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The Poor Man's Concordance and Dictionary of the Sacred Scriptures
Robert Hawker

"I have been prompted to the work proposed in the title page, from a humble hope, that under the blessing of God the Holy Ghost; it may be rendered useful to the Christian world in general; and yet more particularly so, to that handful of people, who read my POOR MAN'S COMMENTARY on the Bible. It struck me, that a work of this kind, might form a proper Appendix to it, and be found not a little helpful to serious readers. Under this impression, I have engaged in this service; and for their accomadation, have directed the bookseller to publish an edition of it, upon the same plan and form as the Commentary. May the Lord commission both to his glory!"

With these words Dr. Robert Hawker introduced his Concordance and Dictionary of the Sacred Scriptures. All who have loved Hawker's Commentaries and Morning & Evening Portions will find this volume to be of emmence service.

This is a 484 page volume in hardcover with the same cover as the Old Testament Commentary will contain a Biographical Sketch of the author by George Ella. It will complete the entire 10 volumes of his exposition of the Sacred Scriptures.



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50% Discount
SGCB Price: $30.00 (list price $60.00)

Order the Entire TEN VOLUME SET and save $400.00
SGCB Price: $290.00 (list price $690.00)

Order with Hawker's NT COMMENTARY in Three Volumes
SGCB Price: $110.00 (list price $270.00)

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