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A Defence of Some Important Doctrines of the Gospel
John Gill, Abraham Taylor, Thomas Hall, Thomas Bradbury and more

These Lectures were delivered from November 12, 1730 - April 8, 1731 and the following lectures were presented at that time:

I. The Holy Spirit's Standard Lifted Up by Robert Bragge

II. Insufficiency of Natural Religion by Abraham Taylor (Two Sermons)

III. Doctrine of Particular Election by John Sladen (Two Sermons)

IV. Doctrine of Original Sin by Peter Goodwin (Two Sermons)

V. Doctrine of Particular Redemption by John Hurrion (Four Sermons)

VI. Doctrine of Christ's Sufferings by Thomas Bradbury (Three Sermons)

VII. Sinner's Justification Before God by Robert Bragge (Four Sermons)

VIII. Doctrine of Efficacious Grace by Samuel Wilson (Two Sermons)

IX. Doctrine of Perseverance in Grace by Thomas Hall (Two Sermons)

X. Doctrine of the Resurrection by John Gill (Two Sermons)

XI. Doctrine of Grace by Abraham Taylor

XII. Decay of Practical Religion by Abraham Taylor

"The occasion of composing these discourses, arose from a number of gentleman in London, firmly attached to the interest of our divine Redeemer, and filled with a fervent zeal for the purity of the doctrines of revelation, taking into their consideration, that many Evangelical Truths, of the last importance, were not only secretly undermined, but violently opposed in their day, by subtle adversaries to the Gospel scheme, and, accordingly, they judged it proper to set up a Public Lecture, that a course of Sermons might be preached in DEFENSE of sundry cardinal doctrines, then so openly impugned.

This laudable proposal met with the most hearty approbation, from the lovers of truth as it is in Jesus. Accordingly, nine ministers, of eminent abilities, who had distinguished themselves in the world, by their elaborate writings, and who were made choice of for this undertaking, cheerfully engaged in it. Each of the ministers, by mutual consent, had the respective point of doctrine he was to establish and defend assigned to him: all of them agreed, that the different subjects should be studied with the greatest accuracy and precision; the several divine truths set in the clearest point of view, from the sacred records; the whole discourses composed on a certain plan, arranged in a regular and connected order. These preliminaries being settled, the Lecture was begun on the 12th of November, 1730, and continued weekly till April the 8th, 1731.

When this course was finished, it was the unanimous desire of the gentlemen who set the Lecture on foot, and also the earnest request of the hearers, that the ministers would print their sermons: this being signified to them, they all readily complied with the repeated solicitations." -taken from the ADVERTISEMENT for the Reprint in 1844

"John Hurrion (1675-1731) is another of the obscure Puritan writers I have enjoyed in the past. It is reported by some that he was a bit of a recluse and suffered ill-health. Nonetheless, this volume is worth procuring for one reason--to add Hurrion's four sermons on particular redemption to your library. They are devotional gems full of wondrous theological insights. I have consulted my electronic version often when treating the subject. To summarize the work, Hurrion writes, 'The gospel doctrine of our redemption by Christ, tends much to the glory of God, and the happiness of man; it is the admiration of angels, and the envy of devils.' " - Dr. Mike Renihan, Heritage Baptist Church, Worcester, MA.

Pre-publication Price - Nearly 50% Discount
SGCB Price: $18.50 (list price $35.00)
Nearly 500 Pages of Powerful Exposition

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