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The Miscellanies of Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards

Throughout his ministerial career, Jonathan Edwards filled a series of notebooks on a wide variety of theological topics, numbering his entries in sequence. At long last, for the first time ever, all the Miscellanious Writings of Jonathan Edwards are available in the definitive edition by Yale University Press. In four large volumes over 2500 pages of Edwards thoughts are expressed on nearly 1400 different topics from his late teens until the end of his remarklable life.


- Each volume contains invaluable Introductory material on background of the entries

- Each volume contains detailed Subject Index for easy reference

- Each volume contains precise Scripture Index which is of immense help for personal study

In the words of Douglas A. Sweeney, chairman of the Dept. of Church History and the History of Christian Thought, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School:

"Through his meditations and argumentations, as well as his engagement with some of the chief religious and philosophical figures of the age, Edwards emerges as a thinker determined to put reason at the service of revelation."


Volume 13: The "Miscellanies" 1-500
SGCB Price: $87.50 (list price $125.00)
Edited by Thomas A. Schafer

Volume 18: The "Miscellanies," 501-832
SGCB Price: $87.50 (list price $125.00)
Edited by Ava Chamberlain

Volume 20: The "Miscellanies," 833-1152
SGCB Price: $87.50 (list price $125.00)
Edited by Amy Plantinga Pauw

Volume 23: The "Miscellanies," 1153-1360
SGCB Price: $87.50 (list price $125.00)
Edited by Douglas A. Sweeney

SGCB Price: $330.00 (list price $500.00)
Save $170.00 - Best Price in the World!