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Lessons for Teens from History, Sports and Odds and Ends
Peter Jeffery

Peter Jeffery has a special gift of saying a great deal in a few words. Once again he has hit the mark in this brand new title intended for young people. There are 52 very brief chapters covering a great variety of subjects from Kings and Presidents to athletes and animals. Young pople (and the not so young) will find the author an able guide to lead them into lessons that will stick and stay. This can be given as a gift to young people, and also used in Family Worship by moms and dads. The first time I heard Peter Jeffery preach I was immediately struck with his uncany ability to illustrate profound truth in simple words. It is a true honor for Solid Ground Christian Books to be asked to publish the latest book from the heart of a dear friend who loves Christ Jesus more than life.

"Peter Jeffrey is a man who is rooted. He is rooted in who he was before he became a believer in Jesus Christ. He is rooted in who he became by the grace of God after becoming a Christian. And he is growing his roots in who he will be in glory. I see all three phases of Peter's life in this remarkable book. He has not strayed far from his roots. His genius is keeping us connected to the foundational issues of life. This new book will be perfect for young Christians of all ages--teens and seniors, men or women. Sunday School teachers, parents for family devotions, home schoolers and those who want to see how to communicate truth in small bites that get eaten need to read this book! If my grown up children were still home, I would use this book for family devotions. If I were teaching a Sunday School class for boys or girls, I would use this book. If I were starting a beginners class for new converts, I would use this book. If I wanted to help a non-reader get started reading good things that create a thirst for more, I would give them this book. Each section is just the right size and grabs thought. If I were living in an estate or if I was a soldier at war or if I were a student off at school or if I were a busy businessman who knew my way around business but not the Bible yet, I would want this book." - Steve Martin (retired after 31 years of pastoral ministry in Atlanta, Georgia, now has a ministry of encouragement to other, younger pastors and speaks at churches, conferences, and retreats.)

1. King Canute

2. Robert the Bruce

3. George Washington

4. Teddy Roosevelt

5. George W. Bush

6. Gelert

7. Manasseh

8. Josiah

9. Mary Tudor

10 Henry VIII

11 King Edward 1 and the Prince of Wales

12 King Solomon

13 Constantine

14 Alfred the Great

15 King Offa

16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

17 Right and Wrong

18 The Anchor Holds

19 You climb and I'll pull

20 Beware of Rattlesnakes

21 Run your car on Water

22 It's a Battle

23 No limits

24 Guy Fawkes

25 No Waiting lists with God

26 Written off

27 Big Words

28 What if Christmas was in June

29 Whitsun

30 Truth or Tradition

31 Hot Cross Buns

32 De-Icing

33 By Faith

34 Becoming a Christian

35 William Webb Ellis

36 The Beautiful Game

37 The Hand of God

38 Out for a Duck

39 You cannot be Serious

40 Inga the Winger

41 Video Ref

42 Counterfeit Tickets

43 England's Rugby World Cup Win

44 Hole on One

45 Join the Library

46 A favourite hymn

47 One gospel

48 Superstar

49 Who is Jesus?

50 Incarnation

51 Why did Jesus die?

52 Only one way

"Destiny beats in the heart of man. Each of us were born for a purpose bigger than ourselves. We know instinctively that life matters. The things done on earth matter eternally. In the race of life, the opposition is not the people around us, but the mediocrity that so many seem to settle for. This is a book your heart will love and your soul will cherish, revealing what it takes to win, both in sport and in life; and more than that, the most important news we could ever hear, the Gospel of Jesus Christ." - John Samson, author of "Twelve What Abouts" by Solid Ground

"Twenty years ago, Robin Leech had a television program, LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. Peter's book could well be called LIFE-LESSONS FROM THE FAMOUS AND OBSCURE because he skillfully shows time after time that we can learn profound truths in some of the most unusual ways from all kinds of people if we are humble and observant." - Steve Martin, Fayetteville, GA


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