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Andreas J. Kostenberger, Michael J. Kruger

In the 1930's world famous and renowned lexicographer Walter Bauer argued that Christian belief emerged out of myriad theologies that existed within the church during the Patristic era. Out of this context, he argued, Rome emerged as the theology with the most political favor and thus became the "true" or "orthodox" theology of the church. However, Bauer provided little evidence to substantiate his claims other than the theory upon which they were built. In fact, Bauer was refuted by many scholars when his theory was first translated into English. The evidence simply does not fit the theory Bauer propounded.

Nevertheless in our current pluralist culture, which assumes that those who have power unjustly establish hegemonies in their favor whenever possible, this theory is still being propagated by scholars like Bart Ehrman. Again, this theory states that Christian orthodoxy arose from within the context of many theologies that later fell prey to the centralized and dominant Roman Church.

In this book The Heresy of Orthodoxy prolific and leading NT scholar Andreas J. Kostenberger along with Michael J. Kruger argue to the contrary showing that Christian orthodoxy was established and adhered to in-at least-the first half of the second century. To do this Kostenberger and Kruger open two fronts, one historical and the other canonical. First, the authors establish historical situation of early Christianity and show, via historical sources, an early orthodoxy that geographically diverse. They also demonstrate the consistency of the biblical witness to this context in relationship to other historical documents. Finally, they also show the logical and historical impossibility of developed heresies prior to the 3rd century-even the largest and most widespread heresy, Gnosticism.

Moving onto Canon, Kostenberger and Kruger explain what modern scholarship, that does not put theories before evidence has routinely shown, namely that the NT books that later constituted the Canon were understood as authoritative revelation by a majority of the church before many of the other books of "alternative Christianities" were even written.

But Kostenberger and Kruger, even after making their arguments from the evidence, not theory, remain uncomfortable with the scholarship that supports the Bauer-Ehrman thesis. They contend, in polemical fashion, that Bart Ehrman is ignoring evidence that is not only strongly against him, but obvious to any person who does not have a cultural agenda that demands all perspectives are equal no matter how unequal the historical record in fact may be.

The Heresy of Orthodoxy is a much needed correction to the scholarship and popular writings of Bart Ehrman and his unsubstantiated attacks on the integrity of the NT canon, his manipulation of history, and his patent disdain for orthodox belief. It should be read widely by Christians who want the best scholarship, that being scholarship that allows the evidence to dictate the results of the inquiry, and who want to learn where they can go to find the primary sources.

SGCB Price: $13.95 (list price $20.00)

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4 TITLES BY PAUL D. TRIPP (at least 65% Off)


We have 4 Titles by author PAUL DAVID TRIPP which are all filled with practical, scriptural wisdom.

(1) AWE: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do

Humans are hardwired for awe. Our hearts are always captured by something—that’s how God made us. But sin threatens to distract us from the glory of our Creator. All too often, we stand in awe of everything but God.

Uncovering the lies we believe about all the earthly things that promise us peace, life, and contentment, Paul Tripp redirects our gaze to God’s awe-inducing glory—showing how such a vision has the potential to impact our every thought, word, and deed.

(2) REDEEMING MONEY: How God Reveals and Reorients Our Hearts

Money. The thought of it can be overwhelming, and the pursuit of it can be addicting. Our society constantly promises us that money will provide what we want—success, comfort, peace, and happiness—leading our fickle hearts to trust money for things it was never intended to give us. Even if we think we know what the Bible says about money, there seems to be a gap between our theology and our everyday money struggles.

In this practical and hopeful book, best-selling author Paul David Tripp shows us how to view and interact with money in a God-honoring way. Through chapters that expose the depths of our heart struggles and our need for grace, this book offers a roadmap to find peace, generosity, and joy in the world that God created.

(3) SEX & MONEY: Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies


We live in a world obsessed with finding it, passionate to enjoy it, and desperate to maintain it. Chief among such pleasures are sex and money—two pleasures unrivaled in their power to captivate our attention, demand our worship, and drive us to hide or to despair.

You don't have to look far to see that we are in big trouble in both areas. Many of us see the battle. We feel the strain of the war. And we are eager for freedom in a world gone mad.

Seasoned counselor and pastor Paul David Tripp pulls back the curtain on the lies that surround us and on the distortions we often overlook. As Tripp thoughtfully exposes the insanity of our culture, he also wisely speaks to our own tendencies to fall prey to sexual and financial idolatry.

Sex and Money ultimately directs us to God’s Word and the liberating power of the gospel, offering real-world advice, and giving us the guidance we need to find true joy and enduring satisfaction.

(4) SEX IN A BROKEN WORLD: How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts

We live in a deeply broken world . . . but there is hope.

Sexuality is a fundamental part of what it means to be human—part of God’s beautiful design when he created all things. And yet, sex in our world today looks nothing like the way that God intended it to be. Sexual brokenness surrounds us and, in one way or another, affects us all.

This sexual brokenness reveals our deep need for redemption—something quick fixes, mere behavior modification, or a set of rules can’t provide. Honest and direct yet kind and caring, this book points us to the only place we can find help for sexual brokenness—the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. Only this grace offers hope for a life of freedom, purity, and joy as God intended.

Paul David Tripp (DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a pastor, award-winning author, and international conference speaker. He has written numerous books, including the bestselling daily devotional New Morning Mercies and Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. His nonprofit ministry exists to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. Tripp lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Luella, and they have four grown children.


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(1) AWE: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, and Do
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $20.00)

(2) REDEEMING MONEY: How God Reveals and Reorients our Hearts
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $18.00)

(3) SEX & MONEY: Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $22.00)

(4) SEX IN A BROKEN WORLD: How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $18.00)

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SGCB Price: $49.95 (list price $100.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

SGCB Price: $3.50 (list price $6.00)

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Augustine, Begg, Boice, Calvin, Edwards, Lloyd-Jones, Luther, MacArthur, Packer, Owen, Ryle, Spurgeon, Sproul, Tada and many more


(1) JESUS, KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter


Chapter 1: True Contemplation of the Cross (Martin Luther)

Chapter 2: He Set His Face to Go to Jerusalem (John Piper)

Chapter 3: An Innocent Man Crushed by God (Alistair Begg)

Chapter 4: The Cup (C. J. Mahaney)

Chapter 5: Gethsemane (R. Kent Hughes)

Chapter 6: Betrayed, Denied, Deserted (J. Ligon Duncan III)

Chapter 7: Then Did They Spit in His Face (Charles Spurgeon)

Chapter 8: The Silence of the Lamb (Adrian Rogers)

Chapter 9: The Sufferings of Christ (J. C. Ryle)

Chapter 10: Father, Forgive Them (John MacArthur)

Chapter 11: With Loud Cries and Tears (John Owen)

Chapter 12: That He Might Destroy the Works of the Devil (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

Chapter 13: I Am Thirsty (Joseph “Skip” Ryan)

Chapter 14: God-Forsaken (Philip Graham Ryken)

Chapter 15: Cursed (R. C. Sproul)

Chapter 16: Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit (James Montgomery Boice)

Chapter 17: Blood and Water (John Calvin)

Chapter 18: He Descended into Hell and Ascended into Heaven (J. I. Packer)

Chapter 19: A Sweet-Smelling Savor to God (Jonathan Edwards)

Chapter 20: The Most Important Word in the Universe (Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.)

Chapter 21: Resurrection Preview (Francis Schaeffer)

Chapter 22: Peace Be unto You (Saint Augustine)

Chapter 23: Knowing the Power of His Resurrection (Tim Keller)

Chapter 24: Sharing His Sufferings (Joni Eareckson Tada)

Chapter 25: Crucified with Christ (Stephen F. Olford)

(2) COME, THOU LONG-EXPECTED JESUS: Experiencing the Peace and Promise of Christmas


Chapter 1: George Whitefield: Contemplating Christmas-An encouragement to pull away from frivolous holiday celebrations to truly contemplate the gift of the Incarnation.

Chapter 2: Skip Ryan: Tabernacled Among Us-An exposition of John 1:14 about what it means that Jesus became flesh and “dwelt” among us.

Chapter 3: Martin Luther: The Maiden Mary-An examination of Mary’s humility as a Jewish maiden, and her glad response to what God brought into her life.

Chapter 4: John Piper: Conceived by the Holy Spirit-An exploration of the work of the Holy Spirit in the conception of Jesus in Mary’s womb and what the angel told Mary about the child in her womb.

Chapter 5: Tim Keller: The Gifts of Christmas-Keller suggests four gifts we are given through Christmas—vulnerability for intimacy, comfort for suffering, passion for justice, power over prejudice.

Chapter 6: Martin Lloyd-Jones: The Great Fulfillment-A presentation of Jesus as the great fulfillment of all the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament.

Chapter 7: Ligon Duncan: Joseph: Righteous and Kind-A look at the character and faith of Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father.

Chapter 8: Jonathan Edwards: To Be More Blessed Than Mary-An exposition of Luke 11:27-28 in which Jesus said that the person who hears and keeps the Word of God is more blessed than Mary who bore and nursed the Son of God.

Chapter 9: Charles Spurgeon: Have You Any Room?-A sermon that presents all of the places where there was no room for Jesus—the inn, halls of government, temples of religion, places of business—and an invitation to make room for Jesus in your life.

Chapter 10: Saint Augustine: The Word Was Made Flesh-A meditation on what it means that the Word was With God and Was God and then was made flesh.

Chapter 11: J. I. Packer: For Your Sakes He Became Poor-Packer suggests that the key text for understanding the incarnation is 2 Corinthians 8:9: ‘ye know that grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might become rich.’

Chapter 12: John Calvin: Unto Us A Child is Born-A consideration of the promises of Isaiah 9 phrase by phrase.

Chapter 13: Alistair Begg: Wrapped in Humility-A view of the incarnation through Philippians 2:5-7 and what it means that the God of glory poured himself into the humble form of a human servant.

Chapter 14: Randy Alcorn: Shepherd Status-A history lesson on the place shepherds held in society and the implications of these lowly people being chosen as the first to hear about the birth of Jesus.

Chapter 15: John MacArthur: Glory Revealed-Isaiah promised that the glory of God would be revealed, and it was revealed fully in the person and work of Jesus Christ who was “the radiance of the glory of God.”

Chapter 16: Ray Ortlund, Jr.: Good News of Great Joy-Five reasons the birth of Jesus should give us joy just as the angels announced that the birth of Jesus was “good news of great joy,”

Chapter 17: Francis Shaeffer: Seeing Jesus With the Shepherds-Significant ways seeing Jesus changed the lives of simple shepherds forever, and how seeing Jesus should change our lives.

Chapter 18: J.C. Ryle: The Lessons of the Wise Men-The example of faith shown to us by the wise men who came to worship Jesus.

Chapter 19: James Boice: Gifts of Faith-An examination of gold, frankincense and myrrh and what each gift given to Jesus meant.

Chapter 20: R.C. Sproul: Embarking on a Course of Redemption-An exposition of the circumcision and naming of Jesus in the temple on his eighth day.

Chapter 21: R. Kent Hughes: Those To Whom Christ Comes-Insights into Simeon and Anna and their longing to see the Savior.

Chapter 22: Joni Eareckson Tada: A Christmas Longing-A connection of our Christmas longings to see Jesus to our longings for him to come again.

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(1) JESUS, KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter
SGCB Price: $10.75 (list price $20.00)

(2) COME, THOU LONG-EXPECTED JESUS: Experiencing the Peace and Promise of Christmas
SGCB Price: $10.75 (list price $20.00)

SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $40.00)

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With 14-point type, bold black letter text, and quality materials and production, the ESV Giant Print Bible sets the new standard for the desired features of readability and enduring value. The generous size of the text makes it ideal for preaching, teaching, and public reading, as well as for personal use. Its sewn binding, durable cover, and lifetime guarantee ensure that it will last for years and years of regular use.

Page Layout: Double Column

Page Count: 2000

Trim Size: 6.5 in x 9.25 in

Weight: 62.21 ounces

Published: May 31, 2019

Type Size: 14 point font

Additional Features: Sewn Binding


Lifetime Guarantee

Extra Large Print



Gilded edges

Words of Christ Black

TruTone®, Deep Brown
SGCB Price: $32.00 (list price $70.00)

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WHEN WORDS MATTER MOST: Speaking Truth with Grace to Those You Love

When a friend or family member is struggling spiritually, do you ever feel uncertain about what to say?

You may sense your loved ones need to hear biblical encouragement or advice but, feeling inadequate for the task, you might simply commiserate or say nothing. God calls you to something more.

In When Words Matter Most, Cheryl Marshall and Caroline Newheiser help you discern spiritual needs and give biblical, heartfelt guidance. Through real-life stories and carefully chosen Scripture passages, they model what to say to those who are worried, weary, wayward, or weeping. You’ll learn how to speak truth to others in your sphere of influence and strengthen the body of Christ as a whole.



Part 1

Chapter 1: The Call to Speak

Chapter 2: Those We Love

Chapter 3: The Greater Grace

Chapter 4: The Gracious Friend

Chapter 5: When Grace Is Tested

Chapter 6: Truth That Transforms

Part 2

Introduction to Part 2

Chapter 7: Truth for the Worried

Chapter 8: Truth for the Weary

Chapter 9: Truth for the Wayward

Chapter 10: Truth for the Weeping

Chapter 11: Our Confidence to Speak


“There are times when actions matter most. There are even times when your mere presence matters most. But as Marshall and Newheiser make clear, our lives are filled with times ‘when words matter most.’ This book is for those times. Written by women and for women, these pages are so saturated with Scripture and biblical wisdom that they can be equally beneficial to men. When Words Matter Most can serve either for small-group study or personal reading. Most of us speak to one or more who are weary, wayward, or worried almost every day. Learning from the lessons and examples of this book will prepare you to be more effective when you do.” -Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Family Worship; Praying the Bible; and Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

“When Words Matter Most is a thoroughly practical and biblical book to help you speak the truth in love to others caught up in a variety of struggles. This book is engaging and very helpful. I highly recommend it.” -Martha Peace, biblical counselor; author, The Excellent Wife

“We need each other to grow in Christ. We also need to hear God's word, and God uses others to speak that word to us. Marshall and Newheiser remind us of this fundamental but often ignored truth in this wonderfully practical book. We are all needy and weak. We all need to be encouraged and challenged, and we need to hear God’s word practically applied to our lives by those who know us. We are confident that the Lord will use this book to help us walk worthily of the Lord who has called us to be like him.” -Thomas and Diane Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; and his wife, Diane

“The riches of God’s word should not be hoarded as a private treasure. This practical, powerful book challenges believers to allow Scripture’s healing balm to flow naturally into our relationships and conversations. God’s words matter more and accomplish more than our own. When the teaching of the Bible permeates our own thoughts, we can gently and powerfully share strengthening truth with one another.” -Deborah Young, Chief Curriculum Officer, Bible Study Fellowship

“From the very beginning, God created mankind with the ability to communicate so man could commune with God and fellow man. However, because of sin, communication has been horribly corrupted. Cheryl Marshall and Caroline Newheiser have written a much-needed book to help restore gracious and loving communication to bring strength, comfort, and sometimes reproof to those who need it. Gracious speech full of truth is a lost art to this generation. When Words Matter Most is a carefully written resource to restore this vital and necessary practice.” -John D. Street, Professor, The Master’s University and Seminary; President, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

“What a challenge it is to speak the truth in love to those whom the Lord places in our lives. It is much easier to just talk about comfortable topics and avoid the tough ones altogether. When Words Matter Most serves as a welcome tool to show us how to do the right thing and choose the words that matter most with utmost prayer and care. Marshall and Newheiser skillfully provide biblically saturated advice coupled with real-life examples from their vast experience. They do not seek to provide a formula for success, but rather carefully suggest methods to encourage the fainthearted and do so with grace. It is exciting to think about how the Lord may choose to use conversations we may be privileged to initiate to transform hearts and bring glory to his name. May we be eager for the task! This helpful book will spur us on in ways yet unseen with its well-organized categories of concern and corresponding biblical truth. I am grateful to both Marshall and Newheiser for this labor of love and gladly recommend it.” -Mary K. Mohler, Director, Seminary Wives Institute, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Growing in Gratitude

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SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $17.00)

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THE PRAYERS OF JESUS: Listening to and Learning from Our Savior
Mark Jones

“If your soul is dry and your prayers are dead, here is living water to revive and refresh you.” — David Murray

Jesus’s ministry on earth as a human was marked by a devotion to prayer. Through his prayer life, we see what it means to truly depend on God. Examining all of Jesus’s prayers recorded in the New Testament, this book reflects on the content and structure of the Son of God’s words to his Father— helping us imitate his example as we commune with our heavenly Father as adopted sons and daughters in Christ.

Table of Contents:


Introducing Our Praying Lord

Jesus Prayed from His Mother’s Breasts (Psalm 22:9–10)

Jesus Prayed “Abba! Father” (John 17:1)

Jesus Prayed in Secret (Luke 5:16)

Jesus Prayed the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9–13)

Jesus Prayed Joyfully in the Spirit (Luke 10:21)

Jesus Prayed Knowing He Would Be Heard (John 11:41–42)

Jesus Prayed for His Father’s Glory (John 12:27–28)

Jesus Prayed for His Own Glory (John 17:1)

Jesus Prayed concerning Eternal Life (John 17:1–2)

Jesus Prayed for Us to Know God and Himself (John 17:3)

Jesus Prayed for the Glory He Had Before the World Existed (John 17:4–5)

Jesus Prayed concerning God’s Self–Disclosure (John 17:6–8)

Jesus Prayed for the Elect to Glorify Him (John 17:9–10)

Jesus Prayed That the Father Would Protect the Church (John 17:11–12)

Jesus Prayed for His Disciples To Be Joyful (John 17:13)

Jesus Prayed for His Disciples in the World (John 17:14–16)

Jesus Prayed for His Disciples to Be Sanctified (John 17:17–19)

Jesus Prayed for Church Unity (John 17:20–21)

Jesus Prayed for Us to Receive His Glory (John 17:22–23)

Jesus Prayed for His People to Be with Him (John 17:24)

Jesus Prayed with Confidence (John 17:25–26)

Jesus Prayed in Great Distress (Mark 14:32–34)

Jesus Prayed for Deliverance (Mark 14:35–36)

Jesus Prayed for His Enemies (Luke 23:34)

Jesus Prayed with a Loud Cry (Mark 15:34)

Jesus Prayed His Final Prayer (Luke 23:46)


General Index

Scripture Index


“This is a book primarily about Jesus and secondarily about prayer. That is reflected in the subtitle Listening to and Learning from Our Savior. Jones guides us in listening to the prayers of Jesus for what they tell us about Jesus, and then what they tell us about prayer. Think of it as a Christology viewed through the lens of Jesus’s prayers. Jones’s purpose is much deeper than just drawing principles of prayer from the prayers of Jesus; he takes us into a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and what he has done for us, and then applies that to the prayer life of the believer in Christ.” - Donald S. Whitney, Associate Dean and Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and Praying the Bible

“Mark Jones has done it again. He distills the beauty, majesty, and mystery of Jesus into accessible and transformative food for the soul. No other writer today says so much about Christ in such profound, readable, provocative, and rich ways. The humanity, vulnerability, authority, and glory of our Lord jump out of every page. Read this book.” - Dan MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Grace Toronto Church

“What a wonderful idea—to access the person and work of our Savior through his prayers. The result is a beautiful and soul-satisfying book that will not only teach you more about Jesus but also teach you how to pray. If your soul is dry and your prayers are dead, here is living water to revive and refresh you.” -David Murray, Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Christians with an appetite for knowing Jesus will find a feast in The Prayers of Jesus. Mark Jones serves up the finest in devotional food, teaching us how to come to the Father by observing the prayer life of his Son. I heartily commend not only the bite-size chapters but also Jones’s meaty historical and theological introduction.” - Chad Van Dixhoorn, Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary


THE PRAYERS OF JESUS: Listening to and Learning from Our Savior

LIVING FOR GOD: A Short Introduction to the Christian Faith

GOD IS: A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God

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SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $18.00)

SGCB Price: $29.00 (list price $58.00)

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DEEPER: Real Change for Real Sinners & HOW DOES GOD CHANGE US? (Companion Volume to 'DEEPER')

“Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” —2 Peter 3:18

How do Christians grow? Few question the call of the Bible to grow in godliness, but the answer to exactly how this happens is often elusive.

In this book, Dane Ortlund points believers to Christ, making the case that sanctification does not happen by doing more or becoming better, but by going deeper into the wondrous gospel truths that washed over them when they were first united to him.

Drawing on wisdom from figures throughout church history, Ortlund encourages readers to fix their gaze on Jesus in the battle against sin, casting themselves upon his grace and living out their invincible identity in Christ.



Chapter 1: Jesus

Chapter 2: Despair

Chapter 3: Union

Chapter 4: Embrace

Chapter 5: Acquittal

Chapter 6: Honesty

Chapter 7: Pain

Chapter 8: Breathing

Chapter 9: Supernaturalized



“This lovely, easy-to-read primer by Dane Ortlund grounds our discipleship in the glowing center of Christianity—our Lord Jesus. It’s easy to think that as we grow as Christians, we move on to ‘higher things’ (whatever that means!), when in fact we simply need to learn the beauty and depth of Jesus and all that he’s done for us. That’s what Ortlund helps us do here. This book will bless you!” -Paul E. Miller, author, A Praying Life and J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life

“That angst in your soul for more is a part of the growing process—a gift of hunger and thirst that Jesus, the inexhaustible well, will fill. In Deeper, Dane Ortlund reminds us that the angst is satisfied not by behavioral modification or some quick fix but by the beauty of friendship with Jesus and the peace more deeply accepted in our souls. If you are hungry and thirsty for more life, more joy, more peace, and more Jesus, this is a book for you.” -Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church, Dallas, Texas; President, Acts 29 Church Planting Network; author, The Mingling of Souls and The Explicit Gospel

“Having marinated in the wisdom, beauty, and encouragement of Dane’s new book, I totally understand why my friend chose deeper as the primary image for the title. How does God change us as his beloved daughters and sons? Think less of climbing a mountain and more of swimming in a deep ocean of the always-more-ness of Jesus. If you’ve ever wondered what the Bible really means by ‘fixing our gaze on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,’ this should be the next book you spend time with. Dane helps us understand that the gospel is more of a person to adore and know than theological propositions and categories to master.” -Scotty Ward Smith, Pastor Emeritus, Christ Community Church, Franklin, Tennessee; Teacher in Residence, West End Community Church, Nashville, Tennessee


DEEPER: Real Change for Real Sinners by Dane Ortlund

REJOICE & TREMBLE: The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord by Michael Reeves

THE LOVELIEST PLACE: The Beauty and Glory of the Church by Dustin Benge

GOD SHINES FORTH: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church by Daniel Hames & Michael Reeves

DOT. dcot- cwn/ cwut NT22 CWN22

SGCB Price: $12.50 (list price $22.00)

SGCB Price: $4.95 (list price $8.00)

SGCB Price: $15.95 (list price $30.00)

SGCB Price: $32.50 (list price $65.00)

SGCB Price: $44.00 (list price $88.00)
THIS IS THE PRICE FOR 'DEEPER' by Ortlund, 'THE LOVLIEST PLACE' by Benge, 'REJOICE & TREMBLE' by Reeves & 'GOD SHINES FORTH' by Hames and Reeves

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BE STILL MY SOUL: Embracing God's Purpose & Provision in Suffering
Edited by Nancy Guthrie w/ Contributions by Ferguson, Packer, Sproul, Newton etc.


Since the beginning of humanity, the question of suffering-why it happens and how God works in it-has existed. What are you doing, God? Why is this happening? Where are you? These questions fill our thoughts when we experience deep pain and tragedy. Having lost two young children who suffered from a rare and incurable disease, editor Nancy Guthrie has put together this helpful collection of short readings exploring the question of suffering.

This anthology includes essays from both classic and contemporary theologians, Bible teachers, and missionaries such as John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Piper, Corrie ten Boom, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Helen Roseveare. Each entry expounds on a Bible verse, leading readers to see and be comforted by God's perspective, purpose, and provision in suffering.

CONTRIBUTIONS BY: Joni Eareckson Tada, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Corrie ten Boom, John Calvin, J. I. Packer, John Piper, Jerry Bridges, R. C. Sproul, Charles H. Spurgeon, Helen Roseveare, John Newton, D. A. Carson, Martin Luther, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Jonathan Edwards, Timothy Keller, Sinclair B. Ferguson, Philip Yancey, Augustine, Os Guinness, A. W. Tozer, Abraham Kuyper, Wilson Benton, Jeremiah Burroughs, Thomas Manton



1. Suffering: The Servant of our Joy by Tim Keller

2. The Gift of Pain by Philip Yancey

3. God's Plan A by Joni Eareckson Tada

4. When We Don't Know Why, We Trust God Who Knows Why by Os Guinness

5. Is There Such a Thing as Senseless Tragedy? by R.C. Sproul

6. Illumined by the Light of God's Providence by John Calvin

7. A Profound Answer to the Pressing Question, 'Why?' by Wilson Benton, Jr.

8. Bearing Suffering by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

9. No Sorrow Like Jesus' Sorrow by John Newton


10. The God We Had We Lose by Abraham Kuyper

11. When Cost Becomes Privilege by Helen Roseveare

12. Prepared for Usefulness by A.W. Tozer

13. The Test of a Crisis by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

14. Too Good to Suffer? by St. Augustine

15. Faith Tried and Proved by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

16. Choosing Trust by Jerry Bridges

17. Dying Well by D.A. Carson


18. Just What You Need, Just in Time by Corrie Ten Boom

19. Dark Valleys by Sinclair Ferguson

20. Hoped-for Healing by J.I. Packer

21. Happy in Affliction by Thomas Manton

22. Power in Weakness by John Piper

23. To Suffer as Christ Did by Martin Luther

24. Learning to be Content by Jeremiah Burroughs

25. Refuge and Rest in Christ by Jonathan Edwards

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THE PROMISES OF GOD: A New Edition of the Classic Devotional Based on the English Standard Version
CHARLES H. SPURGEON revised and edited by Tim Chester


"God has given no pledge that he will not redeem and encouraged no hope that he will not fulfill." —Charles Spurgeon

For over 150 years, Charles Spurgeon’s classic daily devotional on God’s promises has comforted the hearts of God’s people. For each day of the year, Spurgeon reflects on a specific promise of God from Scripture that strengthened his heart in times of severe depression and suffering. Each daily meditation testifies to the goodness, faithfulness, and power of God.

In this volume, Tim Chester helps Spurgeon speak to a new generation, updating archaic words, shortening sentences, and streamlining sentence structure—all without losing Spurgeon’s passionate and pastoral voice. These devotional readings will inspire you with fresh faith in the promise-making and promise-keeping God of the Bible.

"The Promises of God" is a 365 day devotional by Charles Spurgeon that was originally titled "The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith." Tim Chester has updated archaic words and used more modern sentence structure to make reading easier while still maintaining the feel of the original. He also used a modern version of the Bible (English Standard Version) rather than the original KJV except when the KJV wording is directly referenced in the devotion. This does make the devotions easier to read and understand.

Each day's devotion started with a verse or two from the Bible, then Spurgeon gave a mini-sermon on that verse--what the verse means for us and how we live. I read an ebook version, but it looked like each day was only a page or two long. I enjoyed reading Spurgeon's insights and thoughts about the selected verses. "

EDITOR TIM CHESTER Introduces this book with the following words:

"For as long as I can remember, my father has had a plaster bust of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834–1892) in his study. Like my father and me, Spurgeon was a Reformed Baptist pastor, and Spurgeon has always been one of our heroes. When, in 2017, my father preached his last sermon, he passed the bust on to me. So, as I write these words, Spurgeon is looking down on me.

Known as “the Prince of Preachers,” Spurgeon attracted large crowds, often speaking to over ten thousand people at a time before the days of amplification. His preaching was characterized by the directness of his address and the vividness of his language. In 1861, his congregation moved to the specially-built Metropolitan Tabernacle with seating for five thousand people and standing room for a further thousand. It would remain his base for the next thirty-eight years until his death in 1892.

Spurgeon founded a pastor’s college to train church planters, opposed slave ownership, and opened an orphanage. He also fiercely opposed liberal theology. He paid a price for this workload and the controversies it brought, suffering for many years physically with gout and emotionally with depression. It is to these struggles that he alludes in his preface for this volume.

Spurgeon reached a still wider audience through his writings. His sermons were transcribed by stenographers as he spoke and on sale for a penny the following day. Among his many works was The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith.

It was not Spurgeon’s first book of daily devotional readings. In 1865, he published Morning by Morning, followed three years later by Evening by Evening. Soon they were combined into Morning and Evening, selling over 230,000 copies during his lifetime and many more since.

Twenty years or so later, Spurgeon wrote The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith as a follow-up. And this was my father’s favorite. He used to read it to our family during my childhood.

In The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith, Spurgeon likens the promises of God in the Bible to checks (or “cheques” as Spurgeon himself would have spelled it). A check is a promise in written form. It promises

to give the recipient the stated sum whenever they present it at a bank.

The promises of God, says Spurgeon, are like checks waiting to be cashed in “the bank of faith.”

In 2003, Crossway published an edition of Morning and Evening updated by Alistair Begg using the English Standard Version of the Bible.

I have taken the liberty of doing the same with The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith. I have replaced archaic words, shortened sentences, used modern word ordering, and added references to biblical allusions. I have also changed the title, partly because checks are becoming dated and partly to prevent a fight with my publishers over the spelling of “cheque” (the UK spelling) and “check” (the US spelling)! Apart from this, the content is the same. Only occasionally have I retained an archaic phrase to retain the poetic power of the original text. My aim has been to let Spurgeon speak to a new generation. Why? Not as an historical curiosity. But so the promise-making and promise-keeping God of the Bible speaks

words of comfort to his people. As Spurgeon says in his preface,

'I have written out of my own heart with the view of comforting their hearts. . . . May the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, inspire the people of the Lord with fresh faith!'

Many thanks to Richard Chester (my father) and Tamsin Faiers for reading my draft to ensure it sounded contemporary while retaining the “voice” of Spurgeon."

Tim Chester, 2018

Charles H. Spurgeon (1834–1892) was an English Baptist pastor at New Park Street Chapel, London (which later became the Metropolitan Tabernacle), for thirty-eight years. As the nineteenth century's most prolific preacher and writer, his ministry legacy continues today.

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GOD IS: A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God

“This is Mark Jones at his best. In twenty-seven concise chapters, God Is invites, equips, edifies, comforts, and challenges God’s people to know God better and love him more.” —Rosaria Butterfield, Former Professor of English, Syracuse University; author, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

God has revealed many things about himself in his Word. But God’s manifold attributes shine most clearly in his Son, Jesus Christ, who came to reveal his Father. Through Christ’s saving work on the cross, we are able to know and worship God rightly.

This book aims to help us study and understand the attributes of God so that we delight in and love him with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind. Each chapter explains one attribute, shows how it is most clearly manifested in Christ, and provides practical application for the Christian life.



Chapter 1: God Is Triune

Chapter 2: God Is Simple

Chapter 3: God Is Spirit

Chapter 4: God Is Infinite

Chapter 5: God Is Eternal

Chapter 6: God Is Unchangeable

Chapter 7: God Is Independent

Chapter 8: God Is Omnipresent

Chapter 9: God Is Omniscient

Chapter 10: God Is Omnipotent

Chapter 11: God Is Yahweh

Chapter 12: God Is Blessed

Chapter 13: God Is Glorious

Chapter 14: God Is Majestic

Chapter 15: God Is Sovereign

Chapter 16: God Is Love

Chapter 17: God Is Good

Chapter 18: God Is Patient

Chapter 19: God Is Merciful

Chapter 20: God Is Wise

Chapter 21: God Is Holy

Chapter 22: God Is Faithful

Chapter 23: God Is Gracious

Chapter 24: God Is Just

Chapter 25: God Is Angry

Chapter 26: God Is Anthropomorphic


Format: Paperback

Page Count: 240

Size: 5.5 in x 8.5 in

Weight: 11.89 ounces

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-7423-8

Published: September 29, 2020

Mark Jones serves as the pastor of Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church (PCA) in British Columbia, Canada, and research associate at the University of the Free State in South Africa. He has authored several books and speaks all over the world on Christology and the Christian life.


THE PRAYERS OF JESUS: Listening to and Learning from Our Savior

LIVING FOR GOD: A Short Introduction to the Christian Faith

GOD IS: A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God

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THE COMPLETE WORKS OF JOHN OWEN: The Trinity - Volume 7 - 'The Holy Spirit--The Helper'; Volume 8 - 'The Holy Spirit--The Comforter'
JOHN OWEN, Introduced & Edited by Andrew S. Ballitch

Crossway Introduces the Collected Works of John Owen, Updated for Modern Readers

Regarded as one of the greatest theologians in history, 17th-century pastor John Owen remains influential among those interested in Puritan and Reformed theology. The Complete Works of John Owen brings together all of Owen’s original theological writing, including never-before-published work, reformatted for modern readers in 40 user-friendly volumes.

Volume 7, The Holy Spirit—The Helper, includes the treatises “The Reason of Faith” and “The Causes, Ways, and Means of Understanding the Mind of God as Revealed in His Word.” Exploring the topics of illumination and biblical interpretation, it features 50 pages of helpful introductions by editor Andrew Ballitch, along with outlines, footnotes, and other supporting resources.

Volume 8, The Holy Spirit—The Comforter, includes the treatises “The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prayer,” “The Holy Spirit as a Comforter,” and “A Discourse of Spiritual Gifts.” Each treatise has been edited by Puritan scholar Andrew Ballitch.

Released over a 6-year span, The Complete Works of John Owen will inspire a new generation of Bible readers and scholars to deeper faith.

**Edited and Formatted for Modern Readers: Presents Owen’s original work, newly typeset with outlines, text breaks, headings, and footnotes

**Informative New Introductions: Provide historical, theological, and personal context

**Supporting Resources Enhance Reading: Include extensive annotations with sources, definitions, and translations of ancient languages

**Part of the Complete Works of John Owen Collection: Will release 40 hardcover volumes through 2028

**Perfect for Churches and Schools: Ideal for students, pastors, theologians, and those interested in the Holy Spirit and the Puritans


Works Preface

Editor's Introduction

The Reason of Faith

The Causes, Ways, and Means of Understanding the Mind of God

General Index

Scripture Index


“Owen ranks at the top of the classic Reformed writers whose reading of Scripture have most shaped my own faith and practice. He discloses points that I often miss, and he does so in a heart-igniting way that makes truth both enjoyable and edifying. Until now, trudging through the outdated format of Owen’s work has been a daunting task. I am thrilled to see this new edition of his complete works. If you want a faith that is as much for the heart as the mind, then read Owen!” -Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“John Owen was a preacher, pastor, and profound theologian who plumbed the depths of Scripture to uncover the riches of the wisdom of our triune God. The republication of his works is a blessing to everyone in the church because we can benefit from his God-glorifying labors. Expertly introduced and annotated, this edition of Owen’s works affords new generations of readers the privilege of profiting from the Prince of Puritans.” -J. V. Fesko, Harriet Barbour Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Over the last seventy years, one of the most exciting trends in historical theology and in evangelical church life has been the renewed interest in John Owen. Crossway’s landmark edition of Owen makes his work and the scholarly interpretation of it as accessible as possible to new readers. This is a project of outstanding ambition and importance.” -Crawford Gribben, Professor of History, Queen’s University, Belfast; author, John Owen and English Puritanism and An Introduction to John Owen

“The appearance of these forty volumes deserves to be heralded as one of the major Christian publishing events of our time. It surely indicates that Owen, whose writings were little known until resurrected in the 1960s, is here to stay among the ranks of the greatest theologians ever to work on English soil. This new edition has been carefully and informatively edited by a team of scholars who not only stand on the shoulders of past editors but take their earlier labors a step further. Their work and the layout of these volumes will help readers more easily appreciate Owen’s towering intellect and grasp the power of his theological reasoning, pastoral insight, and spiritual wisdom. This edition will bring fresh delight to those who are already familiar with him. At the same time, less experienced readers, on their first ascent of Mount Owen, will be helped to enjoy new views: of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; of the gospel, the church, and themselves; and of the life of grace and faith. Here the theological air is indeed bracing, and the climb can be challenging to both the mind and the spirit, but with these volumes in hand, the experience should prove unforgettable.” -Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“If Christians today were to read John Owen, their many theological and spiritual infirmities could be healed overnight. The reasons are legion. Owen was committed to retrieving the orthodoxy of the catholic (universal) church to address heretical threats in his own day. He was also committed to the Reformed expression of that catholic faith to counter challenges to the gratuity of God’s grace in his own lifetime. Yet his task was not merely polemical but also pastoral. His mind reached into the highest recesses of the knowledge of God, but he always did so for the sake of the church, as a shepherd eager to lead his sheep into communion with the living God. The Complete Works of John Owen is a gift we cannot repay. These works not only introduce us to a theological ocean but also resurrect the theologian himself as he summons us to contemplate our most holy Trinity. May these works inspire the next generation to embody Owen’s Reformed catholic fidelity with the same devotion as the Puritan himself.”-Matthew Barrett, coauthor, Owen on the Christian Life; Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Founder, Credo Magazine



Vol. 1 - Communion with God

Vol. 2 - The Trinity Defended: Part 1

Vol. 3 - The Trinity Defended: Part 2

Vol. 4 - The Person of Christ

Vol. 5 - The Holy Spirit - His Person & Work: Part 1

Vol. 6 - The Holy Spirit - His Person & Work: Part 2

*Vol. 7 - The Holy Spirit - The Helper

*Vol. 8 - The Holy Spirit - The Comforter


Vol. 9 - The Death of Christ

Vol. 10 - Sovereign Grace and Justice

Vol. 11 - Justification by Faith Alone

Vol. 12 - The Saints' Perseverance: Part 1

Vol. 13 - The Saints' Perseverance: Part 2

Vol. 14 - Apostasy from the Gospel


Vol. 15 - Sin and Temptation

Vol. 16 - An Exposition of Psalm 130

Vol. 17 - Heavenly-Mindedness

Vol. 18 - Sermons and Tracts from the Civil Wars (1646-1649)

Vol. 19 - Sermons from the Commonwealth and Protectorate (1650-1659)

Vol. 20 - Sermons from the Early Restoration Years (1669-1675)

Vol. 21 - Sermons from the Later Restoration Years (1676-1682)

Vol. 22 - Miscellaneous Sermons and Lectures


Vol. 23 - The Nature of the Church: Part 1

Vol. 24 - The Nature of the Church: Part 2

Vol. 25 - The Church Defended: Part 1

Vol. 26 - The Church Defended: Part 2

Vol. 27 - The Church's Worship

Vol. 28 - The Church, the Scriptures, and the Sacraments


Vol. 29 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 1, Introduction to Hebrews

Vol. 30 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 2, Christ's Priesthood and the Sabbath

Vol. 31 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 3, Jesus the Messiah

Vol. 32 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 4, Hebrews 1-2

Vol. 33 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 5, Hebrews 3-4

Vol. 34 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 6, Hebrews 5-6

Vol. 35 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 7, Hebrews 7-8

Vol. 36 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 8, Hebrews 9-10

Vol. 37 - An Exposition of Hebrews: Part 9, Hebrews 11-13


Vol. 38 - The Study of True Theology


Vol. 39 - The Shorter Works of John Owen


Vol. 40 - Indexes

*Now in Print



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ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Artist Series (BE TRANSFORMED & THE LION AND THE LAMB)
Hardcover, Ruth Chou Simons, Be Transformed & Hardcover, Joshua Noom, The Lion and the Lamb

Introducing the Artist Series

The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Artist Series is a collection of journaling Bibles meant to celebrate the treasure of God’s Word through the artistic talents of his people. These Bibles feature commissioned cover artwork designed by Christian artists such as Peter Voth, Ruth Chou Simons, and Joshua Noom. Each artist offers a visual entry point focused on a particular biblical theme or passage, setting a tone of reflection as readers engage with the Bible.

Each of these decorative hardcover Bibles retains the features of the original ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, such as cream-colored paper, a single-column page layout, and lines in the margin for note taking. These features coupled with captivating cover artwork make each Bible conducive to creative engagement with God’s Word.


Each cover features commissioned artwork by a different Christian artist

7.5-point Lexicon type

Black-letter text

2" ruled margins for writing

Cream-colored Bible paper

Ribbon marker

Smyth-sewn binding

Solid color endsheet

Packaging: O-wrap


“We are building all our future ministry around the ESV. . . . The ESV satisfies the preaching, memorizing, studying, and reading needs of our church, from children to adults.” -John Piper, Founder and Teacher, desiringGod.org; Chancellor, Bethlehem College & Seminary; author, Desiring God

“The translation is outstanding. The ESV achieves a new standard in accurate Bible translations for our day.” -R. C. Sproul, Founder, Ligonier Ministries

“I highly recommend the English Standard Version to you.” -Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder and President, Joni and Friends

“The ESV represents a new level of excellence in Bible translations—combining unquestionable accuracy in translation with a beautiful style of expression.” -R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The ESV is the simply the best translation for combining accuracy, readability, and fidelity to the rich history of English Bible translation.” -Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina

“The ESV has been my primary Bible for study and devotion. I like it best because it gives me a close sense of what the original says.” -Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka; author, Discipling in a Multicultural World

“Having now read through the ESV several times in my personal devotional life, I have adopted it as the primary text for my teaching and writing ministry.” -Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author; host, Revive Our Hearts radio

“The ESV is my translation of choice. . . . My walk with the Lord and my ministry have been enriched and blessed through this wonderful translation.” -Crawford W. Loritts Jr., author; speaker; radio host; Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, Georgia

“With the myriad of Bible translations on the market today, few stand out. The ESV is one of the few, and surpasses the others in its simple yet elegant style.” -Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts


Hardcover, Ruth Chou Simons, Be Transformed
SGCB Price: $19.99 (list price $50.00)

Hardcover, Joshua Noom, The Lion and the Lamb
SGCB Price: $19.99 (list price $50.00)

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FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD: A Path to Deeper Fellowship with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit

Based on John Owen’s Classic Text Communion with God, This Helpful Resource Answers the Question, “What Does It Mean to Be Friends with Jesus?”

In John 15, Jesus says, “I have called you friends.” But what does it mean to be friends with Jesus? In the early 1650s, theologian John Owen attempted to answer this question through a series of sermons, eventually compiled as Communion with God. The book is full of truths about having fellowship with God, but Owen’s work is often a struggle for modern readers to understand.

In Friendship with God, pastor Mike McKinley takes a key idea or insight from Communion with God and clarifies it for readers in each chapter, giving them practical guidance for how to develop fellowship with God—such as obeying the Father’s commands, acknowledgment of sin, and prayer. Perfect for new Christians or for those without a church background, this accessible resource offers an introduction to the God who “wants you to know him and be known by him.”

**Accessible: Written for a broad contemporary audience, perfect for new Christians or for those without a church background

**Based on John Owen’s Classic Text Communion with God: Takes Owen’s work and explains the key themes to a modern audience

**Examines Some Key Attributes of God: Including his Trinitarian nature, love, and grace

Table of Contents


Part 1: Communion with the Triune God

Chapter 1: Saved for Communion

Chapter 2: Friendship with the Three in One

Part 2: Communion with the Father

Chapter 3: A Loving Father

Chapter 4: The Father’s Love and Ours

Chapter 5: What the Father’s Children Do

Part 3: Communion with the Son

Chapter 6: A Gracious Savior

Chapter 7: The Perfect Husband

Chapter 8: The Knowledge of Jesus

Chapter 9: A True Friend’s Delight

Chapter 10: Treasured

Chapter 11: Costly Grace

Chapter 12: Cleansing Grace

Chapter 13: The Drama of Friendship

Chapter 14: Looking to Him

Chapter 15: In God’s Family

Part 4: Communion with the Spirit

Chapter 16: What Could Be Better?

Chapter 17: Walking with the Spirit of Comfort

Chapter 18: Pouring Out God’s Love

Chapter 19: Taught by the Spirit

Chapter 20: The Spirit’s Ministry

Chapter 21: He’s the Real Thing

Chapter 22: The Spirit Who Stoops

Chapter 23: What Not to Do

Chapter 24: Worshiping the Spirit


General Index

Scripture Index


“Spectacular and exhilarating, but also inaccessible—John Owen can be like that. His view of the triune God is glorious, yet reading Owen is like climbing a mountain. But just as you can take a helicopter tour to see the marvels of a mountain range, so Mike McKinley lifts us up into Owen’s thoughts with easy-to-understand explanations to see the wonders of knowing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This book will greatly help many fellowship more fully with God whose friendship, in Christ, is more than a brother’s. Highly recommended for all believers yearning to have a closer and richer life with each of the persons of the Trinity!” -Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Probably no book has influenced my theological instincts more than John Owen’s Communion with God, but Owen is not always easy to read. Therefore, this small volume by Mike McKinley is a welcome gift. He ably conveys in an accessible and friendly way many of Owen’s key ideas from that book, inviting readers to consider the kindness of the God who desires to be in communion with us.” -Kelly M. Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College

“While thoughtful Christians will know that the doctrine of the Trinity is biblically true, fewer see it as the fountain of their entire Christian spirituality. But Mike McKinley ably shows how the triune God invites the believer into a deeply nuanced threefold relationship—a friendship even—with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In McKinley’s capable hands, John Owen’s original (dense!) writing on these themes opens up and breathes, inviting every reader into the Trinitarian depths.” -Brian Kay, Pastor of Christian Formation, Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church, Walnut Creek, California; author, Trinitarian Spirituality: John Owen and the Doctrine of God in Western Devotion

“John Owen’s Communion with God proves that this titan of English theology was also a sensitive pastor and guide who wanted his listeners and readers to love the triune God fervently. Yet Owen’s style is complex and can be difficult for modern readers. Enter Mike McKinley, himself a seasoned pastor, who in this short book synthesizes much of the gist of Owen’s treatise. Full of choice quotes from Owen, trenchant observations, and provocative questions, McKinley’s overview will spur you on to communion, and indeed fellowship and friendship, with God!” -Shawn D. Wright, Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; coeditor, The Complete Works of John Owen


SGCB Price: $11.95 (list price $20.00)

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THE PASTOR'S BOOK: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Pastoral Ministry
R. Kent Hughes & Douglas Sean O'Donnell

Pastors are tasked with the incredibly demanding job of caring for the spiritual, emotional, and, at times‚ physical needs of their people. While seminary is helpful preparation for many of the challenges pastors face, there’s far more to pastoral ministry than what can be covered in the classroom. Designed as a reference guide for nearly every situation a pastor will face, this comprehensive book by seasoned pastors Kent Hughes and Doug O’Donnell is packed full of biblical wisdom and practical guidance related to the reality of pastoral ministry in the trenches. From officiating weddings to conducting funerals to visiting the sick, this book will equip pastors and church leaders with the knowledge they need to effectively minister to their flocks, both within the walls of the church and beyond.


R. Kent Hughes (DMin, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is senior pastor emeritus of College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, and visiting professor of practical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hughes is also a founder of the Charles Simeon Trust, which conducts expository preaching conferences throughout North America and worldwide. He serves as the series editor for the Preaching the Word commentary series and is the author or coauthor of many books. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, and have four children and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren.

Douglas Sean O'Donnell (MAs, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Wheaton College) is a senior lecturer in biblical studies and practical theology at Queensland Theological College in Brisbane, Australia, after spending nearly twenty years in pastoral ministry. He is currently obtaining his doctorate at Trinity College Bristol through the University of Aberdeen. He is the author of a number of books, including The Beginning and End of Wisdom, The Song of Solomon and Matthew in the Preaching the Word commentary series, and Psalms in the Knowing the Bible series.


“Everyday Latin phrases spring to mind to describe The Pastor’s Book: It is a magnum opus—a major work for all ministers, incorporating one and a half lifetimes of gathered pastoral resources. It will be a vade mecum—the go-to book and faithful companion for younger ministers, to guide, inform, and sometimes correct and restrain. It should prove to be a sine qua non for all who are engaged in gospel ministry over the long haul—the very book needed to help re-calibrate and refresh. These pages constitute a love-gift to their fellow under-shepherds from Kent Hughes and Douglas Sean O’Donnell. They have put all who love Christ’s church in their lasting debt.” —Sinclair B. Ferguson, Professor of Systematic Theology, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, Texas

“This is an immensely helpful, Scripture-saturated resource for busy pastors, explaining the practical ‘how to’s’ of leading weddings, funerals, baptisms, the Lord’s Supper, personal counseling, and weekly worship services. It reflects the accumulated wisdom of decades of ministry, and it comes from the pen of a godly, wise senior pastor for whom I have the highest appreciation and respect.” —Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary

“Pastors must be prepared for almost any imaginable situation. From weekly sermons and counseling to hospital visitations and funerals, the pastoral tasks vary from day to day, even from hour to hour. Kent Hughes provides the type of theologically rich handbook every minister needs on his shelf. Hughes is a sagacious guide to the many facets of pastoral ministry, and his program for ministry is deeply rooted in Scripture. I am confident that pastors will be greatly served by this book and better equipped for faithful ministry in every avenue of life.” —R. Albert Mohler Jr., President and Joseph Emerson Brown Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

cwbn ptss 5.19

SGCB Price: $25.00 (list price $50.00)

SGCB Price: $42.00 (list price $90.00)

SGCB Price: $55.00 (list price $110.00)

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HEAVENWARD: How Eternity Can Change Your Life on Earth
Cameron Cole

Exploring the Life-Changing Impact of Heavenly Mindedness

Though they’re destined for eternal glory, many Christians languish in earthly mindedness. Having never set their sights on things above, they lack hope in adversity and vibrancy in their faith. Where can believers find joy and inspiration for everyday life? It’s in the already-and-not-yet reality of heaven.

Following the unexpected loss of his firstborn child, pastor Cameron Cole’s daily focus shifted drastically heavenward. He discovered that an intentional eternal mindset can bring meaning and joy to every Christian’s life. In this heartfelt, theologically rich book, Cole draws from his personal story of grief, the apostle Paul’s letters, and the examples of believers throughout history to demonstrate how heavenly mindedness fosters contentment, hope in suffering, motivation for missions and evangelism, commitment to morality and ethics, and no fear in death.

"As we depend on God’s grace together, 'Heavenward' will be a journey toward a heart, mind, and life more anchored in glory and more filled with joy, hope, and purpose. Section 1, “The Beginning of the Heavenward Journey,” features a short, basic overview of the components of heaven, largely drawn from Paul’s theology. It also defines what I mean by a “heavenward life.” Section 2 looks at “Why Paul Was So Heavenward (And You Can Be Too!).” We will look at five different factors in Paul’s life and theology that influenced his heavenwardness. In the process, we will find that these factors in Paul’s life are true of your life and the lives of all Christians. Finally, in section 3, we will discuss and enjoy “The Fruit of a Heavenward Life.” We will explore five benefits and promises that flow out of Paul’s heavenward mentality. In doing so, we will see the transformative and hopeful power of living with a heavenward trajectory." (from the author's Introduction)



Part 1: The Beginning of the Heavenward Journey

Chapter 1: Paul and Heaven

Chapter 2: Heavenward

Part 2: Why Paul Was So Heavenward (And You Can Be Too!)

Chapter 3: The Arrival of Heaven: The Christ Event

Chapter 4: The Entrance to Heaven: Conversion

Chapter 5: The Communion of Heaven: Union with Christ

Chapter 6: The Vision of Heaven: Seeing Christ

Chapter 7: The Power of Heaven: The Holy Spirit

Part 3: The Fruit of a Heavenward Life

Chapter 8: The Fruit of Heavenward: Contentment

Chapter 9: The Transformation of Heavenward: Sanctification

Chapter 10: The Strength of Heavenward: Hope

Chapter 11: The Motivation of Heavenward: Service

Chapter 12: The Courage of Heavenward: No Fear in Death

Epilogue: Reunion


General Index

Scripture Index


“In this book Cameron Cole provides us with a framework for the spiritual practice of cultivating a heavenly imagination. When we are confronted with weariness and the sting of death, heaven breaks into our present reality. Through pain, we can access a deeper joy even now as we wait for that restoration that we will one day know in full. This is a courageous and vulnerable encouragement and offers us a way of wisdom through difficulty.” -Sandra McCracken, singer-songwriter

“Heavenward drew me in because of Cameron Cole’s story. Who better to guide us through a studied, biblical understanding of eternity and how it affects our two o’clock on a Monday than one who has lost a child? I’m grateful for these sage words and the story behind them.” -Sara Hagerty, author, Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet and Adore

“Cameron Cole invites readers to the heavenward life, and this book equips them for a journey of eschatological sanctification. He shows how looking upward in Christ helps humanize us and grants us resilient hope for times both good and bad. He writes as a fellow pilgrim of the transforming vision that he’s seen and longs to share.” -Michael Allen, John Dyer Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“‘The end defines the story.’ These profound words capture the essence of Cameron Cole’s life-giving wisdom and insight in Heavenward. It will help shed the earthly minded scales from your eyes and lift your gaze to see not only the promises of your future heavenly home but also the beautiful reality that heaven has already come to us through our union with Jesus. May it encourage your heart with the truth that the hope of tomorrow directly infuses hope into the realities of today.” -Sarah Walton, coauthor, He Gives More Grace; Hope When It Hurts; and Together Through the Storms

Cameron Cole (MA, Wake Forest University) is the director of children, youth, and family at Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama, and the founder of Rooted, a ministry dedicated to fostering gospel-centered student ministry. He is the author of 'Therefore I Have Hope: 12 Truths That Comfort, Sustain, and Redeem in Tragedy', and the coeditor of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry and The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School.


SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $17.00)

SGCB Price: $32.00 (list price $54.00)

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O COME, O COME, EMMANUEL: A Liturgy for Daily Worship from Advent to Epiphany
JONATHAN GIBSON, Author of 'Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship'

A 40-Day Devotional Liturgy for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

During Christmas, homes are filled with good food, welcoming family, and lively cheer. Streets are lined with lights and sprinkled with snow. Amid this season of beauty, even Christians can become distracted, keeping Jesus at an unintentional distance. How can Christians effectively prepare their hearts for the arrival of their King and worship him the way he deserves?

'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel' by Jonathan Gibson presents a 40-day devotional liturgy guiding readers through Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany—helping them keep their eyes fixed on Christ. Designed as a resource for the holiday season, each reading includes a guided meditation, applicable Scripture readings, hymns, prayers, creeds, and prompts for petition and confession. For individuals and families, this devotional will help Christians focus on Jesus and meditate on the mystery of his incarnation.

**40 Daily Devotions: Featuring seasonal Scripture readings, hymns, prayers, and creeds, as well as time for meditation, petition, and confession

**Created for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany: Guides readers from November 28 through January 6

**Repetition throughout Readings: Scripture, hymns, and creeds repeat to help readers memorize important material

**Written by Jonathan Gibson: Author of Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship




Part 1: Preparation for Daily Worship from Advent to Epiphany

Chapter 1: Waiting for Jesus

Chapter 2: Format of Daily Worship from Advent to Epiphany

Part 2: Practice of Daily Worship from Advent to Epiphany

November 28–January 6


Appendix 1: Tunes for Hymns and Psalms, Gloria Patri and Doxology versions

Appendix 2: Advent to Epiphany Bible Reading Plan

Appendix 3: Author, Hymn, and Liturgy Index


“With Be Thou My Vision, Jonny Gibson has given us one of the richest resources of Christian devotion for individuals, families, and churches in decades. Now, in O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, he has given us a second timeless treasure that can be revisited each Advent season and help us finish the devotional year in a spirit of exultation rather than exhaustion. He inspires our minds and hearts by telling the gospel story at Christmas with simplicity and clarity through beautiful liturgy. By leaning on the finest Christian thinkers and poets in history, Gibson helps to fire the imagination of our souls to repeat the sounding joy like it was the first time. Buy this book and read it to yourself, your spouse, your family, or your friends! Then buy one for your pastor so that it may refresh your corporate celebrations as well. It will make the beauty of Christ’s peace the overriding narrative during Advent this year—and every year.” -Keith Getty, hymn writer; recording artist; coauthor, Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church

“Jonny Gibson’s 'Be Thou My Vision' has become an integral part of my personal worship time with the Lord, as well as a liturgical resource to use in planning for corporate worship. I am elated by the news of his latest project, focusing our attention and preparing our hearts for the Advent season. What a gift to the believer and to the church!” -Laura Story, recording artist; Worship Leader, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, Georgia

“With the flurry of activity, sometimes it’s hard even for us as believers to ‘put Christ back into Christmas.’ Expertly selected from our creedal, catechetical, and liturgical heritage, this treasure chest of focused meditation and praise helps us to revel in ‘the reason for the season.’ I plan on using it and giving it away, especially as a timely opportunity for evangelizing friends and family.” -Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“Jonny Gibson provides a rich gift in this collection. Not only has he curated some of the finest prayers and hymns of church history, but he has also arranged them into soul-enriching liturgies that echo the outlines of the gospel message even in their structure. I warmly commend this excellent resource.” -Matt Merker, hymn writer; Director of Creative Resources and Training, Getty Music; author, Corporate Worship

“Rich liturgy offers us structure and words to stir our hearts and channel our worship of God. It orients us by the Scriptures and the riches of the Christian tradition so that our minds and hearts begin to run in biblical paths. My prayer is that God will use this book to help many hearts to prepare him room.” -Joe Rigney, President, Bethlehem College & Seminary

“In this handsomely produced volume, Gibson has drawn upon the rich heritage of prayers and meditations from Christian leaders of the past, as well as biblical authors, to enhance our daily worship of God. While many Christians may be unaware of this legacy, the judicious choice of Christian creeds, collects, and meditations across twenty centuries, together with selected biblical texts, provides readers with a wealth of resources for their daily devotions from Advent to Epiphany. A rich array of wisdom and insight from our forebears provides a new landmark for Christians as they reflect, meditate, and offer praise to God for the gift of his incarnate Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.” -Glenn N. Davies, Archbishop of Sydney (2013–2021)

“Here is a daily liturgy for all who desire to grow in their enjoyment and worship of Christ. The prayers are robust, the meditations thoughtful, the confessions sincere, and the praise stirring. Any Christian would benefit from using it as a help in their private and family devotions.” -Jason Helopoulos, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan

“If you are weary of the materialistic, sentimental Christmas of our culture, this book will lead you back to heartfelt worship and adoration. While these liturgies are intended for private and family worship, they breathe a communion with the church of all ages. Above all, they will lead you into a deeper appreciation for the glory of the incarnation—and joyful worship of the one who came and is coming again!” -Dale Van Dyke, Pastor, Harvest Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, Michigan

“This is a wonderful resource! It gives focus and articulation to the watchful waiting of Advent and, through its thoughtful selection of passages, a sense of the companionship of countless fellow travelers and faithful guides drawn from the entire history of the people of God in our journey through the season.” -Alastair J. Roberts, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Theopolis Institute

ADV23 cwn923 CWN823

SGCB Price: $18.00 (list price $30.00)

SGCB Price: $34.00 (list price $60.00)

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Study Bible for Men with Resources from Alistair Begg, Ray Ortlund, R. Kent Hughes, and More

The ESV Men’s Study Bible was created for men in all seasons of life who are serious about God’s Word, to help them pursue a deeper, transformational understanding of Scripture.

This ESV Bible features additional content written especially for men, including daily devotionals and articles from more than 100 acclaimed scholars and pastors. Along with robust Bible study notes to increase their understanding of Scripture, men will find encouraging resources to help them develop a deeper love for the Lord.

*Robust Bible Study Materials: Features 12,000 theologically rich study notes, comprehensive introductions of each Bible book, 120 character profiles, and 900 key biblical facts

*Daily Devotionals: Readings for each day of the year are tied to key Bible texts

*Contributions from Leading Bible Teachers: Includes content from Greg Gilbert, David Powlison, Sam Storms, and more

*Scripture Application Content for Men: 14 articles cover topics such as identity, communion with God, and leadership

*Beautifully Illustrated: Includes artwork from Peter Voth throughout to immerse readers in God’s Word


ESVMSB esvsbsx

BRAND NEW TITLE IN MAY 2022 (50% off)
SGCB Price: $35.00 (list price $70.00)

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COVENANT THEOLOGY: Biblical, Theological, and Historical Perspectives
Edited by Guy Prentiss Waters, J. Nicholas Reid, John R. Muether, Foreword by Ligon Duncan, Afterword by Kevin DeYoung, Contributions by Miles V. Van Pelt, John D. Wilson, Michael J. Kruger, O. Palmer Robertson, Richard P. Belcher Jr.,

"Covenant theology sets the gospel in the context of God's eternal plan of communion with his people and its historical outworking in the covenants of works and grace." —Ligon Duncan

Just as two bookends hold together a row of books, the covenant of works and the covenant of grace hold together the storyline of Scripture. Join a host of twenty-six scholars, including O. Palmer Robertson, Michael J. Kruger, and Scott R. Swain, as they explore how the concept of covenant is clearly taught in Scripture and how it lays the foundation for other doctrines of salvation. This monumental work is Trinitarian, eschatological, historical, confessional, and practical, presenting readers with a great hope and consolation: the covenant-making God is a covenant-keeping God.

Table of Contents

Foreword (J. Ligon Duncan III)

Introduction (Guy Prentiss Waters, J. Nicholas Reid, and John R. Muether)

Part 1: Biblical Covenants

1. The Covenant of Redemption (Guy M. Richard)

2. The Covenant of Works in the Old Testament (Richard P. Belcher Jr.)

3. The Covenant of Works in the New Testament (Guy Prentiss Waters)

4. Adam and the Beginning of the Covenant of Grace (John D. Currid)

5. The Noahic Covenant of the Covenant of Grace (Miles V. Van Pelt)

6. The Abrahamic Covenant (John Scott Redd)

7. The Mosaic Covenant (J. Nicholas Reid)

8. The Davidic Covenant (Richard P. Belcher Jr.)

9. The New Covenant as Promised in the Major Prophets (Michael G. McKelvey)

10. Covenant in the Gospels (Michael J. Kruger)

11. Covenant in Paul (Guy Prentiss Waters)

12. Covenant in Hebrews (Robert J. Cara)

13. Covenant in the Johannine Epistles and Revelation (Gregory R. Lanier)

Part 2: Historical Theology

14. Covenant in the Early Church (J. Ligon Duncan III)

15. Covenant in Medieval Theology (Douglas F. Kelly)

16. Covenant in Reformation Theology (Howard Griffith)

17. Post-Reformation Developments (D. Blair Smith)

18. Covenant Theology in the Dutch Reformed Tradition (Bruce P. Baugus)

19. Covenant Theology in Barth and the Torrances (Mark I. McDowell)

20. Covenant in Recent Theology (Michael Allen)

Part 3: Collateral and Theological Studies

21. Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds to Covenants (J. Nicholas Reid)

22. Covenant and Second Temple Judaism (Peter Y. Lee)

23. Covenant in Contemporary New Testament Scholarship (Benjamin L. Gladd)

24. Israel and the Nations in God's Covenants (O. Palmer Robertson)

25. Dispensationalism (Michael J. Glodo)

26. New Covenant Theologies (Scott R. Swain)

27. Covenant, Assurance, and the Sacraments (Derek W. H. Thomas)

Afterword: Why Covenant Theology? (Kevin DeYoung)

An Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Reflection on the Covenant (John R. Muether)

Format: Printed Caseside

Page Count: 672

Size: 7.0 in x 10.0 in

Weight: 46.76 ounces

ISBN-10: 1-4335-6003-8

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-6003-3

Published: October 27, 2020


“It has been said that Reformed theology is covenant theology, for covenant is not merely a doctrine or theme in the Bible but is the principle that structures all its revelation. Robert Rollock said, ‘God speaks nothing to man without the covenant.’ Therefore, it is a delight to see this amazing scholarly collaboration by the faculty of Reformed Theological Seminary, which will surely prove to be a sourcebook for future studies of Reformed covenant theology. Here is a gold mine of biblical and historical studies by trusted pastor-theologians of Christ’s church.” —Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; author, Reformed Preaching; coauthor, Reformed Systematic Theology

“The revived interest in covenant theology has sparked rich insights and lively debate. Representing a variety of views and specialties, and united by biblical fidelity and rigorous scholarship, Covenant Theology is a very impressive and welcome collection.” —Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“Covenant Theology is a gift to the church, a grand account of covenant in Scripture and in Christian theology. This work is scholarly and readable, rigorous and complete. Every chapter is thorough, whether it gathers data on familiar themes or explores new territory. The contributors and editors have presented a resource that pastors and scholars will draw from for many years.” —Daniel Doriani, Vice President at Large and Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Covenant Theological Seminary

cwns XLVL

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PETER ORR, Series edited by Thomas R. Schreiner, Brian S. Rosner

Understanding Mark in the Context of the Old and New Testaments

The book of Mark—the first and shortest Gospel written—serves as both a historical and theological account, connecting Jesus to the whole storyline of the Bible. Mark writes against the backdrop of the Old Testament and draws from other New Testament writers, specifically Peter and Paul, to articulate many themes that are found in the rest of the New Testament.

In this addition to the New Testament Theology series, scholar Peter Orr offers an accessible summary of the theology of Mark, examining its relationship to both the Old and New Testaments. Each chapter focuses on a key theological theme—the identity of Christ, the announcement of the kingdom, the call to follow, and more—and explains how it is relevant for the church today.

Part of the New Testament Theology Series: Other volumes include The Joy of Hearing; The Mission of the Triune God; and United to Christ, Walking in the Spirit

Ideal for Anyone Wanting to Study the Bible More Deeply: Perfect for pastors, seminarians, college students, and laypeople

Written by Peter Orr: New Testament lecturer and author of Fight for Your Pastor


Series Preface



Introduction: The Beginning of the Gospel: Mark as Backstory

Chapter 1: Divine Identity: Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Chapter 2: Revelation: Written, Proclaimed, Received

Chapter 3: The Kingdom of God Is at Hand: Jesus and the New Creation

Chapter 4: Repent and Believe the Gospel: Salvation through Jesus

Chapter 5: Follow Me: Being a Disciple of Jesus

Chapter 6: What Moses Commanded: Jesus, the Law, and the People of God

Chapter 7: Died, Buried, and Raised: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Epilogue: The End of the Beginning

Recommended Resources

General Index

Scripture Index


“This is maybe the best short theology of Mark I’ve read. Unique to Orr’s book is how he places Mark in conversation with both Peter and Paul. When Mark composed his work, Peter and Paul were already preaching aspects of Mark’s Gospel. Mark more fully narrates the story of this great hero who is more than the Jewish Messiah. He is the divine Son.” -Patrick Schreiner, Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross and The Visual Word

“Peter Orr offers readers a rich biblical-theological treatment of the Gospel of Mark, which summons us to follow Christ, the Son of God and servant King. Orr insightfully calls Mark ‘the beginning of the gospel,’ drawing historical and theological links between this foundational narrative of Jesus’s life and the apostolic preaching of Paul and Peter. This is essential reading for all who study and teach Mark’s Gospel.” -Brian J. Tabb, Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies, Bethlehem College & Seminary

“Peter Orr offers a brief, accessible, and insightful survey of the theology of Mark’s Gospel. Orr emphasizes in The Beginning of the Gospel what Mark emphasizes—the gospel of Jesus Christ—and invites readers to see connections between this Gospel and the epistles of the apostle Paul. This book will equip both specialists and general readers to read and reread Mark’s Gospel with deeper understanding and appreciation.” -Guy Prentiss Waters, James M. Baird, Jr. Professor of New Testament and Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson


(1) THE BEGINNING OF THE GOSPEL: A Theology of Mark by Peter Orr

(2) FROM THE MANGER TO THE THRONE: A Theology of Luke by Benjamin L. Gladd

(3) THE MISSION OF THE TRIUNE GOD: A Theology of Acts by Patrick Schreiner

(4) MINISTRY IN THE NEW REALM: A Theology of 2 Corinthians by Dane Ortlund

(5) UNITED TO CHRIST, WALKING IN THE SPIRIT: A Theology of Ephesians by Benjamin Merkle

(6) HIDDEN WITH CHRIST IN GOD: A Theology of Colossians and Philemon by Kevin McFadden

(7) THE GOD WHO JUDGES AND SAVES: A Theology of 2 Peter & Jude by Matthew Harmon

(8) THE JOY OF HEARING: A Theology of the Book of Revelation by Thomas Schreiner


SGCB Price: $13.95 (list price $23.00)

SGCB Price: $96.00 (list price $176.00)

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Benjamin Gladd, Series edited by Thomas R. Schreiner, Brian S. Rosner

An Introduction to the Dominant Biblical-Theological Themes of the Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke is a wonderfully detailed account of the ministry and miracles of Jesus Christ. What many readers don’t realize is that Luke, who was likely a Gentile, wrote his Gospel with a thorough knowledge of the Old Testament—pointing to Jesus’s life, ministry, and death as the culmination of Old Testament expectations and prophecy.

In this addition to the New Testament Theology series, Benjamin L. Gladd explains the dominant biblical-theological themes in the Gospel of Luke, including the defeat of evil, peace in heaven and earth, the incorporation of the nations, and the kingdom of God. This resource is perfect for those looking to dig deeper into studying the interconnectedness of Scripture.

For Those Interested in Biblical Theology: Ideal for college and seminary students, laypeople, and pastors

Helpful Bible Study Resource: A great companion to commentaries on Luke

Part of the New Testament Theology Series: Other volumes include The Joy of Hearing: A Theology of the Book of Revelation and The Mission of the Triune God: A Theology of Acts


List of Tables

Series Preface




Chapter 1: The Great Reversal

Chapter 2: Peace on Earth and in Heaven

Chapter 3: Israel, the Gentiles, and Isaiah’s Servant

Chapter 4: The Way of Life

Chapter 5: The Success of the Last Adam

Chapter 6: The Son of Man’s Rule and the Ancient of Days

Chapter 7: The Year of Jubilee


General Index

Scripture Index


“If you love Luke’s Gospel, which exalts Jesus and shows him as the fulfillment of the Old Testament, you will love this treatment of Luke’s message. Full of insight and sensitive to Luke’s own hermeneutic of the wider message of Scripture, this book is a treasure.” -Craig S. Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Open up Luke anew with the help of this fresh and faithful tour from a knowledgeable guide. Adam, the exodus, the wilderness, angels and demons, the Son of Man—it’s all there in the Gospel of Luke. Gladd considers these, and more, to help us see the rich Old Testament contours of our great Savior and his great work on our behalf.” -Brandon D. Crowe, Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

“The length, breadth, and depth of Luke’s Gospel can be daunting. Blending careful exegesis, theological synthesis, and canonical sensitivity, Benjamin Gladd provides an accessible and faithful exploration of some of its most significant themes, paying particular attention to their Old Testament roots. This book is ideal for enhancing one’s personal study, preparing to preach or teach, or even as a supplemental textbook in a class on Luke. Highly recommended!” -Matthew S. Harmon, Professor of New Testament Studies, Grace College and Theological Seminary; author, Asking the Right Questions: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Applying the Bible

“From the Manger to the Throne is required reading for students of Luke’s Gospel! Benjamin Gladd ably guides readers to see how Jesus fulfills Old Testament expectations as true Israel, the long-awaited messianic king, the incarnate Lord, and more, leading us to greater confidence in Christ and joyful participation in his kingdom.” -Brian J. Tabb, Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies, Bethlehem College & Seminary

“The Third Gospel takes us from incarnation to ascension, or as Benjamin Gladd puts it, from the manger to the throne. We need to take this journey with Luke so that we might hear and rejoice in the good news—with Mary in her humble estate, with shepherds in a field, with tax collectors and sinners at meals, with Zacchaeus in a tree, and with the penitent criminal on the cross. Gladd discerns major themes and motifs to help us get our bearings, and he is a faithful guide who has insights to share and Old Testament connections to disclose. The theology of Luke’s Gospel ultimately reveals the person and work of Christ to us. Gladd’s work is clear, accessible, and edifying. Read it not only to understand more about Luke’s Gospel but also to join the angels in celebrating good news of great joy for all people.” -Mitchell L. Chase, Preaching Pastor, Kosmosdale Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky; Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Benjamin Gladd has provided a rich resource for readers of Luke’s Gospel. Following the lead of Luke, and Jesus himself, Gladd shows that the patterns and promises of the whole of Scripture enrich our appreciation and understanding of the saving rule of the Lord Jesus. An expert guide who knows and loves his subject, Gladd deepens our understanding of who Jesus is and what he accomplished with a stimulating investigation into how Luke’s portrait of the Lord Jesus is tied to the Old Testament. Fresh insights abound. By God’s grace, the end result for readers of this volume will be, like the disciples at the end of Luke’s Gospel, joyful worship of the Lord Jesus.” -Alan J. Thompson, Head of New Testament Department, Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Australia

“This deft and insightful thematic reading of Luke’s Gospel majors on Jesus, the Old Testament, and fulfillments of the latter by the former. But Gladd extends the sweep of God’s work from creation and the fall, through Jesus, to the church across the centuries, and into the age to come. If there is a richer, better informed, and more concise biblical-theological reading of the Third Gospel, I have not come across it. Students, pastors, and scholars alike will profit immensely.” -Robert W. Yarbrough, Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary


(1) THE BEGINNING OF THE GOSPEL: A Theology of Mark by Peter Orr

(2) FROM THE MANGER TO THE THRONE: A Theology of Luke by Benjamin L. Gladd

(3) THE MISSION OF THE TRIUNE GOD: A Theology of Acts by Patrick Schreiner

(4) MINISTRY IN THE NEW REALM: A Theology of 2 Corinthians by Dane Ortlund

(5) UNITED TO CHRIST, WALKING IN THE SPIRIT: A Theology of Ephesians by Benjamin Merkle

(6) HIDDEN WITH CHRIST IN GOD: A Theology of Colossians and Philemon by Kevin McFadden

(7) THE GOD WHO JUDGES AND SAVES: A Theology of 2 Peter & Jude by Matthew Harmon

(8) THE JOY OF HEARING: A Theology of the Book of Revelation by Thomas Schreiner


SGCB Price: $14.95 (list price $25.00)

SGCB Price: $96.00 (list price $176.00)

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Patrick Schreiner, Series edited by Thomas R. Schreiner, Brian S. Rosner

Understanding Luke’s Narrative in the Book of Acts

The book of Acts is unlike any other in Scripture; it has no rival in terms of a book spanning so many different lands. Written by a Gentile, it recounts the birth of the church age and the lives of early Christians that serve as lasting examples for the church today. When believers see how these events worked together to fulfill God’s promises, they gain a better understanding of the Trinitarian heart of Acts.

In The Mission of the Triune God, author Patrick Schreiner argues that Luke’s theology stems from the order of his narrative. He shows how the major themes in Acts, including the formation of the church, salvation offered to all flesh, and the prolific spread of the gospel, connect. Through Schreiner’s clear presentation and helpful graphics, readers follow the early church as it grows “all under the plan of God, centered on King Jesus, and empowered by the Spirit.”


Introduction: Acts as a Renewal Document

Chapter 1: God the Father Orchestrates

Chapter 2: Christ Lives and Rules

Chapter 3: The Spirit Empowers

Chapter 4: The Word Multiplies

Chapter 5: Salvation Spreads to All Flesh

Chapter 6: The Church Is Established

Chapter 7: Witness to the Ends of the Earth

Conclusion: Renewal through Retrieval


“Given the size and complexity of the book of Acts, scholars have proposed various candidates for the main theological themes and offered analysis for how they all fit together. In this engaging work, Patrick Schreiner shows that the idea of God as Trinity is foundational to the entire book of Acts and that Luke’s other emphases develop and cohere in light of this central truth. This study would be an excellent resource for anyone wishing to delve more deeply into the message and intention of Acts.” -David Peterson, Emeritus Faculty Member, Moore College; author, The Acts of the Apostles

“Patrick Schreiner offers here a valuable and beautifully wrapped gift to every serious reader of the book of Acts. Not only does Schreiner discuss each major theological theme of Acts in depth, which is itself a significant contribution, but he is careful to show how Luke integrates these various themes into an overarching, powerful, and rich theological message that resonates with the church in every age as it desperately seeks renewal. Schreiner’s lively writing style makes this book a joy to read, his many graphs and images render the work easily understandable, and his allusions to contemporary popular culture reinforce his underlying conviction that the message of Acts is every bit as relevant today as when it first burst onto the scene.” -David R. Bauer, Ralph Waldo Beeson Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies; Dean, School of Biblical Interpretation, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Patrick Schreiner has given us a solid look at the theology of one of the most underappreciated books of the New Testament: the book of Acts. He shows clearly how Luke’s look at history and the promise that is at the heart of the early church is not about the acts of the apostles but about the unfolding acts of God that are still at work in our world. This work will develop your appreciation for what God has done and is doing, and who we are called to be as members of his church.” -Darrell L. Bock, Executive Director of Cultural Engagement, The Hendricks Center, Dallas Theological Seminary


(1) THE BEGINNING OF THE GOSPEL: A Theology of Mark by Peter Orr

(2) FROM THE MANGER TO THE THRONE: A Theology of Luke by Benjamin L. Gladd

(3) THE MISSION OF THE TRIUNE GOD: A Theology of Acts by Patrick Schreiner

(4) MINISTRY IN THE NEW REALM: A Theology of 2 Corinthians by Dane Ortlund

(5) UNITED TO CHRIST, WALKING IN THE SPIRIT: A Theology of Ephesians by Benjamin Merkle

(6) HIDDEN WITH CHRIST IN GOD: A Theology of Colossians and Philemon by Kevin McFadden

(7) THE GOD WHO JUDGES AND SAVES: A Theology of 2 Peter & Jude by Matthew Harmon

(8) THE JOY OF HEARING: A Theology of the Book of Revelation by Thomas Schreiner

CWN22 CWN// CWN/22 cwntt

SGCB Price: $14.50 (list price $24.00)

SGCB Price: $96.00 (list price $176.00)

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THE PROMISE: The Amazing Story of Our Long-Awaited Savior
Jason Helopoulos, Illustrated by Rommel Ruiz

Inviting Children to See Jesus from Creation to the Manger

In the beginning God created the whole world. After six days of work, he had created the stars in the sky, the mighty oceans, tall trees, beautiful flowers, mighty sea creatures, and the most prized of all creation—Adam and Eve. Created in God’s image, Adam and Eve were friends with him. But one day “the worst of all days came”—the serpent deceived them and they sinned against God. Adam and Eve’s relationship with God was broken.

But God gave mankind a promise.

And what a great promise it was!

The promise of salvation! He promised that one would come who would crush the head of the lying serpent, one who would deliver mankind from their sin, one who would restore man and woman’s relationship with God.

But who has the power to do that? Does Abraham, a great man of faith? Does Moses, a great prophet? What about Joshua, the great conqueror?

Jason Helopoulos invites you to join him on a journey through the pages of the Bible in search of the promised Savior, from the garden of Eden to a manger in Bethlehem. With captivating illustrations by Rommel Ruiz and easy-to-read language, children and parents alike are invited to come to know the promised one—Jesus Christ.


“What a great way to help kids (and their parents!) grasp where the story of the Bible is headed from the very beginning. This engaging book artfully presents the superiority and perfections of Jesus even as it puts the ‘heroes’ of the Old Testament story in their appropriate place.” -Nancy Guthrie, author, Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series

“The Promise by Jason Helopoulos is a stunning book with a powerful message for both children and adults. Each beautifully illustrated page takes young readers on a journey through the Old Testament, helping them understand how all the stories fit together into one grand and glorious story of redemption. This wonderful book helps children to see Jesus as the perfect prophet, priest, and king who fulfills all the promises of God.” -Melissa B. Kruger, Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

“The whole message of the Bible is contained in one promise in one verse: Genesis 3:15. Now here is that promise simply explained and stunningly illustrated for our children with drama and tension. This is a book I’ll definitely be reading to my kids over and over and over.” -Jonathan Gibson, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

“It is, from the very beginning right up to its glorious end, the greatest story ever told. The Promise weaves together the beautiful prose of Jason Helopoulos and the stunning illustrations of Rommel Ruiz to tell that story with fresh wonder and delight. So settle into a comfy chair, pull the children into your lap, and relish the rich history of this story. I hope you will love it as much as I do.” -George Grant, Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Tennessee

“At a time when many Christian books for children are all too ready to provide moralistic accounts, Jason Helopoulos introduces the simple story of sin and redemption with studied economy of words and skillful repetition. Coupled with Rommel Ruiz’s masterful illustrations, this book is sure to grab the children’s attention, fix it on Christ, and provide an invaluable key for a proper understanding of Scripture. Parents can use it as a springboard for family devotions and a reinforcement to Sunday’s sermons, and children will return to it again and again to let their minds wander through the treasures of the wisdom and knowledge of God.” -Simonetta Carr, author, Christian Biographies for Young Readers

“What a wonderful resource for children! Jason Helopoulos’s The Promise—complemented by Rommel Ruiz's riveting illustrations—teaches kids that Jesus is our perfect Savior.” -Deepak Reju, Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Family Ministry, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC; author, Great Kings of the Bible


Jason Helopoulos (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) serves as the senior pastor of University Reformed Church (PCA) in East Lansing, Michigan. He regularly contributes to Tabletalk, the Gospel Reformation Network, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, and the Gospel Coalition. Jason has authored books such as Let the Children Worship and A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home. Jason and his wife, Leah, have two children, Gracen and Ethan.


Rommel Ruiz is an illustrator and designer from the Dominican Republic whose work has been featured in a variety of publications, children’s books, films, and animated series for companies such as Cartoon Network, Amazon, Facebook, and Oracle. He lives in the evergreen Pacific Northwest with his wife and their two girls.


SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $16.00)

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FIGHT FOR YOUR PASTOR: Practical Ways to Support and Care for Your Pastor
PETER ORR, with a Foreword by Dane Ortlund

Do you pray for your pastors? Do you encourage them? Do you have realistic expectations for them? The office of pastor is simultaneously a rewarding and draining position. Pastors today have immense pressure on their shoulders and they need the support of their congregations.

Peter Orr has written Fight for Your Pastor as an exhortation for church members to stand behind their pastors through the difficulties of ministry. Orr specifies ways in which congregations can be intentional in caring for church leaders, including prayer, encouragement, generosity, and forgiveness. Featuring stories from current pastors about their struggles, this book is perfect for thoughtful church members eager to understand the weight of their pastors’ positions and support leaders in their important ministry.

For Thoughtful Christians: Specifically those wanting to know more about their pastors and how to care for them

Current: Features insight from pastors about their personal experiences in ministry

Applicable: Gives practical examples of how to love and care for pastors, including specific prayers for church leaders and the best ways to encourage them


Foreword by Dane C. Ortlund


Chapter 1: Fight!

Chapter 2: Encourage!

Chapter 3: Listen!

Chapter 4: Give!

Chapter 5: Forgive!

Chapter 6: Submit!

Chapter 7: Check!


Appendix 1: What If I Differ from My Pastor on Politics?

Appendix 2: When and How Should I Leave a Church?


General Index

Scripture Index


“As a pastor’s wife, I see how prayerfully and methodically my husband fights for the spiritual vitality of those we love and serve. I praise God when a man or woman in our church encourages him, prays for him, gently questions him, and thanks him, because each time it is a cup of cold water to a thirsty soul. My husband always says, ‘No one is suffering from too much encouragement.’ Least of all our pastors. This book, if read and practiced, will not only be a blessing to your pastor (and his wife!), but will strengthen your entire church and community.” -Christine Hoover, author, How to Thrive as a Pastor’s Wife; host, The Ministry Wives Podcast

“A single preposition can make a world of difference! This book is entitled Fight for Your Pastor not Fight Your Pastor. Peter Orr wisely and winsomely helps us to see the for and then provides practical ways to make it a reality—and all with a touch of humor thrown in. Given everything that has unfolded for churches and their pastors in the last few years, this timely book will encourage church members to be faithful sheep as they seek to encourage faithful shepherds. The content carried even more weight for me since I personally know Peter as a Christian brother who has modeled a genuine love for Christ’s church—for both its pastors and its people.” -Jonny Gibson, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary; Teaching Elder in the International Presbyterian Church, United Kingdom

“It is to our advantage—to our own benefit and joy, says Hebrews 13:17—to have happy pastors, not groaning clergy. Of course, at the end of the day, the pastors’ gladness and resilience is not the church’s final responsibility. But we can pray for them. We can fight for them instead of against them. Joyless pastors plague the church! Dear God, make them truly, deeply happy and be pleased to use their congregants to be some small but real ingredient in their joy. Peter Orr’s wise and timely book is a great place to start for how we can do our part.” -David Mathis, Senior Teacher and Executive Editor, desiringGod.org; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Workers for Your Joy: The Call of Christ on Christian Leaders


SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $10.00)

SGCB Price: $7.50 (list price $17.00)
67% OFF THE BOOKLET 'The Duties of Church Members to Their Pastors' & 'A Plea to Pray for Your Pastor'

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THE SURPRISING GENIUS OF JESUS: What the Gospels Reveal about the Greatest Teacher

How the Story of the Prodigal Son Illuminates Jesus’s Genius

When someone thinks of Jesus, “genius” is not likely the first word that comes to mind. But when studied in detail, Jesus’s teachings and interactions with others combined high levels of knowledge and insight, verbal skill, and simplicity—showing his genius.

In The Surprising Genius of Jesus, Peter J. Williams examines the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 to show the genius, creativity, and wisdom of Jesus’s teachings. He used simple but powerful stories to confront the Pharisees and scribes of the day, drawing on his knowledge of the Jewish Scriptures to teach his audience through complex layers and themes. Williams challenges those who question whether Jesus really was the source of the parables recorded in the Gospels, pointing readers to the truth of who Jesus is and why that matters for them today.

**Clear and Insightful: Accessible for general readers with in-depth footnotes for those wanting to learn more

**Biblical: Comprehensive, interscriptural analysis of the story of the prodigal son




Chapter 1: A Brilliant Story

Chapter 2: Connecting with Genesis

Chapter 3: More Stories Inspired by the Old Testament

Chapter 4: Was Jesus the Genius?

Chapter 5: Much More Than a Storyteller

General Index

Scripture Index

Ancient Sources Index


“This fascinating study shows how Jesus’s parables, such as that of the prodigal son, are not only powerful stories but also treasure troves of suggestive allusions to the Old Testament. Although short, this book contains a wealth of wisdom to give today’s readers insight into Luke’s parables, thereby helping them understand more of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. A gripping and illuminating read!” -Simon Gathercole, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, University of Cambridge

“In this thought-provoking and compelling book, Peter J. Williams digs under the topsoil of the parables attributed to Jesus in the Gospels and helps us see both how expertly these stories integrate Old Testament allusions and how all the evidence points back to Jesus of Nazareth himself as their Creator.” -Rebecca McLaughlin, author, Confronting Jesus: 9 Encounters with the Hero of the Gospels

“Jesus’s parable of the prodigal son is a masterpiece in the history of storytelling. Not only does it make a powerful impact on people of all cultures, it is intricately and poetically composed and rife with allusions to Old Testament narratives, especially about Jacob and Esau. Other parables demonstrate these same characteristics. Whoever composed them deserved to be called a genius, and Jesus (rather than one of his followers) is the best candidate for that individual. The Surprising Genius of Jesus, though a little book, is chock-full of observations about Jesus’s teaching that should make readers admire him even more than they may already do.” -Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Denver Seminary

“A study at once scholarly and gripping of a man who was—whatever else you may believe him to have been—clearly the most brilliant and influential short-story teller of all time.” -Tom Holland, Presenter, Making History; author, Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World

“A fascinating, provocative, and important book that presents a compelling and persuasive case.” -Justin Meggitt, Senior Lecturer in the Study of Religion and Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge

“Whoever came up with the parable of the prodigal son must have had a forensic knowledge and deep understanding of the Old Testament, as well as an unrivaled ability to connect with simple people and confound and outwit the superintelligent. The one who said those words knew what he was doing—his intentions and claims are made very clear to whoever will take them seriously. Peter J. Williams’s excellent and very readable book is unique in considering the shocking wisdom of Jesus’s teaching, and it presents Jesus as accessible to everyone yet wise enough to confound even the intellectuals.” -Tim Farron, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom

Peter J. Williams (PhD, University of Cambridge) is the principal of Tyndale House, Cambridge, the chair of the International Greek New Testament Project, and a member of the ESV Translation Oversight Committee. He is the author of Can We Trust the Gospels? and Early Syriac Translation Technique and the Textual Criticism of the Greek Gospels.


SGCB Price: $8.75 (list price $15.00)

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Richard Owen Roberts with a Foreword by Henry Blackaby

It is a serious problem when society misunderstands or disregards sin and repentance. But when the church neglects these doctrines, the impact is profound. This book unfolds the nature and necessity of biblical repentance, but for the church in particular. Roberts' in-depth study heavily references both he Old and New Testaments, and includes chapters on the myths, maxims, marks, models, and motives of repentance, as well as the graces and fruits that accompany it. There is also wise warning about the dangers of delayed repentance.


Foreword by Henry Blackaby

A Letter to the Reader


1. Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel

2. Repentance in the Old Testament

3. Repentance in the New Testament

4. Seven Myths of Repentance

5. Seven Maxims of Repentance

6. Seven Marks of Repentance

7. Seven Motives to Repentance

8. Repentance and its Accompanying Graces

9. Seven Fruits of Repentance

10. Seven Models of Repentance

11. Seven Dangers of Delayed Repentance

12. Seven Words of Advice to the Unrepentant

13. Repentance in All its Breadth

14. Repentance and the Character of God

15. Repentance in Dust and Ashes

Richard Owen Roberts is president and founding director of International Awakening Ministries. He pastored churches in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California, and assisted in the formation of the Billy Graham Center Library. He has authored, edited, and published numerous volumes relating to revival and revivalism.


SGCB Price: $14.95 (list price $25.00)

SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $42.00)
'REPENTANCE' (Richard Owen Roberts); 'THE GRACE OF REPENTANCE' (Ferguson); and 'THE DOCTRINE OF REPENTANCE' (Watson)

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Explore God's Unfolding Plan of Redemption

The single most popular book in the world—the Bible—came to us over many centuries from many authors and in many different literary styles. Yet every part fits together into a coherent whole. Its pages tell a unified story of grace—a story that climaxes in the triune God of love redeeming sinners and sufferers through his Son, Jesus.

In Unfolding Grace, discover the overarching storyline of God's Word as it is revealed through 40 Scripture readings drawn from key points in the biblical narrative. Each passage, coupled with brief and accessible commentary, will help you follow God's grace as it unfolds from Genesis through Revelation.

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Story Begins (Genesis)

1. God’s Creation and Humanity’s Fall (Genesis 1–4)

2. The Flood and God’s Covenant with Noah (Genesis 6–9)

3. Babel and the Promise to Abraham (Genesis 10–12)

4. Abraham and the Promise of Isaac (Genesis 15–18)

5. The Promise to Isaac and the Blessing of Jacob (Genesis 25–28)

6. Israel Comes to Egypt (Genesis 45–48)

Part 2: God’s People Redeemed (Exodus–Joshua)

7. Israel’s Oppression and Moses’ Call (Exodus 1–3)

8. God’s Judgment of Egypt (Exodus 7–10)

9. God’s Deliverance of Israel (Exodus 12–15)

10. God’s Covenant with Israel (Exodus 18–20)

11. The Idolatry of Israel and the Heart of God (Exodus 32–34)

12. Israel’s Journey and Rebellion (Numbers 10–14)

13. Israel Enters the Land (Joshua 1–4)

Part 3: God’s Kingdom Established (Judges–Kings)

14. Israel’s Cycle of Sin and Restoration (Judges 1–4)

15. Israel Needs a King (Judges 17–21)

16. Israel Receives a King (1 Samuel 7–11)

17. The Rejection of Saul and Anointing of David (1 Samuel 15–17)

18. The Covenant with David (2 Samuel 5–8)

19. The Kingdom Established Through Solomon (1 Kings 1–4)

20. The Temple Built by Solomon (1 Kings 6–9)

Part 4: God’s Kingdom Declined and Partially Restored (Kings–Nehemiah)

21. The Kingdom Divided (1 Kings 11–14)

22. Judah Exiled (2 Kings 21–25)

23. Exiles Return and Rebuild the Temple (Ezra 1–3)

24. Israel Recommits to Obey God (Nehemiah 8–10)

Part 5: The Hope of Restoration (The Prophets)

25. The Hope of a New Exodus (Isaiah 52–55)

26. The Hope of a New Creation (Isaiah 63–66)

27. The Hope of a New Covenant (Jeremiah 30–33)

28. The Hope of New Life (Ezekiel 34–37)

Part 6: The Dawning of the Kingdom (Mark)

29. Jesus’ Ministry Begins (Mark 1–4)

30. Jesus’ Ministry Continues (Mark 5–8)

31. Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem (Mark 9–12)

32. Jesus’ Death and Resurrection (Mark 13–16)

Part 7: The Gospel Spreads and All Is Made New (Acts, Ephesians, Revelation)

33. The Church’s Mission Begins (Acts 1–4)

34. The Church Multiplies in Jerusalem and Beyond (Acts 5–8)

35. The Gospel Begins to Spread to the Gentiles (Acts 9–12)

36. The Gospel Continues to Spread (Acts 13–15)

37. The Gospel Explained (Ephesians 1–3)

38. The Gospel Applied (Ephesians 4–6)

39. The King Speaks to His Churches (Revelation 1–3)

40. The Return of the King and the Restoration of All Things (Revelation 19–22)


40 illustrations by Peter Voth

Features brief introductions discussing the flow of God’s plan of redemption

Content written by Drew Hunter

Single-column format

Thick, cream-colored book paper

Smyth-sewn binding

Study guide also available for purchase


“Each turning of the page of this beautiful book draws its readers ever-deeper into the breathtaking flow of the Bible’s epic story of redemption where the reward is, in Jesus’s words, ‘grace upon grace.’ Here the story of grace is rendered transparent by the dignified precision of the English Standard Version, the fine introductions by Drew Hunter, and the exquisite illustrations and headers of German artist Peter Voth. This book will surely be used to introduce many readers to ‘the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Read it, and give it!” - R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

“The Bible contains the one narrative that serves as the context for every other narrative in human history. Unfolding Grace puts on full display this overarching narrative of the Bible in the context of the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. This guided reading will remind and reassure Christians that there is a plan and a purpose for our history that will culminate in the grand restoration of all things.” - Miles V. Van Pelt, Alan Belcher Jr. Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages, Reformed Theological Seminary

“With eye-catching illustrations, guided insight, and a helpful narrative structure, Unfolding Grace and the Unfolding Grace Study Guide act as gentle and wise companions to anyone who wants to read through Scripture with purpose and clarity. I highly recommend this beautiful resource.” - Shelby Abbott, author, DoubtLess and Pressure Points; speaker; campus minister

UNFOLDING GRACE: 40 Guided Readings Through the Bible
SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $20.00)

SGCB Price: $5.75 (list price $8.00)

SGCB Price: $16.00 (list price $28.00)

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By Kristen Wetherell, Illustrated by Grace Habib


Interactive Board Book Teaches Children How God Speaks through Scripture

Everyone is a theologian—even your little one. Each board book in the For the Bible Tells Me So series offers kids ages 0–4 an introduction to key facets of the gospel and a glimpse at the joy found when children embrace Christ as their Lord and Savior. In God Speaks to Me, author Kristen Wetherell teaches how God reveals himself through creation and Scripture and gives hope through his Son.

This board book uses repetition, easy-to-understand language, and interactive elements to keep kids engaged and coming back again and again. Deeply rooted in Scripture, Wetherell shares the nature of God’s words which are sweet, comforting, and immovable—ultimately encouraging children to trust, obey, and follow Christ all their days.


Interactive Board Book Teaches Children How to Pray in Every Circumstance

Everyone is a theologian—even your little one. Each board book in the For the Bible Tells Me So series offers kids ages 0–4 an introduction to key facets of the gospel and a glimpse at the joy found when children embrace Christ as their Lord and Savior. In God Hears Me, author Kristen Wetherell teaches children how to talk with God—a heavenly Father who intently listens to his beloved children.

This board book uses repetition, easy-to-understand language, and interactive elements to keep kids engaged and coming back again and again. Formatted for child interaction, the text provides a line for the caregiver to read and a responsive action for the child to perform. Deeply rooted in Scripture, Wetherell teaches children the importance of depending on Christ through prayer and praising him through all of life’s circumstances.


This Board Book Teaches Children about God’s Care for His Creation

Everyone’s a theologian—even your little one. Each board book in the For the Bible Tells Me So series offers kids ages 0–4 an introduction to key facets of the gospel and a glimpse at the joy found when children embrace Christ as their Lord and Savior. In God Cares for Me, author Kristen Wetherell explores God’s creation and providence, revealing his abundant care for the things he has made—including his children!

This board book uses repetition, easy-to-understand language, and interactive elements to keep kids engaged and coming back again and again. Deeply rooted in Scripture, Wetherell’s words highlight God’s power, creativity, and provision for his people to teach children about the comfort found in Christ.


“Simple words. Deep truth. Beautifully illustrated. The For the Bible Tells Me So board books provide families with a fantastic resource their little ones are sure to love. Kristen Wetherell’s poetic truths are perfectly paired with Grace Habib’s soft and colorful illustrations. I’ll be reading these to my grandkids.” -Marty Machowski, Executive Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania; author, The Ology; WonderFull; and The Treasure

“For the Bible Tells Me So is a beautiful set of books rich in biblical truths. Each one reinforces those truths through rhyme and story concepts that will give our little ones a strong foundation for their faith. Through repetition of concepts, Kristen Wetherell provides parents with amazing prompts to enter into sweet conversations with their children and to help them understand their value to our loving, wonderful God. Those same concepts serve as reminders to the parents as well. These books will be a wonderful addition to any home or church library.” -Leslie Nunnery, Cofounder, Teach Them Diligently; author, Teach Them Diligently and Heart School

“These playful board books are a great resource for training and discipling young children. In them, you’ll find precious truths about God that families can reflect upon and rejoice in as they read together.” -Hunter Beless, Founder, Journeywomen; author, Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It! and Amy Carmichael: The Brown-Eyed Girl Who Learned to Pray

“Parents are our children’s first theology teachers. Our home is a school; the world is our classroom. Kristen Wetherell has given us these precious board books to help us with our most important task as parents: introducing our children to our Almighty God! This series captures imagination, cultivates a love for books, and nurtures a sense of wonder in our littlest readers.” -Irene Sun, author, Taste and See: All about God’s Goodness

CWN-CH923 CWN-1023

(1) GOD SPEAKS TO ME: Teaches Children How God Speaks through Scripture
SGCB Price: $7.75 (list price $12.00)

(2) GOD HEARS ME: Teaches Children How to Pray in Every Circumstance
SGCB Price: $7.75 (list price $12.00)

(3) GOD CARES FOR ME: Teaches Children about God’s Care for His Creation
SGCB Price: $7.75 (list price $12.00)

SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $36.00)

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GOD'S GREAT STORY: A Daily Devotional for Teens

One-Year Devotional Helps Teens Establish Daily Scripture-Reading Habits

Young adulthood is often a pivotal stage in the life and faith of a believer. Christian teens are confronted with many challenges, making it harder for them to adopt effective Bible-reading habits. How can teens maintain a deep and fruitful relationship with Scripture while managing busy schedules and exciting new stages of life?

God’s Great Story by Jon Nielson unpacks Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, helping young adults grasp God’s full narrative and form helpful reading habits to keep a strong relationship with the Lord. Designed to be read in a year, each of the 365 daily devotionals includes a summary, a practical application, and a guide for personal prayer and meditation. Readings build off of each other to help readers grasp God’s grand story of redemption and the full saving work of the Son.

*Fruitful Devotionals: Readings expand on the overarching narrative of the Bible to reveal God’s full redemption narrative

*One-Year Plan: Lays out a plan to read the whole Bible from Genesis through Revelation in one year

*Appeals to Teens: Helps teens form daily Bible-reading habits to bring into adulthood


The theological principles that inform our understanding of and approach to God’s word lay the groundwork for any Bible study method you choose to use. Your attitude toward the Bible is the most important thing; the specific methods are secondary. But the methods are important! A very simple Bible study method is the observation/interpretation/application model. This method is a helpful one for people who are just beginning to study the Bible. It’s easy to remember, and the three “sections” are clearly divided and defined. Here’s how it works:

• Observation. The basic question in this section is, “What do I see?” At this point, you are focused only on making observations about the text. This section is helpful because there are no wrong answers; you can make observations about a biblical text even if it’s your first time reading the Bible. Sometimes it can feel as if you’re just stating the obvious—but this step is very important. Make sure you don’t miss anything that’s going on in the passage.

• Interpretation. The next move, according to this method, is to begin interpreting the passage. First you asked, “What do I see?” Now you are asking, “What does it mean?” It’s usually helpful to tackle parts of the passage bit by bit, working through the things that it is teaching and communicating. The goal in this section, though, is to settle on the main point that the passage seems to be getting across. You’re trying to summarize the “big picture” of the passage in one sentence. Put a sentence together, ironing out a simple and clear summary of your interpretation.

• Application. Finally, the last step is to ask the question, “What does this mean for me?” Here you move on from mere interpretation and begin talking about what difference the passage from God’s word should make in the way you think and live. This is a very important place to get to, and it can easily lead into prayers that are very focused on the teaching of the Bible passage. Work toward real, practical, and tangible applications of the passage. You can ask questions like, “What does that really look like in my life today?” or “How should this affect my mindset as I go about my day tomorrow?”

One benefit of this three-step method is that you will very quickly get used to the progression and get better at working through the steps. This method can work very well, especially as you understand the “big story” of the Bible, with the gospel as the center.


“God’s Great Story is an absolute treasure trove for teenagers. This daily devotional is a guided journey through the pages of the Bible, delivering bite-sized pieces of good news each day. I have been using the book with my own family for some time now and see how it helps reduce the intimidation factor that some feel when attempting to read through the Bible on their own. The practical prayer prompts and meditations at the end of each reading are helpful additions, making it easy for students to personally engage with the word of God. But what I like most about God’s Great Story is that it encourages our teenagers to get into the Scriptures for themselves, and that’s where the Holy Spirit does his best work.” -Trent Casto, Senior Pastor, Covenant Church of Naples, Florida

“Our teenagers’ valuable attention spans are pulled in different directions, and powerful narratives attempt to explain the world to them. However, there is only one story that deserves their thoughtful consideration and assigns meaning and value to everything they can see and everything they can’t see. Teens need to know this story and the one who wrote it. In a season of life when time seems to stand still, God’s Great Story is a devotional that will help teens get to know the one who stands above time.” -Gloria Furman, author, Labor with Hope and Missional Motherhood

“Any devotional worth its salt should motivate readers to understand and read the word of God themselves. I believe that Jon Nielson’s book God’s Great Story does exactly that. This book provides a very helpful structure for daily Bible reading to see how the story fits together to point us to Christ. If you have teenagers in your life, I’d highly encourage you to get this book for them. If you are a teenager, dive in and let this book guide you toward a lifetime of learning to live in this great story.” -Chris Bruno, President, Oahu Theological Seminary; Global Partner, Training Leaders International

“Devotionals are often either overwhelming or underwhelming. Here is a devotional aimed at young men and women that delivers perfectly. Nielson manages to emphasize the importance of Scripture reading while also informing the reader, pointing to Christ, upholding holiness, and emphasizing grace. This devotional equips theologically and stirs devotionally. As a pastor of a university church, I would be delighted if every one of our students began their day upon their knees with the Bible in one hand and Nielson’s devotional in the other hand.” -Jason Helopoulos, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan

“The statistics are out there—America’s youth are in crisis. Both young men and women are experiencing frightening levels of depression, suicide, drug abuse, and confusion about themselves and the world around them. Worse, many (even those who are seemingly well-adjusted and happy) are drowning in a sea of apathy and ignorance about the only thing that can set their feet on solid spiritual ground: God’s word. None too late comes this thrilling book by Jon Nielson. Breaking down God’s story into a compelling play of five acts, God’s Great Story helps our teens (and perhaps their parents) navigate their way through the Bible in a year to see the big picture of redemption—and their place in it. I highly recommend this wonderful, much-needed resource!” -Chris Castaldo, Senior Pastor, New Covenant Church, Naperville, Illinois; author, The Upside Down Kingdom: Wisdom for Life from the Beatitudes

CWN-1023 ddg

SGCB Price: $12.95 (list price $23.00)

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IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME: An Introduction to the Biblical Theology of Acts and Paul
Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson

An Exegetical Study of the Book of Acts and Pauline Theology

Christians often skip a crucial starting point when studying the apostle Paul: the foundations of his deeply nuanced theology. Some studies on the book of Acts attempt to touch on every major theme in Paul’s letters, making them difficult to understand or prone to leaving out important nuances. Christians need a biblical, theological, and exegetically grounded framework to thoroughly understand Paul’s theology.

In this book, Richard B. Gaffin Jr. gives readers an accessible introduction to Acts and Paul. Building on a lifetime of study, Gaffin teaches on topics including the redemptive-historical significance of Pentecost; eschatology; and the fulfillment of redemptive history in the death and resurrection of Christ. In the Fullness of Time is an exegetical “textbook” for pastors, students, and lay leaders seeking to learn more about Acts and Paul from a Reformed and evangelical perspective.

Explores the Foundations of Paul's Theology: Offers a nuanced look at the core of Paul’s thinking

Wide-Ranging Audience: A valuable study for pastors, theology students, and lay leaders

Thorough Yet Accessible: An in-depth look at Pauline theology that’s accessible to readers


Scripture Versions Cited




Part 1: The Theology of Acts

Chapter 1: Pentecost and the History of Redemption

Chapter 2: The Kingdom of God in the Teaching of Jesus: An Overview

Chapter 3: The Holy Spirit and the Kingdom in Luke–Acts

Chapter 4: Pentecost (Part 1): Aspects of Its Fundamental Significance

Chapter 5: Pentecost (Part 2): Two Related Issues

Part 2: The Theology of Paul

Chapter 6: Preliminary Remarks

Chapter 7: Paul and His Interpreters

Chapter 8: Paul as Pastor-Theologian

Chapter 9: The Question of Entrée and the Center of Paul’s Theology

Chapter 10: Eschatological Structure

Chapter 11: The Resurrection (Part 1): Christ and Christians

Chapter 12: The Resurrection (Part 2): Christ and the Holy Spirit

Chapter 13: The Resurrection and the Christian Life (Part 1): Indicative and Imperative

Chapter 14: The Resurrection and the Christian Life (Part 2): Christian Suffering

General Index

Scripture Index


“The first thought that comes to my mind about Richard Gaffin is that he is a reliable interpreter of Scripture. In the Fullness of Time thoroughly demonstrates this point. It balances what Christ accomplished at his cross and resurrection in the first century and how that relates to believers now in their own Christian experience. In particular, Gaffin shows how important Christ’s death and resurrection are for the Christian’s suffering in the present. While many past commentators have focused on the importance of Christ’s death in Paul’s theology, Gaffin explains how important Christ’s resurrection is, especially for Christian living. Those who read Gaffin’s book are in for a ‘theological treat.’” -G. K. Beale, Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary

“I count myself blessed to be among generations of seminary students who have ‘basked’ in the glory of Christ as we sat under Richard Gaffin’s instruction, hearing him unfold the rich theology of Acts and the Pauline epistles. Gaffin models careful attention to, and insightful exposition of, specific New Testament texts as he places each passage within the context of the fulfillment of redemptive work and history in Christ’s person. I thank God that this rich lecture material is now offered in print form to the people of God.” -Dennis E. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California; author, Him We Proclaim; Walking with Jesus through His Word; and Journeys with Jesus

“Few living theologians have shaped my own understanding of the deep structures of New Testament theology more than Richard Gaffin. And now in one volume we have the core of his contribution to our generation. He connects the dots for us to see how the apostles understood us New Testament believers to be those ‘on whom the end of the ages has come’ (1 Cor. 10:11). It is especially in understanding the macro-significance to Paul’s thinking of the resurrection—that of Christ’s, and thereby of those united to him—that Gaffin takes twenty-first-century students, pastors, and other readers back into the minds of the apostles with profound clarity. I bless God for giving us this magnificent volume through his faithful servant, Richard Gaffin.” -Dane C. Ortlund, Senior Pastor, Naperville Presbyterian Church; author, Gentle and Lowly and Deeper

“Sadly, Richard Gaffin’s work is a well-kept secret. Well, not entirely. It is known in certain circles, particularly in a portion of the Reformed community, but because of the profundity of his considerations, these labors ought to be known throughout the Christian world and beyond. In the Fullness of Time represents the lifework of this seasoned scholar. Like a master craftsman, Gaffin carefully places stone upon stone, which yields a lovely, finished edifice. Comparing the book of Acts to the theology of the apostle Paul is not a project that is immediately evident. After reading this book, it will have become quite patent. The centrality of Pentecost to Paul’s understanding of the Holy Spirit—an emphasis that so characterizes all his work—herein becomes manifest. More than that, it becomes vital for the life of the church. Striking are both the depth and the originality of this analysis. This work is destined to be not only the standard but a pacesetter for decades to come.” -William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary; author, Schaeffer on the Christian Life

“This is the much-anticipated fruit from the author’s many decades as a professor of both New Testament and systematic theology. A noble successor of the work of Geerhardus Vos, Richard Gaffin has helped many of us to understand how the Bible should be read. Plus, this volume expounds on the climactic events of redemptive history. Read, mark, learn, and digest this work.” -Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“Year after year in the classroom, Richard Gaffin radically influenced countless students and would-be pastors in their reading and preaching of Scripture. Those lectures, now happily in print for all to see, if read until absorbed, will change the reader’s understanding of Scripture in remarkable and likely surprising ways. No pastor or biblical scholar should neglect the slow digestion of this rich biblical diet. Its truths have been shown to be truly revolutionary.” -K. Scott Oliphint, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Some books provide less than their title promises. This one provides more. While it does serve as ‘an introduction,’ it is not an elementary survey. It rather deftly combines careful exegesis, interaction with scholarship, an integrated view of the whole of Scripture, and awareness of the church’s place and mission in the world today. The compelling result, often drawing on the underrated Geerhardus Vos and Herman Ridderbos, is a doctrinally rich exploration and synthesis of how Acts and Paul’s letters depict Christ’s saving work, in time and for all eternity.” -Robert W. Yarbrough, Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

“If in a Qumran-like cave the discovery were to be made of the risen Lord’s lecture notes for his forty-day session imparted to his apostles concerning the kingdom of God, they would greatly mirror the truths, themes, and organic union of the Old Testament and the New Testament gospel so perceptively articulated by Richard Gaffin found herein. In the Fullness of Time is indeed ‘an Introduction to the biblical theology of Acts and Paul,’ but it is far more. It is the magisterial crescendo of a lifetime of scholarly study, unpacking the realized eschatology of the historical-redemptive revelation of Jesus Christ and his epoch-making grant of the Holy Spirit to his church. This masterpiece of biblical theology will open the word, shape your mind, and bless your heart. No serious student of Holy Scripture should miss the joy of being led by Gaffin and his compelling exegesis into a deeper and fuller understanding of the believer’s union with the risen Christ.” -Peter Lillback, President and Professor of Historical Theology and Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary

RICHARD B. GAFFIN JR. (ThD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is emeritus professor of biblical and systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, where he taught for over forty years until his retirement in 2010. He is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

CWNRG CWN922 xlvl

SGCB Price: $22.50 (list price $45.00)

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Edited by Chad Van Dixhoorn

Understand Foundations of the Christian Church through These Historic Statements of Faith

For centuries, followers of Jesus have used creeds and confessions to express their Christian beliefs. Summarizing key truths from Scripture into succinct statements, these words have shaped the church for generations and continue to teach and inspire believers today.

Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms gathers 13 historic statements of faith—including the Apostles’ Creed, the Belgic Confession, and the Heidelberg Catechism—into one beautiful collection. Each text includes an introduction from editor Chad Van Dixhoorn that explains its origins and significance to the early church. By learning and revisiting these timeless confessions of faith, readers can grow spiritually and learn more about Christian history.



The Apostles’ Creed

The Nicene Creed

The Athanasian Creed

The Chalcedonian Definition

The Augsburg Confession

The Belgic Confession

The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion

The Canons of Dort

The Westminster Confession

The London Baptist Confession

The Heidelberg Catechism

The Westminster Larger Catechism

The Westminster Shorter Catechism

General Index

Scripture Index

**Great Resource for Daily Reading and Study: Includes early church creeds and major Protestant statements, historical context from editor Chad Van Dixhoorn, and a Scripture index

**Accessible: Useful for pastors and laypeople, seminary students, church groups, or anyone seeking to learn about the foundations of Christianity

**13 Christian Creeds and Confessions: Includes The Apostles’ Creed, The Nicene Creed, The Athanasian Creed, The Chalcedonian Definition, The Augsburg Confession, The Belgic Confession, The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, The Canons of Dort, The Westminster Confession of Faith, The London Baptist Confession, The Heidelberg Catechism, The Westminster Larger Catechism, and The Westminster Shorter Catechism

**Beautiful Layout: Features a premium cloth-over-board cover with elegant foil stamping, Smyth-sewn binding, and a 2-color interior on premium, cream-colored paper

***Adapted from the ESV Bible with Creeds and Confessions


SGCB Price: $19.75 (list price $30.00)

SGCB Price: $44.00 (list price $90.00)

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THE STORY-CHANGER: How God Rewrites Our Story by Inviting Us into His

How Jesus Changes Our Story with His Story

Each person’s life tells a story. These stories have happy chapters, sad chapters, boring chapters, and exciting chapters. Some people seem to author their own stories, while others have the pens snatched from their hands. Some stories feel hopeless. Can our stories ever be rewritten? Will they have a happy ending?

David Murray introduces readers to the StoryChanger, Jesus Christ—the only one who can rewrite human stories with his better Story. Both Christians and non-Christians will discover how God's Story can transform their own messy stories into stories worth telling.



Chapter 1: Our Messy Stories

Chapter 2: The First Story

Chapter 3: The Story-Shredder

Chapter 4: The Failed Authors

Chapter 5: The StoryChanger

Chapter 6: The New Story

Chapter 7: The Endorsements

Chapter 8: The Inside Story

Chapter 9: The Book Club

Chapter 10: The Storytellers

The End

Scripture Index

**Brief and Accessible: Easy to recommend to both non-Christians and new Christians

**Biblical: Tells the first story of God’s good and beautiful creation, how sin and Satan—the StoryShredder—ruined human stories, and how Jesus rewrites and redeems those stories.

**Personal: Shares Murray’s testimony of how God changed his story and points readers toward specific ways Jesus can change their stories as well

**For Individual or Group Study: Includes questions for further reflection or discussion at the end of each chapter


“Is it up to me to craft my life story? Is there a greater power that has determined my story that leaves me with no control over it? Is it possible that the story of my life could take a dramatic turn in another direction? These are the kinds of questions David Murray addresses in this inviting book, which serves as an invitation to discover all that we were created to be in the context of a far greater story.” -Nancy Guthrie, author, Even Better than Eden

“The StoryChanger is a book about three characters and their stories. The first is a Scotsman named David Murray. I have known him for years, but until reading these pages I had no idea how his story was changed. The second character is anyone who picks up this book, reads it, and discovers how helpful it is to understand the story of their life written thus far. And the third character? Well, he’s the StoryChanger—who is pretty aptly named. But I should leave it to David Murray to introduce you to him.” -Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“Are you trying to make sense of your life or the lives around you? Are you looking for purpose? What matters? What matters the most? David Murray’s The StoryChanger will give you answers and might even change your story. He writes as a man who understands people, but even more importantly, who understands God. Prepare to be encouraged and to see your life as part of a much grander and more important story than you can imagine.” -Jason Helopoulos, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church; author, The Promise: The Amazing Story of Our Long-Awaited Savior

“David Murray has given us a practical, accessible, and personal guide to show us how the Bible’s big story transforms the stories of our lives. Jesus alone can change our stories—moving us from sadness to satisfaction, from loneliness to belonging, and from despair to hope. What a relief to know that we’re part of a bigger story and that there’s hope for us even after we’ve made a mess of life. I’m eager to see how this book will transform many people by introducing them to the divine author and StoryChanger we all need." -Drew Hunter, Teaching Pastor, Zionsville Fellowship, Zionsville, Indiana; author, Made for Friendship

“Can the story of my life be rewritten? If you or a friend is feeling trapped in a story that seems messy and meaningless, let David Murray introduce you to the StoryChanger who is rewriting the story of David’s life and can do the same for you.” -David Sunday, President, WordPartners; Teaching Pastor, New Covenant Bible Church, Saint Charles, Illinois

David Murray (PhD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is the senior pastor of First Byron Christian Reformed Church in Byron Center, Michigan. He is also a counselor, a regular speaker at conferences, and the author of Reset and Exploring the Bible. David has taught Old Testament, counseling, and pastoral theology at various seminaries.

CWN-522 CWN522

SGCB Price: $8.75 (list price $15.00)

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GROWING IN CHRIST: A Crystal Clear Outline of Basic Christianity

A Clear Outline of Basic Christianity from Theologian J. I. Packer

Followers of Christ grow spiritually by learning and living out the essentials of their faith, which are often taken for granted or overlooked in daily life. Renowned theologian J. I. Packer believed that Christianity is not automatic and must be learned by new believers and mature Christians alike.

In Growing in Christ, Packer offers readers an easy-to-follow road map for studying theological topics, including the Apostles' Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and baptism. Each chapter helps both new and lifelong believers examine what Packer calls “the intellectual ABCs” of the gospel so they can grow in faith.



Part 1: Affirming the Essentials: The Apostles’ Creed


Chapter 1: I Believe in God

Chapter 2: The God I Believe In

Chapter 3: The Father Almighty

Chapter 4: Almighty

Chapter 5: Maker of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 6: And in Jesus Christ

Chapter 7: His Only Son

Chapter 8: Born of the Virgin Mary

Chapter 9: Suffered under Pontius Pilate

Chapter 10: He Descended into Hell

Chapter 11: The Third Day

Chapter 12: He Ascended into Heaven

Chapter 13: He Shall Come

Chapter 14: I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Chapter 15: The Holy Catholic Church

Chapter 16: Forgiveness of Sins

Chapter 17: Resurrection of the Body

Chapter 18: The Life Everlasting

Part 2: Entering In: Baptism And Conversion


Chapter 1: The Lord’s Command

Chapter 2: What the Sign Says

Chapter 3: A Sacrament of Good News

Chapter 4: Conversion and Baptism

Chapter 5: Baptized in Jesus’s Name

Chapter 6: Washing

Chapter 7: United with Christ

Chapter 8: Baptism and the Holy Spirit

Chapter 9: Basic Christianity

Chapter 10: Baptism and Infants

Chapter 11. Baptism, Confirmation, Confession

Chapter 12. Baptism and Body life

Chapter 13: Baptism Improved

Chapter 14: Third Birthday

Part 3: Learning to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer


Chapter 1: When You Pray

Chapter 2: Pray Then Like This

Chapter 3: Our Father

Chapter 4: Which Art in Heaven

Chapter 5: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Chapter 6: Thy Kingdom Come

Chapter 7: Thy Will Be Done

Chapter 8: On Earth As It Is in Heaven

Chapter 9: Our Daily Bread

Chapter 10: Forgive Us

Chapter 11: Not into Temptation

Chapter 12: Deliver Us

Chapter 13: From Evil

Chapter 14: The Kingdom and the Power

Chapter 15: And the Glory

Chapter 16: Amen

Part 4: Design for Life: The Ten Commandments


Chapter 1: Blueprint for Behavior

Chapter 2: I and You

Chapter 3: Law and Love

Chapter 4: The Lord Your God

Chapter 5: Who Comes First?

Chapter 6: Imagination

Chapter 7: Are You Serious?

Chapter 8: Take My Time

Chapter 9: God and the Family

Chapter 10: Life Is Sacred

Chapter 11: Sex Is Sacred

Chapter 12: Stop, Thief!

Chapter 13: Truth Is Sacred

Chapter 14: Be Content

Chapter 15: Learning from the Law

Chapter 16: The Cement of Society


**Covers Christian Themes in Depth: Including Christian convictions, communion with God, and code of conduct

**Great for Individual or Group Study: Each chapter ends with study questions and Bible passages

**Accessible: Written for Christians of all backgrounds and denominations, as well as the newly converted

CWN-522 CWN522

SGCB Price: $21.00 (list price $33.00)

SGCB Price: $32.00 (list price $58.00)

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THE CASE FOR LIFE: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture (Second Edition)
SCOTT KLUSENDORF with Foreword by Lila Rose

Pro-life Advocate Scott Klusendorf Explains the Pro-life Argument and Why It Matters

Pro-life Christians, take heart: the pro-life message can compete in the marketplace of ideas if Christians properly understand and articulate that message. In light of the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, too many Christians do not understand the essential truths of the pro-life position, making it difficult for them to articulate a biblical worldview on issues like abortion, cloning, and embryo research.

This second edition of The Case for Life, now with a substantial amount of additional and updated content, provides intellectual grounding for the pro-life convictions that most evangelicals hold. The debate turns on one key question: What is the unborn? In this timely book, author Scott Klusendorf teaches readers what the role of the pro-life Christian should be and how to lovingly and winsomely engage in questions and objections.

*Timely: Covers current hot-button topics related to abortion, cloning, and embryo research

*Ideal for Christians or Anyone Curious about the Pro-Life Movement: Written for those looking to learn more about the pro-life argument and why it matters

*Logically Grounded: Klusendorf explains the core of the argument and how to engage in a thoughtful and loving way

*Features New Content: Includes 8 new chapters and a new section titled “Pro-Life Christians Survey the Major Thinkers”

Foreword by Lila Rose



Part 1: Pro-life Christians Clarify the Debate

Chapter 1: What Is the Pro-Life Argument?

Chapter 2: What’s the Issue?

Chapter 3: What Does It Mean to Be Pro-Life?

Chapter 4: What Is the Unborn?

Chapter 5: What Makes Humans Valuable?

Chapter 6: What Are the Big Questions?

Chapter 7: What about Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

Part 2: Pro-life Christians Address Worldview Questions

Chapter 8: Which Worldviews Inform the Abortion Debate?

Chapter 9: Are Right and Wrong Real and Knowable?

Chapter 10: Is Moral Neutrality Possible?

Chapter 11: Does God Matter (Or Am I Just Matter?)

Chapter 12: Is the Bible Pro-Life?

Part 3: Pro-life Christians Survey the Major Thinkers

Chapter 13: When Did I Come to Be?

Chapter 14: When Did I Get a Right to Life?

Chapter 15: Is Abortion Justified Even If the Unborn are Human?

Part 4: Pro-life Christians Answer Objections Persuasively

Chapter 16: From Debate to Dialogue: Asking the Right Questions

Chapter 17: The Coat Hanger Objection: “Women Will Die from Illegal Abortions”

Chapter 18: The Tolerance Objection: “Don’t Force Your Views on Others”

Chapter 19: The Hard Cases Objection: Rape, and the Mother’s Life at Stake

Chapter 20: When the Attacks Get Personal

Part 5: Pro-life Christians Teach and Equip

Chapter 21: Equip to Engage: The Pro-Life Pastor in Post-Roe America

Chapter 22: Healed and Equipped: Hope for Post-Abortion Women and Men

Chapter 23: Here We Stand: Cobelligerence without Theological Compromise

Chapter 24: Are Pro-Lifers Guilty of Moral Compromise?

Chapter 25: Preparing for a Pro-Life Talk

Chapter 26: Can We Win?

Appendix: Training Resources

General Index

Scripture Index


“Scott Klusendorf has produced a marvelous resource that will equip pro-lifers to communicate more creatively and effectively as they engage our culture. The Case for Life is well-researched, well-written, logical, and clear, containing many pithy and memorable statements. Those already pro-life will be equipped; those on the fence will likely be persuaded. Readers looking to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves will find much here to say. I highly recommend this book.” -Randy Alcorn, author, Heaven; If God Is Good; and Hand in Hand

“With the United States Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, we need Scott Klusendorf’s resource more than ever. He answers the question, Who are the unborn? with clear-minded thinking and carefully crafted arguments. Pro-life laypeople and lawmakers alike must come to the street corner or statehouse equipped to speak in defense of their unborn brothers and sisters. Klusendorf keeps the reader’s eye and heart fixed on the center of the pro-life position: the child in the womb.” -Todd Wilken, Host, Issues, Etc.

“Way too many people today are silent on abortion—not because they don’t care, but because they do not know how to make the case for life that they hold dear in their hearts. Scott Klusendorf does an amazing job equipping us to engage a culture of death toward a culture of life. The days of being silent about the truth that we know biblically and scientifically should not cause us to take a back seat anymore. We cannot use the excuse that we did not know.” -Valerie Millsapps, CEO, Pregnancy Resource Center

“For years I’ve trusted Scott Klusendorf and his team to teach the pro-life argument to every single student who attends a Summit Ministries course. The reason is simply stated in the logical syllogism Klusendorf shares: ‘It is always wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being. Therefore, abortion is morally wrong.’ Every human being has value. Clear thinking about this opens the way to clear thinking about everything else. The Case for Life encapsulates decades of wisdom from Klusendorf’s frontline defense of the pro-life cause. It is at the same time encyclopedic and fascinating, bringing the science, philosophy, and theology within reach through powerful illustrations and practical ‘how-to’ ideas for sharing the truth even with die-hard skeptics. This will be my go-to pro-life book from this point forward.” -Jeff Myers, President, Summit Ministries

“No one has had a greater impact teaching me the skills of defending the precious lives of unborn children than Scott Klusendorf. He is simply a master of his craft. If you want a single tutorial giving you everything you need to help make a mother’s womb the safest place for a child to be instead of the most dangerous place, read The Case for Life.” -Gregory Koukl, President, Stand to Reason; author, Tactics and The Story of Reality

“The first edition of The Case for Life is the single greatest pro-life apologetics book available from an evangelical author. I use it in my classes and strongly endorse it. It’s accessible in how it reads, comprehensive in its argument, and intellectually satisfying in making a definitive case for protecting human life at all stages. Klusendorf is to be commended for making high-level bioethical issues simple and grounding his argument in the complementary sources of Scripture and natural law. With Roe now in the ash heap of history, it was time for The Case for Life to be expanded and updated. Here it is.” -Andrew T. Walker, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Fellow, The Ethics and Public Policy Center


SGCB Price: $12.95 (list price $25.00)

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WORKERS FOR YOUR JOY: The Call of Christ on Christian Leaders
David Mathis

David Mathis Examines the Qualifications and Calling of Church Leaders for a New Generation of Congregants and Leaders. The title of this book is drawn from the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:24 "Not that we lord it over your faith, but are workers with you for your joy; for in your faith you are standing firm."

We live in an age increasingly cynical about leadership—some of it for good reason, much of it simply the mood of our times. Still, the risen Christ continues the counter-cultural work he’s done for two millennia: he appoints leaders in his church—not as a burden, but as a gift to his people. “He gave . . . the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:11–12).

What is the nature, calling, and work of local church leadership? Pastor and seminary professor David Mathis considers the elder qualifications in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 not only as prerequisites but as daily necessities to carry out joyfully. This accessible guide aims to serve current and aspiring pastors and elders, as well as church members who want to know the expectations for their leaders and how to pray for them. From the words of Christ to Peter and Paul and Hebrews, the New Testament casts a vision for church leaders that is good news to churches and leaders alike: joyful workers for the joy of their people.

Great Training for Current and Aspiring Pastors and Elders: Expands on the nature and work of local church leadership through the framework of its qualifications in 1 Timothy 3:1–7, Titus 1:5­–9, and other passages

Useful for the Whole Church: Aims to help full-time pastors, lay elders, deacons, and seminary students, as well as church members eager to explore the true nature of leadership in the church and to pray intentionally for their own pastors

Explains 15 Virtues Church Leaders Should Pursue: Mathis shares Spirit-given competencies that Christian leaders can draw upon week in and week out to do the work to which Christ has called them



Introduction: The Pastors We All Want

Part 1: Humbled: Men Before Their God

Chapter 1: How Christ Appoints His Pastors

Chapter 2: Not a Novice—or Arrogant

Chapter 3: Pastors Are Teachers

Chapter 4: Pastors Keep Their Head in a Conflicted World

Part 2: Whole: Men Where They Are Known Best

Chapter 5: Self-Control and the Power of Christ

Chapter 6: The World Needs More One-Woman Men

Chapter 7: Does Drinking Disqualify a Pastor?

Chapter 8: Does Your Pastor Love God or Money?

Chapter 9: The Tragedy of Distracted Dads

Part 3: Honorable: Men Before a Watching World

Chapter 10: The First Requirement for Christian Leaders

Chapter 11: How Pastors Win (and Lose) Respect

Chapter 12: Love for Strangers and the Great Commission

Chapter 13: The Strongest Men Are Gentle

Chapter 14: How Do Pastors Pick Their Fights?

Chapter 15: Why Christians Care What Outsiders Think

Commission: Christian Leadership versus Modern Celebrity


Appendix 1: Who Are the Deacons?

Appendix 2: A Word for Leaders: On Plurality and Team Dynamics

Appendix 3: What Is Anointing with Oil?

Appendix 4: What Is the Laying On of Hands?

Appendix 5: How Old Should Elders Be?

Study Questions

General Index

Scripture Index

Desiring God Note on Resources


“David Mathis is right that two thousand years later, the biblical qualifications for elders ‘continue to pulse with relevancy to the everyday work of Christian leadership.’ What a great help this book would have been forty years ago when I was trying to build church-wide consensus around how the local church is to be led. What makes this book unique is the way pastoral joy, patient exposition, and personal application are woven into the fabric of Christian leadership. May God use Workers for Your Joy to raise up thousands of leaders who do not lord it over their people’s faith, but ‘work with you for your joy’ (2 Cor. 1:24).” -John Piper, Leader, Teacher, and Founder, desiringGod.org

“As an author who has written two books about leadership in Christ’s church, I know of no other book like Workers for Your Joy. David Mathis leads you through an examination of the biblical qualifications of an elder in a way that is penetrating, personal, and practical at every point. As I read chapter after chapter, each dedicated to a pastoral qualification, I was both deeply convicted and encouraged. As you read, you cannot help being amazed at the generosity of our Lord in gifting his church with this kind of leadership—all for the joy of his people. And I have to say: I love that joy is the central organizing theme of this book about pastoral ministry! I cannot think of any member or leader in the body of Christ who would not benefit from taking some time to stroll through the garden of practical gospel wisdom that makes up the pages of this book.” -Paul David Tripp, Pastor; author, Lead: 12 Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church and Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

“Our culture is averse to authority, partially because of the sinful abuse of authority. Still, God intended for there to be leaders in our churches, and David Mathis helps us understand in this biblically saturated and pastorally wise book what the Scriptures teach about elders. The duties and responsibilities of elders are unpacked clearly and powerfully chapter by chapter. We desperately need qualified and godly leaders in our churches, and this is the ideal book for church members considering who should lead a church, for leaders as they consider whether they are qualified, and for seminarians and college students as they study what the Scriptures teach about elders.” -Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The antidote to bad authority is not no authority. It's good authority. And we need a whole lot more good authority—humble, whole, and honorable—in the church today. I commend David Mathis’s wonderfully clear and biblical guide to Christian leadership that glorifies God.” -Collin Hansen, Vice President for Content and Editor in Chief, The Gospel Coalition; Host, Gospelbound podcast; coauthor, Rediscover Church

“At a time when Christian reflection on leadership seems to have been hijacked by ideas from the corporate world, it is refreshing to see a book on leadership that derives its material from the Scriptures. The major leadership crisis facing the church today has to do with character, not with method or strategy. The Bible has a lot to say about that. This is the focus of this book. It reflects deeply on what the Scriptures teach in a way that challenges our attitudes and behaviors and encourages change towards Christlikeness.” -Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka; author, The Family Life of a Christian Leader

DAVID MATHIS serves as senior teacher and executive editor at desiringGod.org, a pastor at Cities Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and an adjunct professor at Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis. He and his wife, Megan, have four children. He is the author of several books, including 'Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines.'

CWN822 cwn23

SGCB Price: $11.95 (list price $20.00)

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THINGS NOT SEEN: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Trusting God's Promises
JON BLOOM with Foreword by Ann Voskamp

God is doing far more than we can see in our pain.

We plead for God’s deliverance from our pain and wonder why he keeps letting it go on. We are not alone. A cloud of witnesses surrounds us and they help us understand. In these 35 creative retellings of Bible stories, Jon Bloom explores the hope and joy that Abraham, Moses, Naomi, John the Baptist, and others experienced in the painful process of discovering that God’s promises really are more trustworthy than our perceptions.


Foreword by Ann Voskamp

A Word to the Reader


1 Your Sin Is No Match for God’s Grace- Joseph’s Brothers and Grace

2 “He Must Increase, but I Must Decrease”- John the Baptist and Humility

3 “I Will Not Let You Go unless You Bless Me”- Jacob and Wrestling with God

4 Be Generous with Your Master’s Money- Simon the Zealot, Matthew, and Generosity

5 Hard, Heartbreaking, Hopeful Spiritual Leadership- Moses and Leadership

6 You Obey the One You Fear- King Saul and Fear of Man

7 Whom Are You Really Serving?- Martha, Mary, and Serving

8 Jesus Comes When You Least Expect- The Woman at the Well and Persevering Prayer

9 What God Is Building through All the Inefficiencies of Life- Nehemiah and Adversity

10 Don’t Feel Qualified for Your Calling?- Moses and Inadequacy

11 Failure Doesn’t Have to Be the Last Word- Demas, Mark, and Failure

12 God Is Merciful Not to Tell Us Everything- The Disciples and Trust

13 Jesus Is Turning Your Shame into a Showcase of His Grace- The Hemorrhaging Woman and Shame

14 God’s Mercy in Making Us Face the Impossible- Abraham, Sarah, and Faith

15 God Will Never, Never Break His Promise- Abraham, Isaac, and God’s Faithfulness

16 Watch Your Mouth- Peter and Being Slow to Speak

17 How Jesus Exposes Our Idol of Self-Glory- The Jewish Leaders and Reputation

18 The Impoverishing Power of Financial Prosperity- The Rich Young Man and Wealth

19 The Powerful Glory of Yielding Power- Jonathan and Power

20 When It Seems Like God Did You Wrong- Naomi and Tragedy

21 When a Sword Pierces Your Soul- Mary and Grief

22 The Weakness of the World’s Strongest Man- Samson and Unfaithful Faith

23 What Dead Abel Speaks to Us- Abel, Cain, and Faith

24 The Folly of What Noah Preached- Noah and Gospel Boldness

25 Why God Gives Us More Than We Can Handle- Gideon and the Impossible

26 Imitate, Don’t Idolize, Your Leaders- Barak and Misplaced Faith

27 When Fear Attacks- Joshua and Courage

28 God Makes Our Misery the Servant of His Mercy- Naaman, the Servant Girl, and Sovereign Mercy

29 Escaping the Suicidal Slavery of Selfish Ambition- The Disciples and Selfish Ambition

30 When Wasting Your Life Is Worship- Judas, Mary, and Worship

31 Judas Carried the Moneybag?- Judas and the Love of Money

32 If You Want to Be Happy, You Must Deny Yourself- The Disciples and Self-Denial

33 Jesus Wants You to Be You- Peter and Calling

34 The Treasure Makes All the Difference- The Man Who Found the Treasure and the Resurrection

35 Don’t Give Up- All of Us and Endurance

General Index 213

Scripture Index 215


“Vivid, nourishing sketches of Bible characters learning to live with their sometimes startling Lord.” - J. I. PACKER

“Bloom shows you with powerful clarity how to weave gospel-priorities through all your work and all your moments." -Ann Voskamp, New York Times best-selling author, The Broken Way and One Thousand Gifts

“Jon Bloom has an extraordinary gift for mining rare gems hidden in familiar Bible stories and characters. His insights are imaginative, biblical, and practical. Jon prompts readers to see with new eyes, examine their hearts, and face life’s challenges with renewed perspective and joy. I enthusiastically recommend Things Not Seen!” -Randy Alcorn, author, Heaven; If God Is Good; and Hand in Hand

“I trust a writer who not only sees deeply into the treasures of Scripture, but takes what he sees into his soul, and with it serves his family, church, and friends. Jon Bloom is one of those writers. And one of my treasures is to be one of those friends. We welcome you into this circle of joy.” -John Piper, Founder and Teacher, desiringGod.org; Chancellor, Bethlehem College & Seminary; author, Desiring God

“Jon Bloom unpacks the deepest truths about God in a way that every human can receive. You don’t want to miss anything he writes—this book is no exception. Prepare for your faith to expand.” -Jennie Allen, New York Times best-selling author, Get Out of Your Head; Founder, IF: Gathering

“The Bible is full of stories not just so we have something to read to our children at night, but to help us understand what it is like to walk with God in a broken world. Jon Boom revives the age-old tradition of using biblically informed fictional additions to creatively retell the Bible’s most familiar stories. He also intersperses pastoral insights as a skilled soul physician. This book will stir and encourage your faith.” -Adrian Warnock, author, Hope Reborn and Raised with Christ

JON BLOOM (BA, Bethel University) is the cofounder and president of desiringGod.org, where he contributes regularly. He is also the author of several books. Bloom and his wife, Pam, live in Minneapolis with their five children.


SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $17.00)

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9 MARKS CHURCH QUESTIONS SERIES: 'Is God Really Sovereign?'; 'How Do I Fight Sin and Temptation?' & 'Does the OT Really Point to Jesus?'



God’s sovereignty is difficult for most people to wrap their minds around even when they’re not going through difficult times; the topic raises many questions about salvation, evangelism, sin, and suffering. But when difficult circumstances arise, many believers ask, “Is God really in control?”

In this addition to the Church Questions series, pastor Conrad Mbewe explains the Bible’s teaching on God’s sovereignty and addresses the common questions that it raises. He shows how it affects one’s outlook on salvation, suffering, prayer, and worship in the Christian life. This short and accessible work is ideal for anyone currently struggling with the sovereignty of God or for new Christians wanting to learn more about God’s sovereignty.

**Part of the Church Questions Series: Developed to give biblical insight into common questions

**Global Perspective: Written by Zambian author and pastor Conrad Mbewe

**Useful for Seekers: Accessible for those new to faith or looking to learn more

(2) HOW DO I FIGHT SIN & TEMPTATION? by Garrett Kell

Biblical Encouragement for the Lifelong Pursuit of Freedom from Sin

Temptation is unrelenting. Whether it sneaks up in a social-media post, a relationship, or a bout of anger, there will always be an invitation to sin. But sin isn’t just an inevitable misstep; it’s a personal rejection of God and his commands. And it’s a battle every Christian must fight.

Through biblical wisdom and engaging stories, J. Garrett Kell confronts the spiritual weight and consequences of rebellion and offers 7 gospel-centered ways to fight sin. Reminding believers that God always provides a way out of temptation, Kell highlights several steps to fight sin—including grace, community, and confession—guiding readers away from destruction and toward freedom in Christ.


A Concise Guide to Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Can we see Jesus in the first 39 books of Scripture? While Christians believe the entire Bible points to Jesus as the Messiah, many have trouble identifying him in the Old Testament because he’s never mentioned by name.

In this addition to the Church Questions series, David King guides curious readers on a journey to discover Jesus in all of Scripture. The booklet begins by examining Jesus’s own understanding of how the Old Testament witnesses to him. Next, readers learn 6 ways the Old Testament points to Jesus, including promises of redemption, how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament law and wisdom, and Old Testament types of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. Finally, King explains why it matters to believers and the church today that Jesus is understood as the fulfillment of the Old Testament.


“Christians are pressed by very real questions. How does Scripture structure a church, order worship, organize ministry, and define biblical leadership? Those are just examples of the questions that are answered clearly, carefully, and winsomely in this new series from 9Marks. I am so thankful for this ministry and for its incredibly healthy and hopeful influence in so many faithful churches. I eagerly commend this series.” -R. Albert Mohler Jr., President and Centennial Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Sincere questions deserve thoughtful answers. If you’re not sure where to start in answering these questions, let this series serve as a diving board into the pool. These mini-books are winsomely to-the-point and great to read together with one friend or one hundred friends.” -Gloria Furman, author, Alive in Him and Labor with Hope

“As a pastor, I get asked lots of questions. I’m approached by unbelievers seeking to understand the gospel, new believers unsure about next steps, and maturing believers wanting help answering questions from their Christian family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. It’s in these moments that I wish I had a book to give them that was brief, answered their questions, and pointed them in the right direction for further study. Church Questions is a series that provides just that. Each booklet tackles one question in a biblical, brief, and practical manner. The series may be called Church Questions, but it could be called ‘Church Answers.’ I intend to pick these up by the dozens and give them away regularly. You should too.” -Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; author, Seven Dangers Facing Your Church and The Leadership Formula

“Where can we Christians find reliable answers to our common questions about life together at church—without having to plow through long, expensive books? The Church Questions booklets meet our need with answers that are biblical, thoughtful, and practical. For pastors, this series will prove a trustworthy resource for guiding church members toward deeper wisdom and stronger unity.” -Ray Ortlund, President, Renewal Ministries

CONRAD MBEWE (PhD, University of Pretoria) serves as pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, and founding chancellor of the African Christian University. Conrad has authored over nine books and contributed to many others. He and his wife, Felistas, have three children and three foster children.

J. GARRETT KELL (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) is a pastor at Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. He is the author of Pure in Heart: Sexual Sin and the Promises of God. He and his wife, Carrie, have six children.

DAVID M. KING (DMin, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) has served over twenty years as senior pastor of Concord Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is the author of Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved. David and his wife, Natalie, have three children.

SOV2 552923

(1) IS GOD REALLY SOVEREIGN? by Conrad Mbewe
SGCB Price: $4.00 (list price $5.00)

(2) HOW DO I FIGHT SIN & TEMPTATION? by Garrett Kell
SGCB Price: $4.00 (list price $5.00)

SGCB Price: $4.00 (list price $5.00)

SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $15.00)

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GOSPEL PEOPLE: A Call for Evangelical Integrity

A Biblical Case for the Importance and Goodness of Being “Evangelical”

The term evangelical is often poorly defined and frequently comes with cultural and political baggage. As the label has become more controversial, many Christians have begun to wonder if they should abandon it altogether.

Michael Reeves argues from a global, scriptural, and historical perspective that, while it’s not necessary to discard the label altogether, Christians must return to the root of the term—the evangel, or “gospel”—in order to understand what it truly means. He identifies the theology of evangelicalism and its essential doctrine—the Father’s revelation in the Bible, the Son’s redemption in the gospel, and the Spirit’s regeneration of the heart—calling believers to stand with integrity as people of the gospel.

*A Biblical and Theological Explanation of Evangelicalism: Rooted in Scripture and the writings of figures throughout church history

*Globally-Minded: Explores evangelical theology and distinctives outside of narrow cultural definitions

*Brief and Accessible: Written for both lay people and church leaders


Chapter 1: What Are Gospel People?

Chapter 2: Revelation from the Father

Chapter 3: Redemption by the Son

Chapter 4: Regeneration through the Spirit

Chapter 5: The Importance of Being Gospel People

Chapter 6: Gospel Integrity

Appendix 1: Can Evangelicalism Be Defined?

Appendix 2: Does Evangelicalism Have a History?

General Index

Scripture Index


“In Gospel People, Michael Reeves challenges us as evangelicals to take a fresh look at the foundation that is already laid, which is Jesus Christ as he is revealed by the Father in Scripture and in the power of the Spirit (1 Cor. 3:11). We are exhorted to build high together from that foundation for the glory of God. Anchored deeply in church history, this book is very convicting. It calls us to reexamine what we today may be wrongly holding up as the dividing line between friend and foe. May we heed its call!” -Conrad Mbewe, Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia

“God has always wanted a people, but how are they to be defined? In a day of growing confusion, Michael Reeves provides a superb description of their identity in his book Gospel People. Captivated and shaped by glorious gospel truths that motivate and excite them, they are to demonstrate a humility that is not quick to judge and divide from others while contending for definitive doctrines that must be clearly proclaimed to a needy world.” -Terry Virgo, Founder, Newfrontiers; author, God’s Treasured Possession

“Michael Reeves has written a simple explanation of Christian faith. Reeves considers the word evangelical biblically, theologically, and historically. Gospel People is written in the best tradition of Ryle, Stott, and Packer yet reaches back to include the Puritans and the early church fathers as well. This book is simple, clear, and clarifying. Read and profit.” -Mark Dever, Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

“Michael Reeves is an evangelical in every best sense of the word—a gospel person who lives for the spiritual unity and integrity that his book Gospel People so beautifully illustrates. In a time of moral confusion, political polarization, and doctrinal apathy, Reeves gives the church a clear picture of Christian orthodoxy and the humble, holy lives that ordinary Christians ought to live as a result.” -Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

“In both contemporary culture and the contemporary church, the term evangelical is discussed, distorted, or debased to such an extent that some think it should be discarded. In Gospel People, Michael Reeves undertakes an engaging process of theological retrieval and provides a clear, concise, and compelling definition of evangelicalism. His approach is thoroughly grounded in Scripture and draws on the wisdom of church history down through the centuries. His focus on God’s work of revelation, redemption, and regeneration will not only inform the mind but also warm the heart. His warnings against both doctrinal compromise and an overemphasis on secondary or tertiary issues will foster a deeper commitment to gospel unity and meaningful fellowship that is not rooted in mere politics or personalities.” -John Stevens, National Director, The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches


SGCB Price: $10.50 (list price $17.00)

SGCB Price: $18.50 (list price $32.00)

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EVANGELICAL PHARISEES: The Gospel as Cure for the Church's Hypocrisy

In This Follow-Up to 'Gospel People', Michael Reeves Calls Evangelicals Away from Pharisaism to True Reformation

Scripture warns believers of hypocrisy—called the “leaven of the Pharisees”—and its potential to spread quickly in the church. Outwardly appearing as devout religion, this legalism hides destructive pride, idolatry, and even apostasy. Unfortunately, pharisaism is still a problem among evangelicals today. How does Jesus instruct the church to recognize and defeat one of its deepest theological issues?

In this clear, compelling call to spiritual reformation, Michael Reeves helps believers reject pharisaism and embrace gospel integrity. Studying 3 essentials of Christian doctrine that the Pharisees misunderstood—their approach to Scripture, understanding of salvation, and disregard of regeneration—Reeves shows readers how to embrace a biblical, Trinitarian, and creedal understanding of the gospel necessary for true reformation.

*Explains the 3 Essential Rs of the Gospel: Teaches readers about revelation, redemption, and regeneration

*A Great Resource for Pastors and Congregations: Addresses the threat of hypocrisy in the church, and tackles in-house issues from partisanship to pragmatism

*A Follow-Up to 'Gospel People': Reeves continues his study of timely evangelical topics


Chapter 1: Beware of the Leaven

Chapter 2: Pharisees and Revelation

Chapter 3: Pharisees and Redemption

Chapter 4: Pharisees and Regeneration

Chapter 5: Pharisees and God

General Index

Scripture Index


“Jesus warned us about becoming like the Pharisees, and Michael Reeves reminds us in this winsome and penetrating book that we need to heed that warning today. We all are prone to trusting in ourselves and longing for the praise of people instead of resting and delighting in the gospel of God’s grace. We never move beyond the gospel or the need to repent of our self-dependence, and thus this book is a spiritual tonic for our souls.” -Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In Evangelical Pharisees, Michael Reeves addresses a subtle but fatal threat facing the church today. Christ’s diagnosis of the heart of the Pharisee was that ‘they loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God (John 12:43).’ If we want to preserve the purity of our faith, we must do more than hold fast to our confessions and creeds. We must humbly examine ourselves and ask whether the celebrity culture of our day and the tribalism that is on the rise within our ranks are fueled by something more akin to the motivations that drove the Pharisees of Christ’s time than we would like to admit. Evangelical Pharisees is a great place to begin that inquiry.” -Kenneth Mbugua, Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi, Kenya


SGCB Price: $9.50 (list price $15.00)

SGCB Price: $18.50 (list price $32.00)

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SUFFERING WISELY AND WELL: The Grief of Job and the Grace of God

Why Suffering Exists: God’s Purpose for Pain in the Life of Job and throughout Scripture

Why does God allow suffering? The pain of suffering can be overwhelmingly mysterious, but the Bible does provide answers. Throughout Scripture, God allows trials in order to accomplish specific purposes in the lives of his people. When faced with suffering they experience spiritual growth; repentance from sin; or, as in the Old Testament story of Job, the chance to demonstrate devotion to God in the face of inexplicable agony.

In Suffering Wisely and Well, Eric Ortlund explores different types of trials throughout Scripture, revealing the spiritual purpose for each and reassuring readers with God’s promise of restoration. The majority of the book focuses on Job, one of the most well-known yet misunderstood stories of suffering. Ortlund thoughtfully analyzes the text chapter by chapter, including the doubt of Job’s friends, God’s response to Job’s questions, and the meaning behind important imagery including references to Leviathan and Behemoth. Suffering Wisely and Well shows readers how to deepen their relationship with God during painful experiences in their own lives and how to comfort others who are hurting.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Suffering Wisely: Varieties of Suffering in the Bible and Our Response

Chapter 2: The All-Surpassing Worth of Knowing the Lord (Job 1–2)

Chapter 3: Job’s Torturers, the Psychology of Legalism, and the Beauty of Gospel Friendship (Job 3–37)

Chapter 4: Patiently Listening to Job’s Protest and His Faith (Job 3–37)

Chapter 5: Job’s Limits, God’s Profound Goodness, and the Continuing Presence of Evil (Job 38:1–40:5)

Chapter 6: Behemoth, Leviathan, and God’s Defeat of Evil (Job 40:6–41:34)

Chapter 7: Job’s Worship and Restoration (Job 42)

Conclusion: Your Worship and Restoration


“I have lived long enough with suffering to know that it doesn’t come in ‘one size fits all.’ It is messy and confusing. Yes, God always has specific purposes for the kinds of sufferings that he sends our way, and in his remarkable book, Eric Ortlund helps us understand the various trials we encounter and what makes each so tailor-fit for us. Want to know how not to waste suffering? Here’s a book that will help you discern its character and align yourself with God’s purposes in adversity. What you have in your hands is a useful tool to help you sort through the complex and often frustrating world of affliction. I’m passing this book on to others, and I would encourage you to do the same!” -Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“The book of Job gives us deep and inexhaustibly bewildering insights into the power and wisdom of God in Christ. I have been humbled and instructed by this fresh, scholarly, and pastoral study. Ortlund’s writing is replete with thought-provoking arguments always set in the context of an insightful love for people. I warmly recommend this book.” -Christopher Ash, Writer in Residence, Tyndale House; author, Trusting God in the Darkness and Job: The Wisdom of the Cross

“Suffering is a confounding matter that at some point will seemingly interrupt the plans we have for our lives. Eric Ortlund’s new book doesn’t try to explain away our suffering but helps us think through biblical categories of suffering. The first chapter on varieties of suffering is worth the price of the book. This study of the life of Job highlights that our relationship with God must be greater than anything this world has to offer, because eventually these earthly blessings will pass. Whether you are suffering or you know someone who is, pick up this book, highlight every page, and be transformed by the life-changing power of God through the book of Job.” -Dave Furman, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai; author, Being There and Kiss the Wave

ERIC ORTLUND (PhD, University of Edinburgh) teaches at Oak Hill College in London, England. He previously taught Old Testament at Briercrest College and Seminary in Saskatchewan, Canada, for ten years. He and his wife, Erin, have two children.

CWN22 JOB3 cwsf

SGCB Price: $10.50 (list price $17.00)

SGCB Price: $18.75 (list price $34.00)

SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $60.00)

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CULTURAL COUNTERFEITS: Confronting 5 Empty Promises of our Age and How we were Made for So Much More
JEN OSHMAN with Foreword by Christine Hoover

Jen Oshman Helps Women Reject Idols and Discover God's Good Purpose for Their Lives

In today’s culture, women and girls are influenced by idols that promise purpose and meaning for their lives—outward beauty and ability, sex, abortion, and gender fluidity. Christian women aren’t exempt from these temptations either, and can even elevate good things like marriage and motherhood to the status of idolatry. Women may sense that these idols are hollow and leave them feeling unsettled, but where should they turn instead?

In Cultural Counterfeits, Jen Oshman encourages women to reject the empty, destructive promises these idols offer and embrace something much more satisfying. She casts a vision for women to experience real hope and peace in Jesus, calling them to recognize their unshakable and eternal identities in him. This timely and compelling resource will help women find freedom and joy as they explore God’s good design and purpose for their lives.

Culturally Relevant: Addresses current topics such as the #MeToo movement, LGBTQIA+, social media, and feminism

Explains “How We Got Here”: Gives a brief history of the sexual revolution up to today

Written by Jen Oshman: Author of Enough about Me: Find Lasting Joy in the Age of Self

For Group or Individual Study: Includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter


Foreword by Christine Hoover


Part 1: You Are Here

Chapter 1: Waking Up in a Far Country

Chapter 2: The Sexual Revolution Meets #MeToo

Chapter 3: A Timeless Lens for Changing Trends

Part 2: Confronting the Empty Promises of our Age

Chapter 4: Obsessed: Bodies, Beauty, and Ability

Chapter 5: Selling Out for Cheap Sex

Chapter 6: Abortion Has Not Delivered

Chapter 7: Trending: LGBTQIA+

Chapter 8: When Marriage and Motherhood Become Idols

Part 3: We Were Made for So Much More

Chapter 9: It’s Good to Be a Girl

Chapter 10: Home

General Index

Scripture Index


“In Cultural Counterfeits, Jen Oshman addresses some of the most significant and sensitive issues of our day with a combination of informed integrity, biblical insight, and godly compassion. In these pages you will find a winsome call away from the world’s false promises and toward what is real, true, and beautiful.” -Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden

“Jen Oshman is a clear and trusted voice of wisdom in our current age. She thinks deeply and biblically about the issues that bombard us—and helps us to do the same. In Cultural Counterfeits, Jen pulls back the curtain to reveal the empty promises offered by five idols of our day. Jen’s words are full of insight, compassion, and truth. Whether you are combating these lies in your own soul or coming alongside those you love, this book will expose how the idols not only fail us, but actually betray and harm us. She then reminds us that there is ultimately only one who can truly satisfy the longing in our souls—Jesus, the one in whom all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are found.” -Courtney Doctor, Coordinator of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition; author, From Garden to Glory and Steadfast: A Devotional Bible Study on the Book of James

“This book is provocative in all the right ways. Jen Oshman wants to ensure that women don’t settle for less than God’s good and glorious intention for their life. Jen takes on some of the most pressing issues of our day, boldly proclaiming biblical truth while overflowing with gospel grace that soothes the sinner’s heart and breaks the Pharisee’s pride.” -Trevin Wax, Vice President of Research and Resource Development, North American Mission Board; author, This Is Our Time

“This is an important and much-needed book. With boldness and wisdom, Jen thoughtfully unpacks the prevailing cultural lies about what it means to be a woman and beautifully points to the truth of whom God created us to be. Cultural Counterfeits strikes the rare balance of grace and truth and I recommend it to anyone who is tired of the empty promises of this age and is looking for something lasting.” -Vaneetha Rendall Risner, author, Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption

“Jen’s voice is a herald for believers, equipping us with biblical truth to confront the unsatisfying messages of the world and the damaging lies of our enemy. She proclaims a better message, one full of abundant life in Jesus Christ. Cultural Counterfeits is a valuable read for everyone in our churches, whether men and women, young or old.” -Tony Merida, Lead Pastor, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh, North Carolina; author, Ordinary

“Women are confronted with all sorts of ideas in today’s culture. It’s hard to know what is true and what truth is to be believed. Jen Oshman unpacks the most common ideas women face with care, research, and a more beautiful vision of God’s plan for us. Jen has years of experience as a ministry worker of the gospel, as a student of the word, and as a mom of daughters. As a mom of sons and as someone who ministers to women, I’m thankful for her work! This is a book I plan to give to the women I minister to, and I hope you will do the same.” -Courtney Reissig, author, Teach Me to Feel and The Accidental Feminist


SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $18.00)

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ALL THAT JESUS COMMANDED: The Christian Life according to the Gospels

Longtime Pastor and Author John Piper Walks through Jesus’s Commands and Their Meaning for the Christian Life

The four Gospels are filled with commands straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ. They are not the harsh demands of a taskmaster, but Jesus's way of showing his followers who he is and how to be more like him.

In All That Jesus Commanded, John Piper walks through Jesus’s commands, in 50 short chapters, explaining their context and meaning to help readers understand Christ’s vision of the Christian life and what he still requires today. The result is a helpful guide for thoughtful inquirers and new Christians, as well as veteran believers, whether for their own study or as a resource in disciple-making.

**Biblical and Theological: Piper examines Jesus’s commands and explains their context, meaning, and application today

**Comprehensive: Features Scripture, person, and subject indexes

**Accessible: Written in a clear, engaging tone, this book is an excellent resource for new and seasoned believers alike, and for use in discipling younger believers

**Written by Bestselling Author John Piper: Other books include Providence; Desiring God; and Don’t Waste Your Life



Suggestions for How to Read This Book

Introduction: The Aim of the Book

Command #1: You Must Be Born Again

Command #2: Repent

Command #3: Come to Me

Command #4: Believe in Me

Command #5: Love Me

Command #6: Listen to Me

Command #7: Abide in Me

Command #8: Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

Command #9: Love God with All Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength

Command #10: Rejoice and Leap for Joy

Command #11: Fear Him Who Can Destroy Both Soul and Body in Hell

Command #12: Worship God in Spirit and Truth

Command #13: Always Pray and Do Not Lose Heart

Command #14: Do Not Be Anxious about the Necessities of Daily Life

Command #15: Do Not Be Anxious about the Threats of Man

Command #16: Humble Yourself by Making War on Pride

Command #17: Humble Yourself in Childlikeness, Servanthood, and Brokenhearted Boldness

Command #18: Do Not Be Angry—Trust God’s Providence

Command #19: Do Not Be Angry—Embrace Mercy and Forgiveness

Command #20: Do the Will of My Father Who Is in Heaven—Be Justified by Trusting Jesus

Command #21: Do the Will of My Father Who Is in Heaven—Be Transformed by Trusting Jesus

Command #22: Strive to Enter through the Narrow Door, for All of Life Is War

Command #23: Strive to Enter through the Narrow Door, for Jesus Fulfills the New Covenant

Command #24: Strive to Enter through the Narrow Door, for You Are Already in the Kingdom’s Power

Command #25: Your Righteousness Must Exceed That of the Pharisees, for It Was Hypocritical and Ugly

Command #26: Your Righteousness Must Exceed That of the Pharisees—Clean the Inside of the Cup

Command #27: Your Righteousness Must Exceed That of the Pharisees, for Every Healthy Tree Bears Good Fruit

Command #28: Love Your Enemies—Lead Them to the Truth

Command #29: Love Your Enemies­­—Pray for Those Who Abuse You

Command #30: Love Your Enemies—Do Good to Those Who Hate You, Give to the One Who Asks

Command #31: Love Your Enemies to Show That You Are Children of God

Command #32: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself, for This Is the Law and the Prophets

Command #33: Love Your Neighbor with the Same Commitment You Have to Your Own Well-Being

Command #34: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself and as Jesus Loved Us

Command #35: Lay Up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven by Giving Sacrificially and Generously

Command #36: Lay Up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven and Increase Your Joy in Jesus

Command #37: Lay Up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven—“It Is Your Father’s Good Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom”

Command #38: Do Not Take an Oath—Cherish the Truth and Speak It Simply

Command #39: Do Not Take an Oath—Let What You Say Be Simply “Yes” or “No”

Command #40: What God Has Joined Together Let No Man Separate, for Marriage Mirrors God’s Covenant with Us

Command #41: What God Has Joined Together Let No Man Separate, for Whoever Divorces and

Marries Another Commits Adultery

Command #42: What God Has Joined Together Let No Man Separate—One Man, One Woman, by Grace, Till Death

Command #43: Render to Caesar the Things That Are Caesar’s and to God the Things That Are God’s

Command #44: Render to Caesar the Things That Are Caesar’s as an Act of Rendering to God What Is God’s

Command #45: Do This in Remembrance of Me, for I Will Build My Church

Command #46: Do This in Remembrance of Me—Baptize Disciples and Eat the Lord’s Supper

Command #47: Let Your Light Shine before Others That They May Glorify Your Father Who Is in Heaven

Command #48: Let Your Light Shine before Others—the Joyful Sacrifice of Love in Suffering

Command #49: Make Disciples of All Nations, for All Authority Belongs to Jesus

Command #50: Make Disciples of All Nations, for the Mission Cannot Fail

Appendix: A Word to Biblical Scholars (and Those Who Wonder What They Are Doing)

General Index

Scripture Index

Desiring God Note on Resources


“Scholars, popularists, and now even novelists are falling over each other today in a blind passion to discover an alternative Jesus to the One so magnificently portrayed in the biblical Gospels. In stark and refreshing contrast John Piper clear-sightedly demonstrates that the only Jesus worth living for and worth dying for is the biblical Jesus.” --Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“This is now my favorite book by John Piper. In the best tradition of Adolf Schlatter’s Do We Know Jesus? and his ‘hermeneutic of perception,’ All That Jesus Commanded has changed my life and will certainly change yours because it is based on the pure words of Jesus as revealed in the four Gospels. A must-read for every true follower of Christ.” -Andreas J. Köstenberger, Theologian in Residence, Fellowship Raleigh, North Carolina; Cofounder, Biblical Foundations

“Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation is free and cannot be earned, but the call to follow him is costly, demanding faithful obedience to his commands. With this in view, John Piper sets out with clarity the expectations that Jesus places upon his followers. Drawing from all four Gospels, he offers a challenging analysis of Jesus’s commands that promotes a balanced and robust view of what it is to be a Christian in the twenty-first century.” -T. Desmond Alexander, Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Union Theological College

cwn723 cwn-1023

SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $40.00)

SGCB Price: $36.00 (list price $70.00)

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Drawing Closer to God One Decision at a Time

On an average day, people make countless decisions: Should I get out of bed or hit the snooze button? What should I have for breakfast? Where should we go for this year’s vacation? While some decisions are easy to make, others can leave individuals paralyzed and full of anxiety. As Christians living in an increasingly individualistic society, what’s the best strategy for making decisions that honor God while becoming more like him in the process?

Writing from her own experience and pointing to biblical examples, Aimee Joseph offers a biblical and theological framework for decision-making. She explains God’s design for humans as decision-makers, the biblical model for making choices, common wrong approaches, practical tips, and what to do when you’ve made a poor decision. With the philosophy that “as we shape our decisions, our decisions shape us,” Joseph teaches readers how to worship and draw closer to Christ through their daily decisions.


Introduction: Ubiquitous Decisions

Chapter 1: The Drama of Decisions

Chapter 2: The Design of Decisions

Chapter 3: Theological Foundations for Decisions

Chapter 4: The Dashboard of Decisions

Chapter 5: Practical Preparation for Decisions

Chapter 6: Practical Paradigms for Decisions

Chapter 7: You’ve Decided, So Now What?

Conclusion: The Destination of Decisions


Study Questions

Appendix: Visual Summaries


General Index

Scripture Index


“I’ve often wished that God would skywrite his will for me, but after reading Demystifying Decision-Making, I see that the process of seeking God is as important as the outcome. This book draws extensively from Scripture and will be a trusted guide to navigate life’s choices, from everyday decisions to life-changing ones. Aimee does not offer a pat formula, but rather a robust framework to help gather and fit together the puzzle pieces in our decisions, drawing closer to the Lord as we do. I will refer to this wonderful book often!” -Vaneetha Rendall Risner, author, Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption

“We wake up every day to hundreds of decisions. We must decide what to have for breakfast, what to wear to work, and what to do with our free time. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Add to those smaller decisions the bigger questions of calling, relationships, and goals—and we almost don’t want to get up in the morning. Thankfully, Aimee Joseph is a faithful guide as we navigate both large and small dilemmas. In the pages of this book, we learn to weigh our choices according to God’s word and his will and come away with a renewed trust in the God who sovereignly ordains all things. Whatever you are trying to decide, I trust you will find this book a helpful resource.” -Megan Hill, author, Praying Together and A Place to Belong; Managing Editor, The Gospel Coalition

“Whatever big decision you’re facing right now, Aimee cannot make it for you. This book won’t tell you the one clear and easy answer. But in Christ, informed by the word of the living God, Aimee does have some vital principles to share. Scripture doesn’t give us quick answers to our hardest decisions, but we’re not left in the dark. And when we learn what God has to say about our moments of conscious decision, we’re not only better prepared to face future anxious junctures, but also to become the kind of person who instinctively and sometimes almost effortlessly discerns the will of God. This book will help now, and later.” -David Mathis, Senior Teacher and Executive Editor, desiringGod.org; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Habits of Grace

“In the modern and wealthy West, we all know the paralyzing power of endless choice. Our cultural mantra that we are self-made causes decision-making to be all the more intimidating. Aimee Joseph gives us both a theological framework and practical steps for making good choices. This book will serve anyone who has to make any decision—all of us! And it will be especially helpful to those who help others make decisions: pastors, professors, counselors, friends, and mentors. I love Joseph’s prioritization of the character and goodness of our God, the reliability of his word, and the unshakable grace on which we stand when we make choices both large and small. Her words are both a bulwark and a comfort, pointing us to God’s eternal wisdom and matchless grace.” -Jen Oshman, author, Enough about Me: Find Lasting Joy in the Age of Self


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FOR THE CHILDREN'S SAKE: Foundations of Education for Home and School
SUSAN SCHAEFFER MACAULAY with Foreword by Fiona Fletcher

An Effective, Holistic Guide for Teaching Children in Any Educational Setting

Every parent and teacher wants to give his or her children the best education possible. They hope that the teaching they provide is a joyful adventure, a celebration of life, and preparation for living. But sadly, most education today falls short of this goal.

For the Children’s Sake imagines what education can be based on a Christian understanding of the meaning of life and what it means to be human—a child, a parent, a teacher. The central ideas have been proven over many years and in almost every kind of educational situation, including ideas that author Susan Schaeffer Macaulay and her husband, Ranald, have implemented in their own family and school experience. Includes a foreword by daughter and educator Fiona Fletcher.

Simple and Practical: This user-friendly guide helps educators build a stable, enriching, and intellectually stimulating environment for children and also includes a list of additional resources

Immersive Teaching: Shows parents and teachers how children’s learning experiences can be extended to every aspect of life

Proven Methodology: Used in school settings for 14 years, these easily applicable ideas will benefit parents and teachers in homeschooling, public school, or private school





Chapter 1: What Is Education?

Chapter 2: “Children Are Born Persons”

Chapter 3: Authority and Freedom

Chapter 4: A New Perspective

Chapter 5: Education: A Science of Relationships

Chapter 6: The Way of the Will, Reason, and the Unity of the Whole


Resource List

About Child Light Limited


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BIBLICAL THEOLOGY: A Canonical, Thematic, and Ethical Approach
By Andreas J. Köstenberger, Gregory Goswell

A Clear, Careful Textbook to Help Bible Students Interpret Scripture

Pastors, thoughtful Christians, and students of Scripture must learn how to carefully read and understand the Bible, but it can be difficult to know where to start. In this clear, logical guide, Andreas J. Kostenberger and Gregory Goswell explain how to interpret Scripture from three effective viewpoints: canonical, thematic, and ethical.

Biblical Theology is arranged book by book from the Old Testament (using the Hebrew order) through the New Testament. For each text, Kostenberger and Goswell analyze key biblical-theological themes, discussing the book’s place in the overall storyline of Scripture. Next, they focus on the ethical component, showing how God seeks to transform the lives of his people through the inspired text. Following this technique, readers will better understand the theology of each book and its author.

A Clearly Written Guide on Biblical Theology: Analyzes all 66 books of the Bible, with emphasis on the coherent, unified framework of Scripture

Helps Readers Thoughtfully Interpret Scripture: Provides an essential foundation for a valid theological understanding of Scripture that informs Christian doctrine and ethics

Ideal for Pastors, Academics, and Other Serious Students of Scripture: This clear, thoroughly researched guide can be used as a textbook in seminary classes studying biblical theology or the Old and New Testaments


Detailed Outline

Authors' Preface


List of Illustrations

Chapter 1: Biblical Theology: A Canonical, Thematic, and Ethical Approach

Part 1: The Old Testament

Chapter 2: The Old Testament Framework

Chapter 3: The Law

Chapter 4: The Prophets

Chapter 5: The Writings

Part 2: The New Testament

Chapter 6: The Order of Books in the New Testament Canon

Chapter 7: Relationship between the Testaments

Chapter 8: The Gospels

Chapter 9: The Book of Acts

Chapter 10: The Letters of Paul

Chapter 11: The General Epistles

Chapter 12: The Apocalypse

Chapter 13: Conclusion


Name Index

Subject Index

Scripture Index


“When Neil Armstrong finally landed on the moon and famously said, ‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,’ on July 20th, 1969, this was the culmination of years of planning, research, and hard work at NASA which silenced, at least for a while, all the naysayers who said such a monumental task could not be accomplished—ever. In many ways, creating a helpful and detailed biblical theology that encompasses every book of the Bible is frankly almost as monumental an achievement as the moon landing, not least because biblical studies has become a discipline that has splintered into many specialized enterprises. Furthermore, Biblical Theology by Köstenberger and Goswell manages to deal not just with the themes or the storylines of the sixty-six books of the Bible, but even with the ethics of each book too, recognizing that the theology and ethics of the Bible are inherently intertwined and interdependent. Whether or not one agrees in detail with the basically Reformed approach to the themes and narrative of the Bible that one finds in this volume, this book is a giant leap in the right direction to producing a coherent and comprehensive understanding of biblical theology.” —Ben Witherington III, Jean R. Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary; Emeritus Professor, St. Andrews University, Scotland

“More books on biblical theology are appearing of late, but this book is a pearl of great price that does not simply probe the central themes and ethics of individual books and authors—it tracks their place in the storyline of Scripture. I wish I’d had this book for my first classes when I began studying God’s word, but it also offers a wealth of insights for those already schooled in Scripture. It is brilliantly conceived and executed, and I recommend it highly for students at all levels, pastors, and researchers.” —David E. Garland, Professor of Christian Scriptures, George W. Truett Theological Seminary

“This work meets a genuine and crucial need to build biblical theology inductively from the constituent works of the canon. While listening to the individual voices, the authors masterfully demonstrate the coherence of the canonical symphony highlighting God’s love for the world in Christ. The authors’ competence in addressing and synthesizing such a broad range of material with sensitivity and effectiveness is remarkable!” —Craig S. Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Biblical theology explores the interactions of the literary, historical, and theological dimensions of the various biblical books, focusing on the Bible’s unifying storyline. It is, by definition, interdisciplinary. Yet, two angles, intrinsic to the nature of the Bible itself, are sorely neglected in most studies of biblical theology: the significance of the order of the books in the Bible and the Bible’s moral teaching. Biblical Theology by Köstenberger and Goswell incorporates canonical and ethical approaches, resulting in a rich and rewarding exposition that is comprehensive in scope. The book is a magisterial study of immense value to students and scholars, preachers and pastors, and anyone interested in the Bible’s teaching about the will of God for his people and his world.” —Brian S. Rosner, Principal, Ridley College


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SONGS OF SUFFERING: 25 Hymns and Devotions for Weary Souls
Joni Eareckson Tada, Foreword by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Joni Eareckson Tada Offers 25 Hymns for Worship for Difficult Times

As an author, speaker, and advocate for people with disabilities, Joni Eareckson Tada has inspired people around the world with her story of faith in the midst of suffering. In this beautiful collection of hymns and devotions she acts as a “song leader,” guiding readers through their own painful seasons with heartfelt praises to God.

Songs of Suffering includes 25 hymns with accompanying devotions and photography designed to spark hope in hardship. Opening with a special message from hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty, this book is a source of comfort for anyone who needs biblical encouragement, prompting readers to seek refuge in the Lord and rejoice in his goodness.

**A Beautifully Designed Book from Joni Eareckson Tada: Includes 25 hymns with sheet music, devotionals, and photography

**An Uplifting Call to Worship: Emphasizes the Bible’s command to sing and leads readers in hope-filled praise

**Comfort for the Hurting: Makes a thoughtful gift for friends or family dealing with pain, illness, or loss

**Opens with a Message from Keith and Kristyn Getty: Read their reflections on worship and Joni Eareckson Tada’s inspiring ministry


Foreword: Personal Reflections from the Gettys

Before You Begin


Be Still My Soul

Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Abide with Me

It Is Well with My Soul

Come, Ye Disconsolate

Wonderful Peace

Whate’er My God Ordains Is Right

Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting


O Church, Arise

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul

Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)?

Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Faith Is the Victory


O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

I Must Tell Jesus

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Standing on the Promises

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

For All the Saints

Far from My Heavenly Home

Face to Face with Christ, My Savior

When We All Get to Heaven

A Reprise

Acknowledgments: Thankful for These


More for You

Scripture Index

About Joni and Friends

About the Photography


“Where would we be without hymns? Where would we be without songs to express our sorest griefs and deepest sorrows? I hope you'll allow Joni Eareckson Tada to introduce you to some of the best and most powerful of them all, to explain how they have been a blessing and comfort to her—and to encourage you to get to know them, to commit them to memory, and to sing them before the Lord, so they can be a blessing and comfort to you as well.” --Tim Challies, author, Seasons of Sorrow

“If you take the time to open up this book, be warned: It will grow your faith. It will help you fall in love with Christ more, as you learn to sing hymns that will sustain you and uphold you through days of misery and suffering. I was greatly encouraged by Joni’s Songs of Suffering, and you will be too.” --Deepak Reju, Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Family Ministry, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

“Joni’s gorgeous writing, as poetic as the hymns she champions and cherishes, helped me stare into the time-honored texts, many of which I’ve sung all my life, and discover depths and beauties I’d not seen before. Reading this book was truly illuminating and inspiring to my heart.” --Fernando Ortega, hymn writer; recording artist; worship leader

“Joni has given us a gift: to learn to sing through our sorrows and all the days of our lives. Through historical hymns and biblical reflections, we are reminded to go to our Savior, who cares for us more deeply than we could ever imagine. Join Joni and the choir of those who have gone before us to sing of the excellencies of our God. Your heart will be glad as your tongue rejoices (Ps. 16:9).” --Trillia Newbell, author, A Great Cloud of Witnesses; If God Is For Us; and Sacred Endurance

Joni Eareckson Tada is CEO of Joni and Friends, a global ministry that serves the practical and spiritual needs of people with disabilities. She is also an artist and the author of numerous bestselling books, including Joni; A Place of Healing; and When God Weeps. Joni and her husband, Ken, reside in Calabasas, California.

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REJOICE & TREMBLE: The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord

Fear is one of the strongest human emotions, and it is one that often baffles Christians.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” —Proverbs 1:7

Fear is one of the strongest human emotions—and one that often baffles Christians. In the Bible the picture can seem equally confusing: Is fear a good thing or a bad thing? And what does it mean to “fear the Lord”?

In Rejoice and Tremble, Michael Reeves clears the clouds of confusion and shows that the fear of the Lord is not a negative thing at all, but an intensely delighted wondering at God, our Creator and Redeemer.

Also available as a concise version: What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord?


Chapter 1: Do Not Be Afraid!

Chapter 2: Sinful Fear

Chapter 3: Right Fear

Chapter 4: Overwhelmed by the Creator

Chapter 5: Overwhelmed by the Father

Chapter 6: How to Grow in This Fear

Chapter 7: The Awesome Church

Chapter 8: Eternal Ecstasy


“Modern people often view the fear of God with disdainful suspicion, but Michael Reeves shows us that godly fear is really nothing other than love for God as God. Reeves also helps us to see that the greatest factor in promoting the fear of God is knowing his grace in Christ. As John Bunyan said, ‘There is nothing in heaven or earth that can so awe the heart as the grace of God.’ This wonderful book not only teaches but sings, leading us to ‘rejoice with trembling’ (Ps. 2:11).” --Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; author, Reformed Preaching; coauthor, Reformed Systematic Theology

“We used to sing a hymn that said, ‘O how I fear Thee, living God! With deepest, tenderest fears.’ No longer. But the hymn’s first lines remind us of what we are missing: ‘My God, how wonderful Thou art, Thy majesty, how bright.’ Only those who find God to be ‘wonderful’ and his majesty ‘bright’ experience the ‘tenderest’ fear. So we have a problem; but thankfully help is at hand in Rejoice and Tremble. Like an elder brother, Michael Reeves guides us into a fresh understanding of the fear of the Lord. On the way, he introduces us to some of his friends—masters in the school of discipleship—who have walked the path before us. Join him on the journey. You will soon discover why ‘the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him’ (Ps. 147:11).” --Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, the Bible says, and reading this book will make you wise—wise to who God is and what God requires of us by way of loving, responsive discipleship. Packed full of historical nuggets, Rejoice and Tremble deserves to be widely read. ‘Walking in the fear of the Lord’ is language that has largely disappeared from the contemporary church. The result is the insipid quality of a great deal of current Christianity. Recapturing the sense of God’s incomprehensible greatness and holiness is the needed antidote this book provides. An absolute gem of a book.” --Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries; Chancellor’s Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Ours is a day of great fears—fear of financial collapse, fear of terrorist attacks, fear of climatic disasters, fear of a deadly pandemic—all kinds of fears, except the most important of all: the reverential fear of God. How needed then is this marvelous study of a much-neglected theme, one that is central to the Scriptures and vital to human flourishing.” --Michael A. G. Haykin, Chair and Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Michael Reeves has given us something we badly need and likely haven’t realized—a fresh encounter with the thrilling fear of the Lord. This book will bring renewed devotion and delight. Having read it, I can’t wait to read it again!” --Sam Allberry, pastor; author, 7 Myths about Singleness


DEEPER: Real Change for Real Sinners by Dane Ortlund

REJOICE & TREMBLE: The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord by Michael Reeves

THE LOVELIEST PLACE: The Beauty and Glory of the Church by Dustin Benge

GOD SHINES FORTH: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church by Daniel Hames & Michael Reeves

cwn/ cwut

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SGCB Price: $44.00 (list price $88.00)
THIS IS THE PRICE FOR 'DEEPER' by Ortlund, 'THE LOVLIEST PLACE' by Benge, 'REJOICE & TREMBLE' by Reeves & 'GOD SHINES FORTH' by Hames and Reeves

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Ligon Duncan with Foreword by Mark Dever

"In the midst of our suffering we need a wake-up call to the truth that God’s steadfast love never ceases.” —Dave Furman, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai; author, Being There and Kiss the Wave

Are you feeling despondent, depressed, or discouraged? When we encounter severe trials and suffering, we are often tempted to think

that our situation is somehow out of God’s hands. In these dark times, God seems silent, and we feel isolated, confused, and alone. Everyone experiences suffering; even the biblical writers expressed anguish at times. This emotion is clearly captured in the Psalms. Through these brief meditations on Psalms 88 and 89, Ligon Duncan shows us how to respond to our own suffering with the assurance of our heavenly Father’s mercy, which sustains us even in the darkest circumstances.


Foreword by Mark Dever

1 Psalm 88

2 Psalm 89


General Index

Scripture Index

“The Bible is strikingly candid about human suffering, including the vexing reality that God’s own people suffer—and often suffer excruciatingly and lastingly. Where do we find help? Ligon Duncan, one of the most faithful Christian teachers of our time, takes us deeply into the Psalms in a book that will be of great encouragement to all believers. I am so thankful for Ligon Duncan’s devotion to God’s word and the care of souls. Read this book, and you will understand why.” -R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Here is a book that is short enough for the person who is gripped by suffering to actually read and yet rich enough to meet that individual’s need for perspective and hope in the darkest of times.” - Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow

“Ligon Duncan shows us beautifully how, even in our deepest despair, we can have hope in God. We can run to him because he cares and understands. Through this book, Duncan continually lifts our gaze and reminds us that no matter our circumstances, our great God is sympathetic, sovereign, and sufficient. Read this book for yourself, or make it a gift to those struggling in their suffering. Here’s the truth: You are not alone. The Lord knows, and he hears.” -Greg Gilbert, Senior Pastor, Third Avenue Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“Psalms of lament are missing in the church and in most believers’ prayers. Ligon Duncan helps us recover this historic language in his careful and thoughtful examination of these two important psalms. Overflowing with pastoral instinct, rich exposition, and helpful application, this short book on Psalms 88 and 89 is long overdue.” -Mark Vroegop, Lead Pastor, College Park Church, Indianapolis; author, Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament

CWN bhv spt CWN22 cwsf 552923

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BEAUTY IS YOUR DESTINY: How the Promise of Splendor Changes Everything

An Examination of Beauty in the Christian Life from Philip Ryken

The world is full of beautiful things—the vibrancy of trees in fall, the joy of sitting around a table with family—but in our fallen world, many beautiful things have been turned into ugly distortions. How should Christians think about beauty in a world that is often ugly?

In Beauty Is Your Destiny, Philip Ryken provides readers with an introduction to the theology and practice of beauty, striving to awaken a longing for beauty that he explains “can only be satisfied in the face of Jesus Christ.” Adapted from chapel messages given at Wheaton College, Ryken considers key topics on Christian thought—including the Trinity, the incarnation, sexuality, and racial diversity—through the lens of beauty, showing how beauty illuminates each of these biblical principles in our world today.

**Introduction to the Theology of Beauty: Great for college students, pastors, and small groups

**Biblically Based: Examines how beauty is seen in Christian doctrines such as eternity, the church, and the crucifixion

**Written by Philip Ryken: President of Wheaton College and author of Grace Transforming; Is Jesus the Only Way?; and Loving the Way Jesus Loves

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: In the Eye of the Beholder—The Beauty of Eternity

Chapter 2: The King in His Beauty—The Beauty of the Trinity

Chapter 3: For the Beauty of the Earth—The Beauty of Creation

Chapter 4: You Are So Beautiful—The Beauty of God’s Image

Chapter 5: When Sex Is Beautiful—The Beauty of Purity

Chapter 6: Beautiful Savior—The Beauty of God Incarnate

Chapter 7: That Old, Ugly Cross—The Beauty of the Crucifixion

Chapter 8: Beautiful Community—The Beauty of Christ’s Bride

Chapter 9: It’s a Beautiful Life—The Beauty of Generous Living

General Index

Scripture Index


“It is clear to me as an artist that God has built beauty into our world as a testimony to his own loveliness and creativity. We are better people when we allow beauty to elevate us to more exalted things, and in Beauty Is Your Destiny, Philip Ryken explores this wonderful theme. It couldn’t be timelier. Our culture has embraced a fascination with ugliness. It’s evident in our museums, movies, popular music, and books. I applaud Ryken’s desire to help us see how beauty reminds us that there is more—far more—to life than a colorless, mundane ‘functioning.’ If your heart is hungry for vibrancy and joy, color and meaning, then I heartily recommend this volume.” -Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder and CEO, Joni and Friends International Disability Center; author, Joni: An Unforgettable Story and Songs of Suffering

“I have been studying beauty and teaching my students about it for years. Finally, Beauty Is Your Destiny is here, a lovely and compelling book that gathers up a treasure trove of insights on one of the most essential qualities of our Christian faith and our very humanity. I will return to these pages again and again and will encourage others to do the same.” -Karen Swallow Prior, author, The Evangelical Imagination: How Stories, Images, and Metaphors Created a Culture in Crisis

“Philip Ryken has made a career out of studying complex truths and delivering them to readers in accessible ways. This book about beauty stands apart from others on the subject by way of its theological heft, biblical precision, and topical range. Beauty Is Your Destiny is a gift to Christians everywhere, and I’m so glad it is in the world.” -Russ Ramsey, Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee; author, Rembrandt Is in the Wind: Learning to Love Art through the Eyes of Faith

“In a skeptical world of scarcity that doubts the necessity and value of biblical beauty, Philip Ryken’s work shines to illuminate ‘the substance of things hoped for’ and to help us ponder the extravagance of God. As an artist, I am grateful for this book, which affirms my path and calling to create the beautiful.” -Makoto Fujimura, artist; author, Silence and Beauty and Art and Faith: A Theology of Making

“The encouragement to ‘behold’ runs powerfully throughout Scripture, with some translations using the word over 1,200 times. It’s a clear exhortation to live with our eyes wide open, and this brilliant new book from Philip Ryken is more of the same. Every page reads like an invitation to recognize and respond to what is beautiful. We learn that beauty may be found everywhere, from a starry night sky to a science lab to an act of kindness—even an ancient crucifixion scene in the form of God’s self-giving love. Beauty Is Your Destiny is a wonderfully written book that ushers us before the glories of our God and his world—it will no doubt lead many into worship.” -Matt Redman, worship leader; songwriter

“We are made for beauty by our beautiful triune God. Therefore, we are compelled to look for beauty everywhere, even in a broken world with so much ugliness. Philip Ryken has given us a gift in Beauty Is Your Destiny. With masterful clarity and simplicity, he displays the variegated manifestations of beauty in this world and the sure triumph of eternal beauty through the cross of Jesus Christ.” -Irwyn Ince, Coordinator, Mission to North America; author, The Beautiful Community: Unity, Diversity, and the Church at Its Best

“We are painfully and achingly aware of the decay and fractures to the beauty that God designed. In Beauty Is Your Destiny, Philip Ryken stirs the longings for beauty not simply as a keen aesthetic but as an impetus for deeper connection to God and holiness in life. Ryken reminds us that in Christ and his ‘old, ugly cross,’ there is a transfixing beauty—a glory worth gazing on with fresh eyes of faith and wonder—and a transforming beauty that seeks to reconcile a broken world and a broken people. This book is an ode to redemptive beauty worth relishing.” -Walter Kim, President, National Association of Evangelicals

“In Beauty Is Your Destiny, Philip Ryken reminds us that beauty is found in God himself. Our glorious God created a world and a people to reflect his beauty. But the reality is that we live in a fallen world in which beauty is often redefined, distorted, and idolized. So God sent his beloved Son into the world as the incarnation of divine beauty. And he is transforming us into the image of his Son. One day, we will behold the Son and be like him—truly beautiful. Until then, we can make sense of the brokenness of our world and appreciate the Creator’s beauty as reflected in his creation. If you want to grow in your delight of the beautiful, beginning with our beautiful God, Ryken is a trusted guide.” -Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; author, Seven Dangers Facing Your Church and The Leadership Formula

“Some books on beauty are more bookish than beautiful—they engage the mind but not the heart. Ryken’s Beauty Is Your Destiny doesn’t fall into that trap. This is a book that simultaneously stimulates our minds and stirs our affections. It’s informative but also pleasurable to read, leading us not only to grasp a full-orbed theology of beauty but also to worship the source from which all beauty flows.” -Brett McCracken, Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World

“Philip Ryken has written a masterpiece on the subject of beauty. He has immeasurably helped us see it. Beauty is something we know, but we often fail in our attempts to describe it. Ryken depicts beauty in all its contours, showing that beauty emerges even from ugly things, such as the cross of Christ. This book combines deep and extensive knowledge with a writing style that is, well, beautiful.” -William Edgar, Professor Emeritus of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary

cwn723 CWN23

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THE LORD OF PSALM 23: Jesus Our Shepherd, Companion and Host
DAVID GIBSON with Foreword by Sinclair Ferguson



Expository Study of Psalm 23 Reveals the Beauty and Deep Theological Meaning behind a Familiar Part of Scripture

Psalm 23 is one of the most recognizable passages in the whole Bible. Though relatively short, this poetic depiction of God’s love epitomizes Christ’s goodness and provision as he leads his children. Even lifelong Christians will find fresh encouragement by closely studying these familiar words.

David Gibson walks through each verse in Psalm 23, thoroughly examining its 3 depictions of the believer’s union with Christ as sheep and shepherd, traveler and companion, and guest and host. Gibson provides canonical context for the Psalm’s beautiful imagery, inspiring praise and wonder as readers reflect on the loving Shepherd who meets every need.

"Occasionally in the chapel services at the seminary where I taught, one of the students would introduce the guest preacher with the four magical words “He is my minister.” There are few descriptions under-shepherds of Christ’s flock value more than these simple words expressing the special bond of affection that exists between pastor and people. I have never had the opportunity to use these words—that is, until now. For David Gibson is not only my friend; he is my minister. By the time you have finished reading these pages, you will realize why I count it a great privilege to sit under his ministry." -Sinclair Ferguson, taken from the Foreword


Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson

A Note on Singing the Twenty-Third Psalm

The Twenty-Third Psalm


Part One: The Sheep and the Shepherd

Chapter 1: Who He Is

Chapter 2: What He Provides

Chapter 3: Where He Leads

Part Two: The Traveler and the Companion

Chapter 4: How He Leads

Chapter 5: Where He Is

Chapter 6: What He Holds

Part Three: The Guest and the Host

Chapter 7: How He Welcomes

Chapter 8: What He Sends

Chapter 9: Where He Invites


General Index

Scripture Index


“There is no passage of Scripture I have turned to as frequently or as desperately as Psalm 23. It has blessed, guided, and strengthened me in my hardest seasons and darkest days. Yet I have not come close to mastering its content or exhausting its riches—something that became clear as I read this lovely, helpful, challenging, easy-to-read guide to one of the Bible’s brightest treasures. I give it my highest recommendation.” -Tim Challies, author, Seasons of Sorrow

“To read this book is to sit under the best pastoral care—that of a pastor who expounds God’s word clearly, lovingly, and with delight. The word shines here, as we take time to follow the whole shape of Psalm 23; ultimately, the Savior of the Scriptures shines, Jesus the good shepherd, who is with us all the way home.” -Kathleen Nielson, author; speaker

“The Lord of Psalm 23 combines an attentive reading of the text with rich theological insight, all brought together to nourish and comfort the heart. I warmly encourage you to read it and meet the Lord afresh. This book was a tonic for my own soul at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed.” -Tim Chester, Senior Faculty Member, Crosslands Training

“Reading Psalm 23 through the lens of union with Christ—the good shepherd incarnate—The Lord of Psalm 23 brings assurance, comfort, and guidance to those of us who ask, ‘Can the Lord prepare a table in the wilderness?’ This is a wonderful encouragement.” -Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“A pastor’s heart breathes through this book. Just as the psalm’s own words are heartwarming and beautiful, so on the lips of a caring pastor these meditations warm the heart and delight the soul. They did me good. They will do you good.” -Christopher Ash, Writer in Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge

“There are two ways of reading and studying Scripture. One is like clipping down a motorway, traversing big chunks, getting the sweep of the story. The other is like milking a cow—you just sit there with one text and keep pulling and squeezing. The latter is what David Gibson does with Psalm 23—he ‘milks’ it marvelously, and your cup will run over!” -Dale Ralph Davis, former pastor; Former Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson

“The Psalter is the hymnbook of the Bible. God’s people were instructed to come into his presence with singing and into his courts with praise (Ps. 100:2, 4). As they lifted up their hearts in song, they gave voice to their laments and tears as well. No psalm is likely more beloved and consequently more abused than the twenty-third. In this short book, David Gibson unpacks the beauty and depth behind these almost too familiar words so we can hear and sing them anew.” -Harold Senkbeil, Executive Director Emeritus, DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

“An old text has become a new friend. After reading The Lord of Psalm 23, I have fallen in love with this psalm all over again. David Gibson draws out its blessings with profound and soul-stirring richness. As you read this little volume, the beauty of the good shepherd will shine with even greater brightness in your mind’s eye. What a great shepherd, companion, and host we have in Jesus; and this book brings that truth to full light. Read it, meditate on it, and pray over it. Doing so is time well spent, because it is time spent taking in the glories of Christ.” -Jason Helopoulos, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan

“The Lord of Psalm 23 is a superbly well-titled and rare gem of pastoral theology. David Gibson demonstrates great skill in shining fresh light on the familiar verses, with delightful felicity of expression, fueled by penetrating, insightful reflection. Widely researched, with detailed attention to the text, and rooted in practical application, the book fills our vision with the shepherd Lord himself and brings us to worship him in renewed amazement and appreciation of his covenant grace and mercy. Reading this sensitive and warmhearted pastoral exposition has been a refreshing spiritual tonic to my soul.” -David Jackman, Former President, The Proclamation Trust

“Just when you thought you knew all there was to know of Psalm 23, along comes David Gibson’s deep and pastoral dive into this beautiful psalm. Your mind will be sharpened and your heart warmed as the author walks you through each verse with precision and a pastor’s eye. And with every step, he points us to Jesus, the true good shepherd, who came to lead us home. I loved it!” -Jenny Salt, Associate to Archdeacon of Women’s Ministry, Sydney Anglican Diocese; Host, Salt—Conversations with Jenny

“The beauty of David Gibson’s journey through the Twenty-Third Psalm is its sustained focus on God. When the Lord is your shepherd, you have everything you need. His wisdom will lead you. His rest will restore you. His presence is with you. His strength will protect you. And his goodness and mercy will follow you all the way home. Read this book, and your soul will be nourished with a fresh view of all that is yours in Christ.” -Colin Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard, Arlington Heights, Illinois; Founder and Bible Teacher, Open the Bible

CWN-923 PS.23

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ROSARIA BUTTERFIELD author of 'The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert'

Bestselling Author Rosaria Butterfield Confronts 5 Cultural Lies She Once Believed

Modern culture is increasingly outspoken against a biblical understanding of what it means to be a woman. Even some Christians, swayed by the LGBTQ+ movement, have rejected God’s word on issues of sexuality and gender in favor of popular opinion. In light of these pressures, it’s more important than ever to help women see the truth about who God created them to be.

In this powerful book, Rosaria Butterfield uses Scripture to confront 5 common lies about sexuality, faith, feminism, gender roles, and modesty often promoted in our secular culture today. Written in the style of a memoir, this book explores Butterfield’s personal battle with these lies—interwoven with cultural studies, literary criticism, and theology—to help readers see the beauty in biblical womanhood, marriage, and motherhood.


Foreword by Kevin DeYoung


Introduction: We All Live in Babel Now

Lie #1: Homosexuality Is Normal

Chapter 1: Once Gay, Always Gay?

Chapter 2:What Is Intersectionality?

Chapter 3: What Are Homosexual Orientation and Gay Christianity?

Chapter 4: Why Is Homosexuality a Sin When It Feels Normal to Some People?

Lie #2: Being a Spiritual Person Is Kinder than Being a Biblical Christian

Chapter 5: Where Is God—in an Ancient Book or in Me?

Chapter 6: The Bible Knows Me Better than I Know Myself

Lie #3: Feminism Is Good for the World and the Church

Chapter 7: Do You Know Yourself and How Do You Know?

Chapter 8: Does the Gospel Need a Feminist Rescue?

Chapter 9: The Power of a Woman’s Voice

Lie #4: Transgenderism Is Normal

Chapter 10: The Sin of Envy

Chapter 11: The War of Words

Chapter 12: Eternal Life Means More than Just Living Forever

Lie #5: Modesty Is an Outdated Burden That Serves Male Dominance and Holds Women Back

Chapter 13: In the Presence of My Enemies

Chapter 14: Exhibitionism: The New Almost-Christian Virtue

Afterword: The Difference between Acceptance and Approval, or, How to Stay Connected to Loved Ones Who Believe These Lies without Falling for Them Yourself


Appendix: Guiding Principles for How to Read the Bible

General Index

Scripture Index


“The world is always trying to replace Christianity with a spiritual counterfeit that is another religion entirely, as J. Gresham Machen pointed out a century ago. Rosaria Butterfield exposes today’s ideologies that seek to force the church into the mold of sexual perversion and self-deification. And she reminds us in this well-written and easy-to-read book that the answer to these soul-destroying lies remains the same as it always was: knowing and abiding in God’s word so that the truth will set us free. Highly recommended!” -Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“In a culture marked by sexual confusion and moral chaos, Rosaria Butterfield bursts through the fog of confusion with unflinching clarity. Defining words like male and female, and the biblical roles assigned to them, this book speaks plainly and unapologetically about the beauty of God’s design and purpose for gender, sex, marriage, and family. If the five lies of our anti-Christian age she confronts are like idols in Daniel’s Babylon, be inspired to join Butterfield as she, like Daniel’s three friends, stand amongst the thousands of bended knees and boldly assert, ‘We will not serve your gods.’” -Alisa Childers, Host, The Alisa Childers Podcast, author, Another Gospel? and Live Your Truth and Other Lies

“Falsehood abounds not only in the world but also, sadly, in the church. The truth must attack the lies of the age for the sake of God’s honor and glory, the good of people, and the health of the church. In this deeply courageous book, Rosaria Butterfield addresses topics that many are afraid to confront and expose. On the one hand, this is grievous, but I am especially grateful for the gifts God has given to Butterfield, who is in many respects uniquely able to expose these five lies of our anti-Christian age. You may weep reading this book, but I am convinced you will also rejoice.” -Mark Jones, Senior Pastor, Faith Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, British Columbia

“As I read this cogent, trenchant, and timely declaration of gospel sanity, I was constantly reminded of the words of Christ: ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free’ (John 8:32). Rosaria Butterfield has afforded us a much-needed caveat to the prevailing untruths of our day while simultaneously redirecting us to the pathway of freedom.” -George Grant, Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Tennessee; author, The Micah Mandate

“Rosaria Butterfield has written a landmark book on the lies our culture is rapidly adopting regarding sexuality, what she calls ‘the idol of our time,’ namely LGBTQ+ ideology. In all the subjects she raises—in particular feminism, homosexuality, and transgenderism—her treatments are broad, deep, and fair. She offers profound, and deeply convincing, reflections on Christian spiritual issues of temptation, sin, envy, and modesty, as well as the doctrines of the Scriptures and ecclesiology. As a converted lesbian, now a committed pastor’s wife and mother, no one is better placed to cover this material than Butterfield. Her book will surely go down as a classic.” -Peter Jones, Executive Director, truthXchange

“A timely and vital exhortation to the church, this book is a much-needed resource for Christians facing ever-increasing confusion in the world. With clear, biblical truth, Rosaria Butterfield cuts through key lies of our current culture, which have crept into the church like the serpent in the garden. This is a must-read!” -Becket Cook, author, A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption; Host, The Becket Cook Show

“Rosaria Butterfield speaks the truth in love, exposing and refuting five big lies widely accepted in our culture. She draws on her profound understanding of the Bible as well as her wide reading and personal experiences. May this important book strengthen Christians and be used to call many, not only to the truth but also to repentance and faith in Christ.” -W. Robert Godfrey, President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus, Westminster Seminary California; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“Rosaria Butterfield is one of those rare individuals who lives out her convictions with utter consistency—earlier as a lesbian professor of feminist and queer studies and now as a Christian and a pastor’s wife. In this book, she confronts some of the most pervasive falsehoods of our age.” -Nancy Pearcey, Professor and Scholar in Residence, Houston Christian University; author, Love Thy Body and The Toxic War on Masculinity

“Few authors consistently write books with such clarity and power, rightly dividing the primary issues of the day, like Rosaria Butterfield. Drawing from her unlikely conversion, literary eloquence, philosophical fluency, and theological mastery, she has again composed another tour de force in Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age. Addressing identity, sexuality, feminism, and transgenderism, this masterpiece uncovers the deceptive lies infiltrating the church and points to the lifegiving and timeless truth of God’s word. Like a watchman on a wall, Butterfield grounds her courage and passion in her love for neighbor. Will we take the wide road of compromise leading to death or the narrow path of suffering leading to life in Christ? Read this book. You will not be pampered but challenged. Most of all, expect that the gospel of Christ will be exalted without any wavering to the left or the right.” -Christopher Yuan, speaker; author, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel; creator, The Holy Sexuality Project video series

“With surgical precision, Rosaria Butterfield names, assesses, and dismantles the secular religion of our time. She makes the agenda of the enemy before us come into razor-sharp focus. But she doesn’t stop there. Like any good surgeon, after dismantling the cancer, she sews the patient back up—in this case, demonstrating how to battle lies with the truth. Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age is a handbook for how to use God’s word to fight joyfully against an often baffling world around us.” -Summer Jaeger, Cohost, Sheologians

“In Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, Rosaria Butterfield is doing the good work of ‘destroying arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God’ and of ‘taking every thought captive to obey Christ’ (2 Cor. 10:5). As a result, this book is a punch in the mouth to the reigning worldly ideologies of our day, and Butterfield is like Jael with warm milk and a tent peg. Butterfield pulls no punches but boldly confronts five lies that are bedeviling God’s people, and she faithfully refutes those lies with biblical truth. While this book will be edifying for all believers, Butterfield sets her sights on warning women in particular. Butterfield has a gift for saying hard things in profound and incisive ways. This is a powerful book that confronts the conceits of our age, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” -Denny Burk, Professor of Biblical Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; President, Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood; Teaching Pastor, Kenwood Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“In Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, Rosaria Butterfield takes a wrecking ball not only to the obvious lies of modern culture but even more to the comfortable Christianese shibboleths we thoughtlessly mouth because we’ve heard so many others in church repeating them. They are the most dangerous deceptions of all. And the challenge running through every chapter of this book is this: choose this day whom you will believe—the word of God or the accommodationist counterfeits. Keep your highlighter handy—you will be reaching for it constantly.” -Megan Basham, Culture Reporter, The Daily Wire; author, Beside Every Successful Man

CWN923 CWN823 5LIES+

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JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM: A Treasury of Classic Christmas Devotionals
Edited by Leland Ryken

A 30-Day Anthology of Classic Christmas Writings

For centuries, Christians have treasured the same classic hymns and passages at Christmas. While these works have stood the test of time, believers can be tempted to adopt them as commonplace and fail to consider their deeper meaning.

Journey to Bethlehem presents an insightful selection of Christmas classics from the greatest English and American poets to important historical church figures such as Augustine, Luther, Calvin, and Spurgeon. Ideal for reading during the month of December, yet applicable for use year-round, each of the 30 readings consists of a classic work, literary analysis, takeaway summary, and Bible passage.

Literary expert Leland Ryken analyzes each hymn, poem, and prose to approach these classic works in a fresh way. By highlighting how each passage is edifying and stylistically satisfying, readers will experience a new fondness for these classic works as they meditate on the mystery of Christ’s incarnation.


Editor's Introduction

Part 1: Christmas Hymns

1. Joy to the World (Isaac Watts)

2. Angels, from the Realms of Glory (James Montgomery)

3. Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (Charles Wesley)

4. Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning (Reginald Heber)

5. It Came upon the Midnight Clear (Edmund Sears)

6. Once in Royal David’s City (Cecil Frances Alexander)

7. As with Gladness Men of Old (William Chatterton Dix)

8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Charles Wesley)

9. O Little Town of Bethlehem (Phillips Brooks)

10. Silent Night (Josef Mohr)

Part 2: Classic Prose Devotionals

11. Mary, Our Example (John Calvin)

12. Bethlehem, the Town God Chose (Bernard of Clairvaux)

13. Journeying with the Wise Men (Lancelot Andrewes)

14. The Paradoxes of the Incarnation (Augustine)

15. A Christmas Prayer (from Lessons and Carols)

16. The Greatest Birthday (Charles Spurgeon)

17. Nicene Creed

18. On the Incarnation (Athanasius)

19. The Excellency of Christ Seen in Christmas (Jonathan Edwards)

20. The Birth of Jesus (Martin Luther)

Part 3: Christmas Poems

21. The Magnificat (the Virgin Mary)

22. A Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior (Ben Jonson)

23. In the Bleak Midwinter (Christina Rossetti)

24. The Consecration of the Common Way (Edwin Markham)

25. A Christmas Carol (G. K. Chesterton)

26. A Christmas Hymn (Richard Wilbur)

27. No Room for Jesus (author unknown)

28. Wilt Thou Love God as He Thee? (John Donne)

29. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity (John Milton)

30. Journey of the Magi (T. S. Eliot)



Person Index

Scripture Index


“To read Journey to Bethlehem is to take a class in poetry, church history, and theology all at once—and to do so with a master teacher. And like the best teachers, Leland Ryken doesn’t just instruct, but he also delights. You will learn new things about old favorites in these pages as well as encounter hidden gems from the best Christian poets, preachers, and thinkers. This book is a gift—not only for Christmas but for any time.” -Karen Swallow Prior, author, On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books

“With his insightful analysis of content, context, and form, Leland Ryken lifts the veil of familiarity from famous hymns, poems, and prose selections to reveal a new realm of Christmas, glowing with exuberant joy and singing with quieting peace. This is a weighty collection for the culturally curious as well as the literary enthusiast that opens the eyes afresh to what Christmas truly means. I highly recommend Journey to Bethlehem as a companion anthology to Ryken’s two previous treasuries, The Soul in Paraphrase and The Heart in Pilgrimage. There is rich reward in reading and rereading these works together.” -Carolyn Weber, Professor, New College Franklin; award-winning author, Surprised by Oxford

“This anthology is a feast. Choosing thirty classic texts for the Advent season is not an obvious undertaking. In Leland Ryken’s capable hands it has been beautifully done. Not only are each of these selections rich, but the commentaries by Ryken are most enlightening. Readers can memorize them, pray them, sing them, or simply revel in them. They will draw you closer to God.” -William Edgar, Professor Emeritus of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary

“With his signature talent for identifying challenging but accessible devotional material and skill for unpacking what makes those devotionals work, Leland Ryken offers up a collection of poems, hymns, carols, and sermon excerpts that delve into the meaning of God made man, of the Almighty Creator lying helpless in a manger. The ideal companion for Advent.” -Louis Markos, Professor in English and Scholar in Residence, Houston Christian University; author, The Myth Made Fact

“Ryken has assembled, contextualized, explicated, and applied a strong group of classics, both familiar and lesser known, whether cheerful and comforting or provocative and edgy. You’ll learn a lot as you’re being blessed and fortified. I think every pastor should have a copy handy for the Christmas season, as should families for their devotional gatherings. And aspiring writers of hymns, poetry, and edifying prose will get a short course in literary standards and ideals.” -Mark Coppenger, Former Professor of Christian Philosophy and Ethics, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, If Christianity Is So Good, Why Are Christians So Bad?

“Leland Ryken is a master anthologist with an encyclopedic knowledge of devotional poetry and literature. This Yuletide anthology is a rich feast designed to nourish the soul on the truth and wonder of the incarnation with a masterful selection of hymns, devotionals, and poems.” -Gregory E. Reynolds, Editor, Ordained Servant; author, The Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures and Yuletide: Poems and Artwork

“Leland Ryken’s Journey to Bethlehem is such a rich resource. Sometimes it’s overwhelming how many books, devotionals, and resources exist for Advent. Ryken solves the problem by curating the best of the best for us. This volume will become an annual coffee-table staple in our household!” -Brett McCracken, Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World

“What a valuable collection of Christmas gems: classic hymns, devotionals, and poems that celebrate Christ’s coming with words of weight and beauty. They are polished and packaged for us here, offered with just enough background and explication to help us relish and understand. This is a Christmas gift that will last.” -Kathleen Nielson, author; speaker

“This powerful but accessible volume instructs, delights, and edifies. It is a blessing that readers will long to share with others.” -David V. Urban, Professor of English, Calvin University; author, Milton and the Parables of Jesus

“Leland Ryken has been rendering great service to the church by recovering its rich devotional heritage and making it accessible for contemporary Christians. Now he takes up Christmas, the favorite holiday, helping us meditate on the birth of Christ by unpacking the classic works of songwriters, poets, and theologians.” -Gene Edward Veith Jr., Professor of Literature Emeritus, Patrick Henry College; author, Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature

“This volume provides the reader with a rich selection of well-edited Christmas texts drawn from across the ages, selected for their unique perspectives and artistic expression, and paired with thoughtful essays. The texts and commentaries are brief enough to read as devotionals, say after a family meal, and weighty enough to prompt one to ponder throughout the day.” -James C. Wilhoit, Professor of Christian Education Emeritus, Wheaton College

“Advent can often feel like a treasure barely opened; we can tell the glories go far deeper than we’ve seen, even after many seasons. In Journey to Bethlehem, Leland Ryken plunders the poems and prose of Christian history to help us pause before the manger and, with the shepherds, stand in deeper awe. The devotionals included here shed fresh light at every turn, showing the riches of Christ more clearly—and showing why those riches are called ‘unsearchable.’” -Scott Hubbard, Editor, Desiring God; Lay Pastor, All Peoples Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

CWN923 ADV23 CWN823

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Rebecca McLaughlin

How can we believe the Bible is true? Why can’t we just agree that love is love? Isn’t Christianity against diversity?

Going to school, hanging out with friends, or scrolling through social media feeds, teenagers are sure to face real challenges to faith in Jesus Christ. And whether you consider yourself a Christ follower or not, these questions can seem like deal breakers.

Backed by state-of-the-art research, personal stories, Harry Potter illustrations (warning: spoilers!), and careful biblical study, this book doesn’t dodge tough questions. Instead, it invites teenagers to ask their hardest questions about Christianity and to find surprising, life-giving answers.



Note to Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, and Friends


1. How Can I Live My Best Life Now?

Mental and Physical Health Benefits of the Christian Life

2. Isn’t Christianity against Diversity?

Racism / Slavery / Christianity as the Most Diverse Movement in History

3. Can Jesus Be True for You but Not for Me?

Universal Truth / Relativism / Evangelism

4. Can’t We Just Be Good without God?

God as the Basis for Morality / 9/11 / Hitler / Stalin / Human Identity / Abortion

5. How Can You Believe the Bible Is True?

Evidence for the Gospels / Evidence for the Resurrection / True versus Literal

6. Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity?

Origins of Science / Science and Faith Controversies / Christian Scientists Today

7. Why Can’t We Just Agree That Love Is Love?

Marriage / Sex / Singleness / Friendship / Same-Sex Attraction / Pornography / Abuse

8. Who Cares If You’re a Boy or a Girl?

Gender / Feminism / Transgender and Non-Binary Identities

9. Does God Care When We Hurt?

God’s Sovereignty in Suffering / God’s Care for Us / Prayer / Purpose

10. How Can You Believe in Heaven and Hell?

Meaning of Heaven and Hell / Sin and Judgment / Salvation / Invitation

A “Thank You” Note


General Index

Scripture Index


“This is a really clear, compelling, understanding, and engaging response to the biggest objections people have to Christianity today. Read it, wrestle with it, and see what your friends make of it.” -Sam Allberry, pastor; author, 7 Myths about Singleness

“Rebecca McLaughlin doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations about heaven, hell, sexuality, and racism but handles them with gentleness, humility, and a refreshing humor that preteens and young teens will appreciate. Best of all, she presents the gospel so clearly and beautifully. I’m thankful for this winsome resource that I can recommend to young Christians and non-Christians alike.” -Quina Aragon, spoken-word artist; author, Love Made: A Story of God’s Overflowing, Creative Heart and Love Gave: A Story of God’s Greatest Gift

“Young people might not always articulate their questions about life. But they are wondering. 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity can help them both express and satisfy their emerging questions and longings. We wish we’d had this book when we were raising our children! But now we can give it away—confidently—starting with our own grandchildren.” -Ray and Jani Ortlund, President and Executive Vice President, Renewal Ministries

“10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity is the book every parent, teacher, youth worker, and young person has been waiting for. In her down-to-earth, relatable, winsome, and brilliant manner, Rebecca McLaughlin tackles the major questions confronting this generation, showing that Jesus is still the answer to our greatest needs and longings. If we don’t want to lose a generation, we must have the courage to wrestle with hard questions and show that Christianity is relevant in our rapidly changing world.” -Christine Caine, Founder, A21 and Propel Women

“Our world is complex. Growing up today and having to confront that complexity is not easy. In this short book, McLaughlin helps young people confront, understand, and interpret the complexity of our world in continual dialogue with the central claims of the Christian faith. Readers will have their minds challenged and illuminated; by struggling through these issues, they will be brought closer to the truth.”

Tyler J. VanderWeele, John L. Loeb and Frances Lehman Loeb Professor of Epidemiology, Harvard University

“As a father of five, I was so excited to know about this book. My excitement only grew as I read the truths Rebecca McLaughlin engages in such an accessible manner—many references to Harry Potter and Disney films! Most of all, I was excited to have a theologically rich book that deals with challenging questions that I could place in the hands of my children. This is such an important tool to disciple the next generation!” -John Perritt, Director of Resources, Reformed Youth Ministries

Rebecca McLaughlin holds a PhD in renaissance literature from Cambridge University and a theology degree from Oak Hill College in London. She is the cofounder of Vocable Communications and the author of Confronting Christianity, named Christianity Today's 2020 Beautiful Orthodoxy Book of the Year.

CWN CWS cwns 5.19 cwnp CWNS+

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HUMILITY: The Joy of Self-Forgetfulness

Cultivating Humility in a Gospel-Centered Way

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be humble. Some think that being humble means hiding your talents and abilities or being weak and inauthentic. But the Bible paints a different picture—defining humility as a self-forgetfulness leading to joy and explaining that it is a life-giving virtue that frees you from the restricting needs of your ego.

In Humility: The Joy of Self-Forgetfulness, Gavin Ortlund encourages readers that humility is not just an abstract virtue but a mark of gospel integrity. Ortlund examines humility both on a personal level and in the context of the church, giving examples of ways to cultivate it—including meditation on the gospel and practicing intentional gratitude. Drawing from Philippians 2 and historical texts such as C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity and Jonathan Edwards’s sermon “A Christian Spirit Is a Humble Spirit,” Ortlund defines humility in light of the incarnation and death of Jesus Christ, casting a vision for a gospel-centered, humble life.


Series Preface


Introduction: Why We Misunderstand Humility

Part 1: Cultivating Personal Humility

Chapter 1: How the Gospel Defines Humility

Chapter 2: How the Gospel Fuels Humility

Chapter 3: Ten Practices to Kill Pride

Part 2: Cultivating Humility in Our Church Life

Chapter 4: Humility in Leadership: Creating a Culture of Freedom

Chapter 5: Humility among Peers: Overcoming Envy and Competition

Chapter 6: Humility toward Leaders: Understanding What Submission Really Means

Conclusion: Joy as the Acid Test of Humility

Epilogue: Humility in Social Media Engagement

General Index

Scripture Index


“Saint Augustine once counseled that the top three virtues of Christianity are ‘Humility, humility, and humility.’ One suspects he said this because when humility is intact, all other fruit of the Spirit fall into place. What Gavin Ortlund has given us in this wonderful book is not only a description of humility but also a pathway that makes the reader desire more of it, for the smaller we become in our own eyes, the bigger Christ becomes to us. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” -Scott Sauls, Senior Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee; author, Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen

“If humble people are realists (and they are), and if realists are humble people (and they are), then Ortlund’s concise work helpfully jabs us awake from our dreamy delusions of self-identity (whether too inflated or too deflated) and gives us very practical help in constructing our lives according to the plumb line of Christlike realism. Wisely, Ortlund wants us to not only understand humility but pursue it, experience it, feel it, and even enjoy it. Making reference to gems by Churchill, Lewis, Keller, Wesley, Edwards, Aquinas, Kidner, ten Boom, Augustine, Spurgeon, and more, Ortlund guides us away from misconceptions and toward genuine love, even tackling the dreaded concept of submission. I’m glad I read it.” -Sam Crabtree, Pastor for Small Groups, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota; author, Practicing Affirmation

“In today’s high-pressure world of Christian ministry, it is all too easy to adopt attitudes that are antithetical to those modeled by Christ. Pride is often considered a necessary component in the advancement of the kingdom, and humility is viewed as a weakness that is to be overcome. In this insightful book, Gavin Ortlund reminds us that humility is the way of Jesus and the only real option for his servants. A much-needed word in our time.” -Brian Brodersen, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, California

“There are timely books and there are timeless ones; fortunately, Gavin Ortlund’s new book, Humility, happens to be both. In a culture of bravado and hubris, Gavin shows us the beauty and freedom of humility—not mere kindness, sweetness, and a non-offensive personality, but humility as the redemptive DNA of the gospel, the heartbeat of Jesus’s incarnation, and the culture God’s Spirit creates in a heart and church alive to the riches of grace. What a compelling, inviting, life-giving study.” -Scotty Smith, Pastor Emeritus, Christ Community Church, Franklin, Tennessee; Teacher in Residence, West End Community Church, Nashville, Tennessee

BNT23 ggisn GGIS3 GGIS4

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PURCHASE WITH THE FOUR-PACK, 'WORTHY' by Sinclair Ferguson, 'COURAGE' by Joe Rigney & 'UNITY' by Conrad Mbewe
SGCB Price: $26.95 (list price $52.00)

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WORTHY: Living in Light of the Gospel

Written by Theologian Sinclair Ferguson, the Second Book in the Growing Gospel Integrity Series Explores the Christian’s Call to Christlikeness

While Jesus offers forgiveness for believers who sin, Scripture makes it clear that Christians are to pursue obedience and holiness. So what does it mean to walk in a manner that’s “worthy of the gospel of Christ” (Phil. 1:27), and how should that look in the life of a Christ follower?

In this short, accessible guide, theologian Sinclair Ferguson explains the importance of living worthy of the gospel, why the principle is often forgotten, and how it’s cultivated. Clarifying the difference between biblical obedience and legalism, Ferguson exhorts believers to pursue Christlikeness, offering practical examples from Scripture. The second book of the Growing Gospel Integrity series, Worthy helps Christians, students, pastors, and those preparing for ministry to live as citizens of heaven rather than citizens of the world.

*Written by Theologian Sinclair Ferguson: Explains how humility, God’s providence, and even suffering cultivate righteousness

*Practical Study: Encourages Christians to intentionally pursue holiness and find satisfaction in the presence and love of Christ

*Great for Pastors, Students, and Laypeople: Defines the grammar and language of the Bible and explores the difference between obedience and legalism

*Part of the Growing Gospel Integrity Series (GGISN)


Series Preface


Chapter 1: Be Worthy: A Forgotten Calling?

Chapter 2: To Be Worthy: Some Basic Grammar

Chapter 3: Being Made Worthy: God’s Instruments to Change Us

Chapter 4: A Worthy Mindset: What It Looks Like

Chapter 5: A Life Worthy: How It Came About—and Comes About

General Index

Scripture Index


“God delights to turn things upside down. Most think a ‘worthy’ person must be someone great. Sinclair Ferguson shows that the people ‘worthy of the gospel’ are those humbled by their sins, transformed by Christ’s cross, and obsessed with knowing the Lord. Nothing less is fitting for the gospel. Highly recommended!” -Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Like conjoined twins, legalism and antinomianism share the same heart. Curved in on itself, it recoils at being justified by an alien righteousness and being sanctified by conformity to someone else’s identity. Sinclair Ferguson’s long ministry of proclaiming God’s word has always struck at both forms of heart disease. Laced with pastoral warmth, striking illustrations, and dry Scottish humor, Worthy sets the table richly for a feast that will nourish the hearts of believers and invite strangers to pull up a chair.” -Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“For years, Sinclair Ferguson has helped me toward having an experiential grasp of my union with Christ. His sermons and books have been friends along the way, leading toward spiritual maturity and a life with God. Because Worthy is a short book, I assumed it would be a summary of ideas I’ve read or heard from Ferguson elsewhere. Instead, each chapter felt full of fresh insights and pastoral wisdom. As I was finishing this book, I kept telling others how excited I am for my congregants and even my teenage children to read it.” -John Starke, Lead Pastor, Apostles Church, New York City; author, The Possibility of Prayer

“This little book wonderfully draws much-needed attention to one of the more overlooked and ignored characteristics of the Christian life, one that we desperately need to recover in the church today.” -Burk Parsons, Senior Pastor, Saint Andrew’s Chapel, Sanford, Florida; Editor, Tabletalk

Sinclair B. Ferguson (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary and the former senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He is the author of several books, including By Grace Alone and Lessons from the Upper Room. Sinclair and his wife, Dorothy, have four grown children.


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ORDER WITH THE FOUR PACK WITH 'HUMILITY' by Gavin Ortlund, 'COURAGE' by Joe Rigney & 'UNITY' by Conrad Mbewe
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SHORT OF GLORY: A Biblical and Theological Exploration of the Fall
Mitchell L. Chase

A Study of How Genesis 3 Influences the Whole Story of the Bible

When looking around at the world, it is easy to see that all is not as it should be. This brokenness within the world and humanity finds its roots in mankind’s rebellion against God. The fall, as recorded in Genesis 3, sets the stage for creation’s need for redemption—ultimately found in Jesus Christ.

In this book, pastor and professor Mitchell Chase argues that in order to understand the fall and recognize its profound impact on later Scripture and the world today, Christians must first understand Genesis 3. Chase identifies themes found in Genesis 3—temptation, shame, messianic hope, and more—and shows how they reverberate throughout the rest of the storyline of Scripture. Understanding Adam and Eve’s fall is crucial to understanding the world as it currently is and the need for redemption through Jesus.

Accessible: Clear and concise writing on one of the most vital chapters in Scripture

For Those Interested in Biblical Theology: Ideal for students, thoughtful lay people, and pastors looking to grow in their knowledge of inner-biblical exegesis and connections

Identifies Biblical Themes in Genesis 3: Including temptation, shame, and messianic hope

Written by Mitchell L. Chase: Professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the author of Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death




Chapter 1: Sacred Space

Chapter 2: Two Trees

Chapter 3: The God Who Walks

Chapter 4: That Ancient Serpent

Chapter 5: Taking and Eating

Chapter 6: A Broken Covenant

Chapter 7: Afraid and Ashamed

Chapter 8: Salvation through Judgment

Chapter 9: Multiplication and Division

Chapter 10: From Dust to Dust

Chapter 11: The Mother of All Living

Chapter 12: Garments from God

Chapter 13: East of Eden



General Index

Scripture Index


“Short of Glory is an exceptional introduction to the way the events of Genesis 3 are woven through the biblical witness. Mitchell Chase’s theological acumen and exegetical sophistication are front and center as he carefully elucidates the far-reaching implications of sin and the even farther-reaching implications of God’s grace to his people. Highly recommended as an example of theology and exegesis in service of the good news.” -Brandon D. Smith, Assistant Professor of Theology and New Testament, Cedarville University; Cofounder, Center for Baptist Renewal

“We often speak of living in a ‘fallen world.’ But what does that mean, precisely? In order to embrace the good news of the gospel, we first have to understand the problems that Jesus came to fix. In this penetrating reflection on Genesis 3, Mitchell Chase helps us see every aspect of life as, to quote Tolkien, ‘soaked with the sense of exile.’ Short of Glory will help us better appreciate how comprehensive the work of Christ is—and make us long for it to be completed.” -Gavin Ortlund, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Ojai, California; author, Finding the Right Hills to Die On and Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn’t

“Understanding what went wrong is essential for understanding how it can be made right, and by whom. Mitchell Chase expertly guides readers not only through Genesis 3 but also through the reverberations of Genesis 3 in the rest of the Scriptures. The tentacles of the fall can be felt on every page of the Bible. Not paying attention to these themes might mean missing what the good news is all about.” -Patrick Schreiner, Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, The Visual Word and The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross

“We live in a world of turmoil, heartache, and evil. We know it shouldn’t be so, but we don’t always spend enough time reflecting on why it is. As this book helps us to stare at the greatest of all tragedies, two things start happening: we see the world in much sharper clarity, and we find ourselves drawn again and again to the hope of Christ.” -Sam Allberry, pastor; author, 7 Myths about Singleness

“Mitchell Chase’s book is refreshing because he retrieves the covenant of works to explain why original sin must be traced back to Adam as our federal head. Plunging into the sorrow of Adam’s iniquity, Chase then lifts our heads to see the hope we have in Christ, our covenant surety. Unless we understand the tragedy of our fall in Adam, we will not rejoice at the triumph of our redemption in Christ, the second Adam. Here is a compelling exposition of our exile east of Eden.” -Matthew Barrett, Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Executive Editor, Credo Magazine; author, Simply Trinity

0323 MLC3 cwn723

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COURAGE: How the Gospel Creates Christian Fortitude

Exploring Courage in Light of the Gospel

Throughout Scripture, important biblical figures have faced numerous adversities with remarkable courage. In the New Testament, the apostles endured persecution, imprisonment, and even death for spreading the good news of the gospel. Yet, amid their struggle, they continued to expand the kingdom of God—even rejoicing as they suffered for Christ. How can believers exhibit this same courage today?

In Courage, author Joe Rigney explores the Christian virtue of fortitude and its connection to the gospel. From a theological perspective, Rigney argues that courage—used in the proper context—is a sign of God’s salvation and a believer’s faith in Christ. In this concise and practical book, readers will defeat feelings of anxiety, anger, and fear as they gain boldness from God to endure all of life’s circumstances.

**Explores Christian Fortitude: How the gospel shapes this important Christian virtue

**Practical Study: This concise guide encourages Christians to build up their boldness through Christ

**A Part of the Growing Gospel Integrity Series: Created in partnership with Union School of Theology

**Written by Joe Rigney: Author of The Things of Earth; Strangely Bright; and More Than a Battle: How to Experience Victory, Freedom, and Healing from Lust.


Series Preface


Chapter 1: Defining Courage

Chapter 2: Biblical Courage

Chapter 3: Failures of Courage

Chapter 4: Biblical Boldness

Chapter 5: Courage and the Sexes




General Index

Scripture Index


“Joe Rigney’s 'Courage' is a bellwether, defining and defending a virtue that every Christian will need in abundance in our anti-Christian age. Rigney’s book is a gem and a must-read. It is surely a book that I will be rereading often.” -Rosaria Butterfield, Former Professor of English, Syracuse University; author, Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

“In a world paralyzed by fear yet attracted to displays of conviction, boldness, and fearless action, there is an opportunity for the joyful virtue of Christian courage to shine. In 'Courage,' Joe Rigney not only provides an explanation of courage and where it derives from but also issues a call to courage for the glory of God. It’s fantastic. I pray God uses this little book to stir big things in the hearts of many.” -Erik Reed, Pastor and Elder, The Journey Church, Lebanon, Tennessee; Founder, Knowing Jesus Ministries

“Take heart, Christian! As Christians in the West watch their societies increasingly turn against their Christian roots, this call is particularly relevant. Compromise and cowardice are contagious—but so is courage. With clear definitions, introductory forays into classical virtue theory, and inspiring examples drawn from Scripture, Narnia, and elsewhere, Rigney seeks to foster virtue for faithful witness to Christ. I am confident this book will do just that for many readers.” -James R. Wood, Assistant Professor of Ministry, Redeemer University

“The apostle John tells us that the coward’s portion is in the lake that burns with fire. That means that courage is not some optional virtue for a select set of Christians. All of us need godly courage to unflinchingly face the unique challenges and battles of our time. Joe Rigney helpfully shows us what courage looks like—in men, in women, in stories, and in our Savior—so that we can gain the stability of soul necessary to be courageous in every trying time.” -Abigail Dodds, author, Bread of Life; (A)Typical Woman?; ??and ?A Student’s Guide to Womanhood

“Joe Rigney has quickly become one of the pastoral voices I trust most for discernment and wisdom when thinking through any topic. His treatise on courage—which explains that bravery is a habit we learn by rightly ordering our fears and setting our minds on God’s promises—demonstrates why. In a culture where arrogance is so often mistaken for boldness and recklessness for strength, Rigney offers practical advice on how to draw true courage from biblical wisdom. In his encouragement to preach about unpopular sins and his counsel on developing courage appropriate to one’s sex, he demonstrates how much he himself possesses the virtue he is writing about.” -Megan Basham, Culture Reporter, The Daily Wire; author, Beside Every Successful Man


Joe Rigney (PhD, University of Chester) serves as a fellow of theology at New Saint Andrews College. He is a husband, a father of three, and the author of a number of books, including The Things of Earth; Strangely Bright; and More Than a Battle: How to Experience Victory, Freedom, and Healing from Lust.


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UNITY: Striving Side by Side for the Gospel
CONRAD MBEWE, nicknamed 'The Spurgeon of Africa'

Exploring Unity as a Fruit of the Gospel

Christians most effectively serve others and advance God’s kingdom when they are in biblical unity with one another. Unfortunately, modern Christians seem to be divided on countless issues related to ministry, culture, the church, and even unity itself. Some prioritize organizational unity over gospel truth, while others only seek unity with those who share their same doctrinal beliefs.

In this short, accessible guide, author Conrad Mbewe explores unity as a fruit of the gospel. He finds that biblical unity is only achieved after understanding what God has done through Christ and how it is continuously executed by the Holy Spirit. This biblically centered book encourages readers to respond to Paul’s apostolic plea of “standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel” (Phil. 1:27), embracing unity as a valuable, God-given blessing.


Series Preface

Introduction: Avoiding Extreme Views of Christian Unity

PART 1: The Indicatives of Christian Unity

Chapter 1: Unity Is Accomplished in Christ

Chapter 2: Unity Is Applied by the Spirit

PART 2: The Imperatives of Christian Unity

Chapter 3: Unity Is to Be Jealously Guarded by Believers

Chapter 4: Unity Is to Be Evidenced in Gospel Endeavors

Conclusion: Christian Unity Is Worth Pursuing and Celebrating


General Index

Scripture Index


“Conrad Mbewe displays the rare ability to combine simplicity and profundity. Here he turns this gift to a consideration of evangelical unity, to gospel unity—both its indicatives (the unity that has been secured by Christ and worked out in us by the Spirit) and its imperatives (how this great reality must drive us toward intentional living out of such unity). We are soon enabled to see that the duty of unity is not an optional extra for believers but simply the outworking of the gospel in our lives.” -D. A. Carson, Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

“All too often, gospel work may be disrupted either by unnecessary division among believers or by failure to separate from those who compromise on biblical truth. Conrad Mbewe takes us back to Scripture to find the wisdom we need to tread the tightrope between overscrupulous schism and oversentimental accommodation. This helpful resource is both biblically faithful and very practical. It is grounded in Mbewe’s love for the church and his passion to see God glorified as his kingdom is extended.” -Sharon James, ??Social Policy Analyst, The Christian Institute


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IN MY PLACE CONDEMNED HE STOOD: Celebrating the Glory of the Atonement

An important anthology that reaffirms the classic doctrine of substitutionary atonement and counters the ongoing attacks against it.

If ever there was a time and a need for an enthusiastic reaffirmation of the biblical doctrine of substitutionary atonement, it is now. With this foundational tenet under widespread attack, J. I. Packer and Mark Dever's anthology plays an important role, issuing a clarion call to readers to stand firm in the truth.

In My Place Condemned He Stood combines three classic articles by Packer-"The Heart of the Gospel"; his Tyndale Biblical Theology Lecture, "What Did the Cross Achieve"; and his introductory essay to John Owen's The Death of Death in the Death of Christ-with Dever's recent article, "Nothing but the Blood." It also features a foreword by the four principals of Together for the Gospel: Dever, Ligon Duncan, C. J. Mahaney, and Al Mohler. Thoughtful readers looking for a compact classic on this increasingly controversial doctrine need look no farther than this penetrating volume.

"Here is vintage J. I. Packer accompanied by some younger friends. The magisterial but too-little-known essay 'What Did the Cross Achieve?' is itself worth the price of the whole book. And there is much more besides. Here, then, are gospel riches, and In My Place Condemned He Stood marks the spot where the buried treasure lies. Start digging!" - Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor's Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

"This book contains some of the finest essays that have ever been written on the death of Christ." -David F. Wells, Distinguished Senior Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; author, The Courage to Be Protestant: Truth-Lovers, Marketers and Emergents in the Postmodern World

"Writing with the precision of learned theologians and the passion of forgiven sinners, J. I. Packer and Mark Dever explain the meaning of atonement, substitution, and propitiation-not just as words, but as saving benefits we can only receive from a crucified Savior." -Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

ljc cwn cws bl2o bdt prt JIP3 tt3 7/13 cx GFS ATONEMENT 3 JIP23 XDT CXS CX24

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ORDER ALONG WITH 'IT IS WELL: Expositions on Substitutionary Atonement' BY DEVER & LAWRENCE
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IT IS WELL: Expositions on Substitutionary Atonement
By Mark Dever, Michael Lawrence

The idea of Christ's substitutionary atonement for sinners is central in both the Old and New Testaments—from the Passover to the prophets to the words of Jesus and the apostles. In 'It Is Well', pastors Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence demonstrate how the atonement is clearly taught throughout Scripture.

Starting with Exodus 12 and moving through other key Old Testament passages into the Gospels and the epistles of Paul and Peter, the authors offer careful expositions on fourteen crucial texts. As they speak to important issues such as what happens when there is no substitute for sin, why God forsook Christ, Jesus' perspective on his substitutionary work, and the necessity and benefits of the atonement, they show how much the doctrine applies to the Christian life.

'It Is Well' not only encourages pastors to preach this essential doctrine for the strengthening of the church, but it helps individual believers understand and exult in the richness of God's love in Christ.


1. The Passover: Exodus 12

2. The Day of Atonement: Leviticus 16

3. Crushed for Our Iniquities: Isaiah 52:13–53:12

4. Ransom for Many: Mark 10:45

5. Forsaken: Mark 15:33–34

6. To Save the World: John 3:14–18

7. Better That One Man Die: John 11:47–52

8. Propitiation: Romans 3:21–26

9. Delivered Over to Death for Our Sins: Romans 4:25

10. Justified by His Blood: Romans 5:8–10

11. Condemned Sin: Romans 8:1–4

12. Becoming a Curse for Us: Galatians 3:10–13

13. Bore Our Sins in His Body on the Tree: 1 Peter 2:21–25

14. Christ Died for Sins: 1 Peter 3:18


“Theological and devotional, expositional and inspirational: these are four words that well capture this excellent work on the doctrine of penal substitution. Thank you, Mark and Michael, for this gift to the church of the Lord Jesus. Read it and be instructed. Read it and be blessed.” -Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Dever and Lawrence remind us that at the heart of Christianity is Christ, and the heart of Christ's ministry is the cross, and the heart of the cross is penal substitution. Nor is penal substitution limited to part of the canon. Both in the OT and the NT forgiveness of sins comes only through substitution. The OT anticipates the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ, the Gospels relate the story of his sacrifice, and the Epistles explicate what Christ has accomplished for his people. What a joy to have the truth of Christ’s work for us set forth in sermons, for we see clearly that Christ’s atoning work is no abstraction. Dever and Lawrence in these well-crafted sermons both instruct us in God’s Word and apply it powerfully to the lives of both believers and unbelievers.” -Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Dever and Lawrence remind you of the supreme splendor of the cross. With homiletical wisdom, exegetical skill, and pastoral zeal, they will draw your mind’s attention and heart’s affection to the majesty of Christ in the atonement. In the process, you will not only be exposed to exemplary sermons on this extremely important doctrine, but you will also be overwhelmed by the breathtaking glory of the one who has satisfied the wrath of God by substituting himself in our place. All praise be to God for this indescribably wonderful reality and all thanks be to him for this immensely helpful book.” -David Platt, Pastor, McLean Bible Church, McLean, Virginia; Founder, Radical; author, Don’t Hold Back

“We need a clarion call to bring us back to the hard-won doctrines that the Reformers died to establish. Dever and Lawrence have masterfully traced the thread of one of the most significant of these truths through the Old and New Testaments. They argue that the sacrificial atonement is not merely an image, theory, or perspective; it is the very foundation of how God brought about salvation. To comprehend the gospel fully, we must understand this work of Christ. It is Well should be required reading for every pastor and will deepen any Christian’s awareness of Christ’s work on the cross. I encourage you to read and reread this book and cling tightly to what it says.” -Dennis Newkirk, Senior Pastor, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond, Oklahoma

“Dever and Lawrence take a topic that is intimidating to many—substitutionary atonement—and make it practical to both the scholar and the common man. Rich in exposition and application, they point us to God’s sacrifice for us in Jesus, and why, because of it, we can never be the same.” -Matt Carter, Pastor of Preaching, The Austin Stone Community Church, Austin, Texas; coauthor, The Real Win

“In a day when questions about retributive justice and penal substitution are being raised within evangelicalism, Dever and Lawrence serve us well by leading us to meditate upon the texts of the Old and New Testaments, which have shaped the church’s understanding of the atonement. They remind us that though the Bible uses various images to help us understand the work of Christ on the cross, penal substitution is the reality upon which all other images of the atonement stand. Yet this book is no mere apologetic; it is a welcome exhortation to make the cross of Christ central to all of life. I pray that the meditations contained herein will be widely read and would move Christ’s church once again to know nothing among us except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” -Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; author, Seven Dangers Facing Your Church

“This book is brimming with insights into the text as well as with clear and direct application. A refreshing contrast to the great number of low-calorie atonement books on the market.” -Simon Gathercole, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, University of Cambridge

“The theological glue that holds the gospel facts together is the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ. Yet no concept is more unique and audacious to the Christian faith than that of a crucified Messiah and Savior. Regrettably, for too long this has been the subject of academia more than the church, until now. Through fourteen expositions that cover redemptive history, Dever and Lawrence have provided an extensive, simple, and practical guide to grasping this subject without compromising its complexity. This study is more than important to understand; it is imperative. Few books have fueled my worship of the Savior like this one. Read it and expect to find yourself on your knees in wonder at the gospel.” -Rick Holland, Senior Pastor, Mission Road Bible Church, Prairie Village, Kansas

“Like the sound of a trumpet resonating from castle walls, so has the call to worship sounded forth from the local church of Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence and their expositions on the atonement. This work is sure to humble the reader in the reality of the work of Christ on behalf of sinners and liberate the forgiven with the promise that ‘it is finished.’” -Eric Bancroft, Senior Pastor, Castleview Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana


SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $20.00)

SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $40.00)
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THE LOVELIEST PLACE: The Beauty and Glory of the Church
DUSTIN BENGE with Series Preface by Michael Reeves

How Christians Can Rediscover the Beauty and Glory of the Church

Dear. Precious. Lovely. The Bible describes the church in extraordinary ways, even using beautiful poetry and metaphors. How does this compare to how Christians today describe the church? Unfortunately, many believers focus more on its mission, structure, or specific programs than on its inherent beauty. It’s time to spark a renewed affection for the church.

In The Loveliest Place, Dustin Benge urges Christians to see the holy assembly of God’s redeemed people in all its eternal beauty. He explains what makes the church lovely, including the Trinitarian relationship, worship, service, and gospel proclamation. For those who have never learned to view the church as God sees it, or have become disillusioned by its flaws, this book is a reminder that the corporate gathering of believers is a reflection of God’s indescribable beauty.

Part of the Union Series: Inviting readers to experience deeper enjoyment of God; other volumes include Rejoice and Tremble and Deeper

Concise Version Also Available: The Loveliest Place is the full version of Why Should We Love the Local Church?

Looks Beyond Methodology: Focuses on the beauty, not just the biblical function, of the church


Series Preface


Chapter 1: You Are Beautiful

Chapter 2: The Household of God

Chapter 3: Our Father and Friend

Chapter 4: Our Savior and Head

Chapter 5: Our Helper and Beautifier

Chapter 6: A Pillar and Buttress of Truth

Chapter 7: In Spirit and Truth

Chapter 8: Shepherding the Flock

Chapter 9: Feeding the Flock

Chapter 10: Good News

Chapter 11: In Remembrance

Chapter 12: Walking Worthy

Chapter 13: Blessed Persecution

Chapter 14: We Are One


General Index

Scripture Index


“Dustin Benge provides us with an absolute gem—a beautiful condensation of all that is good about the local church. With ease of prose, Benge introduces us to the multicolored facets of what the church is and how she functions to grow us into the people of God. A marvelous read.” -Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries; Chancellor’s Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

“The true and faithful church is the beautiful bride of Christ. In the experience of reading this refreshing treatment, all who love the church will rejoice in the realization of her beauty. Many people are concerned about how the world views the church. The world will never have the right perspective until the church itself sees her beauty. Surely this is what the apostle Paul meant when he said in 2 Corinthians 11:2 that he desired to present the church as a chaste virgin to Christ. This book is a much-needed gift to the people of God.” -John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California; Chancellor, The Master’s University and Seminary

“This is a rich reflection upon the nature of the church. Benge rightly shows us the way the church is viewed from heaven and from the eschaton. If we could only grasp the glorious beauty of the church in the light of these two perspectives, the negativity that too often crosses our lips and permeates our minds about the triune God’s beloved would be replaced with wonder and awe. Warmly recommended.” - Michael A. G. Haykin, Chair and Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“A little more than a decade ago I said I’d never seen such a profound unity in the church. What has happened? Leadership failures, unresolved conflicts, high-profile apostasies, political division, social upheaval, a global pandemic, theological controversy, and more. Is greater church unity possible again? Of course it is, but any movement toward unity must be dependent on the Holy Spirit and based on God’s truth. May the Lord use The Loveliest Place, in which Dustin Benge faithfully sets forth the glories of God’s truth about the church, to rebuild our unity.” -Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Do you consider the church to be lovely? Jesus does. He looks at his blood-bought bride with deep delight and desires that we do the same. In The Loveliest Place, Dustin Benge introduces us afresh to the church in a way that rekindles affection and renews commitment. Many books tell us about the church, but few help us love the church. This important work refreshes the soul and inspires worship." -Garrett Kell, Lead Pastor, Del Ray Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia

“Beholding the true beauty of the church can often be a challenge because many times she is torn asunder by various scandals and divisions. Dustin Benge nevertheless calls us to view the church from the divine perspective as the chosen bride of Christ. Only through this corrective lens can we recognize how precious she is in the sight of our triune God. May God give us eyes to see her radiant glory as she is clothed with the glistening garments of Christ.” -Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries; Professor of Preaching, The Master’s Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries


DEEPER: Real Change for Real Sinners by Dane Ortlund

REJOICE & TREMBLE: The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord by Michael Reeves

THE LOVELIEST PLACE: The Beauty and Glory of the Church by Dustin Benge

GOD SHINES FORTH: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church by Daniel Hames and Michael Reeves


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SGCB Price: $44.00 (list price $88.00)
THIS IS THE PRICE FOR 'DEEPER' by Ortlund, 'THE LOVLIEST PLACE' by Benge, 'REJOICE & TREMBLE' by Reeves & 'GOD SHINES FORTH' by Hames and Reeves

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OVERCOMING APATHY: Gospel Hope for Those Who Struggle to Care

Understanding Apathy and How to Combat It

For many Christians, apathy can feel inescapable. They experience a lack of motivation and a growing indifference to important things, with some even struggling to care about anything at all. This listlessness can spill over into our spiritual lives, making it difficult to pray, read the Bible, or engage in our communities. Have we resigned ourselves to apathy? Do we recognize it as a sin? How can we fight against it?

In Overcoming Apathy, theology professor Uche Anizor explains what apathy is and gives practical, biblical advice to break the cycle. Inspired by his conversations with young Christians as well as his own experiences with apathy, Anizor takes a fresh look at this widespread problem and its effect on spiritual maturity. First, he highlights the prevalence of apathy in our culture, using examples from TV, movies, and social media. Next, he turns to theologians, philosophers, and psychologists to further define apathy. Finally, Anizor explores causes, cures, and healthy practices to boldly overcome apathy in daily life, taking believers from spiritual lethargy to Christian zeal. This short book is an excellent resource for those struggling with apathy as well as parents, mentors, and friends who want to support someone in need.

Examines the Individual and Cultural Experience of Apathy: Analyzes the concept, experience, and healing from apathy; explores influences from philosophers to pop culture to understand its nature

Practical Steps for Dealing with Apathy: Identifies 7 causes as well as healthy habits to fight against indifference

Accessible for Students and Mentors: A great guide for high school and college students and those who counsel them; youth and young adult pastors; teachers; and anyone struggling with apathy or who knows someone who is

Table of Contents

Something for the Strugglers

Chapter 1: A Show about Nothing: Our Culture of Apathy

Chapter 2: The Noonday Demon: On the Concept of Apathy

Chapter 3: Everyone’s Got a Story: Seven Deadly Causes of Apathy

Chapter 4: O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go: The Cure for Apathy

Chapter 5: Wax On, Wax Off: Ways to Combat Apathy

Concluding Thoughts


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Scripture Index


“One of the greatest dangers for modern Christians is not apostasy but apathy. In the church, there are not masses of people who are in danger of denying Jesus, but some are in danger of growing bored with him. In Overcoming Apathy, we are met with practical ways for the church to fight back against one of our greatest challenges and we are confronted with the beauty of the gospel and the glory of King Jesus.” -J. T. English, Lead Pastor, Storyline Fellowship, Arvada, Colorado; author, Deep Discipleship

“Uche Anizor speaks from his experience, encouraging us to recognize and resist apathy, which is so common in our day. Human apathy refers not to healthy rest or godly contentment, but the loss of motivation and the growth of indifference; this condition then often undermines love for God and neighbor. If you feel apathetic, have lost motivation, and wonder if God has anything to say about your indifference, let Anizor point you back toward our good God and his good purposes. You’ll see that there is much worth living for because you have been liberated to care about things God cares about.”

Kelly M. Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College; author, You’re Only Human

“Overcoming Apathy is an honest invitation to take a tour of our hearts, where apathy often lives. Apathy, which has always been pervasive in fallen hearts, has been popularized by our present age to the point where we don’t even notice its presence and power in our lives. Uche Anizor helps us identify and define apathy, disentangling it from other emotions and experiences. With nuance and relevance, he offers seven seed buds from which apathy grows, pairing each with an antidote from Scripture. He moves from philosophical discussion to practical suggestions with ease, offering hope to those who struggle with indifference to that which should most ignite us to love and adoration.” -Aimee Joseph, author, Demystifying Decision-Making

“Uche Anizor has put his finger on one of the most disturbing and poignant cultural problems in the modern West: apathy. His psychologically insightful, theologically careful, and devotionally rich treatment will help readers both understand and overcome this ‘sickness of the soul.’ Both individual readers and small groups will benefit from Uche’s wise diagnosis of the causes and nature of apathy, as well as from his discussion of how we find healing and escape from apathy in the gospel.” -Gavin Ortlund, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Ojai; author, Finding the Right Hills to Die On

Uche Anizor (Phd, Wheaton College) is an associate professor of theology at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. His other books include How to Read Theology and Representing Christ. He is married to Melissa and they have three children.

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BUSINESS FOR THE GLORY OF GOD: The Bible's Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business

Can business activity in itself be morally good and pleasing to God? Sometimes business can seem so shady—manipulating the “bottom line,” deceiving the consumer, or gaining promotions because of whom you know.

But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: business itself glorifies God when it is conducted in a way that imitates God’s character and creation. He shows that all aspects of business, including ownership, profit, money, competition, and borrowing and lending, glorify God because they are reflective of God’s nature. Though Grudem isn’t naïve about the easy ways these activities can be perverted and used as a means to sin, he knows that Christians can be about the business of business.

This biblically based book is a thoughtful guide to imitating God during interactions with customers, coworkers, employees, and other businesses. See how your business—and your life in business—can be dedicated to God’s glory.


"A thoughtful review of the purpose and meaning of business and a fresh way to look at honoring and glorifying God in doing business." - C. William Pollard, Chairman Emeritus, The ServiceMaster Company

"What a great reminder that your business life can be a critical part of how you serve God and impact lives for eternity." -Dave Browne, Former CEO, Lenscrafters



Introduction: A Neglected Way to Glorify God

1. Ownership

2. Productivity

3. Employment

4. Commercial Transactions

5. Profit

6. Money

7. Inequality of Possessions

8. Competition

9. Borrowing and Lending

10. Attitudes of Heart

11. Effect on World Poverty


General Index

Scripture Index

Wayne Grudem (PhD, University of Cambridge) is Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary. He is a member of the Translation Oversight Committee for the English Standard Version of the Bible, the general editor of the ESV Study Bible, and the author of over twenty-five books.

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SURVIVING RELIGION 101: Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College

“I can’t imagine a college student—skeptic, doubter, Christian, struggler—who wouldn’t benefit from this book.” —Kevin DeYoung

For many young adults, the college years are an exciting period of self-discovery full of new relationships, new independence, and new experiences. Yet college can also be a time of personal testing and intense questioning— especially for Christian students confronted with various challenges to Christianity and the Bible for the first time.

Drawing on years of experience as a biblical scholar, Michael Kruger addresses common objections to the Christian faith—the exclusivity of Christianity, Christian intolerance, homosexuality, hell, the problem of evil, science, miracles, and the reliability of the Bible.

If you’re a student dealing with doubt or wrestling with objections to Christianity from fellow students and professors alike, this book will equip you to engage secular challenges with intellectual honesty, compassion, and confidence—and ultimately graduate college with your faith intact.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: I’m Worried about Being a Christian at a Secular University—How Will I Survive?

Chapter 2: My Professors Are Really Smart—Isn’t It More Likely That They’re Right and I’m Wrong?

Chapter 3: There Are a Lot of Different Views Here—How Can We Say That Christianity Is the Only Right Religion?

Chapter 4: My Christian Morals Are Viewed as Hateful and Intolerant—Shouldn’t I Be More Loving and Accepting?

Chapter 5: I Have Gay Friends Who Are Kind, Wonderful, and Happy—Are We Sure That Homosexuality Is Really Wrong?

Chapter 6: The Concept of Hell Seems Barbaric and Cruel—Wouldn’t a Loving God Save Everyone?

Chapter 7: There’s So Much Suffering in the World—How Could a Good God Allow Such Evil?

Chapter 8: Science Seems Like It Can Explain Everything in the Universe—Do We Really Need to Believe in God?

Chapter 9: I’m Finding It Harder to Believe Events Like the Resurrection—How Can I Believe in Miracles If I’ve Never Seen One?

Chapter 10: Everything I Believe Seems to Hinge on the Truth of the Bible—How Do We Know It’s Really from God?

Chapter 11: My Professor Keeps Pointing Out Contradictions in the Gospels—Can I Still Trust Them?

Chapter 12: I’m Being Told That Ancient Scribes Changed the Words of the New Testament Thousands of Times—Is That True?

Chapter 13: My Professor Says That Books Were Left Out of Our Bibles—Can We Be Sure We Have the Right Ones?

Chapter 14: Some Parts of the Bible Seem Morally Troubling—How Can a Book Be from God If It Advocates Oppression or Genocide?

Chapter 15: Sometimes It Feels Like My Faith Is Slipping Away—How Do I Handle Doubts about What I Believe?

Postscript: What Do I Do If It Feels Like Christianity Just Isn’t Working for Me?


“This is a great book! I can’t imagine a college student—skeptic, doubter, Christian, struggler—who wouldn’t benefit from it. In fact, I’m sure almost anyone would be helped by this warm and intelligent apologetic for the Christian faith. I will recommend this book often, after first giving it to my own children.” -Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina; Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

“Having sent four children off to large state schools for their college years, I am thankful that Michael Kruger has written this book. With compassion and clarity, he addresses key questions that often precipitate a crisis of faith for young believers. This accessible book equips families for good conversations about challenges to our faith, helping us trade panic and doubt for blessed assurance.” -Jen Wilkin, Bible teacher; author, Women of the Word; None Like Him; and In His Image

“Every fall, untold thousands of young Christians step onto the college campus and are instantly engaged in the battle of ideas. They need help and encouragement, and Michael Kruger offers a wealth of both in this timely book. The help comes in his serious and faithful confrontation with the big questions that are unavoidable on campus. The encouragement comes from a wise author who is also a father and friend. The chapters are written as letters, and every college student you know needs every letter in this book. Where was this book when I went to college?” -R. Albert Mohler Jr., President and Centennial Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Surviving Religion 101 is a crucial book for all Christians to read because the world that we inhabit has become the university culture of Michael Kruger’s twenties. An epistolary book composed of letters from a loving Christian father to a faithful daughter entering the university, it invites us to ask crucial questions that help us make our calling and election sure. Are we intellectually prepared to understand and respond to the non-Christian thinking that surrounds us? If we believe that personal conversion and personal piety are enough for the Christian college student to survive, we are dangerously wrong. Our lack of intellectual preparation may explain why so many faithful Christians have had their faith shipwrecked by so-called progressive Christianity, living now with cultural change and social activism as proof of holiness. And for this reason, this book is as necessary for students entering Christian colleges as it is for those entering secular ones. Thanks be to God for this book. May it be used by God to preserve the faith of our college students and bring their unbelieving professors into the kingdom of God.” -Rosaria Butterfield, Former Professor of English, Syracuse University; author, The Gospel Comes with a House Key

“The move from home to college and those influences that grip the mind from the age of eighteen to twenty-two play an absolutely decisive role in shaping the rest of our lives. The need for us to claim the Christian faith as our own at that point—and not as something we have merely absorbed from our parents or school friends—is exhilarating; but the process of so doing is often conflicted and intellectually, morally, and socially difficult. Michael Kruger is a well-known scholar, but he is also a parent with a vested interest in this issue and someone who himself experienced the range of challenges as a young student. In this clearly written book, he draws on all this to engage with the panoply of challenges that people face at college. While he covers the ‘usual suspects’—the intellectual challenges to faith—what is so brilliant and helpful about this book is the way in which he understands and addresses the form of challenges to faith as they manifest themselves in today’s therapeutic culture. Many students struggle with the claims of their faith because the moral tastes of our modern world make it seem so implausible. Kruger understands this and has written a book that speaks precisely to the kinds of problems that afflict college culture today. Students—and their parents—will find this work most helpful and enlightening.” -Carl R. Trueman, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College

Michael J. Kruger (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is the president and Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a leading scholar on the origins and development of the New Testament canon. He blogs regularly at michaeljkruger.com.

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THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: What They Mean, Why They Matter, and Why We Should Obey Them
Kevin DeYoung

Are the 10 Commandments still relevant today?

Do they still apply? Which ones? What do they mean in light of God’s mercy revealed in Jesus?

Highlighting the timelessness and goodness of God’s commands, pastor Kevin DeYoung delivers critical truth about the 10 Commandments as he makes clear what they are, why we should know them, and how to apply them. This book will help you understand, obey, and delight in God’s law—commandments that expose our sinfulness and reveal the glories of God’s grace to us in Christ.


Introduction: The Good News of Law

1. God and God Alone

2. The Way of Worship

3. What's in a Name?

4. Rest, Rejoice, Repeat

5. Honor to Whom Honor Is Due

6. Murder, We Wrote

7. An Affair of the Heart

8. Treasures in Heaven

9. True Witnesses

10. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment



Study Guide: Etched in Stone, Inscribed on Hearts Notes

General Index

Scripture Index


“Seasoned by personal wit, shaped by years of pastoral ministry, and highly skilled in interpreting God’s Word, Kevin DeYoung is the right person to write this book. DeYoung fleshes out the Ten Commandments in a way that helps us see the wisdom of our Creator and Redeemer in directing us on our pilgrim way. I highly recommend this book!” -Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“Kevin DeYoung has emerged as one of this generation’s premier preachers and most articulate communicators. Those who know his ministry will find what they have come to expect from him in The Ten Commandments: What They Mean, Why They Matter, and Why We Should Obey Them. I encourage anyone searching to know God’s Word better and how it applies to the Christian life to buy this book and read it.” -Jason K. Allen, President, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Is understanding the Ten Commandments necessary under the new covenant? A resounding yes! Thorough, accessible, relevant, and convicting, this book offers the most insightful analysis of the Ten Commandments I’ve ever read, skillfully applying them to our lives today. DeYoung beautifully marries grace and truth, leading the reader to understand the importance of obedience and the cross that makes it possible.” -Vaneetha Rendall Risner, author, Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption

“We know what the Ten Commandments are. But do we know why they are, and how they apply to our lives today, especially in light of Jesus? This book is a rigorous yet accessible guide to the meaning, application, and life-giving beauty of God’s commands. At a time when many people—including some Christians—want to distance themselves from the Old Testament or declare it obsolete, this book is a relevant and much-needed refresher. For parents, pastors, teachers, and leaders seeking resources to help unpack the place of the Ten Commandments for Christians today, this is essential reading.” -Brett McCracken, Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, Uncomfortable and Hipster Christianity


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THE LORD'S PRAYER: Learning from Jesus on What, Why, and How to Pray
Kevin DeYoung

Bestselling Author Kevin DeYoung Explores Jesus’s Foundational Prayer

Christians know the importance of prayer, but the act of praying can be a real challenge. Some have the desire, but not always the will; others worry they don’t do it well. Books about prayer usually emphasize spiritual discipline, but that can foster more guilt than reassurance. So how can Christians improve their prayer life, embracing the privilege of communicating with God?

In The Lord’s Prayer, Kevin DeYoung closely examines Christ’s model for prayer, giving readers a deeper understanding of its content and meaning, and how it works in the lives of God’s people. Walking through the Lord’s Prayer word by word, DeYoung helps believers gain the conviction to develop a stronger prayer life and a sense of freedom to do so.

Concise, Inspiring Guide to Prayer: Examines Luke 11:1–2 and Matthew 6:5–9, gives biblical and historical context to each part of the Lord’s Prayer, and ends with a doxology

Accessible Resource for Many Readers: A great guide for laypeople and students as well as for pastors, church leaders, and ministry leaders

Versatile Resource: A useful reference for seminary review or personal devotional reading


Chapter 1: When You Pray

Chapter 2: Our Father

Chapter 3: Our Desire

Chapter 4: Our Daily Bread

Chapter 5: Our Debts

Chapter 6: Our Plea

Chapter 7: His Glory

Study Guide


General Index

Scripture Index


“The Lord’s Prayer is the most important teaching ever about talking with God. That’s why it’s a subject of universal and perennial interest to followers of Jesus. It’s so easy to learn yet infinitely profound. So many have thought so much and so deeply about it, yet no one writer can expound all its riches. Kevin DeYoung has added another helpful volume to the church’s library on the prayer. His book is fresh without trying to be clever, contemporary without forgetting church history, and concise without being simplistic. It’s exactly the kind of work we’ve come to expect from the pen of DeYoung and demonstrates why people find his preaching and writing so edifying.” -Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Family Worship; Praying the Bible; and Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

“The Lord’s Prayer is familiar to many of us, but how well do we really understand each phrase? Scholarly works on the Lord’s Prayer can turn out to be surprisingly complex. Here is a clear, grace-filled, practical exposition that will benefit readers of all levels. DeYoung helps readers see the place of the Lord’s Prayer in the context of all of Scripture and how it relates to Christ himself.” -Brandon D. Crowe, Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

“As part of listening to a daily liturgy podcast, I pray the Lord’s Prayer. I look forward to it as a highlight of each day, and it never feels like a ritual. Kevin DeYoung’s book encourages me in my daily routine, ignites my passion for praying the Lord’s Prayer, and solidifies my understanding of the petitions I gladly voice. The Lord’s Prayer is clear and direct, concise and profound—so too is DeYoung’s highly recommended book!” -Gregg R. Allison, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Sojourners and Strangers; Roman Catholic Theology and Practice; and Historical Theology

“Kevin DeYoung has given us a brief, encouraging, insightful look at the Lord’s Prayer. He combines for us his own meditations and learning and adds some ideas about this prayer from the collective wisdom of the past. The result is what we would expect from this author: a pastoral, clear, simple (not simplistic), inspiring, and biblical teaching on the best-known prayer that ever came from the lips of our Lord." -Miguel Núñez, Teaching Pastor, International Baptist Church of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Founding President, Wisdom & Integrity Ministries


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KEVIN DeYOUNG with Illustrations by Don Clark



104 Engaging Bible Stories for Ages 6–12 from Author Kevin DeYoung, Illustrated by Don Clark

The Bible is a BIG book about the BIGGEST story. Each page tells about the God who created the world, acted in history, and continues to act in the present. In The Biggest Story Bible Storybook, pastor Kevin DeYoung shares this grand story with children ages 6–12 through 104 short chapters.

Beginning in Genesis and ending with Revelation, DeYoung provides engaging retellings of various Bible stories, explaining how they fit into the overarching storyline. Each reading is coupled with beautiful illustrations by award-winning artist Don Clark and concludes with a reflective prayer. Perfect for bedtime stories or to read together as a family, both children and parents alike will experience afresh the captivating story of the Bible in an easy-to-understand, compelling way.

Written by Kevin DeYoung and Illustrated by Don Clark: Creators of the bestselling companion book, The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden

Memorable Retellings of 104 Biblical Stories: Helps kids ages 6–12 learn the unified story of the Bible

Full-Color Illustrations on Every Page: Vibrant artwork draws children into each engaging story

Part of the Biggest Story Suite: Featuring The Biggest Story ABC, The Biggest Story: The Animated Short Film, and other exciting resources that bring the Bible to life

High-Production Quality: Includes sewn binding and a ribbon marker


Part 1: The Pentateuch (Genesis–Deuteronomy)

Chapters 1–20

Part 2: History (Joshua–Esther)

Chapters 21–36

Part 3: Poetry (Job–Song of Solomon)

Chapters 37–40

Part 4: The Prophets (Isaiah–Malachi)

Chapters 41–52

Part 5: The Gospels (Matthew–John)

Chapters 53–84

Part 6: Acts and Epistles (Acts–3 John)

Chapters 85–100

Part 7: Revelation

Chapters 101–104


“Families need the Bible more than ever. This A+ version for kids will capture their imaginations and call their hearts to the Father. And I’m confident The Biggest Story Bible Storybook will do the same for any parent who reads these beautifully illustrated pages out loud to their children.” -Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Cofounders, FamilyLife

“As parents, we want to teach our children about the Bible, but sometimes it’s intimidating to know where or how to begin. Kevin DeYoung’s new book The Biggest Story Bible Storybook is a wonderful way to introduce children to individual stories of the Bible while helping them grasp the main storyline of Scripture. It’s beautifully illustrated, fun to read, and will help parents teach big truths to young hearts.” -Melissa B. Kruger, Director of Women’s Content, The Gospel Coalition; author, Growing Together

“Magnificent. With typical clarity and verve, Kevin DeYoung captures the wonder of the greatest story ever told. My children are going to have a hard time reading it, though, because their dad will keep stealing it to read himself.” -Matt Smethurst, Planting Pastor, River City Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia; Managing Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, Deacons and Before You Open Your Bible

“Through rich, understandable narratives and striking illustrations, The Biggest Story Bible Storybook captures children with something even more beautiful than this book—the story of redemption. Kids are going to scoot in close to see and hear what’s next in this captivating retelling of Scripture. I know this will bless many families with a deeper understanding of the Bible.” -Emily Jensen, coauthor, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments; Cofounder and Content Director, Risen Motherhood


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HOPE: The Best of Things
Joni Eareckson Tada

One thing has saved her: the heaven-sent hope found only in Christ.

If hope is scarce in your life, this special booklet will draw you - toward a fresh perspective on suffering, true scriptural encouragement, and this beloved author's hard-won insights about the goodness of God.

In her life's journey Joni has learned to meet suffering on GodÆs terms. She has learned that joy is for real. And most of all, she has learned that hope is the best of things when we give it a chance. This book powerfully communicates all these truths from someone who has lived them, so that you can live them too, no matter what youÆre going through.

JONI EARECKSON TADA is founder and CEO of the Joni and Friends International Disability Center, which ministers to thousands of disabled people and their families through programs of practical encouragement and spiritual help. She is also an artist and the author of numerous best-selling books such as Joni; Heaven: Your Real Home; and When God Weeps. This is her twelfth book with Crossway.

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GOD, YOU ARE: 20 Promises from the Psalms for Kids
By William R. Osborne, Illustrated by Brad Woodard


20 Psalms and Devotions to Help Children Learn More about Who God Is

The Psalms are full of “You Are” statements—like “You are my rock and fortress” found in Psalm 31. For generations, Christians have used these phrases to praise God for who he is and what he has done for his people. These short, simple statements provide wonderful opportunities for parents to teach their children about the character of God and reflect on who he is in powerful ways.

In this book, professor, pastor, and father William R. Osborne presents short devotionals around the 20 “You Are” statements found in the Psalms. Each devotional is followed by a short prayer that families can pray together as they read. Using a clear and warm style, Osborne provides a distinct connection between the gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s goodness, holiness, and mercy as they are illustrated in the Psalms.

For Children Ages 4–8

**Helps Young Readers Learn to Read the Psalms: Each devotion shows how the Psalms point to the New Testament, showing the connections between Old and New Testaments

**Encourages Children to Pray: This book offers simple prayers that parents and children can read and say together as they echo the words of the psalmist

**Scripture Memorization: Great tool to help children memorize scripture about the character of God

**Illustrated by Brad Woodard: Cofounder of Brave the Woods, a creative studio that specializes in illustration, branding, and education



1: God, You Are Holy (Ps. 22:3)

2: God, You Are with Me (Ps. 23:4)

3: God, You Are My Salvation (Ps. 25:5)

4: God, You Are My Rock (Ps. 31:3)

5: God, You Are a Hiding Place (Ps. 32:7)

6: God, You Are My Help (Ps. 40:17)

7: God, You Are My King (Ps. 44:4)

8: God, You Are My Deliverer (Ps. 70:5)

9: God, You Are My Fortress (Ps. 71:3)

10: God, You Are My Refuge (Psalm 71:7)

11: God, You Are the God Who Works Wonders (Ps. 77:14)

12: God, You Are a Shepherd (Ps. 80:1)

13: God, You Are Forgiving (Ps. 86:5)

14: God, You Are Never-Changing (Ps. 102:27)

15: God, You Are Very Great (Ps. 104:1)

16: God, You Are Good (Ps. 119:68)

17: God, You Are My Shield (Ps. 110:114)

18: God, You Are Righteous (Ps. 119:137)

19: God, You Are Near (Ps. 119:151)

20: God, You Are My Everywhere (Ps. 139:8)

Explore More Attributes of God


“'God, You Are' offers an accessible and fun invitation to children and their families to know the God of the Psalms! Through the concise and imaginative explanations, poignant questions, and prayer points to help them put their learning into practice, families will love learning together and growing together in knowing the God the psalmists worship!” -Amy Gannett, Founder and Creator, Tiny Theologians; Writer and Bible Teacher, The Bible Study Schoolhouse; author, Fix Your Eyes

“Oh, how I love this book! With tender affection for the Lord and for children, Osborne guides kids through the book of Psalms by winsomely connecting childhood experiences to images and themes in the psalms and revealing how they point to Jesus. I can already tell this will become a beloved book for my family, and I suspect it will become a staple in many homes.” -Caroline Saunders, author, The Story of Home and The Story of Water

“'God, You Are' brings the beauty of the Psalms to a tangible level for the littlest souls among us. I can’t wait to use this in our discipleship routine with my own children.” -Phylicia Masonheimer, Founder, Every Woman a Theologian; author, Every Woman a Theologian

“In this little book, Osborne engages the reader with relatable questions and uses the Psalms to teach about the character of God. He points straight to the gospel on each page and demonstrates how to pray through the Psalms. With such rich truth packaged concisely and beautifully, this book encouraged our own hearts and is a resource we’ll be visiting again and again as our children grow!” -Devon and Jessica Robyn Provencher, author and illustrator, Big Theology for Little Hearts series

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 48 +end sheets

Size: 7.2 in x 8.0 in

Weight: 9.14 ounces

ISBN-10: 1-4335-8431-X

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-8431-2

ISBN-UPC: 9781433584312


William R. Osborne (PhD, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as associate professor of biblical and theological studies at College of the Ozarks and is the author of ?Divine Blessing and the Fullness of Life in the Presence of God?. He lives in southwest Missouri with his wife and four kids.


Brad Woodard is the cofounder of Brave the Woods, a creative studio that specializes in illustration, branding, and education. Brave the Woods, which Brad founded with his wife Krystal, has worked with clients such as Uber, Target, Penguin Random House, and more.


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LIVING FOR GOD: A Short Introduction to the Christian Faith

"Primers like this—a trenchant reminder of the vital matters that lie at the heart of the Christian faith—are ever needful, and especially so in this theologically befuddled generation that is far too often heedless of the value of the past. Highly recommended!" —Michael A. G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

What difference should doctrine make on our day-to-day Christian life? This book summarizes Christianity in 5 core truths the Trinity, the Son of God, the Spirit, the church, and heaven and hell to show how theology is intended to bring people closer to God. Drawing from writers throughout church history particularly St. Augustine, Richard Baxter, and C. S. Lewis this book summarizes the building blocks of pure Christianity and how they shape minds, hearts, and actions, so readers can know simply and concisely what it means to live for God.



Introduction: Living for God

Part 1: The Trinity-Oriented Life

1. The Triune God

2. Communion with the Triune God

3. The Majestic Triune God

Part 2: The Christ-Focused Life

4. Person

5. Prophet, Priest, and King

6. Life and Death

7. Exaltation

8. Redemption Applied

Part 3: The Spirit-Energized Life

9. Gift

10. Conviction

11. Holiness

12. Illumination

Part 4: The Church-Inhabited Life

13. Structure

14. Worship

15. Washed

16. Fed

Part 5: The Heaven-Anticipated Life

17. The New Heavens and New Earth

18. The Place of Outer Darkness

Living to God: A Final Word


General Index

Scripture Index


“Mark Jones’s helpful discussion of these major elements of the Christian faith demonstrates his point, shared with C. S. Lewis, that the best resources for devotion to Christ are found in substantial theological investigation conducted under the authority of Scripture.” -Robert Letham, Senior Research Fellow, Union School of Theology

“If you are to experience vitality and growth in the Christian life, nothing is more important than using a spiritual compass oriented to true north. In this book, Mark Jones puts such a compass in our hands. The Christian faith is about living for God! I wish such a book had been put in my hands when I came to faith in Christ. Here is a book to read and pass on to young believers so that they can use rightly calibrated spiritual compasses from the get-go!” -Conrad Mbewe, Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia; Founding Chancellor, African Christian University

“Nothing could be more important than getting a right understanding of the Christian faith. Mark Jones’s Living for God elegantly and accurately presents five pillars fundamental to Christianity. Summarizing the Bible’s teaching with key concepts from the Reformed tradition, this book is not too big and not too small. Jones writes with the broad and deep knowledge of a scholar and the care and maturity of an experienced pastor. His book will be useful both as a starting point for the new Christian and as a point to which the mature can return. I look forward to sharing it with friends and family.” -Emily Van Dixhoorn, author, Confessing the Faith Study Guide


THE PRAYERS OF JESUS: Listening to and Learning from Our Savior

LIVING FOR GOD: A Short Introduction to the Christian Faith

GOD IS: A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God


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Michael Haykin with Foreword by Karen Swallow Prior

Read the Stories of Eight Remarkable Women and Their Vital Contributions to Church History

Throughout history, women have been crucial to the growth and flourishing of the church. Historian Michael A. G. Haykin highlights the lives of eight of these women who changed the course of history, showing how they lived out their unique callings despite challenges and opposition—inspiring modern men and women to imitate their godly examples today.

Jane Grey: The courageous Protestant martyr who held fast to her conviction that salvation is by faith alone even to the point of death.

Anne Steele: The great hymn writer whose work continues to help the church worship in song today.

Margaret Baxter: The faithful wife to pastor Richard Baxter who met persecution with grace and joy.

Esther Edwards Burr: The daughter of Jonathan Edwards whose life modeled biblical friendship.

Anne Dutton: The innovative author whose theological works left a significant literary legacy.

Ann Judson: The wife of Adoniram Judson and pioneer missionary in the American evangelical missions movement.

Sarah Edwards: The wife of Jonathan Edwards and model of sincere delight in Christ.

Jane Austen: The prolific novelist with a deep and sincere Christian faith that she expressed in her stories.

"The portraits Haykin paints of these wildly different women reduce them neither to their roles nor to their religion, but rather show how their faith informed, shaped, and fulfilled their earthly callings. Furthermore, regardless of their relationships to men (single, married, wife, daughter, mother), the women are presented as individuals in their own right, as influenced as they are influential in the roles they fill. Margaret Baxter and Sarah Edwards, for example, are shown as faithful servants of the gospel who are as much served by as servants to their respective husbands, Richard Baxter and Jonathan Edwards. The theology embodied by the written works of Anne Dutton, Anne Steele, and Jane Austen models the abundance in God’s garden: we can obey the command not to eat the forbidden fruit and still enjoy a feast abundant enough to nourish all of the faithful.

The lives here demonstrate the truth of Jane Austen’s words, applicable to men and women equally, that 'Christians should be up and doing something in the world.' The women in this book, each in her own way, did just that. After reading about them, you will want to, too." (Karen Swallow Prior, from the Foreword)

Michael A. G. Haykin (ThD, University of Toronto) is professor of church history and biblical spirituality at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. He has authored or edited more than twenty-five books, including Rediscovering the Church Fathers: Who They Were and How They Shaped the Church.

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ORDER WITH A COMPANION VOLUME '5 PURITAN WOMEN: Portraits of Faith and Love' by Jenny-Lyn de Klerk
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PREDESTINATION: An Introduction, Short Studies in Systematic Theology

A Concise and Systematic Exploration of the Doctrine of Predestination

How can God choose to save some and eternally punish others? What about my loved ones who are not believers? For many, contemplating predestination brings about fear, trepidation, controversy, and emotional exhaustion, making it a difficult topic to study—let alone view as a blessing.

This addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series carefully examines God’s word to answer 15 commonly asked questions regarding the doctrines of election and reprobation. With helpful visuals, key definitions, answer summaries, and prayer responses, this concise guide is perfect for all believers who want to discover and delight in what God has revealed throughout Scripture. Readers will not only learn how God saves his people from their sins, but will be stirred to respond to him in worship.

*Great for Theologians, Pastors, and Students: Designed to be short and approachable, this concise study dives deep into the doctrine of predestination

*Part of the Short Studies in Systematic Theology Series: Other titles include The Person of Christ; Glorification; and The Doctrine of Scripture

*Written by Andrew David Naselli: Pastor and professor of systematic theology and New Testament



Series Preface


Part 1: Vessels of Mercy: What Does the Bible Teach about Election?

Chapter 1: What Is the Goal of Election?

Chapter 2: When Did God Choose to Save Some Humans?

Chapter 3: Did God Choose to Save Individuals?

Chapter 4: Did God Choose to Save Individuals Based on Foreseen Faith?

Chapter 5: Is Unconditional Election Unfair?

Chapter 6: Do We Have Free Will?

Chapter 7: Does Election Contradict God's Desire That All Humans Be Saved?

Chapter 8: How Does God Accomplish His Plan to Save Individuals?

Chapter 9: How Do I Know If God Has Elected Me?

Chapter 10: Did God Elect Babies Who Die?

Part 2: Vessels of Wrath: What Does the Bible Teach about Reprobation?

Chapter 11: Who Ultimately Causes Reprobation?

Chapter 12: How Does God Accomplish Reprobation?

Chapter 13: What Is the Result of Reprobation?

Chapter 14: What Is the Goal of Reprobation?

Chapter 15: Who Deserves Blame for Reprobation?

Conclusion: Exult in God as You Take in the View

Further Reading



Chapter Summary Questions and Answers

Further Reading

General Index

Scripture Index


“Andy Naselli believes the subject of predestination is far too biblical and much too precious to keep hidden. It speaks of God’s glorious sovereignty and the wonder of his saving grace, as well as his holiness and justice. If you’ve avoided the subject for fear of offending someone or perhaps out of your own ignorance of what the word means, this book is for you. Naselli explores in a deeply profound but highly intelligible way what the Bible says about this controversial topic. I love this book and can’t recommend it too highly.” -Sam Storms, Founder and President, Enjoying God Ministries

“Andy Naselli makes a strong biblical case for election and reprobation. He aims not just to convince the mind but also to stir the heart to worship the sovereign Savior. Not all readers will agree with every facet of Naselli’s argument, but he demonstrates that the doctrine of predestination is firmly grounded in Romans 9 and other passages of the Holy Scriptures.” -Joel R. Beeke, Chancellor and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; Pastor, Heritage Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Andy Naselli has given us a concise, accessible, and faithful treatise on the often-misunderstood topic of predestination. This book will become the go-to resource for both advocates and naysayers, helping Christians better understand God’s faithfulness and sovereignty.” -Rosaria Butterfield, former Professor of English and Women’s Studies, Syracuse University; author, The Gospel Comes with a Housekey and Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

“When we avoid discussing difficult biblical and theological subjects like predestination, we not only neglect what Scripture clearly teaches but also impoverish our view of God and therefore rob ourselves of the truth, comfort, and confidence that the doctrine is meant to give. For this reason, I am thrilled to recommend this book. Andy Naselli faithfully expounds the Bible’s teaching on predestination—and in such a way that we are led to glory in our triune God of sovereign grace and challenged to apply biblical truth to our lives in all of its breadth and depth. If you want to know what Scripture teaches about predestination, how to answer the common objections to it, and how to apply its truth to your life, then this book is for you.” -Stephen J. Wellum, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“How does one write a simple and clear treatment of one of the most complex and challenging doctrines? I’m not entirely sure, but that is precisely what Andy Naselli has done. This book provides an accessible and careful treatment of predestination that will serve pastors, laypeople, and all those who want to learn more about the wonders of God’s glory in election. Take, read, and be stirred to worship.” -Steven Lee, Pastor for Preaching and Vision, The North Church, Mounds View, Minnesota


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John Piper

Advent is for adoring Jesus.

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year. But it is also a season of reflection and preparation for that special day when we mark Immanuel’s coming—the arrival of our eternal God in our own frail humanity.

This is the greatest of history’s many wonders, something too stupendous to celebrate just on one day. Advent is a way of lengthening and intensifying the joy of Christmas.

These 25 brief devotional readings from John Piper begin on December 1 and carry us to Christmas Day. Our hope is that God would use these meditations to deepen and sweeten your adoration of Jesus and help you keep him at the center of your Christmas season.



Introduction Praying for Fullness This Christmas (John 1:14–16)

December 1 The Search-and-Save Mission (Luke 19:10)

December 2 Prepare Your Heart for Christ (John 5:44)

December 3 Draw Near to the Savior (Heb. 13:20–21)

December 4 What Advent Is All About (Mark 10:45)

December 5 Why Christmas Happened (1 John 3:5, 8)

December 6 God’s Passion for God at Christmas (John 12:27–28)

December 7 He Comes to Bless Us (Acts 3:22–26)

December 8 God Can Be Trusted (Acts 3:22–26)

December 9 Why the Son of Man? (John 1:51)

December 10 What Christmas Came to Destroy (1 John 3:8)

December 11 The Celebration of God’s Love (John 3:16)

December 12 The Glory of the Word Made Flesh (John 1:1)

December 13 Christmas Cut History in Half (Acts 3:24)

December 14 The Mercy He Promises (Rom. 15:8–9)

December 15 Our Truest Treasure (Matt. 2:10)

December 16 Freed to Be Part of God’s Family (Mark 10:45)

December 17 He Came to Serve (Mark 10:44)

December 18 Graciously and Tenderly Frustrating (Rom. 3:25–26)

December 19 The Gift You Cannot Buy (Acts 17:24–25)

December 20 Receive His Reconciliation (Rom. 5:11)

December 21 Get Your Eyes Ready for Christmas (Matt. 16:15–17)

December 22 Something Worth Singing About (Heb. 8:4–10)

December 23 Our Deepest Need at Christmas (Mic. 5:4–5)

December 24 Enjoy All the Promises of God (Mic. 5:2–4)

December 25 Grace: The Dominant Note of Christmas (John 6:51)

Conclusion A Savior Is Born! God Gets the Glory, You Get the Peace (Luke 2:11–14)

A Word of Thanks

Desiring God: A Note on Resources

This is my prayer for you this Christmas—

that you would experience the fullness of Christ;

that you would know in your heart the outpouring of grace upon grace;

that the glory of the only Son from the Father would shine into your hearts;

that you would be amazed that Christ can be so real to you.

— from the Introduction

ADV21 ADV23 552923

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UNPACKING FORGIVENESS: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds
Chris Brauns


Helps readers move beyond the wounds and baggage of bitterness, disagreements, and broken relationships.

"True or false: most Christian pastors and counselors agree on what forgiveness is and how it should take place." This question is part of Chris Brauns's Forgiveness Quiz that draws readers into his book and gets them thinking about the subject of forgiveness. The truth is, pastors and counselors disagree profoundly on this subject. Unpacking Forgiveness combines sound theological thinking and honesty about the complicated questions many face to provide readers with a solid understanding of biblical forgiveness.

Only God's Word can unpack forgiveness. The wounds are too deep for us to find healing on our own, and the questions are too complex to be unraveled by anything but the wisdom of God. This book goes beyond a feel-good doctrine of automatic forgiveness, balancing the beauty of God's grace and the necessity of forgiveness with the teaching that forgiveness must take place in a way that is consistent with justice.

"Offenses will come. It's a given. Unpacking Forgiveness wisely prepares us for the aftermath. Grieving the loss of our six children in a van accident and then being reminded of that loss throughout thirteen years of subsequent battles forced us to search the Scriptures concerning the issue of forgiveness. Chris not only has confirmed answers that we had found but has thoroughly sorted out what it takes to be right with God and man. This is a diligent work with heart." -Scott Willis

"Forgiveness of one another is one of the most important subjects in the Bible, and yet one so often misunderstood. Now Christopher Brauns has done a magnificent job in helping us understand the true nature of biblical forgiveness. Every Christian will profit from reading and applying this book." -Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness

"Here is a book that lives up to its title. Forgiveness remains a distant dream for many people precisely because they don't know what it means, where to begin or what to expect. Blending contemporary stories with the teaching of the Bible, Christopher Brauns unpacks forgiveness so that we can be set free from bitterness. I especially appreciated his emphasis on coming back to the character of God and learning to delight in him as the only way forward when we have been deeply hurt. A book to be read on your knees. It could change your life." -Ray Pritchard, President, Keep Believing Ministries; author of Credo, Discovering God's Will for Your Life, and The Amazing Journey of Faith

"There is no more common or urgent pastoral need in the church today than to cultivate the gospel practice of forgiveness. Christians need to know what the Bible teaches and live it out, radically. Unpacking Forgiveness: Biblical Answers for Complex Questions and Deep Wounds is an engaging, convicting, but emphatically encouraging treatment of this hugely important (and sometimes mind-bogglingly challenging) part of life. Dr. Brauns writes from the standpoint of a faithful, wise, experienced, and caring pastor who has seen the heartbreak of an unforgiving spirit at work in the lives of people, but also the power of grace in the hearts of Christians who have learned to forgive and be forgiven." -Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary

"There are few things more unnatural and few things more holy than forgiveness. Living as we do in a fallen world, we are given endless opportunities both to extend and to seek forgiveness. In Unpacking Forgiveness, Chris Brauns eschews the easy answers and looks to the Bible to provide God's wisdom on how and when we are to forgive. Relying on his experience as a pastor and his deep knowledge of Scripture, he provides what is a logical, well-illustrated book on the subject. With humor at times and appropriate gravitas at others, Brauns leads the reader first to understand and then to apply what the Bible teaches on forgiveness. Because it deals biblically with a subject of universal importance, any reader can benefit from reading Unpacking Forgiveness. I recommend that you do just that." -Tim Challies, blogger, Challies.com


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READING THE WORD OF GOD IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD: A Handbook for Biblical Interpretation

Every time we read the Bible, we’re reading in the presence of God. How should this incredible truth shape how we read?

Moving quickly from principle to practice, Vern Poythress helps us rethink how we interpret the Bible by showing us the implications of entering into God’s presence as we study. This handbook outlines distinct steps for practicing faithful biblical interpretation by focusing on our fellowship with the God who speaks to us through his Word.


Part 1: Introductory Principles for Interpretation

Foundations for Interpretation

Principles for Interpreting the Bible

Complementary Starting Points for Interpretation

Part 2: Simple Steps for Interpretation

Three Simple Steps in Interpretation

The Three Steps as Perspectives

Correlation: Comparing Passages

Part 3: Issues with Time


Original Contexts

Original Communication

Part 4: Issues with Authorship

Dual Authorship

Difficulties with Authorship

Part 5: Issues with Language

Basic Linguistic Structures

Understanding Linguistic Subsystems

Units in Contrast, Variation, and Distribution


Figurative Language

Words and Concepts



Using Commentaries

Part 6: Redemptive-Historical Interpretation

The History of Redemption

Christocentric Interpretation


Additional Stages Reflecting on Typology

Varieties of Analogies

Varieties of Types



Part 7: Assessment

Hermeneutics Outline in Detail

Alternate Paths of Interpretation

The Fulfillment Approach

Boundaries for Interpretation

Part 8: Examples

Proverbs 10:1

Psalm 4:8

Amos 1:3



Appendix A: Redeeming How We Interpret

Appendix B: Secular Views of Meaning

Appendix C: Interpreting Human Texts

Appendix D: Redeemed Analogues to Critical Methods

Appendix E: Philosophical Hermeneutics


“While many sincere Christians read the Scriptures as personal communiques from God, biblical scholars often treat them as little more than human documents written for people living long ago. Vern Poythress insists neither of these paths reflects how Christ calls his followers to approach the Bible. Everyone familiar with Poythress's theological reflections knows that he is one of the brightest minds of our day. Everyone familiar with his life knows the depth of his piety. In this book, Poythress offers a glimpse into how he employs both of these gifts from the Holy Spirit as he handles the Bible. His reflections will challenge and inspire everyone who seeks to read the Scriptures in the presence of God.” --Richard L. Pratt Jr., Cofounder and President, Third Millennium Ministries

“Vern Poythress has given the church a truly comprehensive guide to reading and appropriating Scripture. This unique resource explains both the first steps for beginners and the theological, philosophical, and linguistic foundations for sophisticated interpretation.” -Dan Doriani, Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Covenant Theological Seminary

“Providing both theological foundations and practical strategies for interpretation, Dr. Poythress explains the simple yet astounding truth that God is present in his Word and speaks to us as we read. With pastoral sensitivity, he combines linguistic theory, hermeneutics, systematic theology, and expert biblical knowledge into a compelling work both instructive for advanced students of the Bible and accessible for beginners. I highly commend this book and look forward to sharing it with my congregation.” --Camden Bucey, Pastor, Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Grayslake, Illinois; President, Reformed Forum

“Reading the Word of God in the Presence of God does two very hard things very well. First, it guides a spectrum of readers from an introductory listening to God speaking in Scripture into deeper explorations of the Word’s multifaceted witness to Christ. Second, this book exemplifies a radical, refreshing alternative to mainstream methods of biblical interpretation—an approach controlled at every point by the Bible’s claim to be the very Word of the ever-living, ever-present God.” --Dennis E. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California; author, Him We Proclaim; Walking with Jesus through His Word; and Journeys with Jesus

“Vern Poythress has done readers a great service by providing an easy to understand guide to the complexities of biblical interpretation. Readers will benefit from his knowledge of the way language works, his emphasis on the divine inspiration of Scripture, and the ways in which every passage relates to God’s unfolding plan of redemption. Here is a trustworthy and practical guide for anyone interested in reading the Bible faithfully.” --Brandon D. Crowe, Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

Vern S. Poythress (PhD, Harvard University; ThD, University of Stellenbosch) is Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has taught for four decades. In addition to earning six academic degrees, he is the author of numerous books and articles on biblical interpretation, language, and science.


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ORDER WITH PATRICK FAIRBAIRN'S 'OPENING SCRIPTURE: A Hermeneutical Manual Introducing the Exegetical Study of the New Testament.
SGCB Price: $45.00 (list price $90.00)

ORDER WITH PATRICK FAIRBAIRN'S 'OPENING SCRIPTURE: A Hermeneutical Manual Introducing the Exegetical Study of the New Testament.' in Paperback
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Richard Baxter, Lloyd-Jones, MacArthur, Boice, Ryken, Packer, Motyer, and Nancy Guthrie


(1) *DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter

J.I. Packer and Notes by Michael Lundy

Practical wisdom for dealing with depression.

Depression—whether circumstantial and fleeting or persistent and long term—impacts most people at some point in their lives. Puritan pastor Richard Baxter spent most of his ministry caring for depressed and discouraged souls, and his timeless counsel still speaks to us today. In this book, psychiatrist Michael S. Lundy and theologian J. I. Packer present Baxter’s writings in order to comfort, instruct, and strengthen all who struggle with depression.

(2) A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST: Studies in the Book of Hebrews by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The book of Hebrews was written to magnify the supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and our Great High Priest. It exhorts and encourages the church to hold fast to its faith, persevering through persecution and trials because of the great salvation found in Christ. This collection pulls together sermons from Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the book of Hebrews, helping readers understand how it applies to their daily lives. Lloyd-Jones walks readers through Hebrews 2 and other important passages in this book, pointing Christians to their need of salvation and their identity as the people of God.

**THE STORY OF HIS GLORY: The Most Important Story Ever Told by Brian Hedges

This is the story of God’s gracious rescue of the world through the gift of his Son and the sending of his Spirit. It’s a story of creation and judgment, crime and punishment, grace and glory. It’s a story filled with drama, tension, power, beauty, and hope. And at the heart of this story is the revelation of God’s glory in the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ.

This is the most important story in all of history. And in it you will find the reason you were created, the way you are meant to live, and the path to eternal life.

**REMAINING FAITHFUL IN MINISTRY: 9 Essential Convictions for Every Pastor by John MacArthur

Perhaps no one else has ever faced as much hardship, opposition, or relentless suffering as the apostle Paul. And yet, through it all, Paul stood firm in Christ and remained faithful—to the very end.

The power of Paul’s example has captivated veteran pastor John MacArthur for years, and here he outlines nine unwavering convictions that contributed to this remarkable perseverance. In an age when pastoral failure and burnout are increasingly common, this book is a call to endurance in ministry, encouraging pastors to stand strong in their role and not lose heart, regardless of what God sends their way.

WHAT GRIEVING PEOPLE WISH YOU KNEW: About What Really Helps (and what really hurts) by Nancy Guthrie

We want to say or do something that helps our grieving friend. But what?

When someone we know is grieving, we want to help. But sometimes we stay away or stay silent, afraid that we will do or say the wrong thing, that we will hurt instead of help.

In this straightforward and practical book, Nancy Guthrie provides us with the insight we need to confidently interact with grieving people. Drawing upon the input of hundreds of grieving people, as well as her own experience of grief, Nancy offers specifics on what to say and what not to say, and what to do and what to avoid. Tackling touchy topics like talking about heaven, navigating interactions on social media, and more, this book will equip readers to support those who are grieving with wisdom and love.

THE FINAL DAYS OF JESUS: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived by Kostenberger & Taylor

Walk With Jesus During His Last Week on Earth

On March 29, AD 33, Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem and boldly predicted that he would soon be put to death?executed on a cross, like a common criminal. So began the most important week of the most important person who ever lived.

Nearly 2,000 years later, the events that took place during Jesus’s last days still reverberate through the ages. Designed as a day-by-day guide to Passion Week, The Final Days of Jesus leads us to reexamine and meditate on the history-making, earth-shaking significance of Jesus’s arrest, trial, crucifixion, and empty tomb.

Combining a chronological arrangement of the Gospel accounts with insightful commentary, charts, and maps, this book will help you better understand what actually happened all those years ago? and why it matters today.


John Owen’s writings, though challenging, are full of rich spiritual insights. In this unabridged volume, editors Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic have edited three of Owen's classic works? Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers, Of Temptation: The Nature and Power of It, and The Nature, Power, Deceit, and Prevalency of Indwelling Sin. They have updated the author’s language, translated the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and footnoted difficult or unknown phrases, all without sacrificing any of Owen’s original message. These three treatises on temptation, sin, and repentance are theologically robust and insightful while also being accessible to modern readers. Overcoming Sin and Temptation will help a new generation benefit from the writings of this remarkable Puritan. Now redesigned with a new cover.

DEFENDING YOUR FAITH: An Introduction to Apologetics by R.C. Sproul

There is a widespread belief that reason and faith are incompatible and opposed to each other. Faith is viewed as subjective, emotional, a crutch for those who find the real world too hard. Though many of the world’s finest minds hold this view, the Bible teaches that it is the fool who says there is no God.

Dr. R. C. Sproul clearly and simply argues that at its core Christianity is rational. He focuses on defending the basic truth claims for two of the most crucial issues of apologetics: God’s existence and the Bible’s authority.

In this primer of apologetic thought, Dr. Sproul affirms four logical principles that are necessary for all real discussion and teaches you how to defend your faith in a faithless world. Using the writings of church fathers and philosophers throughout the ages, he uncovers the common ideologies that work against faith.

The defense of the faith is not a luxury or an intellectual vanity. It is a task appointed by God that you should be able to give a reason for the hope that is in you as you bear witness before the world.

(8) 6 WAYS THE OLD TESTAMENT SPEAKS TODAY: An Interactive Guide by Alec Motyer

What does the Old Testament have to do with us today?

To many of us, the Old Testament can seem distant, foreign, and confusing, with difficult language and events disconnected from our present-day lives. But with a little guidance, it is quickly evident that the Old Testament still speaks today.

In this engaging book, late pastor-theologian Alec Motyer leads us to discover the everyday significance of six key themes that resonate throughout the Old Testament: history, religion, worship, prophecy, wisdom, and theology. Each chapter focuses on one theme, featuring a week’s worth of Scripture readings paired with accessible commentary on the biblical text. Clear, accessible, and warmly pastoral, this book will help you see what this collection of ancient texts from the past has to do with our day-to-day lives in the present.

(9) DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter with Intro. by

(10) THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel by James M. Boice & Philip G. Ryken

The late James Boice and his successor at Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church contend that we live in an age of casual Christianity. Evangelicalism desperately needs a return to the doctrines that once reformed the church. Advocating a practical-minded, kindhearted, and biblically based faith, Boice and Ryken present a compelling exposition of Calvinism's five points.

(11) WEAKNESS IS THE WAY: Life with Christ Our Strength by J.I. Packer

For Christians, weakness should be a way of life. Yet most of us try desperately to be sufficient on our own, and we resent our limitations and our needs.

Renowned theologian and Bible teacher J. I. Packer reflects on his experience of weakness—having been hit by a truck at a young age and now facing the realities of aging—in order to teach us the importance of embracing our own frailty, and also to help us look to Christ for strength, affirmation, and contentment. Find here a path from discouragement to freedom in light of our all-sufficient God.

(12) FINISHING OUR COURSE WITH JOY: Guidance from God for Engaging with our Aging by J.I. Packer

Do you look in the mirror and see gray hair and wrinkles? Packer---now in his mid-80s---says that getting older doesn't mean you should banish yourself to the rocking chair! Sharing personal insights and examples, he offers a compelling vision for lifelong learning, purposeful planning, running the race with endurance, and glorifying Jesus---no matter what your age! 128 pages, softcover.

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(1) DEPRESSION, ANXIETY AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Practical Wisdom from Richard Baxter
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)
INTRODUCTION BY J.I. PACKER, Notes by Michael S. Lundy

(2) A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST: Studies in the Book of Hebrews by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
SGCB Price: $12.50 (list price $25.00)

**THE STORY OF HIS GLORY: The Most Important Story Ever Told by Brian Hedges
SGCB Price: $2.50 (list price $5.00)

**REMAINING FAITHFUL IN MINISTRY: 9 Essential Convictions for Every Pastor by John MacArthur
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $10.00)

*WHAT GRIEVING PEOPLE WISH YOU KNEW: About What Really Helps (and what really hurts) by Nancy Guthrie
SGCB Price: $6.50 (list price $13.00)

THE FINAL DAYS OF JESUS: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)

SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $24.00)

DEFENDING YOUR FAITH: An Introduction to Apologetics by R.C. Sproul
SGCB Price: $8.50 (list price $17.00)

6 WAYS THE OLD TESTAMENT SPEAKS TODAY: An Interactive Guide by Alec Motyer
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)
"Devout and witty, scholarly and accessible, God-honoring and Christ-centered." - Sinclair Ferguson

THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel by James M. Boice & Philip G. Ryken
SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)

WEAKNESS IS THE WAY: Life with Christ Our Strength by J.I. Packer
SGCB Price: $6.50 (list price $13.00)

FINISHING OUR COURSE WITH JOY: Guidance from God for Engaging with our Aging by J.I. Packer
SGCB Price: $6.00 (list price $12.00)

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AFTER EMMAUS: How the Church Fulfills the Mission of Christ

“The church’s mission does not begin with the Great Commission, but is integrally related to the grand storyline of Scripture.”

Did the Old Testament simply point to the coming of Christ and his saving work, or is there more to the story? After his resurrection, the Lord Jesus revealed how his suffering, glory, and mission plan for the nations are in fact central to the biblical story of redemption.

After Emmaus shows how Christology and missiology are integrally connected throughout Scripture, especially in the teaching of Jesus and the apostles. Brian Tabb explains what Luke 24:46–47 reveals about God’s messianic promises in the Old Testament, their fulfillment in the New Testament, and the purpose of the church. By understanding Jesus’s last words to his disciples, Christians today will be motivated to participate in the Messiah’s mission.



Chapter 1: Christ’s Exposition after Emmaus

Chapter 2: The Rejected Cornerstone: The Messiah’s Suffering in Luke

Chapter 3: Hope on the Third Day: The Messiah’s Resurrection in Luke

Chapter 4: A Light for the Nations: Salvation and Mission in Luke

Chapter 5: The Incorruptible Christ: The Apostles’ Preaching in Acts

Chapter 6: To the Ends of the Earth: The Apostles’ Mission in Acts

Chapter 7: The Hope of the Nations: New Testament Soundings on the Messiah and His Mission

Chapter 8: Participating in the Messiah’s Mission


“Brian Tabb takes us back to the sources, showing us the fulfillment of the Scriptures in Jesus’s ministry. What stands out is the relationship between Christology and mission. Often these two themes are studied separately, but Tabb shows us that they are intertwined. This deft and insightful study shines a fresh light on what God accomplished through his Spirit in Christ, and it inspires us today when we recognize that God’s great promises are still being fulfilled.” -Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In After Emmaus, Brian Tabb clarifies what Jesus was getting at when he said that it was necessary for the Christ to suffer before entering his glory and what that will mean for all who seek to follow him. With careful scholarship as well as scriptural insight, Tabb helpfully connects the mission of God through the person and work of Christ to the mission we’ve been commissioned to carry out.” -Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden

“The last few decades have witnessed an abundance of studies on the rich ways in which the two Testaments are properly tied together. According to Luke, the resurrected Jesus held and taught strong views along these lines. Starting with a focus on Luke 24:46–47, and concentrating especially on the depiction of Jesus in Luke and the depiction of the church in Acts, Brian Tabb demonstrates how deep the links are: the Old Testament does not simply sidle up to the line and point to Jesus, but unpacks the narrative of redemption so powerfully and coherently that thoughtful readers cannot help but see how the narrative is truly fulfilled in the mission of Jesus and the mission of the church—a connection that Acts 1:1 makes explicit. This book will enrich your grasp of biblical theology while calling your heart to worship.” -D. A. Carson, Cofounder and Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

“After Emmaus beautifully blends the best features of evangelical biblical theology, exemplifying the hermeneutical benefit to be gained from following the New Testament’s redemptive-historical reading of the Old Testament. Tabb surveys major motifs in the theology of Luke-Acts, displaying how its Christology, ecclesiology, and missiology are enriched by Luke’s Spirit-enlightened saturation of heart and mind in God’s ancient Scriptures. Moreover, After Emmaus applies the Spirit’s instruction through Luke to the faith and life of Christians today. I enthusiastically recommend this study.” -Dennis E. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California; author, Him We Proclaim; Walking with Jesus through His Word; and Journeys with Jesus

Brian J. Tabb (PhD, London School of Theology) is academic dean and professor of biblical studies at Bethlehem College & Seminary. He is general editor of Themelios and the author of All Things New, Suffering in Ancient Worldview, and 1–2 Timothy and Titus: A 12-Week Study. Brian lives with his wife, Kristin, and their four children in St. Paul.


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A DOZEN THINGS GOD DID WITH YOUR SIN (And Three Things He Will Never Do)
SAM STORMS with Foreword by Ray Ortlund

What Did God Do with Your Sin?

Every Christian has experienced days or even seasons of feeling extreme guilt over past or present sins, thinking that God is angry or disgusted with them—sometimes even wondering if they’re truly saved. This often happens when believers fixate on their sins while forgetting what Christ has already done on their behalf at the cross. Sam Storms explains it this way: “What consumes us is what we have done by sinning. What ought to consume us is grateful meditation on what God has done with our sinning.”

In his latest book, Storms addresses this anxiety over sin by reminding believers of the good news of the gospel. Beginning with an explanation of the glory of penal substitution, he walks through 12 things God did with their sin, including forgiving it, passing over it, and casting it into the depths of the sea. He also explains 3 things God will never do with their sin, such as counting it against them. Walking through the Bible’s teaching, Storms helps believers find freedom, joy, and peace in knowing what God has done (and will never do) with their sin through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus.


Introduction: What Can Be Done about My Dirty and Defiled Conscience?

Chapter 1: How Hebrews Helps

Chapter 2: He Laid Your Sin upon His Son

Chapter 3: He has Forgiven You of Your Sins

Chapter 4: He has Cleansed You of Your Sin

Chapter 5: He has Covered Your Sin

Chapter 6: He has Cast All Your Sin behind His Back

Chapter 7: He Removed Your Sin as Far as the East Is from the West

Chapter 8: He Has Passed Over Your Sin

Chapter 9: He Trampled Your Sin Underfoot

Chapter 10: He Cast Your Sin into the Sea

Chapter 11: He Blotted Out Your Sin

Chapter 12: He Turned His Face Away from Your Sin

Chapter 13: He Has Forgotten Your Sin and Refuses to Remember It

Chapter 14: And Three Things He Doesn’t and Never Will Do with Your Sin

Chapter 15: The Gospel

Chapter 16: “Uttermost” and “Always”!


General Index

Scripture Index


“Sam Storms has written a wonderful book on the cross of Jesus and how to live in the power of God’s forgiveness.” -Jack Deere, Associate Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary; author, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit

“For Christians who are being sanctified, wrestling with sin is an ongoing, never-ending struggle. This book beautifully underlines, makes bold, and highlights what God tells us he’ll do with our sins. If you’re struggling with a secret sin, battling a recurring sin, or continually regretting a past sin, this book will ease your soul and lift your head.” -Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, Senior Writer and Faith-and-Work Editor, The Gospel Coalition

“Sin and salvation are inextricably linked. Failing to understand or believe what Christ has done with our sins can cause us to question the validity of our salvation. That is not what God intended. Read this stellar book by Sam Storms to rediscover what it means to be cleansed. Start to dance with joy when you remember God trampled your sins underfoot, and draw near to him as you embrace the profound truth that he remembers your sins no more. Settle the issue of sin in your life, learn what God has done for you, and start rejoicing in your salvation! Storms will teach you how." -Janet Parshall, Host and Executive Producer, In the Market with Janet Parshall


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Our world presents daily distractions that can easily displace Christ as the center of a man’s heart and life. The goal of the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible is to strengthen and encourage men through the life-giving Word of God and sound devotional content aimed at nurturing godliness.

With 365 theologically rich and gospel-centered devotions drawn directly from the Bible, this all-new resource was created under the editorial oversight of Dr. Sam Storms with contributions from over fifty Christian leaders. Introductions orient men to each book of the Bible, exploring its unique contribution to a man’s walk with God. Thoughtful and instructive articles address the importance of sound doctrine, life in the local church, leadership, the heart, calling, and a host of other relevant issues for today.

The Men’s Devotional Bible will strengthen men in their walk with Christ, helping them apply the gospel and the truth of God's Word in their homes, churches, and workplaces.


365 brand-new devotions

Brand-new book introductions

14 brand-new articles

Dictionary of key terms

Ribbon marker

Smyth-sewn binding

Lifetime guarantee on TruTone edition

Packaging: slipcase (TruTone), L-card (HC), permanent slipcase (Cloth over Board)

Format: TruTone

Type Size: 8.50

Page Layout: Double Column

Page Count: 1,616

Size: 5.375 in x 8.375 in

Weight: 35.07 ounces

ISBN-10: 1-4335-4843-7

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-4843-7

ISBN-UPC: 9781433548437


KEY THEME: The theme of Genesis is creation, sin, and re-creation. God made the world very good, but cursed it after the fall and then destroyed it in the flood because of man’s disobedience. The new world after the flood was also spoiled by human sin. The call of Abraham, through whom all nations would

be blessed, gives hope that God’s purpose will eventually be realized through Abraham’s descendants.

GENESIS AND A MAN’S HEART: The story of Genesis begins the story of the world. It introduces the first plotline movements of the Bible, which reflect the plotline of history. The drama unfolds along the movements of the creation of the world (Genesis 1–2), the fall of humanity into sin (Genesis 3), and God’s promise of redemption (3:15), which subsequently unfolds through God’s covenants with his people (12:1–3). As such, this story tells us what we were made for, what is wrong with the world, and what God is doing to restore all things. Genesis places us within the only story that makes sense of life.

All men need to know that our smaller narratives are part of a greater one, an epic drama that reaches back to creation and stretches ahead to the new creation to come. We need to know that we were made for more than trying to make ourselves look great; we were made in God’s image to reflect his greatness (1:26–27). We need to know that our world is one wherein men kill their brothers (4:8), wickedness is great (6:5), and pride swells to the heavens (11:1–9). It hasn’t always been this way, nor will it remain so. God has promised to decisively deal with evil and restore blessing to the world through a coming Redeemer-King (3:15; 12:1–3; 49:9–10). The men of faith in Genesis—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph—found that God took them in their weakness, accepted them by grace, and proved faithful to his promises.

Much has transpired in God’s plan since the days of Genesis. Still, we are part of this same story. Jesus has now come as the last Adam to undo all the damage the first one unleashed. Like the men of old we continue to find our place in this story by hoping in our Redeemer.


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Applicable for women in any stage of life, the Women’s Devotional Bible is theologically rich in content while remaining accessible and practical.

The Women’s Devotional Bible features materials designed especially for women. The book introductions, character sketches of key figures, all-new daily devotions, and all-new articles have been written by both women and men. These contributors include professors, musicians, authors, counselors, homemakers, and conference speakers.

With specially prepared features and thoughtfully written material, the Women’s Devotional Bible is designed to help women pursue a deeper, transformational understanding of Scripture.

Sign up for a free 30-day email devotional through the Old Testament adapted from the Women's Devotional Bible at crossway.org/dailyWDB.


Two-color interior

16 articles

365 devotions

Book introductions

Character profiles

Dictionary of key terms

Smyth-sewn binding

Packaging: J-card (HC and Cloth over Board), clamshell box (TruTone)


"The ESV Women’s Devotional Bible provides a welcoming table setting in its devotional material, allowing the reader to drink more deeply from the Word because its historical context, literary genre, and theological underpinnings are made accessible to the reader. The men and women who craft the devotional material become old friends, whose voices, wisdom, and infectious love of the Lord invite us to apply faith to our trials." -Rosaria Butterfield, Former Professor of English, Syracuse University; author, The Gospel Comes with a House Key

"This devotional Bible is a helpful tool for any woman who longs to lean deeply into the arms of her Savior by way of His Word." -Wendy Horger Alsup, teacher; blogger; author, Is the Bible Good for Women? and Practical Theology for Women

"The ESV Women's Devotional Bible is a wonderful tool for women to experience the unfolding (explaining, opening up) of God's rich Word. Through Spirit led study and the Bible-centered devotional readings, God can use this tool to nurture the hearts of women in their love for him and the holy Scriptures." -Ellen Mary Dykas, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Harvest USA; editor, Sexual Sanity for Women

"These essays, character profiles, and devotions provide a readable, accessible, and faithful introduction to key doctrinal truth, winsomely appealing to us to draw near to the triune God with confidence and joy because of our union with Christ." -Tara Klena Barthel, author, Living the Gospel in Relationships; coauthor, Peacemaking Women

CWN22 CWXS cwnw DJDS esvsbsx

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DO NOT BE TRUE TO YOURSELF: Countercultural Advice for the Rest of Your Life
Kevin DeYoung

Countercultural Yet Biblical Advice for High School and College Students, Ideal for Graduation and Birthday Gifts

Most speeches addressed to high school and college students follow a similar theme: march to the beat of your own drum. This may sound encouraging on the surface, but Scripture exhorts believers to submit their lives to the will of God, not their own desires. Christian students need gospel-centered truth to guide them on their journey toward independence.

In this collection of inspiring sermons and graduation speeches, Kevin DeYoung delivers a motivational, biblical call to young people: serve God faithfully—and if necessary, counter-culturally—in the next season of your life. Do Not Be True to Yourself includes practical advice for cultivating a Christ-centered worldview in every area of adult life, including relationships, work, church participation, and spiritual growth, making it a transformational resource for mentoring students.

Written by Kevin DeYoung: Pastor and bestselling author shares relevant wisdom from past commencement speeches and sermons

Concise, Engaging Chapters of Counter-Cultural Advice: Christ-centered guidance that includes developing spiritual habits, prioritizing church attendance, fighting sexual sin, and temptation, and making godly decisions.

Includes Reading Guide: DeYoung suggests 12 classic Christian books every person should read, from writers including John Calvin, G. K. Chesterton, and R. C. Sproul

Perfect for graduation gifts, birthdays, or small group discussion

INTRODUCTION by the Author

"In May 2022, I had the privilege of giving the commencement address at Geneva College (Beaver Falls, PA). I didn’t want to recycle the usual commencement fare: “Follow your dreams! Be all that you can be! Go out and change the world!” Instead, I decided to give the opposite sort of advice, as you’ll see when you read the first chapter of this book. A few weeks later, I gave the same basic message at the baccalaureate service for Covenant Day School (the school associated with my church). I then posted the Geneva commencement address online. To my pleasant surprise, the message seemed to resonate with a lot of people. Besides getting a good following online, I heard from pastors and friends and Christians in various places who appreciated the countercultural sentiment. About a month later, Justin Taylor from Crossway asked if I would consider publishing that talk in a little booklet. The plan for a little booklet then morphed into this little book.

Over the years I’ve preached at a number of baccalaureate services and commencement services. I’ve also preached targeted sermons to high school or college students just beginning or just ending their studies. I’ve collected some of those messages here, retaining much of the spoken style so you can “hear” the message as well as read it. If there is a theme that holds the chapters together it is the simple exhortation to serve God faithfully and counterculturally in the next season of your life. Obviously, if you have just finished high school or college or some other milestone as a young adult, these messages will speak to your situation. This book is especially for you. But insofar as the counsel in these pages is biblical, I think Christians (and maybe even non-Christians) of all ages can read the book with profit. May God help us to live by his Spirit, according to his word, and for his glory—as young people, as middle-agers like me, and every stage of Christian discipleship."



Chapter 1: Don’t Be True to Yourself

Chapter 2: Choose for Yourselves

Chapter 3: The First Day of the Next Chapter of Your Life

Chapter 4: Two Ways to Live

Chapter 5: Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and the Kingdom of God

Appendix: Twelve Old(ish) Books to Read When You Are Young


Scripture Index


“Kevin DeYoung writes with inspiring clarity and pastoral love as he summons a generation of Christians to courage and nerve. As he puts it, ‘The choice that matters most is actually a lifetime of choices.’ This will be the book to give to your graduating high school and college students. But please don’t pigeonhole this book. Do Not Be True to Yourself is a brilliant and succinct call to all Christians to reject the spirit of the age in favor of the courageous Christian faith.” -Rosaria Butterfield, Former Professor of English, Syracuse University; author, 'Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age'

“Kevin DeYoung’s Do Not Be True to Yourself is a helpful antidote to a culture of self-obsession. If we’re learning anything about human nature in the age in which we live, it is that outsized focus on oneself produces disabling anxiety, disorienting ‘identities,’ and dizzying confusion about man’s ultimate end. It turns out, secular man’s chief end of glorifying himself is producing the very opposite of joy. This book shows why and shows a better, godward way forward.” -Andrew T. Walker, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Fellow, The Ethics and Public Policy Center

TYMCW GRAD23 552923

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ACTS: An Exposition of the Book of Acts (6 Volumes in 3 Large Vols>)

The book of Acts records some of the most important events in the New Testament: the birth of the church, the coming of the Holy Spirit, bold preaching and dramatic missionary journeys. In addition to providing incredible insights into the growth of the apostolic church, Acts also encourages and challenges Christians today, spurring readers on to wholehearted devotion to Christ. In this newly revised, three-volume collection of sermons, famed preacher Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones explains the message of the first eight chapters of Acts with clear language and pastoral warmth. From Peter’s bold preaching to the dramatic stoning of Stephen, Lloyd-Jones points readers back to the foundational figures and key events of the Christian faith, emphasizing the basic truths undergirding genuine belief.


Table of Contents

Part 1: Acts 1:1-5:14 (partial)

1. Christianity—The Only Hope (1:1–3)

2. The God Who Acts (2:1–2)

3. The Great Fact of Prophecy (2:14–36)

4. Becoming a Christian (2:37–40)

5. Mind, Heart, and Will (2:37–47)

6. Separation (2:37–42)

Part 2: Acts 5:17-7:29 (partial)

1. The Irrationality of Unbelief (5:17–32)

2. “All the Words of This Life” (5:19–20, 29)

3. The Content of the Message (5:29–32)

4. Man’s Great Problem (5:29–32)

5. Repentance—the Door to Forgiveness (5:29–32)

6. The Savior (5:29–32)

Part 3: Acts 7:29-8:30 (partial)

1. The God Who Intervenes (7:29–30)

2. The Miracle of Salvation (7:30–33)

3. God Has Come Down (7:30–35)

4. Complete Victory (7:35–36)

5. God Has Spoken (7:37–38)

6. The Word of God (7:37–38)


SGCB Price: $67.50 (list price $100.00)
JOB: THE HEART OF THE CROSS (Preaching the Word Series)
CHRISTOPHER ASH author of 'Trusting God in the Darkness'

Life can be hard, and sometimes it seems like God doesn’t even care. When faced with difficult trials, many people have resonated with the book of Job—the story of a man who lost nearly everything, seemingly abandoned by God.

In this thorough and accessible commentary, Christopher Ash helps us glean encouragement from God’s Word by directing our attention to the final explanation and ultimate resolution of Job’s story: the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Intended to equip pastors to preach Job’s important message, this commentary highlights God’s grace and wisdom in the midst of redemptive suffering.

Taking a staggeringly honest look at our broken world and the trials that we often face, Ash helps us see God’s sovereign purposes for adversity and the wonderful hope that Christians have in Christ.


Part 1: Job and What Happened to Him (1—3)

Welcome to a Well-Run World (1:1–5)

The Testing of Your Faith (1:6—2:10)

The Loneliness of Job (2:11–13)

Weep with Those Who Weep (3)

Part 2: Job and His Friends (4—31)

Introducing Job’s Comforters: What Not to Say to the Suffering Believer

Eliphaz’s First Speech: A Useless Sermon from a Kind Friend (4, 5)

Job’s First Reply to Eliphaz: The God-Forsaken Living Death (6, 7)

Bildad’s First Speech: The System at Its Simplest (8)

Job’s First Reply to Bildad: The Trouble-Maker Maker (9, 10)

Zophar’s First Speech: The Cruelty of the System (11)

Job’s First Reply to Zophar: A Longing for Resurrection (12—14)

Eliphaz’s Second Speech: On the Scandal of Redemptive Suffering (15)

Job’s Second Reply to Eliphaz: Drinking the Cup of God’s Wrath (16, 17)

Bildad’s Second Speech: The Road to Hell (18)

Job’s Second Reply to Bildad: Is God for Me or against Me? (19)

Zophar’s Second Speech: Another Portrait of Hell (20)

Job’s Second Reply to Zophar: The Good Life (21)

Eliphaz’s Third Speech: Repent and Prosper (22)

Job’s Third Reply to Eliphaz: Your Kingdom Come (23, 24)

Bildad’s Third Speech: A Mortal Cannot Hope to Be Right with God (25)

Job’s Third Reply to Bildad: The Difference between Religion and Wisdom (26)

Job Begins to Sum Up: The Danger of Opposing the Gospel (27)

Why God Won’t Answer My Question (28)

The Longing: A Nostalgia for Paradise (29)

The Lament: The Stripping of Dignity (30)

Job’s Last Word (31)

Part 3: The Answers to Job (32:1—42:6)

Elihu and the Justice of God (32:1–5)

Elihu’s First Speech: The God Who Speaks (32:6—33:33)

Elihu’s Second Speech: Is God Fair? (34)

Elihu’s Third Speech: What’s the Point of Being Good? (35)

Elihu’s Fourth Speech: Cosmic Grandeur and Cosmic Justice (36, 37)

The Lord’s First Speech, Part 1: What Wonderful Knowledge (38:1–38)

The Lord’s First Speech, Part 2: Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw? (38:39—40:5)

The Lord’s Second Speech: Terrifying Evil (40:6—42:6)

Epilogue: The End Comes at the End (42:7–17)

Conclusion: So What Is the Book of Job All About?


“If like me, you have shied away from the book of Job, daunted by its structure and length, do not despair, help has arrived! Christopher Ash has performed a noble service by ‘bashing his head’ against the text and providing us with such a lucid, wonderfully helpful commentary. It is both mind-stretching and heart-warming as it reminds us that like the rest of the Bible, Job is ultimately a book about Jesus.” -Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

“This is one of the finest Biblical commentaries I have had the privilege to read, and certainly the best I know on the wonderful but perplexing book of Job. Christopher Ash takes us into the depths of this book, taking no shortcuts. He guides us through the details, helping us to see the brilliance of the poetry and the profundity of the questions raised. More than this he helps us to see how the sufferings of Jesus shed brilliant light into the darkest corners of Job’s experience. In turn the book of Job deepens our understanding of Jesus’ blameless suffering, and the suffering and darkness experienced by those who share in the sufferings of Christ. This is a powerfully edifying exposition.” -John Woodhouse, Former Principal, Moore Theological College

“This is the book for any who, like me, have been both fascinated and frightened by Job. Christopher Ash brilliantly engages with the interpretive challenge of understanding the text and the emotional challenge of being confronted by the awful reality of suffering and evil in the world. His exposition combines sober realism about what we can expect in the life of faith and great encouragement as we are pointed to the sufferings and glory of Christ.” -Vaughan Roberts, Rector, St Ebbe’s, Oxford, England; Director, The Proclamation Trust; author, God's Big Picture

“Christopher Ash writes beautifully—this book is a delight to read! But that isn’t its greatest strength. Nor is the fact that these pages are filled with nuanced and fresh exegetical insights. Christopher has succeeded in producing the richest, most moving, most deeply cross-centered and God-glorifying treatment of Job I have ever read. This book marries brilliant explanation with powerful gospel-driven application. It is simply a ‘must-have’ resource for anyone intending to preach through Job.” -J. Gary Millar, Principal, Queensland Theological College, Australia; author, Calling on the Name of the Lord and Now Choose Life; coauthor, Saving Eutychus

“A magnificent study of one of the least read and understood books of the Bible. Here is meticulous, detailed exploration of the text, its vocabulary and poetic structure, which opens up its richness and complexity with interpretive sensitivity. This in turn produces a narrative reading that illuminates the revelatory argument of the book as a whole, with its conflict between redemptive grace and religious systems. ‘Honest grappling’ is its characteristic as the imponderable questions of the human condition are played out through the drama of Job’s individual agony. But this is also a preacher’s book, full of human empathy and applicatory wisdom providing nourishment for the deepest recesses of the soul. Supremely, it is a book not about Job’s suffering, but about Job’s God, which leads us to the ultimate answers to all our human enigmas in the reality of Jesus Christ and him crucified. This is a book to return to again and again as a valuable tool to unpack the message of Job in a generation to whom it is strikingly relevant.” -David Jackman, Former President, The Proclamation Trust


SGCB Price: $21.50 (list price $38.00)

SGCB Price: $68.00 (list price $133.00)
THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOB: An Honest Look at Pain and Doubt from the Life of One Who Lost Everything
MIKE MASON, the author of 'The Mystery of Marriage'

Anyone who has suffered knows that there is no such thing as "getting a grip on oneself" or "pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. The only bootstrap in the Christian life is the Cross," says Mason. "Sometimes laying hold of the cross can be comforting, but other times it is like picking up a snake."

Job knew this firsthand. From him we learn that there are no easy answers to suffering. That the mark of true faith is not happiness, but rather, having one's deepest passions be engaged by the enormity of God. And through Job we learn the secret of the gospel: that "mercy is the permission to be human." The Lord never gave Job an explanation for all he had been through. His only answer was Himself. But as Job discovered, that was enough.

The Gospel According to Job sensitively brings the reader to this realization, using a devotional commentary format that reminds them that it's all right to doubt, to be confused, to wonder–in short, to be completely human. But what will heal us and help us endure is a direct, transforming encounter with the living God.


"The profundity of the insights into spiritual life that Mike Mason draws from Job is stunning. What Oswald Chambers once did well, though briefly, Mason has now done better, and on a grander scale. THIS IS IN EVERY WAY A FIVE STAR BOOK!" - J.I. Packer, author of 'Knowing God'

"A keen probing of that personal encounter with God, which cannot take place except through the mystery of suffering. Blunt, bold, shocking, yet humble, and--who can deny it?--the straight truth. Mike Mason has paid the price." - Elisabeth Elliot

MIKE MASON lives with his wife, Karen, in British Columbia, Canada. Mason received a BA with honors and an MA in English from the University of Manitoba. His other books include The Mystery of Marriage, The Mystery of the Word, and The Furniture of Heaven. He now writes full-time and divides his attention equally between fiction and devotional writing.


SGCB Price: $19.95 (list price $35.00)

SGCB Price: $68.00 (list price $133.00)

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COVENANTAL APOLOGETICS: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith
K. Scott Oliphint, Foreword by William Edgar

Defending the faith can be daunting, and a well-reasoned and biblically grounded apologetic is essential for the challenge. Following in the footsteps of groundbreaking apologist Cornelius Van Til, Scott Oliphint presents us with an introduction to Reformed apologetics as he sets forth the principles behind a distinctly “covenantal” approach. This book clearly explains the theological foundations of covenantal apologetics and illustrates its application in real-world conversations with unbelievers—helping Christians to boldly, knowledgeably, and winsomely proclaim the gospel.


Foreword by William Edgar




Christian Truth

Required to Respond

What Is Covenantal Apologetics?

The Ten Tenets

Tenets and Texts


"I Am"

Condescension and Apologetics

He Who Is Not with Me


Paul at Athens

Where Shall I Flee?

Proving the Proofs

What a Burden

How Do You Know?


“Trivial” Matters



The Good Fight

Negative Apologetics

Positive Apologetics


The Wisdom of Persuasion

The Spirit of Persuasion

Dennett, Dawkins, and Doubt

A Concluding Word to the Wise


Idol Worship

God Is (Not?) Great



General Index

Scripture Index


“A major undertaking in Christian apologetics, this volume makes a most timely and welcome contribution. By labeling the apologetic task ‘covenantal,’ Scott Oliphint highlights throughout that the presuppositions of ‘presuppositional apologetics’ are the clear and indubitable teachings of Scripture and not a postmodern understanding of presuppositions. Comprehensive in its scope, this balanced mix of principles and practice provides valuable instruction to a broad range of readers. I commend it most highly, especially to those concerned with responding to the challenges of unbelief, both present and perennial, in growing fidelity to Scripture as God’s Word.” -Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Emeritus Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

“In a day marked by shallow thinking, weak reasoning, and arguments lacking in both theological and biblical depth, Oliphint offers an arsenal of apologetic insight. His affirmation and exposition of a covenantal apologetic brings a vital biblical and theological dimension to the apologetic task. Believers seeking to give an answer for the hope that is in us will enthusiastically receive this book.” -R. Albert Mohler Jr., President and Centennial Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“K. Scott Oliphint has done a service for the church in wonderfully translating the venerable Van Tillian apologetic approach into more accessible categories. By laying out the principles and practice of covenantal apologetics, Oliphint moves beyond mere description to the actual practice of apologetics in the contemporary world. Grounded in Scripture and Reformed theology, upholding the lordship of Christ in all of life, eschewing neutrality in our thinking, and tackling the hard cases of the problem of evil, naturalistic evolution, and Islam, Oliphint in a step-by-step way teaches us how to defend Christianity in a biblically faithful and persuasive manner. I highly recommend this work for anyone who is serious about engaging people with the truth of the gospel.” -Stephen J. Wellum, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, God the Son Incarnate; Kingdom through Covenant; and Christ from Beginning to End

“Whatever your view and practice of defending your faith, Covenantal Apologetics will both motivate and equip you for the task in a way that is persuasive, winsome, clearly structured, thoroughly biblical, and most importantly, Christ-exalting. Dr. Oliphint explains how much we lose by seeking to engage unbelievers on their own turf of rational skepticism. He compares it to trying to get out of Oz by simply following the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ of unbelief. Rather than giving a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to apologetics, he roots us in the unequivocal authority of God’s existence and his self-revelation, and brings principles down to earth by providing potential conversations with a humanist, an atheist, an evolutionist, and a Muslim. If you want to grow in your confidence in Scripture, your evangelistic fruitfulness, and your love for the Savior, read this book.” -Bob Kauflin, Director, Sovereign Grace Music; author, Worship Matters and True Worshipers

“Engaging unbelief is the work of every believer in a post-Christian culture. In everyday conversations (offline and online) pluralism demands we give equal value to all religious beliefs. To stabilize us in this culture, we turn to God’s revelation in Scripture. Drawing from his own experience and offering concrete dialogues, apologist Scott Oliphint models a Christian response to unbelief and has delivered the type of book we desperately need—biblically grounded, God-centered, jargon-pruned, and clearly written. Covenantal Apologetics is an essential tool to meet unbelief with the hope inside us—the hope of the gospel.” -Tony Reinke, journalist; author, 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

“With seismic changes in our society’s perception of life—and especially of human rights—the need for Christians to give reason for their faith is even greater today. Scott Oliphint comes to our aid by bringing what is often food that only giraffes can eat (the field technically called apologetics) right down to the grasp of Christ’s lambs. Here is a book that will enable you to argue intelligently from Scripture, in the midst of a plethora of false philosophies and religions, as to why the world needs Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. So come to the table, O lambs of Christ, and enjoy a culinary experience you once only wistfully watched at a distance!” -Conrad Mbewe, Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia

“Covenantal Apologetics places the defense of the Christian faith where it belongs: in a rich texture of appropriate contexts, beginning with the self-revelation of the triune God in the Bible and his created universe, and the covenantal relationship of all people (rebellious and redeemed) with their personal Creator. Instead of offering formulaic arguments to win debating points, Oliphint urges Christians to bring a full-orbed theology of God and humanity, of creation and redemption, along with dependence on the sovereign Spirit of God, as we winsomely and forthrightly engage proponents of unbelief and other beliefs. Especially helpful is the opportunity to hear principles translated into practice by listening in on sample dialogues with spokespersons for humanism, atheism, and Islam.” -Dennis E. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California; author, Him We Proclaim; Walking with Jesus through His Word; and Journeys with Jesus

“Few people have thought as deeply and carefully as Scott Oliphint about the relationship between confessional Reformed theology and Christian apologetics. There has been much talk in recent years about ‘covenantal apologetics,’ but it has consisted mainly of informal discussions scattered across the blogosphere. What has been sorely needed is a definitive book-length exposition by a well-regarded scholarly advocate. No one is better qualified than Dr. Oliphint to take on that task, and he has not disappointed. This book clearly explains the theological foundations of covenantal apologetics and illustrates its application in real-world conversations with unbelievers.” -James N. Anderson, Carl W. McMurray Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

“Oliphint’s refreshingly Christ-centered approach to persuasively engaging unbelievers with the truth of God equips readers not merely for an intellectual contest of demolishing arguments, but also for a spiritual battle against the suppression of truth in the human heart.” -Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden

“I am grateful to see Oliphint taking Reformed apologetics in a more accessible, less technical, and richly biblical-theological direction. His approach to apologetics is uniquely centered on God’s revelation in Christ and emphasizes persuasion aimed at the heart over argumentation targeting the head alone. The book goes beyond merely discussing principles to presenting thorough case studies demonstrating how the principles of covenantal apologetics can be put into practice. As a professor and pastor, I will recommend this to many people and assign it in my apologetics courses.” -Justin S. Holcomb, Episcopal Priest; Adjunct Professor of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando; coauthor, Rid of My Disgrace and God Made All of Me; editor, Christian Theologies of Scripture

“In attempting to put to rest the term ‘presuppositional,’ Oliphint integrates the best insights from his philosophical expertise in the Westminster Seminary tradition with the best insights from the Westminster Assembly theological tradition. The result: a book that aims at both the mind and the heart. As a pastor, I welcome books that offer a consistently Reformed approach to a defense of Christianity, for they are few and far between. This may be the best one yet.” -Mark Jones, Teaching Elder, Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Dr. Oliphint has given us a very important presentation of Christian apologetics for our day. His discussions draw heavily from Scripture in ways that are accessible to a wide range of Christian readers. He stands in the stream of presuppositional apologetics, and he makes great strides toward dealing with contemporary challenges to the faith. Followers of Christ who want to reach the lost will find this book invaluable.” -Richard L. Pratt Jr., Cofounder and President, Third Millennium Ministries

K. Scott Oliphint (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and has written numerous scholarly articles and books, including God With Us. He is also the coeditor of the two-volume Christian Apologetics Past and Present: A Primary Source Reader and Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics.


SGCB Price: $20.95 (list price $30.00)

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Where Is God?

There are never quick fixes or easy answers when it comes to suffering. But even when we can’t immediately see God’s hand—when the struggle is hard and painful—he is working. Weaving together Scripture, personal stories, and the words of the classic hymn “How Firm a Foundation,” David Powlison brings an experienced counselor’s touch to exploring how God enters into our sufferings, helping us see God working in our own particular struggles—and discover how God’s grace goes deeper than we could ever imagine.

Table of Contents


1. Your Significant Suffering

2. How Firm a Foundation

3. Listen Well

4. I Am with You

5. I Am with You for a Purpose

6. My Loving Purpose Is Your Transformation

7. I Will Prove My Love to the End of Your Life

8. I Will Never Fail You



General Index

Scripture Index


“Whenever my friend David Powlison offers insights on handling hardships, I listen. Far from dispensing ivory-tower platitudes, David takes anchors from Scripture and bolts them firmly into our thinking, providing practical steps in embracing the God of the Bible who, incidentally, wrote the book on suffering. David’s wisdom has helped me through a significant portion of my years as a quadriplegic, and I highly commend God’s Grace in Your Suffering. What a great guide for those who, every day, journey the hard, bloodstained path to Calvary.” -Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“Sometimes navigating the advice of others while in the midst of suffering can be an added trial. Powlison puts all of that to rest by giving readers the gospel—showing them the firm foundation of the Word. He puts the compass of God’s Word in our trembling hands and points us to true north: Christ himself.” -Gloria Furman, author, Alive in Him and Labor with Hope

“Tender, refreshing, and thoroughly biblical, God’s Grace in Your Suffering is a cup of cold water for those in the desert of suffering. Writing from the perspective of both a fellow sufferer and a wise counselor, Powlison gently leads us to find God’s goodness, grace, and comforting presence in our pain. We see how God is at work in our trials and can bring gold out of our afflictions. My copy is well marked as I know I will refer to this insightful book again and again!” -Vaneetha Rendall Risner, author, Walking through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption

“Because David Powlison understands that ‘profound good in our lives often emerges in a crucible of significant suffering,’ he is fit to lead us in a workshop on suffering and God’s grace. And that’s exactly what God’s Grace in Your Suffering is—a workshop where Powlison walks us through Scripture, the hymn ‘How Firm a Foundation,’ and our (and his) experiences, that we may see God’s goodness and seek God’s grace in and through our suffering.” -Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; author, The Leadership Formula

“Here’s a short book that is long on biblical wisdom for real life. I look forward to putting this book into the hands of those who struggle to connect the promises of the Bible with the painful realities of life in this world in a way that brings peace.” -Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden

“Yes and amen! David Powlison brings together suffering and the powerful, tender God who is with us in our sufferings and in whom they have meaning and purpose. You will find a big-picture view that breathes hope and encouragement, as well as profound nuggets that you will want to tape up over the kitchen sink to savor. As always, David makes things practical, personal, and ‘ordinary.’ If you live in this broken world, you will want to read this book!” -Elizabeth W. D. Groves, Lecturer in Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary; author, Grief Undone and Becoming a Widow

David Powlison (1949–2019) was a teacher, a counselor, and the executive director of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation. He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and was also the senior editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling. He wrote a number of books, including How Does Sanctification Work?; Making All Things New; and God's Grace in Your Suffering.

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SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $12.00)

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Christ-Centered Wisdom for the Daily Demands of Motherhood

Moms are busy—and they are looking for methods to manage the madness. From grocery shopping to soccer practice, running a household is exhausting work, sometimes making it hard for mothers to experience joy in the midst of the craziness of life.

As a pastor’s wife and mother of four, Gloria Furman encourages women to refocus and reorient their vision of motherhood in this thoughtful resource for frazzled moms. Showing them how to pursue a vibrant and ever-growing relationship with Christ—even when discouragement sets in and the dirty laundry is still waiting to be washed—this book recasts the monotony of everyday life, showing how moms can treasure Christ more deeply no matter how busy they are. This updated edition of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full features study questions that women can work through individually or as part of a small group.



Introduction: Stamp Eternity on My Eyeballs

Part 1: God Made Motherhood for Himself

Chapter 1: Hands Full of Blessings

Chapter 2: God Displays His Handiwork in the Maternal Instinct

Chapter 3: Mommy Brain

Chapter 4: Family Tradition #1: We Always Need God’s Grace

Part 2: Motherhood as Worship

Chapter 5: A Mother’s “Call to Worship”

Chapter 6: A Mother’s Love

Chapter 7: Mommy Doesn’t Always Know Best

Chapter 8: The Good News and Mommy’s No-Good, Very Bad Day

Chapter 9: The Fictitious Mother of the Year

Chapter 10: Mothers Are Weak, but He Is Strong

Chapter 11: The Big Story of Motherhood

Conclusion: A Mother’s Testimony of Peace


Scripture Index


“These pages are filled with such helpful honesty and gospel centrality as we’re invited to look at the wonderful and messy world of motherhood! Reading it was like opening a window in the stuffy room of pretense, guilt, and self-focus that often press in on us as mothers. Let the windows fly open and come breathe the fresh air of grace!” -Kristyn Getty, hymn writer and recording artist

“As mothers, our to-do list is never ending, and many well-meaning people pile on how-to lists to try to help us manage it all. Here’s good news: Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full refreshes the soul with gospel truths and is not a how-to book. Gloria Furman shares the liberating gospel on every page, helping us fix our eyes on eternity rather than on our circumstances. You won’t come away with yet another thing to do; instead you’ll know the one who gave it all for you and has much to say in his Word to sustain you.” -Trillia Newbell, author, If God Is For Us: The Everlasting Truth of Our Great Salvation

“Moms do not need another book telling them how short they fall or what they can do to ‘be a better parent.’ Moms need a book that will lift their eyes away from themselves and onto Christ. Gloria Furman has delivered just that book. Her honesty about her daily struggles and her hope in her strong Savior are a delightful encouragement. The grand picture of God and his redeeming love that Gloria paints gives courage to face each day. We will be recommending this book to future moms, new moms, and moms that have been at it for years.” -Jessica Thompson and Elyse Fitzpatrick, coauthors, Give Them Grace

“Oh, how I wish I had had a voice like Gloria Furman’s to whisper such sweet gospel truths into the frustrations and discontent of my younger mothering days! There’s nothing simplistic or syrupy here. This book presents rich and deep wisdom that is sure to generate joy and peace in the homes and hearts of many moms.” -Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden

“A stunning invitation to see Christ in and through the everyday mundane. Every mother needs to read this book, to bathe her soul in the truth of the gospel, to ‘stamp eternity on her eyeballs,’ and then come back tomorrow and do it all again. This book should sit on every nightstand of every weary mother wondering if there is anything more to look forward to than another sink full of dirty dishes, another day full of cleaning and wiping, cooking and scrubbing. The answer Gloria points us to is Jesus. And he is more than enough. I will be buying this book by the case and giving it away to all the moms I meet!” -Joy Forney, missionary mama; proud wife; blogger at GraceFullMama.com

“I was wonderfully blessed by this book. With personal examples and teaching immersed in Scripture, Gloria invites us to savor Christ, the deepest need and joy of every mother. I certainly will reread it and look forward to recommending it to others.” -Trisha DeYoung, happy wife to Kevin DeYoung, author of Just Do Something and Crazy Busy; stay-at-home adventurous mother of six

“We need this book. In the frenetic and sometimes overwhelming task of parenting, it’s hard to remember the gospel. Thank God for Gloria Furman! She helps us worship Jesus in the midst of chaotic commotion and see ‘interruptions’ as invitations to joyfully trust him. Both mothers and fathers will find deep encouragement here!" -Jon and Pam Bloom, President, Desiring God, and his wife

AUTHOR: Gloria Furman (MACE, Dallas Theological Seminary) lives in the Middle East where her husband, Dave, serves as the pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai. She is the author of many books, including Labor with Hope; Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full; and Glimpses of Grace.


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Beautiful, High-Quality Bible for a Lifetime of Reading

The ESV Single Column Heritage Bible is a beautiful and practical edition for frequent readers of God’s Word. It features extra-smooth sewn binding and a ribbon marker. The text is presented in a highly readable, single-column setting with a large font size and line matching. Created with a high-quality TruTone cover, this Bible is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Easy-to-Read Format: Single-column layout with generous margins and line matching

Lifetime Guarantee: Elegant TruTone cover designed to last

References for Easier Bible Study: Includes full-color maps and a ribbon marker

Format: TruTone

Type Size: 9.25

Page Layout: Single Column

Page Count: 2,064

Size: 5.5 in x 8.25 in

Weight: 36.75 ounces

ISBN-10: 1-4335-9195-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-9195-2

ISBN-UPC: 9781433591952

Published: February 15, 2024


SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $50.00)

SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $50.00)

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KNOWING GOD: The Classic 50th Anniversary Edition


J. I. Packer’s Bestselling Book, 'Knowing God', Now Available in a Beautiful Hardcover Edition

'Knowing God' by J. I. Packer is a modern Christian classic. Since its original publication in 1973, Packer’s insightful and practical approach has impacted countless Christians throughout the world as they are introduced to the wonder and joy of knowing God.

In this beloved work, Packer challenges readers that while they may know about God, it is not the same thing as knowing him. Organized into 3 sections, Knowing God explains the importance of theological study of the Lord, what the Bible has to say about God and his character, and the benefits of knowing him. From cover to cover, Packer teaches that each truth learned about God should ultimately lead to prayer and praise.

*Accessible: Written for Christians of all backgrounds and denominations, as well as new believers

*Practical and Insightful: Addresses many common questions about faith, including Who needs theology?, What does it mean to be adopted into the family of God?, and Can God communicate his plan to us?

*Beautiful Hardcover Edition: Perfect for a lifetime of reading and for giving as a gift

*Written by Bestselling Author J. I. Packer: His other books include Growing in Christ; A Quest for Godliness; Rediscovering Holiness; and more


Preface (1993)

Preface (1973)


Chapter 1: The Study of God

Chapter 2: The People Who Know Their God

Chapter 3: Knowing and Being Known

Chapter 4: The Only True God

Chapter 5: God Incarnate

Chapter 6: He Shall Testify


Chapter 7: God Unchanging

Chapter 8: The Majesty of God

Chapter 9: God Only Wise

Chapter 10: God’s Wisdom and Ours

Chapter 11: Thy Word Is Truth

Chapter 12: The Love of God

Chapter 13: The Grace of God

Chapter 14: God the Judge

Chapter 15: The Wrath of God

Chapter 16: Goodness and Severity

Chapter 17: The Jealous God

Part 3: IF GOD BE FOR US . . .

Chapter 18: The Heart of the Gospel

Chapter 19: Sons of God

Chapter 20: Thou Our Guide

Chapter 21: These Inward Trials

Chapter 22: The Adequacy of God

General Index

Scripture Index


“Knowing God is a masterpiece by a master theologian. It serves as a wake-up call for those who are asleep to the majesty of God.” -R.C. Sproul

“For years I have been asked to list the top twenty Christian books I have read. Knowing God has been on that list since the mid-1970s. This volume is Packer at his very best.” -Chuck Swindoll

“The books and essays Dr. Packer has written could fill shelves, but he is still known best for his fine work in Knowing God. Others may have followed with books about desiring, loving, serving or seeking God, but Dr. Packers volume says it simply, says it best.” - Joni Eareckson Tada

“[Packers] style is succinct, vivid and epigrammatic. His perspective is mind-stretching, as he surveys the whole biblical scene. And the truth he handles fires the heart. At least it fired mine, and compelled me to turn aside to worship and to pray.” -John R.W. Stott

"There isn't a song I've written that hasn't been impacted by the point of view in this book. Knowing God not only points to the door, it provides the key, helps us open it and prepares us for the One we shall discover waiting for us on the other side. In his book Packer rescues us from the private religious hunches of our theologically fickle age, from the gigantic conspiracy of misdirection that would rob us of the deep simple joy of knowing God.” - Michael Card

“Here is a theologian who puts the hay where the sheep can reach it plainly shows us ordinary folks what it means to know God.” -Elisabeth Elliot

“I don’t often endorse a book this way, but I will for Knowing God. If there is one book that every single Christian should read alongside the Bible, it is this book. Filled with theological beauty that lives where we all live, this book will cause you to love your Lord more earnestly, to worship him more deeply, and to serve him more joyfully. This book is so rich, you shouldn’t read it just once, but over and over again.” -Paul David Tripp, author, New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

“Jesus Christ taught that eternal life is knowing God (John 17:3). This book by J. I. Packer helps us to do just that. Short chapters (originally magazine articles) are arranged to draw us to study more closely various aspects of God’s nature and character. What could be more edifying? Over the last fifty years, I have found countless people who have been informed, encouraged, and brought to worship by the pages of this book. I know I have been, and pray that you will be, too.” -Mark Dever, Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

“There are very few books that communicate such glorious truth—and communicate it as succinctly and as well—as Knowing God. Through Packer’s penetrating mind and gifted pen, the majesty of God and the wonder of the gospel shine through on every page. Easily one of the most influential books of the last half century.” -Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina; Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

“Knowing God is one of the best books I have ever read. And J. I. Packer is one of the best thinkers I have ever known. If a great book combines a great topic with a great writer, then Knowing God is truly great. So much in our world today is second-rate, but this book is a treasure we can enjoy deeply—and because of it, know God better!” -Ray Ortlund, President, Renewal Ministries

"Theocentricity is a big and imposing word that simply means “God-centered.” To be theocentric means that God himself is the core of all you believe, and the governing, gravitational force of all you do. And in my judgment, no one in recent memory more readily embodied this perspective on life more than the late J.I. Packer (1926–2020), especially in his classic work, 'Knowing God'.

James Inell Packer is justifiably known for much. His rigorous, thoroughly biblical articulation of penal substitutionary atonement, his unwavering defense of biblical inerrancy, and his penetrating insights into the contribution of the Puritans are just a few of the many qualities for which he is remembered. But when he himself was asked, 'What is the best thing in life, bringing more joy, delight, and contentment than anything else?' he did not hesitate to answer: the knowledge of God.

Those who have not yet taken a deep dive into 'Knowing God' should know that Packer never anticipated its effect on the Christian world. In the preface to the 1993 edition, he marvels that it had sold more than one million copies and had been translated into more than a dozen languages—and that nearly thirty years ago.

So much more could be said about this classic of the Christian faith, and even then, I could hardly do it justice. So let me close with the words with which Packer himself concludes his book: “Thou hast said, ‘Seek ye my face.’ My heart says to thee, ‘Thy face, Lord, do I seek’” (Psalm 27:8 RSV). If this book moves any of its readers to identify more closely with the psalmist at this point, it will not have been written in vain”." - Sam Storms, as of September 1, 2022, Sam became Pastor Emeritus of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.



KNOWING GOD: Classic 50th Anniversary Edition

CONCISE THEOLOGY: A Concise Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

GOD HAS SPOKEN: The Classic Reformed Doctrine of Scripture

A QUEST FOR GODLINESS: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life

SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $30.00)

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SGCB Price: $60.00 (list price $125.00)

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Why Is It Critical for Christians to Study the Past?

How does knowledge of the past shape Christians’ views of God, Christ’s redemption, and humanity as a whole? In his new book, Vern S. Poythress teaches Christians how to study and write about the past by emphasizing God’s own command to remember his works and share them with the next generation. Readers will explore concepts such as providentialism, Christian historiography, divine purpose, and the 4 basic phases of biblical history: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. By learning how to appropriately study history, believers will begin to recognize God’s lordship over all events and how even minor incidents fit into his overarching plan.


Chapter 1: The Importance of History

Part 1: What We Need in Order to Analyze History: Essential Resources That God Supplies

Chapter 2: Experiencing History

Chapter 3: Foundations for Historical Analysis

Chapter 4: Spiritual Antithesis: Darkness and Light

Chapter 5: Reductionistic Historical Analysis

Chapter 6: Understanding People

Chapter 7: Understanding Historical Causes

Chapter 8: Miracles

Part 2: History in the Bible: How the Bible Goes about Writing History

Chapter 9: Unity in Biblical History

Chapter 10: Diversity in Biblical History

Chapter 11: The Uniqueness of the Bible

Part 3: Understanding God's Purposes in History: Divine Purposes—and Our Limitations—in the Study of History

Chapter 12: God in Biblical History

Chapter 13: Cautions in Understanding Divine Purposes

Chapter 14: The Value of Recognizing Divine Purposes

Chapter 15: Biblical Principles Guiding Historical Understanding

Chapter 16: Academic Historical Analysis

Chapter 17: Pressure toward Religious “Neutrality”

Chapter 18: Applying Principles from Revelation

Part 4: What Does History Writing Look Like? Examples of Challenges in Writing about Particular Periods

Chapter 19: Christianity in the Roman Empire

Chapter 20: Interpreting the Reformation and Beyond

Chapter 21: Histories of Other Civilizations

Part 5: Alternative Versions of How to Think about History: Competing Ways of Doing History among Christians

Chapter 22: Five Versions of Historiography

Chapter 23: Evaluating Providentialism

Chapter 24: Other Versions of Christian Historiography

Chapter 25: Perspectives on Historiography

Chapter 26: Further Reflection on Providentialism

Appendix: Providence according to Mark Noll


General Index

Scripture Index


“Vern Poythress has written carefully about how a proper Christian doctrine of providence should (and should not) shape a believer’s understanding of human history. His book is particularly welcome in showing that ‘history’ includes a wide range of possibilities and that most of them can contribute (though in different ways) to Christian study of the past.” -Mark A. Noll, author, Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind

“Can we think Christianly about history in its two senses of the events of the past and the written account of those events? Vern Poythress affirms that we can. He seeks guidance from the Bible about how the past should be understood by believers and about how Christian historians should undertake their vocation. He places God at the center of both.” -David Bebbington, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Stirling

“Redeeming Our Thinking about History continues Vern Poythress’s penetrating analysis of various fields of human intellectual endeavor. In continuity with his previous volumes, Poythress writes on why history is important and how best to read history—whether biblical or secular—in a God-honoring fashion. While capable of stratospheric thinking and communication, the author in this delightful volume simply takes the reader by the hand and leads him or her to the innumerable problems and issues of historical analysis, then resolves those vast and complicated topics. This approach taps into Poythress’s decades of examining and interpreting the Bible and presents very clear paths for readers to follow. Those insights are combined with practical principles to help us understand events in our own lives. Highly recommended.” -Richard C. Gamble, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“With a lucid brevity that Calvin might envy, Poythress covers a broad array of relevant topics in his treatment of redeeming our thinking about history. He strikes just the right balance between common grace and the antithesis as it applies to meanings, events, and people, arguing against all reductionistic approaches (such as Marxism or logical positivism) and covering matters as widespread as the unity, diversity, and uniqueness of the Bible; providence; and the limits of our understanding. He demonstrates the inescapability of a religious stance in writing history and urges that it be done from a truly biblical perspective, arguing for a multi-perspectival approach that will yield the richest and most textured historical account—one that acknowledges God’s providence while remembering our creaturely limits in discerning the meaning of his superintendence of history.” -Alan D. Strange, Professor of Church History, Mid-America Reformed Seminary; author, The Doctrine of the Spirituality of the Church in the Ecclesiology of Charles Hodge

Vern S. Poythress (PhD, Harvard University; ThD, University of Stellenbosch) is Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has taught for four decades. In addition to earning six academic degrees, he is the author of numerous books and articles on biblical interpretation, language, and science.


SGCB Price: $14.50 (list price $25.00)

SGCB Price: $25.00 (list price $50.00)

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REDEEMING REASON: A God-Centered Approach & REDEEMING SCIENCE: A God-Centered Approach


(1) REDEEMING REASON: A God-Centered Approach

Vern S. Poythress Explains the Laws of Human Reasoning and How to Apply Them in Light of the Gospel

Humans use reasoning to understand and order the world around us. We apply this logic in a variety of contexts, from classifying simple objects to considering complex philosophies. But how should our identity as Christians—made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26–27) with minds renewed by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 12:1–2)—inform our reasoning?

Vern S. Poythress explains how all human reasoning reflects God’s nature. Providing a foundational understanding of God as the source of rationality, Poythress details the 3 fundamental laws of logic—identity, contradiction, and excluded middle—with a strong focus on analogical reasoning. This robust guide explains types of analogy, ethics applied to logic, the use of analogies in the doctrines of God, and more to give readers a renewed perspective on how to use reason as a follower of God.

Thorough Study of Reasoning: Explores the 3 fundamental laws of logic along with various kinds of analogy, including syllogistic reasoning, formal deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and scientific models

From the Author of Logic: A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought: This book continues Poythress’s look at reasoning, placing it under the lordship of Christ

Great for Students, Pastors, and Christian Philosophers: Includes helpful visuals and appendices for learning and applying various systems of logic


“Vern Poythress explores the pathways of human reasoning with simplicity and clarity. What is especially intriguing and unusual about this book, however, is the way in which he grounds human reasoning in the triune God, strongly emphasizing its analogical dimension. As a result, he helps us to think carefully about careful thinking, and to do so in the presence of our Lord. There is much of value in this book that will stimulate your thinking—and your reasoning!” -Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“We live in an age in which people have largely forgotten how to think. They emote, they assert, and they yell; but one of the most powerful human goods—our rational capacity—has atrophied for lack of use. Our superintelligent, suprarational God has given us intellectual gifts to navigate the world, and it’s high time we recover how we are to use them. In this much-needed volume, Vern Poythress helps us to be rational without being rationalists and reasonable without forfeiting our affections. As a mathematician, theologian, and New Testament scholar, there is no one better equipped to help us redeem reason than Poythress.” -C. Ben Mitchell, professor; author, Ethics and Moral Reasoning: A Student’s Guide

(2) REDEEMING SCIENCE: A God-Centered Approach

Many people think science is antagonistic to Christian belief. Science, it is said, shows that the universe is billions of years old, while the Bible says it is only thousands of years old. And some claim that science shows supernatural miracles are impossible. These and other points of contention cause some Christians to view science as a threat to their beliefs.

Redeeming Science attempts to kindle our appreciation for science as it ought to be-science that could serve as a path for praising God and serving fellow human beings. Through examining the wonderfully complex and immutable laws of nature, author Vern Poythress explains, we ought to recognize the wisdom, care, and beauty of God. A Christian worldview restores a true response to science, where we praise the God who created nature and cares for it.


"Poythress shows how a proper understanding of biblical theology makes possible not just one but many credible harmonizations of biblical and scientific truth. Along the way, he provides an insightful defense of the theory of intelligent design as a viable scientific research program. His examination of the mathematical beauty inherent in the universe gives yet another compelling reason to acknowledge the wisdom and design that lie behind physical reality." -Stephen C. Meyer, Director, Center for Science and Culture, Discovery Institute; New York Times best-selling author, Darwin’s Doubt

"With doctorates in both New Testament and mathematics, and with a solid commitment to orthodox Reformed theology, Vern Poythress is uniquely qualified to write on the theology of science. This is by far the most important book you can read on this subject. I recommend it without reservation." -John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Sound theology meets sound science in this book as Vern Poythress shows us how to see the beauty of God's character revealed in everything that scientists study in the created universe." -Wayne Grudem, Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary

"Poythress's analysis of the relationship between science and faith proceeds from an unapologetic, undisguised confession of belief in Christ, clear-minded evaluation of the nature of science, careful analysis of Scripture, and honest reflection on the present state of this debate." -T. M. Moore, Pastor of Teaching Ministries, Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, Tennessee; author, Consider the Lilies: A Plea for Creational Theology

Vern S. Poythress (PhD, Harvard University; ThD, University of Stellenbosch) is Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has taught for four decades. In addition to earning six academic degrees, he is the author of numerous books and articles on biblical interpretation, language, and science.


(1) REDEEMING REASON: A God-Centered Approach
SGCB Price: $14.95 (list price $25.00)

(2) REDEEMING SCIENCE: A God-Centered Approach
SGCB Price: $18.95 (list price $30.00)

SGCB Price: $42.00 (list price $80.00)

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ESV CHURCH HISTORY STUDY BIBLE: Voices from the Past, Wisdom for the Present
Featuring Notes on the Bible Text from Important Figures in Church History, Including Augustine, Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, and C. S. Lewis

The ESV Church History Study Bible is designed to help believers in all seasons of life understand the Bible with notes from over 300 of church history’s most prominent figures.

Edited by Stephen J. Nichols, Gerald Bray, and Keith A. Mathison, this Bible features 20,000+ study notes from historical figures including Athanasius of Alexandria, John Chrysostom, Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, and Charles Spurgeon. This study Bible also includes articles by trusted scholars on major aspects of church history, a glossary of historical figures, and “This Passage in History” callouts. Created for serious readers, students, and teachers of God’s Word, the ESV Church History Study Bible highlights voices from the past offering wisdom for the present.

**20,000 Study Notes: Features commentary notes from prominent figures in church history, including Martin Luther, John Bunyan, and Charles Spurgeon

**References for Easier Bible Study: Includes an introduction to each book, a glossary of historical figures, a full concordance, and ecumenical creeds of the church

**In-Depth Scholarship: Features 12 articles about the different phases of church history, the differences in Christian traditions, the history of biblical interpretation, and more

**High-Quality Production: Features a smyth-sewn binding and easy-to-read format

**Editors: Edited by Stephen J. Nichols (General Editor), Gerald Bray, and Keith A. Mathison (Associate Editors)


“The apostle Paul prayed that Christians would have strength to comprehend the dimensions of Christ’s love together ‘with all the saints’ (Eph. 3:18), and there is a sense in which that should be both our own prayer and our approach when we study any biblical truth or indeed any passage in Scripture. But how can we ordinary Christians do this without access to a vast library of resources from the two-thousand-year history of the church? The ESV Church History Study Bible is one very substantial and wonderfully helpful answer. Here, without detracting from the importance of being able to ‘read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest’ the Word of God itself, readers are invited to sit down with some of the greatest and most spiritually tuned minds of the ages and engage in Bible study together with them. They may not be ‘all the saints’ but they are certainly ones you would choose to help you in Bible study! The ESV Church History Study Bible promises to be a long-lasting gift to every Christian home and will provide a lifetime of help and encouragement.” -Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“I want my preaching to reflect biblical insights from the past as well as the present. So, my preparation typically includes commentary from the church fathers, Reformers, Puritans, and other leaders from church history. Now the ESV Church History Study Bible puts those riches within easy reach of every student of the Word of God. This new resource will help pastors and other Bible teachers expound, illustrate, and apply the Scriptures with greater clarity, creativity, and conviction.” -Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

“The ESV Church History Study Bible is an exceptional resource merging the clarity of the ESV translation and the rich history of the Christian church. Containing valuable articles and commentary from the church’s most trusted historians and theologians, this study Bible allows readers to peer through the windows of each era of church history where the mighty acts of God are unmistakably on display. May God use this volume to ignite a new generation of believers passionate about the past, present, and future in which God’s plan continues to unfold in Jesus Christ.” -Dustin Benge, Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Historical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, The Loveliest Place

“The same Holy Spirit who inspired the Scriptures has illumined the church to receive and understand it. We do not read the Word of God as the first ever to do so but in a long line of those whom the Spirit has taught and from whose insights we continue to benefit. The ESV Church History Study Bible brings the fruit of that light to enrich our study of God’s Word.” -Alan D. Strange, Professor of Church History, Mid-America Reformed Seminary

“It is a great joy and a true blessing to read Scripture with God’s saints across the generations. The ESV Church History Study Bible is an impressive resource that has tremendous potential to strengthen and deepen people’s faith. Take and read.” -Timothy Larsen, McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Wheaton College

“It is said we stand on the shoulders of giants. In this unique study Bible, readers will be connected with the voices of the faithful from generations past. This will enhance the reader’s worship of God and enrich their understanding of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.” -John Mark Yeats, Professor of Church History, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

BNT23 esvsbsx CH823

HARDCOVER EDITION Features a smyth-sewn binding and easy-to-read format
SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $60.00)

TruTone®, Brown/Walnut, Timeless Design
SGCB Price: $40.00 (list price $80.00)
PUBLISHED ON December 08, 2022

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STEPHEN CHARNOCK, Edited by Mark Jones


A Classic Work on the Nature of God by Stephen Charnock

Stephen Charnock was a highly regarded seventeenth-century English Puritan theologian whose writings have continued to influence the church for centuries. He is known for his sophisticated approach to topics such as the existence and attributes of God, the person and work of Christ, and the doctrine of sin.

This two-volume set, edited by Mark Jones, contains an updated and unabridged edition of Charnock's classic work, Discourses upon the Existence and Attributes of God, written to instruct and encourage Christian pastors, theologians, and laypeople. Jones precedes each discourse with an introductory summary that explains Charnock’s general approach. In this clear, modernized presentation of this classic work, readers will experience his skillful exegesis, his influential way with words, his insight into human nature, his concern with the practical implications of who God is, and his Christ-focused approach to theology.

Modernized Language: Archaic punctuation, words, and phrases have been updated for the modern reader

Updated Bibliographic Information: In the footnotes, Charnock’s sources have been located and updated with fuller bibliographic information, showing how widely read he was

Chapter Summaries: Each discourse begins with a summary of the chapter to follow

Extensive: Covers Charnock’s defense of God’s existence and 11 attributes of God

Includes In-Depth Chapter on the Life of Stephen Charnock by William Symington


Editor’s Introduction

Life and Character of Stephen Charnock

Volume 1: Discourses 1–8

Discourse 1: On God’s Existence

Discourse 2: On Practical Atheism

Discourse 3: On God’s Being a Spirit

Discourse 4: On Spiritual Worship

Discourse 5: On the Eternity of God

Discourse 6: On the Immutability of God

Discourse 7: On God’s Omnipresence

Discourse 8: On God’s Knowledge

Volume 2: Discourses 9–14

Discourse 9: On the Wisdom of God

Discourse 10: On the Power of God

Discourse 11: On the Holiness of God

Discourse 12: On the Goodness of God

Discourse 13: On God’s Dominion

Discourse 14: On God’s Patience

General Index

Scripture Index


“God and his infinite excellencies are endlessly engrossing. What wisdom, insight, comfort, and challenge are found in Charnock’s voluminous ruminations! Unpublished in his lifetime, they are amassed here and augmented by Mark Jones’s expert notations. Charnock provides food for the soul, tonic for the intellect, impetus for worship, and biblical conviction for everyday life.” -Robert W. Yarbrough, Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

“Nothing purifies the mind and inflames holiness in the heart like meditation on the perfections of God. Charnock’s classic work on the divine attributes, which he wrote the last three years of his life, has never been matched in its profound and practical approach to this rich subject. This work is a treasure of sound theology and humble adoration of God. The author’s exposition on the goodness of God is alone worth the purchase of these volumes; it is unsurpassed in all English literature. Lightly edited for the modern reader and studded with insightful introductions to each discourse, this new edition by Mark Jones will be a great help to all who seek diligently to know the Lord.” -Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; author, Reformed Preaching; coauthor, Reformed Systematic Theology

“Stephen Charnock’s work on the existence and attributes of God is perhaps the most thorough and detailed contribution to the topic in the post-Reformation period. Charnock’s pastoral instincts, his incisive grasp of scholastic literature, his theological precision, and his sensitivity to the biblical foundations of his subject made this an outstanding contribution to the church of his day. It is a great pleasure to see a complete and updated version in print and accessible to a new readership.” -Robert Letham, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Union School of Theology; author, Systematic Theology

“As a true labor of love and scholarship, Mark Jones offers the church not another reprint but a new edition of Charnock’s best-known work. In this edition, explanatory essays, judicious comments, and expanded citations make Charnock more accessible and intelligible than ever before. As the nineteenth-century introduction notes, compared to many Puritans, Charnock ‘is more theological than any of them, and his theology, too, is more sound than that of some.’ As Jones’s introduction intimates, the same can be true when Charnock is compared to writers in our day. So start a book group and read about the existence and attributes of God with Charnock and his editor as your godly guides.” -Chad Van Dixhoorn, Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary; author, Confessing the Faith and God’s Ambassadors

Stephen Charnock (1628–1680) was a prominent English Puritan theologian and preacher in England and Ireland during the seventeenth century. Trained at Cambridge and Oxford, he served as chaplain to Henry Cromwell, the chief governor of Ireland, and is known for his discourses on the existence and attributes of God.

Mark Jones (PhD, Leiden Universiteit) serves as the pastor of Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church (PCA) in British Columbia, Canada. He has authored many books, including Living for God and God Is, and speaks all over the world on Christology and the Christian life. Mark and his wife, Barbara, have four children.

E&AG rst/exat

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SGCB Price: $75.00 (list price $142.00)

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STRANGE NEW WORLD: How Thinkers and Activists Redefined Identity and Sparked the Sexual Revolution
CARL TRUEMAN with Foreword by Ryan T. Anderson

From Philosophy to Technology, Tracing the Origin of Identity Politics

How did the world arrive at its current, disorienting state of identity politics, and how should the church respond? Historian Carl R. Trueman shows how influences ranging from traditional institutions to technology and pornography moved modern culture toward an era of “expressive individualism.” Investigating philosophies from the Romantics, Nietzsche, Marx, Wilde, Freud, and the New Left, he outlines the history of Western thought to the distinctly sexual direction of present-day identity politics and explains the modern implications of these ideas on religion, free speech, and personal identity.

For fans of Trueman’s The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, Strange New World offers a more concise presentation and application of some of the most critical topics of our day. Individuals and groups can work through the book together with the Strange New World Study Guide and Strange New World Video Study, sold separately.

*Cultural Analysis from a Christian Perspective: Explores the history of the sexual revolution and its influence today

*A Concise Version of The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Offers an approachable presentation of the points in Trueman’s popular book

*A Great Resource for Individual and Small-Group Study: Each chapter ends with thought-provoking application questions

*Part of the 'Strange New World Suite': Can be used with the Strange New World Video Study and Strange New World Study Guide


This short book is not a precise précis of my larger work, 'The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self', but covers the same ground in a briefer and (hopefully) more accessible format. Readers who want the full argument, along with the detailed footnotes, should consult the longer work.

As always, I have incurred numerous debts along the way. Ryan Anderson first encouraged me to think about putting the argument of the larger book into a concise form so that it might be more useful to hard-pressed Washington staffers. He also generously provided the foreword. As always, Justin Taylor and the staff at Crossway were incredibly supportive of the project. Special thanks is also due to the following: Paul Helm for reading and commenting on drafts of chapters 5 and 6 in light of helpful criticism he made of the earlier book; the Institute for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College for generously funding not one but two research assistants during the academic year, 2020–21; Emma Peel and Joy Zavalick, the two aforementioned assistants, whose infectious enthusiasm, diligent editing, and work on the study questions and glossary—the latter of which I encourage you to consult if you encounter an unfamiliar term—greatly improved the final product; and, as always, my wife, Catriona, whose support of my work these many years has proved essential.

The book is dedicated to David and Ann Hall for their faithful ministry and dear friendship.




Chapter 1: Welcome to This Strange New World

Chapter 2: Romantic Roots

Chapter 3: Prometheus Unbound

Chapter 4: Sexualizing Psychology, Politicizing Sex

Chapter 5: The Revolt of the Masses

Chapter 6: Plastic People, Liquid World

Chapter 7: The Sexual Revolution of the LGBTQ+

Chapter 8: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Chapter 9: Strangers in This Strange New World


“Carl Trueman is one of the truly vital thinkers of our time. In Strange New World, he explains just how the West’s preoccupation with a navel-gazing concern for emotional ‘authenticity’ has crippled our ability to think—and is consequently undermining the future of our civilization. A true must-read.” -Ben Shapiro, Host, The Ben Shapiro Show; Editor Emeritus, The Daily Wire; author, The Authoritarian Moment

“At last, one of the most important books of the century is available in a more accessible format for the general reader! If you are confused about the moral and spiritual chaos overtaking Western civilization, and anguished over the seeming impotence of Christianity to stop the collapse, Strange New World is the book you absolutely must read. Here, in a single volume, is the best diagnosis of our cultural crisis. Anyone who wants to get themselves and their children and communities through this new dark age with their faith and sanity intact needs to read Carl Trueman’s blockbuster.” -Rod Dreher, author, The Benedict Option and Live Not by Lies

“As I have traveled the world, I have often hired tour guides to lead me through unfamiliar locations. Their expertise has always proven helpful in explaining what I am seeing and experiencing. And in much the same way, Strange New World is essentially a guided tour to modern times. Trueman acts as a wise and trusted guide to a culture that has become increasingly uncomfortable and unfamiliar. I highly recommend you take the tour.” -Tim Challies, blogger, Challies.com

“An essential primer on how the world went mad. Trueman traces the origin and history of our worst ideas so that the nonscholar can understand why so many intellectuals are talking complete nonsense with such absolute conviction. A good read, a smart read, and an important read.” -Andrew Klavan, author, The Great Good Thing; host, The Andrew Klavan Show

“Carl Trueman is one of the most important public intellectuals of our time, and this book, Strange New World, should be required reading for anyone seeking to understand our present age. Trueman offers a brilliant analysis of the modern mind, the autonomous self, identity politics, and the sexual revolution. This book demonstrates courage on every page, and the reader will draw courage from reading it. Read it and tell your friends about it.” -R. Albert Mohler Jr., President and Centennial Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In a rare combination of erudition and clarity, Carl Trueman explains us to ourselves. From Rousseau and the Romantics, through Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud, to today’s increasingly incoherent gender theorists, Trueman outlines the history of ideas that brought us almost ineluctably to this moment. But he doesn’t leave us here; by revealing the wrong turns, he maps out a way forward, all the while manifesting the integrity and charity of a true gentleman. In a world of confusion, Strange New World is crystal clear; its author, the teacher we need today.” -Erika Bachiochi, author, The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision

“This book is a You Are Here marker for disoriented pilgrims in postmodernity. Its sober analysis of where we are and how we got here will equip readers to engage contemporary confusion over identity. Strange New World makes the important argument of Carl Trueman’s earlier work, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, widely accessible and an excellent resource for classrooms, small groups, and individual inquiry.” -Jennifer Patterson, Director of the Institute of Theology and Public Life, Reformed Theological Seminary


CARL R. TRUEMAN (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is professor of biblical and religious studies at Grove City College. He is a contributing editor at First Things, an esteemed church historian, and a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Trueman has authored or edited more than a dozen books, including The Creedal Imperative; Luther on the Christian Life; and Histories and Fallacies. He is a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.


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SGCB Price: $6.95 (list price $12.00)

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Douglas Sean O'Donnell

Deep Exegesis, Engaging Illustrations, and Relevant Applications of the Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark recounts pivotal moments in Jesus’s ministry, including his baptism, miracles, parables, transfiguration, passion, crucifixion, and resurrection. To help people grasp these important events, pastors must understand the biblical text and then deliver sermons that are deep, engaging, and transformative. This accessible homiletical commentary will help!

Drawing from years of pastoral experience, pastor-theologian Douglas O’Donnell offers exegetical insights on the Gospel of Mark with both wisdom and wit. With the latest scholarship and contemporary illustrations, he walks passage by passage through the text, connecting the life of Jesus both to Old Testament Scripture and our lives today.

This is part of the Expository Reflections on the Gospels series, which equips pastors to faithfully teach the Gospels.


Preface to the Series

Preface to This Volume

Chapter 1: Arise and Follow the Son (1:1)

Chapter 2: In the Wilderness (1:2–13)

Chapter 3: Proclaiming the Gospel of God (1:14–20)

Chapter 4: “A New Teaching with Authority!” (1:21–39)

Chapter 5: Curing the Unclean (1:40–45)

Chapter 6: Our Greatest Need (2:1–12)

Chapter 7: Critical Questions Answered while Sipping New Wine with Old Sinners (2:13–22)

Chapter 8: Lord of the Sabbath (2:23–3:6)

Chapter 9: Five Different Reactions to the Vintage Jesus (3:7–35)

Chapter 10: The Secret of the Kingdom of God (4:1–20)

Chapter 11: Secrets Brought to Life (4:21–34)

Chapter 12: Who Then Is This? (4:35–41)

Chapter 13: Strength to Subdue an Army of Spirits (5:1–20)

Chapter 14: Overcoming the Last Enemy (5:21–43)

Chapter 15: Receiving or Rejecting Jesus (6:1–13)

Chapter 16: A Hellish Tale (6:14–29)

Chapter 17: A Foretaste of the Heavenly Banquet (6:30–44)

Chapter 18: Recognizing Him as “I AM” (6:45–56)

Chapter 19: What Defiles a Person (7:1–23)

Chapter 20: Pure Religion (7:24–37)

Chapter 21: Seeing Clearly (8:1–30)

Chapter 22: Setting Your Mind on the Things of God (8:31–9:1)

Chapter 23: The Beloved Son of God and Son of Man who Suffered (9:2–13)

Chapter 24: Into a Demon-Infested World (9:14–29)

Chapter 25: Three Major Misunderstandings (9:30–41)

Chapter 26: Two Tough Teachings: Hell and Divorce (9:42–10:12)

Chapter 27: Childlike Faith (10:13–31)

Chapter 28: Why the Son of Man Came (10:32–45)

Chapter 29: Seeing the Son of David (10:46–52)

Chapter 30: Blessed Is the Coming Kingdom of David! (11:1–11)

Chapter 31: The Barren Temple and the Withered Tree (11:12–25)

Chapter 32: Authority over the Temple Authorities (11:27–12:12)

Chapter 33: Render to God (12:13–17)

Chapter 34: The God of the Living (12:18–27)

Chapter 35: Most Important of All (12:28–34)

Chapter 36: Three Last Lessons in the Temple (12:35–44)

Chapter 37: The Imperatives of the Olivet Discourse (13:1–23)

Chapter 38: Stay Awake! The Son of Man is Coming (13:24–37)

Chapter 39: A Beautiful Thing (14:1–11)

Chapter 40: The Passover Lamb (14:12–31)

Chapter 41: Go to Gethsemane (14:32–42)

Chapter 42: Naked and Ashamed (14:43–52)

Chapter 43: Can I Get a Witness? (14:53–72)

Chapter 44: The Condemnation of the King (15:1–15)

Chapter 45: Perfect Mockery (15:16–32)

Chapter 46: The Power of the Cross (15:33–47)

Chapter 47: Sometimes It (the Resurrection!) Causes Me to Tremble (16:1–8)


“Doug O’Donnell’s expository labors provide preachers and teachers with a sure-footed guide to and through the wonders of Mark’s Gospel. His work rests on his having systematically marinated his thought in the carefully wrought literary and theological contours of Mark’s account, so that his homiletical divisions are true to Mark’s mounting argument and a boon to expositors. O’Donnell’s exegesis and homiletical wisdom rest not only on the shoulders of past preachers but also on his having mined the refreshing Marcan exegesis available in today’s journals and superb new commentaries—resulting in increased precision and homiletical clarity. In this respect, O’Donnell has long been a notable wordsmith. The shepherding, pastoral tone that permeates this commentary is evident on nearly every page, with astute applications that can come only from a sensitive preacher in touch with life and contemporary culture, as well as with illustrations that actually do serve the sacred text. Confidently recommended.” -R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

“Sound theological exegesis. Engaging exposition. Helpful subtitles for sermon outlines. Ready-made illustrations ripe for the picking. Personal stories that nudge your own memory. Practical takeaways. Just an all-around enjoyable read. What more does a preacher need when preparing for Sunday? Doug O’Donnell has not replaced your quality time with God in sermon preparation; he has enriched it. Keep his reflections handy. You and God’s people will be the better for it.” -S. Jonathan Murphy, Department Chair and Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary

“There is no more reliable guide to teaching or preaching the Gospels effectively than Doug O’Donnell. In these pages, readers will find fresh insights and ideas for communicating the heart of the biblical text in a way that puts the person and work of Christ at the center and connects to the hearts of real people.” -Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author

“This learned, profound, utterly practical commentary is a great model for preachers of the Gospel of Mark. It will help them to practice faithful biblical exegesis, goad them to keep their teaching focused on Jesus, and thereby encourage those who listen to their sermons to ‘arise and follow the Son.’ O’Donnell here reminds you why you answered God’s call to be a minister of the Word and supports you in your efforts to unpack this precious book.” -Douglas A. Sweeney, Dean and Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

“The most obvious virtue of this commentary is its thoroughness. It is a triumph of scholarship—a one-volume library of the best that has been written on the Gospel of Mark. But it is more than that—a blend of head and heart, with the author’s intermittent sharing of his life experiences lending both human interest and a testimony to the reality of the good news.” -Leland Ryken, Emeritus Professor of English, Wheaton College

“With seamless synergy between exegesis and the everyday, Doug O’Donnell masterfully dissects and demystifies the Gospel of Mark to aid preachers in feeding their flocks. Having once preached through Mark myself, I wish this resource had been available then. Thankfully, it exists now, and it will be of tremendous benefit to clear preachers and engaged hearers as well as zigzagging preachers and meandering listeners.” -Matthew D. Kim, Professor of Practical Theology and Raborn Chair of Pastoral Leadership, Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University; author, A Little Book for New Preachers

“The church has long been nourished by pastor-theologians who have the intellectual gifts and pastoral sensibilities to understand God’s Word and apply it to God’s world. Doug O’Donnell is a modern-day representative who serves in this historic office. In his Expository Reflections on the Gospels: Mark, O’Donnell conducts a symphony involving a critical (in the good sense!) interpretation of the biblical text in its historical context, a confessional understanding of the theological subject matter of Scripture, and a contextual integration that applies the message of the Gospel of Mark to the lives and realities of the reader. This is a top-tier resource for every pastor and preacher.” -Edward W. Klink III, Senior Pastor, Hope Evangelical Free Church, Roscoe, Illinois; Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; author, John (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament)

“Following some of the best Protestant expository traditions, Doug O’Donnell’s lucid expositions of Mark remind us how to read the Gospels as the anchor of the New Testament and the centerpiece of the story of Jesus the Messiah! Lovers of the second Gospel should have this volume before them regularly. Each sermonic chapter faithfully explains the significance of Mark’s portrayal of redemption in the promised Son for us. My joy in reading Mark deepened with the turn of every page of this work.” -Eric C. Redmond, Professor of Bible, Moody Bible Institute; Associate Pastor of Preaching and Teaching, Calvary Memorial Church, Oak Park, Illinois

“Doug O’Donnell’s commentary on Mark’s Gospel is a remarkable piece of work. Grounded in a meticulous study of the text and sensitive to its theological contours, he offers fresh insight that is readily accessible to the preacher and layperson alike. O’Donnell’s poetic turns of phrase, engaging wit, and pastoral sensibility make it a resource that every Christian will want to have on the shelf.” -Chris Castaldo, Senior Pastor, New Covenant Church, Naperville, Illinois; author, The Upside Down Kingdom: Wisdom for Life from the Beatitudes

“Readers who want an in-depth understanding of the Gospels yet also want to be fed spiritually will often turn to commentaries, only to realize that the gap between critical interpretation and exposition—between historical-theological analysis and everyday life—can be hard to cross. It’s difficult to find either a lively exposition of the text that is responsive to cutting-edge scholarship or an erudite commentary that comes alive. Thankfully, in reading the Gospel of Mark alongside us, Doug O’Donnell has provided us with both—in one book.” -Nicholas Perrin, President, Trinity International University

“Doug O’Donnell’s expository reflections on Mark do for us what the Gospel itself does: they focus us on Jesus, the saving Son of God, and call us to ‘arise and follow the Son.’ Informed by sound scholarship yet easily accessible, grounded in a close reading of the text yet applied to real life, these reflections lead us again and again to Christ—to his words and his works, his cross and his resurrection, his rule and his return. Read, mark, and learn!” -Murray Smith, Lecturer in Biblical Theology and Exegesis, Christ College, Sydney

“Doug O’Donnell has given us a thorough exposition that is wonderfully refreshing. What particularly struck me is that there is a model here for today’s preacher: arresting and accessible teaching for the ignorant new generations, and yet serious nourishment for the mature believer and the Bible student. And that sounds something like an echo of the master teacher in the Gospel records.” -Dick Lucas, Former Rector, St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, London; Founder, The Proclamation Trust

“With the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor, O’Donnell has provided an exegetically rich and practically applicable exposition of this shortest Gospel account. This commentary takes us into the heart of the text and reveals with clarity how to apply the text to our own hearts. Highly recommended!” -Matthew Newkirk, President and Professor of Old Testament, Christ Bible Seminary, Nagoya, Japan


SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $35.00)

SGCB Price: $32.00 (list price $57.00)
Greg Gilbert with Foreword by D.A. Carson

"Greg Gilbert is one of the brightest and most faithful young men called to serve the church today. Here he offers us a penetrating, faithful, and fully biblical understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no greater need than to know the true gospel, to recognize the counterfeits, and to set loose a generation of gospel-centered Christians. This very important book arrives at just the right moment."

-R. Albert Mohler Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Two realities make this a critically important book: the centrality of the gospel in all generations and the confusion about the gospel in our own generation. What Is the Gospel? provides a biblically faithful explanation of the gospel and equips Christians to discern deviations from that glorious message. How I wish I could place this book in the hands of every pastor and church member."

-C. J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Ministries

"Greg Gilbert contends that the current evangelical understanding of the gospel is lost in a fog of confusion. He burns away that fog by shining fresh light on an old subject. Gilbert writes in a clear, concise, and colloquial style that will especially appeal to young adults. What Is the Gospel? will sharpen your thinking about the gospel, etching it more deeply on your heart so you can share the good news of Jesus Christ with boldness. It will leave you pondering the extent to which the gospel has impacted your own life. It will cause you to cry out with thankfulness to God for what Christ has accomplished."

-James MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicagoland Area; radio teacher, Walk in the Word


SGCB Price: $9.50 (list price $12.99)

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5 PURITAN WOMEN: Portraits of Faith and Love
Jenny-Lyn de Klerk

What the Lives of 5 Puritan Women Teach about Holy Living and Devotion to God

The writings of the Puritans have had a recent resurgence, but many Puritan women have often been overlooked or misunderstood. As mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and wives, the vibrant faith of Puritan women has much to teach modern day readers.

In 5 Puritan Women: Portraits of Faith and Love, Jenny-Lyn de Klerk shows how the lives and writings of Christian women encourage the beauty of holy living and provide practical wisdom for the home and the church. Each chapter portrays a different Puritan woman—Agnes Beaumont, Lucy Hutchinson, Mary Rich, Anne Bradstreet, and Lady Brilliana Harley—telling their stories of devotion, lament, and family. By studying their faith journeys, modern readers can learn more about their roles in church history and glean insights into the Christian life.

**Accessible Introduction: An affordable, easy-to-read format to introduce readers to the neglected writings of Puritan women

**Applicable: Explains the need for, and the value of, studying Puritan women today and highlights spiritual disciplines that these women demonstrate

**Women in Church History: Broadens the reader’s understanding of women’s roles in furthering God’s kingdom throughout history

**Foreword by Karen Swallow Prior


Foreword by Karen Swallow Prior

Preface: Discovering Kindred Spirits in Church History

Introduction: Testimonies of Love

Chapter 1: Agnes Beaumont: Daughter as Evangelist, Using Memorization

Chapter 2: Lucy Hutchinson: Mother as Theologian, Using Fellowship

Chapter 3: Mary Rich, Countess of Warwick: Wife as Philanthropist, Using Meditation

Chapter 4: Anne Bradstreet: Grandmother as Homemaker, Using Prayer

Chapter 5: Lady Brilliana Harley: Matriarch as Physician, Using Spiritual Conversation

Conclusion: Spiritual Loving Care


General Index


“In 5 Puritan Women, Jenny-Lyn de Klerk introduces us to five faithful saints who have gone before us. As you get to know these women through the pages of this book, you will feel as though you have met five new friends. Through their words and stories, they will instruct, strengthen, and encourage you in your faith. So grab a warm drink, sit down with your new friends, and let them spur you on to love God and live a faithful, beautiful life.” --Courtney Doctor, Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition; Bible teacher; author, From Garden to Glory and In View of God’s Mercies

“At some point, someone somewhere must have convinced me to believe the Puritans were boring. But as it turns out, that person was dead wrong. In 5 Puritan Women, Jenny-Lyn de Klerk shakes the dust off the stories of five women we never should have overlooked. Their remarkable strength, distinct personalities, and substantial faith offer women today an unexpected and delightful inheritance that can impact the way we express and enjoy our faith today.” --Caroline Saunders, author, The Story of Home and The Story of Water

“We are all prone to stereotypes and misunderstanding, but part of loving our neighbors—even dead ones!—is seeking to understand them on their own terms so that we can better appreciate and learn from them. Jenny-Lyn de Klerk has written a book about five Puritan women who faced real challenges in a real world with their real God. What she also helps us (both men and women) learn from these godly mentors is significant. I’m only sad it has taken us this long to hear from these too-often-forgotten saints.” --Kelly M. Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College

“Often neglected, usually misunderstood, and grossly maligned, the Puritan women of the past are far overdue for a revival. Agnes Beaumont, Lucy Hutchinson, Mary Rich, Anne Bradstreet, and Lady Brilliana Harley should be household names. For not only did they contribute robust theological insights of their own, but they mastered the Christian life by exemplifying with profound maturity the love of Christ, a love so absent from our relationships with one another today. Who better to bring about this revival than a talented, even magical writer who embodies the spirit and theology of these Puritan women herself? Look no further than Jenny-Lyn de Klerk. She has not only become a kindred spirit with these Puritan women, but she has given them a voice. May the resiliency of their religion and the fervor of their faith infuse the church today until it becomes the spiritual family envisioned by our Lord.” --Matthew Barrett, Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Owen on the Christian Life

“Discover the extraordinary lives and deeply inspiring and insightful writings of the five women in Jenny-Lyn de Klerk’s illuminating new book. Each of these Puritan women deserve to be better known by Christian readers. Their words are infused with the evidences of intimate, daily experience of God’s living word, and their spiritual wisdom is on par with any well-known saint in Christian history, with enduring relevance. The lives of Agnes Beaumont, Lady Brilliana Harley, Mary Rich, Anne Bradstreet, and Lucy Hutchinson traced every conceivable extreme of joy and suffering that the seventeenth century could present, and yet they demonstrated what it means to persevere in love, with mercy, and in full assurance of salvation. This is an accessible, much-needed, and soul-enriching book that you will not regret having read.” --Johanna Harris, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Exeter

Jenny-Lyn de Klerk (PhD, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) works as an editor at Crossway and has multiple degrees in church history and historical theology, specializing in Puritan spirituality. She has also written articles for Themelios, the Midwestern Journal of Theology, and the Gospel Coalition and contributed to the Lexham Dictionary of Church History. Jenny-Lyn and her husband, JD, live and attend church in Tsawwassen, British Columbia.

CWNWT cwn723 2cwwt

SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $17.00)

SGCB Price: $18.95 (list price $35.00)

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EXPLORING THE BIBLE: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids
DAVID MURRAY with Foreword by Don Whitney and Illustrations by Scotty Reifsnyder

A Journey through the Bible for Kids

Reading the Bible is like taking a trip through God's story, setting out to explore and experience the beautiful views found within. But without a map, it's easy to get lost.

Exploring the Bible leads kids ages 6–12 through the Bible one day at a time over the course of a year. For use alongside any Bible, this workbook will help them see the overarching story of God's Word and lay the foundation for a lifetime of discovering truths about God, humanity, and the gospel.

Each weekly entry includes:

Daily Bible readings

Prayer points

Memory verse

Discussion questions

Space for sermon notes and reflections


“There is so much I could say to commend Exploring the Bible, but any praise would pale in comparison to this, the ultimate parental endorsement: I gave all three of my children Exploring the Bible as their very first experience of personal devotions. All three used it, all three enjoyed it, and all three benefited tremendously from using it. I wholeheartedly recommend it for your children, too.” -Tim Challies, blogger, Challies.com

“This Bible reading plan has it all—engaging graphics, kid-sized reading assignments, space for reflection, and helpful commentary. What an exciting endeavor—to help children read (for themselves!) an overview of the Bible in a year! I can’t wait to give away copies of Exploring the Bible to the kids in my life.” -Gloria Furman, author, Alive in Him and Labor with Hope

“Too many times children are told about the Bible without ever being encouraged to read the text themselves. In his book Exploring the Bible, David Murray has given a gift to disciple-making parents everywhere. This resource will help children and families dig into the riches of the Bible while subtly teaching the necessity of daily reading and learning with God’s people. I can see individual children using it or whole families sharing their discoveries around the dinner table. As you seek to raise disciples who are hungry for and knowledgeable of the Word, this resource will be invaluable.” -Chap Bettis, author, The Disciple-Making Parent

“Exploring the Bible has been carefully crafted. The passages selected, the layout and design, and the opportunities given for children to reflect and respond will work in concert to guide them into an understanding of what the Bible is all about. I hope it is widely used.” -Kenneth Berding, Director, Bible Fluency; Professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; author, Bible Revival: Recommitting Ourselves to One Book

“Encouragingly brief, carefully chosen passages lead explorers through the main ideas of the entire Bible in 365 days, with captions and questions to sharpen their focus. Wonderful weekly peaks connect the Old and New Testaments, pointing to Jesus, reinforcing the big picture, and urging personal application. This treasure is at the top of my gift list for new Bible explorers!” -Gail Schoonmaker, illustrator, The Big Picture Story Bible; author, Big Picture Bible Crafts

“Without guidance and a plan, children will flounder when trying to read and understand the Bible on their own. That’s why resources like David Murray’s book are so important. I don’t even want to imagine what my Christian life and my ministry would have been without the encouragement and structure for daily Bible reading I received as a child. But if I’d had something like Exploring the Bible, I think my scriptural foundations would have been even stronger.” -Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Family Worship; Praying the Bible; and Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

“An important, but often neglected, part of the education we provide for our children is instruction in the actual contents of the Bible. We give our children math flashcards and grammar workbooks, we enroll them in music lessons and put them on sports teams, but we often don’t know where to begin to teach them what’s in the Bible. Exploring the Bible will get elementary-school-aged children started reading Scripture on their own, giving them a grasp of its overall big picture as they read.” -Starr Meade, author, Training Hearts, Teaching Minds; The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study; and Give Them Truth


SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $15.00)

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BETSY CHILDS HOWARD with Illustrations by Samara Hardy

Introducing Kids to the Importance of Boundaries with Technology

Technology can be a helpful tool and source of enjoyment for many families—a way to aid children with learning, to connect with loved ones, and to provide entertainment. But as with many good gifts from God, tech devices are best used in moderation.

In this new picture book, readers meet Polly while on a trip to her grandparents’ farm. During her visit she spends all her time on her new tablet instead of enjoying the farm animals and playing with her cousins. A chat with her grandfather teaches her that, though screen time can be good, it can also keep kids away from better things. Using simple language and beautiful illustrations, children ages 3–7 are introduced to the idea that technology is best enjoyed within boundaries. A TGC Kids book.

Makes A Great Gift for Kids Ages 3–7: The second book in a series of picture books from TGC Kids, which also includes Arlo and the Great Big Cover Up

A Fun Story with an Important Message: One of few books written for children about the influence of technology, it also addresses current issues of moral formation and discernment

Advice for Parents and Guardians: A “Note to Grown Ups” gives adults tips for how to help their children learn self-control and moderation in tech habits


SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $15.00)

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THE KING AND THE DRAGON: The Story of Christ's Defeat of Sin, Death and Evil
JAMES SHRIMPTON with Illustrations by Helena Perez Garcia

Picture Book for Kids Ages 3–5 Celebrates God’s Ultimate Victory Over Sin and Death

When the knight slays the dragon in any story, readers and listeners all cheer in celebration. We rejoice because it echoes the Bible—the victory of good over evil is a prominent theme because the Lord came to have final victory over the devil.

In this imaginative story, James Shrimpton teaches children the story of redemption in the Bible through the lens of dragon slaying. With a memorable rhyming style, engaging artwork, and theologically grounded storytelling, this book is perfect for teaching children the story of Christ’s defeat of sin, death, and evil.

Ideal for Children Ages 3–5: Teaches children about the arc of victory and defeat in a memorable rhyming style

Short Enough for Bedtime: Approachable length makes it ideal for younger children

Colorful and Whimsical: Artwork by Helena Pérez Garcia will help capture the imagination of its readers


SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $15.00)

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ANDREW WILSON with Illustrations by Helena Perez Garcia

he Bible tells stories of hundreds of people, and all of them disobey God . . . except one. So hope doesn’t come from the good things we do. It comes as a gift, from what Jesus has done.

Sophie, a little girl upset after disobeying her parents, learns the basics of the gospel of grace from a neighborhood cat through a conversation based on the first question and answer of the Heidelberg Catechism: What is your only comfort in life and in death? That I am not my own, but belong . . . to my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ.

Weaving accessible truths with whimsical illustrations and engaging rhymes, this book will help both you and your children understand grace in a fresh way.

“I think kids of all ages will enjoy the intriguing dialogue between Sophie and her neighbor’s cat. It gives parents a lot to think about, too. Even better— everyone will remember the most comforting, time-tested answer to the question of all questions: What is your only comfort in life and in death?” -Gloria Furman, author, Alive in Him and Labor with Hope

“Outstanding! A beautifully written and illustrated book. Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat engages the youngest child with its splendid color and images. Written in poetic style, the dialogue between Sophie and the cat visualizes for little ones what guilt, forgiveness, and hope in Christ look like. Our six-year-old was simply riveted.” -David and Shona Murray, authors, Refresh: Embracing a Grace-Paced Life in a World of Endless Demands


SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $13.00)

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Nature reveals majestic truths about God—truths that help us know him better. God’s Mighty Acts in Creation helps children recognize those wonders, and what they tell us about their Creator.

As Starr Meade, author of Mighty Acts of God, guides young readers through the six days of creation, she points to how creation displays the wisdom and power of God. She also helps readers explore and apply other references to nature in the Bible by answering questions such as: What did Jesus mean when he claimed to be the true vine? How is all flesh like grass, and how should that affect the way we live? What was God revealing about himself when he made the sun stand still for Joshua? Each reading includes a key verse, stimulating questions, and engaging activities, all geared toward elementary-aged children.

Whether parents use this book for family devotions or children read it for themselves, all will learn how God’s glory, wisdom, sovereignty, and power are revealed in all of creation. This is a companion volume to God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation.


Long before we reach adulthood, the gospel ought to be shaping our lives. Paul taught the core truths of the gospel in his letter to the Galatians, and this collection of interactive readings for preteens applies those truths in understandable ways.

Each reading begins with a key verse and then highlights one element of the gospel in everyday terms, followed by questions and activities that reinforce Paul’s teaching. Meade guides young readers to a full picture of God’s saving work, as well as a real understanding of other doctrinal concepts such as justification by faith alone, the priority of Scripture, the requirements for apostleship, and the relationship between the old and new covenants.

For parents and teachers who want to awaken young hearts to a lifelong commitment to the gospel, God’s Mighty Acts in Salvation is a great resource. This is a companion volume to God’s Mighty Acts in Creation.

Starr Meade served as the director of children’s ministries for ten years at her local church and taught Latin and Bible for eight years at a Christian school. She is a graduate of Arizona College of the Bible and has authored a number of books. Starr lives in Arizona with her husband, where she currently teaches homeschool students and is mother to three grown children and six grandchildren.


SGCB Price: $6.95 (list price $11.00)

SGCB Price: $6.95 (list price $11.00)

SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $22.00)

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THE SOWER: An Engaging Story of Creation, Redemption and Final Reconciliation
SCOTT JAMES with Illustrations by Stephen Crotts and Foreword by Andrew Peterson

Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Book Celebrates God’s Creative Cultivation

From creation to final restoration, Scripture paints a vivid picture of God as a gardener—sowing seeds, planting gardens, and bringing life through the power of his word. The Sower introduces this biblical imagery to young readers to help them understand the story of redemptive history and look forward to future reconciliation.

Vibrant illustrations complement the book’s lyrical style to engage a child’s imagination and display God’s cultivating work in creation and in the hearts of his people.

Ideal for Children Ages 5–10: Introduces the grand story of redemption in an artistic, imaginative way

Introduction to Biblical Theology: Traces the theme of God as a gardener, cultivator, and vinedresser throughout the Bible

Engaging and Elegant: Vivid illustrations by Stephen Crotts inspire wonder at God’s creative work in our hearts and in the world

“The Sower is a lovely, lyrical gift. Its accessible blend of truth and beauty, in words and images, is nourishing and timely. I love it.” -S. D. Smith, author, The Green Ember Series

“The imagery of our Lord as the glorious gardener of our hearts comes to life through the pages of The Sower. Kids will begin to imagine the Lord as he truly is—the one who creates, tends, prunes, and cares.”

Trillia Newbell, author, The Big Wide Welcome and God’s Very Good Idea

“I love reading Scott James’s books to my kids. He retells the gospel story in creative, compelling ways. This is another beautiful book that will help plant the seed of faith in my children and in many others.”

Collin Hansen, Vice President for Content and Editor in Chief, The Gospel Coalition; Host, Gospelbound podcast


SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $17.00)

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THE BIG PICTURE BIBLE VERSES: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible
DAVID R HELM author of 'The Big Picture Story Bible'

Help Your Kids Learn the Big Picture of the Bible

Make Scripture memorization part of your family life with this easy-to-use resource aimed at helping children hide God’s Word in their hearts.

Designed as a complementary resource to the best-selling The Big Picture Story Bible, this kid-friendly catechism features 45 questions with answers drawn directly from Scripture—making memorizing the Bible fun and easy!


SGCB Price: $2.95 (list price $4.00)

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THE BARBER WHO WANTED TO PRAY: Using the Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments & Apostles' Creed to Learn How to Pray
R.C. SPROUL with beautiful illustrations by T. Lively Fluharty

'The Barber Who Wanted to Pray' by R. C. Sproul is a marvelous book on at least three different levels. First, the artwork by T. Lively Fluharty is so realistic it makes you feel as though you can step into the story. Shaded beards on men's cheeks, ornate buttons on shirts, reflections in mirrors, fur on pet cats -- the attention to details is so phenomenal, the paintings rival photography (but are much warmer and far more alluring).

Second, the story is an interesting blend of modern times and historical records. As a contemporary family does its devotions and prayer time each night, one of the family's six children asks her father how he learned to pray so earnestly and how she might learn to pray with more passion and sincerity. The father then tells the ancient story of how Rev. Martin Luther was asked by the barber in his town how he might become an effective man of prayer. To respond to this request, Luther spent several days composing a book he titled A Simple Way to Pray, the first copy of which he presented to Master Peter, his barber. The book explains how to use The Lord's Prayer, The Ten Commandments, and The Apostles' Creed as foundations for showing love, respect, tribute, honor, and obedience to God through heart-felt prayers.

Third, the book functions as a teaching text. At the back, it has copies of the three key documents used in Luther's book. It also explains throughout the book how families can have meaningful times of Bible reading and memorization, discussion, and group prayer.

"This book is so visually attractive and so smooth in its storytelling, young readers will be entertained by it while also being educated by it." Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, www.ChristianBookPreviews.com

cwn ppp bnt cwcb CWNCB

SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $18.00)

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WHEN WORLD'S COLLIDE: Where is God When Terror Strikes?

Where is God when worlds collide?

Name any catastrophic event in the course of history, and it seems as if God has abandoned the human race. Where was He while the Israelites groaned in oppressive slavery for 400 years? Where was He during the Holocaust when millions of people died horrific deaths? Where was He on 9/11, when thousands lost their lives because of terrorists? It sometimes seems that God is silent, watching the horrors of life on earth without pity or concern.

R. C. Sproul presents a challenging analysis that no Christian can afford to ignore. Only when we begin to understand the nature of God can we hope to trust in His sovereignty during times of terror or sorrow. Only when we trust in His sovereignty can we confidently say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust . . .”

Chapter 1: A WAR OF IDEAS







General Index

Scripture Index

cwn prt spt

SGCB Price: $5.95 (list price $10.00)

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE GOSPEL OF GRACE? Rediscovering the Doctrines That Shook the World
James M. Boice with Foreword by Eric Alexander

Church numbers are down and it's increasingly difficult to distinguish believers from their non-Christian neighbors—these are not good days for evangelicalism. Offering a serious assessment of today's church, Boice calls us to reclaim the truths of the Reformation—Scripture, Christ, grace, faith, and glory to God alone—in order to ignite renewal among God's people. 224 pages, softcover from Crossway.


1. The New Pragmatism

2. The Pattern of This Age


3. Scripture Alone

4. Christ Alone

5. Grace Alone

6. Faith Alone

7. Glory to God Alone


8. Reforming Our Worship

9. Reforming Our Lives

cwn cws tt3 JCC

SGCB Price: $10.75 (list price $20.00)

ORDER W/ 'THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel' by Boice & Ryken and POTTER'S FREEDOM by James White
SGCB Price: $31.00 (list price $62.00)

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Sinclair Ferguson

THE GRACE OF REPENTANCE by Sinclair Ferguson

Out of the Protestant Reformation came several important doctrines, including a renewed understanding of repentance. Instead of viewing repentance as a one-time confession, the reformers began to teach what the Bible teaches; that it is both radical and perpetual.

In this redesigned, concise volume Sinclair Ferguson examines how the Bible defines repentance and how the doctrine has fared in today's evangelical churches. He finds many sorely lacking in proper theological understanding: "Once again we need to proclaim the full-orbed doctrine of repentance within an evangelical world that has begun to manifest symptoms of the same medieval sickness." This reversion to a kind of medieval theology includes the viewing of repentance as an isolated, emotional event.

Ferguson combats this trend by pointing us toward repentance in the Bible. As we embrace continual confession and turning from sin, we will find our spiritual walk transformed and our fellowship with Christ renewed. This is an important book for every Christian who wants the grace of repentance to regain rightful prominence in evangelical churches, and in their own lives as well.

Sinclair B. Ferguson is the senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, and professor of systematic theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas. He is the author of several books, the most recent being In Christ Alone: Reflections on the Heart of the Gospel, and Westminster Directory of Public Worship (co-authored with Mark Dever). Sinclair and his wife, Dorothy, have four grown children.



CW3 cws cwn 5s sbf tt3 cwrt sbft 552923

THE GRACE OF REPENTANCE by Sinclair Ferguson
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $8.00)

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899–1981), minister of Westminster Chapel in London for thirty years, was one of the foremost preachers of his day. His many books have brought profound spiritual encouragement to millions around the world.


(1) THE GOSPEL IN GENESIS: From Fig Leaves to Faith

In this series of never-before-published sermons, beloved teacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones walks readers through the early chapters of Genesis. The Gospel in Genesis starts with the fall of man and ends with the call of Abram as it examines portions of chapters 3-12. Along the way Lloyd-Jones talks of serpents and sin, of the Word of God and the Babel of man. But the destination of The Gospel in Genesis is clear: readers will be moved from fig leaves in the garden to faith in the gospel.

Thus Lloyd-Jones preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ from the pages of Genesis. These nine sermons will snap nonbelievers out of their apathy toward God and will embolden believers to share the only gospel that offers answers to life's biggest questions.

(2) LIVING WATER: Studies in John 4

This substantial volume includes more than fifty never-before-published expository sermons on John 4 from one of the twentieth century's greatest preachers.

It was just a conversation between two people by the side of a well in Samaria. One, a local woman, came to perform her daily task of drawing water. Another, a Jewish man tired from traveling, sat down for a drink. But he wasn't just any Jewish man, and this wasn't just any conversation. The man, Jesus, revealed himself as the Messiah, leading to the conversion of not only the Samaritan woman but many from her town.

Now, for the first time, fifty-six sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones on this passage of Scripture are available in Living Water. Lloyd-Jones, known for his ability to clearly communicate profound theological concepts, digs into this familiar passage from the fourth chapter of the Gospel of John, exposing fresh layers of truth. His perceptive analysis is helpful for all who thirst for the living water that only Jesus can provide.

(3) A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST: Studies in the Book of Hebrews

The book of Hebrews was written to magnify the supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and our Great High Priest. It exhorts and encourages the church to hold fast to its faith, persevering through persecution and trials because of the great salvation found in Christ. This collection pulls together sermons from Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the book of Hebrews, helping readers understand how it applies to their daily lives. Lloyd-Jones walks readers through Hebrews 2 and other important passages in this book, pointing Christians to their need of salvation and their identity as the people of God.


Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the famed Welsh minister, is widely hailed as one of the greatest preachers of the last 100 years. Over the course of his career, “the Doctor” preached 24 sermons on the third chapter of the Gospel of John. However, until now, these sermons have remained unpublished and largely out of reach of today’s Christians.

Reflecting on the powerful story of Jesus’s encounter with Nicodemus and what it means to be “born again,” this collection of biblical expositions highlights God’s stunning love for the world as expressed through his unique Son, Jesus Christ. Readers will be encouraged to turn to the One who promises eternal life to all who trust in him.

(5) LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED: Practical Expositions on John 14:1-12

In 1951, with the Second World War not long over and the menace of the Cold War generating anxiety in the West, Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached eight sermons on John 14:1-12 at Westminster Chapel in London.

These sermons, presented in Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, were intended to comfort, strengthen, and build up Christians in their "most holy faith" and to bring unbelievers to a knowledge of the only way men and women can face matters of life and death. Lloyd-Jones went through these verses carefully, showing that the way to deal with our fears is first to recognize and confront them and then to realize that the answer is only to be found in the great and unchanging truths of the gospel.

Pastors, Lloyd-Jones readers, and anyone needing encouragement will benefit from this work by one of the twentieth century's foremost preachers.

(6) THE ASSURANCE OF OUR SALVATION: Exploring the Depth of Jesus' Prayer for His Own

Just hours before his betrayal and arrest, Jesus offered his famous High Priestly Prayer—one of the most intimate moments between Christ and his Father recorded in Scripture. John 17 has thus greatly encouraged Christians for millennia as it boldly affirms our connection to Christ.

In this masterful, verse-by-verse exposition of Jesus’s words, renowned Bible teacher and preacher Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones lays before us the richness, the depth, the wonder—and the assurance—of God’s plan of salvation.

(7) SETTING OUR AFFECTIONS UPON GLORY: Nine Sermons on the Gospel and the Church

Martyn Lloyd-Jones stands as one of the preeminent preachers of the 20th century. An ardent opponent of liberalism and a defender of orthodoxy, “The Doctor’s” legacy is still being felt today throughout the Protestant world. This collection of 9 previously unpublished sermons, originally delivered during his final visit to the United States, challenges us to reevaluate the focus of our lives and the object of our affections. Covering topics such as prayer, evangelism, and the church, this timely anthology serves as a wakeup call to the church, exhorting all of us to remain faithful to the Word of God and fostering a spirit of renewed devotional fervor.

(8) SEEKING THE FACE OF GOD: Nine Reflections on the Psalms

The Psalms are treasures from those who earnestly sought the face of God. They are honest messages of sorrow, joy, praise, and wisdom from real people who experienced real struggles. In the psalmists' words we see their hearts open before God.

In Seeking the Face of God, Martyn Lloyd-Jones unpacks nine passages from the Psalms and weaves them together with the everyday life of the world in which we live. His reflections are practical, powerful, and profound.

For those just beginning to study the Psalms as well as those who know them well and wish to consider them from a new angle, this collection of sermons from one of the greatest preachers of the twentieth century will move your mind to greater understanding and your heart to deeper worship.

(9) OUT OF THE DEPTHS: Restoring Fellowship with God from Psalm 51

Can we receive salvation from God unless we know what it is to repent? Is it possible for a person to be a Christian without true repentance?

For the answers to such thought-provoking questions, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones turns readers to Psalm 51, which is perhaps the classic statement on repentance in all of Scripture. It not only models the process involved in receiving salvation and forgiveness for sins--from the Holy Spirit's conviction and the sinner's confession to God's cleansing and renewal--but draws a profile of the truly repentant heart.

"There are certain things that we must realize, we must grasp, we must believe [before salvation can be ours], and the first of these is repentance.... Without repentance there is no knowledge of salvation, there is no experience of salvation. It is an essential step. It is the first step."

This moving study gives readers a fuller understanding of the importance of repentance both for the unsaved and for Christians. Enlightening and practical, Out of the Depths is necessary reading for the earnest seeker who wants to take that first step on the road to salvation, and for the troubled Christian desiring to find again the path to a restore relationship with God.

(10) THE KINGDOM OF GOD: The Only Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken

In a culture that views Christianity and the entire gospel message as a tedious religion or just a set of social mores, Lloyd-Jones acts as a herald to bring readers back to the basics. In describing what the kingdom of God is, Lloyd-Jones expresses the importance of looking back to Jesus, living a life dependent on him, and looking toward a future with God.

First preached in the 1960s, a time of widespread doubt and uncertainty much like our own, these twelve sermons unfold the necessity and beauty of Scripture, the truth of what our hearts look like when we understand what the kingdom of God really is, and practical suggestions on how our lives have been changed by that truth. Anyone desiring to uncover-or rediscover-the heart of the Christian faith will be blessed by reading this book.

(11) REVIVAL: The Only Hope for the World with Foreword by J.I. Packer

In every era the church needs revival—certainly today as much as ever. And in the heart of every committed Christian there is the longing for personal revival—to know the quality and depths of spiritual reality, and the presence of God in one's personal life.

This was the deepest desire of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, one of the great 20th-century Bible expositors. It was also the purpose behind this series of messages which were first given on the 100th anniversary of the Great Revival which started in Wales, and swept across England and throughout the United States and to the far corners of the world. As Dr. Lloyd-Jones recognized, it is a rare time in the history of the church when there is a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit— and a time of special interest of every Christian who longs for revival today.

As Dr. J. I. Packer writes in his foreword, Dr. Lloyd-Jones believed in "the necessity of revival—that is, a quickening divine visitation—as the only vent that can avert ultimate spiritual disaster. The thrustful urgency of the sermons in this book testifies to the depth of his conviction that without revival in the church there is really no hope for the Western world at all."

Dr. Lloyd-Jones deftly draws principles from the lives of Old and New Testament characters as well as expounding some of the great prayers of the Bible. Clearly and forcefully, he presents a masterful exposition of the circumstances accompanying revival in the past, why each generation needs it, and how it will come about today. We must come to the sovereign God, forsake our sin, and wait upon Him for this special, essential outpouring. God, bring us revival!

(12) THE CROSS: God's Way of Salvation

Ever since his first sermon in 1925, Martyn Lloyd-Jones consistently emphasized the significance of Christ's sacrifice for our sake.

This new collection of sermons reveals this theme in Lloyd-Jones' classic expository style, showing his gift for combining a warm, personal devotion to Jesus Christ with deep theological insight. His grasp of Scripture still causes the maturest believer to ponder, yet he brings a simplicity of thought to his preaching that even a child can understand and enjoy.

The Cross explains how Christ's crucifixion works for our redemption, and why this even is the cornerstone of the Christian life.


Devotionals for your heart and your mind.

With a daily reading of Scripture alongside Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s insightful commentary on the passage, each devotional entry ends with a thought for meditation throughout the day—engaging both your heart and your mind. Each month focuses on one of the great doctrines of the faith, such as the love of God, the cross of Christ, or the kingdom of God—helping you to grow in your understanding of God and learn to apply the truth of His Word day by day.


Throughout history, there have been certain figures who have stood the test of time and had an enduring impact on the church at large. One such person was the famed Welsh preacher Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

In this carefully curated collection of sermons, contemporary readers are introduced to one of the most influential pastors of the 20th century. Compiled and expertly edited by his daughter and grandson, this powerful anthology will help you learn from “the Doctor’s” prophetic preaching—even today.


1. No Substitute—From Preaching and Preachers

2. The Narrowness of the Gospel (Matthew 7:13–14)—From Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon

3. The Final Answer to All Our Questions (Romans 8:28)—From Why Does God Allow War?

4. Is the Gospel Still Relevant?—From Truth Unchanged, Unchanging

5. Practicing the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7:28–29)—From Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

6. Mind, Heart, and Will (Romans 6:17)—From Spiritual Depression

7. My Purpose and Method (Deuteronomy 29:29)—From Great Doctrines of the Bible

8. The Christian Message to the World (Ephesians 2:4)—From God’s Way of Reconciliation

9. The Purpose of Revival (Joshua 4:21–24)—From Revival

10. The Spirit Himself Bears Witness (Romans 8:16)—From Romans: Exposition of Chapter 8:5–17

11. The Only Hope (1 Corinthians 6:9–11)—From The Kingdom of God

12. He Is Our Peace (Galatians 6:14)—From The Cross

13. Where Art Thou? (Genesis 3:9)—From The Gospel in Genesis

14. Seeking the Face of God (Psalm 27)—From Seeking the Face of God

15. Why Christ Had to Suffer (Acts 8:30)—From Acts: Chapters 1–8

16. With Him in the Glory (John 17:24)—From The Assurance of Our Salvation

17. More Than Conquerors (John 4:28–30)—From Living Water

(15) LIFE IN CHRIST: Studies in 1 John (the original five volumes in one)

The Apostle John's first epistle has brought conviction, understanding and confidence to followers of Christ for the past 20 centuries. This dynamic book of the Bible covers the practical issues that affect our everyday lives–salvation, a godly defense against loving the world, prayer, discerning false spirits, and so much more.

Christians seeking both an in-depth study of this important epistle and a careful application of the Scriptures will be drawn to this complete work. Noted Bible expositor Martyn Lloyd-Jones eloquently discusses 1 John a chapter at a time and gives the straight truth about salvation, freedom from sin and developing a deeper relationship with God. It is a strategic work for all who are seeking to live out their beliefs and faithfully follow their Savior.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899–1981), minister of Westminster Chapel in London for thirty years, was one of the foremost preachers of his day. His many books have brought profound spiritual encouragement to millions around the world.


(1) THE GOSPEL IN GENESIS: From Fig Leaves to Faith
SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $18.00)

(2) LIVING WATER: Studies in John 4
SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $40.00)

(3) A MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL HIGH PRIEST: Studies in the Book of Hebrews
SGCB Price: $11.00 (list price $20.00)

SGCB Price: $16.00 (list price $30.00)

(5) LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED: Practical Expositions on John 14:1-12
SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $18.00)

(6) THE ASSURANCE OF OUR SALVATION: Exploring the Depth of Jesus' Prayer for His Own
SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $40.00)

(7) SETTING OUR AFFECTIONS UPON GLORY: Nine Sermons on the Gospel and the Church
SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $17.00)

(8) SEEKING THE FACE OF GOD: Nine Reflections on the Psalms
SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $18.00)

(9) OUT OF THE DEPTHS: Restoring Fellowship with God from Psalm 51
SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $16.00)

(10) THE KINGDOM OF GOD: The Only Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken
SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $20.00)

(11) REVIVAL: The Only Hope for the World with Foreword by J.I. Packer
SGCB Price: $16.00 (list price $30.00)

(12) THE CROSS: God's Way of Salvation
SGCB Price: $11.95 (list price $23.00)

SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $20.00)

SGCB Price: $9.75 (list price $18.00)

(15) LIFE IN CHRIST: Studies in 1 John (the original five volumes in one)
SGCB Price: $22.00 (list price $40.00)

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THE HEART IN PILGRIMMAGE: A Treasury of Classic Devotionals on the Christian Life
Leland Ryken

A Beautiful Collection of 50 Classic Devotionals

Christians throughout the ages have written devotionals as a way to bend their souls toward God and teach about him, communicating rich truths and encouraging readers to grow in grace and godliness. In this collection of 50 devotionals and creeds by figures such as Augustine, John Calvin, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, literary expert Leland Ryken introduces readers to insightful selections of their classic writings. Each entry contains a devotional passage from a historical figure, analysis by Ryken, and a concluding Bible passage that sums up the devotional passage and its analysis. Literary-inclined readers and first-time devotional readers alike will relish this one-of-a-kind anthology carefully compiled to help them encounter God in fresh ways.

Written by Leland Ryken: A literary expert with over 50 years of teaching experience

Perfect for Daily Devotions: With a ribbon marker to keep your place in the book, each entry includes a historical devotional passage, analysis by Ryken, and a concluding Bible passage

Features 50 Devotionals and Creeds from Church History: Features writers such as John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, George MacDonald, Thomas à Kempis, Jane Austen, and J. I. Packer

Editor’s Introduction

1. Finding Rest for Our Restless Heart: Augustine

2. How Jesus Is Our Hero: Gerard Manley Hopkins

3. Exhortation to Christlike Living: Florence Nightingale

4. For Whom the Bell Tolls: John Donne

5. Communing with God through Nature: George Washington Carver

6. Preface to Galatians: Martin Luther

7. Waiting on God: Andrew Murray

8. The Foundational Principles of the Christian Life: The Westminster and Heidelberg Catechisms

9. The Imitation of Christ: Thomas à Kempis

10. Two Prayers: Samuel Johnson

11. Jesus Our Guide and Guardian: John Henry Newman

12. Bidding Prayer: Lessons and Carols

13. True and Substantial Wisdom: John Calvin

14. What Christians Believe: The Apostles’ Creed

15. Following the Steps of the Master: Harriet Beecher Stowe

16. A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life: William Law

17. Practicing the Presence of God: Brother Lawrence

18. The Saints’ Everlasting Rest: Richard Baxter

19. What Makes the Bible the Greatest Book: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

20. Holy Living: Jeremy Taylor

21. Earthly and Divine Beauty: Jonathan Edwards

22. The Morning Prayer: The Book of Common Prayer

23. Reflections on the Supreme Loveliness of Christ: Dostoyevsky, Edwards, and Watson

24. On Loving God: Bernard of Clairvaux

25. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment: Jeremiah Burroughs

26. Nature as God’s Signpost: Nathaniel Hawthorne

27. Thoughts on the Mission and Greatness of Jesus: Blaise Pascal

28. Holy Dying: Jeremy Taylor

29. Trusting and Praising God in Extremity: William Bradford

30. Evening Prayer: Jane Austen

31. What the Bible Means to a Believer: The Geneva Bible and King James Version

32. The Almost Christian: John Wesley

33. The Estate of Marriage: Martin Luther

34. Death as a Welcome Sleep: John Donne

35. Morning and Evening: Charles Spurgeon

36. The Mystery of Providence: John Flavel

37. The Believer’s New Name: George MacDonald

38. Reflections on Mortality and Immortality: The Prayer Book’s Burial Service

39. The World as the Theater of God’s Glory: John Calvin

40. Holiness: J. C. Ryle

41. Death Is the Gate of Life: Lilias Trotter

42. Three Puritan Exhortations to Remember God’s Visitations: Bunyan, Baxter, and Pringle

43. A Believer’s Last Day Is His Best Day: Thomas Brooks

44. Charity and Its Fruits: Jonathan Edwards

45. Reflections on Providence: The Westminster Confession and Heidelberg Catechism

46. The Pursuit of God: A. W. Tozer

47. The Care of the Soul Urged as the One Thing Needful: George Whitefield

48. Edification from Last Wills and Testaments: Shakespeare, Park, and Keayne

49. All Things Shall Be Well: Julian of Norwich

50. Knowing God: J. I. Packer

Notes on Sources

Person Index

Scripture Index


“Having already opened the eyes of the body of Christ to its treasury of devotional poetry in The Soul in Paraphrase, Leland Ryken now widens our vision to take in the depth and breadth of two millennia of devotional prose. Running the gamut from the giants of the genre (Augustine, John Donne, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, Brother Lawrence, Blaise Pascal, Julian of Norwich, Bernard of Clairvaux) to writers we do not usually identify with devotional writing (Florence Nightingale, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George MacDonald, Jane Austen, George Washington Carver), The Heart in Pilgrimage conducts its readers on a spiritual journey that is well worth taking.” -Louis Markos, Professor in English and Scholar in Residence, Houston Baptist University; author, The Myth Made Fact: Reading Greek and Roman Mythology through Christian Eyes

“This collection gives the gift of informed access to a great mixed chorus of voices with often surprising words that prick our imaginations and our hearts of faith. Even as we read and celebrate a glorious heritage of devotional expression, we are drawn ultimately to worship the glorious Lord God of the Scriptures who created us human beings and redeemed us through his Son.” -Kathleen Nielson, author; speaker

“This is an edifying volume of diverse devotional texts skillfully excerpted and each followed by a brief overview. The texts span centuries, and Ryken’s editing makes them very accessible. The texts are marked by artful and clear expression, and all invite readers to open their hearts to God and experience his grace.” -James C. Wilhoit, Professor of Christian Education Emeritus, Wheaton College

“Whenever I am asked to recommend a volume that combines literary study with sound Christian teaching, I recommend Leland Ryken. His new collection of rich devotional literature will move to the top of my list of recommended works. The Heart in Pilgrimage is a treasury of wisdom and beauty to which readers will return again and again.” -Karen Swallow Prior, author, On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Great Books

“Like cool water to a parched throat, Leland Ryken has produced a soul-quenching gift with this collection of devotionals. Filled with beautiful writing devoted to an even more beautiful subject, The Heart in Pilgrimage delivers the truths of the Christian faith through masterful expression, promising to awaken fresh affections for the Lord among believers of every stripe.” -Collin Huber, Senior Editor, Fathom Magazine

Leland Ryken (PhD, University of Oregon) served as professor of English at Wheaton College for nearly fifty years. He served as literary stylist for the English Standard Version Bible and has authored or edited over sixty books, including The Word of God in English and A Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible.


SGCB Price: $20.95 (list price $35.00)

SGCB Price: $40.00 (list price $70.00)

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THE SOUL IN PARAPHRASE: A Treasury of Classic Devotional Poems
Leland Ryken

Christians throughout the ages have written poetry as a way to commune with and teach about God, communicating rich truths and enduring beauty through their art. These poems, when read devotionally, provide a unique way for Christians to deepen their spiritual insight and experience. In this collection of over 90 poems by poets such as Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, and over 30 more, literary expert Leland Ryken introduces readers to the best of the best in devotional poetry, providing commentary that helps them see and appreciate not only the literary beauty of these poems but also the spiritual truths they contain. Literary-inclined readers and first-time poetry readers alike will relish this one-of-a-kind anthology carefully compiled to help them encounter God in fresh ways.


Editor's Introduction

Caedmon's Hymn (Caedmon)

The Dream of the Rood (Anonymous)

O What Their Joy and Their Glory Must Be (Abelard)

Canticle of the Sun (St. Francis)

Sunset on Calvary (Anonymous)

I Sing of a Maiden (Anonymous)

Hand in Hand We Shall Take (Anonymous)

Leave Me, O Love, Which Reachest but to Dust (Sidney)

Most Glorious Lord of Life (Spenser)

O Gracious Shepherd (Constable)

When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men's Eyes (Shakespeare)

That Time of Year Thou Mayest in Me Behold (Shakespeare)

Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds Admit Impediments (Shakespeare)

Poor Soul, the Center of My Sinful Earth (Shakespeare)

The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strained (Shakespeare)

Yet If His Majesty (Anonymous)

Thou Hast Made Me, and Shall Thy Work Decay? (Donne)

As Due by Many Titles I Resign (Donne)

Oh My Black Soul (Donne)

This Is My Play's Last Scene (Donne)

At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners (Donne)

Death, Be Not Proud (Donne)

Spit in My Face, You Jews (Donne)

Batter My Heart (Donne)

Wilt Thou Love God as He Thee? (Donne)

A Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior (Jonson)

Aaron (Herbert)

Redemption (Herbert)

Prayer (Herbert)

Virtue (Herbert)

The Pulley (Herbert)

The Agony (Herbert)

Love (Herbert)

The Twenty-Third Psalm (Herbert)

The Elixir (Herbert)

Easter (Herbert)

The Collar (Herbert)

Sunday (Herbert)

He Bore Our Griefs (Revius)

His Savior's Words, Going to the Cross (Herrick)

His Litany to the Holy Spirit (Herrick)

On Time (Milton)

How Soon Hath Time (Milton)

Lady That in the Prime of Earliest Youth (Milton)

When Faith and Love (Milton)

Avenge, O Lord, Thy Slaughtered Saints (Milton)

When I Consider How My Light Is Spent (Milton)

Methought I Saw My Late Espouséd Saint (Milton)

Greatly Instructed I Shall Hence Depart (Milton)

Verses upon the Burning of our House (Bradstreet)

Poverty (Traherne)

Peace (Vaughan)

Easter Hymn (Vaughan)

The Dawning (Vaughan)

The Waterfall (Vaughan)

They Are All Gone into the World of Light (Vaughan)

When in Mid-Air, the Golden Trump Shall Sound (Dryden)

Veni, Creator Spiritus ["Come, Creator Spirit"] (Dryden)

The Spacious Firmament on High (Addison)

When Rising from the Bed of Death (Addison)

The Dying Christian to His Soul (Pope)

Huswifery (Taylor)

Infinity, When All Things It Beheld (Taylor)

The Resignation (Chatterton)

The Lamb (Blake)

And Did Those Feet (Blake)

The Destruction of Sennacherib (Byron)

Lines Written in Early Spring (Wordsworth)

Earth Has Not Anything to Show More Fair (Wordsworth)

To a Waterfowl (Bryant)

The Snow-Storm (Emerson)

Strong Son of God, Immortal Love (Tennyson)

Crossing the Bar (Tennyson)

In the Bleak Midwinter (Rossetti)

Good Friday (Rossetti)

Up-Hill (Rossetti)

Pied Beauty (Hopkins)

Spring (Hopkins)

The Windhover (Hopkins)

God’s Grandeur (Hopkins)

O World Invisible, We View Thee (Thompson)

A Prayer in Spring (Frost)

Journey of the Magi (Eliot)

Two Poems on Death and Immortality (Dickinson)

Nature as God's Revelation (Lanier and Coleridge)

Sunday Worship (Smart and Coleridge)

Christmas Day (Anonymous and Milton)

Nature as a Religious Experience (Wordsworth)

The Consolations of Providence (Milton and Shakespeare)

Certainty of Faith (Brontë and Dickinson)

Our Only Secure Home (Anonymous)

Biographical Notes

Sources and Acknowledgments

Scripture Index

Person Index


“Leland Ryken has performed a great service by gathering these poems into a volume that yields counsel, challenge, and comfort to Christians of all stripes. These poems will be faithful companions to every thoughtful believer.” -Alan Jacobs, Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Honors College, Baylor University

“Leland Ryken has gifted us with a much-needed anthology that not only presents the finest devotional poetry in English, but provides incisive commentary that allows the reader to understand each poem’s various layers of meaning and to participate in its wrestling with God, faith, and the human condition.” -Louis Markos, Professor of English and Scholar in Residence, Houston Baptist University; author, From Achilles to Christ and Literature: A Student’s Guide

“Leland Ryken’s The Soul in Paraphrase is a stunning collection of timeless devotional poems that—just like the Bible—rewards the patient, careful reader. Every Christian should add this volume to their library, enjoying it slowly and savoring its riches in the daily rhythms of devotional life.” -Brett McCracken, Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, Uncomfortable and Hipster Christianity

“This timeless treasury reads like a devotional on devotional poetry. With the fruits of a long career served in the love of God and of literature, Leland Ryken informs and illumines each poem’s contribution to the thoughtful Christian’s pursuit of beauty, grace, and truth. Perfect as a guide or a gift.” -Carolyn Weber, Faculty Member, Brescia University College, Western University, London, Ontario; author, Surprised by Oxford and Holy Is the Day

“I have long desired a book just like this fine collection of poems. I am constantly seeking to encourage prospective pastors, teachers, and Christians in the church to read good poetry. Leland Ryken has compiled exactly what I need: a treasury of great devotional poems that I can regularly recommend to others. He includes many of my own favorites by Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, Hopkins, and Eliot, so I was fascinated to read his valuable commentaries introducing those poems. He has also chosen less familiar works, making this a book I will return to again and again. Thank you for such an excellent work!” - Jerram Barrs, Resident Scholar, The Francis Schaeffer Institute; Professor of Christian Studies and Contemporary Culture, Covenant Theological Seminary

“Leland Ryken is a leading literary scholar of our time, and in these pages offers a timeless collection that couldn’t be timelier. The Soul in Paraphrase presents masterful poems that nourish heart, mind, and soul, along with commentary that is learned, lucid, and inviting. This is a volume that will delight poetry enthusiasts and skeptics alike.” -Karen Swallow Prior, Research Professor of English and Christianity and Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, On Reading Well

“Some of the most profound devotional exercises—perhaps second only to the reading of Scripture—come from reading and contemplating Christian poetry. But readers today are ill-equipped to do so, knowing poetry only as either greeting-card verse or undecipherable puzzles. In this collection, Leland Ryken, the dean of Christian literary scholars, gives back to contemporary Christians their rich literary heritage. First, he selects works of the highest aesthetic and spiritual quality; and, second, he offers brief commentary that unpacks each poem’s meaning, artistry, and theological depths. In showing how poetry is a ‘trap for meditation’ (as Denis de Rougemont called it), Ryken has given us a resource that will greatly enhance our Christian devotions.” -Gene Edward Veith Jr., author, Loving God with All Your Mind and Post-Christian

“For most modern people, poetry is hard to read and not immediately rewarding. And yet, it is precisely that difficulty and the contemplation that it requires that makes reading poetry such a valuable exercise in a world of distractions. Leland Ryken has produced a volume that will aid Christians, even those not well versed in poetry, in delighting in the rich history of devotional poetry.” -O. Alan Noble, Assistant Professor of English, Oklahoma Baptist University; author, Disruptive Witness

Leland Ryken (PhD, University of Oregon) served as professor of English at Wheaton College for nearly fifty years. He served as literary stylist for the English Standard Version Bible and has authored or edited over sixty books, including The Word of God in English and A Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible.


SGCB Price: $20.95 (list price $35.00)

SGCB Price: $40.00 (list price $70.00)

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THE RISE AND TRIUMPH OF THE MODERN SELF: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution
CARL TRUEMAN with Foreword by Rod Dreher

“Carl Trueman explains modernity to the church, with depth, clarity, and force. The significance of The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self . . . is hard to overstate.”

—Rod Dreher, from the Foreword

Modern culture is obsessed with identity. Since the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision in 2015, sexual identity has dominated both public discourse and cultural trends—yet no historical phenomenon is its own cause. From Augustine to Marx, various views and perspectives have contributed to the modern understanding of the self.

In this timely book, Carl Trueman analyzes the development of the sexual revolution as a symptom—rather than the cause—of the human search for identity. Trueman surveys the past, brings clarity to the present, and gives guidance for the future as Christians navigate the culture in humanity’s ever-changing quest for identity.


Foreword by Rod Dreher



Part 1: Architecture of the Revolution

Reimagining the Self

Reimagining Our Culture

Part 2: Foundations of the Revolution

The Other Genevan: Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Foundations of Modern Selfhood

Unacknowledged Legislators: Wordsworth, Shelley, and Blake

The Emergence of Plastic People: Nietzsche, Marx, and Darwin

Epilogue to Part 2: Reflections on the Foundations of the Revolution

Part 3: Sexualization of the Revolution

Sigmund Freud, Civilization, and Sex

The New Left and the Politicization of Sex

Epilogue to Part 3: Reflections on the Sexualization of the Revolution

Part 4: Triumphs of the Revolution

The Triumph of the Erotic

The Triumph of the Therapeutic

The Triumph of the T

Epilogue to Part 4: Reflections on the Triumphs of the Revolution

Concluding Unscientific Prologue



“I don’t think there will be a better-researched or more fascinating book in all of 2020.” Tim Challies, blogger, Challies.com

“This is a characteristically brilliant book by Carl Trueman, helping the church understand why people believe that sexual difference is a matter of psychological choice. Indeed, Trueman shows how the story we tell ourselves about normalized LGBTQ+ values is false and foolish. With wisdom and clarity, Trueman guides readers through the work of Charles Taylor, Philip Rieff, British Romantic poets, and Continental philosophers to trace the history of expressive individualism from the eighteenth century to the present. The rejection of mimesis (finding excellence by imitating something greater than yourself) for poiesis (finding authenticity by inventing yourself on your own terms), in addition to the Romantic movement’s welding of sexual expression as a building block of political liberation, ushers in the modern LGBTQ+ movement as if on cue. This book reveals how important it is for thinking Christians to distinguish virtue from virtue signaling. The former makes you brave; the latter renders you a man pleaser, which is a hard line to toe in a world where there are so few real men left to please.” Rosaria Butterfield, Former Professor of English, Syracuse University; author, The Gospel Comes with a House Key

“Moderns, especially Christian moderns, wonder how our society arrived at this strange moment when nearly everything about the self and sexuality that our grandparents believed is ridiculed. This genealogy of culture, clearly and elegantly written, will help all of us understand how we got to where we are, so that we can plot our own futures with more clarity and confidence. This book is a must-read for Christians and all others who are disturbed by the dictatorship of relativism that surrounds us.” Gerald R. McDermott, Former Anglican Chair of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School

Carl R. Trueman (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is professor of biblical and religious studies at Grove City College. He is an esteemed church historian and previously served as the William E. Simon Fellow in Religion and Public Life at Princeton University. Trueman has authored or edited more than a dozen books, including The Creedal Imperative; Luther on the Christian Life; and Histories and Fallacies. Trueman is a member of The Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

CWNS/ dsfc cwnp crtt

SGCB Price: $19.95 (list price $35.00)

SGCB Price: $29.00 (list price $53.00)

SGCB Price: $34.95 (list price $65.00)

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GOD'S DESIGN FOR THE CHURCH: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders
CONRAD MBEWE with Foreword by Glenn Lyons

What Is the Church? Foundational Truths from God’s Word

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Christians in Africa numbered approximately nine million—by the end, that number had grown to more than 380 million. As the number of Christians continues to grow, African pastors are often overwhelmed and in desperate need of guidance.

Drawing from three decades of pastoral experience in Zambia, Conrad Mbewe has written a comprehensive handbook specifically for African pastors and church leaders. Structured around twenty commonly asked questions about God’s design for the church, this helpful resource covers topics ranging from the definition of church and the role of church members to the importance of doctrine. Through this book, Mbewe aims to equip pastors and leaders with biblical principles that will “permeate the landscape of Africa and transform its churches for generations to come.”


Foreword by Glenn Lyons



What Is the Church?

Who Is the Church’s Founder and Head?

What Is the Church’s Task in the World?

Why Is the Gospel So Important to the Church?

Who Should Be in the Church’s Membership?

What Is the Role of Church Members?

Who Should Lead the Church?

Why Practice Baptism and the Lord’s Supper?

What Should Happen during Worship Services?

How Should the Church Raise Its Money?

Should Your Church Be Involved in Missions?

Should Your Church Be Involved in Training Pastors?

What about Church Discipline?

Does It Matter What Your Church Believes?

How Should Your Church Grow Spiritually?

How Should Your Church Grow Numerically?

How Should Your Church Relate to Other Churches?

How Should Your Church Relate to the State?

How Does the Church Offend or Please God?

How Can You Help in Reforming Your Church?


Index of Scripture References


“This book is Conrad Mbewe’s equivalent of Paul’s pastoral letters. It is the wisdom of the Scriptures steeped in decades of personal experience. It is delivered in fresh African illustrations and applications that help even this North American pastor understand God’s Word better. Having known Mbewe for a quarter of a century, having been in his church and he in mine, I could not think of a better person to write such a volume. This book well reflects the teaching of the Bible in ways that both encourage and challenge today’s readers. Mbewe’s writing is clear and simple, elegant and gospel-celebrating. This book is delightful. Enjoy and be edified. The last chapter is gold.” Mark Dever, Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

“It’s the subtitle of this book that explains its vision: Conrad Mbewe is not only laying out a biblical and practical exposition of the church but is doing so for ‘African pastors and ministry leaders.’ Mbewe, longtime pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, points out that he writes as ‘a son of the African soil,’ and therefore he has earned the right to challenge his fellow Africans in frank ways that missionaries could never deploy without being dismissed as foreigners. In twenty short but probing chapters, Mbewe writes with such clarity and prophetic faithfulness that the book deserves wide study not only in Africa but around the world.” D. A. Carson, Cofounder and Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

“I love Conrad Mbewe, and I love this book! This is a faithful, readable, and practical exploration of the doctrine of the church. As a Presbyterian, I might quibble with a Baptist point here or there, but that doesn’t take away from my overall enthusiasm. Mbewe has written an excellent book that is attuned to the cultural dynamics of Africa but beneficial for Christians everywhere. I hope this wise and accessible work finds a wide audience.” Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina; Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte

“With biblical insight and down-to-earth illustrations, Conrad Mbewe’s God’s Design for the Church takes us on an insider’s exploration of the nature, character, and challenges of the rapidly expanding church in Africa. His comprehensive but easy-to-read analysis confirms much of what is visible and does not shy away from often hidden ‘hot potatoes,’ such as money matters, issues of discipline, and other trends that define, enhance, or undermine the life and witness of the church. His perspective has implications for the future of the body of Christ, not only in Africa but also in other parts of the world.” Femi B. Adeleye, Director, Langham Preaching Africa, Ghana

“This is a timely book! It addresses with clarity the confused identity and practices of the church in Africa. As a grace carrier, and as a bold, honest, and effective communicator, Conrad Mbewe has vindicated the concerns of the leaders of the church on our continent by addressing the elephant in the room. He has called by name what appeared to be a no-go area and described it as unacceptable. But he has also demonstrated that there is still a remnant who have not ‘bowed their knees to Baal.’ Above all, Mbewe has offered practical, Bible-based solutions to the current weaknesses and problems of the church. A thoroughly readable and thought-provoking book, it has left me with renewed hope for the church in Africa. I enthusiastically recommend it to all church leaders on our continent and especially to our leadership training institutions.” Paul E. Mususu, President, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia

“The church is the bride of Christ. It is God’s plan ‘A’ in his work of redemption. As such, it is paramount that we know and understand God’s design for the church. In this volume, Conrad Mbewe has done yeoman’s work in that regard. In an age when pragmatism and innovation are held in higher esteem than doctrine and theology, this book is a breath of fresh air. With the accuracy of a theologian and the tender heart of a shepherd, Mbewe weaves a tapestry that combines timeless truths and contemporary insights into a helpful resource for Christians of every stripe. In this time of biblical and ecclesiological illiteracy, the usefulness of this book cannot be overestimated.” Voddie Baucham Jr., Dean of the School of Divinity, African Christian University

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WHEN THE STARS DISAPPEAR & GIVE ME UNDERSTANDING THAT I MAY LIVE (Suffering and the Christian Life, Vols. 1 & 2)


(1) WHEN THE STARS DISAPPEAR: Help and Hope from Stories of Suffering in Scripture

“If you are a Christian who is experiencing suffering—or who is weighed down by the suffering of someone you love—then this book is for you. It offers profound, biblical reflections that do not dodge the hard questions or try to minimize the sometimes overpowering reality of pain and loss.”

—Timothy Larsen, McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Wheaton College

When suffering overwhelms us, it is easy to despair and even doubt God’s goodness. As the clouds of suffering roll in, we can lose sight of everything but our pain. In these moments, when the stars disappear, we must turn to Scripture to find assurance that God can and will carry us through. In this book, Mark Talbot recounts the suffering of some of the Bible’s greatest saints. They show us what it means to remain faithful and hopeful through life’s darkest times—and thus help us cling to God’s sure promise that he will never leave us or forsake us but will be with us and sustain us until the storms subside and the stars reappear.


To My Readers

When the Stars Disappear

Suffering Saints: God’s People May Suffer Terribly

Breathing Lessons: How to Survive Great Suffering

The Rest of Their Stories: God’s Steadfast Love for Naomi, Job, and Jeremiah

Epilogue: Living within the Full Christian Story


A Reader’s Guide


Scripture Index


“Talbot’s experience of suffering gives him a heart of empathy for anyone who struggles to understand the hard ways of God. His rigor as a Christian philosopher equips him to voice the most disturbing questions we have about human pain without minimizing their difficulty or giving in to despair. Talbot uses stories from Scripture to offer the clear practical and theological guidance that suffering believers need to move forward in hope. This beautiful book will comfort readers with the assurance that we are never alone in our suffering but sustained by our ever-loving Savior.” -Philip Graham Ryken, President, Wheaton College

“Books offering palliatives to the problem of pain are ten a penny. But this splendid study is different. It is a careful, spiritual, sensitive treatment that does not shirk the emotional and imaginative dimensions of our lives. More importantly, it has to do with human expectations: Jesus said to his disciples, ‘In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world’ (John 16:33). Talbot sets a high standard of fidelity to Scripture as he considers three Old Testament figures—Naomi, Job and Jeremiah—and the New Testament passages that follow in that vein. So here Talbot is paying particular attention to suffering and the Christian life. This is not a purely theoretical approach to the issues, though it is very thoughtfully written. The discerning reader will have his appetite whetted for the other studies to follow. Unreservedly recommended.” -Paul Helm, Former Professor of the History and Philosophy of Religion, King’s College London

“If you are a Christian who is experiencing suffering—or who is weighed down by the suffering of someone you love—then this book is for you. Talbot—a philosopher-theologian who is also a wheelchair-bound, chronic sufferer—knows what he is talking about. He offers profound, biblical reflections that do not dodge the hard questions or try to minimize the sometimes overpowering reality of pain and loss. When the Stars Disappear is a gift to every Christian who is hoping for a reason to hope.” -Timothy Larsen, McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Wheaton College

“Through decades of quadriplegia and chronic pain, the Bible has been my source of great comfort and encouragement. And I don’t mean only the Psalms or verses about affliction. For me, it’s been the stories of godly men and women in the Bible who radiate courage and perseverance despite unthinkable suffering. I have learned how to trust God from their examples, even when painful challenges try to drag me down. It’s why I love this new book, When the Stars Disappear. Mark Talbot gives the reader a remarkable study of suffering saints and how their mistakes and victories teach us lessons of endurance. I highly recommend this stellar discussion of true Bible stories that will inspire and refresh your heart!” -Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“When the Stars Disappear leads us through a deep, sobering, and powerful encounter with the depths of suffering experienced by three pivotal Old Testament figures. To those who suffer, it offers new hope, comfort, and insight into how to understand and endure such trials with biblically rooted and wise instruction regarding the indwelling grace of God and the ultimate outcome of our journeys. Talbot’s unique combination of wisdom, pastoral discernment, biblical fluency, and philosophical and theological mastery combines with his long personal experience of suffering to inform this unique work.” -Stanton L. Jones, Provost Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Wheaton College

“Anyone who has suffered, regardless of how much, should read this book. It ministered to me. We are reminded to be honest with God in prayer about how we feel about our suffering by, for example, asking God questions like the suffering psalmists do. But then Talbot places our suffering within Scripture’s overall storyline of creation, fall, redemption, and new creation, reminding us always to try to understand how God is using our suffering to fulfill that storyline. He explains how our suffering helps us better understand our relationship to Christ and his suffering. By continually going to Scripture, he shows us how saints such as Naomi, Job, and Jeremiah worked through their suffering and came to ultimate trust and hope in God about it.” -G. K. Beale, J. Gresham Machen Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Many and varied are the books that wrestle with suffering and evil, but in his projected four volumes on the subject Mark Talbot has found some fresh approaches. In this first volume he avoids philosophical and abstract questions, but focuses close attention on a handful of people in the Bible who went through suffering. Their suffering was highly diverse: Naomi, Job, Jeremiah, and some of the psalmists. By leading us through their darkest hours, Talbot lends a personal realism to their sorrow while showing that God often provides life-transforming grace to his suffering people in the midst of their pain, rather than simply taking it all away as fast as possible.” -D. A. Carson, Cofounder and Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

(2) GIVE ME UNDERSTANDING THAT I MAY LIVE: Situating Our Suffering within God's Redemptive Plan

Since creation’s fall, suffering has been part of earthly life. At times, it can feel overwhelming, even for believers who trust in the Lord. The Suffering and the Christian Life series provides help and hope from Scripture for those who are suffering.

In volume 2 of this series, Mark Talbot explores Scripture’s account of the origin, spread, and eventual end of suffering, giving Christians the perspective they need to get through life’s difficult times. He encourages readers to see themselves within the Bible’s storyline (creation, rebellion, redemption, and consummation), finding the courage to endure and taking comfort that God is at work for their good.


“This may just be the finest treatment of biblical-theological perspectives on the nature, significance, and purpose of suffering that I have ever read. The exegetical roots of Talbot’s work run deep, his theological reflections are profound, his grasp of wide-ranging secondary literature is extraordinary, and his pastoral passion is transparent. We pray that this book will challenge, comfort, and inspire many whose experiences have landed them in the swamp of confusion and despair, and that it will be a helpful resource for those whom God calls to walk—or swim—with those in this state.” -Daniel I. Block, G. H. Knoedler Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Wheaton College; author, The Triumph of Grace and For the Glory of God

“Suffering is the greatest mystery of life, and God’s people have struggled with it since the days of Job. There is much about it that we shall never be able to understand, but Christians can know that whatever happens to us, we are children of God, and he will not allow us to fall away from his loving care. That is where we must begin, and the Scriptures offer us a rich resource for establishing our faith on a firm foundation. Mark Talbot takes us where we need to be.” -Gerald Bray, Research Professor of Divinity, History, and Doctrine, Beeson Divinity School; author, God Is Love and God Has Spoken

“None of us make it through this life without seeking to make sense of its inherent suffering. To help us in this pursuit, Mark Talbot takes us to the central story that helps us make sense of the suffering in our individual stories, the story of creation impacted by the curse because of sin. With insight and analysis of the original goal, original order, and original goodness of creation, he helps us to see not only how the impact of the curse has disrupted that order and goodness, but also what God is doing through Christ to redeem, restore, and bring us into the life of goodness and glory he intends to share with us forever.” -Nancy Guthrie, author, Even Better than Eden

“With this volume, Mark Talbot continues what looks set to be a tour de force on Christianity and the suffering Christian. In his first book, he pressed the existential power and importance of individual narratives of pain and anguish. Here he steps back and sets those stories within the larger framework of the great narrative of God’s dealings with his people. If it is true that every story of human suffering has its unique pain for those involved, Talbot demonstrates with characteristic conviction and authority that all redemption from suffering must be understood in terms of the unique revelation of God in Christ.” -Carl Trueman, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College

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(1) WHEN THE STARS DISAPPEAR: Help and Hope from Stories of Suffering in Scripture
SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $17.00)

(2) GIVE ME UNDERSTANDING THAT I MAY LIVE: Situating Our Suffering within God's Redemptive Plan
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Michael Reeves

The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord

“Let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.” —2 Corinthians 7:1

We all have experienced fear at some point. And if we are honest, we don’t usually think of fear as a good thing. So why does the Bible call us to fear the Lord? In this book, Michael Reeves explains that the fear of God is not a gloomy fear marked by anxiety but a heartfelt and happy enjoyment of God as Creator and Redeemer. As we learn more about the surprising good news of the fear of the Lord, we will discover the vital role we play in displaying to the world the awesomeness of our God.


Chapter 1: Do Not be Afraid!

Chapter 2: Sinful Fear

Chapter 3: Right Fear

Chapter 4: Overwhelmed by the Creator

Chapter 5: Overwhelmed by the Father

Chapter 6: How to Grow in This Fear

Chapter 7: The Awesome Church

Chapter 8: Eternal Ecstasy


“Modern people often view the fear of God with disdainful suspicion, but Michael Reeves shows us that godly fear is really nothing other than love for God as God. Reeves also helps us to see that the greatest factor in promoting the fear of God is knowing his grace in Christ. As John Bunyan said, ‘There is nothing in heaven or earth that can so awe the heart as the grace of God.’ This wonderful book not only teaches but sings, leading us to ‘rejoice with trembling’ (Ps. 2:11).” -Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; author, Reformed Preaching; coauthor, Reformed Systematic Theology

“We used to sing a hymn that said, ‘O how I fear Thee, living God! With deepest, tenderest fears.’ No longer. But the hymn’s first lines remind us of what we are missing: ‘My God, how wonderful Thou art, Thy majesty, how bright.’ Only those who find God to be ‘wonderful’ and his majesty ‘bright’ experience the ‘tenderest’ fear. So we have a problem; but thankfully help is at hand in What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord? Like an elder brother, Michael Reeves guides us into a fresh understanding of the fear of the Lord. On the way, he introduces us to some of his friends—masters in the school of discipleship—who have walked the path before us. Join him on the journey. You will soon discover why ‘the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him’ (Ps. 147:11).” -Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, the Bible says, and reading this book will make you wise—wise to who God is and what God requires of us by way of loving, responsive discipleship. Packed full of historical nuggets, What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord? deserves to be widely read. ‘Walking in the fear of the Lord’ is language that has largely disappeared from the contemporary church. The result is the insipid quality of a great deal of current Christianity. Recapturing the sense of God’s incomprehensible greatness and holiness is the needed antidote this book provides. An absolute gem of a book.” -Derek W. H. Thomas, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries; Chancellor’s Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Ours is a day of great fears—fear of financial collapse, fear of terrorist attacks, fear of climatic disasters, fear of a deadly pandemic—all kinds of fears, except the most important of all: the reverential fear of God. How needed then is this marvelous study of a much-neglected theme, one that is central to the Scriptures and vital to human flourishing.” -Michael A. G. Haykin, Chair and Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


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ESV Reader's Letters of Paul

Cloth over Board

It's unquestionable that the apostle Paul is the most significant theologian in church history. He solidified his theology in letters to early churches—texts that remain as challenging and relevant today as they were to their original recipients. The ESV Reader's Letters of Paul was produced in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation—a period of time in which the reformers rediscovered the vital theological truths within Paul's epistles that have shaped Christian theology ever since. The text of Paul's thirteen letters is presented without verse and chapter numbers in a clean, single-column format on thick, cream-colored paper to encourage extended reading. An introductory article explains how the letters fit within the rest of the Bible as well as the important role they have played in the history of the church.


2-color printing

Introduction to the 13 Pauline epistles

Thick, cream-colored paper

Single-column, paragraph format

Presentation page

Smyth-sewn binding

Packaging: Permanent slipcase

Format: Cloth Over Board

Type Size: 12.00

Page Layout: Single Column

Page Count: 244

Size: 5.25 in x 7.75 in

Weight: 17.33 ounces

ISBN-10: 1-4335-5796-7

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-5796-5

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ESV SCRIPTURE JOURNAL: Old Testament (Genesis - Esther)



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SGCB Price: $4.99 (list price $8.99)

SGCB Price: $4.99 (list price $8.99)

SGCB Price: $4.99 (list price $8.99)

SGCB Price: $4.99 (list price $8.99)

SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

1 & 2 SAMUEL
SGCB Price: $4.99 (list price $8.99)

1 & 2 KINGS
SGCB Price: $4.99 (list price $8.99)

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SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)
ESV SCRIPTURE JOURNAL: Old Testament (Job - Malachi)



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SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

SGCB Price: $5.99 (list price $10.99)

SGCB Price: $5.99 (list price $10.99)

SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

SGCB Price: $4.99 (list price $8.99)

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Hosea, Joel, Amos, and Obadiah
SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

Jonah, Micah, Nahum, and Habakkuk
SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)

Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi
SGCB Price: $3.99 (list price $6.99)
The ESV Large Print Value Thinline Bible includes 10-point Bible text, a quality TruTone cover, and a concordance—all in a portable format that is less than 1 inch thick. Containing the complete ESV text, the Large Print Value Thinline Bible offers tremendous value for a large print Bible.


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Matthew Barrett; Gloria Furman


(1) REFORMATION THEOLOGY: A Systematic Summary edited by Matthew Barrett with Prologue by Michael Horton

Five hundred years ago, the Reformers were defending doctrines such as justification by faith alone, the authority of Scripture, and God's grace in salvation—some to the point of death. Many of these same essential doctrines are still being challenged today, and there has never been a more crucial time to hold fast to the enduring truth of Scripture.

In Reformation Theology, Matthew Barrett has brought together a team of expert theologians and historians writing on key doctrines taught and defended by the Reformers centuries ago. With contributions from Michael Horton, Gerald Bray, Michael Reeves, Carl Trueman, Robert Kolb, and many others, this volume stands as a manifesto for the church, exhorting Christians to learn from our spiritual forebears and hold fast to sound doctrine rooted in the Bible and passed on from generation to generation.


Prologue: What Are We Celebrating? Taking Stock after Five Centuries - Michael Horton

The Crux of Genuine Reform - Matthew Barrett

PART ONE: Historical Background to the Reformation

Late-Medieval Theology - Gerald Bray

The Reformers and Their Reformations - Carl R. Trueman and Eunjin Kim

PART TWO: Reformation Theology

Sola Scriptura - Mark D. Thompson

The Holy Trinity - Michael Reeves

The Being and Attributes of God - Scott R. Swain

Predestination and Election - Cornelis P. Venema

Creation, Mankind, and the Image of God - Douglas F. Kelly

The Person of Christ - Robert Letham

The Work of Christ - Donald Macleod

The Holy Spirit - Graham A. Cole

Union with Christ - J. V. Fesko

The Bondage and Liberation of the Will - Matthew Barrett

Justification by Faith Alone - Korey D. Maas

Sanctification, Perseverance, and Assurance - Michael Allen

The Church - Robert Kolb

Baptism - Aaron Clay Denlinger

The Lord's Supper - Keith A. Mathison

The Relationship of Church and State - Peter A. Lillback

Eschatology - Kim Riddlebarger

(2) LABOR WITH HOPE: Gospel Meditations on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood by Gloria Furman with Jesse Scheumann

The world is filled with messages for women about pregnancy. Popular books and well-meaning family and friends offer unsolicited advice about what to expect and how to stay healthy—sometimes resulting in joy and excitement but other times leading to discouragement and fear.

The Bible, too, has a lot to say about childbirth—offering real hope that nothing in this world can match. In Labor with Hope, Gloria Furman helps women see topics such as pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage, birth pain, and new life in the framework of the larger biblical narrative, infusing cosmic meaning into their personal experience by exploring how they point to eternal realities. Women will see that only Christ can provide the strength they desperately need in order to labor with hope.

cwns ovst CWNS+ MD22

(1) REFORMATION THEOLOGY: A Systematic Summary edited by Matthew Barrett with Prologue by Michael Horton
SGCB Price: $22.50 (list price $45.00)
784 Page - Printed Caseside - Articles by Michael Allen, Matthew Barrett, Gerald Bray, Graham Cole, J.V. Fesko, Douglas Kelly, Robert cleod, Carl Trueman and moreLetham, Donald Ma

(2) LABOR WITH HOPE: Gospel Meditations on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood by Gloria Furman with Jesse Scheumann
SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $20.00)
160 Page Hardcover with Dust-Jacket -

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CANON REVISITED: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books
Michael Kruger

This study of the New Testament canon and its authority looks deeper than the traditional surveys of councils and creeds, mining the biblical text itself for direction in understanding what the original authors and audiences believed the canon to be. Canon Revisited distinguishes itself by placing a substantial focus on the theology of canon as the context within which the historical evidence is evaluated and assessed. In effect, this work successfully unites both the theology and the historical development of the canon, ultimately serving as a practical defense for the authority of the New Testament books.



1. The Church's Book: Canon as Community Determined

2. Tracing the Origins: Canon as Historically Determined

3. My Sheep Hear My Voice: Canon as Self-Authenticating


4. The Divine Qualities of the Canon

5. The Apostolic Origins of the Canon

6. The Corporate Reception of the Canon: The Emergence of a Canonical Core

7. The Corporate Reception of the Canon: Manuscripts and Christian Book Production

8. The Corporate Reception of the Canon: Problem Books and Canonical Boundaries



General Index

Scripture Index


"This book fills a lacuna in evangelical scholarship. Rarely does academic specialization in canon studies converge with thorough commitment to biblical authority. In this work, close evaluation of the history of approaches to the canon is matched by a richly theological interpretation of what it means to call Scripture our canon. A Careful, accessible, and wise in his explorations, Michael Kruger has given us a gift that will keep on giving for generations to come." -Michael S. Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“Of all the recent books and articles on the canon of Scripture, this is the one I recommend most. It deals with the critical literature thoroughly and effectively while presenting a cogent alternative grounded in the teaching of Scripture itself. Michael Kruger develops the historic Reformed model of Scripture as self-authenticating and integrates it with a balanced appreciation for the history of the canon and the role of the community in recognizing it. This is the definitive work on the subject for our time.” -John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

"The Christian canon of Scripture is under fire now more than ever. Sadly, even as so much of this fire has been issuing from academic quarters, we are left with more smoke than light. Stepping into the gap with a fresh synthesis is Michael Kruger's Canon Revisited. Gracefully uniting theology and history, Kruger invokes the chief Reformed argument for canon and gives it fresh wings." -Nicholas Perrin, Franklin S. Dyrness Chair of Biblical Studies Associate Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College; author, Lost in Transmission? What We Can Know about the Words of Jesus


*CANON REVISITED: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books by Kruger

*THE SEPTUAGINT: What It Is and Why It Matters by Gregor Lanier and William Ross

*OLD MADE NEW: A Guide to the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by Greg Lanier

*SCRIBES & SCRIPTURE: The Amazing Story of How We Got the Bible by John Meade & Peter Gurry

*THE EPIC STORY OF THE BIBLE: How to Read and Understand God's Word by Greg Gilbert

Format: Printed Caseside

Page Count: 368

ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-0500-3

Size: 6.0 in x 9.0 in

CWN23 cwn723 5PSCR

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SGCB Price: $58.00 (list price $110.00)
THE GODLY HOME: Selected from A Christian Directory
RICHARD BAXTER, Edited by Randall Pedersen, Intro. by J.I. Packer

In twenty-first century America, at a time when the family structure is crumbling, divorce rates are at an all-time high, and respect for parents is diminishing, The Godly Home serves as a balm for those seeking God's plan for the family. With an introduction by J. I. Packer, this book includes topics for those passionate about families or those teaching on the characteristics of a godly family. Richard Baxter covers topics such as marriage, children, and family worship methodically and comprehensively through both hypothetical and real-life questions and concerns that arise in family dynamics. He uses arguments, objections, and frequent Scripture to help husbands, wives, and children to live godly lives.More than three centuries ago, Puritan church leader Baxter compiled a 1,143-page tome entitled Christian Directory, which included a section on family life. The Godly Home is the only stand-alone version of that section of Christian Directory. Editor Randall Pederson has updated the language and syntax to make this seventeenth-century collection of words one that will continue on for generations to come.

Endorsement: "The Puritans elevated the concept that our homes and families should be like little churches and godly enclaves more than anyone else in church history. They preached scores of sermons and wrote numerous books on how to live as Christian husbands, wives, and children. One of the most important among these books was written by Richard Baxter and has long been buried in miniscule print in his A Christian Directory. In The Godly Home, Randall Pederson has masterfully edited Baxter's tour de force on the duties of husbands, wives, children, and teenagers in building God-glorifying homes. Though a few items in this book may seem outdated, the vast majority of it provides solid, convicting, and instructive biblical advice. If every Christian family, by the Spirit's grace, conscientiously practiced the godly piety Baxter commends in this book, homes, churches, and nations would be truly transformed for good and we would see better days ahead." - Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Puritan family classics


SGCB Price: $13.95 (list price $20.00)

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THE FRANCIS SCHAEFFER TRILOGY: The God Who is There; Escape from Reason & He Is There and He Is Not Silent
FRANCIS A SCHAEFFER with Publisher's Preface by Lane Dennis and Foreword by J.I. Packer

Few Christians have had a greater impact during the last half of the twentieth century than Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer. A man with a remarkable breadth of cultural interest, with penetrating insight into modern life, and with a clear sense of spiritual reality, Schaeffer was also a man who cared deeply about people and their search for truth and reality in their lives.

With the publication of this Trilogy, Dr. Schaeffer's three foundational books are available for the first time in one volume. Schaeffer himself considered these three books to be essential to everything he wrote (twenty-three books in all), and it is here especially that we see his ability to understand the deep need of modern man for truth, beauty, and meaning in life.

In the first book, The God Who Is There, Schaeffer shows how modern thought has abandoned the idea of truth with tragic consequences in every area of culture–from philosophy, to art, to music, to theology, and within culture as a whole.

Escape from Reason, the second book, explains especially how the disintegration of modern life and culture grows from corrupted roots that reach far into the past.

In the last book, He Is There and He Is Not Silent, Schaeffer contrasts the silence and despair of modern life with the Christian answer that God can indeed be known because He is there and He is not silent. In addition to the convenience of having Schaeffer's three foundational books in one volume, the Trilogy is especially valuable in that it uses the text revised and updated by Schaeffer shortly before his death.

Why was Schaeffer able to understand and communicate so effectively to a generation? The best way to know is to find out firsthand, by reading his essential works as found in this Trilogy. Few who begin this journey will come to the end without having their life profoundly changed.

"What is the long-term significance of Francis Schaeffer? I am sure... that I shall not be at all wrong when I hail Francis Schaeffer--who saw so much more... and agonized over it so much more tenderly than the rest of us do--as one of the truly great Christians of my time." --J. I. Packer, Late Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College

"There is no other important Christian thinker of our era who has tackled as many fundamental intellectual, philosophical, and theological issues as Schaeffer did, and no one else has so revealed their relevance to us."--Harold O. J. Brown, Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


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THE COMPLETE WORKS OF FRANCIS A. SCHAEFFER: A Christian Worldview (5 Large Volumes

For the reflective Christian: all twenty-two books of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer's life's work in a beautifully crafted five-volume set. Revised and indexed. ECPA Gold Medallion winner.

Dr. Schaeffer was one of the 20th century's champions of reasoned faith. Though he died in 1984, his influence continues through his writings. This affordable set contains all 22 of Schaeffer's books. Five indexed 6" x 9" softcovers, from Crossway Books.

Titles include:

The God Who is There

Escape from Reason

He is There and He is Not Silent

Back to Freedom and Dignity

Genesis in Space and Time

No Final Conflict

Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History

Basic Bible Studies

Art and the Bible

No Little People

True Spirituality

The New Super-Spirituality

Two Contents, Two Realities

The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century

The Church Before the Watching World

The Mark of a Christian

Death in the City

The Great Evangelical Disaster

Pollution and the Death of Man

How Should We Then Live?

Whatever Happened to the Human Race?

A Christian Manifesto

FRANCIS A. SCHAEFFER (1912–1984) authored more than twenty books, which have been translated into several languages and have sold millions globally. He and his wife, Edith, founded the L'Abri Fellowship international study and discipleship centers. Recognized internationally for his work in Christianity and culture, Schaeffer passed away in 1984 but his influence and legacy continue worldwide.


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REMAKING THE WORLD: How 1776 Created the Post-Christian West
Andrew Wilson

How 7 Transformational Events in 1776 Paved the Way for Today’s Post-Christian West

With dizzying social transformations in everything from gender to social justice, it may seem like there’s never been a more tumultuous period in history. But a single year in the late 18th century saw a number of influential transformations—or even revolutions—that changed the social trajectory of the Western world. By understanding how those events influenced today’s cultural landscape, Christians can more effectively bear witness to God’s truth in a post-Christian age.

In Remaking the World, Andrew Wilson highlights 7 major developments from the year 1776—globalization, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the Great Enrichment, the American Revolution, the rise of post-Christianity, and the dawn of Romanticism—and explains their relevance to social changes happening today. Carefully examining key documents and historical figures, Wilson demonstrates how a monumental number of political, philosophical, economic, and industrial changes in the year of America’s founding shaped the modern West into a “WEIRDER” society: Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic, Ex-Christian, and Romantic. This thoroughly researched yet accessible book offers a unique historical perspective on modern views of family, government, religion, and morality—giving Christians the historical lens they need to understand today’s post-Christian trends and respond accordingly.


Author's Note

Part One: Changes

Chapter 1: Roots: The Presence of the Past

Chapter 2: Quirks: The WEIRDER World

Part Two: Origins

Chapter 3: Maps: Becoming Western

Chapter 4: Patriots: Becoming Democratic

Chapter 5: Lights: Becoming Educated

Chapter 6: Skeptics: Becoming Ex-Christian

Chapter 7: Machines: Becoming Industrialized

Chapter 8: Lovers: Becoming Romantic

Chapter 9: Profits: Becoming Rich

Part Three: Responses

Chapter 10: Christians: Grace, Freedom, and Truth

Chapter 11: Opportunities: Possibilities for a Postsecular World



Select Bibliography



“Andrew Wilson’s book is extraordinary in every way: extraordinary in the breadth of research; extraordinary in the multitude of world-significant events that Wilson identifies for 1776; extraordinary in the depth of his insight on what those events meant (and continue to mean); extraordinary in the verve with which he makes his arguments; and, not least, extraordinary in the persuasive Christian framework in which he sets the book. Remaking the World is a triumph of both creative historical analysis and winsome Christian interpretation.” -Mark Noll, Research Professor of History, Regent College; author, America’s Book: The Rise and Decline of a Bible Civilization, 1794–1911

“Andrew Wilson is a wise and witty guide through the eventful year 1776 (eventful in, as he shows, sometimes surprising ways). He convincingly demonstrates that we’re still living in the wake of that historical moment—and offers shrewd suggestions for how Christians might navigate those rough waters.” -Alan Jacobs, Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Baylor University

“Andrew Wilson’s extraordinary Remaking the World delivers a gripping history of how the seeds of the post-Christian West were sown in the late eighteenth century. It is an intellectual tour de force and a model of Christian scholarship.” -Thomas S. Kidd, Research Professor of Church History, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Thomas Jefferson: A Biography of Spirit and Flesh

“The eighteenth century is one of the most fascinating and important periods in human history, and in this book, Andrew Wilson shows exactly why. Remaking the World isn’t just a history book, however. It’s a wide-ranging examination and exploration of the past that makes sense of our present and shines a light on the future. Few books offer as compelling, rich, and insightful cultural analysis that covers so much ground as this one. It’s history for history lovers—and for the rest of us.” -Karen Swallow Prior, author, The Evangelical Imagination: How Stories, Images, and Metaphors Created a Culture in Crisis

“Brilliantly conceived, carefully researched, and written with verve, this book shows how one single year—1776—made the world all of us inhabit. Bringing together historical drama and specific events told in granular detail, this is history as it should be recounted—provocative, engaging, and consequential. Heartedly recommended!” -Timothy George, Distinguished Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

“When Americans see ‘1776’ in the subtitle of a book written by an Englishman, they likely think they know what to expect—an apologia for monarchy. That’s not this book. Instead, Remaking the World offers an insightful and trenchant intellectual history of how the ideas and figures of a single year catapulted us into the present. A book like this should make Christians more discerning and critical about the taken-for-granted assumptions that we all believe are routine but are really the product of forces outside our control. Toward the end, Wilson gives Christians a pathway to witness to a world that thinks it has eclipsed the claims of Christianity but remains unable to explain itself apart from it.” -Andrew T. Walker, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Fellow, The Ethics and Public Policy Center

“This is an arresting book. Even though Andrew Wilson is a vocational pastor and not a professional historian, his historical judgment and modesty are exemplary. His narrative is sensitive to the many complex causes of ‘modernity,’ never gets bogged down in details, and is written with elegant and lively prose. I can think of no better book to help Christians understand how our world has (and has not) become post-Christian. In Remaking the World, Wilson has established himself among contemporary Christianity’s most subtle and interesting thinkers.” -Matthew Lee Anderson, Assistant Research Professor of Ethics and Theology, Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University; Cohost, Mere Fidelity

Andrew Wilson (PhD, King’s College London) is the teaching pastor at King’s Church London and a columnist for Christianity Today. He is the author of several books, including Incomparable; Echoes of Exodus; and God of All Things. Andrew is married to Rachel and they have three children: Zeke, Anna, and Samuel.

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NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES: Thoughtful and Worshipful Reflections on the Identity and Ministry of Jesus
Sinclair Ferguson and Alistair Begg

Jesus Christ has been given the name above all names, the highest seat of honor, the right to reign and rule. Yet the busyness of our lives and the diversions of this world often distract us from knowing the most important person we could ever know. Perhaps we need some help to see Jesus afresh.

In this thoughtful study and worshipful reflection, two influential pastors draw on decades of pastoral experience in order to guide us through the whole sweep of Scripture and examine seven key qualities of Jesus's identity and ministry:

-Jesus as the True Prophet

-Jesus as the Great High Priest

-Jesus as the Conquering King

-Jesus as the Seed of the Woman

-Jesus as the Son of Man

-Jesus as the Suffering Servant

-Jesus as the Lamb on the Throne

'Name above All Names' helps us to see and meditate on the incomparable character of Christ; a spiritual exercise that enables us to readily respond to the exhortations of Scripture, to focus our gaze upon the King of kings, and to better understand just how great Jesus really is.

"No biblical or theological subject captivates my heart and stimulates my mind more than the glory of Christ. One day every knee with bow at the mention of His name. If you want to understand why (and have your won heart humbled, filled with gratitude, and aroused to worship), nourish your soul with this simple yet profound overview of who Jesus is and what He has accomplished." - John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

"As Christians, we find it easy to talk about God's work in our communities and around the world. It's easy to describe our growth in Christ and what we are learning from him. But how many of us simply delight in talking about Jesus? The art of cont