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A Memorial of Charles H. Spurgeon
New Introduction by Erroll Hulse

This impressive volume is a true celebration of the life of "The Prince of Preachers" with special focus on the last months of his life, his death and the twelve remarkable days which followed. This rare volume contains the very last addresses delivered by Spurgeon in the last month of his life. Also included are the following:

- More than a dozen rare photographs

-Complete accounts of Memorial Meetings held for

Members of the Church

Ministers and Students

Christian Workers

General Public

Sunday School Children and Orphans

The Complete Funeral Service

The Complete Sermons of A.T. Pierson on the mornings and evenings of Feb. 7th and 14th preached to the mourning congregation at the Metropolitan Tabernacle

The Complete Text of Four CHS sermons, including the last ones preached at Met Tab

"Many will be happy to know this long-unobtainable volume on Spurgeon is to be available again. I have collected such books for years but not yet owned this rare book. May the recovery of Spurgeon's memory lead many to the devotion to Christ which so marked his life!" Rev. Iain H. Murray

"The final days of C H Spurgeon's life were difficult ones, not only because of various physical complaints and the fog of depression that sometimes clouded his days, but also because of the fact that there seemed far too few who saw the dangers of liberalism eating away at the heart of evangelical witness. Spurgeon had fought a royal battle against this soul-destroying heresy in the Down-grade controversy, but it appeared that the battle had been a losing one. In all of this, though, Spurgeon never shifted from the great hope that the kingdom of Christ would ultimately triumph. This new book deals with these final days of this great Christian warrior's life and it is thus of great encouragement for God's people in this day, for we too live in extremely difficult and trying times. Surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, like the ever-faithful Spurgeon of this book, may we stand fast." - Dr. Michael Haykin

"Like many of us who have valued his life and teaching, I've visited Charles Spurgeon's gravesite. Thousand stood there on the actual day of his burial, just as I stood, full of amazement for such a life. This book, a rare one indeed, takes us back to those memorial days and will help us feel their beauty and significance. I'm thankful for such a book. We should remember our heroes as a way of exalting Christ. And, we must imitate their faith." - Jim Elliff, Christian Communicators Worldwide

"Collectors of Spurgeonalia will be delighted to have access to this once inaccessible volume. More importantly, because of the funerary contents, it will provoke reflection on the life and ministry of a choice servant of God, which may in turn prove to be of profound assistance to us as we assess the substance, faithfulness and intensity of our own Christian life and service." - Ligon Duncan

"When a book of such rare quality is republished it must be read, not just for the sake of reading it, but for the purpose of the enormous spiritual enrichment it will give to anyone who take the time to get into it's wealth of content. To read this gem will leave the reader moved to worship the source of all truth, God Himself." - Pastor Martin Holdt

"Spurgeon lovers, and what Christian minister is not, will find great satisfaction in this volume. That even after his misrepresentation by his peers, Spurgeon generated such amazing response even in his death bears testimony to the power and depth of his influence. This volume shows that the power of the gospel is pervasive in every area of life and pursued with faithfulness will change the landscape of culture and Christian ministry." - Dr. Tom Nettles

This extremely rare volume is an amazing triubute to a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. No one can read this and not be moved to love the Lord whom Spurgeon loved and served to the very last breath.

Spurgeon Special

40% Discount
SGCB Price: $15.00 (list price $25.00)
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