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JESUS THE WAY: The Child's Guide to Heaven
Edward Payson Hammond

Edward Payson Hammond spent much of his life and ministry traveling the world to preach the Gospel, with a special emphasis upon children. His labors were honored by men like C.H. Spurgeon, Andrew Bonar, W.S. Plumer and multitudes of others. When he wrote letters to some of the leading ministers of the nineteenth century he asked their opinion about the vital subject addressed in this book: the conversion of children. Here are a couple responses he received:

"My conviction is that our converts from among children are among the very best we have. I should judge them to have been more numerously genuine than any other class, more constant, and in the long run more solid." - Charles H. Spurgeon

"In awakenings that have been given us, the cases of young people have been as entirely satisfactory as any cases we have had. If conversion be God's work, in which the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to the soul, surely His work can take place in children as really as in the old." - Andrew Bonar

In his book "The Children of Church Members" Richard Fuller wrote the following:

" It has appeared by the best evidence the nature of the subject admits, that divine grace has frequently produced the conversion of children when they were very young; and when they are thus brought up under the religious care of both their parents and the church, it may be rationally expected the blessing will be frequently afforded."

This volume will immediately capture the attention of the youngest children as Hammond relates his experience of first entering his journey to the city of Jerusalem. Each of the first four chapters is a moving appeal to children to turn from sin to trust the Savior of sinners. The final chapter is addressed to those who have come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A powerful book to present the gospel to children 6-12 years old.


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