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James Stalker

This volume consists of the 9 lectures delivered in 1891 at The Yale Lectures on Preaching. Appended to the volume is a sermon Stalker preached at an Ordination Service in 1879. It was Alexander Whyte who encouraged the publication of that sermon when it was first delivered. After an Introductory Lecture, Stalker then divides his subject into four lectures using the Old Testament Prophets as examples, and then four lectures on the New Testament Apostles. As with all of Stalker's works there is both light and heat upon every page.

- Preface

- Lecture 1: Introductory

- Lecture 2: The Preacher as a Man of God

- Lecture 3: The Preacher as a Patriot

- Lecture 4: The Preacher as a Man of the Word

- Lecture 5: The Preacher as a False Prophet

- Lecture 6: The Preacher as a Man

- Lecture 7: The Preacher as a Christian

- Lecture 8: The Preacher as an Apostle

- Lecture 9: The Preacher as a Thinker

- Appendix: An Ordination Charge

296 page paperback



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