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THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION: Chapel Addresses at Princeton Seminary
B.B. Warfield

In 1903 the Presbyterian Board of Publications sent forth a volume containing Eight Sermons by Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield. The title given to the volume summed up the theme of the entire book: The Power of God unto Salvation. This is the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of that first volume of Warfield's sermons, and Solid Ground Christian Books is preparing to commemorate this with an Special Anniversary Edition of this book.



"Because our Lord is the Son of God, the impressed image of God's substance - as the stamp of a seal is the impressed image of the seal - His advent into the world was the supreme revelation of God. But, equally, because of His perfect identification with the children of men, partaking of their blood and flesh, and made in all things like unto men, He stands before us as the perfect revelation of man."

THE SAVING CHRIST -1 Timothy 1:15

"The essence of the whole declaration, therefore, is found in the joyful cry that it was specifically to save sinners that Christ Jesus came into this evil world. And if that be true, simply true, broadly true, true just as it stands, and in all the reach of its meaning, why, then, from that alone we my learn what man is and what God is, what Christ Jesus is and His work in this world of ours, what hopes may illumine our darkness here below, and what joys shall be ours when this darkness passes away."


"The subject of these two verses is the Christian's peace and joy. You will observe that the apostle does not argue that a Christian ought to have peace and joy. He does not exhort Christians to seek to attain peace and joy. He does not expound the nature of a Christian's peace and joy. He does something far more striking. He assumes the Christian's peace and joy as a fact of experience, the unquestionable reality of which may stand as a common ground of reasoning between him and his readers. He thus represents peace and joy as a special characteristic of Christians, recognized as such by all, peace of heart as a present possession, and joy over the great hope which is theirs in the future."

THE PARADOX OF OMNIPOTENCE -Mark 10:27 "All things are possible with God."

"Oliver Wendell Holmes tells us that some ideas are so great that when they once find entrance into a human mind they permanently stretch it, and leave it for ever afterwards bigger. Surely this declaration of our Lord's embodies one of these mind-expanding ideas. For we must observe that its astounding declaration is not a mere hyperbole of careless speech, the negligent exaggeration of a proposition which has only relative validity. It is the well-weighed and pecise assertion of a great fact. It does not mean merely that God is greater than man, and may accordingly be believed to be capable of doing some things which man cannot do. It means just what its startling words declare: that 'all things' - taking the term in its unlimited absoluteness - that 'all things are possible with God.'"


"In its general meaning our text is general Bible-teaching. It announces nothing which had not been the possession of God's people concerning His love for them from the days of old. Its message to us is just the common message of the whole Scripture revelation, in Old and New Testament alike. But it has its own peculiarities in expressing this one great common message of God's yearning love for His people. And possibly there may be found a special lesson fo us in these peculiarities."


"These words constitute the classical passage in the New Testament on the great subject of the 'leading of the Holy Spirit.' They stand, indeed, almost without strict parallel in the New Testament... The only other passage, indeed, which speaks distinctly of the 'leading of the Spirit' in the sense of our text is Gal. 5:18, where in a context very closely similar Paul again employs the same phrase: 'But if ye are led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law.' It is from these two passages primarily that we must obtain our conception of what the Scriptures mean by 'the leading of the Holy Spirit.'"

PAUL'S EARLIEST GOSPEL -1 Thessalonians 1:2,4; 5:9,24

"I have put together here passages from the beginning and the end of the First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians, because, when taken together, these passages afford a succinct statement of the gospel which Paul preached to the Thessaloinians, and on the basis of which that apostolic church was built up. It may be of special interest to note Paul's gospel to the Thessalonians because it gives us what we may call his primitive gospel. In observing it we are contemplating the teaching of Paul at the beginning of his career."


"These words give the gist of Paul's justly famous address at Athens before the court of the Areopagus. The substance of that address was, to be sure, just what the substance of all his primary proclamations to Gentile hearers was, namely, God and the judgment. The necessitiies of the case compelled him to approach the heathen along the avenue of an awakened conscience. They had not been prepared for the preaching of Jesus by a training under the old covenant, and no appeals to prophecy and its fulfillment could be made to them. God and the judgment necessarily constituted, therefore, the staple of his proclamation to them; and so typical an instance as this address to the Areopagus could not fail to exhibit the characteristics of its class with especial purity."

In addition to the eight sermons, we are also excited to announce that we will have an Appendix containing a little-known work of Warfield's entitled Four Hymns and Some Religious Verses by Benjamin B. Warfield. Many years ago I was shown this work by Dr. William Harris at the Princeton Seminary Library, and believe it will be a fitting addition to this new edition of The Power of God unto Salvation.

All the Sermons included in this volume were preached in the chapel of the Theological Seminary at Princeton.






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50% - Paperback edition
SGCB Price: $8.95 (list price $18.00)

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