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Notes, Critical and Explanatory on the Acts of the Apostles
Melancthon W. Jacobus

Melancthon W. Jacobus (1816-1876) wrote this outstanding work on the Acts of the Apostles in 1859. In his own words (taken from the Preface) "As the only Inspired Histrory of the New Testament Church is here given, it becomes most deeply interesting and useful to Christians of all time to mark the great principles here illustrated; to observe the true nature of Christ's Kingdom, as here set forth, and to note the true Idea of the Church, and the laws of its progress. The important use of this Book to the Church in all time cannot be over-rated."

Charles Hodge, William Henry Green, J.W. Alexander and others from Princeton Seminary said, "The excellent Commentaries of Dr. Melancthon Jacobus have deservedly attained a high reputation, and their wide circulation proves how well they are adapted to the wants of both ministers and laymen. They present, in a brief compass, the results of extensive erudition, abound in judicious exposition and pertinent illustration, and are, moreover, distinguished by doctrinal soundness, evangelical character, and an eminently devout spirtit."

"Jacobus is sound and plain, and is therefore a safe guide to Sunday-School teachers and others who need to see the results of learning without the display of it." - C.H. Spurgeon

"This work is characterized by solid learning, sound doctrine, and lucid statements, a pleasant style, and the most serious spirit of piety. It is much needed." William S. Plumer

"I consider that I would be doing service to the cause of pure religion, scriptural theology, and saving piety, could I contribute to the introduction of Professor Jacobus' Notes into the families, Sabbath Schools, and Bible Classes of our land." - Thomas Smyth

"Jacobus writes in the popular style of Albert Barnes, and is solidly Reformed. Some commentators make you plow an acre to find a single nugget; but not Jacobus. His exegetical notes are concise but meaty, with rich veins of practical exposition." -Dr. Robert P. Martin

While Jacobus' Notes on the Gospels was reprinted 30 years ago this volume has been buried for more than 100 years. It is high time the modern church was confronted again with the messaged of Acts. There is no better place to go than this work to help uncover the meaning and application of this Inspired Volume.

Part of our ACTS TRILOGY



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