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THE SCRIPTURE GUIDE: A Familiar Introduction to the Study of the Bible
James W. Alexander

"The great end of all religious teaching would be attained, if men could be brought to read the Bible aright. No books, therefore, are unimportant, which point to the Holy Scriptures. Such is the present attempt, which is expressly dedicated to the YOUNG. It is intended for excitement as well as instruction; not only to communicate information and explain difficulties, but to offer inducements for the study of the Bible." - from the author's Preface

"This fascinating book by a superb theologian and pastor provides a wealth of information about the Bible and serves as an able introductory guide to Bible study as well as an effective evangelistic tool. The directions given in the last chapters on how to read the Bible are themselves worth the price of the book." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke

James W. Alexander (1804-1859) was the oldest son of Archibald Alexander. In addition to being a brilliant lecturer and preacher in college, seminary and the local church, Alexander labored to write books that would speak to the hearts and minds of the simple. He wrote numerous volumes for The American Sunday School Union that were unusually popular with all ages and all classes of people. THIS MAY BE HIS BEST CONTRIBUTION TO THAT DISTINGUISHED MINISTRY.

Written in the form of a story, Alexander has two young boys spend the Christmas holiday with their elderly Uncle Austin, who has earned the nickname "The Bible Man." Follow these young fellows as they enjoy their vacation by learning life-changing lessons from the Holy Scriptures. The final three chapters set forth 30 Directions for Studying the Bible. These are worth the price of the book!


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