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THE GOSPEL FOR THE PEOPLE: Sixty Short Sermons for Personal, Family or Corporate Worship
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Selected by Thomas Spurgeon


Sixty Short Sermons, with a 34 page Skech of Mr. Spurgeon's Life, and Fourteen Portraits and Engravings, with a Preface by Pastor Thomas Spurgeon.

These Short Sermons were selected by Thomas Spurgeon (his son) from the Series with a view to their being used in Mission Halls, and other similar places. They are about half the length of the ordinary Sermons.

496 Page Large Paperback Volume

1) Jesus, the Substitute for His People - Romans 8:34

2) Jesus, the Stumbling Stone of Unbelievers - 1 Peter 2:7,8

3) Jesus, the Delight of Heaven - Revelation 5:9,10

4) This Year Also - A Short Sermon for the New Year - Luke 13:8

5) The Covenant Pleaded - Psalm 74:20

6) The Empty Seat - A Sermon When Away from his People - 1 Samuel 20:27

7) The Poor Man's Prayer - Psalm 106:4,5

8) Every Man's Necessity - John 3:7

9) Satan's Punctuality, Power & Purpose - Luke 8:12

10) The Dual Nature and the Duel Within - Romans 7:23

11) The Meat and Drink of the New Nature - John 6:55

12) The Seven Sneezes - 2 Kings 4:34

13) Eyes Opened - Genesis 21:19

14) The Roes and the Hinds - Song of Solomon 2:7

15) The Risen Sun - Malachi 4:2

16) The Oil and the Vessels - 2 Kings 4:6

17) Two Sorts of Hearers - James 1:22-25

18) The Best of all Sights - Hebrews 2:9

19) The Hunger-Bite - Job 18:12

20) Questions which Ought to be Asked - Job 35:10,11

21) Loyal to the Core - 2 Samuel 15:21

22) Beloved, and yet Afflicted - Preached before invalid ladies - John 11:3

23) At School - Psalm 143:10

24) Pressing Questions of an Awakened Mind - Acts 9:5,6

25) A Plain Answer to an Important Inquiry - John 6:29

26) Expected Proof of Professed Love - 2 Corinthians 8:24

27) Men Bewitched - Galatians 3:1

28) Samuel and the Young Man Saul - 1 Samuel 9:27

29) John and Herod - Mark 6:20

30) Taught that we may Teach - Ezekiel 40:4

31) Roads Cleared - Isaiah 57:14

32) An Indictment of Four Counts - Zephaniah 3:2

33) Till We Meet Again - Revelation 22:21

34) Two Good Things - Psalm 119:71; Psalm 73:28

35) Four Choice Sentences - Genesis 28:15; 31:3-5; 48:21

36) The History of Sundry Fools - Psalm 107:17-20

37) An Inscription for the Mausoleum of the Saints - Hebrews 11:13,14

38) The Horns of the Altar - 1 Kings 2:30

39) All or None; or, Compromise Refused - Exodus 8:25,28; 10:8,24,26

40) Smoking Flax - Isaiah 42:3

41) Elijah's Plea - 1 Kings 18:36

42) But a Step - 1 Samuel 20:3

43) Love's Transformation - A Communion Meditation - John 14:28

44) My Comfort in Affliction - Psalm 119:50

45) Where are the Nine? Or, Praise Neglected - Luke 17:15-19

46) The Unkept Vineyard; or, Personal Work Neglected - Song of Solomon 1:6

47) A Mingled Strain - Psalm 51:7

48) Grace for Communion - Song of Solomon 4:16

49) Salt for the Sacrifice - Leviticus 2:13

50) Love Joying in Love - Song of Solomon 5:1

51) Might Have Been, or May Be - John 11:37

52) The Heart a Gift for God - Proverbs 23:26

53) Public Testimony; or, A Debt to God and Man - 2 Kings 7:9

54) God's Longsuffering: An Appeal to the Conscience - 2 Peter 3:15

55) The Miracles of our Lord's Death - Matthew 27:50-53

56) The Messages of our Lord's Love - Mark 16:7

57) The Evidence of our Lord's Wounds - John 20:27

58) Witnesses Against You - Nehemiah 5:7

59) Help for your Sickness - Matthew 8:16,17

60) Hope for your Future - Ezekiel 36:11

"Spurgeon was the consummate preacher and his sermons were mightily used of God in converting sinners and blessing his people. His sermons are the most reprinted and read in history, and justly so. This collection, selected by his son Thomas, will be a valuable addition to any family's library." - Dr. Robert P. Martin, Pastor, Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle, WA, and author of A Guide to the Puritans

"Spurgeon was anointed by the Holy Spirit with such an extraordinary anointing that he was always a fountain of life in opening up the Scripture. He loved the Puritans and dug gold galore out of their writings." - Erroll Hulse, Pastor and Author of numerous books

"Something 'new' by Spurgeon. What else do you need to know? And Spurgeon on the gospel? That should seal the deal for anyone. Sometimes it is difficult to get people who are skeptical of the Reformed faith to read someone of whom they might be suspect due to ignorant associations. "By MacArthur? By Sproul? I've heard that they believe______." But no one is doubtful about Spurgeon. They will get the biblical gospel, and Spurgeon is a name people trust. Don't miss the opportunity to obtain this scarce volume." - Dr. Don Kistler, founder of Northampton Press

"Whenever there is a way to get Charles Spurgeon's writing into the hands of more people there is great reason to rejoice. The treasure that Solid Ground Christian Books is making available is one that Christians everywhere will want to own for themselves and get for others. I have heard of people who read a Spurgeon sermon each morning during their private worship. While a wonderful practice, that task would be daunting to many people. However, 'The Gospel for the People' is just right for such a discipline. Imagine reading a Spurgeon sermon for the next 60 days and taking a summary of that sermon and using for family worship each evening! Well, no need to imagine; just order 'The Gospel for the People' today and you will have such a tool." - Ray Rhodes is a well-known conference speaker and is the author of numerous books including a Family Worship series produced by Solid Ground Christian Books

puritan family classic

Spurgeon New


ISBN: 978-159925-2841

cs2 mds 6-15 os6 ms8 sss fw5 TDM css

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THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL of the Old and New Testaments
Charles H. Spurgeon, Selected by Sir Robert Phayre

Original Publishers' Note

Only a few days before Sir Robert Phayre received his Lord's summons, "Come up higher," he had completed the selection of Sermons here published, and given instructions for them to be bound in a volume for his own use. He had also chosen the title as printed on the present title-page, and the passage of Scripture (1 Peter 1:18-25) which he wished to have inserted there as a kind of motto for the whole series of discourses. The gallant general was a regular reader and an ardent admirer of Mr. Spurgeon's Sermons, and in his opinion the thirty-six here collected formed by themselves a most timely testimony against many of the prominent and pernicious errors and heresies of the present day. It is thought that many will wish to possess the volume compiled by this eminent Protestant and Evangelical leader so shortly before he went to join the beloved preacher in the presence of their Lord.


1) Foundation Work - 1 Kings 5:17

2) The Serpent's Sentence - Genesis 3:14,15

3) Christ, The Conqueror of Satan - Genesis 3:15

4) The Incarnation and Birth of Christ - Micah 5:2

5) "God With Us" - Matthew 1:23

6) The Great Mystery of Godliness - 1 Timothy 3:16

7) The Hexapla of Mystery - 1 Timothy 3:16

8) The Man Christ Jesus - Hebrews 7:4

9) Found By Jesus, And Finding Jesus - John 1:43-45

10) The Essence of Simplicity - John 9:35,36

11) Salvation By Works, A Criminal Doctrine - Galatians 2:21

12) The Gospel of the Glory of Christ - 2 Corinthians 4:4

13) The Common Salvation - Jude 3

14) Lifting Up The Brazen Serpent - Numbers 21:9

15) The Blood of Sprinkling - Hebrews 12:24,25

16) The Blood of Sprinkling - (2nd sermon) - Hebrews 12:24,25

17) The Teaching of the Foot-Washing - John 13:3-5

18) Jesus, The King of Truth - John 18:37

19) The Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit - John 7:38,39; 16:7

20) The Holy Spirit's Chief Office - John 16:14,15

21) The Leading of the Spirit, the Secret Token of the Sons of God - Romans 8:14

22) The Greatest Exhibition of the Age - 1 Corinthians 11:26

23) The Winnowing Fan - Hebrews 12:14,15

24) The Fainting Warrior - Romans 7:24,25

25) Onward! - Philippians 3:13,14

26) The Child of Light Walking in Light - 1 John 1:6,7

27) Walking in the Light, and Washed in the Blood - 1 John 1:7

28) The Ascension and the Second Advent Practically Considered - Acts 1:10,11

29) The Lamb in Glory - Revelation 5:6,7

30) The Heavenly Singers and Their Song - Revelation 5:8-10

31) "The Marriage of the Lamb"- Revelation 19:7,8

32) The Followers of the Lamb - Revelation 14:4,5

33) A Voice from Heaven - Revelation 14:12,13

34) The Barrier - Revelation 21:27

35) Early and Late; or, Horae Gratae - Matthew 20:1,3,5,6

36) Entrance and Exclusion - Matthew 25:10

Spurgeon New

ISBN: 978-159925-2858

cs2 mds 6-15 os6 ms8 sss DTM css

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THE GOSPEL OF THE GRACE OF GODSermons Delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle During His Father's Illness
Thomas Spurgeon, with a Preface by C.H. Spurgeon

This precious little volume was published in 1884 with the hearty approval of all those who heard the sermons preached by Thomas Spurgeon (son of Charles H. Spurgeon) during an illness of his father. The Publishers asked Charles to write a Preface to help the circulation of the work, and he wrote the following:

"These sermons have given great delight to the friends at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Their pastor was laid low by that painful infirmity that often attacks him, and his son occupied the pulpit, to his father's great comfort. When the father expressed in public his hearty thanks to Almighty God that his lack of service had been so well supplied by his own son, there was a general assent to the thanksgiving. The verdict of the church was unanimous: the people of God had been fed, and there were not lacking testimonies that sinners had been converted. Old believers, who know the taste of heavenly food, declared that they had been well fed; while the younger folk, with their natural enthusiasm, expressed their delight at what they had heard. The praise rendered unto the Lord by many was an offering of sweet savour. So precious a result made it good to have been afflicted, good to have received help from the Lord out of one's own house, and, best of all, to have kindled thousands of hearts with the fire of holy praise and sympathetic gratitude.

Precious things will sell themselves; and all that is required of us is just to say, -- here are pearls, examine them and estimate them after the worth of merchants who care for nothing but intrinsic worth. Yours truly, C.H. Spurgeon, Westwood, September 1884


1) "IF THOU CANS'T" - Mark 9:23


3) LYDIA AND THE JAILOR - Acts 16:13-34

4) COMING TO JESUS - John 6:37

5) A WHITE STONE - Revelation 2:17


7) A FAIR WIND - Acts 28:13

THOMAS SPURGEON (1856-1917) was a British Reformed Baptist preacher of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, one of two non-identical twin sons of the famous Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892).

Thomas and his twin brother were born a month before the tragedy at the Royal Surrey Gardens Music Hall of 19 October 1856 while their father was preaching. Their mother, Susannah became an invalid at the age of 33 while the boys were still in their teens.

After serving some time to an engraver, Thomas Spurgeon, like his brother Charles, decided to give his life to preaching the gospel. But his health prevented him from remaining in England. While he was still young he sailed to Australia, and spent one year in evangelistic labors there. After his return to England it was decided that he must return to a better climate for his health. During the early 1880s he preached in many places in Australia, as well as in New Zealand ; and finally he decided to accept the pastorate of a Baptist church in Auckland, the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle, where his influence was already becoming widely felt.

Thomas returned to England after the death of his father and succeeded him in his pulpit ministry after a brief period under Arthur Tappan Pierson. During Thomas' fifteen-year pastorate, the Tabernacle burned in 1898 and was rebuilt along similar lines. His brother Charles was pastor of the Greenwich Baptist Church.



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SIN, AND THE UNFOLDING OF SALVATIONThe Three Year's Course of Theological Lectures Delivered at Spurgeon's Pastor's College
David Gracey, Introduction by Thomas Spurgeon

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to attend the famous Pastor's College founded by Charles H. Spurgeon? We have had a good taste of that privilege as we have read and delighted in LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS by Spurgeon himself. But what about the other classes? What were they like? Thankfully, with this reprint of SIN, AND THE UNFOLDING OF SALVATION by David Gracey we are finally able to see and hear what the students were taught about the Doctrine of Systematic Theology, the Doctrine of Sin, the Doctrine of Christ, and the Doctrine of Salvation.

In the words of the Preface, "We are persuaded that the volume will be a valuable contribution to the Christological literature of the day. Mr. Gracey ever gives prominence to the Person and Work of the Saviour; though unfolding fully the dark and doleful character of sin, he does so under the light of the Gospel, and with the hope of the Gospel shining clear in view. Theology, in his treatment of it, is never a dry science, but a vital, palpitating reality, fresh and beautiful, attractive and inspiring. Having strong convictions, based upon the Word of God, which he hesitates not to express in clear and convincing language, he necessarily exposes and opposes with all his force the erroneous opinions which meet him in the way. He always, however, deals in a courteous and Christian spirit with those from whom he differs; always stating their case fairly, while with strong though gentle hand he demolishes their arguments." - Archibald McCaig

"I am absolutely shocked that this volume has been buried for more than 100 years. David Gracey was a man greatly gifted by God to train men for the ministry, and his passion for the Lord and for the lost pours forth on every page. His opening lecture to his students masterfully introduces the men to the significance of both Theology and Religion, and the intimate relationship they bear to each other. His survey of the intellectual movements which have acted and re-acted upon Christianity through the centuries is absolutely breathtaking. Upon completing the lecture, having read it aloud, I sat stunned. WHAT A TREASURE!! His lectures on Sin (of which there are seven) and Salvation (of which there are nine) are steeped in Scripture. What a distinct privilege to introduce this man and this volume to the people of God in such a dark and needy time. May the Lord use Professor Gracey once again to equip the saints for the works of service to the eternal good of their souls, and the everlasting blessing of lost sinners." - the Publisher


Introduction by Thomas Spurgeon

Preface by Archibald McCaig

Lecture I - Introduction to Theology

Lecture II - System, Method and Order in Theological Study

Lecture III - The Aim and Spirit of Theological Study

Lecture IV - Sin

Lecture V - Nature of Sin

Lecture VI - Sin in its Relation to the Law

Lecture VII - Sin in Man

Lecture VIII - The Cause of Total Depravity

Lecture IX - Imputation of Sin

Lecture X - The Outlook of Sinners

Lecture XI - Salvation

Lecture XII - Scriptural Expressions Relating to Salvation

Lecture XIII - The Unforlding of Salvation in Prophecy

Lecture XIV - The Saviour

Lecture XV - Ancient and Modern Views as to the Person of the Saviour

Lecture XVI - The Work of the Redeemer

Lecture XVII - The Relation Between Christ's Engagements

Lecture XVIII - The Effects of Christ's Reconciliation upon Men

Lecture XIX - The Aspects of the Atonement

DAVID GRACEY (1841-1893) was brought to the Lord during the great revival of 1859, and shortly entered Glasgow University, with a view of preparing himself for the work of the ministry. While studying at the university, and working as a city missionary, he had the privilege of hearing Mr. Spurgeon, on his visit to Glasgow, in 1861, and at once came under the spell of the great preacher, and rested not till be became associated with him in his noble work. Coming to the Pastor's College, as a student and assistant tutor, he soon became fully engaged in tutorial work, and upon the retirement of the late venerable George Rogers, in 1879, he became Principal and Theological Tutor, in which capacity he continued to serve the College with credit to himself, and untold benefit to the students, until his lamented death on February 9th, 1893.



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The Doctrine of God's Covenants Expounded and Applied
Charles H. Spurgeon


The Doctrine of God's Covenants Expounded and Applied

By Charles H. Spurgeon

This never-before-published volume contains the sermons preached by "The Prince of Preachers" on the foundational subject of GOD'S COVENANTS. You will be taken on a journey from the earliest days of his ministry until his latter days and see the growth and development of Spurgeon's understanding of Covenant Theology. Not only will your mind be enlightened on this glorious theme, but your heart will be enlarged as these truths are applied to the life of the believer in Christ.

(1) God in the Covenant - Jeremiah 31:33 (August 3, 1856)

(2) Christ in the Covenant - Isaiah 49:8 (August 31, 1856)

(3) The Holy Spirit in the Covenant - Ezekiel 36:27 (in 1856)

(4) Covenant Blessings - Psalm 111:5 (summer of 1858)

(5) The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant - Hebrews 13:20 (September 4th, 1859)

(6) Messenger of the Covenant - Malachi 3:1 (September 7, 1862)

(7)The Blood of Christ's Covenant - Zechariah 9:11 (November 12, 1863)

(8) David's Sublime Consolation - 2 Samuel 23:5 (May 23, 1867)

(9) Justification, Propitiation, Declaration - Romans 3:24-26 (October 9, 1870)

(10) Covenant Blessings - Ezekiel 36:26,27 (April 14, 1872)

(11) Blood of the Covenant - Hebrews 13:20,21 (August 2, 1874)

(12) Diamond hinges 'As' and 'So' - Isaiah 54:9 (August 1, 1875)

(13) The Covenant Pleaded - Psalm 74:20 (January 1879)

(14) Taking Hold of God's Covenant - Isaiah 56:4,6 (October 5, 1879)

(15) The Blood of the Covenant - Hebrews 9:20 (November 14, 1880)

(16) The Priest Ordained by the Oath of God - Hebrews 7:20-22 (May 1, 1881)

(17) The Perpetuity of the law of God - Matthew 5:18 (May 21, 1882)

(18) The Law Written on the Heart - Jeremiah 31:33 (October 29, 1882)

(19) The Bond of the Covenant - Ezekiel 20:34-38 (May 10, 1885)

(20) God's Remembrance of His Covenant - Psalm 106:44,45 (Feb. 14, 1886)

(21) Cleansing: A Covenant Blessing - Ezekiel 36:25 (September 19, 1886)

(22) The Covenanter - Psalm 25:10 (July 31, 1887)

(23) Twelve Covenant Mercies - Isaiah 55:3 (June 30, 1889)

(24) The Covenant - Psalm 111:5

(25) The Wondrous Covenant - Hebrews 8:10

(26) Private and Confidential - Psalm 25:14

(27) The Heavenly Rainbow - Revelation 4:3


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Contain 27 Classic Spurgeon Expositions on God's Covenants

SGCB Price: $52.00 (list price $100.00)