SGCB | THE LOG COLLEGE: Biographical Sketches of William Tennent and his Students, Together with an Account of the Revivals under their Ministries

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Biographical Sketches of William Tennent and his Students, Together with an Account of the Revivals under their Ministries
Archibald Alexander with New Introduction by David Calhoun

"Alexander's LOG COLLEGE was a labor of love as well as a work of history. The Princeton professor provides us with a balanced and sympathetic look at the founder and students of the school that established a model for the College of New Jersey (Princeton College), Princeton Seminary, and a host of other colleges and seminaries. Pastors, seminary students, and lovers of church history should read this book." - David B. Calhoun, Professor of Church History, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

"The Log College is biographical writing at is best. William Tennent's efforts to train young men (including his four sons) for Presbyterian ministry, which eventuated in building a simple log building in 1735 that became known as the Log College, makes for a fascinating read. The fact that this book is written by Archibald Alexander, first professor at Princeton Theological Seminary and founder of the Princeton Theology, only enhances the historical value and pietistic flavor of this long-treasured work. Like no other, this book presents us with the authentic roots and birth pangs of the Great Awakening." - -Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"For years I have encouraged students to read the Log College because it changed my life. Established in 1727 by William Tennent at Neshaminy, Pennsylvania, during America's First Great Awakening, the Log College, even in its demise in 1745, inspired the establishment of the College of New Jersey, later becoming Princeton College, which continued the life of the tiny acorn planted in a Colonial forest. A bronze monument at the site where the Log College once stood lists numerous colleges whose origins found inspiration from this pioneer school. Eminently qualified to recount this soul-stirring story, Archibald Alexander served as the first president of Princeton Theological Seminary, which he helped to establish at the college in 1812 during the height of American's Second Great Awakening. Charles Hodge, a student of Alexander, named one of his own sons A. A. Hodge in honor his teacher. This book, The Log College, vividly illustrates how true revival is based upon the biblical doctrines of GodĘs holiness and sovereignty." - David Beale, Ph.D., Professor of Church History, Seminary and Graduate School of Religion at Bob Jones University

"It is remarkable that over 260 years after its closing, a little one-room, one-teacher school that produced only twenty or twenty-one 'graduates' should still be remembered. William Tennent Sr. and his school are described in a recent dissertation as 'a common man and an uncommon legacy.' The words 'the Log College' (first spoken in contempt) have become an honored expression for the type of ministerial preparation that combines solid learning, deep piety, pastoral skills, and a missionary heart." - from the New Introduction by Dr. David Calhoun




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