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THE PSALMS IN HUMAN LIFE: How God's People Have Feasted on the Psalter Through All Ages
Rowland E. Prothero

"The Psalms in Human Life by Rowland E. Porthero is a fascinating account of the varied ways in which the 150 Psalms have influenced, encouraged, challenged, and preserved God's people through the centuries. You will thank God for this book!" - David B. Calhoun

"The Psalms are a mirror in which each man sees the motions of his own soul. They express in exquisite words the kinship which every thoughtful human heart craves to find with a supreme, unchanging, loving God, who will be to him a protector, guardian, and friend. They utter the ordinary experiences, the familiar thoughts of men; but they give to these a width of range, an intensity, a depth, and an elevation which transcend the capacity of the most gifted. To collect together some of the countless instances in which the Psalms have guided, controlled, and sustained the lives of men and women in all ages of human history, and at all crises of their fate, is the purpose of this book." - The Author's Introduction

Rowland Edmund Prothero (1851 - 1937) was a british agriculturist, editor, and writer. He edited "The Quarterly Review" (1894-99) and was president of the Board of Agriculture (1916-19). Among his books are "Pioneers and Progress of English Farming" (1887), "Life and Correspondence of Dean Stanley" (1893), and "The Land and Its people (1925). "Psalms in Human Life" went through 29 editions between 1903 and 1920 alone.

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