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GOD WITHOUT PASSIONS: A Primer - A Practical and Pastoral Study of Divine Impassibility
Samuel Renihan

Product description-

"It is important to know God and worship him as he has revealed himself to us. This book is offered to supply an important piece of God's self-revelation that, though confessed and treasured by the church throughout the ages, has become unclear due to neglect. I have included study questions in order to highlight key elements of this topic for your own personal thought and to encourage discussion in group studies. It's one thing to hear someone else answer questions. It's another to answer them for yourself. May God use this book to enrich your understanding of him as he has revealed himself in Scripture and to increase your appreciation of the truths the church has confessed throughout history.

Perhaps you find the doctrine of divine impassibility to be one of those doctrines that is less clear or less known to you. This primer is designed to give a simple, clear, and practical presentation of the doctrine of divine impassibility for everyone from the pulpit to the pew. In fact, this material was originally presented as six sermons to Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, LaMirada, CA where I am a pastor." Samuel Renihan, from the Preface

"I commend this book to people in the pew, theological students, pastors, and seasoned theologians. It is well-written and easy to digest. Its method is sound. Its doctrine is confessionally and biblically faithful. Its last chapter shows how important and practical the doctrine of divine impassibility is. Though only a 'Primer,' its contents will inform the mind and fill the soul with wonder and amazement. May you increase in the knowledge of God!" -Richard C. Barcellos, Pasto, Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Palmdale, CA

"The biblical presentation of God who does not change, whose character is eternal, is not a plaything, something merely for the ivory tower. He who is beyond time and change uses representations of himself that are human-like in order to adapt himself to our circumstances, and to be our guide in life. This means that in our thinking about God we are required to discipline our minds, and Samuel Renihan shows us how to do this." - Paul Helm



SGCB Price: $9.95 (list price $12.00)

SGCB Price: $24.95 (list price $35.00)