Adolphe Monod $16.00

Scottish Pulpit, The by William M. Taylor $19.00

Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament by Robert Dick Wilson $18.00

Scripture Biography for the Young: Vols. 1 - 5 by T.H. Gallaudet $95.00

Scripture Biography for the Young: King Josiah by T.H. Gallaudet $12.00

Scripture Guide, The by J.W. Alexander $18.00

Secret of Communion with God by Matthew Henry $12.00


SEEKING GOD: Do You Really Want to Know God? by Peter Jeffery $5.00


*Sermons from Job by John Calvin $25.00

*Sermons on the Saving Work of Christ by John Calvin $25.00

*Sermons on the Ten Commandments by John Calvin $27.00

**Sermons Selected from the Pastoral Epistles by John Calvin $20.00

Sermons to the Natural Man by William G.T. Shedd $24.00

Sermons to the Spiritual Man- William G.T. Shedd $24.00

Shepherd's Heart, A by J.W. Alexander $28.00

A Short Explanation of Hebrews by David Dickson $13.00

Shorter Catechism Illustrated by John Whitecross PB - $15.00; HC $25.00

SMALL TALKS ON BIG QUESTIONS: by Helms & Thompson-Kahler $32.00

Soldier's Catechism: For US Armed Forces by Michael Cannon $15.00

Southern Presbyterian Pulpit: Expository Sermons by Dabney, Hoge, Palmer etc. $30.00

Speaking the Truth in Love: Life of Roger Nicole by David Bailey $34.00

THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD by John Murray, John Macleod et. $18.00

Stepping Heavenward (HC) by Elizabeth Prentiss $25.00

Stepping Heavenward Study Guide by Carson Kistner $14.00

Still Hour, The: Communion with God in Prayer by Austin Phelps $12.00

Sunday School Teachers Guide by John Angell James $11.00

THEOLOGICAL ESSAYS by William G.T. Shedd $28.00

Theology on Fire: 1 & 2 by J.A. Alexander $28.00 each

THEOLOGY: Explained & Defended by Timothy Dwight $225.00 set (4 vols) HC

**THEOLOGY AS A LIFE: Theological Essay by J.H. Thornwell $34.00

A Theological Interpretation of American History by C. Gregg Singer $25.00

THOUGHTS ON PREACHING by James W. Alexander $22.00

THE TRACT PRIMER: First Lessons in Sound Doctrine by American Tract Society $11.00

Transfigured Life, The: Selected Shorter Writings of JR Miller $25.00

The Travels of True Godliness by Benjamin Keach $17.00

Truth About Christmas, The by Peter Jeffery $4.00

Truth & Life: 22 Christ-Centered Sermons by Charles P. McIlvaine $30.00

Truth Made Simple: Attributes of God for Children by John Todd $15.00

**THREE FORMS OF UNITY (Leather-Bound Hardcover Edition) $25.00

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The Truth Set us Free: Stories of 20 Former Nuns by Richard Bennett $16.00

**TWELVE WHAT ABOUTS: Answering Objections to Election by John Samson $16.00

Two Men from Malta: Passionate Appeal to Roman Catholics by Joe Serge $15.00

AN UNDIVIDED LOVE: Loving and Living for Christ by Adolphe Monod $15.00

*VIRGIN BIRTH OF CHRIST by J. Gresham Machen $30.00

*WANDERING STARS: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles & Prophets by Keith Gibson $25.00


Whatsoever Things Are True: Discourses on Truth by J.H. Thornwell $16.00

Withhold Not Thine Hand: Evening Sermons by William Jay $35.00

Woman: Her Mission and Life: Revised Edition by Adolphe Monod $13.00

Word and Prayer, The: Devotions from the Minor Prophets by John Calvin $11.00

THE WORKMAN: His False Friends & True Friends by Joseph P. Thompson $20.00

Work of the Ministry, The by William G. Blaikie - $22.00

Yearning to Breathe Free? Immigration, Islam & Freedom by David Dykstra $16.00

Young Ladies Guide by Harvey Newcomb $22.00


Youth's Book on Natural Theology by Thomas H. Gallaudet $18.00


As the Waters Cover the Sea: Millenial Expectations in the Rise of Anglo-American Missions 1640-1810 by J.A. De Jong - 28.00

The Believer's Experience: Maintaining the Scriptural Balance between Experience and Truth by Erroll Hulse - $20.00

CHRIST'S GLORIOUS KINGDOM: Postmillenialism Reconsidered by John Jefferson Davis - $20.00

Come, Let us Reason Together: Sufficiency of Christ & the Unity of the Church - Jews & Gentiles Together by Baruch Maoz - $20.00

FORTY YEARS FAMILIAR LETTERS: The Life & Letters of J.W. Alexander (two volumes) John Hall - $60.00

THE GREAT INVITATION: Examining the Use of the Altar Call in Evangelism by Erroll Hulse - $20.00


THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GARDINER SPRING: In Two Volumes by Gardiner Spring - $60.00

The Life of J.A.Alexander: In Two Volumes by Henry Carrington Alexander - $60.00

The New York City Prayer Revival of 1858 and Its Lessons J.W. Alexander - $20.00

The New York Pulpit During The Prayer Revival of 1858 J.W. Alexander - $28.00

A PROPHET ON THE RUN: A Devotional Commentary on the Book of Jonah by Baruch Maoz - $15.00

PULLING THE EYE TOOTH FROM A LIVE TIGER: A Memoir of the Life and Labors of Adoniram Judson (in two volumes) by Francis Wayland - $75.00

THEOLOGY OF MISSIONS IN THE PURITAN TRADITION: A Study of Representative Puritans: Richard Sibbes, Richard Baxter, John Eliot, Cotton Mather & Jonathan Edwards by Sidney H. Rooy - $32.00


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A CHRISTMAS QUESTION: "Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is Given"

On Sunday morning, December 25, 1859 a 25 year old Charles Haddon Spurgeon ascended the pulpit steps and announced his text that Christmas morning as Isaiah 9:6, "Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Spurgeon introduced his sermon that morning with these words:

"This morning the principal object of my discourse, and, indeed, the sole one, is to bring out the force of those two little words, "UNTO US." For you will perceive that here the full force of the passage lies. "For UNTO US a child is born, UNTO US a Son is given." The divisions of my discourse are very simple ones.

First, is it so?

Second, if it is so, then what?

Third, if it is not so, then what?

We at Solid Ground are persuaded that this sermon needs to be read again and distributed far and wide during this season of the year. This would make the perfect stocking stuffer, and it would be a great gift to give anyone you know who needs to know the truth about Jesus Christ. Hear the way Spurgeon begins the last passionate point of his powerful sermon:

"Dear hearer, I cannot tell where thou art, but wherever thou mayst be in this hall, the eyes of my heart are looking for thee, that when they have seen thee, they may weep over thee. Ah! miserable wretch, without a hope, without Christ, without God. Unto thee there is no Christmas mirth, for thee no child is born; to thee no Son is given. Sad is the story of the poor men and women, who during the week before last fell down dead in our streets through cruel hunger and bitter cold. But far more pitiable is thy lot, far more terrible shall be thy condition in the day when thou shalt cry for a drop of water to cool thy burning tongue, and it shall be denied thee; when thou shalt seek for death, for grim cold death, seek for him as for a friend, and yet thou shalt not find him. For the fire of hell shall not consume thee, nor its terrors devour thee. Thou shalt long to die, yet shalt thou linger in eternal death, dying every hour, yet never receiving the much coveted boon of death. What shall I say to thee this morning? Oh! Master, help me to speak a word in season, now. I beseech thee, my hearer, if Christ is not thine this morning, may God the Spirit help thee to do what I now command thee to do."

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