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THE SCOTTISH PULPIT: From the Reformation to the Present (YALE UNIVERSITY LECTURES OF 1886)
William M. Taylor (1829-1895)

William Taylor was one of the very few men asked to deliver a second set of lectures at the Yale Lectures on Preaching. These were delivered in 1886 and were published, upon great demand, early the next year.

In his own words: "My aim has simply been to put the preachers in the environment of their times, to bring out the characteristics by which they were distinguished, and to give point to such lessons from their work as may be useful in our own age."

Taylor begins with John Knox, Andrew Melville, Alexander Henderson, Samuel Rutherford, Robert Leighton and many more. Very rare!

"THE SCOTTISH PULPIT! How hearts beat high and eyes sparkle on the part of the preaching fraternity at the thought, for preaching in the land of heather is justly renowned. Memories of John Knox, Thomas Chalmers, Guthrie, Candlish, Norman McLeod--they are all in the verbal portraits which Taylor does with consummate art. What drama, poetry, and fierce controversy, too, are in the annals of Scottish Church-life. It is a tough assignment, and William Taylor is equal to it." -Edgar DeWitt Jones, in 'The Royalty of the Pulpit'


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