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THE GLORY OF A TRUE CHURCH: Baptist Reprints Series
Benjamin Keach

This book was last printed in the early 1880's. Benjamin Keach was one of the best and most well-known baptist, puritan theologians of the 1600s. He was instrumental in introducing hymns into the church's worship, and also was one of the framers of the 1689 London Baptist Confession. He also had a profound love for the church. He began preaching at 18, and pastoring at 28 and his ministry was tremendously blessed by God with growth in truth and defense against error. He was despised by the authorities of the Church of England and often persecuted for his faith. His church had to be added onto many times; and a little over 100 years after his death a preacher by the name of Charles Spurgeon took up the office of pastor there in his church.

This little book was written to be easily and readily available to all, even the poor. Many congregationalists had written large books on the subject, but Keach was the first of the Baptists to put forth a book on church discipline; and he made it short in hopes that it would spark a Baptist discussion that would show the order and beauty of the Baptists in the midst of the Church of England's persecution on them. Though it is short, it is packed with practical examples on church discipline, and a contagious love for the church. You will find it very easy to read, and the book is sure to grow you in your love for Christ and his church, and to bring order to the church.

"Without question, Benjamin Keach was the greatest theologian among Baptists of the second-generation. He was also a faithful pastor who cared deeply for the church, and longed to see it ordered according to God's revealed will. In this little book, 'The Glory of a True Church', Keach brilliantly, clearly, and succinctly explains the nature of church polity as well as regular and orderly church discipline. I highly recommend it to scholars, pastors, and laymen alike!" - Tom Hicks, PhD Pastor of Morningview Baptist Church



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