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How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church
Jeff Crippen and Anna Wood

In many Christian circles this may be a taboo subject-spoken of in hushed tones or behind closed doors. But it is a very real problem that must be brought into the light of Scripture.

Abuse in the church takes different forms, but it is alive and active even in "nice" families in our churches. Typically, the abuser is male, usually a husband--and his character is that of a manipulating deceiver!

Countless women and children even many faithful pastors--have been abused by these deceivers.

Have you, or someone you know, been a victim? Has an abuser:

- Threatened physical violence if he does not get away?

- Intimidated you with abusive language?

- Denied you affection?

- Denied you medical attention?

- Manipulated friends and acquaintances in order to gain allies?

Pastor Jeff Crippen uses his over thirty years of experience to rip the lid off this most insidious behavior that is often hidden in plain sight. He not only maintains that Bible believing churches have ignored or failed to face the problem, he insists that when they do counsel a victim of abuse, they get it all wrong! The result is that the victim gets pulled into deeper-even life threatening-danger!

This book will come as a life-saver in a raging sea for those under the thumb of an abusive spouse of "friend".

The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to be free in him: spiritually, emotionally, and, yes, physically. Every pastor also needs to read this book, either because they too have been a victim, but, more importantly, so that they properly counsel those caught in a cycle of abuse.

SGCB Price: $15.50 (list price $21.99)

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Reflections on Preaching, the Ministry and the State of the Church
Roger Ellsworth

Drawing on his more than 50 years in the pastoral ministry, Roger Ellsworth reflects on the issues facing the church today; without forgetting the God-glorifying people of the past!

The author's experiences 'in the trenches' of ministry provide the background for this enlightening and important book. From childhood conversion, to his early years as a 'preacher boy' - to the heartbreak of disappointments, failures, and even betrayals, Ellsworth takes us on a spiritual journey. Whether you are a pastor, a student of the Bible, or just the 'person in the pew,' you will find much 'spiritual meat' here to draw on as you continue to walk the Christian life in a fallen world.

And you might even find parallels of your own life in these pages!

Ellsworth gives sound advice on what really constitutes good Biblical influences. He also provides us with an account of his struggles (your struggles?) with the sovereignty of God in salvation, human suffering (and how we should react to it) - and when and how does 'Revival' come to the church.

50 Years of Grace is feast for your soul.

Eat heartily and be edified!

SGCB Price: $11.95 (list price $16.99)
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FROM RELIGION TO CHRIST: A Practical Consideration of Jesus' Encounter with Nicodemus in John 3
Peter Jeffery

The conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, recorded in John Chapter 3, is the subject of this book. The author is concerned that millions are like Nicodemus - religious but not redeemed by God.

This book lays out the gospel in the hope that many will see clearly that religion is not the key to salvation but faith in Christ alone.

The perfect gift to give to your religious friends and family members who are yet unsaved.

"When I hear the name Peter Jeffery, I immediately think of the author who is known for his ability to put profound biblical truth in readable, understandable and memorable language. That ability is on display again in this volume." - Roger Ellsworth, author of numerous volumes

"Peter Jeffrey is a man who is rooted. He is rooted in who he was before he became a believer in Jesus Christ. He is rooted in who he became by the grace of God after becoming a Christian. And he is growing his roots in who he will be in glory. I see all three phases of Peter's life in this remarkable book. He has not strayed far from his roots. His genius is keeping us connected to the foundational issues of life." - Steve Martin (retired after 31 years of pastoral ministry in Atlanta, Georgia, now has a ministry of encouragement to other, younger pastors and speaks at churches, conferences, and retreats.)

One Reader wrote the following:

"While the world runs into a frenzy of producing religions and self-paved salvation, Pastor Jeffery takes a classic approach by conducting a survey in the book of John chapter 3 verses 1-21 where Jesus Christ affirms an indictment for depraved humanity in front of God and His righteous judgment to sinners as well as God's initiated redemption through believing His Son and being born again of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Jeffery challenges the reader to reexamine their position, which is originally based on their preconceived belief, of dismissing the full account of the Bible and take a serious consideration of their eternity. Verse by verse, keyword by keyword, Pastor Jeffery debunks the misconceptions regarding the way of salvation with his spiritual understanding and wisdom. A thin book yet profound, explanatory, and coherent that answers the most important question of humanity. Bible references are included to enhance the argument.

As the introduction states, "He (Peter Jeffery) is deeply concerned that the world is filled with multitudes of people who are religious but not redeemed. He has written very simply so you will understand", this book is a must read for every sincere seeker.

On the other hand, I appreciated how Pastor Jeffery entitled his book. In an age of confusion and autonomy, like our present one, where there is no sound or true knowledge about the word "religion", he sensibly directs our attention to Christ Himself (in lieu of Christianity) and consequently, leaves no room for unwarranted disputes."


An Introductory Word

1. Nicodemus: The Pharisee

2. Born Again

3. The Evidence of the New Birth

4. Water & Wind

5. Christ Lifted Up

6. God So Loved the World

7. Whoever

8. Death or Life

9. The Sin of Unbelief

10. The Verdict

11. Nicodemus: Born Again



SGCB Price: $7.95 (list price $12.00)
MANLY DOMINION: In a Passive-Purple-Four-Ball World!
Mark Chanski

Are you a passive-purple-four-ball?

In billiards, the four-ball is passive; it's the one that gets knocked around by the other balls. Christian man, is that you? Are you knocked around by your environment, rather than taking your God-given assignment to lead?

Are you passive when faced with difficult situations at home, church or work?

Unfortunately, the world today is filled with many passive-purple-four-ball men, who are clueless as to how to deal with their work environment, relate to their wives, raise their children, spiritually guide their families, and lead with confidence in their churches.

Mark Chanski's book is a clarion call to all Christian men to face life's challenges with Manly Dominion. It will challenge and encourage you to lead, wherever God places you, with Spirit-filled conviction. The wisdom contained herein is from the most reliable source known: GodĘs Word, the Bible. As you read, you will discover that Chanski touches on just about every subject that a man needs to consider in his life, and he does so with unequalled clarity.

No Christian man (or woman!) living in today's world should be without it.

Read carefully, and transform your life!

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SGCB Price: $13.50 (list price $22.00)

SGCB Price: $25.00 (list price $44.00)
TO BE CONTINUED: Tongues! Signs! Wonders! Are they operative in the church today?
Dr. Samuel E. Waldron


Tongues! Signs! Wonders!

Are they operative in the church of Jesus Christ today? Perhaps no subject is more debated in the church today than whether or not the 'miraculous sign' gifts are for today's believers. When someone says that they 'speak in tongues,' do they have biblical warrant to do so? Are they really speaking a divine language, or a mocking counterfeit? When someone claims that they can perform miracles because they are 'an apostle,' should we ask for proof, or simply tell them that it cannot be so since there are no apostles today? What about prophets? Are there any true prophets in the churches today?

Samuel E. Waldron builds systematic case for the complete cessation of the miraculous gifts as well as the office of Apostle and prophet. Building an insurmountable argument step by step, he shows that the Bible is quite clear on this issue.

If you are struggling to come to grips with what the Bible says on this most important and oftentimes confusing topic, then this book is essential reading!!!

"clear, convincing, and biblical" - John MacArthur

30% Discount
SGCB Price: $10.95 (list price $16.00)

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THE POTTER'S FREEDOM: A Defense of the Reformation and a Rebuttal of Norman Geisler's 'Chosen But Free'
James White

"James White combines sound biblical exegesis, theological erudition, and a deep passion for truth in his able rebuttal to Norman Geisler's Chosen but Free. I am grateful that The Potter's Freedom powerfully exposes Geisler's inconsistencies and shows that his self-labeled "moderate Calvinism" is no Calvinism at all. The Potter's Freedom has far-reaching consequences for any serious student of Reformed theology, for Geisler is not a lone ranger in promoting historic Reformed theology as "extreme Calvinism" and Semi-pelagianism as "moderate Calvinism." I pray that God may use this book abundantly to remove many caricatures about the Reformed faith and to move many to embrace unabashedly solid, Reformed convictions." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke

"Many of us, who have otherwise profited from the writings of Dr. Norman Geisler, have been grieved by his hapless attempt to harmonize Calvinism and Arminianism. With the skill of a surgeon, Dr. James R. White dissects Geisler's arguments and reveals them to be based on convoluted thinking, inconsistencies, and misinterpretations of Scripture. I pray that this book shall have a wide audience, not just as a definitive rebuttal to Geisler, but also as a helpful exposition of the Calvinisim/Arminianism debate." -Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Table of Contents:

1. The Vital Issue

2. Determinately Knowing

3. The Inabilities of Man

4. The Will of Man

5. Unconditional Election a Necessity

6. CBF's 'Big Three' Verses

7. Jesus Teaches 'Extreme Calvinism'

8. Unconditional Election

9. Responding to CBF on Romans 9

10. The Perfect Work of Calvary

11. Particular Redemption

12. Irresistible Grace is Resurrection Power

13. Irresistible Grace

14. The Potter's Freedom Defended




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SGCB Price: $12.00 (list price $25.00)
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Order Complete JAMES WHITE COLLECTION (13 Volumes)
SGCB Price: $150.00 (list price $260.00)
and Other Essays and Addresses on Biblical Counseling
Dr. Jay Adams

The Big Umbrella is a collection of essays and addresses given by the author in the early Seventies. In it, Jay Adams, perhaps the central figure in the 'nouthetic,' or Biblical Counseling Movement, discusses a wide variety of subjects all dealing in some way with counseling from a biblical perspective. Dr. Adams confronts and dismantles the common notion of modern psychology that all people with emotional and behavioral problems are 'sick,' and presents instead a sound argument that sin and our rebellious nature are at the core of these issues. Written in a breezy and informal way, this volume will be an absolute necessity for both the trained biblical counselor who needs a solid reference book and the average Christian in the pew who wants a thorough introduction to this most important subject.

30% Discount
SGCB Price: $13.99 (list price $20.00)
Following Jesus' Method and Enjoying the Blessings of Children
Alan Melton and Paul Dean

Over 2 million teens, youth, and young adults from Christian families are leaving the church each year, never to return. Rather than talking about what Jesus would do, the authors talk about what Jesus DID DO. That is, the actual discipling techniques that Jesus used in His earthly ministry. Join the many people who have had a paradigm shift on this issue. This is not just a book, it's a movement!

Over 30% Discount
SGCB Price: $12.99 (list price $18.99)
A Practical Guide to Biblical Husbanding
Lou Priolo

Many books on the market seem to speak to the issue of what it means to be a "biblical husband." But no one has put it all together in such a complete, scripturally sound way like Lou Priolo. Lou has taken his considerable experience as a biblical counselor and poured it into this book. His message?: "Men, your wife came with an owner's manual; it's called the Bible." Self-examination for the men is the order of the day, as well as being sensitive to the dreams, goals--and fears of the wife. This book fills a tremendous void in the "marital relationship" book market!

"When the word gets out, it will become a favorite gift to husbands from their wives. A book to read and return to often." - Ted Tripp

Over 30% Off
SGCB Price: $12.99 (list price $18.99)
A Model of Christian Maturity: An Exposition of 2 Corinthians 10-13
D.A. Carson

Description: How do some of the apostle Paul's most passionate words help us to understand our lives as Christians today?

According to Bible scholar D. A. Carson, 2 Corinthians 10-13 most clearly reveals Paul's heart and mind. It contains well-known passages, such as Paul's description of his thorn in the flesh and an intense chronicle of his specific sufferings. This section of Scripture also models Paul's style of spiritual leadership and warns of false leadership in the church, something of crucial importance to anyone with an influential role in the body of believers.

Carson unpacks Paul's call for us to embrace discipline and obedience, and his thoughts on the nature of spiritual boasting. Through Paul we explore the struggles, opportunities, and intentions of a Christian under fire, journeying with him as he seeks to guide the Corinthian church and speak to us as well.

Author Information: D. A. Carson (Ph.D., Cambridge University) is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has served as a pastor and is the author and editor of more than forty-five books.

SGCB Price: $12.50 (list price $15.00)

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WOMANLY DOMINION: More Than A Gentle And Quiet Spirit
Mark Chanski

Christian woman - take dominion!

"Play your position!" is a call we may hear a coach yell at a soccer or football game. The meaning is: "Do what you have been assigned to do, and do it well!"

Many Christian women have been told over the years that they must quietly stay under their parasols while their men go out and conquer the world. But is this what the Bible really teaches?

Author and pastor Mark Chanski insists that the Bible tells us a different story. He insists that the Bible teaches a woman to take dominion of her God-assigned role as wife, mother and church helper. No, not in a feminist way, but in a God-glorifying way that speaks volumes of who she is and why God created her.

Women should not think of themselves as victims, says the author, but as victors who conquer the realm that their Lord and Master Jesus Christ has given them.

This book will forever change the way you look at Christian womanhood!

"This book is a very helpful one that, when I first looked at it, I thought a man couldn't write. But he did!" - Dr. Jay Adams

"Finally, a book that brings together nearly everything God's Word calls a woman to be, from within herself to her marriage and family, as well as the church and the public square. WOMANLY DOMINION is Biblical Womanhood 101, a biblical, succinct, practical course that shows women how to think God's thoughts after Him, to align themselves with their holy and awesome calling, and to free themselves from the pressures of worldly thinking about womanhood." - Dr. Joel Beeke


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Sam Waldron

This book is the second installment in Dr. Waldron's groundbreaking work, The End Times Made Simple, in which he deftly dismantled the interpretive view that dispensationalists have of prophecy in general. This book goes a step further, arguing that there are consequences to our eschatological (i.e., End Times) views. The reader will find powerful and cogent arguments for a strictly biblical hermeneutic, free from forced interpretations and presuppositions that have little to do with the actual Word of God. Some of the topics covered are how we approach biblical interpretation in general and prophetic interpretation in particular, and whether there is a distinction between Israel and the church, or is the church the 'Israel of God.' This book will change the way the reader approaches the great prophecies of the Bible, and will give the reader a renewed appreciation for the Lord Jesus Christ and His plan for His church.


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THE END TIMES MADE SIMPLE: How Could Everybody Be So Wrong About Biblical Prophecy?
Samuel E. Waldron

Rapture? Pre-Trib? Post-Trib? Millennium? Confused? You should be! In today's Evangelical Christian world, eschatology -- or the study of the "Last Things" -- has been turned into a sort of pseudo-science with a plethora of authors claiming to know exactly the scenario of events that are to take place just prior to the Lord Jesus Christ's return. Piece by piece, Waldron strips away years of false teaching and faulty exegesis thrust upon the church to reveal what the Bible, in its own simple but profound way, says about what will happen at the end of this present age.

fpofa TT3 pbs 41822 clj

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SGCB Price: $13.95 (list price $20.00)

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SGCB Price: $35.95 (list price $55.00)
21st Century Corinthians
Joe Bianchi

In 21st Century Corinthians, Bianchi sets out his theme: The majority of church conflicts arise as a result of wounded egos, not theological differences. The reason? 'The 21st- century Evangelical church has a serious dose of amnesia; it has forgotten the very foundation that the New Testament was built upon.'

These two quotes will tell you that this is not a book for the spiritually squeamish! They need what the book has to say, but will not read more than a few pages. Even those who are convinced that the church needs a serious shake up will not agree with all that is put forward. But the arguments need to be considered and given our serious attention, and challenge us to do something about them.

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SGCB Price: $7.99 (list price $11.99)
Wayne Mack

Should you commit yourself to membership in a local church? Isn't just being a Christian enough? Anyhow, where does the Bible say that we have to become members of a church? Why can't I just attend and get involved?

These are very important questions that demand an answer, especially in the 'casual age' that we're living in. Dr. Wayne Mack brings his years of experience as a Bible teacher, pastor and counselor to this very controversial topic. His answers are straightforward and clear: "YES!" You must become a church member if you're to be obedient to our Lord Jesus Christ and the clear teaching of the New Testament. "NO!" Being a 'lone wolf' Christian is not enough, per se; you must join with a local body of believers in a church that teaches sound doctrine. 'NO!' You cannot just 'attend and get involved' without the benefit of church membership; you must have church elders that can guide you, and that you must submit to. Dr. Mack thus argues conclusively and clearly for church membership.

SGCB Price: $7.75 (list price $10.99)
Peter Jeffery

Reaffirming the Gospel Message for Today's Christians.

They were captivated by its message.

They settled into their new Christian life

and began to learn the need for holiness and discipleship,

but imperceptibly, perhaps, there grew in them a tendency

to lose the simple thrill of being saved.

Peter Jeffery reawakens Christians to the power of God found in the message that forms the foundation of their lives.

30% Off
SGCB Price: $6.99 (list price $10.00)