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OUR LIVES, OUR FORTUNES AND OUR SACRED HONOR: The Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence
Charles A. Goodrich

Charles Augustus Goodrich (1790-1862) commited his life to writing books that would entertain, instruct and edify children and young people. This volume is one of his very best as it gives moving details about the lives of the men who laid the foundation of the great nation that has been blessed by God for over 225 years.

The Providence of God is seen in the way he prepared these men for the task that they were set to accomplish. In a day when America is being challenged from without and within, and when the place of religion and prayer is considered irrelevant in the political arena, it is refreshing to see the vital role these played in the founding of this country.

"The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important political documents in the history of western civilization. The signers are too often dismissed as dead white men, and their greatness is often disparaged. Charles Goodrich's 'Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence,' here republished for the first time in more than a century, will acquaint you with the great men to whom we owe so much for their willingness to pledge to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honour. " - David Dykstra

476 page Large Paperback




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LET THE CANNON BLAZE AWAY:Lectures on the Centennial of American Independence
Joseph P. Thompson

Rev. Joseph P. Thompson (1819-1879) was long time pastor of The Broadway Tabernacle in NY City. After serving for many years in the United States Dr. Thompson lived and served in Europe. He was living there in 1876 when the United States was about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. He was asked to prepare 6 lectures to be delivered in the leading cities of Germany, Italy, France and England. This he did to the overwhelming applause of the leading ministers and statesman of those countiries. In fact, the response was so encouraging that it was insisted that these lectures be placed in a book that could be used as a textbook for years to come.

This volume has been unavailable for more than a century. The time is right for the reappearance of this remarkable book.

"America needs this book at this hour. It is not however, only for Americans. Recall that these were lectures given in Europe and in Britain. I am often amazed at the ignorance of too many Americans regarding our own history. I am often just as amazed at the ignorance of the rest of the world with regard to America and its institutions. Too many Americans today are ashamed of America. Too many non-Americans display a sense of superiority to America. Joseph Thompson's 'Let The Cannon Blaze Away' should go a long way to correct both of these errors." - David Dykstra, from Introduction



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THE FORGOTTEN HEROES OF LIBERTY: The Chaplains and Clergy of the American Revolution
J.T. Headley

This volume, written by the highly acclaimed 19th century historian Joel Tyler Headley, explores the vital, but often neglected, role of ministers of the Gospel to the cause of liberty in the founding of this great nation.

Headley (1813-1897) gives dozens and dozens of sketches of the men who were literally the spiritual leaders of the American Revolution. Men such as Timothy Dwight, William Tennent, Samuel Spring, Ezra Styles, John Gano and John Witherspoon are a few of the names that appear in this catalogue of brave and godly men who had tremendous influence on the Revolution.

In the words of John Wingate Thornton "To the Pulpit, the Puritan Pulpit, we owe the moral force which won our independence." This volume will go a long way to correct the oversight of modern day historians.

This is the history that today's secular historian does not want you or your children ever to know. Here you will be introduced to men who risked their lives and gave their lives for the freedom we now enjoy.




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FROM THE FLAG TO THE CROSS: Scenes and Incidents of Christianity in the Civil War
Amos S. Billingsley

The sub-title to this masterpiece is "The conversions, prayers, dying requests, last words, sufferings and deaths of our soldiers, on the battlefield, in hospital, camp and prison and a description of distinguished Christian men and their labors."

Amos Stevens Billingsley was born in 1818, near East Palestine, Columbiana County, OH. He was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister on 10 Jan 1854, and pastored the Slippery Rock Presbyterian Church in Lawrence County until 1857, when he was sent to west as a missionary by the Presbyterian Home Board of Missions. He ministered in the Colorado Gold fields, 1861-62. In 1861 he was elected Chaplain of the Colorado House of Representatives. In 1863, he was assigned as Chaplain of the 101st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He mustered in 9 Jan 1864. He was captured 20 April 1864 at Plymouth, NC, and held captive at Libby Prison in Richmond, VA. He and his wife settled in Statesville, NC, where he pastored at the colored Presbyterian Church. Rev. Billingsley died 12 Oct 1897 in Statesville, NC.

This book is a rivetting account of the work of God in the Civil War. The title of the book, FROM THE FLAG TO THE CROSS, is taken from a letter written from a dying soldier to his brother in which he commends his allegiance to the Flag but urges him to the highest allegiance to the Cross of Jesus Christ.

During the civil war in America, over 600,000 men died serving in a conflict that is hard for us to imagine. A nation birthed in liberty just some 80 years before fought a war on its own soil, between its own people, that nearly destroyed the nation. Only the hand of providence could have re-birthed this young nation out of the ash heap of the civil war, to become one of the greatest nations on the timeline of freedom.

Many theologians, historians and philosophers have debated the providential hand of God and where it acted through this terrible chapter of our history. Few have put down the telescope, in order to pick up the magnifying glass and look into the lives of the men who fought and see not whose side God was on, but where He was.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil; for you are with me; Your rod and your staff, They comfort me."

-Psalm 23

Even the most cursory reading of civil war history makes apparent the "valley of death" that the soldiers walked through in the civil war. Scenes from Dante's Inferno pale in comparison to the reality of civil war battlefields and hospitals. Brave men on both sides of this struggle walked through the valley of death and stared into the belly of hell. But there is a story woven throughout the civil war that has remained relatively unknown. That is the story of a living God walking among the men, a Savior granting men true and eternal life in the midst of this "shadow of death." And a story of heroic men and women that went to the battlefields, not to fight for the blue or the grey but to fight for the souls of men and for the sake of the gospel. Their instruments of battle were not rifles or bayonets; their instruments of battle were Bibles, bandages and the love of Christ. These were the military chaplains and the men and women of the United States Christian Commission.

One such man was Amos Stevens Billingsley, Chaplain of the 101st Pennsylvania, who in addition to being a lifelong servant of His Master, was a prolific writer. His story from the hospitals and battlefields represents thousands of others, who like Billingsley, went to war under the banner of the Cross.



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C. Gregg Singer

"History does not proceed without the ideas of men behind it -- past, present, and future. Because of this, Gregg Singer's book is a must read for pastors' and people to understand the ideas behind our American history. It is surprising to see how much Calvinism and Calvinistic leaders helped guide our country's founding and achieved stability and freedom, especially for religion. The book is also a challenge to teach sound doctrine in the church to raise up faithful and thinking people to influence the ideas behind our future." --Pastor Fred Malone, Clinton, LA

Table of contents

1 Introduction 1

2 Deism in Colonial Life 24

3 Transcendentalism and the Rise of Modern Democracy 51

4 Social Darwinism: Its Theological Background and Political Implications 92

5 The Social Gospel and Its Political Effects in American Life 142

6 Theological Liberalism after 1920 and Its Political Consequences 179

7 The New Deal and Its Consequences 223

8 World War Two and After 263

9 Conservatism and Liberalism, Theological and Political: Their Ebb and Flow, 1950-1980 278

10 Conclusion 325

11 Bibliography 343

12 Index 349

"I found the book absolutely fascinating, challenging, and enlightening. I am not a historian, so I cannot say where he was or was not valid in his historiography, but his work gave me a brand new understanding of American history, especially in how we fell away from Christian principles into social Darwinism and the doctrines that bled over from the French Revolution. He helped me grasp the inroad of Deism, Transcendentalism, Democracy, and the Social Gospel. He was especially helpful to me regarding the New Deal. Singer prepared me to understand how our once great nation descended to its present state. I was not surprised by the advent of the Obama regime, primarily because of the understanding I have of our history: a great deal of that came from Gregg's book." - Pastor Jeff Pollard, Mt Zion Bible Church, Pensacola, FL

"Dr. Singer brings to light and focuses on the realities which made our country great in its formative decades. The contemporary ideas respecting our country and its history are amiss, being secularized and spiritually destitute. Our spiritual history is unsurpassed in the history of nations. May this book call people back to their true spiritual roots." - Pastor William R. Downing

Presidents Day


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John S. Hart

"It is a simple, but an accurate synopsis of the rudiments of the federal government; so well adapted to the apprehension of youth, as to leave nothing further to be desired, in the shape of a political manual."- Chief Justice Gibson.

"In this work the Constitution of the United States is examined and explained in such a manner as to make it plain and intelligible to any youth who is capable of studying the history of his country."- Judge Randall.

"It ought to be adopted at once in every school district throughout the United States."- North American

"As a work for the instruction of the rising generation, it cannot be too highly commended."- Neat's Gazette

"Every man in this country who holds office, whether Executive, Judicial or Legislative, whether under the National Government or any of the State Governments, is bound by oath to support the Constitution of the United States. Every one of the more than two millions who are now entitled to vote, is called upon to decide questions of Constitutional law, as really and truly as is the Supreme Court of the United States. But how many of all that number have ever read the Constitution? In what proportion of our Colleges, Academies, or Common Schools is it studied? In what system of education, whether public or private, in any part of the country, is a knowledge of the Constitution of the country made a requisite for graduation, or for admission from a lower school to a higher one? Ask a number of boys at school almost any reasonable question in Geagraphy or History, and you will see dozens ready to reply without a moment's hesitation. But ask thtm what will be necessary, when they grow up, to entitle them to vote, what constitutes citizenship, what rights a citizen of one State has in another State, or any other simple and obvious question in regard to the Constitution of their country, and you will be met with a profound silence. And is not a knowledge of his immediate personal rights and duties quite as important to the young American, as to be acquainted with a long catalogue of dead kings or distant cities?

The main reason why the study of the Constitution has never yet been made a branch of Common School education is believed to be an entire misapprehension in regard to the nature and difficulty of the study. There are, it is true, not a few passages in the Constitution, the proper construction of which has given rise to much discussion; and there are many nice points arising out of its more obvious provisions, requiring for their solution great natural abilities and profound legal erudition. But it is still true, that the great majority of its clauses are as intelligible, and as easily remembered as most of the studies which now make an essential part in every system of education. What difficulty is there in a boy's learning that a Representative is chosen for two years, while a Senator is chosen for six, that a Representative must be twenty-five years old, while a Senator must be thirty, to know what body has the power to impeach, and what the power to try impeachments, in short to understand and recollect nine out of ten of all the provisions of the Constitution? Is it one whit more difficult than to comprehend and recollect the various details of Geography and History, to give off-hand the position of Timbuctoo or the Tagus, or to know in what year Rome was founded or Csesar slain?

The plan pursued in this little book is in accordance with the views here suggested. There has been no attempt to discuss knotty political questions, or to speculate upon abstract theories of government, but simply to present the Constitution itself, with such questions and answers, as might direct the attention of the learnor to its plain and obvious meaning. The Constitution provides for the duties and rights of every day life, and is written in simple language almost entirely free from technical and profes. sional expressions. Is there any reason why children capable of learning, and teachers capable of teaching History and Geogra phy, might not intelligently study and teach all its material facts and provisions, as they are here presented." - from the Author's Preface

John S. Hart (1810 - 1877) was an American author and educator. His health in early youth was delicate, and his physical strength small. He completed preparatory studies at Wilkes-Barre Academy, and entered the College of New Jersey at Princeton, (now Princeton University), in 1827, and was graduated in 1830, with the highest honors of his class. During the year following his graduation, he taught, as Principal of an Academy at Natchez, Mississippi, and in 1831 returned to Princeton and entered the Theological Seminary. He spent three years there, and was regularly graduated in 1834. During the last two years of his course, he filled the position of Tutor in the college. In 1834 he was elected Adjunct Professor of Ancient Languages in Princeton College, and filled that chair two years.

Professor Hart was licensed to preach the Gospel by the Presbytery of New Brunswick, August 4, 1835, but having determined, after some years, to devote his life to literary and educational pursuits, his license was, at his own request, withdrawn by the Presbytery, October 19, 1842.

In 1836, he purchased Edgehill School in Princeton, from Professor E. C. Wines, and resigned his Professorship in the College. He retained the charge of Edgehill School until 1842, when he was selected Principal of Central High School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), as well as Professor of Moral, Mental and Political Science[1]. He found this institution in a state of feebleness and placed it on a solid foundation of discipline, accomplishments and popular confidence-making it a representative American institution.

In 1848 he received the degree of LL.D. from the University of Miami. He continued to be Principal of Central High School until 29 October 1858[1], when he resigned in order to become Editor of the periodicals published by the American Sunday School Union, and in this connection he began the Sunday-school Times.

In 1862 he was elected Principal of the New Jersey State Normal School (now The College of New Jersey at Trenton), and held that position with distinguished usefulness and success until February 1871. From 1864 to 1870 he also gave courses of lectures on English Literature in Princeton College. In 1872 he was elected Professor of Belles Lettres and English Literature in Princeton College, which chair he filled two years, returning near the end of 1874 to Philadelphia, where he resided until his death, engaged in literary pursuits. During the months preceding his last illness, he had been delivering a course of popular and instructive lectures on the works of Shakespeare.

About two months before his death, he suffered a severe fall upon an icy pavement in Chestnut Street, breaking his hip-bone and inflicting internal injuries. After much severe suffering, he died in Philadelphia, March 26, 1877, at the age of sixty-eight. Prof. Hart was a man of quiet and retiring manners, yet social and sunny in his temperament, an enthusiast in the cause of education, a devoted Sabbath-school worker, of elegant culture, accurate and wide scholarship, author of many volumes, and possessing great force and earnestness of mind. But above all, he was an humble, consistent and devout Christian, always seeking, like his Master, to do good.

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THE YOUNG SERGEANT, THE TRIUMPHANT SOLDIER: A True Story from the Civil War for the Young
Mary A. Denison

"The world is a battle-field and the Christian is the true soldier. There are enemies to fight in the counting room, or the retreat from business, or even in the home-circle, for him who has put on the armor of God. Some of these are represented in this little volume. 'The Young Sergeant,' with whose glorious death this story ends, was a veritable personage. He received his wound at the Battle of Big Bethel, and we could name the clergyman whose sad duty it became to soothe his last moments - sad, yet joyful, for the Young Sergeant, 'Beheld his victory won, And stood complete at last.'"

A powerful story for young and old alike, written by Mary Andrews Denison (1826-1911), a gifted and godly author who penned over 60 volumes. The story is divided into four parts, with each section highlighting the words of the great hymn, "Soldier's of Christ Arise."

PART FIRST - The Hero Soldier

PART SECOND - The Silent Soldier

PART THIRD - The Youthful Soldier

PART FOURTH - The Triumphant Soldier

SGCB Price: $6.95 (list price $11.00)