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THE DOCTRINE OF JUSTIFICATION: An Outline of Its History in the Church and of Its Exposition from Scripture
James Buchanan with a new introduction by Dr. Gerald Bilkes

"One of the greatest works on the doctrine of justification came from the pen of the Scottish divine James Buchanan. It first appeared in 1867 and has withstood the test of time since then as a classic volume on the subject." - James R. White, the author of 'The God Who Justifies'

"James Buchanan's 'Doctrine of Justification' is THE classic work on this cardinal doctrine by which a church stands or falls. After lucidly covering the historical development of the doctrine through the Old Testament, the apostolic age, the scholastic divines, the Reformation and Counter Reformation, and in the Church of England, Buchanan expounds the doctrine itself by covering the scriptural meaning of the term, its relation to the law and justice of God, its relation to the mediatorial work of Christ, its relation to grace and works, and more. The chapter on justification in relation to the work of the Holy Spirit is alone worth the price of the book. Throughout, Buchanan systematizes the doctrine of justification in an orthodox Reformed manner that is fully reliable, is consistent with all the doctrines of grace, and is still relevant to the burning issues of our day, such as the New Perspective. A new introduction by Dr. Gerald Bilkes on the New Perspective is also a great help. If you can only afford to read one book on justification, read this definitive work." - -Joel R. Beeke

'The doctrine of justification by faith is like Atlas: it bears a world on its shoulders, the entire evangelical knowledge of saving grace ... This is still the best text book on the subject, from the standpoint of the classic covenant theology.' J. I. Packer

"Justification is, perhaps surprisingly, perhaps not, a point of contention within the evangelical, Protestant world in our own day, but so many evangelical ministers and students lack a knowledge of the historical and theological content and categories necessary to engage the discussion helpfully. Buchanan to the rescue. This magisterial nineteenth century treatment remains a standard. Indeed, you'll be surprised at the present applicability of Buchanan's assessments. Yes, in the century since Buchanan wrote, we've learned a lot of helpful, biblical things about the shape and stuff of justification. But Buchanan cannot be bypassed. Read and learn at the feet of a master." - Dr. Ligon Duncan

"You are re-publishing a gem! Buchanan's exposition of justification is, in my opinion, still the best one that has been done." - William Shishko

"The Reformation has been declared over by some. Justification by faith alone is under attack. Confusion abounds on this doctrine upon which the Christian faith hinges. Therefore, it is indeed most timely that this classic treatment receive fresh attention. There is no mere theologizing from the Scotsman, but honest exegetical work with incisive exposition. Pastors, students, and may I add, seminary professors will benefit greatly by returning to this marvelous treatment of this gospel doctrine." - Dr. Nick Willborn

"At the present stage of the justification debate, Buchanan would be a very wholesome remedy against unfair representations. He is absolutely masterful on the subject." - Dr. Roger Nicole

JAMES BUCHANAN (1804-1870) was born in Scotland in 1804 and ordained in 1827 in the Church of Scotland. In 1828 he commenced a very successful ministry at North Leith where he gained a great reputation as an earnest, eloquent, evangelical preacher. In 1845 he was appointed to the Chair of Apologetics at New College, Edinburgh, and in 1847 he succeeded Thomas Chalmers as Professor of Systematic Theology. He retired in 1868 and died two years later. Buchanan was a prolific and popular writer: his first book, Comfort in Affliction (1837), sold nearly 30,000 copies. His two most valuable works were The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit (1842), an exposition which still merits study, and The Doctrine of Justification, the Cunningham Lectures for 1866, reprinted here.


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