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From the Restoration to the Revolution
Robert Wodrow

"Oh, my! Reprinting Wodrow's History is a WONDERFUL service to church historians, especially regarding the history of the Scottish church in the 16th and, especially, 17th centuries, but more widely, too, in that he often documents the strong interaction of the Scots with Reformed thinkers (and doers) from the rest of Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. It is a marvelous work of tremendous value, filled with complete texts of primary documents from the time, as well as Wodrow's intricately detailed and carefully researched historical narrative. I have the four-volume set myself, rebound at the University of St. Andrews from its original printing, and made huge use of it in my doctoral work in Covenanter history." - Dr. E. Calvin Beisner

"The church historian Robert Wodrow's (1679-1734) History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland is a massive, detailed classic, most worthy of being reprinted. Historical scholarship has proven that this set of books forms a reliable work written by a diligent historian who served for some years as a librarian prior to ministering in a small charge near Paisley, Scotland. Anyone interested in Scottish church history will want to purchase this set, and will be moved, humbled, and challenged by the remarkable sufferings our Scottish brethren endured so heroically for Christ's sake." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Robert Wodrow (1679-1734) completed his Magnum Opus, "The History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution," in 1723-24. This work, for which his integrity, candor, liberality of sentiment, and talents, eminently qualified him, he contemplated from an early period of his life; but it was only in the year 1707, that he began seriously to labour on it. From this time, however, till its publication in 1721 and 1722, a period of between fourteen and fifteen years, he devoted all his leisure hours to its composition.

On the appearance of Mr. Wodrow's History, which was published in three large folio volumes at separate times, in the years above named, its author was attacked by those whom his fidelity as an historian had offended, with the vilest scurrility and abuse. Anonymous and threatening letters were sent to him, and every description of indignity was attempted to be thrown on both his person and his work. The faithful, liberal, and impartial character of the history, nevertheless, procured its author many and powerful friends. Its merits were, by a large party, appreciated and acknowledged, and every man whose love of truth was stronger than his prejudices, awarded it the meed of his applause. Copies of the work were presented by Dr. Fraser to their majesties, and the prince and princess of Wales, and were received so graciously, and so much approved of, that the presentation was almost immediately followed by a royal order on the Scottish exchequer for one hundred guineas to be paid to the author, as a testimony of his majesty's favorable opinion of his merits. The warrant for the payment of this sum is dated the 26th April, 1725. In 1830, a second edition of the History was published, in 4 volumes 8vo, by Messrs Blackie and Fullarton of Glasgow, under the editorial care of the Rev. Dr. Burns of Paisley.




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