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D.B. Knox; John Rendle-Short


(1) THE WAY EVERLASTING: A Study in Psalm 139 by E.J. Young

True wisdom, wrote John Calvin, consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves. With an eloquence which is itself awe-inspiring, Psalm 139 shows us how such true wisdom is discovered. Its magnificent statement of the glorious majesty, omniscience, and omnipresence of God combines with its profound and penetrating descriptions of the experiences of the children of God.

In this small volume, these biblical truths are given clear and satisfying exposition in the hands of one of the great modern masters of the Old Testament.

The late E.J. Young, for many years Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, was widely acknowledged as the prince of conservative Old Testament scholars. His combination of deep personal devotion with meticulous scholarship, and love for Godís Word with humble faith in Godís Son, left an abiding impression both on his students and on the many Christians who were privileged to hear his more popular expositions of the Scriptures. In this exposition of Psalm 139 the legacy of his ministry lives on.

(2) SENT BY JESUS: Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today by Dr. Broughton Knox

Christian ministers no longer have a recognized role in society; churches are no longer the influence they once were; preaching is at a discount. In many denominations and groups, new strategies have replaced the old verities of the faith of the gospel. What is the way ahead?

Dr. D. Broughton Knox calls us back to biblical foundations as the only way of gaining clarity of thought and vision. He writes in the quiet confidence that those who are Ďsent by Jesusí will never lack their Masterís presence, power and guidance.

Sent By Jesus will help to instill biblical sanity to discussions about the work of the Christian ministry; even more importantly, it will bring encouragement to those who have obeyed Christís call to serve him, wherever he sends them, whatever the cost.

Dr. Broughton Knox was for many years Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia. Now in official retirement he is actively serving in the newly-founded George Whitefield College in Kalk Bay, South Africa.

(3) GREEN EYE OF THE STORM: Controversy Between Science and Christianity by John Rendle-Short

The theory of evolution burst like a great storm cloud on the intellectual world of the mid-nineteenth century, and brought widespread public controversy and debate with it. Soon, however, the evolutionary way of viewing life became almost all-pervasive; scientists of all kinds, historians, sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists and many others would all adopt its tenets in order to interpret the world in general and the human race in particular.

Reactions in the Christian church varied from immediate acceptance to long-term hostility. Today the controversy continues unabated and is the subject of many debates, seminars and publications.

Green Eye of the Storm offers a unique and fascinating introduction to this debate, seeing it through the lives of four distinguished men who struggled with the evolutionary theory in very different contexts: Philip Henry Gosse, George John Romanes, Arthur Rendle Short and his son John Rendle-Short the author of this book. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the life, times and intellectual development of these men and will be of interest to all who have an interest in them or the religious and scientific movements with which their names are associated.

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(2) SENT BY JESUS: Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today by Dr. Broughton Knox
SGCB Price: $4.00 (list price $14.00)
Nearly 65% Off this Precious Hardcover Volume

(3) GREEN EYE OF THE STORM: Controversy Between Science and Christianity by John Rendle-Short
SGCB Price: $5.00 (list price $15.00)
67% off this 310 Page Volume Which Exposes the Errors of Evolution