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John Quincy Adams

What does it mean to be a Baptist? Though ideas abound, we must go to the one man for a sure answer, John Quincy Adams. For with unashamed boldness and clarity Adams articulates the fundamental distinctives of the Baptist Faith. These fundamentals include the important of sola Scriptura, believer's baptism, the separation of the church and state, equality of the saints, and liberty of conscious. Even C. H. Spurgeon, calling it 'the best Manual of Baptist principles he had met,' included the text in his Pastor's College curriculum. First published in 1858 and reprinted multiple times since, this work has become a classic tome upon Baptist principles. And one hundred and fifty years later, we too, affirming the testimony of Spurgeon and countless others, are happy to release the updated edition of BAPTISTS: THOROUGH REFORMERS.

"We have read this little book with more than ordinary gratification. It treats an important subject in a Scriptural and logical manner. There is no attempt to conceal or modify our denominational principles; they are stated kindly and persuasively, yet with manliness and earnestness worthy of all praise." - Spencer Cone



1. The Aim, Reproach, and Triumph of the Reformer

2. The Reception which Should be Given to the Reformer

3. The Weapons of the Reformer

4. The Exaltation of the Word of God

5. The Spirituality of Christ's Kingdom

6. Religious Liberty and Rights of Conscience

7. The Equality of Christ's Disciples

8. The Correct Principle of Biblical Translation

9. The Order of the Primitive Churches

10. Remaining Sinfully Neutral

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (1825-1881) was born in Philadelphia, PA, Feb. 25, 1825. He held pastorates in Keyport, NJ, and in the North, Antioch, and Cannon Street churches in New York City. He has published a number of religious works. Mr. Adams was full of zeal for the salvation of the perishing, and for the triumph of what he regarded as the truth of God.

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SGCB Price: $7.95 (list price $12.00)