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THE MOTHER AT HOME: Raising Your Children in the Fear of the Lord
John S.C. Abbott

"Long esteemed as one of the most valued works from the 19th century on the art of mothering and the glory of the work of the mother at home. For any girl who was raised without much discipline and in need of instruction on proper discipline of her own children, this is a superb guide. Rarely in print and worth obtaining at any price. Christian mothers who want biblical counsel on Christian child rearing will find this book valuable." -Grace and Truth Books

"The object of this book is practical utility, not literary effect. It is written for mothers in the common walks of life. There are many mothers, in every village of our land, who are looking eagerly for information respecting the government of their children. It is hoped that the following treatise may render them some assistance." from the Author's Preface

"The Mother at Home" is now being published as the companion volume to "The Child at Home" by the same author. This volume was actually written first and its immediate success induced Abbott to write the companion volume for the children. Every mother and grandmother ought to read this book once a year to remind them of their most solemn duty, in the words of the author, "to lead their children to the Savior, and to prepare them for their heavenly home."



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