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The Works of Benjamin Warfield (Ten Volume Hardcover Set)
Benjamin B. Warfield

Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (1851-1921) was professor of theology at Princeton Seminary from 1887 to 1921. His collected works (nearly all of which are essays that first appeared in journals such as the Princeton Theological Review, the Harvard Theological Review, the Presbyterian and Reformed Review, as well as encyclopedia articles, etc.) have been gathered here, and arranged thematically by volume. This edition is a recent reprint of the original 1932 edition, but the quality of the print, etc., is excellent. The contents of the ten volumes are as follows:

Vol. I - Revelation and Inspiration (Revelation, Inspiration, Criticism, Canon, the Millennium, etc.)

Vol. II - Biblical Doctrines (Predestination, the Trinity, the Person of Christ, Faith, etc.)

Vol. III - Christology and Criticism (Blasphemy of the Son of Man, Jesus' Alleged Confession of Sin, "Christless Christianity," etc.)

Vol. IV - Studies in Tertullian and Augustine (Tertullian & Trinity; Augustine's Confessions, Pelagian controversy, etc.)

Vol. V - Calvin and Calvinism ("The Man and His Work"; "Calvin's Doctrine of the Creation," etc.)

Vol. VI - The Westminster Assembly and Its Work ("The Making of the Westminster Confession," "The Westminster Doctrine of Holy Scripture," etc.)

Vol. VII - Perfectionism, Part One (Albrecht Ritschl, "Miserable-Sinner Christianity," "Higher Life Movement")

Vol. VIII - Perfectionism, Part Two (Noyes, Thomas Upham, the "Higher Life Movement," etc.)

Vol IX - Studies in Theology ("Christian Supernaturalism," Annihilationism, "Charles Darwin's Religious Life," etc.)

Vol. X - Critical Reviews (more than 50 books, including "Hastings Dictionary of the Bible"; McTaggart's "Some Dogmas of Religion"; Evelyn Underhill's "Mysticism," etc.)

Here are some samples of what you will find therein:

"(T)he Scriptures are a Divine product, without any indication of how God has operated in producing them." (Vol. I)

"With both together before us we perceive (Jesus) alternately speaking out of a Divine and out of a human consciousness; manifesting Himself as all that God is and as all that man is; yet with the most marked unity of consciousness." (Vol. II)

"Christianity was from its beginnings a literary religion, and documentary records of it have come down from the very start." (Vol. III)

"Augustine came into being at the 'turn of the ages'; just as the old world was dying, and the new one was being born." (Vol. IV)

"In Calvinism ... objectively speaking, theism comes to its rights; subjectively speaking, the religious relation attains its purity; soteriologically speaking, evangelical religion finds at length its full expression and its secure stability." (Vol. V)

"There is certainly in the whole mass of confessional literature no more nobly conceived or ably wrought-out statement of doctrine than the chapter 'Of the Holy Scripture,' which the Westminster Divines placed at the head of their Confession." (Vol. VI)

"It has not always been easy through the Protestant ages to maintain in its purity the high attitude of combined shame of self and confidence in the mercy of God in Christ." (Vol. VII)

"It is a mere superstition to imagine that only good books sell well. Are Pastor Russell's books good books? It is in literature as in music where ragtime makes a more popular appeal than Beethoven." (Vol. VIII)

"Christian men are men first and Christians afterwards: and therefore their Christian thinking is superinduced on a basis of world-thinking." (Vol. X)

Warfield wrote at around the turn of the 20th century, of course. So many of the people Warfield strongly criticizes (e.g., Thomas Cogswell Upham) have almost completely disappeared from the current discussion. But on more "timeless" themes (e.g., biblical inspiration, Jesus Christ, Calvinism, etc.) his highly intelligent presentations are still worth our serious study.

Out of print for years, this set of Warfield's writings is once again available for serious study! Professor of theology at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1887 to 1921, this leading Calvinistic theologian is known for his precise scholarship, keen logic, and spiritual insight. Enhance your own theological study with these fine reprints of Oxford's 1927--1932 edition. 5104 pages total, 10 hardcovers from Baker.



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