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GRIEVING: Your Path Back to Peace
James White


You Can Find Hope in the Midst of Hurt

In grief, it is normal to wonder if you will ever feel okay again. Loneliness, fear, confusion, and anger make hope hard to come by. And yet, grieving in hope is vital to the healing process. This book gently shows how hope is truly possible during this difficult time. Each person experiences loss in different ways, but with God's help, grieving can be your path back to peace.

A warm, tenderhearted exploration of grief and loss from a distinctly Christian perspective. An affordable book that makes a sensitive gift when words seem inadequate.

Written at a much appreciated length, this brief book gently guides readers through the healing process of grief. Showing how grief doesn't happen in neat orderly stages, it explains how to work through painful emotions and questions and find God's peace and healing. Here is an updated look for a steady seller.

"This book can be shared with anyone. It addresses the heart and its journey through the unique yet common experiences of pain and loss, leading to hope and joy." - Moody Magazine


1 Autumn's Grandpa Mike

2. Am I the Only One who Feels This Way?

3. The Patterns of Grief

4. The Work of Grieving

5. Avoiding the Pitfalls

6. The Tough Questions

7. Getting Through

***A Brief Guide to Surviving the Grieving Process (Outline & Review)

***Reaffirming Life (Learning the Lessons God is Teaching You)


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