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John A. Broadus

John A. Broadus (1827-1895) delivered these five lectures in May of 1876 at Newton Theological Institute near Boston, and they immediately caused a stir of interest for their publication. It was lectures like these which later moved his student E.C. Dargan to desire to spend his life studying the history of preaching. This eventually led Dargan to write his two volume massive work on "A History of Preaching" (recently published by Solid Ground).

Lecture 1: Specimens of Preaching in the Bible

Lecture 2: Preaching in the Early Christian Centuries

Lecture 3: Medieval and Reformation Preaching

Lecture 4: The Great French Preachers

Lecture 5: The English Pulpit

"This volume covers a most neglected field, and handles the subject with great skill." A.T. Robertson


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