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"John Chrysostom: The Golden Mouth for Christ"
Earl M. Blackburn

It is good that Christ reigns over all, particularly in his church. Otherwise, biblical Christianity would disappear from the earth. Chrysostom is proof positive that the mediatorial Lord of heaven and earth rules and overrules in the affairs of men and that he sometimes takes his servants through dark and soul-jarring providences to cause his Word to triumph at last. Chrysostom also demonstrates that men of God can faithfully (by the sustaining power and grace of Christ) expound the whole counsel of God and leave a lasting mark upon Adam's fallen race, even when wicked people and all the forces of Hell converge against their souls. As long as the history of Christianity is studied, the name Golden Mouth, this preacher mighty in the Word, will never be forgotten.

Upon completion of his theological education, Earl Blackburn has served as a church-planter and pastor in the ordained ministry for over thirty-five years and has travelled extensively preaching in Pastors' Conferences in Europe, Africa and Asia. He authored the book Jesus Loves the Church and So Should You: Studies in Biblical Churchmanship (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2010), and he also contributed to the book Denominations or Associations (Calvary Press, 2001). As a cancer survivor, he now pastors Heritage Baptist Church, a rebuilding inner-city work in Shreveport, Louisiana.

"This is truly a charming, informative and inspiring book. Blackburn, as an experienced pastor himself, has sought out those aspects of Chrysostom's ministry that show the strengths - courage, humility, faithfulness, doctrinal integrity, confidence in the power of proclamation - that every pastor should covet, while pointing to the weaknesses and troubles endemic to the historical context of bishop John. I found not only the subject, but the style of presenting it, to be engaging and provocative of high thoughts.'

Tom J. Nettles, Prof. of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky


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Essays on Reformed Baptist Associations
David Kingdon, Earl Blackburn, James Renihan, Erroll Hulse, David Dykstra

Here is an excellent book for those who desire to learn more about Reformed Baptist Churches and their history. It seeks to demonstrate the difference between Denominations and Associations of Churches, and it does so by drawing from men from the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Here is a wonderful combination of Scriptural Exposition, Church History and Confessionalism tied together in one volume. The three Appendices present important documents from the past that speak in a very direct way to the issues facing churches in our day.


1- Independency and Interdependency by David Kingdon

2- The Biblical Basis for Associations of Churches by Earl Blackburn

3- A Reformed Basis on Associations of Churches by James Renihan

4- Reformed Baptist Associations: Primitivism, Scripture and the Confession of Faith by James Renihan

5- Inter-Church Unity: Presbyterianism, Episcopacy or Associationalism? By Erroll Hulse

6- Conflict Resolution by David Dykstra

Appendix 1 - An Excerpt from "Concerning a True and Orderly Gospel Church" by Benjamin Griffiths

Appendix 2 - Essay on the Power and Duty of an Association by Benjamin Griffiths

Appendix 3 - The Doctrine and Practice of Colonial American Baptists by John Asplund



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