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BIBLICAL CHURCH DISCIPLINE: The Neglected Mark of the Christian Church
Daniel E. Wray

Today the church faces a moral crisis within her own ranks. Her failure to take a strong stand against evil (even in her own midst), and her tendency to be more concerned about what is expedient than what is right, has robbed the church of biblical integrity and power.

This is an unedited edition of the former Banner of Truth Booklet that was first published in 1978. It is as urgently needed today as it was when first written.

This is the perfect tool to use in membership classes, Sunday School classes and for the literature rack in the church.

"When I first read Daniel Wray's 'Biblical Church Discipline', I immediately recognized one of the primary reasons for the lifeless, worldly condition of the churches I attended: the absence of Christ's doctrine of church discipline. The Lord Jesus used this little booklet to transform my thinking and to focus my heart upon a doctrine essential to the healthy condition of His blood-bought churches. If you have never considered this subject, I cannot recommend a better place to start. And if you need a refresher, read Daniel Wray." - Jeff Pollard, pastor of Mt. Zion Bible Church, Pensacola, FL

"Wray's work is a wonderful primer on its subject. The second definition of primer is 'A book that covers the basic elements of a subject.' The root of primer is from the Latin for first. This book has been the first to be consulted by many who have faced real life issues related to church discipline. It remains a well-balanced and properly basic reminder of what is most important." - Dr. Michael Renihan, Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, Worchester, MA

"In 1978 the Banner of Truth Trust printed a small booklet, 'Biblical Church Discipline' by Daniel Wray. This short and inexpensive pamphlet is a nice collection of the biblical teaching on church discipline. Following an introduction stressing the importance of the biblical injunction for discipline, Wray collects Scripture to address the following: (1) necessity and purpose of discipline, (2) modes of discipline, (3) proper recipients of discipline (4) objections and questions. It is this fourth section that is most practical and anticipatory of the major objections. Following his conclusion is also an appendix on 'What our Protestant Forefathers Taught Concerning Church Discipline', which is a collection of creedal and reformation fathers' testimony toward the necessity of church discipline. This small version is most helpful to the minister and the student." - David W. Hall, from his article 'Bibliographic Essay on Church Government'

OVST 15b-

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