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LIFE IN THE PSALMS: Reflections on the Greatest Devotional Book in the World
Peter Jeffery

"I wish someone had given me a book like LIFE IN THE PSLAMS when I was a young Christian in my twenties. With the simple clarity and straight-forward honesty that reminds me of the great J. C. Ryle, Peter Jeffrey's devotional introduction to many of the psalms is a tonic for the heart and a primer on how to get good out of the Scripture. Peter aims to help the new Christian of any age and he almost always succeeds. I plan to purchase a copy and make sure that I use it for my devotional reading in the psalms and as a pastor, I will use it in my sermon preparation to remind me how to make practical application. And I will keep copies on hand to give away to young Christians reading the psalms." - Pastor Steve Martin

Peter Jeffery has walked with God for more than 50 years, and he has found great personal help from the Book of Psalms. In recent years his failing health has caused him to spend much of his time in bed reflecting upon God's faithfulness to him all his days. These words come from a man who has seen God work in mighty ways throughout his life and who desires to share his joy with others as long as he has breath.

Peter opens his introduction with the following words:

"Christians love the psalms. These 150 gems are a delight to any believer because they are the joys and sorrows of God's people of the past that exactly mirror our present experiences. The psalmists were not theorising about God but recording their experiences for the enrichment of believers in all generations. The ups and downs of life are here and that is why Christians love them. We can identify with them and they may encourage or rebuke us but they never leave us empty.

The psalmists all demonstrate the reality of life with God. Sometimes this life is known in all its delights, but sometimes it is lost sight of and has to be sought again. Not that we ever lose it but we can lose the reality of it. There is nothing nominal or formal about the psalmist's religion. Everywhere it vibrates with life. It is this life in all its glorious hues that we look at in this book.

Life is not all plain sailing and spiritual life is no different. The essential mark of a Christian is that he has spiritual life. It is not natural to any of us and comes as a gift of God in regeneration. Spiritual life is to know and love God. It enables us to understand and respond to the word of God. Often it is a sheer delight but sometimes it is a battle. It can bring us into situations that are painful and would be avoided if we were not Christians, but as believers there is no avoiding some difficulties. Psalm 59 records such a situation. The problems were real but David is still able to end the psalm with confidence in God, 'O my strength. I will sing praise to you; you, O God, are my fortress, my loving God.'"


Psalm 1 - A happy life

Psalm 3 - A troubled life

Psalm 16 - A safe life

Psalm 19 - A thrilling life

Psalm 22 - A Life in Christ

Psalm 23 - A life absorbed in Christ

Psalm 34 - A restored life

Psalm 49 - A life that transcends death

Psalm 51 - A repentant life

Psalm 59 - A difficult life

Psalm 62 - A stressful life

Psalm 63 - A life that finds rest

Psalm 66 - A joyful life

Psalm 73 - A life of problems

Psalm 81 - A life of worship

Psalm 96 - A practical life

Psalm 103 - A life in step with God

Psalm 119 - A life grounded in the word of God

Psalm 130 - A penitent life

Psalm 150 - A life of praise



Jeffery Five-Pack pj5 ms8 psj

SGCB Price: $6.95 (list price $13.00)

SGCB Price: $20.00 (list price $60.00)

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