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PRECIOUS SEED: Discourses by Scottish Worthies
James Buchanan, John Brown, Thomas Chalmers, Wm Cunningham, John "Rabbii" Duncan, Patrick Fairbairn, John Love, Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"An outstanding collection of sermons by many of Scotland's leading evangelical preachers and leaders of former times. It will surely be treasured." - Iain H. Murray

"Precious Seed contains sermons by the 'hall of fame' of Scottish preachers on the most glorious themes of the gospel. Here is preaching at its apex - the best preachers presenting their best sermons on the best subjects!" - Joel R. Beeke

"The very titles of the sermons in this book awaken our 21st century evangelical mindset to an older, deeper, better world of preaching. The list of preachers itself reads like an awe-inspiring roll call of God-given preachers in whose ministires man was small and sinful, God infinitely great, and his gospel inexpressibly glorious. Yes, these sermons belong to a past age. But they were preached by men who understood their own times and what true preaching can be. Here is a volume to nourish the heart of serious Christians and to make the church long to be taught again from the mouth of God." - Sinclair B Ferguson

"And in those days there were giants in the land. Thomas M'Crie, David Welsh, Thomas Chalmers, John Macdonald of Ferintosh, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Robert Gordon, William Cunningham, Thomas Guthrie, R.S. Candlish, Patrick Fairbairn, John 'Rabbi' Duncan and John Macdonald of Calcutta. Are you kidding me? This is the pantheon of 19th century Scottish evangelicalism. Take it and read. Nothing more needs be said to commend the book than to mention the names of those whose sermons are included." - Ligon Duncan

This is a very rare volume of sermons by two dozen Scots Worthies from the late 18th and 19th centuries. Every sermon hits the mark and addresses themes that have moved the church throughout the ages.

John M'Lauren, John Love, Rev. H Moncrief Wellwood, Rev. Thomas M'Crie, Andrew Thomson, James Martin, David Welsh, Thomas Chalmers, John Macdonald , Alexander Stewart of Cromarty, Patrick M'Farlan, Andrew Symington, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Robert Gordon, William Cunningham, James Hamilton, Alexander Dyce Davidson, John Brown of Edinburgh, Thomas Guthrie, Patrick Fairbairn, Robert Buchanan, Charles C. Mackintosh, John "Rabbi" Duncan, and John Macdonald of Calcutta.



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