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CHRIST IN SONG: Hymns of Immanuel from All Ages
compiled by Philip Schaff

Philip Schaff is best known for his massive "History of the Christian Church". In 1869 Schaff took his love for Christ and the Church and turned his efforts to a compilation of the great hymns of the Church down through the ages. His focus was upon one thing: JESUS CHRIST. Hear his words from the Preface, "Christ is the centre of sacred art as well as of theology and religion... From Him music has drawn its highest inspiration, and Handel transcended himself when he made 'Messiah' his theme. The sweetest lyrics of Zion in all ages celebrate the events of His life and the boundless wealth of mercy and peace that is treasured up in His person and work for every believer. The hymns of JESUS are the Holy of holies in the temple of sacred poetry."

Schaff concludes his Preface with these words: "May He, whose holy name shines on every page, own and bless this labor of love to His own glory and praise, and to the joy and comfort of His people; animating their songs in the house of their pilgrimage, until they adore Him face to face in the chorus of Redemption everlasting."

CHARLES HODGE, great 19th century theologian, said the following about this volume: "After all, apart from the Bible, the best antidote to all these false theories of the person and work of Christ, is such a book as Dr. Schaff's 'CHRIST IN SONG.' The hymns contained in that volume are of all ages and from all churches. They set forth Christ as truly God, as truly man, as one person, as the expiation for our sins, as our intercessor, Savior, and King, as the supreme object of love, as the ultimate ground of confidence, as the all-sufficient portion of the soul. We want no better theology and no better religion than are set forth in these hymns. They were indicted by the Holy Spirit in the sense that the thoughts and feelings which they express, are due to his operations on the hearts of his people."



- The Advent

- The Incarnation

- The Infant Savior

- The Epiphany

- Christ's Life and Example

- The Passion

- The Burial

- The Resurrection

- The Ascension

- The Intercession and Reign

- Christ Judging the World

Part Second: CHRIST IN US

- The Love and Loveliness of Christ

- Christ our Refuge and Strength

- Christ our Peace

- Faith in Christ

- Union with Christ

- The Holy Communion

- Love and Gratitude to Christ

- Forever with Christ

- Praise and Adoration of Christ

The hymns-poems of each section are mostly arranged in chronological order, to enable the reader to trace the history of Christian life in song. Perhaps it will whet your appetite to hear some whose works are found in this magnificent volume:

EARLY CHURCH: Ambrose, Anatolius, Prudentius, Clement of Alexandria, Gregory Nazianzen...

MIDDLE AGES: St. Bernard, John of Damascus, Bonaventura, Thomas Aquinas...

REFORMATION PERIOD: Martin Luther, Michael Weiss, John Calvin...

PURITAN ERA: Richard Baxter, John Milton, Paul Gerhardt, Jeremy Taylor, George Herbert...

18TH CENTURY: William Cowper, Philip Doddridge, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, John Newton, Gerhard Tersteegen, A.M. Toplady, Joseph Hart, Anne Steele, Lady Huntingdon...

19TH CENTURY: Horatius Bonar, R.M. McCheyne, Thomas Kelly, Alfred Lord Tennyson, James Montgomery, Josiah Conder, Henry Alford, Charlotte Elliot, Hannah More, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Elizabeth Prentiss....



DEVOTIONAL CLASSIC dtdm cdv 317 ljc lvs wmn FSS b50 1776S 316/ sosf

Large paperback (596 pages)
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William Gadsy

Solid Ground has completed a new enlarged edition of this classic work that is useful for public, private and family worship. An esteemed collection of 1,156 hymns of rich theological content, many of which are not found in any other current hymnal. Contains: Gadsby's original hymns; 1st and 2nd supplements; Hart's hymns and occasional hymns. A wealth of meditation for one's own devotions.



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SGCB Price: $12.95 (list price $25.00)

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John Girardeau with Introduction by R.L. Dabney

"It is often forgotten that the use of musical instruments in the church's worship is a comparatively recent development among Presbyterians and Baptists, and that it was opposed by Calvin, the Westminster Assembly, Owen and the other Puritans, Gill and Spurgeon, as being out of accord with the simplicity of gospel worship under the new covenant. Girardeau's book is a standard defense of the Puritan view, examining the grounds for discerning what is carried over from the Old Testament and what is not." - Sherman Isbell

The book opens with the following Statement of the Question:

"In the discussion of the question, Whether the use of instrumental music in the worship of the church is permissible or not, it must be premised:

First, that the question is not in regard to private or family worship, or to that of social gatherings which are not ecclesiastical in their nature, nor with reference to the utility or tastefulness of instrumental music, nor in relation to the abuse to which it may be liable; but,

Secondly, the question is precisely, Is the use of instrumental music in the public worship of the church justifiable? The design of this discussion is, with the help of the divine Spirit, to prove the negative."

In the Introduction to this new edition of Girardeau's classic R.L. Dabney states:

"The author in his eloquent conclusion anticipates that some will meet his arguments with sneers rather than serious discussion, which he proposes to endure with Christian composure. It is a reproach to our church, which fills us with grief, to find this prediction fulfilled in some quarters. Surely persons calling themselves Presbyterians should remember that the truths they profess to hold sacred have usually been in small minorities sneered at by the arrogant majorities. So it was in the days of the Reformers, of Athanasius, of the Apostles, and of Jesus himself."

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GOSPEL SONNETS: Spiritual Songs in Six Parts
Ralph Erskine, edited by Dr. Mike Renihan, Transcribed by Michelle L. Renihan

"Ralph Erskine (1685-1752) was a great man of God, a great preacher, and a great poet. Six of his seven volumes of Works - all of them sermons - have often been reprinted in the last two centuries. The seventh volume - a volume of poetry - has not, yet, ironically, this was the most common Erskine volume reprinted in his own day! SGCB is to be commended for republishing this great book of gospel poetry, so that we can once again have all of Ralph Erskine's extant writings in print. Erskine's poetry excels in certain areas, such as the interrelationship of law and gospel. It will enhance your knowledge of God's Word, imbue your theology with discernment and warmth, and move you to worship the triune God with doxological praise." - Dr. Joel Beeke

"Erskine's productions appear in a genre little appreciated nowadays, but the paralleled inference, balanced clarity, distilled compass, and tensioned logic he sets forth in lyrical metre excels the most studied prose of moderns. One section alone, entitled: 'The Believer's Principles' would send many a contemporary treatise packing. I cannot consult it without a quick look turning into an hour of concentrated enjoyment. My copy, printed in 1796, was a gift from a dear friend, and if there were a fire and I could only save one or two books, Erskine's 'Sonnets' would be the first I would reach for. I respect the 'Michaels' (Gaydosh and Renihan) highly, but higher still for placing these theological poems in the hands God's people once again." - Pastor Tom Lyon

"In your hand is a new edition of a classic work of godly, manly, theologically-informed poetry. It is godly because its main purpose is to point sinners to God and the sufficiency of His Word for all that is needed for faith and godliness. It is manly because the words are addressed to real people with an insightful understanding of the full complexities of sin's effects on human nature. It is theologically-informed from the pages of God's Word. Actually, these words drip with the content of the whole counsel of God. All the major doctrines are addressed at one time or another." - from editor Dr. Mike Renihan

If the number of Editions of any performance, be a mark of public approbation, Mr. Erskine's Gospel Sonnets have a claim to that distinction, and they may be ranked amongst those of general esteem and usefulness; few books have been so often printed in the same space of time. The present Edition, it is hoped, will be sound not less worthy of public encouragement, than those that have gone before it, as considerable attention has been paid to the correcting, by comparing it with former editions; and every thing is to be found here that has appeared in the most approved copies of the Gospel Sonnets.

Mr. Erskine's Poems, as Dr. Bradbury says,"are greatly to be esteemed; and above all, for that which animates the whole, the favour of divine and experimental knowledge."


I. The Believer's Espousals.

II. The Believer's Jointure.

III. The Believer's Riddle.

IV. The Believer's Lodging.

V. The Believer's Soliloquy.

VI. The Believer's Principles, concerning -







SGPC 316/

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