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SIGHS FROM HELLThe Groans of a Damned SoulBeing an Exposition of Luke 16
John Bunyan, edited by Dr. Don Kistler

SIGHS FROM HELL: The Groans of a Damned Soul by John Bunyan

This book is especially timely in light of Rob Bell's recent book release called "Love Wins," in which he denies a literal hell, other than the one we make for ourselves. But over 300 years ago John Bunyan wrote this little work in which he exposits the story in Luke 16 of Dives and Lazarus, and shows biblically that hell is quite literal---at least Jesus thought so!

This book has been slightly updated as to language and grammar. It is hardbound and printed on acid-free paper. While this work of Bunyan's is not as well known as "Pilgrim's Progress," it is very important, particularly for evangelism. This is what sinners need to be saved from!

An exposition of those words in Luke 16 concerning the rich man and the beggar wherein is discovered the lamentable state of the damned: their cries, their desires in their distresses, with the determination of God upon them; a good warning word to sinners, both old and young, to take into consideration quickly, and to see by faith in Jesus Christ to avoid, lest they come into the same place of torment.

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SGCB Price: $10.00 (list price $20.00)